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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Abby, Florence E May 1 197061y 10m 3d17.1Died Tonawanda, NY. Born NY State
Abby, Olson G March 18 18716m2.5son of David & Armanda Abby
Abbott, Almedia L March 19 1833 5.A
Abbott, Emmett SMay 28 1826June 2 1850 10.A
Abbott, Daniel Fred1852Oct 16 1916641.1
Abbott, Frank S18551927 E-18
Abbott, Hannah18581939 E-18
Abbott, Estelle M18551896 E-18
Abbott, M. Lenora18791882 E-18
Abbott/GageMay 18051852 C72Gage on side of monument
Abbott, RalphJune 30 1878July 31 1954 C72Born Bolivar. Husband of Ettie Abbott. Burial in Belfast
Abbott, Mrs. RalphSept 21 1878Oct 19 1935 C72Born Bolivar. Died Angelica. Burial in Belfast
Abbott, Sally C   C72Lot 336
Abbott, George   C72Lot 341
Abbott, J V S (MD)   C72Lot 336
Abbott, Hiram Oct 8 181775y 10m 8d8.A
Abbott, HaimaApr 28 1800 55y 5m 24d9.AWife of Hiram
Abbott, Ida M Mar 15 18131yRichburgson of Ira & Mary Abbott. Bur. Richburg Cem.
Abbott, Mary Dec 4 1841 RichburgWife of Ira & dau of S. Merriman. Bur. Richburg Cem.
Abbott, James May 16 186683yRichburg
Abbott, Catherine May 3 185774yRichburgWife of James Abbott
Abbott, Lee   RichburgNo marker
Abbott, Grace E18721959 RichburgWife of Lee
Abbott, Merle WDec 26 1892Oct 6 1898 RichburgSon of Lee & Grace Abbott
Abbott, Glen LSept 8 1898Oct 16 1898 RichburgSon of Lee & Grace Abbott
Abbott, Eunice Oct 19 181551yUtopiaWife of Levi Abbott
Abbott, Minnie B1858Jan 1 193324y1.1
Abbott, R. B. July 19 184227y11.2 E27
Abbott, Richard W18941932 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Abbott, Celestia K1900Blank 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Abbott, Winifred G1906194337y5.1Amity Cemetery
Achilles, Henry S18471932 12.2
Achilles, Dara C18891942 12.2
Achilles, Carl18871913 12.2
Achilles, Our Babies   12.2Willie & Dara
Campbell, Daniel  33yGrove East
Achilles, Christopher1809Apr 12 1877 12.2From Hannover, Germany
Achilles, DorotheaMay 1 1817Apr 3 1890 12.2
Campbell, John   3Allen Cemetery
Ackerly, Annie Saunders18731905 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Charles Andrew18651954 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Charles Edwin1898  15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Helen K19041978 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Ida Prestis18691967 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Mary McWhorter18701936 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Pauline Morgan1903  15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, Robert Saunders1899  15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, William Bishop18661962 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerly, William Bishop, Jr18931913 15.1Cuba Cemetery
Ackerman, Athelia Feb 15 187528y 5m 3d28.1Wife of J.J. Ackerman
Ackerman, Ada I18551907 5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Anna J18421926 5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, B B (Judge)1869194172y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Burthena18361895 28.1Wife of Lucius Ackerman
Ackerman, Lucius18341918 28.1
Ackerman, Oliver C18601908 28.1son of L & B Ackerman
Ackerman, Mary Fish186219-- 28.1
Ackerman, Phillip C18981909 28.1son of O.C. & Mary Ackerman
Ackerman, Charles18381922 28.1
Fish, Arthur L18651933 28.1
Ackerman, Chas. J.1871193867y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Chas. O. 197066y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Clayton 195076y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Claude E 196160y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Cora E1866194074y5.2Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, DavidSept 29 1808Dec 30 1870 Richburg
Ackerman, HuldahMay 31 1810May 17 1865 Richburg
Ackerman, Phoebe JMay 13 1845Apr 28 1869 RichburgDau of David & Huldah Ackerman
Ackerman, Mary ESept 8 1828Mar 26 1880 RichburgDau of David & Huldah Ackerman
Ackerman, Dewitt C Oct 20 188030y 4m 22d28.1
Ackerman, Allie A Oct 28 18804y 2m 28d28.1Dau of Dewitt & Mary Ackerman
Ackerman, Dorothy1913194835y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, Elias   5.1
Ackerman, Mary   5.1
Ackerman, Elisha A Mar 26 186521y 8m 10d28.1Serg Co. J 189 Regt NYSV
Ackerman, Elmer V18811963 10.1Bolivar
Ackerman, Ethel C18981970 10.2
Ackerman, Frederick F18671882 5.1
Ackerman, GeorgeAug 10 1844Nov 15 1880 20.7Hume
Ackerman, Grace M Aug 5 196884y5.1Amity Cemetery
Ackerman, James J18451913 5.1
Ackerman, Joseph18371905 5.1
Ackerman, Herbert B 196257y5.1
Ackerman, Irene T1876194266y5.1
Ackerman, Leon A 195473y5.1
Ackerman, Lewis H Dec 14 191883y 1m 9d28.1Co. I 2nd Ind. Cav.
