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Maple Lawn Cemetery

Bolivar, Allegany, New York

SOURCE: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. Jane Arnold; dated 1930-1.
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Austin, Sarah15 Sep 1845-58y 5m 2dwife of Luther Austin
Barnes, Elias9 Sep 1867-80y 6m-
Baxter, Lydia M.18651850--
Baxter, Grace S.18651857--
Beers, Martin6 May 1853-13yson of Hiram and Almira Beers
Beers, Orzella R.11 Jan 1863-2y 6mdau of Hiram and Almira Beers
Beers, Manerva19 Nov 1852-21y 10m 19ddau of Hiram and Almira Beers
Beers, Lorenda18481817-wife of James Beers
Berry, Mary Saunders17 Jun 187318 Jan 1829-wife of Lewis Berry
Burdick, Jeremiah T.20 Nov 18732 Jul 1793-soldier of 1812-15
Burdick, Rachael Fletcher31 Jul 187818 Aug 1795-his wife [Jeremiah T.]
Burdick, W. Dwight21 Mar 18434 May 1827-ch of J.T. and R. Burdick
Burdick, Oramel R.23 Oct 186529 May 1829-Soldier of 1861-65,
ch of J.T. and R. Burdick
Burdick, Otis S.23 Sep 187213 Feb 1836-died at Chicago;
ch of J.T. and R. Burdick
Burdick, Billings L.9 Mar 185931 Oct 1838-ch of J.T. and R. Burdick
Burdick, Sardinia E.27 Oct 1846-3ych of J.T. and R. Burdick
Burdick, Catherine E.30 Aug 1869-50wife of Henry R. Burdick
Cartwright, Truman D.12 Aug 1876-76y-
Cowles, Walter C.16 Mar 186920 Feb 1868-son of W.S. and M.E. Cowles
Cowles, Ellen25 Sep 1869-23y 1m 27ddau of B.F. and E. Cowles
Cowles, Leicester5 Dec 1868-42y-
Cowles, Newell D.18741834--
Cowles, David K.2 Jan 186529 May 1820-G.A.R. Marker
Cowles, Oliver D.6 Aug 1877-8m 7dson of David and Clarissa P. Cowles
Cowles, Asa19 Oct 1829-32y-
Cowles, Roxey27 Apr 1874-69ywife of Wm. P. Cowles
Cowles, Alice A.24 Jul 1835-2y 3mdau of Wm. P. and Roxey Cowles
Crandall, StephenMar 1862-56y-
Crandall, Almira20 May 1884-72y-
Crandall, David1864-34ydied at Andersonville
Crandall, Jonathan19 Dec 1880-54y-
Crandall, Lovinna E.22 Jan 1868-17y-
Crandall, Floyd J.28 Oct 1874-3yCh of J. and E. Crandall
Crandall, Infant10 Jan 1869--Ch of J. and E. Crandall
Crandall, Mary S.26 Jul 1873-age 36wife of Wm. Taylor;
Ch of J. and E. Crandall
Crandall, Dorr A.1 Oct 1874-10yson of E. and C. N. Crandall
Cutler, Jenett Mellen18?51830-wife of J. L. Cutler
Cutler, Hattie Jenett18711869-their dau. [J. L. Cutler and Jenett Mellen Cutler]
Daniels, Leonard21 Apr 1834-41y 10m 17d-
Daniels, Alexander1 Apr 1834--son of Leonard and Abigail Daniels
Daniels, Abigail13 Sep 1847--wife of Leonard Daniels
Day, Emagene25 Nov 1881-26y 5mwife of Frank Day
Davie, Laviencia B.18711851--
Davie, Matilda22 Apr 1871-63y 3mwife of Samuel Davie
Davie, Samuel20 Apr 1875-86y[note: same as Samuel Davie listed below as War of 1812 Veteran]
Davie, Jane11 Sep 1847-52yhis wife [Samuel Davie]
Davie, Mary G.26 Jul 1856-28ywife of A. G. Williams
Davie, Emily R.15 Apr 1853-15y-
Davie, D. D. T.20 Feb 1877-57y-
Davie, James15 Jan 1840-1y-
Davie, Samuel18751790-War of 1812
[note: same as Samuel Davie listed above]
Davie, Lewis S.17 Dec 1862-19y 8m 22dson of James and Sarah Davis;
died at Fairfax, Va.
