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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Babbitt, Bertha19001908 24.1 
Babbitt, Clarissa18341910 24.1 
Babbitt, John David18721939 24.1 
Babbitt, Adaline Hall18721961 24.1 
Babbitt, Philip J19041940 24.1 
Babbitt, Joseph L18391914 24.1 
Babbitt, Clayton18781936 24.1 
Babbitt, Naomi Babbitt Rahai18781964 24.1 
Babbitt, Katie C18681930 24.1Mother
Babbitt, Myron E18591932 24.1Father
Babbitt, Lyman Clayton19111949 24.1 
Babbitt, Milo18661942 24.1 
Babbitt, Orson S18941964 24.1 
Babbitt, Ophelia G189519** 24.1 
Babbitt, Benjamin183*1898 24.1 
Babbitt, Mary E18361914 24.1 
Babbitt, Welthy M18251886 5.1 
Babbitt, Willis GJun 27 1850Aug 28 1912 24.1 
Babbitt, Henry J Aug 17 190881y1.1Civil War Vet 136 NY Vols
Babcock, Adolpheus D 1924671.1age could be 55 or 67
Babcock, Alanson Clarke Sep 17 190579y 25d17.1son of Ichabod & Sarah (Clarke) Babcock. B Allegany Co., NY d. Genesee Twp, NY
Babcock, Albert F1929195525y1.1 
Babcock, Albert A18521924 24.1 
Babcock, Amanda Sep 12 189170y 7m21.5Wife of George D Rosebush
Babcock, Charles A  80y1.1 
Babcock, Charles Gerald1901197473y5.1 
Babcock, Claude Franklin1875195579y 1.1 
Babcock, Cyrus Apr 1 187362yRichburg 
Babcock, Catherine May 14 185037yRichburgWife of Cyrus Babcock
Babcock, Hannah Apr 21 185528yRichburg 
Babcock, Mary Jennett Feb 23 18142yRichburgDaughter of Ira & Julana Babcock
Babcock, L R Nov 15 186338yRichburg 
Babcock, Eleanor18281902 24.1 
Babcock, Elihy Jun 13 186036yDimick-Wirt 
Babcock, Erastus Oct 6 186445yDimick-Wirt 
Babcock, Russell Jul 11 187075yDimick-Wirt 
Babcock, Lucinda Sep 10 186372yDimick-Wirt 
Babcock, Wilie G Jul 26 188411yDimick-Wirt 
Babcock, Elizabeth1818191092y1.1 
Babcock, Ethel A1879192242y1.1Wife of Claude F Babcock
Babcock, F M18421878 5.1 
Beach, Charles A18491929 24.1 
Beach, Ethlinda Rogers18411919 28.1 
Beach, Frank W1870194979y1.1 
Beach, Guy A1876Oct 26 193559y5.1 
Beach, Mildred S1877195174y 9m 3d5.1 
Beach, S Augustus18471925 5.1 
Beach, Harriet C18761950 8.1 
Beach, Hattie A1872190836y1.1Wife of Frank W Beach
Beach, Julia F1846191165y1.1Mother of Frank W Beach
Bealy, Julia18511886 24.2 
Beaird, Rose Thomas1860189737y1.1Wife of L O Beaird; dau of M E & L E Thomas
Beard, J D Nov 11 188383y 6m8.1 
Beard, Ann Jan 6 188369y 11m 17d8.1Wife of J D Beard
Beard, Margaret Jul 10 185833y 22d8.1Wife of William Beard
Beardsley, Charles Feb 9 186874y 8.1 
Beardsley, Hannah Feb 19 186171y8.1Wife of Charles Beardsley
Beats, Michael J18861951 26.1 
Beats, Ida B18921974 26.1 
Beatty, DelbertNov 19 1884Aug 28 1886 3.2Son of Lemuel L & Elvira L Beatty.
Beatty, Samuel18661914 10.1 10.2 
Beatty, Cora H18671959 10.1 10.2Wife of Samuel Beatty
Beaumont, George P18361897 Richburg10th NY Cavalry
Beaver, Bessie B 195370y1.1No stone
Beaver, Donald Frederick Aug 24 1908 1.1Died at birth. His stone is no longer there.
Beaver, Fred W 194963y1.1No stone
Beck, Dongie   10.1 10.2Son of Mr & Mrs. Merl Beck
Becker, Francis H19111974 17.2Husband of Ruth Cartwright
Beckwith, Charles W1887191124y1.1 
Beckwith, Elmer E1862194582y1.1 
Beckwith, George18631945 10.1 10.2 
Beckwith, Cora M18771962 10.1 10.2Wife of George Beckwith
Beckwith, Morton L18501970 15.1 
Beckwith, Rachel M1852  15.1 
Beckwith, Evelyn D190219** 10.1 10.2 
Beckwith, Floyd D18981965 10.1 10.2 
Beckwith, Harry William Oct 1 19471dAngelicaSon of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Beckwith
Beckwith, Mary Mrs1858Oct 1 194879yAngelica 
Beckwith, Lura Grace1891Oct 1 194915y1.1 
Beckwith, Minnie Thomas1864Oct 1 195076y1.1Wife of Elmer Beckwith
Beckwith, Minnie Belle Mrs Oct 1 1951 BlankDau of Joseph Ellen Cooper; d Olean, NY; m Bert Collins who d Jun 24 1892; m 2d Arthur Beckwith
Beckwith, Wellington S   BlankNo dates
Bednarak, John P18951974 26.1 
Bednarak, Jephronia P18981973 26.1 
Beebe, V (Rev)Sep 20 1810May 28 1879 Richburg 
Beebe, Emily May 2 187463yRichburgWife of V Beebe
Beebe, Addie E 191562y1.1Wife of Nathan L Beebe
Beebe, Anna O1857193175y1.1Wife of W R Beebe
Beebe, Arthur E1854193378y1.1 
Beebe, Clarence 188467y1.1Not listed on family stone
Beebe, Clarissa Aug 4 188467y1.1Wife of Jason M Beebe
Beebe, Dorcas Church Mar 3 184244y1.1Stone says 36 years
Beebe, Douglas Clayton Jun 18 1947 AngelicaSon of Leonard Beebe; drowned in Genesee River
Beebe, ErvinOct 8 1816Apr 26 1889 15.1 
Beebe, Fanny  15.1 
Beebe, Frances 195678y1.1Not listed on family stone
Beebe, Frank H Jun 17 186422y1.1Son of H C & H S Beebe
Beebe, Fred L1877196285y1.1d Petersburg, Va; Civil War Veteran; Co. B 179 Regt NY Vol
Beebe, George Henry 194781y1.1Son of N L & A E Beebe
Beebe, Harriet S 78y1.1Wife of Henry C Beebe
Beebe, Helen S18621930 15.1 
Beebe, Putnam18611943 15.1 
Beebe, Henry C Apr 18 189172y1.1Husband of Harriet S Beebe
Beebe Horace W1810188373y1.1 
Beebe Jason M Oct 9 187262y1.1 
Beebe, Jason N Dec 22 189320y1.1Son of Nathan L & Addie Beebe
Beebe, Jason M18711893 Andover 
Beebe, Helen B187319098 AndoverWife of Jason M Beebe (See "Gilbert")
Beebe, Jeremiah Jul 30 190374y1.1 
Beebe, Martin18651938 1.4 
Beebe, Martha18761951 1.4 
Beebe, Max 1975 1.4 
Beebe, JeremiahApr 5 1779Jan 11 1840 15.1 
Beebe, SallySep 10 1784Dec 30 1872 15.1 
Beebe, Anny Apr 7 196065y15.1 
Beebe, AlmediaDec 22 1823Jan 15 1883 15.1Wife of Edwin Beebe
Beebe, Joseph H18591935 15.1 
Beebe, Katherine M190019** 15.1 
Beebe, Glee S18881959 15.1 
Beebe, Marcus18181900 15.1 
Beebe, Betsey18231906 15.1Wife of Marcus Beebe
Beebe, Sophia J Hilyer18511886 15.1Dau of Marcus & Betsey Beebe
Beebe, Marie A18861945 15.1 
Beebe, Mary1871189019y1.1 
Beebe, Mary A Reynolds Feb 11 188868y1.158 on stone
Beebe, Mary Jane1854193480y1.1 
Beebe, Mary L18551937 15.1 
Beebe, Nathan Lanphere 190463y1.1 
Beebe, Sally   15.1 
Beebe, Sarah J Dec 22 186825y 2m 23dBlankWife of Walter O Beebe
Beebe, William R1858192061y1.1Member of Masons
Beech, Lucy M18531923 5.1 
Beedle, Adeline A Dec 6 185011m 3dBlankDau of G & M Beedle
Beers, John H18601915 15.1 
Beers, Gales18681954 15.1 
Beers, George A18531938 10.1 10.2 
Beers, France185319** 10.1 10.2 
Beers, Grace M 193552y1.1No stone
Beers, Wakeman18181888 10.1 10.2 
Beers, Clarinda18281915 10.1 10.2 
Beers, Hiram1810Jan 16 1884 10.1 10.2 
Beers, Almyra1820Oct 19 1880 10.1 10.2Wife of Hiram Beers
Beers, Martin1840May 6 1853 10.1 10.2Son of Hiram Beers
Beers, Manerva18311852 10.1 10.2Dau of Hiram Beers
Beers, James18121889 10.1 10.2 
Beers, Lorenda M18171848 10.1 10.2Wife of James Beers
Beers, Olive18171895 10.1 10.2Wife of James Beers
Behrens, CharlesMay 15 1861  AllenSon of Henry & Louise Raver Behrens
Behrens, FrederickDec 4 1847Nov 23 1888 Allen Centerb Allen
Behrens, HenryJune 26 1853Mar 24 1930 East Coyb Caneadea; d Lamont
Behrens, Henry MrsMar 29 1862May 6 1922 East Coyb Angelica; dau of Nathaniel & Maria Weve
Behrens, MaryApr 8 1864Feb 1 1946 Allen Centerb Allen; dau of Henry & Louisa Raffur Behrens
Behrens, Henry18571932 8.1 
Behrens, Lena18581942 8.1 
Behrens, IdaOct 14 1879Mar 12 1889 2.5Dau of John & Alma Behrens
Behrens, John18551930 2.5 
Behrens, AlmaOct 22 1826Mar, 1897 2.5Wife of John Behrens
Behrens, HenryJun 24 1828Feb 24 1921 12.2 
Behrens, ChristinaApr 29 1826Jul 31 1902 12.2 
Behrens, LouisaMay 1 1867Jan 21 1936 12.2 
Beil, Alice18671939 Andover 