Ackerman, Lodima Jul 27 189456y 5m 19d28.1Wife of Lewis H Ackerman
Ackerman, Lloyd W1893190447y5.1
Ackerman, Magdalen 195969y5.1
Ackerman, Oliver C Jan 28 188368y 8m5.1
Ackerman, Angeline May 23 188575y 10m 8d5.1Wife of Oliver Ackerman
Ackerman, Oliver Jr. Jan 1 185244y5.1Son of O & A Ackerman
Ackerman, Oyal H (?) 195876y5.1
Ackerman, Ray C Oct 14 187414y 10d28.1Child of L. H. & Lodema Ackerman
Ackerman, Miles J Nov 30 18803y 1m28.1Child of L. H. & Lodema Ackerman
Ackerman, L. Earl19141950 10-1 10-2Bolivar Cemetery
Ackerman, W.M.18431924 24.1Co. G 64 Regt NY
Ackerman, Addie Hall18401904 24.1Wife of W. M. Ackerman
Hall, Hannah18141890 24.1Mother
Hall, Calvin18171892 24.1Father
Ackley, A.S.18131858 8.1
Ackley, Eliza A18181891 8.1
Ackley, Rufus18461848 8.1
Ackley, Orin18311852 8.1
Ackley, Daniel1832Feb 13 193784y Lot 860B
Ackley, Grace J Mrs.Apr 18 1858Feb 8 1932  Lot 860B-Wife of Daniel C Ackley
Adam, Anna Mae Apr 28 196973yRichburg
Ayers, Margaret Sep 27 186758yRichburgWife of Peter Ayers
Adams, Charles C1889195667y1.1Veteran (Am. Legion marker)
Adams, Martha B18911956 15.1
Aams, Mary Ann1864194379y5.1
Adams, MonaJan 20 1873June 1 19435.1
Adams, Mina Barber1855193479y5.1
Adams, Nettie May 8 187223y 8m 5d24.1Wife of B. F Perkins
Adams Family Stone   15.1
Adams, Aaron18551934 5.1
Adams, Albert Dwight Nov 5 196266y17.1b PA d Olean, NY
Adams, Cassar R.18901959 15.1
Adams, Catherine   AngelicaLot 777
Adams, Dorothy   AngelicaLot 777
Adams, Frederick JAug 25 1876Nov 2 1916 Angelicab. England. Son of George Adams, Hus of Ida Palmer. Lot 777
Adams, Ida PalmerMar 10 1879Aug 12 1914 AngelicaLot 777
Adams, M   AngelicaLot 726
Adams, Cecile18941976 15.1
Adams, Duston18781964 15.1
Adams, DustonMay 2 1845June 12 1918 15.1
Adams, Edna E19021953 15.1
Adams, Edward WFeb 18 1900June 5 1973 15.1NY CMI US Navy WWII
Adams, L Pearl19001973 15.1
Adams, Elias B Aug 3 193883y17.1d. Obi, NY
Adams, Ethel H18891969 15.1
Adams, Hannie CMar 20 1898June 22 1966 15.1
Adams, Fitch J1850193484y5.1
Adams, FlorenceJune 28 1859Jan 16 1843 15.1
Adams, Florence B18781962 15.1
Adams, Frank18871974 15.1
Adams, Fred18501918 5.1
Adams, George T18841928 Richburg
Adams, Pearl Allen18891953 RichburgWife of George T Adams
Adams, Delbert E18761929 Richburg
Adams, Genevieve187619** RichburgWife of Delbert E Adams
Adams, Grace B 187693y5.1
Adams, JamesApr 5 1789Feb 22 1885 Andover
Adams, Nancy PingreyApr 2 1794May 24 1873 AndoverWife of James Adams
Adams, Valeria M18401920 AndoverDau of James & Nancy Adams
Adams, J F Levi18351912 AndoverSon of James & Nancy Adams
Adams, Joan Feb 5 1942 15.1
Adams, John C18211896 15.1
Adams, Eunice H18241900 15.1Wife of John C. Adams
Adams, Mary Z18551855 15.1Child of John C & Eunice F Adams
Adams, Quincy V18561857 15.1Child of John C & Eunice F Adams
Adams, Merritt H18621863 15.1Child of John C & Eunice F Adams
Adams, George W18631864 15.1Child of John C & Eunice F Adams
Adams, Lucy C18691890 15.1Child of John C & Eunice F Adams
Adams, John C18881899 15.1Grandson of John C & Eunice F. Adams
Adams, John F18531935 15.1
Adams, John Quincey1858193476y5.1
Adams, Leonetta18571925 5.1
Adams, Luther Nov 9 1806 24.1
Adams, Harriet Nov 22 1879 24.1Wife of Luther Adams
Adams, Oralee Sept 30 197678y17.1Died Eulalia Twp, Potter Co., PA
Adams, RobertDec 10 1870Feb 2 1944 15.1
Adams, Rbt18831903 5.1
Adams, Col. Roswell Aug 28 187279y24.1
Adams, Candace Nov 22 186873y24.1Wife of Col. Roswell Adams
Adams, Ruth I1893196370y1.1
Adams, Sarah18651936 28.1
Adams, Sarah S18651952 15.1
Adsit/Reynolds Monument   C-48No other info identifying the cemetery
Adsit, Ansel Nov 24 189484yC-48
Adsit, Rosetha Nov-25 C-48Wife of Ansel Adsit
Adsit, Adelbert Sept 12 18626yC-48Child of AMTR Adsit
Adsit, Floyd D Aug 2 188411yC-48Child of AMTR Adsit
Adsit, Polly R 185641yC-48Wife of Ansel Adsit
Adsit, Orlin Mar 24 189233yC-48
Adsit, Rosie Reynolds18911917 C-48Dau of Ansel Adsit
Ahearn, Ellen18281917 26.1
Ahearn, John, Sr18251913 26.1
Ahearn, John, Jr1858 26.1
Ahrens, Rosa M18641953 28.1
Ahrens, Alta A Wilson18701971 28.1
Ahrens, John W18551936 28.1
Ahrens, Walter18981971 28.1
Ahrens, Nina M19051977 28.1
Aiken, Clark G189919** 26.1
Aiken, Rachel C190019** 26.1
Aiken, Ezewe RAug 2 1926May 4 194519y5.2WWII
Aiken, Harold19291967 26.1
Aiken, Mary Jo193319** 26.1
Aiken, Mary JoMay 11 186343y 3m20.7Wife of Charles Aiken
Aiken, Sidney J1905196863y5.2
Aiken, Estella L190119** 5.2
Volney, Male ChildMay 18 18454y 4m 4d20.7Son of Charles & Mary Aiken Volney
Alanson, BMay 31 18521y 10m25.1Son of Olin Elwood Alanson
Alba, Frank A Blank
Alba, Walter Blank
Alberti, Eva Allen1858193882y1.1(Ashes)
Alden, Everett EOct 25 1927Sept 16 1975 24.5WWII Cpl Army Air Force
Alden, Lodell185919** 10.1 10.2
Aldridge, Andrew18701886 5.1