Durfee, Fanny A.27 Jul 1872-28y 3mwife of T. J. Durfee;
dau of Lucius and Sarah Daniels
Eaton, Burdette H.6 Aug 187219 Jun 1862--
Ennsworth, Hiram18591828--
Evans, Bertha11 Jul 186911 Jul 1866--
Fairbanks, Chester7 Jul 1849-61y-
Fairbanks, Samuel C.14 May 1852-1y 6mson of Almond and Eleanor Fairbanks
Fassett, H. C.29 Apr 1863-23y-
Garthwait, Perry Polaski18 Sep 1819-1y 6mson of John and Dorcas Garthwait
Griffith, Isaac D.16 Oct 1865-45y 9m-
Gunn, George H.31 Sep 1858-1y 11dJacob B. and Caroline Gunn
Gunn, Malinda A.2 Jan 1839-2y 1mdau of Jacob and Caroline Gunn
Halbert, Andrew B.8 Jul 1876-33y 9m 3d-
Halbert, Burr Linsley13 Aug 1871-7m 18dson of Andrew and Dealia Halbert
Halbert, Asel28 Dec 18681 Nov 1783--
Halbert, Elmira20 Oct 18617 Dec 1786-his wife [Asel]
Halbert, Ellen L.16 Nov 185719 Aug 1856-dau of A. L. and M. Halbert
Hazard, Catherine10 May 1870-41y 5mwife of Elijhu Hazard
Hendryx, Reno23 May 1876-1y 5m 8dson of N. A. and R. Hendryx
Hendryx, G. S.18651842-Co. A, 85th Regt. NYSV
Hendryx, Catherine A.3 Aug 1865-14y 4mL. and G. Hendryx
Hoover, Irene18691824-wife of Lucius Hoover
Hoover, Freddie14 Dec 1861-8mson of L. and I. Hoover
Hoover, Etta21 Aug 1861-3y 2mdau of F. and E. Hoover
Hoyt, Nelson7 Feb 1858-59y-
Hoyt, Susannah4 Oct 1868-34ywife of Geo. H. Hoyt
Hoyt, Ruth A.17 Aug 1864-24ywife of Geo. H. Hoyt
Huntington, Joshua10 Nov 18724 Sep 1785--
Huntington, Sally18781 Apr 1818--
Jimerson, Allie30 Nov 1863-5y 8m 3ddau of Richard and Susan Jimerson
Jordan, John J.18 Sep 1911
Clarksville, NY
25 Dec 1825
Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY
-submitted by Ruth Thoden
Jordan, Almira M.11 Oct 1873
Clarksville, NY
23 May 1825
Bolivar, NY
48y 7m 7dwife of John J. Jordan
daugher of Samuel Davie
Jordan, Winfield10 Nov 1866-11ytheir son [John J. Jordan and Almira M. Jordan]
Jordan, Lucretia Olmstead31 Aug 1902
Clarksville, NY
-2nd wife of John J. Jordan
submitted by Ruth Thoden
Jordan, Dewey John5 Dec 1947
Olean, Cattaraugus, NY
18 Nov 1898
Clarksville, NY
-[note: died at Olean General Hospistal
submitted by Ruth Thoden]
Kellogg, Loring16 Apr 1858-48y-
Kellogg, Huldah P.29 Jul 29 1851-39y 5m 18dwife of L. G. Kellogg
Kellogg, Huldah F.16 Sep 1850-2y 10mdau of L. G. and H. P. Kellogg
Kenyon, Nellie23 Apr 1855-8m 23ddau of Thomas and Heldah H.
Kilbury, Arvima13 Jun 18721 Sep 1846-dau of E. R. and H. M. Kilbury; wife of A. L. Root
Kilbury, Gracia L.28 Jan 187624 Mar 1853-wife of D. W. Kilbury
Le Suer, Levi14 Nov 1869-78y 1m 6d-
Le Suer, Anstres H.11 Mar 1863-18y 1m 16ddau of Levi and Eliza Le Suer
Le Suer, Ora E.6 Jan 1860-1m 6dson of Levi and Eliza
Le Suer, Asa W.17 Mar 1850-3mson of Levi and Eliza
Le Suer, Orren C.10 Jul 18652 Nov 1819--
Le Suer, Susan7 Jan 18663 Apr 1823-his wife [Orren C.]