Beil, Earl19291939 Andover 
Beil, John18651928 Andover 
Beil, Mary19181918 Andover 
Belgher, Eliza A Jul 22 187652yRichburgWife of William D Belgher
Bell, Robert A (Dr.)19041976 26.1 
Bell, Katherina C19051976 26.1 
Bell, John D18721958 17.2 
Bell, Mae M18751962 17.2 
Bell, John DOct 21 1803Mar 23 1885 Angelicab Geneva, Ontario; m Sarah T Smith in 1830; m Maria Dean Sept 19, 1847
Bell, Marie MrsDec 27 1808 90yAngelicaDau of Mr & Mrs. David Dean of W Almond; wife of John Bell
Bell, Sarah T18091816 AngelicaFirst wife of John Bell (something appears wrong with dates)
Bell, Catherine GraceNov 20 1916Dec 5 1916 10.1 10.2 
Bell, John A18931969 10.1 10.2 
Bell, Rose18991971 10.1 10.2 
Bell, Christine1921  10.1 10.2 
Bell, Elizabeth1919  10.1 10.2 
Bell, Harriet Mar, 1866 BlankWife of John Bell
Bell, Emeline Oct 21 185120yBlankDau of John & Harriet Bell
Bellamy, HandyJan 3 1813Mar 23 1893 AngelicaFather; b Scio son of Silas Bellamy
Bellamy, Betsey EMar 29 1817May 8 1913 AngelicaMother; obit in Dispatch May 16 1913 (Betsey E Morse)
Bellamy, JudsonNov 3 1837Nov 20 1912 Angelicab Scio; m June 1862 Phoebe M Clark in Scio
Bellamy, Phoebe   Blank 
Bellamy, Silas   Blankm Betsey Knight
Bellamy, Della1856Feb 27 193074h5.1 
Bellamy, Chestley ASept 2 1914Oct 30 1957 17.1b Scott Hollow, Bolivar Twp; d near Rixford, PA; crushed skull; obit Nov 7 1957 Bolivar Breeze; husband of Ruby Mitchell Bellamy
Bellamy, Richard W192719** 28.1 
Bellamy, Phyllis A19311982 28.1 
Bellamy, Lester1853193481y5.1 
Bembert, FrancoesFeb 1 1883Feb 5 1883 RichburgSon of Julia & Filter Bembert
Bement, Grace B189319** 24.1 
Bement, Jesse G18851966 24.1 
Bement, George E 196169y 5.1 
Benedict, Alvin G1881196281y5.1 
Benedict, Clayton E18951955 10.1 10.2 
Benedict, Annette D18591888 15.1 
Benedict, Wakely W18831965 15.1 
Benedict, Elma H18851971 15.1 
Benedict, Nellie H 196678y5.1 
Benedict, Rena E MrsJan 1 1889Jul 1 1970 Fredoniab Adrian; dau of Adelbert & Sarah Roosa; m Blaine Benedict, Sr. who d 1934
Benham, Allen S18891930 15.1 
Benham, Louis G18621895 15.1 
Benham, Emma A18641959 15.1 
Benham, James18721943 15.1 
Benham, Carrie18661938 15.1 
Benham, Burt18631952 15.1 
Benham, Samuel18341912 15.1 
Benham, Mary18361910 15.1Wife of Samuel Benham
Benjamin, Alice  79y1.1No stone
Benjamin, Amos Sept 16 1861 BlankGAR Co. C 65 Reg NY Vol
Benjamin, Aseneth Lyon1831189867y1.1 
Benjamin, Delbert C18781967 8.1 
Benjamin, Mary A18841959 8.1Wife of Delbert C Benjamin
Benjamin, Ella Feb 27 18595m1.1Dau of H W & M J L Benjamin
Benjamin, Harvey S 1861 or 186737y1.1b Alfred; d at Smith River, California
Benjamin, Leon W1905  15.1 
Benjamin, Mary E19031980 15.1 
Benjamin, Cynthia K1953  15.1 
Benjamin, Donald H1930  15.1 
Benjamin, Hiram18191901 24.1 
Benjamin, Mary18191900 24.1Wife of Hiram Benjamin
Benjamin, William M18221875 24.1 
Benjamin, Louisa Young18331906 24.1 
Benjamin, Amy E18521854 24.1 
Benjamin, Charles H18541855 24.1 
Benjamin, Emery W18561907 24.1 
Benjamin, William F18581858 24.1 
Benjamin, Edwin D 1987 24.1 
Benjamin, Freda L1917  24.1 
Benjamin, Charles H19121977 24.1 
Benjamin, ClarindaApr 24 1844Oct 12 1844 24.1 
Benjamin, DavidMar 4 1818Sept 18 1882 24.1 
Benjamin, Lorenda HallMay 26 1824Dec 16 1902 24.1Wife of David Benjamin
Benjamin, Alfred L18511941 24.1 
Benjamin, Julia H Apr 2 187769y 3m4.6 
Benjamin, Baby Girl1950195013h5.1 
Benjamin, Chester E18771879 5.1 
Benjamin, Clayton L 195676y 8m 3d5.1 
Benjamin, Edna I 195472y 2m 1d5.1 
Benjamin, George18471897 5.1 
Benjamin, John Arthur19601960 5.1Stillborn
Benjamin, Lorca18441907 5.1 
Benjamin, Lucy M18491879 5.1 
Benjamin, William A   8.1 
Benjamin, Caroline Sept 22 196747y 5m8.1Wife of William A Benjamin
Benjamin, Eugene S 18492y8.1Son of William A and Caroline Benjamin
Benjamin, Eugenia Mar 11 184713d8.1Dau of William A and Caroline Benjamin
Benjamin, Gertrude MrsApr 18 1900Sept 23 1976 Andoverb Pocono Mountains, PA; dau of Joseph & Minnie Frank Stump; m Ralph Benjamin who died 1971
Benjamin, Joseph May 23 186186y8.1 
Benjamin, Rebecca Dec 1 184872y8.1Wife of Joseph Benjamin
Benjamin, Jared18031892 8.1Father
Benjamin, Grace18061892 8.1Mother
Rettben, R F18391931 8.1 
Benjamin, Esther Mar 11 189046y8.1Wife of R F Rettben
Benjamin, Eugene S 1863 8.1Son of J P & L M Benjamin
Benjamin, Ellen18521932 8.1 
Benjamin, Isabelle G18611936 8.1 
Benjamin, Pearle P18751946 8.1 
Benjamin, Elias A18491927 8.1 
Benjamin, Helen L18541907 8.1Wife of Elias A Benjamin
Benjamin, Catherine   8.1 
Benjamin, Eddie   Angelica 
Benjamin, E P18011887 Angelica 
Benjamin, Fred C Nov 20 194967yFranklinvilleHusband of Lura Benjamin
Benjamin, Mary A   AngelicaWife of E P Benjamin
Benjamin, Mina E   Angelica 
Benjamin, S Phippen Sep 11 193383yAngelicaDau of Daniel & Elizabeth Phippen; wife of William Benjamin; m Oct 1 1874
Benjamin, William Jan 7 191673yAngelica 
Benjamin, Willie   Angelica 
Benjamin, Robert DMay 6 1775Apr 18 1858 8.1 
Benjamin, DorothyNov 1 1808Jan 3 1887 8.1Wife of Robert D Benjamin
Benjamin, Lee18251900 Blank 
Benjamin, Levanda1823  BlankWife of Lee Benjamin
Benjamin, Elizabeth M18801953 10.1 10.2 
Benjamin, Lewis E192319230y1.1No
Benjamin, Mattie J Langworthy Feb 23 188045y1.1 
Benjamin, Myrta V1857193578y1.1Wife of Anson Benjamin
Benjamin, Silas1825190378y1.1Co. I 12 Wis Vol Inf Civil War
Benham, H L Aug 28 1890 BlankSon of James Benham; grandson of Dr. Laurens Hull
Benham, Julia Hull   AngelicaWife of James Benham
Bennehoff, Emma E Rosebush 192773y1.1Wife of Lyle Bennehoff; no stone
Bennehoff, James D 194768y1.1No stone
Bennehoff, Lyle 1938 1.1No stone
Bennet, Vernon E1885194862y1.1 
Bennett, Laura B18691951 15.1 
Bennett, Mary   21.9Wife of J T Bennett
Bennett, Infant Mar 20 1908 1.1 
Bennett, AbagailDec 1 1778Apr 26 1869 20.2 
Bennett, Charles Howard18901890 5.1Infant
Bennett, Fred18741907 5.1 
Bennett, Lilly A Mar 26 18693y 10mBlankDau of Josiah & Hellen Bennett
Bennett, Henry M18501930 Andover 
Bennett, Rox A L18611940 AndoverMarried 2nd to Orrin C Parker
Bennett, John Mar 10 190180yAndover 
Bennett, Phebe J Nov 11 189374yAndoverWife of John Bennett
Bennett, L S18401913 5.1 
Bennett, Mary19191919 5.1Infant
Bennett, Mary J18231894 5.1 
Bennett, Nathan A18251899 5.1 
Bennett, Chester   Blank 
Bennett, Andrew J   Angelica 
Bennett, Flora   Blank 
Bennett, Gordon Dec 4 1833 Angelicad Hornell in auto accident; Hus of Colista Prentice Bennett
Bennett, Grace A   Blank 
Bennett, Ida Burr Mrs Mar 18 1849 PerryWife of Romine Bennett
Bennett, John   Blank 
Bennett, Josephine   Blank 
Bennett, Lawrence Nov 16 191920yAngelicaDied from accidental shot while hunting
Bennett, Alice Ruth WatsonDec 15 1874Jan 24 1913 Blankb Angelica; d Homer NY; Wife of Lester P Bennett; m Jun 20 1904
Bennett, Mary P Jul 15 188069y 11m 17d24.1Wife of Benjamin Harris Bennett
Bennett, Kenneth M Aug 7 197668y17.1b NY State; d Olean, NY
Bennett, Mary L Mar 14 198150y17.1d Cuba, NY
Bennett, AbagailDec 1 1778Apr 26 186590y 4m 26d20.2 
Bennett, Edward L19001972 10.1 10.2 
Bennette, GeorgeDec 25 1878May 4 1950 Andover 
Benson, Friend E 196285y5.1 
Benson, Florence 1962 5.1 
Benson, Harold P1891  17.2 
Benson, Ethel M1901  17.2 
Benson, Ronald19581973 17.2 
Benson, HattieMay 23 1879Dec 25 1923 10.1 10.2Wife of William H Benson
Benson, St. John Dec 28 188060y 5m 12d24.1 
