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Alfred was formed from Angelica, March 11, 1808.  A part of Angelica was annexed in 1816.   Almond and Independence were taken off in 1821, a part of West Almond in 1833, and a part of Ward in 1856.   It lies upon the east border of the county, a little south of the center.

Nathanael Dike and Stephen Cole were the earliest settlers in 1795.  Nathan Green, from Madison co., settled at Bakers Bridge in 1807.  The first child born was Rebecca Stillman, in 1808.  The first marriage was Luke Maxson and Susan Green.  The first death was Charles H. Clark, who accidntally shot himself.  Nancy Teater taught the first school in 1815.  John Teater kept the first inn in 1818.   E.S. Davis built the first sawmill in 1821 and the first gristmill in 1824.  The first church (Seventh Day Baptist) was formed in 1816. [Source: J.H.French, Gazetteer of State of New York, 1860]

History of Alfred on the Herrick Memorial Library Page.

1875 Child's Gazetteer - Alfred

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Alfred Town Government

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Alfred - Village located in the north-central part of town. Check the link for an arial photograph of the village. See also the Wikipedia page on Alfred Village for a beautiful arial photo

Alfred Center is situated on Whitney Valley Creek, a little north of the center of the town, and is distant two miles from Alfred, the nearest railroad station. It contains one church, Alfred University and Academy, a printing office, (The Sabbath Recorder, published weekly by the American tract Society,) ten stores of various kinds, one hotel, a photograph gallery, a steam saw mill and cheese-box factory, a sash, door and blind factory, two wagon shops, two blacksmith shops, an undertaking establishment, and about five hundred inhabitants. [Gazetteer and Business Directory of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875., pub. by Hamilton Child., 1875., p. 31]

Alfred Station - hamlet, formerly known as Baker's Bridge, north east of Alfred village

Alfred Center - fomer hamlet on Whitney Valley Creek.

East Valley

Five Corners - hamlet, west of Alfred village

Jericho Hill - hill south of Alfred village

Pine Hill - hill east of Alfred village

Railroad Valley - valley east of Alfred Village

Tip Top - area south east of Alfred village in the Railroad Valley

Tinkertown - east of Alfred village

Town HistorianTown ClerkVillage Clerk
G. Douglas Clarke
Alfred Town Historian

2080 Hemlock Hill Road
Alfred Station, NY 14803
607 587-8358
Janice Higgins
Alfred Town Clerk

6340 Shaw Road
Alfred Station, NY 14803
Phone: 607-587-8524
Fax: 607-587-8524
Note: Town Board minutes (1894 - present)
Tax Rolls (1984 - present)
Vital Statistics (1882 - present)
Ms. Linda Burlingame, Village Clerk/Treasurer
7 West University Street
Alfred, NY 14802
Phone: 607-587-9188
Fax: 607-587-8623

Citizens of Alfred

1875 Child's Directory


  • First Seventh Day Baptist Church organized July 4, 1812
  • Second Seventh Day Baptist Church organized Jan. 20, 1831

Alfred University was founded December, 1836. It has two general departments- an academic and a collegiate -- each having a male and female department, with equal powers and privileges.  The academic department was incorporated in 1842, and received under the visitation of teh Regents Jan. 31, 1843.  It was incorporated as an University March 28, 1857, and organized as such April 15, 1857.  It has eighteen professors and instructors, and 179 male and 184 female students.   The value of the buildings and grounds is $63,500; of library, cabinet and apparatus, $13,500; and of other college property, $80,000. It has an income of $11,273.86, and is under the are of teh Seventh Day Baptists.  [Gazetteer and Business Directory of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875., pub. by Hamilton Child., 1875., p. 31] See also the Alfred University page. Check the community link and the vitural tour.

Alfred State College - campus photograph



Old World War II Monument


*code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1

Historical Societies, Museums and Libraries

Hinkle Memorial Library
Western New York
Historical Collection
Alfred State College
Alfred, NY 14802
(607) 587-4313
Alfred Historical Society
Terra Cotta Museum
Box 1137
Alfred, NY 14802



Alfred in the News:

Alfred University. The reputation that this Institution is so justly acquiring, and the benefit that it is bestowing on surrounding communities, render it an object of interest not only to those interested directly in the great work of education but to individuals engaged in every business or avocation in which man gains a livelihood. It is with pride that we notice the number of students which Cuba has afforded to this institution, and the creditable manner in which they have conducted themselves.  We believe that nine have been in attendance the past year from our town, six of whom were appointed to positions on the different Anniversary Programs of the Lyceums.   R. A. Waterbury delivered the Salutatory of the Orophilean Lyceum -- subject, "Our Country's Strength." G. W. Haight delivered the Valedictory, having for his subject "The Grandeur of Mind." Cuba was represented on the program of the Ladies' Athenaeum Society by the Oration of Miss Adella Freeborn, on "Thought and Action," and also the Valedictory Address by Miss M. E. Setchell -- subject, "What is Dark on Earth is Bright in Heaven." Miss Sarah L. Waterbury, together with Miss Florence A. Bard, of New Hudson, represented the Athenaeum Society on the Anniversary Program on Commencement day.  H. J. Swift, formerly an Alfred student, read a poem before the Orophileants, entitled "Footprints on the Shore," which elicited commendation.  Miss Mary M. Campbell, a former graduate, was on the program of the Ladies' Alfredian Society, and delivered a very interesting oration.

Although a few other towns may rival Cuba in the number of representation, yet we think none can boast of a better array of talent than is here presented.  May this reputation be sustained, and as Cuba now surpasses any other town in the county in the amount and activity of its business, so may it be celebrated for the moral and intellectual superiority of its society.   C.L. [Source: The Cuba True Patriot, VOL V, NO 3, FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1866


Bradford, Pa., November 5.--(AP)--  Having walked 18 miles through woods, notwithstanding fractured ribs, Miss Helen Crandall, of Alfred, N. Y., who owns and operates an airplane, was under the care of physicians today.

She made the hike to get aid for her copilot, George Eyer, of Hornell, N.Y., who was injured when her plane crashed in a forest eight niles from here.

It was near dark.  Eyer was caught in the wreckage with a fractured skull.

Miss Crandall fought her way through thick underbrush which tore at her clothes and sapped her strength.  She knew that finding the way back to the woods might be difficult so as she walked she tore pieces from her clothes and tied them to tree branches.

Finally she found a farmhouse.  Back through the rain and the forests she led five men, her way marked by the fluttering bits of cloth.  Removing Eyer, they made a rude litter.

It was Sunday afternoon when they reached the farmhouse, whence an automobile took both fliers to a Bradford hospital.  The plane was on the way from Oil City, Pa., to Hornell, N.Y., when it crashed.

[Source: The Atlanta Constitution, Nov. 6, 1928, p. 5]

Town of Alfred

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