Aldrich, Harry E18951977 26.1
Aldrich, Ida W189819** 26.1
Aldrich, Baby19651965 26.1
Aldridge, Helen MJan 8 1936 8.1
Aldridge, Esther ENov 27 1954 8.1
Aldrich, HenryDec 2 185018y 3m2ASon of Hiram & Phoebe Aldrich
Aldrich, HiramApr 5 186060y3A
Aldrich, Mearl D19001972 26.1
Aldrich, Elizabeth M18991979 26.1
Aldrich, Melvin E18701887 5.1
Aldrich, Theresa E19201943 26.1
Aldrick, Teresa JMar 25 1897Oct 18 1918 26.1Dau of William B & M. M. Aldrick
Aldrick, Mary M18701934 26.1Wife of William B Aldrick
Aldrick, William B18691940 26.1
Alexander, Abbie K1887Jun 30 193345y1.1
Alexander, Bradey   BlankCivil War
Alexander, James S1888195264y1.1
Alexander, John E   BlankCivil War
Alexander, Laurence J1898194951y1.1
Alexander, Lena Vaughn18761904 15.1
Alexander, Nelson   BlankCivil War
Alexander, Robert1922Dec 13 1973 1.1Cremated Vestal NY Dec 19 1973 PFC US Army WWII
Alexander, Scott   BlankSpanish War
Alexander, Thomas P Apr 18 185635yBlank
Alexander, S S Jun 27 187147y 4m8.1
Alexander, Ruth Sept 28 185330y 8.1Wife of S S Alexander
Alexander, L Asher Jul 14 186311y 7m 20d8.1Died by Drowning. Son of S S & Ruth Alexander
Alford, Byron Aliora Jan 1899 17.1Obit Jan 12 1899 Bolivar "Breeze"
Alford, Dewitt (Dentist)18461929 8.1
Alford, Hattie18521920 8.1Wife of Dewitt Alford
Alford, Baby Son18761876 8.1Son of Dewitt & Hattie Alford
Alford, Emily18851891 8.1
Alford, Emily   8.1No dates
Alford, Charles   8.1No dates
Alford, Nancy MDec 28 1845Dec 25 1882 8.1Wife of Byron Alford
Alger, Adelbert L19001973 26.1
Alger, Frances H19021980 26.1
Allahan, John W186519** 6.9
Allahan, Ruba18631911 6.9Wife of John W Allahan
Allard, Madison LDec 2 1829May 29 1891 10.1 10.2
Allard, EuniceJan 6 1842June 1 1910 10.1 10.2Wife of Madison L Allard
Alfred University   
Allen, Alfred1866194781y1.1Ashes
Allen, Abigail Maxson1824190278y1.1Ashes
Allen, Jonathan1823189269y1.1Ashes (was President of Alfred University)
Allen, Abigail (Mrs. John) Feb 18 184779y1.1
Allen, C D18381916 15.1Co. B 23 Reg NY Vol
Allen, A. J.19101911 5.1
Allen, Abner1979188083y1.1
Allen, Andrew C Nov 11 192282y1.1No stone
Allen, Arlon L Sept 19 194980y1.1(might be Orlon L Allen)
Allen, Alma G    (cannot read dates)
Allen, A J    (cannot read dates)
Allen, Clayton HOct 9 1876May 20 1919 Angelicab Richburg, son of Marion & Jane Allen
Allen, Fred P   Angelica
Allen, J Edwin   AngelicaLot 91
Allen, Jennie T   AngelicaLot 81
Allen, Marcia W Cranston  78yAngelicad in Alfred
Allen, Mary Ann   AngelicaLot 309
Allen, Nina   AngelicaLot 81
Allen, Richard, Jr   Angelica
Allen, R W   AngelicaLot 726
Allen, Willard Dec 1853 AngelicaHus of Alma Pierce Allen. Married 1849
Allen, Alburn L18881907 5.1
Allen, Anna M   15.1
Allen, Oreny S18171898 5.1
Allen, Orles L18981943 8.1
Allen, Burdelle18991978 8.1
Allen, Anne K19021976 8.1Wife of Burdelle Allen
Allen, Belle B18851950 10.1 10.2
Allen, Bessie Lucille1888May 13 194859y1.1
Allen, Carrie T1868191143y1.1
Allen, CatherineAug 1 1809Oct 26 188980y1.1
Allen, Chas. J18461880 5.1
Allen, Christopher C18341911 10.1Co. A 136 Regt.
Allen, Emily A18391916 10.1Wife of Christopher C Allen
Allen, Alice Leona19001918 10.1
Allen, Walter18671907 10.1
Allen, Julie E187019** 10.1
Allen/Wilber Stone   5.1
Allen, Mary Ann18651937 5.1Wife of J A Wilber
Wilber, Alva19001946 5.1
Wilber, Stephen J18291914 5.1Co. A 185 Regt
Wilber, Charity   5.1Wife of Stephen J Wilber
Allen, Clifford 197472y5.1
Allen Large Monument   3.2
Allen, Clinton18181854 3.2
Allen, Baby Eugenia18641864 3.2Dau of Clinton & Susan Allen
Allen, Mary Y18531871 3.2Dau of Clinton & Susan Allen
Allen, Sarah H18531869 3.2Dau of Clinton & Susan Allen
Allen, Susan18281874 3.2Wife of Clinton Allen
Allen, Daniel W18891966 15.1
Allen, Clara A19021977 15.1
Allen, David Sept 17 187977y 20m 13dBlank
Allen, Hanna Aug 28 187871y 29dBlank
Allen, David S 190170y1.1No stone
Allen, Dorothy M19241942 5.1
Allen, HattieJul 12 1894Jan 25 1971 RichburgWife of Earl Allen
Allen, Edna B1900  15.1
Allen, Edna Mae 195731y5.1
Allen, Elmina M Barber Jul 9 193078y1.1No stone
Allen, Emily 1870Oct 10 195686y1.1Wife of John Elbert Allen
Allen, Emma Potter1862190341y1.1Wife of George A Allen
Allen, Eunice M18371870 5.1
Allen, Fannie M 195586y5.1
Allen, Flora G1871Apr 25 195381y1.1Stone says 1958
Allen, Frank186319** 1.1
Allen, George 185765y1.1No stone
Allen, George A1858Nov 2 192567y1.1
Allen, George FranklinOct 26 1832Nov 7 190775y1.1
Allen, George W (Deacon) May 14 186458y1.1
Allen, Geo18511930 5.1
Allen, Greg MDec 9 1971Dec 10 19711d28.1Darling angel of Marshall & Sandra Allen
Allen, Hannah 186471y 1.1No stone
Allen, H   Blank
Allen, Harella18261902 5.1
Allen, Henry 194882y1.1No stone
Allen, Henry Nutall June 12 184876y1.1
Allen, Daughter18831883 1.1Infant dau of George Allen. No stone.