Bentley, Asa18161893 5.1 
Bentley, Lewis C18971963 24.1 
Bentley, Beaterice D18971968 24.1 
Bentley, A Taylor18311915 5.1 
Bentley, Cornelius 195187y 1m 13d5.1 
Bentley, Elizabeth Jan 14 18311y25.1Dau of Asa & Ann Bentley
Bentley, Julia18601889 5.1 
Bentley, Philip18891889 5.1Infant
Bentley, Sarah18701943 5.1 
Bentley, Sarah M Jul 24 192961y5.1 
Bentley, Robert Bell 1925 10.1 10.2Child of Ralph J E & Dorothy Bentley
Bentley, Rosemarie 1939 10.1 10.2Child of Ralph J E & Dorothy Bentley
Bentley, Ralph J19001972 10.1 10.2 
Bentley, Dorothy L1899  10.1 10.2 
Bentley, Elizabeth1919May 26 194322yAngelicaWife of Oliver Bentley; dau of DeForest Crandall of Buffalo
Bentley, Emea   Angelica 
Bentley, Frank   Angelica 
Bentley, Roda L Mrs18291914 Angelica 
Bently, Allen   24.1Co. I 85 NY Inf
Benson, Stephen S (Dr.) Apr 10 1917 Angelicad. Wellsville; Husband of Lena Shuart Benson
Benson, Irving SAug 14 1849Jul 23 1934 Angelica 
Benson, Georgie   Angelica 
Benson, Cornelia   Angelica 
Bentty, (first name not given)   1.3 
Bercin, (first name not given) Feb 15 190247y 5m4.2Wife of Wa. Bercin
Bergh, Otto AApr, 1865Mar 30 193469y5.2Married Mary Meehan 1909
Bergh, Mary MOct 14 1869193667y5.2Wife of Otto Bergh; dau of Bridget & Michael Meehan
Berger, (first name not given) Oct 29 192267y17.1d Clarksville, NY
Bergman, Timothy J19571978 24.5 
Bernard, Fred J18881936 15.1 
Bernard, Floy A18961969 15.1 
Bernard, George J18861994 15.1 
Bernard, George J18551935 8.1Father
Bernard, Eva B18621928 8.1Mother
Bernard, Clarence E18811925 8.1 
Bernard, Robert C18831963 8.1 
Bernard, Harley Leroy19051917 8.1Son of R C & I V Bernard
Bernard, Ward R18921943 15.1 
Bernard, Eva M190719** 15.1 
Bernstein, Mae B1909196858y1.1Wife of Melvin Bernstein
Berry, Sally   26.3Wife of Thomas Berry
Bernard, Martha A18951923 15.1 
Bernard, Mary  4d15.1 
Berry, Lewis18201908 10.1 10.2 
Berry, Mary SaundersJan 18 1829Jun 17 1873 10.1 10.2Wife of Lewis Berry
Berry, BerrySept 1 1872  10.1 10.2 
Berry, Abbie W18331912 10.1 10.2Wife of Lewis Berry
Bertha, Anna19121976 24.1 
Bertholotte, Mary   8.1No stone
Bess, Bessie E MrsAug 12 1875Feb 4 1947 Angelicab Rushford, NY
Bess, ThomasMay 12, 1855Aug 25 1934 Angelicab Hector, NY; husband of Bessie Wood Bess; m Jan 28 1898
Bess, Elizabeth18271909 AndoverMother
Bess, Lawrence18511915 Andover 
Bess, Flora W18591923 AndoverWife of Lawrence Bess
Bess, Nellie18541921 Andover 
Bessey, Charles C18781949 24.1 
Bessey, Eunice J188419** 24.1 
Bessey, Harold A18231923 Dimick-Wirt 
Bessey, Sidney18881928 Dimick-Wirt 
Bessey, Howard19231944 Dimick-WirtAir Force, WWII, Sgt 15
Bessey, Lillian18921969 Dimick-WirtWife of Sidney Bessey
Bessey, Charlotte C Apr 3 184962yDimick-Wirt 
Bessey, Lemuel Jan 5 186983yDimick-Wirt 
Bessey, John A18391905 Dimick-Wirt 
Bessey, Eliza A18481911 Dimick-Wirt 
Bessey, Fred L   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Bessey, L   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Bessey, Infant   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Bessey, Lane E BrinkNov 20 1867Feb 10 1874 Dimick-WirtDau of Jacob & Margaret Brink
Bessey, (no first name)   Dimick-Wirt 
Beull, Vernon W18781934 10.1 10.2 
Beull, Gertrude A188819** 10.1 10.2 
Beyea, Edith S1880195675y1.1 
Beyea, Ernway R1881194059y1.1 
Beyea, Harriet E1861195998y1.1 
Beyea, Mary Jane Jan 21 193785y5.1 
Beyea, Harriet M1844  1.4 
Beyea, Frank M18421916 1.4Civil War Veteran
Beyea, Baby   1.4 
Biance, Vincent18811915 26.1 
Biance, Nicola M18901960 26.1 
Biancuzzo, Andrea July 18 1976 BelmontWife of John Biancuzzo; d Buffalo
Biancuzzo, Theresa1876195881y5.2 
Biancuzzo, Carlo P1905196661y5.2 
Biancuzzo, Violet V191019** 5.2 
Bickel, Mary Adams19161949 15.1 
Bidwell, Brian MarkOct 5 1963Aug 18 1974 15.1 
Bidwell, Doris May Oct 2 19312m5.1 
Bidwell, Earl L 195869y5.1 
Bidwell, Eugene T 196484y5.1 
Bidwell, Infant19311931 5.1 
Bidwell, Mark A1891194150y5.1 
Bidwell, Mary A18521928 5.1 
Bidwell, Ruth Jean 19477y 8m 26d5.1d in car accident in Cuba
Bidwell, Talbert   5.1 
Bidwell, Veronica May18801921 5.1 
Bidwell, JosephMar 20 1825May 16 1916 3.2 
Bidwell, Ruby AnnFeb 20 1853Aug 7 1925 3.2 
Bidwell, Thomas AApr 20 1854Dec 8 1927 3.2 
Bidwell, Sabrina   3.2Grandma (no dates)
Bigelow, Stanley A 196073y5.1 
Bigelow, Donald CNov 2 1942Nov 3 19421d5.1 
Bigelow, Era Leyke18791916 5.1 
Bigelow, Floyd A 197663y5.1 
Bigelow, Floyd Elroy18761896 5.1 
Bigelow, Hannah18231912 5.1 
Bigelow, Joseph Dodge18211891 5.1 
Bigelow, Leon1878194466y5.1 
Bigelow, Jerome B18281910 15.1Co. B 23 Reg NY Vol
Bigelow, Emma S18311910 15.1Wife of Jerome B Bigelow
Bigelow, M Mar 6 1925 5.1 
Bigelow, Roland J 196480y5.1 
Bigelow, Ronald CNov 2 1942Nov 3 19421d5.1 
Bigelow, William G18541908 5.1Killed by cars at the Upper Scio
Bigelow, William  1965325.1 
Biley, JohnnieJun 30 1900Oct 25 1900 26.1 
Billings, Delos W Nov 4 188870yDimick-WirtVeteran
Billings, Rhoda Stanton Aug 30 189572yDimick-Wirt 
Billings, Julianna Sept 7 187822yDimick-WirtSee "Stanton"
Bills, Eugene D18971968 24.1 
Bills, Irene B191019** 24.1 
Bills, Emma Palmer1853Oct 19 193279y5.1 
Bimes, Charles A18831926 Andover 
Bimes, Georginna Howland18861908 AndoverWife of Charles A Bimes
Bines, WilliamNov 15 1837Aug 8 1890 Andover 
Bines, Hester Ana SwainFeb 14 18541914 AndoverSee "Parshall"
Bines, William J18801938 Andover 
Bines, Florence B18721958 Andover 
Bingham, Chester18071884 5.1 
Bingham, Cornellia18421920 5.1 
Bingham, Hariette W18161873 5.1 
Bingham, William C18391897 5.1 
Binns, Charles Fergus (Rev)1857193477y1.1 
Binns, Mary Elizabeth Mar 10 197794y1.1Cremated March 13 1977 (ashes); same lot as Nora
Binns, Mary Howard1860192564y1.1 
Binns, William Hugh F1884191228y1.1 
Bird, Carroll E1908May 31 197567y1.1Vault
Bird, Dora   1.1Wife of Carroll E Bird
Bishop, Andrew P18461904 15.1 
Bishop, Caroline EMay 24 1828Apr 8 1910 15.1 
Bishop, Mary L18541927 15.1 
Bishop, Richard S18501972 15.1 
Bissel, Sarah18541953 24.1 
Bissell, Margaret G18951968 26.1 
Bissell, Merl F18881959 26.1 
Bissell, Carl FrancisJul 18 1829Oct 26 1961 16.1NY Pvt US Marine Corp Reserves
Bissell, Hiram  17y24.1 
Bissell, Fred H18461924 24.1 
Bissell, Frances C Jul 18 192845y5.1 
Bissell, J H18481913 5.1 
Bissell, Jarius H 196081y5.1 
Bissell, Lucille 195874y5.1 
Bissell, Sarah Adaline18501899 5.1 
Birdlebough, John Chester   2.5 
Birdlebough, Jesse Laaks18891963 2.5Wife of John Chester Birdlebough
Birtcil, HaroldAug 8 1911May 17 1975 RichburgSon of George & Florence Birtcil
Birtcil, James C18831958 Richburg 
Birtcil, Lena P18811924 Richburg 
Birtcil, Lee B19061926 Richburg 
Stubble, Rolana1943  RichburgGrandchild of James & Lena Birtcil
Birtcil, John W18501911 Richburg 
Birtcil, Phoebe18551938 RichburgWife of John W Birtcil
Birtcil, Charles O18781949 RichburgSon of John W & Phoebe Birtcil
Birtcil, George18851939 RichburgSon of John W & Phoebe Birtcil
Birtcil, Florence Jul 23 1965 RichburgWife of George Bertcil; no marker
Birtcil, May (Schram)18801921 RichburgDau of J & P Bertcil; Wife of George Schram
Bixby, Charles A18481924 8.1 
Bixby, Adelia18511922 8.1Wife of Charles P Bixby
Bixby, E or C Slowell18801918 8.1 
Bixby, George D18851908 8.1 
Bixby, Elmer G1880Oct 2 1961 Andover 
Bixby, Charlotte P1876May 10 1959 Andover 
Bixby, William18761935 8.1 
