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The town of Almond was originally part of the town of Canisteo in Steuben County.  When Allegany county was formed in 1806, it then became a part of Alfred.  On March 16, 1821 the town of Almond was set off from Alfred.  Part of the town was set off for Birdsall in 1829 and a part for West Almond in 1833.  Almond lies on the east border of the county.

The first settlement was in Karr Valley in 1796.  The first settlers were Andrew Gray, a clergyman, Moses Van Campen, Henry McHenry and Joseph A. Rathboun, from Luzerne county, Pennsylvania.  The first child born was William McHenry in 1799.  The first marriage was Peter Putnam and Polly Waters in 1804.  The first death was Matthew McHenry in 1801.  The first school was taught at Karr Valley by Joseph A. Rathboun in Dec. 1802.  Benjamin Van Campen kept the first inn at Karr Valley in 1805.  Phineas Stevens built the first sawmill in 1806 at Almond Village.  Asa Clark built the first gristmill in 1818.  The first religious meeting was held at Karr Valley by Rev. Andrew Gray (Presbyterian) in his own house on May 1, 1797.  The first church was formed the same year by Mr. Gray.

Hamilton Childs 1875 Gazetteer - Almond

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Almond Village - at the eastern edge of the town line and partly in Steuben County

North Almond - hamlet near the north town line

Bishopville - hamlet near the eastern town line

Karrdale - hamlet near the western town line

Sand Hill - locaton west of Almond Village

Town Historian

Almond Historical Society
Main Street
Almond, NY 14804 Telephone: 607-276-6781
Town Clerk

Randy Gillette
7145 Old Whitney
Almond, NY 14804
Phone: 607-276-6736
Almond Village Clerk

Lona McIntosh
77 Main Street
Almond, NY 14804
Telephone: 607-276-5831

Historical Society

Almond Historical Society
7 Main Street
Almond, NY 14804


  • Presbyterian - originally the Dutch-Reformed church, organized about 1798; re-orginized May 5, 1812 as a Presbyterian Church.
  • Almond Union of Churches Chapel
  • Baptist - organized Feb. 15, 1826.
  • Methodist Episcopal - organized abt 1848.
  • Protestant Methodist - erected by a Mr. Bishop at his own expense abt. 1852.



  • Lippincott Cemetery - code #4-1; (Town 4, Range 7PE, lot 10), North Valley Rd.
  • Bailey Hill Cemetery - code #4-2; (lot 15)
  • Bishopville Cemetery - code #4-3; (lot 25), North Valley Road
  • Karr Valley Cemetery - code #4-4; (lots 32-33), Karr Valley Road
  • Almond Cemetery - code #4-5; Karr Valley Road
  • Merwin Cemetery - code #4-6
  • Karr Valley - (5 graves); code #4-7
  • Tefft Cemetery - code #4-8; Turnpike Road
  • Karr Valley - (3 graves); code #4-9
  • (Reputed) - code #4-10; Turnpike Road.
  • McHenry Valley Cemetery - code #4-12
  • McHenry Valley - code #4-13
  • Bishopville - code #4-14
  • Whitney Valley Cemetery - code #4-15
  • Karr Valley - code #4-16; 22 graves
  • Karr Valley - code #4-17
  • Almond Woodlawn Cemtery
  • *code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1

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