Le Suer, Anstres20 Feb 1843-45y 2m 2dwife of Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Henry D.14 Dec 1837-15y 11m 10dChildren of Anstres and Levi LeSuer
Le Suer, Levi H.17 Jun 1837-5y 2m 25dChildren of Anstres and Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Sheldon E.12 Jun 1837-13y 7m 14dChildren of Anstres and Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Lyman J. ??24 Nov 1853-?? 3m 25dChildren of Anstres and Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Joel J.8 Dec 1853-18y 11m 15dChildren of Anstres and Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Emery K.9 Dec 1853-10y 10m 14dChildren of Anstres and Levi Le Suer
Le Suer, Eugene C.15 Nov 18651 Aug 1847--
Le Suer, Nelson B.7 Apr 1841-24y 4m-
Le Suer, Phebe E.18671837--
Le Seur, Fannie Merriman18641803-Married to Eli Le Seur 1821
Le Seur, Annet V.18471845--
Lee, Emma U.23 Dec 187313 Nov 1842-wife of Albert Lee
Lewis, Mary Ann11 Feb 1870-36ywife of E. P. Lewis
Lewis, Mary Ann16 Jan 1865-35y 11dwife of Albon A. Lewis;
dau. of Hall and Pamelia Green
Lewis, Martha A.19 Jan 1865-4y 11m 16ddaughters of H. F. and M. A. Lewis
Lewis, Annah E.19 Jan 1865-4y 11m 16ddaughters of H. F. and M. A. Lewis
Lewis, Mary A.22 Jul 1868-45y 18dwife of H. F. Lewis
Livingston, William2 Jul 1864-62y 9m-
Livingston, Lucinder21 Aug 1887-85y 9mwife of William
Livingston, George M.20 Nov 1864-40y 8mCivil War
Livingston, Pheba A.6 Sep 1885-63y 2mwife G. M. Livingston
McVeagh, Lucian18 Jul 1875-1y 7mson of Elic and Edith McVeagh
Mead, Betsey J.18 Feb 186528 Feb 1841-wife of Levi Mead
Mead, John18621792-one marker
Mead, Eve18721795-one marker; his wife [John]
Mead, Dinae18411825-one marker; their dau. [John and Eve]
Mead, Nancy18821829-one marker; wife of Milton Chapman
Chapman, Angelia18631843-one marker; their dau. [Nancy and Milton Chapman]
Kellogg, William18631804-one marker
Kellogg, Elizabeth B.18711819-one marker; his wife [Wm. Kellogg]
Millard, Clark18761790-War of 1812
Miller, Wellen18661861-son of Solomon and Alzina Osgood Miller
Moore, Mary E.8 Oct 1865-1y 7m 8ddau of Wm. S. and Eveline Moore
Moore, John18651838--
Pire, Russell22 Jul 1885-55y 2m 23d-
Pire, Amanda30 Apr 1878-60y 10mwife of Russell Pire
Pire, Jennie D.7 Nov 1863-1y 11m 21dCh of Russell and Amanda
Pire, Arthur L.24 Mar 1861-7y 6m 14dCh of Russell and Amanda
Pratt, Aaron Smith11 Apr 1868-49y-
Prindle, Mary A.28 Mar 1848-25ywife of R. Prindle
Prindle, Mary E.28 Sep 1849-8m-
Prindle, Zelia J. Andrews4 Jul 1874-80ywife of Julius B. Prindle
Reed, Polly21 Feb 1870-40ywife of G. H. Reed
Reed, Jerome14 Oct 1875-69y-
Reed, Ruth9 May 1891-86y-
Reed, J. B.18741804-Co. C. 85th NY Vol.
Root, Mary W.5 Apr 1863-37y 7m 13dwife of James H. Root
Root, A. W.13 Aug 186413 Jul 1841-died at Andersonville
Root, Abel9 Apr 1878-71y-
Root, Polly Y.28 Apr 1875-69ywife of Abel Root
Rowley, Elizabeth Ann10 Jul 1871-32y 6mBuried at Hartford, Kansas;
Children of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Mary Celestia21 Sep 1862-19y 8mChildren of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Infant14 Feb 1842--Children of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Egbert Jabez22 Jul 1852-27y 8mChildren of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Joel Warren25 Sep 1872-43y 8mBuried at Springfield, O.;
Children of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Seth20 Aug 1828-7m 20dBuried at Unadilla, NY;
Children of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Rowley, Andrew George8 Aug 1839-2y 5mBuried at Unadilla, NY;
Children of S. G. S. and Abagail Le Seur Rowley
Scott, Elias26 Aug 1886-76y-
Scott, Phila A.13 Dec 1856?-45y 11m 22dwife of Elias Scott
Shaw, Stephen P.26 Nov 1869-41y 10m-
Smith, Stephen J.23 Oct 1872-31y-
Smith, Edwin P.2 Sep 1873-52y 5m-
Spencer, Jason B.18631814-G.A.R. ?
Spencer, Chandler B.14 Oct 186514 Nov 1841-G.A.R.
Spencer, Ester A.18 Aug 18645 Mar 1849--
Stone, J. F.18721846-Co. B, 64th Regt NYSV
Tyler, Christopher22 Feb 186017 Jul 1787--
Tyler, Polly Cowles18841790-his wife [Christopher]
Tyler, Hannah1 Nov 1825-3y 10m 13dCh of Christopher and Polly Tyler
Tyler, Chester M.16 Nov 1825-4y 6m 25dCh of Christopher and Polly Tyler
Tyler, Lorenda M.30 Aug 1818-31y 3m 15dCh of Christopher and Polly Tyler
wife of James Beers
Utter, Thomas D.18 Sep 188823 Sep 1822--
Utter, Ida C.28 Feb 1870-45ywife of T. D. Utter
Voorhees, John or Johul G.3 May 1874-40y-
Williams, Margaret31 Aug 1855-22y 7m 19dwife of S. D. Williams
Withey, Elizabeth1 Dec 185825 Nov 1830-wife of Charles A. Withey
Withey, Lydia20 Aug 1842-80y 1m 1dwife of Stephen Withey
Withey, Harriet7 Apr 1849-44y 9m 3dwife of Alva Withey
Withey, Gelinda1853-25ywife of Calvin Clark
Bronsen, Alonzo P.21 Mar 1841-5m 21dson of Zelotus A. and Lorenda Bronson;
apparently buried on Withey plot


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