Bixby, Margaret18841949 8.1 
Black, Anna B18581934 5.1 
Black, Augusta E18581876 5.1 
Black, Catherine L18541920 24.2 
Black, Eldridge W18511899 5.1 
Black, Fred E18581940 24.2 
Black, Mary Ann18191900 5.1 
Black, J A18691919 10.1 10.2 
Black, Mary B18752929 10.1 10.2 
Black, Adeline T183819** 21.1 
Black, Alexander18191889 24.1 
Black, Alexander Apr 1 188990y25.5 
Black, Amanda M18261908 24.1Wife of Alexander Black
Black, Anna R18651953 24.1Mother
Black, Augusta A18511912 24.1Wife of Lewis A Black
Black, Charles18301907 24.1 
Black, Minerva L18301907 24.1 
Black, Donald MJan 11 1929Feb 6 1953 24.1NY C.P.I. Co. C 806 LNGR AVN BN
Black, Elmer18621929 24.1 
Black, Eugene T18751945 24.1 
Black, Martha V18761954 24.1 
Black, King S19001950 24.1 
Black, Eva R18761955 24.1 
Black, Will L18761955 24.1 
Black, Frank L18601933 24.1 
Black, Louisa18561892 24.1Wife of F S Black
Black, Gordon 1937 24.1 
Black, Howard19201932 24.1 
Black, J P18301862 24.1Buried with Charles Boesebark family
Black, James H18431908 24.16th NY Regt
Black, John P Feb 8 186232y24.1 
Black, K S18401921 24.1 
Black, Mary E18421920 24.1 
Black, Leon18941932 24.1 
Black, Lucy H18991962 24.1 
Black, Leo M18901960 24.1 
Black, Lulu G18901960 24.1 
Black, Miles A18641940 24.1Father
Black, Marguerite C18811961 24.1 
Black, A Aron O18881956 24.1 
Black, Norman E19141932 24.1 
Black, Onalle H19371963 24.1 
Black, Reba18911908 24.1Dau of A J & Francis Black
Black, Ella FAug 8 1857Feb 23 1912 24.1Wife of A J Black
Black, A JFeb 28 1858Apr 13 1932 24.1 
Black, Robert ENov 20 1919Apr 5 1976 15.1Sgt US Army WWII
Black, Sarah M18591929 24.1Wife of Grant Black
Black, Victor G19381957 24.1 
Black, Walter M18611937 24.1 
Black, Nettie L18261948 24.1 
Black, Ward M18971948 24.1 
Black, William Mar 24 188868y24.1 
Black, Julia Dec 29 184132y24.1Wife of William Black
Black, William M Nov 11 185917y24.1Son of William & Julia Black
Black, William H Dec 1 18718m24.1 
Black, Fred EFeb 12 1867Sep 20 1919 AngelicaHusband of Grace Scholes Black
Blackburn, Walter18601943 21.5Father
Blackman, Eva U18621936 AndoverMaiden Name Eva Updyke
Blackman, Harold L 197466y5.1 
Blackwell, Blanch OApr 10 1890Sep 9 1971 10.1 10.2 
Blair, Julia B18361899 8.1 
Blakely, Ross ScottMay 22 1880Mar 7 1946 Angelicab Birdsall; son of John & Leila Luther Blakely
Blakeslee, Merle F18981967 10.1 10.2 
Blakeslee, Ernest A19031972 15.1 
Blakeslee, Madeline M190919** 15.1 
Blanchard, Edwin PJun 5 1846Oct 15 1916 Angelicab West Sparta; Husband of Mary Eldredge-d May 29 1912; m Jun 27 1869
Blanchard, Mary O May 29 191263yAngelica 
Blanchard, Mary Dec 15 1827Jan 11 1895 BlankWife of William Blanchard
Blank, Caroline V Oct 23 187232y 2m11.4Wife of Charles Blank; dau of Alvin & Sophie Howe
Blasur, Joel Mar 17 18397y21.9Son of Abram & Anna Blasur
Blatchley, Charles18551924 15.1 
Blatchley, Everett W18901948 15.1 
Blatchley, Myra W18591922 15.1 
Blauvelt, HenryApr 19 1840Jan 30 1911 AngelicaSon of James & Christina Blauvelt; b Almond
Blauvelt Hester AnnFeb 6 1841Nov 4 1919 AngelicaMarried Henry Blauvelt Feb 6 1862
Blauvelt, Oscar ROct 26 1864Mar, 1922 Angelicab. West Almond
Blauvelt, Oscar R Mrs Oct 3 192156yAngelica 
Blechinger, Jacob R18931966 26.1 
Blechinger, Helen C190519** 26.1 
Blendess, Abby18321898 5.1 
Blendess, Henry18551915 5.1 
Blendess, Hitty18701871 5.1 
Blickwede, Augusta L Oct 24 191781yAngelicab Augusta Louise Metz in Germany; wife of Henry Blickwede; m 59years
Blickwede, Fred H   Angelica 
Blickwede, George H Dec 4 1934 Angelicad Hackensack, NJ; b Angelica; Son of Henry & Augusta Blickwede; m Estelle Barney d 1929
Blickwede, Henry I   Angelica 
Blickwede, Maria Augusta Jun 21 1933 Angelica 
Blickwede, DoraAug 15 1827Jul 25 1897 12.2 
Blickwede, Henry ISep 3 1865Sep 4 1865 12.2Son of Henry & Dora Blickwede
Blinn, Caroline   AngelicaLot 38A
Blinn, Elizabeth S   AngelicaLot 527
Blinn, Horace E   AngelicaLot 527
Blinn, Isaac Sr1799Jun 7 184242yAngelicaLot 527
Blinn, Isaac Jr18181854 AngelicaLot 527
Blinn, Louisa   AngelicaLot 38A
Blinn, Nancy   AngelicaLot 38A
Blinn, Simeon   AngelicaLot 28
Blinn, Simeon E   AngelicaLot 28
Blinn, Alice L Nov, 187011y 3m 4d27.3Child of John & Sarah Blinn
Blinn, Henry W Oct 19 18648m27.3Child of John & Sarah Blinn
Blinn, John1832  10.1 10.2 
Blinn, Sarah Shoff18391906 10.1 10.2Wife of John Blinn
Blinn, Hellen18671917 10.1 10.2 
Bliss, Beatrice Leon19271949 8.1 
Bliss, Benjamin T18301901 17.2 
Bliss, Bertha E1878194567y5.1 
Bliss, EbenezerDec 29 1796Aug 1 1884 17.3 
Bliss, Martha BNov 20 1797Oct 28 1891 17.3 
Bliss, ElizaSep 10 1821Oct 17 1886 17.3 
Bliss, David EJan 5 1826Feb 11 1891 17.3 
Bliss, Edna Alice1870195786y1.1 
Bliss, Edwin S1836191175y1.1Civil War Veteran, 136 Regt NY Vol
Bliss, Hubert DJul 1 1894Mar 29 196368y1.1WWI Veteran, Pvt. Med Dept NY
Bliss, James R19421943 17.2 
Bliss, Kenneth W 196764y5.1 
Bliss, Leslie F18771964 17.2 
Bliss, Nina M18801970 17.2 
Bliss, Lula19051905 17.2 
Bliss, Sarah M Humphrey1840192787y1.1Wife of Edwin S Humphrey
Bliss, Pearl HookerJan 5 1902Nov 3 1944 Bolivarb Angelica; dau of Sidney & Dora Otte Hooker
Bliss, William H 195885y5.1 
Bliss, Walter T18601941 10.1 10.2 
Bliss, Minnie18661947 10.1 10.2Wife of Walter T Bliss
Bliss, Laurence M18921933 10.1 10.2 
Blivan, John B Mar 25 187645y24.1 
Blivan, Mary D Sep 7 1903 24.1 
Blivan, Phinnie E Mar 4 188117y24.1Dau of J B & M D Blivan
Bliven, Beriah Feb 29 186467y1.1 
Bliven, Elizabeth BurdickDec 11 1796Jan 2 187478y1.1 
Bliven, Theodaty Feb 9 184885y 5m 17dBlank 
Bliven, Theogathy Feb 9 181851y5.6 
Bliven, Henry18551929 8.1 
Bliven, Julia18701950 8.1Wife of Henry Bliven
Bliven, Iva May18931970 8.1 
Bliven, Silas GAug 11 1807Sep 21 1884 5.6 
Bliven, Caroline SMay 16 1807  5.6 
Bliven, Susan BMay 21 1841Mar 11 1891 5.6 
Bliven, Bethany Jul 20 186341y 5mBlankWife of Theodaty Bliven
Bliven, Bethany Jul 21 1863 BlankWife of Theogathy Bliven
Bliven, Mary C Oct 6 18655y24.1Dau of C H & M A Bliven
Bliven, J N18201907 24.1 
Bliven, Caroline S18261910 24.1 
Bliven, Charles H18271923 24.1 
Bliven, Mary Alzina Chaffee18331911 24.1Wife of Charles H Bliven
Bliven, Gilbert18331896 24.1 
Bliven, Harriet A18431903 24.1 
Blodgett, Edgar19001977 15.1 
Blodgett, Mary E190819** 15.1 
Blodgett, Fred Aug 25 190761y1.1Civil War Veteran, Co. O 5th NY H A
Blodgett, Jett J18591941 Andover 
Blodgett, Eva M18661911 AndoverWife of Jett J Blodgett
Bloss, Charles S18731954 21.5 
Bloss, Elisha W18351913 21.5 
Bloss, Floyd S18641865 21.5 
Bloss, Fred E18621875 21.5 
Bloss, George N18621921 21.5 
Bloss, Herbert18661898 21.5 
Bloss, Hiram18341907 21.5Father
Bloss, Mary Jane18371908 21.5Mother
Bloss, Loie Foster18721970 21.5 
Bloss, Lucinda Brown18411899 21.5 
Bloss, Martha E18661941 21.5 
Bloss, Milton E18971950 21.5 
Bloss, Myron H18581923 Andover 
Bloss, Frances E1860  AndoverObit says b 1861 d Sept 8 1949
Bloss, Helena18911914 AndoverAdopted child of Myron & Frances Bloss. (They also had 2 other adopted children)
Blossom, Mrs   8.1No stone
Blossom, Irene L1909  15.1 
Blossom, Eugene A1873  15.1 
Blossom, Effie J1943  15.1 
Blossom, Alla S1883196? 15.1 
Blossom, Elmer S18761940 15.1Buried with Alla S Blossom
Blossom, Earnest E18821911 15.1 
Blossom, Mabel I18801935 15.1 
Blossom, Earl W18841974 15.1Buried with Mabel I Blossom