Allen, Daughter18721872 1.1Infant dau of Henry & Sarah J Allen. On same stone as Mother
Allen, Henry DNov 4 1894Dec 2 1977 24.3Pvt US Army WWI
Allen, Howard E19351935 5.1
Allen, A Lynn18831952 8.1
Allen, Sadie Hunt18801958 8.1Dau of Oren Hunt. Wife of A Lynn Allen.
Allen, James HSept 29 1921Jun 19 196645y5.2WWII
Allen, Jesemine 1949 1.4
Allen, Harold 1972 1.4
Allen, Roy 1962 1.4
Allen, Gertrude 1951 1.4
Allen, Jessie   15.1Small stone.
Allen, Jessie J18671908 15.1
Greer, Anna M Allen18681941 15.1
Allen, Jessie1902193836y5.1
Allen, Jo Ann18261922 24.5
Allen, John C18671926 15.1
Allen, John R18831958 15.1
Allen, John 185022y1.1No stone
Allen, John 183675y1.1
Allen, John Elbert18621920  
Allen, John Green (Deacon)1837Apr 22 192083y1.1
Allen, John JrOct 19 1903Jan 13 187875y1.1
Allen, John W18641945 Richburg
Allen, Minnie M18621939 RichburgWife of John W Allen
Allen, Marie19021962 RichburgDau of John W & Minnie M Allen
Allen, Earl D18871944 RichburgSon of John W & Minnie M Allen
Allen, Hattie1896  RichburgWife of Earl E Allen
Allen, Jimmie19331939 RichburgSon of E & H Allen
Allen, Harold19181928 RichburgSon of E & H Allen
Allen, Vern J18901948 Richburg
Allen, Blanche1891  RichburgWife of Vern J Allen
Allen, William JOct 22 1895Jul 24 1952 RichburgWWI Corp 108 Inf 27 Div.
Allen, Grace M1904  RichburgWife of William J Allen
Allen, Clarence   Listed under Woodard
Allen, Juliette C18411936 15.1
Allen, Kenneth Bruce (Baby 1950 Andover
Allen, Lewis 195487y5.1
Allen, Lucian C18651934 5.1
Allen, Louisa18361921 5.1
Allen, Lydia Jun 22 187866y1.1Wife of George W Allen
Allen, Lydia M18561928 15.1
Allen, Mabel L18901911 15.1
Allen, Martha M1838Apr 17 192183y1.1Wife of John Green
Allen, Mary Witter1837Mar 3 192890y1.1
Allen, Mary18461882 5.1
Allen, Maryette 1879201.1No stone
Allen, Matilda J Feb 22 187223y 9m 9d3.2Wife of Charles Allen
Allen, Myron May 12 185654y3.2
Allen, Ann Jan 10 187169y3.2(Flag on her grave)
Allen, Myron18571940 3.2
Allen, Maurice Oct 26 18958y3.2Son of Myron & Fannie Allen
Allen, OrlowAug 31 1827Feb 12 1890 3.2
Allen, AbigailJun 29 1828May 10 1894 3.2Wife of Orlow Allen
Allen, Damel A1959Jun-667y5.2
Allen, Marie1926196640y5.2
Allen, James 1921196645y5.2
Allen, Cathren1956196610y5.2
Allen, Nathan H Feb 14 186320y1.1Civil War Vet Co. G 160 Reg NYSV
Allen, Olive BurdickJul 8 1837Sep 27 1904 1.1
Allen, Orlow L1863194784y1.1
Allen, Phebe J Feb 21 18666y1.1Dau of Ben B & Ann Allen
Allen, Polly1792188694y1.1Wife of Abner Allen
Allen, Rebecca M1831189867y1.1
Allen, Riley18471927 3.2Father
Allen, Melvina18501917 3.2Mother
Allen, Sarah H18771911 3.2
Allen, Orville P18831934 3.2
Allen, Jay M18571902 3.2
Allen, Marcia D18661953 3.2
Allen, Leon C18861891 3.2
Allen, Claud R18841884 3.2
Allen, Ruby F1928  10.2
Allen, Wane MSept 3 1919Jul 2 1961 10.2TEC 4 448 AAA BN CAC WWII
Allen, Russell A1834189359y1.1
Allen, Sarah J May 10 187228y1.1Wife of Henry Allen
Allen, Seneca   BlankCivil War
Allen, Sara Anderson18691897 5.1
Allen, Sara18261912 Richburg
Allen, D Frank18551909 Richburg
Allen, Harriet E18541920 RichburgWife of D Frank Allen
Goodrich, Mary18301903 RichburgMother of Harriet E Allen
Allen, Bryan18971954 RichburgSon of D Frank Allen
Allen, Frank18861945 RichburgSon of D Frank Allen
Allen, Maude18891966 RichburgWife of Frank Allen
Allen, Solomon Sep 28 185530y3.2
Allen, Olive Burdick Apr 1 1889 3.2Wife of Solomon Allen
Allen, Brother   3.2All buried together
Allen, Sister   3.2All buried together
Allen, Mother   3.2All buried together
Allen, Father   3.2All buried together
Allen, Infant 1894 1.1
Allen, William Kenyon 18562y1.1
Allen, Will May 14 18802d24.5
Allen, Mary May 14 18802d24.5
Allen, William18261889 5.1
Allen, William H18851905 15.1Brother
Allen, William M18311908 3.2
Allen, Eliza18361907 3.2Wife of William M. Allen
Allen, Wilmanette1854193884y5.1
Allyn, Clarence A18871968 24.1
Allyn, Pearl J18831951 24.1
Almeter, Eugene S1891 24.2
Almeter, Gertrude MSep 7 1900Nov 27 1950 24.2dau of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Campbell. B Buffalo, NY
Almeter, Mary SchwagDec 8 1881Aug 16 1932 BlankDau of Frank & Mary Schwab b Sheldon, NY
Almany, Esther 19152y8.2
Almany, Wilma 19151y8.1
Almy, DavidDec 17 1797Apr 7 1888 Richburg
Almy, LydiaJul 5 1800Feb 2 1895 RichburgWife of David Almy
Almy, Earl R18751960 Richburg
Almy, Nina D18741926 RichburgWife of Earl R Almy
Almy, G LaRue19081954 RichburgSon of Earl & Nina Almy
Almy, Ellen E HoweSep 13 1860Jul 13 1888 3.2Wife of W M Almy
Almy, Henry C18371920 Blank
Almy, Josephine M18401902 Blank
Almy, Clarissa GJun 20 1872Aug 23 1878 BlankDau of Henry & Josephine Almy
Wightman, Isaac18301892 Blank
Almy, Helen Mayhew Feb 14 194484y1.1No stone
Almy, Nancy King18711958 10.1
Almy, Delos M18691952 10.1
Almy, Robert R17821864 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Polly W17871859 Dimick-WirtWife of Robert R Almy
