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Fire in Angelica

The Cuba True Patriot, Vol. VII, NO 30, Friday, January 22, 1869

We learn from an Extra issued from the Allegany County Advocate office, that a fire broke out about three o'clock Sunday morning in the dry goods store of Mr. Totter, on the South side of Main street, Angelica.  The Advocate says:

The upper part of his building was occupied by Mrs. Hartshorn as a millinery. The fire soon spread, on the west, to Mr. Weir's meat market, and thence to his dwelling; where its progress was arrested, the residence of J. H. Eggleston barely escaping.  On the east, the fire immediately communicated to the law office of Judge Grover, (also occupied by J. A. Sanfrod, Esq.,) and from that to Mr. Davis' Block, in which were Miss Charles' milliner store, M. B. Groves' grocery, and an unoccupied store on the first floor; and the dwelling of Ira Way, Mr. Pierces' shoe shop, Dr. Sweets' medical office, and Dr. Carvers' dental office, on the second floor. On the east end of this block, was the drug and book store of G. W. Thomas, which was also consumed.  On the south of the drugstore were the barns belonging to the Exchange Hotel, which is kept by D. B. Voorhees.  These barns were also burned.  By the utmost exertions of the citizens, the Exchange Hotel was saved, and considerably damaged.  Here the raging element was stopped, having made a clean sweep from Mr. Eggleston's dwelling to the exchange.

Most of the buildings were somewhat old, and not of very great value, and still, their loss will be severely felt.  Some of the buildings, however, were nearly new, and all were of wood.

Several buildings in the vicinity of the fire, were cleared of everything moveable, with the expectation that they too would be consumed.  The Advocate office, two doors east of the Exchange, was piled up in the street, and the "paper was out" some days in advance of its time.  We have succeeded in replacing enough of it to get out this extra; but it will be a day or two before we shall have it all in order again.

We are not able at present, to state the amount of losses, or insurance Davis' Block, and the contents of some of the buildings were not insured.  The whole loss will probably be not less than $16,000, and perhaps much more.

Nothing was saved from Mr. Trotter's store, or the milliner shop above it.  The books and papers in the law office were nearly all saved.  Mr. Pierce lost everything in his ship, and Ira Way nearly everything in his dwelling, the family being unable to save their clothing, or even to dress themselves; but carried out with them a feather bed and two trunks.  Dr. Sweet saved most of his property in his office, and Dr. Carver lost most of his.

This is the largest fire that ever occurred in Angelica.

Angelica, New York

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