Blowers, Claude B1862May 10 1950 Andover 
Blowers, Lottie B1867Feb 1 1950 Andover 
Blue, Francis L1908  28.1 
Blue, Dora I19091976 28.1 
Blue, Cyrus C18981937 28.1 
Blue, Florence A190319** 28.1 
Blue, M Mar 19 1911 28.1 
Blue, Clara   28.111-48 (that's all that's on the record)
Blue, Cyrus    28.16-38 (that's all that's on the record
Blue, William E18981980 28.1Married Nora E Blue Jan 3 1921
Blue, Nora E19051978 28.1Wife of William E Blue
Blue, Cecil J19451945 28.1 
Blue, Richard L18921971 28.1 
Blue, Bessie M19051941 28.1Buried with Richard L Blue
Blue, Julia19261938 28.1 
Boardman, Fon18851962 10.1 10.2 
Bockoven, Robert Caldwell18111927 15.1 
Bockoven, James W18821962 15.1 
Bockoven, Katherine Swift18801962 15.1Buried with James W Bockhoven
Boedeker, George H18801936 8.1 
Boedeker, Florence18831937 8.1 
Boesebark, Charles18091885 24.1 
Boesebark, Margaret18281900 24.1Wife of Charles Boesebark
Bogardus, Clemons Eva 196275y5.1 
Bogardus, Howard L19121919 5.1 
Bogardus, L Harry 196374y5.1 
Bogardus, Gwita Young Mrs Sep 18 1947 Angelicad Perry
Bogin, Allas Jun 6 181428y24.2 
Bolam, Robert A190819** 26.1 
Bolam, Nelle C19071978 26.1Buried with Robert A Bolam
Bolam, Robert A18711971 26.1 
Bolam, Margaret C18751954 26.1Buried with Robert Bolam
Bolcom, Mary E18881918 19.1Mother
Bolcom, Charles S19151918 19.1Son
Boldman, Frank J18551927 28.1 
Boldman, Addie M18631940 28.1 
Bolduc, Marie19021979 28.1 
Bolger, EdwardJun 1 1818  BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cemetery
Bolger, BridgetJun 7 1818Oct 7 1892 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cemetery; wife of Edward Bolger
Boller, John Henry1860194181y8.1 
Boller, Mary18571927 8.1 
Boman, Ethel Leilous18671886 5.7 
Bond, Ahva J C1875195883y1.1 
Bond, Ora VanHorn1879193859y1.1Wife of A J C Bond
Bone, Robert Scott 1959 1.1Infant
Bonnet, Frederic1878196981y1.1Ashes
Boom, Elizabeth18331912 5.1 
Boom, Sylvester Well1855192974y5.1 
Boone, Orrille LFeb 29 1856Dec 31 1885 17.3Dau of D H & M D Fairbanks
Boorne, Jonathan H18311907 5.1 
Boot, Adam JosephMar 10 1865Oct 18 1887 28.1 
Booth, Burt18741979 28.1 
Booth, May18851970 28.1 
Booth, MarthaFeb 27 1916Feb 27 1916 28.1 
Booth, Winifred A18951952 26.1 
Booth, Fred H18951926 26.1 
Booth, Frederick JAug 25 1919Jul 13 1974 26.1Sgt Army Air Force WWII
Booth, Margaret I192519** 26.1 
Booth, Mildred B18881976 15.1 
Booth, Vance M19301938 15.1 
Borda, Charles L1910  26.1 
Borda, Irene D19081954 26.1 
Borden, Dallas E Jun 27 18826m 17d8.1 
Borden, Annis Dec 12 18413y 4m 10d8.5Dau of Stephen & Eliza Borden
Borden, Erma Briggs1898Jul 12 1931 Blankb Clarksville; dau of Charles & Sarah Kowlton Briggs; m Levi Borden Jan 3 1914
Borden, Emma H 194187y5.1 
Borden, Clifford Leland Sept 19, ****23d5.1 
Borden, Elizabeth18581905 AndoverGrandma (see Eggleston) Mother of Hattie Borden Eggleston
Borden, Emma H Jul 12 193132m5.1Infant
Borden, Francis E19191920 5.1 
Borden L 195966y5.1 
Borden, Neil Henry1959  5.1Infant
Borden, Dalles Jun 27 188220y 6m 17d8.2 
Border, Harrison Apr 1 192682y7.3 
Bortz, Elizabeth1874195076y5.2 
Bosard, MalchiahAug 12 1799Jul 7 1835 21.5 
Bosard, SophiaJul 15 1801May 6 1861 21.5Buried with Malchiah Bosard
Bosard, Charles May 27 1939 AngelicaSon of Wm & Sarah Stillman Bosard; Husband of Cora Mayhew Bosard
Bosard, CharlesJun 7 1830Jun 12 1924 New Hudsonb. Andover; served in Civil War
Bosard, Cora Mayhew1867May 19 1948 Angelicab Castile; wife of Charles Bosard
Bosher, Lavinia WindusJun, 1825Jan 13 1864 BlankWife of William Bosher
Boss, Gilbert S Dec 5 187239y15.1 
Bosworth, Floyd J18621945 15.1 
Bosworth, Anna M18791966 15.1Buried with Floyd J Bosworth
Bosworth, Christiann18341887 5.1 
Bosworth, Emory R18101888 5.1 
Bosworth, Marilla I18161904 8.1 
Bosworth, Nehemiah18291906 5.1 
Bosworth, Milford W19201963 New HudsonWWII NY Tec 513 FA 24 Inf Div
Botens, Paul M18931972 15.1 
Botens, Bernice M18931975 15.1 
Botens, Rex L1895  15.1 
Botens, Mary S19011980 15.1 
Botens, Sue Ann19231938 15.1Buried with Rex L and Mary S Botens
Botens, Ronald KDec 6 1962May 30 1963 15.1 
Bott, Julia A1892Nov 11 197583y1.1Cremated Nov 13 1975; White Haven Mem Park Crematory, Pittsford, NY (ashes)
Boughton, Caroline (Evans) Clark 1851 1.1Wife of Hollis Boughton
Boughton, Hollis S1838191071y1.1Civil War Vet PR 2d Ohio Battery; "H" on stone.
Bouten, JulieJan 5 1815May 27 1877 24.1Wife of A Margerson
Margerson, AJan 4 1812May 11 1877 24.1 
Margerson, Shral M18371917 24.1 
Margerson, Ferris F18371919 24.1 
Bowen, Joseph18271906 5.1 
Bowen, Mary A18411903 5.1 
Bowen, William18401925 5.1 
Bowen, Hiram   AngelicaWas a Justice in 1862
Bowes, Mary JaneSept 22 1860Mar 29 1955 Angelicab England; dau of Joseph & Jane Little Short; m Thomas R Bowes 1880; he d 1918
Bowes, Thomas R   Angelica 
Bowes, Thomas R Jr   Angelica 
Bower, Clara Ann18191871 5.1 
Bower, Edith May18721900 5.1 
Bower, Emma Jan18641885 5.1 
Bower, Helen L18351915 5.1 
Bower, Lucy18591907 5.1 
Bower, Michael James18161911 5.1 
Bower, Orinda1846Mar 23 187933y 8m 2d5.1Buried with William Bradford Bower
Bower, William Bradford Mar 30 187126y 7m 9d5.1GAR Co. H 19th NY Cav
Bower, R F July 27 192466y5.1 
Bower, Mary C Dec 16 18507y25.1Dau of M J & S Bower
Bower, Richard18141901 5.1 
Bower, Sarah Louisa18291910 5.1 
Bower, Sarah M18431920 5.1 
Bower, Susan18211870 5.1 
Bower, Willis18491911 5.1 
Bower, Clarry A or J 187152y1.1No stone
Bower, William Mrs   8.1No stone
Bower, Oscar Jun, 193163y5.1 
Bowes, Mabel J C19381950 5.1 
Bowes, William18631938 5.1 
Bowin, Edna C18861904 5.1 
Bowlby, Gertrude A189119** 26.1 
Bowlby, George A18861961 26.1 
Bowlby, Cornellius M18321892 Andover 
Bowlby, Eliza18321908 AndoverWife of Cornelius Bowlby
Bowlby, Katherine18621911 Andover 
Bowler, Mary L Sep 7 18461y17.3Dau of William & Eliza Bowler
Bowler, Eliza F Nov 15 1822 17.2Wife of William L Bowler
Bowler, William L18191909 17.2 
Bowler, Eliza F18221905 17.2 
Bowler, Frances J18511929 17.2 
Bowler, Ann E1842 17.2 
Bowler, Augusta L18441887 17.2 
Bowler, Mary L18451846 17.2 
Bowler, Mary E18471935 17.2 
Bowler, Addis E18491920 17.2 
Bowler, Clara Day18791958 17.2 
Bowles, George (Rev) Apr 16 188475y 1m 3d19.1 
Bowles, Alice Jan 29 190595y 2m 6d19.1Wife of Rev. George Bowles
Bowman, Ralph19091909 5.1Infant
Boyce, Gerette A1855191660y1.1 
Boyce, J RichardMar 21 1949Mar 22 1949 24.1Son of Referly & Dana Boyce
Boyce, Ida Ardell1858Feb 27 190749y1.1 
Boyce, L C 194276y1.1Ashes. No stone
Boyce, Lucinda D1831191887y1.1 
Boyce, Luther M1826189367y1.1 
Boyce, Myra Clark1865194479y1.1Ashes
Boyce, Michael P19491975 24.1 
Boyce, Kathryn E1919  24.1 
Boyce, Maynard1917  24.1 
Boyd, Charles A18731932 3.2 
Boyd, Mary Allen18761954 3.2 
Boyd, Hawley P18971964 15.1 
Boyd, Charles M Apr 17 18521y 3m 7d6.4Son of Robert & Diane Boyd
Boyd, Charles W Apr 1 187727y 2m24.1 
Boyd, DanielAug 4 1844Jan 8 1894 AndoverFather
Boyd, Jennie CApr 4 1849Jan 5 1900 AndoverMother
Boyd, Euphemia RoyceJun 29 1864Jul 25 189026y 7m 9d1.1Wife of John Boyd
Boyd, Francis L18461919 6.4Wife of T N Boyd
Boyd, Thomas N184419** 6.4Husband of Francis L Boyd
Boyd, Glenn H1893196774y1.1 
Boyd, Georganne S18691909 AndoverAlso called Georgia; 1st wife of Hiram W Boyd
Boyd, Gordon W18521924 5.1 
Boyd, John Wesley1861192563y1.1 