Almy, Samuel W18211899 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Sally Foster18231864 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Caroline18381922 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Walter Thomas   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Almy, Henry C18371910 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Josephine M18401902 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Clarissa GJun 20 1878Aug 23 1878 Dimick-Wirt
Almy, Robert W19051958 10.1 10.2
Almy, Theresa C1914  10.1 10.2
Alonzo, W Oct 10 186321y8.2
Alsworth, Charles B18581936 15.1
Alsworth, Fannie L18691944 14.1
Alsworth, Charles B18261886 8.1
Alsworth, Sarah18271849 8.1Wife of Charles Alsworth
Alsworth, Emily18311902 8.1
Alsworth, Eugene G18711871 8.1
Alsworth, Turner17991841 8.1
Alsworth, Hannah17941872 8.1Wife of Turner Alsworth
Alsworth, Rebecca18221846 8.1Dau of Turner Alsworth
Alsworth, Mary18381839 8.1Dau of Turner Alsworth
Alsworth, William18291904 8.1
Alsworth, Herbert J18641921 8.1
Alsworth, Isabelle A18681945 8.1Wife of Herbert J Alsworth
Alsworth, Mildred ENov 4 1896Sep 5 1898 8.1
Alsworth, Delbert A18991969 8.1
Alsworth, Bernice M1900 8.1
Alsworth, Evelyn M19141955 2.5
Alsworth, Jessie 1970 1.4
Alsworth, Raymond A19081962 8.1
Alsworth, Elizabeth E1908 8.1Wife of Raymond A Alsworth
Alsworth, William18551929 2.5
Alsworth, Mary Dorra18571901 2.5Wife of William Alsworth
Alsworth, Herbert F188519** 2.5
Alvord, Emily B18801909 AndoverHillside Cemetery
Alvord, Donna E19381938 AndoverHillside Cemetery
Alyer, Charles D19091909 5.1
Ambler, Lillian Edwards1870May 28 192958y1.1
Amery, Mary Jane Oct 25 185522y 7m 3d20.7Wife of George Amery
Ames, Alfred JJul 17 1885Dec 23 1943 24.1
Ames, Arthur 196482y5.1
Ames, Charles B Oct 7 195875y17.1b Amity, PA d Clarksville Twp, NY
Ames, Frederick J18891966 24.2
Ames, Margarett J18921974 24.2
Ames, Henry190519** 24.1
Ames, Elizabeth C19051974 24.1
Ames, Jessie FMay 19 1859  24.1
Ames, MinnieJun 17 1865Apr 29 1897 24.1Wife of Jessie F Ames
Ames, FrankJun 28 1891Jun 11 1892 24.1Son of Jessie F & Minnie Ames
Ames, Judson1858193173y5.1
Ames, Mollie18601919 5.1
Ames, Nellie 197388y5.1
Amesbury, Oliver T18601911 Richburg
Amesbury, Nancy18641925 RichburgWife of Oliver T Amesbury
Ami, Gertrude Burdick1870196191y1.1
Amedon, Norm T 195757y5.1
Amperp, Ruby J Mar 9 185918y6.3Wife of George G Amperp
Amsden Family Stone   15.1
Amsden, Archie V18761965 15.1
Amsden, Charles Jay18731944 Bolivar
Amsden, Sarah Lavina18701953 Bolivar
Amsden, George18371920 15.1
Amsden, George18271920 15.1
Armsden/Hedden Stone   15.1
Armsden, MarieJan 30 1890Jan 15 1986 15.1WWI US Navy
Armsden, Myra A18731950 15.1Wife of Roy J Armsden
Armsden, Roy J18711952 15.1
Armsden, Nellie18641938 15.1
Armsden, Nellie C18741937 15.1
Armsden, Olive18681928 15.1
Armsden, Walter18621904 15.1
Anderson, Alzina M18351922 5.1
Anderson, Chas. G18321896 5.1
Anderson, Ella M18661954 10.1 10.2Wife of James Anderson
Anderson, James18591936 10.1 10.2Husband of Ella M Anderson
Anderson, James ArthurJun 9 1931Apr 6 1958 24.1NY CPL US Army
Anderson, James B18041885 5.1
Anderson, James H1863193168y5.1
Anderson, Mary18661924 5.1
Anderson, Neva P189819** 24.1
Anderson, James J18901972 24.1
Anderson, Phyllis P1894Jun 20 193238y1.1
Anderson, William18441908 26.1
Anderson, Mary18551955 26.1
Andrews, Clarence1875196186y5.1
Andrews, Clarence J1866194478y5.1
Andrews, Elmer Virgil 196586y5.1
Andrews, Ernest 196293y5.1
Andrews, Flora Belle 1886 5.1
Andrews, Genevieve A 1955 26.1
Andrews, Harold J 1966 26.1
Andrews, Bessie B 1969 26.1With Harold J Andrews
Andrews, Harold J Jr Jan 4 1925 26.1
Andrews, Ida Barber 1949 5.1
Andrews, Jason 1883 5.1
Andrews, Josephine Rose 1902 5.1
Andrews, Merton C18601949 26.1
Andrews, Ella S18621935 26.1With Merton C Andrews
Andrews, Peter G19001912 5.1
Andrews, R G Aug 28 1893 10.1 10.2
Andrews, Georgie May 14 1886 10.1 10.2
Andrews, Susan18431929 5.1
Andrews, W H1858193274y5.1
Andrews, Zelia J   10.1 10.2Wife of Julius B Prindle
Andrus, Brian K Sep 27 1957 15.1Infant son
Andrus, Charles W18891955 15.1
Andrus, Claire Kenyon18931918 10.1 10.2Co. M 308th Inv 77 Div in France
Andrus, Frances B18721931 10.1 10.2
Andrus, Clare Stephen18671939 10.1 10.2
Andrus, Clayton B18891935 15.1Co. B 78 Div 310th Inf (WW Vet)
Andrus, Edgar B 1910 15.1
Andrus, Edna B Hall BerryJul 4 1878Jan 2 1944 17.1Hus of Clair S Andrus, Dau of A J & Viola (Prosser) Hall
Andrus, Eugene David 1958 15.1
Andrus, Katet Andrew18551918 10.1 10.2
Andrus, H Amelia18391882 10.1 10.2
Andrus, Marjorie M19011966 15.1
Andrus, Nancy A18741972 15.1
Andrus, Ralph N18611948 10.1 10.2Ralph N, Clara S & Georgie are buried together
Andrus, Clara S18611948 10.1 10.2Ralph N, Clara S & Georgie are buried together
Andrus, Georgie18881890 10.1 10.2Ralph N, Clara S & Georgie are buried together
Andrus, William18021888 3.2
Andrus, Mary17981885 3.2
Angel, Abel G18351920 8.1
Angel, Susan Jane1837191678y8.1
Angel, Fred P18601880 8.1
Angel, Floyd S18641921 8.1
Angel, Edith C (Reynolds)18671950 8.1
Angel, Calvin18041854 24.1
Angel, Lucinda18121842 24.1Wife of Calvin Angel
Angel, Franklin18331911 24.1Co. K 86 Regt NY Vol
Angel, Mary J18411939 24.1Wife of Franklin Angel
Angel, Hannah M18191889 5.1
Angel, Wilkes18151889 5.1
Angell, Evelyn V1886197084yA-20?
