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Allen was formed from Angelica on Jan 31, 1823.  A part of Birdsall was added in 1829.  Allen is an interior town, situated north of the center of the county.

A few small settlements were made about the commencement of the century, but the principal settlements, were made subsequent to 1820.   The first school was taught near the south line in 1820.  The first inn was kept by Mrs. ARMSTRONG, near the south line, in 1827.  The first sawmill was erected by Asher MINER, on Wigwam Creek, in 1825.  The first religious services were conducted by Rev. Robert HUNTER, (Presbyterian) was formed in 1830.  [Source: J.H.French, Gazetteer of State of New York, 1860]

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

West Allen - southwest of Allen Center

Allen Center - hamlet on Basswood Hill Road in central part of the town

Aristotle - hamlet near south line of town on County Route 15

State Road - near the eastern town line

Town Historian
Patricia A. Hopkins
RFD #1 Box 200
Angelica, NY 14709
Telphone: 585-466-7738
Town Clerk

Patricia A. Hopkins
9084 Old State Rd
Angelica, NY 14709

Telephone: 585-466-7738


  • Presbyterian Church - organized in 1826
  • Methodist - class organized in 1844, connected with the Methodist Church at Angelica
  • Baptist - organized 1847
  • Methodist Episcopal - affiliated with Angelica and Short Tract
  • German Lutheran - Allen Center


  • White Cemetery - code #2-1; (Town 5, Range 2MR, lot 40), Holdridge Rd.
  • St. Paul's Cemetery - code #2-2; (lot 36), Rte. 15
  • Peavy Cemetery - code #2-3; (lot 62), Peavy Road
  • Jones Cemetery - code #2-4; (lot 8), State Road
  • Allen-Fisk Cemetery - code #2-5; (lot 50) Wigwam Road
  • Knox Road - code #2-6; (lot 33) Knox Road

*code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1

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