Boyd, Mary E Jan 1 188319y27.11Wife of Gordon B Boyd
Boyd, Margaret 196261y5.1 
Boyd, Mary E Crandall Jan 1 188361y25.8Wife of Gordon Boyd
Boyd, Merle Gordon 194256y5.1 
Boyd, Robert R Aug 2 185584y6.4 
Boyd, Eunice N Aug 9 185174y6.4Wife of Robert R Boyd
Boyd, Robert RSep 23 1817Jul 10 1901 6.4 
Boyd, ElanaSep 27 1822Dec 5 1883 6.4Wife of Robert Boyd
Boyd, Sarah A18661921 5.1 
Boyd, Sherman R   BlankLot 9
Boyd, Stella P1866 69y1.1 
Boyd, Thomas N Jan 17 184217y 4m 3d6.4Son of Robert R & Eunice Boyd
Boyd, William W18691953 Andover 
Boyd, Anna G18791956 AndoverWife of William W Boyd
Boyer, Carrie N18791950 10.1 10.2 
Boyington, Banford   15.1No dates
Boykin, Frances Swift18901945 15.1 
Boykin, Robert Hill18861958 15.1 
Boyle, William Nov 22 184423y8.9B in Shannon Bridge, Kings County, Ireland
Boyle, William Nov 22 184123y8.8B in Shannon Bridge, Kings County, Ireland
Boynton, Grace EAug 30 1892May 22 1955 HornellB Weare, NY; dau of Chas & Susie Carpenter Peaslee; wife of Gordon Boynton
Bozard, William18261899 Andover 
Bozard, Charles1831  BellvilleCivil War
Bozard, Sarah S Stillman18241892 AndoverWife of William Bozard
Bozworth, Grant S18641920 5.1 
Brace, Maude B18721951 15.1 
Brace William A18701942 15.1 
Bracy, MarthaApr 17 1845Sep 20 1922 10.1 10.2 
Bracy, William D18711961 10.1 10.2Was Bolivar Fireman
Bracy, Clara C18661948 10.1 10.2 
Bracy, Charles H18511918 Utopia-Wirt 
Bracy, Nettie W18521940 Utopia-WirtWife of Charles H Bracy
Bradford, Carl M  70y17.1d Coudersport, PA
Bradford, Paul Edward Jul 2 1961 17.1b Olean, NY; d Ellery, NY
Bradford, Zana M Dec 9 196764y17.1b Roulette, PA; d Portville, NY
Bradford, Fred S18421920 5.1Body buried at Richburg
Badh, Flossie Belle19011919 5.1 
Bradley, Dwight H18481909 5.1 
Bradley, Frank Sisson191719268y1.1 
Bradley, Harriet E18811901 5.1Killed accidentally while throwing iron ball
Bradley, Sarah E Mar 22 193082y5.1 
Bradley, Irving M18671940 15.1 
Bradley, Lillian C18741956 15.1 
Bradley, Edgar18481930 15.1Father
Bradley, Almira18541911 15.1 
Bradley, Charlie E18751960 15.1 
Bradley, George H18641938 10.1 10.2 
Bradley, Sara Care18661930 10.1 10.2Wife of George H Bradley
Bradley, Josephine M Apr 4 1905 10.1 10.2Dau of Mr & Mrs G H Bradley
Bradley, John C18931965 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Bradley, Edith Washburn18891963 10.1 10.2Wife of John C Bradley
Bradley, George W19201945 10.1 10.21st Lt 463rd Fighter Squadron Army Air Force
Bradley, Mary Priscilla19461948 10.1 10.2Dau of Mr & Mrs J D Bradley
Bradley, Edith Washburn Sep 15 1927 10.1 10.2Dau of Mr & Mrs J C Bradley
Bradley, Mary EFeb 17 1846May 25 1898 10.1 10.2Wife of A D Bradley
Bradley, Diane C 186*22yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; dau of Wm & Almira Bradley
Bradley, Catherine 18375yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; dau of Wm & Minerva Bradley
Bradley, Alonzo 183324yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; son of Eman & Currance Bradley
Bradley, Heman 182947yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Bradley, Currance 183771yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; Wife of Heman Bradley
Bradshaw, James Feb 14 186346y24.1 
Bradshaw, Arvilla A May 6 189156y24.1Wife of James Bradshaw
Snyder, Fred W Jun 26 187219y24.1Buried with Bradshaw family
Bradshaw, Harriet Jewell Sep 27 186938y24.1 
Gordon, Peter Feb 15 186970y24.1Buried with Bradshaw family
Gordon, Martha May 8 187072y24.1Buried with Bradshaw family
Bradt, Flossie Belle19011919 5.1 
Bradt, John 18371y1.1No stone
Bradt, John18321905 5.1 
Bradt, Susan E18381901 5.1 
Bradt, Robert D Jr19401976 15.1 
Bradt, Timothy V18661940 26.1 
Bradt, Seraphim M18761955 26.1 
Bradt, Mary J Schaner18691946 26.1 
Brady, Terrence F18601925 24.2 
Brady, Jennie M18651951 24.2 
Brady, William E18301902 24.2 
Bradyman, Sophie 184240yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; wife or Orlando Bradyman
Brague, Cynthia Orcelia Beach1840191373y1.1 
Brague, Ernest N1869194879y1.1 
Brague, Harry G1842191876y1.1 
Brague, Nettie M1876196589y1.1 
Brague, Robert Ernest1925193914y1.1 
Brague, Roger Rowley1926194922y1.1 
Brague, William B1874195579y1.1 
Brainard, Andrew Coughlin18981963 8.1 
Brainard, Paul C19041961 8.1 
Brainard, Morell L18441929 8.1 
Brainard, Lucy A18431934 8.1 
Brainard, Edson M18661934 8.1 
Brainard, N P (Dr.)18491917 Andover 
Brainard, Sarah A18511921 AndoverWife of N P Brainard
Brainard, Philo A18181873 8.5Wife of Smith Brainard
Brainard, Smith18091900 8.5Husband of Philo A Brainard
Brainard, Mary L18661872 8.5Dau of Smith & Philo Brainard
Brainard, Matie18701871 8.5 
Brainard, Don G18731878 8.5 
Streeter, Louisa18021873 8.5Servant of Smith & Philo Brainard family
Braman, I I 1836 24.4Son of Mary Middang
Bramnall, Helen 18162yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cem; dau of John & Sarah Bramnall
Bramnall, H H   FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cem; small stone; no dates
Branch, Ethan A Jun 8 185881y 2m 21dBlankFather of F F & A C Branch, his sons
Branch, Julia Shoots19021958 15.1 
Branch, Diana King Apr 12 186977y 5m 9dBlankWife of E A Branch
Brand, Francis Ida18721894 5.1 
Brandes, Henry J Nov 30 191872y12.2 
Brandes, Mary J Jun 27 190864y12.2 
Brandes, Dora Dec 8 189181y 12.2Grandma
Brandes, Willi F Nov 8 189214y12.2 
Brandes, Edward Clayton18831963 8.1 
Brandes, Mabel F18831963 8.1Wife of Edward Clayton Brandes
Brandes, Charles H18711942 8.1 
Brandes, Minnie I18841968 8.1Wife of Charles H Brandes
Brandex, Henry J   12.2 
Brandes, Arthur FAug 29 1880Nov 19 1946 10.1 10.2b Wellsville; son of Diettrick & Mary Hubbell Brandes; m Maude Williams 1905
Brandes, ErnestAug 17 1862Aug 6 1930 Wellsvilleb Wellsville; son of Henry & Dora Horn Brandes; Husband of Mary Brandes
Brandes, Jessie A PalmerDec 10 1883Feb 24 1914 Angelicab & d Angelica; m John Brandes Jun 26 1907
Brandes, Mary M Mrs Aug 15 1937 Blank 
Brandes, George F18601941 8.1 
Brandes, Elizabeth T18641928 8.1 
Brandes, Caroline B18611953 8.1 
Brandes, John H18581942 8.1 
Brandes, Eliza C18671949 8.1 
Brandes, Carl D18971957 8.1 
Brandes, Medora E1914  8.1 
Brandes, Ann Riley18801920 24.2Wife of Aurthur Brands (Brandes)
Brands, Vida18871920 24.1Wife of M M Brands
Brands, Marvin M18891947 24.1 
Brands, Frances E19001946 24.1Wife of M M Brands
Brands, Maude E18891973 24.1 
Brands, Ernest L18871952 24.1 
Brands, Herbert19141971 24.1Son of Ernest L & Maude E Brands; Buried Mansion Mem Park, Ellenton, Florida
Brands, Helen E1910  24.1Dau of Ernest L & Maude E Brands
Brands, Layfayette M18511940 24.1 
Brands, Hattie J18601940 24.1 
Brands, Albert18541905 5.1 
Brands, George18381912 5.1 
Brands, Lydia18371891 5.1 
Brands, Abram R Dec 19 185743y 3m 2dBlank 
Brands, Claude A   24.2No dates; buried with Hellen E Brands
Brands, Hellen E   24.2No dates; buried with Claude A Brands
Brands, Julia Austin Jan 11 189076y 6mBlankWife of Abram Brands; has field stone
Brands, Talbot Dec 1 18646m 1dBlankSon of A R & J A Brands
Brandt, Mary Mar 5 188483y1.1Wife of T T Brandt
Brandt, Thomas T1804188884y1.1(d 1889 on stone)
Brannin, John W18421896 26.1 
Brannin, Bridget E1842  26.1Wife of John E Brannin
Brannin, Agnes 1891 26.1Infant
Brannin, Agathea 1891 26.1Infant
Brannin, Willie 1890 26.1Infant