Angell, Carrie M18721932 24.1
Angell, Francis B19171921 24.1
Angell, Frank1889Apr 4 194554y1.1
Angell, Hazel B18971977 24.1
Angell, Earl W18911977 24.1
Angell, Joseph R18661913 24.1
Angell, Maude E Bean1890197484y24.1
Angood, John1843  Andover
Angood, Adell18421913 Andover
Annas, Infant Dau Feb 9 1923 1.1Dau of A. Neil & Mabelle Annas. No stone
Annas, Infant Dau Feb 3 1912 1.1Dau of A. Neil & Mabelle Annas. No stone
Anthony, Carrie Aug 21 195190y5.1
Apgar, Jacob W18461915 3.2
Apgar, Rachel E18571939 3.2
Apgar, James18791890 3.2Son of J W & R E Apgar
Apgar, William F189019** 10.1 10.2Sgt. Bat C 307 FK 78 Div. Served in France
Apgar, Jennie Andrus18881958 10.1 10.2Wife of William F Apgar
Apgar, Ralph W19161961 10.1 10.2Lt. USN WWII
Appleby, Charles R18771968 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Lena Joy189119** 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Frank L18721946 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Nettie M18721943 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Glen M18861972 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Mima18851950 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Layton D18581941 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Alice F18631903 10.1 10.2
Appleby, George Jerry18891968 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Arlowine V189619** 10.1 10.2
Aplebee, Levi17681859 Dimick-Wirt
Aplebee, Elizabeth17661851 Dimick-Wirt
Aplebee, ThomasFeb 2 1795May 20 1881 Dimick-Wirt
Aplebee, Melissa Foster1829May 29 1878 Dimick-Wirt
Aplebee, Elizabeth Duffee Sep 6 18573yDimick-Wirt
Aplebee, Duffee F Aug 27 18571dDimick-WirtInfant son of Chas. & Eliz Aplebee
Aplebee, Merilla F Feb 26 18571yDimick-WirtInfant
Aplebee, Inez Duffee Jan 7 18542dDimick-WirtInfant
Applebee, Mary Collins1868Nov 26 194577y1.1
Appleby, Phil T189919** 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Irma G19011954 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Lawrence P19231924 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Sheldon S18431918 10.1 10.2Col. 85 Reg. NYSV
Appleby, Margette18461922 10.1 10.2
Appleby, E Adaline18671936 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Thomas H18911911 10.1 10.2Co B 189 NY Vol
Appleby, Vincent19151919 10.1 10.2
Appleby, Raymond L19131915 10.1 10.2
Appleby, William C19271936 10.1 10.2
Apsy, Forrest D Jan 15 188821y24.1Son of John T & Fanny Apsy
Apsy, Fannie D18441905 24.1
Apsy, Mina E18831900 24.1
Apsy, John T Oct 10 188845y 7m 24d24.1
Archibald, Don R19201971 15.1
Archibald, Betty L1936  15.1
Arerill, Mary R18251902 5.1
Ariza, Daniel M18831965 10.1 10.2
Armstrong, Albert H18991y 1.1
Armstrong, Andrew J1844Jun 8 191268y1.1Civil War Co. C 85 NY Vol
Armstrong, Father   15.1
Armstrong, Andrew A 1950 5.1
Armstrong, Anna Miller 195080y5.1
Armstrong, Carrie Robinson May 12 195166y 5m 6d17.1B Obi, NY d Portville Twp, NY
Armstrong, Earlwood NMar 9 1897Feb 28 1959 15.1WWI NY McCH Co. C 33 Inf
Armstrong, Elnora M Crandall1839191073y1.1Wife of Andrew J Armstrong
Armstrong, Elizabeth W Dec 5 184823y 2m 13d4.6Wife of Alfred H Armstrong
Armstrong, George PNov 21 1905Jan 28 1967 26.1
Armstrong, Helen I McIntyre19061964 26.1
Armstrong, Genevieve M19121928 15.1
Armstrong, Grace Hood1877Nov 11 1950731.1
Armstrong, Herman B Sep 18 192246y7.1d Olean, NY
Armstrong, James Apr 13 1895 8.1
Armstrong, Lucretia1838May 3 1897 8.1Wife of James Armstrong
Armstrong, Lizzie Mar 14 18692y 9m15.1Dau of William & Ida M Armstrong
Armstrong, Ida MJan 29 1844  15.1
Armstrong, WilliamSep 15 1840Aug 25 1879 15.1
Armstrong, Gracie A May 30 18797y 5m15.1
Armstrong, Mary A Jun 28 187910y 12d15.1
Armstrong, Mamie R V1884Apr 22 1976 1.1Cremated by Memory Gardens, Brea, CA
Armstrong, Mary A Apr 13 193450y1.1No stone
Armstrong, Mary A Oct 22 1949 17.1d Cattaraugus Co., NY
Armstrong, Mary A  15.1
Armstrong, Reuben A Nov 12 185886y1.1
Armstrong, Robert Hood1900May 19 193838y1.1WWI Vet
Armstrong, Robert H19071973 28.1
Armstrong, Majorie19111952 28.1
Armstrong, Sherman A Jan 29 1973 17.1b NY state
Arner, J HMar 17 1875Apr 27 1875 5.1
Arner, Mary A18451915 5.1
Arnime, Mrs 191548y1.1Sister of Barton Emerson. No stone.
