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This World War II Town of Alfred Honor Roll stood at the corner of Main and University Streets until 1950.

Contributed by Kelly Taft Kraus

Honor Roll

Town of Alfred

Austin, Leighton C.
Bassett, Harold S.
Belovsky, Hellene Z.
Briggs, Clyde R.
Brown, Clarence P.
Brown, Robert H.
Briggs, Raymond L.
Briggs, MIlton A.
Briggs, Everett H.
Burdett, Lois
Burdick, Harold O.
Burdick, Kenneth
Burdick, Lloyd W.
Burdick, Richard R.
Burdick, Robert B.
Burdick, Nathan
Champlin, Soyd
Clare, O. Waldo
Claire, Wayne F.
Claire, Walton I.
Coiao, Frank A.
Colegrove, Phillip W.
Coon, Alonzo
Cook, Max L.
Cook, Calvin R.
Cornelius, Donald
Cornelius, Norman F.
Cornelius, Wayland S.
Corsaw, Roger
Crandall, Garland L.
Crandall, William B.
Crofoot, A. Burdet
Crump, Malcolm L.
Davis, Maxon
Drumm, Harold F.
Dudley, Charles R.
Dunman, William S.
Emerson, Leland R.
Emerson, Kenneth T.
Emerson, Russell
Eriskine, Clayton
Evans, William H.
Ferguson, Alexander
Galbreath, Charles E.
Gamsby, Frank M.
Gigee, Mary L.
Hanneman, William
Harrison, William R. Sr.
Harrison, William R. Jr.
Mucko, Joseph A.
Jacox, I. Howard
Jacox, Ralph F.
Jones, Lewis P.
Kamakaris, George J.
Kenyon, Brice B.
Knapp, William J.
Lewis, Gerald E.
Lewis, Robert P.
Langworthy, Russel L.
Lippincott, Donald R.
Minnick, Daniel
Mix, Percy
Anderson, Brok H.
Barrett, Andrew J.
Belovsky, Rupert
Burdick, Carl L.
Ferguson, Charles
Jacob, Perry
Norwood, Gordon
Packard, Richard F.
Brown, Carolton D.
Mullen, Harlan P.
Odell, Kenneth E.
Olsen, Kenneth M.
Olsen, Norman
Ormsby, Clayton
Ormsby, Edward
Ormsby, Clinton W.
Ormsby, Stanley
Orvis, Paul B.
Palmiter, Clinton
Palmiter, Edward N.
Palmiter, Nelson K.
Palmiter, Randall L.
Perry, Mary
Perry, Michael
Perry, Stephen
Pierce, Franz R.
Pierce, Wayland L.
Place, Robert
Ploetz, Alfred L.
Polan, Donald
Post, Phillip B.
Potter, George E.
Reid, James
Rice M. John Jr.
Richmond, Bert
Robinson, Charles B.
Robinson, William C.
Saunders, Edward E.
Saunders, Edward M.
Saunders, Virginia M.
Scholes, James B.
Seidlin, John
Shaw, Lynn B.
Shaw, Lavern F.
Shaw, Stanley
Sipson, William L.
Snyder, Arthur V.
Stillman, Lewis M.
Spaine, Thomas J.
Taft, Wendell
Thomas, Roger S.
Thorngate, George Sr.
Thorngate, George Jr.
Thorngate, David
Thorngate, Stephen
T**ck, Raymond L.
Turybury, Charles
Turybury, Ernest
Vanhorn, Eugene T.
Wadell, Roland A.
Warren, Roland L.
Watrous, Grace R.
Watson, Huber S.
Watson, L. Sherman
Wheaton, Robert
Wilcox, Richard M.
Willard, Elmer A.
Woodruff, William
Woodruff, Willis
Worrell, Richard
Worrell, Walter
Yunevich, Alex J.



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