Brans, Leland M19171944 24.1 
Branson, Elizabeth Common Jun 12 1910 AngelicaMarried 1890 Levo Branson
Branson, Mary Warner   BlankWidow of Paul Branson
Brasted, Ben LOct 6 1831Dec 25 1879 15.1 
Brasted, Rebecca L18341916 15.1Wife of Ben L Brasted
Brasted, Amanda Apr 23 1874 15.1Wife of Zebulan Brasted
Brasicus, John Jul 1 192165y7.3 
Braunschaeiger, Eugenia B19061962 26.1 
Braunschweiger, Andrew18721941 26.1 
Braunschweiger, Emma18681952 26.1 
Braunschweiger, M Catherine190419** 26.1 
Braunschweiger, Andrew P Jr19111976 26.1SK2 US Navy, WWII
Brayman, Charles C19001972 15.1 
Brayman, Blanche I Scott1904  15.1 
Breadon, Roy P19001980 15.1Has funeral home marker
Breadon, Ray H19001946 15.1 
Breadon, Christopher18691941 15.1 
Breadon, Lizzie J18791939 15.1 
Breadon, Father  15.1 
Breadon, Hugh18321912 15.1Co. K 136 Regt NY Vol
Breadon, Margery18401925 15.1Wife of Hugh Breadon
Breadon, Mother  15.1 
Breadon, Leon H19011951 15.1 
Breiding, Agnes S19001965 24.1 
Breiding, John S190019** 24.1 
Breitweiser, LeonardDec 19 1854Oct 14 1926 Angelicab Darmstadt, Germany; m Mary Vossiler of Wellsville Jan 25 1882
Breitweiser, Mary   Blank(no dates)
Breman, Anna Elizabeth 19161y1.1No stone
Breneise, Elizabeth 184556yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Breneka, WilliamMar 18 1878  Angelicab Allen; Hus of Ruby Hooker Breneka
Breneman, Lawrence18901966 Richburg 
Breneman, Zyla V1903  RichburgWife of Lawrence Breneman
Brennan, William J18791942 26.1 
Brennan, Catherine C188419** 26.1 
Brennan, William JOct 3 1918Nov 21 1972 26.1NY Sgt. US Army WWII; Korea
Brennan, George FNov 2 1895May 5 1952 26.1NY E 1 US Navy WWI
Brennan, Edna K   26.1 
Brennan, Father18461930 26.1 
Brennan, Mother18511935 26.1 
Bresie, Nicholas17821858 BlankLot 429
Bresney, V Orpha19231972 15.1 
Bresney, James M19231974 15.1Sgt. Army Air Force WWII
Bresney, Edward M1890  15.1 
Bresney, Lucy E1896  15.1 
Brewer, Helen A   BlankLot 683
Brewer, Fred S18651946 17.2 
Brewer, Anna L18691945 17.2 
Brewer, Fred H18671911 10.1 10.2 
Brewer, Frances L18741949 10.1 10.2 
Brewer, Leicester S18961967 8.1 
Brewer, Irene C1896  8.1Wife of Leicester S Brewer
Brewster, D N   BlankLot 241
Brewster, Elmer   Blank 
Brewster, Joseph18141902 24.2 
Brewster, Fanny M18241872 24.1 
Brewster, William R Sep 1 189379yAndover 
Brewster, Eliza E Jan 7 188269yAndoverWife of William R Brewster
Brick, Nicholas18761922 26.1 
Brick, Annie M18311907 26.1Wife of Nicholas Brick
Brick, John18231901 26.1Father
Bridge, HarryJul 26 1875Oct 10 1954 28.1 
Bridge, Chloa Belle18771943 28.1 
Bridge, Frank K18761948 10.1 10.2 
Bridgeman, Harry17921845 8.2 
Bridgeman, Joanna Sanford18001886 8.2Wife of Harry Bridgeman
Bridgeman, Lydia S18331912 8.2 
Bridgeman, S EmilyApr 15 18**May 5 1890 8.2 
Briggs, Arthur W18741940 10.1 10.2 
Briggs, Allie O18751957 10.1 10.2 
Briggs, Erwin18521931 21.5 
Briggs, Arthur M18561928 15.1 
Briggs, Ellen A Mrs1824191076y1.1Wife of Stephen Briggs
Briggs, Flossie A1893Nov 27 197683y1.1Vault; Mulholland Funeral Home, Andover, NY
Briggs, John A1889Mar 19 1978 1.1Vault; Mulholland Funeral Home, Andover, NY
Briggs, Laura18801968 15.1 
Briggs, Addis A18781951 15.1 
Briggs, Alice F18791940 15.1 
Briggs, Linda Boon18451906 15.1Wife of N H Briggs
Briggs, Mary I18611931 15.1 
Briggs, Maurice A1902  15.1 
Briggs, Onnalee L1907  15.1 
Briggs, N H18331916 15.1 
Briggs, Eunice Feb 10 186777y 21.5Wife of William Briggs
Briggs, Jesse G18281900 21.5Father
Briggs, Rachael Apr 3 184722y 1m 21d21.5Wife of Joseph J Briggs
Briggs, Eunice Feb 24 187557y 6m 16d21.5Wife of Joseph J Briggs
Briggs, Maude M1886  21.5 
Briggs, Melissa18301907 21.5Wife of Jesse G Briggs (Mother)
Briggs, Myrta D18581926 21.5 
Briggs, Stephen W1825190580y1.1 
Briggs, Wallace18701947 21.5 
Briggs, Wilbur Jesse19121920 21.5 
Briggs, William Jan 15 186677y21.5 
Briggs, Wellington18471920 Andover 
Briggs, Fernando C   21.9 
Briggs, Fred W Oct 19 1869 21.9No dates; son of R L & F M Briggs)
Briggs, Isaac H Oct 12 1877 21.1 
Briggs, Anna M May 15 1851 21.1Wife of Isaac H Briggs
Briggs, Adelbert Apr 5 1843 21.1Son of Isaac H & Anna M Briggs
Briggs, Infant daughter July 8 1858 21.1Dau of Isaac H & Anna M Briggs
Briggs, Infant son Nov 1 1840 21.5Son of Isaac H & Anna M Briggs
Briggs, Orman   Black CreekCivil War Vet
Brightman, E Jennie House1852Jul 3 1888 17.2Wife of Charles Brightman
Brimmer, Barnebus L Dec 21 185021y 1m 10dBlank 
Brimmer, J Jul 30 185021y 5m 14dBlank 
Brimmer, Sally Mar 23 181815y 11mBlank 
Brimmer, George C   Blank 
Brimmer, Polly YorkApr 13 1805Nov 13 1867 Blank 
Brink, Lana ENov 20 1867Feb 10 1874 DimickDau of Jacob & Margaret Brink
Brinkwart, Hugo18871968 15.1 
Bristol, J AthaleneAug 12 1895Sep 3 1917 15.1 
Bristol, Frances   8.1No marker; buried on Milton Millett lot; mother of Arthur Cooper; adopted dau of E C & Emma Bristol
Bristol, John CSep 2 1852July 8 1909 15.1 
Bristol, Margaret MMar 9 1809Jan 18 1842 15.5Wife of J B Bristol
Bristol, Myrta CMar 20 1867Oct 15 1864 15.1 
Bristol, C ArthurNov, 1896Dec 13 1947 15.1PFC 9 AMIN 9D 11 WWI
Bristol, Lucian M18491924 17.2 
Bristol, E Chandler18671951 8.1 
Bristol, Emma M18681911 8.1Wife of E Chandler Bristol
Bristol, Baby   8.1 
Britton, Harriet A Jul 9 185221yBlankWife of C W Britton
Britton, Theodore TOct 24 1863Oct 22 1944 YorkB Genesee to Theodore & Charlotte Britton
Broadbent, Cora May May 31 188225y8.1Wife of Fred Broadbent
Broadbent, Fred G18791963 8.1Husband of Cora May Broadbent
Broadbent, Kate F   8.1Wife of Fred Broadbent
Brockett, Margaret M   Blank 
Brockett, Ransom J Mar 1 193891yBlankd Kenmore; m Elvira Bliss in 1873
Brocket, Elvira JFeb 20 1853Nov 26 1913 Salisburyd Angelica; b Salisbury
Brockett, Williard J   Blank 
Brodie, Edwin 196383y5.1 
Brodie, Elvira Jane18591879 5.1 
Brodie, Francis W 196183y5.1 
Brodie, Grace Nola18781923 5.1 
Brodie, Joseph18431903 5.1 
Brodie, M 196569y5.1 
Brodie, Margaret G18391915 5.1 
Brodie, Melissa Perry 194166y5.1 
Broghan, William R18781914 Andover 
Broghan, Mary A18731902 Andover 
Broghan, Grace18991901 AndoverDau of William & Mary Broghan
Broghan, Mildred19011903 AndoverDau of William & Mary Broghan
Brokaw, Cora Mrs Mar, 192661yRichburgB Richburg; m Dorr Brokaw who died Jan 1926
Brokaw, Dorr E Jan, 192673yRichburgb Morovia, NY; husband of Cora Brokaw
Brokaw, Lawrence D Jun 3 18678y 8m 13d11.4Son of Daniel & Mahetable Brokaw
Brokaw, Lawrence D May 12 187271y 3m 10d11.4 
Brokaw, Daniel N18281909 11.4Father
Brokaw, Mehetable18341921 11.4Mother
Brokaw, Peter18181897 Richburg 
Brokaw, Day18541910 Richburg 
Brokaw, Emma   RichburgWife of Day Brokaw; no marker
Brokaw, Bell RSep 11 1855Feb 13 1891 Richburg 
Brokaw, FlorenceOct 7 1874Nov 29 1874 RichburgDau of D & B Brokaw
Bron, Charles   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Bronson, Sarah Gregory Oct 12 186718y25.1Wife of L Bronson
Bronson, Alonzo L Mar 21 1811 10.1 10.2Son of Zelotes A & Lorinda Bronson
Broochet, Benager Dec 22 185542yBlank 
Brooks, Abbie Jane1843191370y1.1 
Brooks, FrederickApr 13 1907Dec 10 195851y1.1WWII Vet; NY; Sgt. 24 Depot Repair Sq. AAF
Brooks, Mable C1875  24.1Wife of George C Brooks
Brooks, A R   24.1 
Brooks, D   24.1 
Brooks, Clara Louisa18991920 5.1 
Brooks, Floyd B1885Jul 6 1902 5.1Buried the day of the big flood.