Arnold, Alan R19471967 15.1
Arnold, Philip A19091953 15.1
Arnold, Albert A18461919 15.1
Arnold, Alonzo ONov 6 1847Jan 7 1930 8.1
Arnold, Emogene RDec 3 1849Dec 26 1914 8.1
Arnold, Emma ANov 22 1844Nov 14 1905 8.1
Arnold, Edith JMar 29 1855Jun 2 1920 8.1
Arnold, Christian FNov 12 187537y 20m 5d26.1
Arnold, Francis D18651929 26.1
Arnold, Mary M18651931 26.1
Arnold, Ira Lyman18981900 5.1
Arnold, Jacob C18611953 26.1
Arnold, Bridget H18611937 26.1
Arnold, Mary A18871971 26.1
Arnold, Jacob Charles18611953 26.1
Arnold, Bridget Higgins18611937 26.1
Arnold, Jesse T18751936 5.1
Arnold/Keller Monument   15.1
Arnold, Mary D1868194274y5.1
Arnold, Virginia I19221970 26.1
Arnold, Pamelia Bennett18501946 15.1
Arnott, Robert T1878191739y5.2
Arnout, Nathan Mar 25 184254y 11m 3d15.1d at Ridgebury, NY
Arnout, Phebe M Aug 26 188492y 6m 3d15.1
Arzberger, Charles T1909  15.1
Arzberger, Cecil C1912  15.1
Asborn, B Franklyn18411906 15.1Co. D 54 Reg NY Vol
Asborn, Genefrede Giles18491940 15.1
Ashby, George D18701929 8.1
Ashby, Alice J18741956 8.1
Ashby, Mary18181898 8.1
Ashby, John19041904 8.1Infant son
Ashby, William18441914 8.1
Ashby, Elnora18471923 8.1
Ashby, William18711949 8.1
Ashby, Myrtie18811928 8.1
Ashley, Jabez18041893 15.1Father
Ashley, Lelie18511933 15.1
Ashley, Lola18091894 15.1Mother
Asquith, Douglass W19051965 24.1
Asquith, Lucille W1910  24.1
Asquith, Lenora C18741949 24.1
Asquith, Frank W (Rev.)18671943 24.1
Atherton, Ada   8.1Inf dau of M E & A F Atherton
Atherton, AdaNov 23 1859Apr 7 1889 8.1on Amos Bowen lot
Atherton, Alfred18521923 8.1
Atherton, Elvira L18511924 8.1
Atherton, Sam W18761959 8.1
Atherton, Sara F18821961 8.1
Atherton, Chas 186974yFriendshipFriendship Bapt. Ch. Cem.
Atherton, Charles C18561930 8.1
Atherton, Nancy Ida18621946 8.1Wife of Charles C Atherton
Atherton, Lizzie18631883 8.1
Atherton, Anna18621916 8.1
Atherton, Emmarancy18311924 8.1
Atherton, Experience 186072yFriendshipFriendship Bapt. Ch. Cem.
Atherton, Houison18361919 8.1
Atherton, Margaret18381910 8.1Wife of Houison Atherton
Atherton, Fred H18761951 8.1
Atherton, Roy19061907 8.1Son
Atherton, Madge M19081910 8.1Dau
Atherton, Vivian   8.1Dau- Child
Atherton, Nellie M Warner18891972 8.1Wife of Fred Atherton
Atherton, JamesOct 8 1803Sep 3 1879 8.1
Atherton, AnnaApr 3 1806  8.1Wife of James Atherton
Atherton, Amelia JSep 11 1841Dec 3 1865 8.1
Atherton, Mary EFeb 15 1837Mar 17 1862 8.1
Atherton, Caroline Aug 19 196560y8.1Wife of William Atherton
Atherton, William O Feb 24 18733y8.1Son of E J & S M Atherton
Atherton, Arthur D Nov 3 1871 8.1Son of E J & S M Atherton
Atherton, John 188969y12.9
Atherton, Lovina D Oct 9 185532y12.9Wife of John Atherton
Atherton, Ella E 191759y12.9
Atherton, Dulanna H 191084y12.9
Atherton, William   78y12.9
Atherton, Phebe Jun 185154y12.9Wife of William Atherton
Atherton, Stephen Apr 6 188286y8.1
Atherton, Anna Oct 12 188273y8.1Wife of Stephen Atherton
Atherton, Betsy H Sep 2 18437y 5m8.1Dau of Stephen Atherton
Atherton, Johnson Apr 8 18422y 10m8.1
Atherton, William Feb 9 188634y8.1
Atherton, William Dec 5 183667y8.1
Atherton, Sarah Roberts Jan 1 186292y 8.1Wife of William Atherton
Atherton, Stephen R18871918 8.1
Atherton, Sophia Haynes18431923 8.1Wife of Stephen (?) Atherton
Atherton, Julia A18531864 8.1
Atherton, William1823185532y8.1
Atherton, Mary Ann1820185535y8.1b Pa
Atherton, Warren18441864 8.1Civil War
Atkins, Jesse T18201868 AndoverFather
Atkins, Harriet18361910 AndoverMother
Atkins, Jane V Sep 10 188670y 2m 10dAndoverWife of William Atkins
Atkins, Jesse TNov 19 1860Feb 20 1909 AndoverMasonic Emblem
Atwell, Charles T1831Jul 18 1898 Andover
Atwell, Sarah AMay 25 1841Mar 27 1909 AndoverWife of charles T Atwell
Atwell, Melvin A18601937 Andover
Atwell, Christena18661946 Andover
Atwell, Ruth E19361952 Andover
Atwell, Cora E18781883 5.1
Atwell, Hazel 1929 1.4
Atwell, Sharon Lee  2d26.1Dau of Diane & Kenneth Atwood (no dates)
Aud, John Stanley Aug 4 196575y17.1b Maryland d Clarksville Twp NY
Aud, Rose Aug 9 196583y17.1b Greenwood NY d Cuba NY
Auer, Infant son Dec 12 1941 1.1Infant son of Mr & Mrs J J Auer. No stones.
Auer, Helen W1909  5.2
Auer, Joseph J1911197059y5.2
Ault, Lillian M18651901 21.5
Ault, Maria   21.5
Aumick, Jeremy19761977 24.1
Austin Monument   21.5
Austin, Abram M18601938 21.5Father
Austin, Alice Griesemer18801940 24.1
Austin, Andrea Kay Aug 24 1943 1.1Infant
Austin, Arthur F 196077y5.1
Austin, Brenda J1948196921y5.2
Austin, Charles G192419** 5.2
Austin, Eleanor M192719** 5.2
Austin, Cecil Jan 12 196666y 5.1
Austin, Charles N1865Mar 17 196094y1.1
Austin, Claude E 195773y5.1
Austin, Clyde V 195672y5.1
Austin, Dale ElwynNov 4 1945Dec 3 1952 Blankson of Wm & Madeleine Patterson Austin
Austin, Olis SOct 28 1901May 3 1957 Blankd Oramel, NY
Austin, David Feb 15 1923 1.1No stone
Austin, David W18771942 24.1
Austin, Elvira Clair1876Apr 29 194063y24.1
Austin, Estidla M19001972 24.1
Austin, Olin S19011951 24.1
Austin, F Glenn1908  24.1
Austin, N Belle18871964 24.1
Austin, Elmer P18851965 24.1
Austin, Donald L V19191942 24.1
Austin, Francis A18511920 5.1
Austin, George1849194495y5.1
Austin, George R1858Jan 18 193181y1.1
Austin, Glenn F18981977 24.1
Austin, Niva P1904  24.1
Austin, Giles Aug 15 186650y24.1
Austin, Giles Everett18771889 5.1
Austin, Hannah May 7 188980y 4m 14d8.1Wife of Ezra Austin
Austin, Ezra May 19 187474y8.1
Austin, Harriett Eugenia18671917 5.1
Austin, Harry D1888197182y1.1
Austin, Hattie M   24.1Wife of Harry D Austin
Austin, Howard E 197260y5.1
Austin, Helen Genett1853Sep 10 192269y1.1
Austin, Henry 18955y1.1
Austin, Leon 1891 1.1Child of Reuben Austin
Austin, Bernice 1894 1.1Child of Reuben Austin
Austin, Loyd 1895 1.1Child of Reuben Austin
Austin, Infant son 1905 1.1Child of Reuben Austin
Austin, Inez18721950 24.1
Austin, Jeremiah1834Dec 31 192389y1.1
Austin, John18551917 24.1
Austin, Elizabeth18611887 24.1Wife of John Austin
Austin, Julia H Mrs1857May 6 192467y1.1
Austin, Lois B187919335.1
Austin, Lolo A18891953 24.1
Austin, Ira E18811968 24.1
Austin, Louise Page1846191972y1.1
Austin, Louisa19101911 5.1Granddaughter of W P Clark
Austin, Lydia M Apr 27 189372y24.1
Austin, Madora L18961900 5.1
Austin, Maria E Beach1864193975y1.1
Austin, M Marjori18911915 5.1
Austin, Mary AMar 11 1808Dec 21 187264y1.1
Austin, Mary A18631913 21.5Wife of A M Austin
Austin, Mary Elizabeth18501927 5.1
Austin, Sister MaryMay 15 1857Oct 4 1903 26.1
Austin, Maryetta1860193575y5.1
Austin, Menton R   1.1
Austin, Frank   1.1
Austin, Mildred L18931914 5.1
Austin, Miner G1881Apr 15 195775y1.1
Austin, Minnie Molan1868191652y1.1
Austin, NathanMar 4 1802Jan 11 188987y1.1
Austin, Nettie Mrs Jul 28 192475y17.1d Olean NY
Austin, Orpha 18952y1.1
Austin, Phoeba18561937 28.1
Austin, James B18561927 28.1
Austin, Phoebe Jul 20 1874 BlankWife of Giles
Austin, Phoebe M18441909 5.1
Austin, Randolph1845blank11y 3m 12d25.7
Austin, Reuben1851Apr 24 193169y1.1
Austin, S M1852190453y1.1
Austin, Sadie Eymer1885Aug 18 196478y1.1
Austin, Seward18371904 5.1
Austin, Shadrack Mar 16 183747y6.8
Austin, Theodore18451920 5.1
Austin, William RMay 26 1916Oct 11 1976 AngelicaDay of Dawns Cem. Son of Amos & Mary (Elmer) Austin
Austin Monument  21.5
Austin, William R18241895 21.5Father
Austin, Hester18291910 21.5Mother
Austin, Willis18501891 21.5
Kirkland, Harriet18491914 21.5
Austin, Hettie L  21.5dau of C H & ** Austin
Averill, Donald J19001912 5.1
Averill, Isaac V18531926 5.1
Averill, Jos K18501930 5.1
Averill, Mary E18661906 5.1
Avermle, Archibald Julius Aug 23 184620m 28dBlank
Avery, Frankie J Feb 7 188021y 2m11.4son of Janes J & Julia Avery
Avery, G H18301902 8.1
Avery, Eliza L18381924 8.1
Avery, George P18681930 10.1 10.2
Avery, Cora B18741964 10.1 10.2
Avery, Palmer WJun 17 1844Sep 12 1864 11.4Co. D 179 Fegt NY Vol
Ayers, Beriah SOct 8 1852Nov 29 1923 15.5
Ayers, Edwin P18851965 15.1
Ayers, Emma C18891962 15.1
Ayers, John SApr 1 1817Feb 12 1892 8.1
Ayers, Electa FFeb 1 1820  8.1
Ayers, Murray W   8.1
Ayers, Julia18561911 8.1Wife of Murray W Ayers
Ayers, Stanley   8.1
Ayers, Baby   8.1
Ayers, John S Mar 6 186782y 5m 18d8.1
Ayers, Sarah Nov 4 185871y8.1Wife of John Ayers
Ayers, Elizabeth Sep 5 186147y8.1Wife of Ezekiel Ayers
Ayers, Mary J Oct 1 187221y8.1Dau of E & E Ayers
Ayers, Ezekiel   8.1
Ayers, Sally J18281919 10.1 10.2
Ayers, Daniel1868195082y5.1
Aylor, Bessie Francis1886193953y5.1
Aylor, Catherine1860193878y5.1
Aylor, Chas. D188519295.1
Aylor, Clarence H1883194764y5.1
Aylor, Diadam185019175.1
Aylor, Forest188619265.1
Aylor, Henry183818995.1
Aylor, Infant191019105.1Child of Harry C Aylor
Aylor, Infant19181918few minutes1.29
Aylor, Infant1918191817hrs5.1
Aylor, James185419115.1
Aylor, Robert J 195337y5.1

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