Brooks, Nelson   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Brooksbank, Edward18451906 10.1 10.2 
Broshurs, S   15.1 
Broshurs, Joe18591929 15.1 
Brotherton, Gerald A19071976 15.1 
Brotherton, Alice V1914  15.1 
Brotherton, Allie S18861964 15.1 
Brotherton, Joseph18861960 15.1 
Brotherton, George F1909  15.1 
Brougher, Alfred18271911 15.1A soldier of the Mexican War
Brougher, Mary Jane18321909 15.1 
Brown, Adelaid 192072y5.1 
Brown, Adellbert H19131977 24.1 
Brown, Albert   BlankLot 744
Brown, Charley   BlankLot 369
Brown, CharlesFeb 5 1876Feb 15 1920 Blankb Potter Co., PA; d in the Piatt house on Olean St. of influenza
Brown, Charles A Aug 7 191362yAngelicad Ithaca; son of Col & Mrs. Albert G Brown; b Chatham, NY; m Jessie Gilles Dec 11 1887
Brown, Daniel   BlankWas Constable at Angelica in 1856
Brown, DavidSep 1 1800Apr 25 1867 Blankb Hartford, NY; m Phoebe Swift who died 1926; m 1927 Waity Norton
Brown, Albert18541929 Andover 
Brown, Helen E18661905 Andover1st wife of Albert Brown
Brown, Ray   AndoverChild of Albert & Helen Brown
Brown, Mary   AndoverChild of Albert & Helen Brown
Brown, Helen E   AndoverChild of Albert & Helen Brown
Brown, Albert CJan 1 1853Sep 2 1925 24.1 
Brown, Alice C18601905 5.1 
Brown, Andrew Leroy1898194668y5.1 
Brown, Anna   20.1Dau of Ezekel Brown
Brown, AnsonJun 19 1838Oct 16 1907 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Esther JSep 27 1844Jan 26 1881 Dimick-WirtWife of Anson Brown
Brown, Helen MAug 22 1838May 29 1914 Dimick-WirtWife of Anson Brown
Brown, Burdette BoardmanNov 28 18711942 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Maybelle Susan Mar 30 1878 Dimick-WirtDau of A D & E J Brown
Brown, Francis H Aug 27 1847 Dimick-WirtDau of A D & E J Brown
Brown, Olive A Sep 24 1860 Dimick-WirtDau of A D & E J Brown
Brown, SmithOct 28 1815Apr 8 1871 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Annie EDec 6 1818Jul 12 1882 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Antionette Fullerton18731942 Dimick-Wirt 
Early, Matilda RJun 22 1843May 7 1881 Dimick-WirtBuried with Smith Brown family
Brown, Armina Emerson 191548y1.1No stone
Brown, Arthur18671915 5.1 
Brown, Athelene R18981979 15.1 
Brown, Henry L19011964 15.1 
Brown, Beatrice19111973 15.1Wife of Joseph Brown
Brown, Joseph19101949 15.1Cpl 542nd AAA AW BN BTRYC
Brown, Betsey Ann Jun 5 188950y 3m 22d21.5Wife of C E Brown; Mother
Brown, Betty Lee19431961 24.5 
Brown, Beryl E18841959 8.2 
Brown, Beverly Jean19341958 15.1 
Brown, BridgetAug 17 1778Mar 2 1852 21.5 
Brown, C E18361922 21.5Father
Brown, CarolineJun 24 1824May 3 1898 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, DavidFeb 13 1829Sep 7 1897 Dimick-WirtDau of D S & C Brown; buried with Caroline Brown family
Brown, Nora Jun 14 186716yDimick-WirtSon of D S & C Brown; buried with Caroline Brown family
Brown, Willie Sep 2 18633yDimick-WirtSon of D S & C Brown; buried with Caroline Brown family
Lawrence, OrsonJul 9 1878Nov 30 1894 Dimick-WirtSon of A D & H F Lawrence;buried with Caroline Brown family
Lawrence, Edith   Dimick-WirtBuried with Caroline Brown family
Brown, Carlton D1927196840y1.1WWII Vet
Brown, Charles H (Hon) Jun 6 193374y5.1Judge of Supreme Court
Brown, Charles C18331919 5.1 
Brown, Charles H Jr1882196078y5.1 
Brown, CharlesMay 21 1856Oct 19 1881 Blank 
Brown, Chauncey E18611933 Andover 
Brown, Ida M June18651958 AndoverWife of Chauncey E Brown (not on DAR list)
Brown, Christopher18531928 5.1 
Brown, Clarence1874195985y5.1 
Brown, Dexter L18981977 15.1 
Brown, Catherine D1900  15.1 
Brown, Del  45y5.1 
Brown, Clyde C18851975 15.1 
Brown, Doretha Alice18971910 5.1 
Brown, EdmundOct 26 1811Jul 25 1885 21.5Father
Brown, Ellen Crandall1840192080y1.1Wife of W W Brown
Brown, Elmer J18611918 21.5Brother
Brown, Frank D 195769y1.1WWII Veteran
Brown, Fredie Abner   1.1No stone
Brown, Glenn18981940 15.1 
Brown, Harry L18791953 15.1 
Brown, Minnie G18821973 15.1 
Brown, Dwight A   BlankLot 438
Brown, Frank A   BlankLot 44
Brown, Harriet Apr, 1896 BlankLot 633A; her mother, Lucy Richardson, was a slave of Judge Philip Church, being freed by law in 1828
Brown, James   BlankLot 581
Brown, James TDec 26 1832May 16 1909 BlankLot 469; b Geneva, NY
Brown, Jessie G   BlankLot 623
Brown, Libbie Sarah Mar 5 1915 AngelicaLot 569; dau of James T Brown
Brown, L M MrsOct 6 1823May 8 1892 Blankb Spencertown, NY to Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Ohnsted; wife of Col. A Brown
Brown, Earl W1896197579y5.1 
Brown, Edith Warner1882194462y5.1 
Brown, Edward D May 26 1850 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Joseph GApr 9 1830May 28 1908 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Mary A PierceJul 6 1823Jan 24 1881 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, JamesApr 15 1874Oct 5 1867 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Polly MortonJul 19 1788Aug 30 1861 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Cornelius Nov 17 1856 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Mary A  May 26 1853 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Polly Morton Sep 8 1840 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Cordelia BNov 17 1856  Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Oive ASep 4 1860  Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Edwin Jul 2 189384yAndover 
Brown, Sally Ann Jul 4 187159yAndoverWife of Edwin Brown
Brown, Lois   AndoverNo dates; Wife of Edwin Brown
Brown, Edwin Jr Aug 16 18501y 1m 13dAndover 
Brown, Eliza Ann   20.2 
Brown, Ethel18821964 5.1 
Brown, Eugene CJul 16 1847Feb 20 1927 5.1 
Brown, Eva18811923 5.1 
Brown, Florence H18481859 11.4 
Brown, Francis HAug 27 1849  Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, AnsonJun 19 1838Oct 16 1907 Dimick-Wirt 
French, Esther J BrownSep 27 1844Nov 26 1881 Dimick-Wirt2nd wife (no spouse listed)
Harr, Helen M BrownAug 27 1838May 29 1914 Dimick-Wirt 
Brown, Beatrice  7mDimick-Wirt 
Brown, Dorothy  7mDimick-Wirt 
Brown, Maybell Susan Mar 30 1878 Dimick-WirtDau of A D & S J Brown
Brown, Frances Helen18411932 5.1 
Brown, Ellen 18301879 26.1Mother
Brown, Martin18231903 26.1 
Brown, Michael  9m26.1Son of Martin & Ellen Brown
Brown, Johanna18631916 26.1Dau of Martin & Ellen Brown
Brown, S Kearny1847191466y1.1Kerney on stone. Civil War veteran
Brown, William JJan 16 1860Aug 20 1914 26.1 
Brown, Mary E18731961 26.1 
Brown, Willard J18551902 15.1 
Brown, William G1899196061y1.1 
Brown, William Wallace1836Nov 6 192690y1.1 
Brown, William L18511929 15.1 
Brown, Mary E18821903 15.1 
Brown, Amanda E18571940 15.1 
Brown, Kay D19471973 15.1 
Brown, Clare Irene1908Jan 4 197869y1.1Clara H on stone; Wife of Will G Brown; vault
Brown, Lawrence18921977 15.1 
Brown, Isabelle19051979 15.1 
Brown, Leah EstherJun 11 1889Jul 20 1976 15.1 
Brown, Louis L18701933 15.1 
Brown, Ellen H18751936 15.1 
Brown, Phyllis R19171978 15.1 
Brown, William F18741888 15.1 
Brown, Margaret R18761951 26.1Mother
Brown, Florence Riley Patrick19021952 26.1Daughter
Brown, Ira Edward19151973 26.1Son
Brown, Mary SDec 17 1813Mar 19 1896 21.5Mother
Brown, Martha E18821973 15.1 
Brown, Mary Washburn Oct 26 185252y25.1Wife of Simon Brown
Brown, Mary E18621913 15.1 
Brown, Mary C18471923 15.1 
Brown, Marvin18451920 15.1Co. 1160 NY Infantry
Brown, Mervin WilliamJul 22 1922Mar 3 1945 15.1Cpl 13 Rict USMC 501 V WWII
Brown, Maude Whitford1879190425y1.1Wife of Francis A Brown
Brown, Newell J189519** 26.1 
Brown, Helen J18941963 26.1 
Brown, Newell JNov 2 1843Feb 16 1865 21.5Brother; veteran marker
Brown, Nellie Ethel19021904 21.5Dau of J J & Eva Brown
Brown, Nettie V1856194185y1.1 
Brown, Nickolas Nov 7 192184y7.3 
Brown, John H (Rev)Feb 14 1858Jun 23 1891 26.1 
Brown, Maurice JSep 29 1859Apr 12 1892 26.1 
Brown, William R18631934 26.1Father
Brown, Elizabeth18721946 26.1Mother
Brown, Teresa   26.1No dates
Brown, James HarveyFeb 12 1937Jul 13 1979 26.1US Air Force
Brown, John E18581919 26.1 
Brown, Ella T18691950 26.1 
Brown, J J18671919 21.5 
Brown, James N18611926 15.1 
Brown, Susie C18741943 15.1 
Brown, John18551920 15.1 
Brown, Addie18771943 15.1 
Brown, John F19071956 15.1 
Brown, Joseph18671954 15.1 
Brown, Ella Halsey18741958 15.1 
Brown, IsaacFeb 11 1803Mar 28 1830 21.5 
Brown, Ivy or Ira18521943 21.5 
Brown, Ida L18861956 15.1 
Brown, Harvey MAug 9 1832Jul 3 1887 15.1 
Brown, NancySep 1 1833Dec 25 1908 15.1 
Brown, Augusta P Smith18411922 15.1 
Brown, Howard OJun 14 1891Feb 22 1977 15.1 
Brown, Edgar C Aug 21 187011y 27d15.1 
Brown, Edgar M18731946 15.1 
Brown, Grace L18761962 15.1 
Brown, Edna GSep 27 1899Jul 18 1977 15.1 
Brown, Carl WNov 13 1900  15.1 
Brown, Edmund18651929 15.1 
Brown, Edward J19051959 15.1 
Brown, Ella A Jul 28 187014y 11m 8d15.1 
Brown, Floran J18871963 15.1 
Brown, Elizabeth G18851947 15.1 
Brown, Gerald GMar 24 1885Oct 12 1963 15.1Cpl Co. D 102 Ammo Train, WWI NY
Brown, Fannie18631918 15.1 
Brown, F LewMay 24 18** 92yUlyssesd Wellsboro, PA; son of J W & Lida Patterson Brown; m 1916 Beatrice Owlett
Brown, Francis E1918197658y5.1 
Brown, SamuelJul 6 1824Feb 1 1895 27.1 
Brown, Prudence D Jul 29 187*43y 6m27.1 
Brown, Simey Oct 25 18867y27.1Son of W H & J Brown
Brown, Sarah Dec 11 18671827.1Wife of William H Brown
Brown, George E18461923 Andover 
Brown, Martha J18581929 AndoverWife of George E Brown
Brown, Frank E18761937 AndoverSon of George E Brown
Brown, Edmond E18851938 AndoverSon of George E Brown
Brown, George H Sep 24 186425yAndoverCo. H 85 Regt NY Vol Corp
Brown, Glenn E18941977 24.5 
Brown, Harriet J18421918 5.1 
Brown, Helen Marie19371970 5.1 
Brown, HiramAug 27 1819Nov 18 1891 Richburg 
Brown, Mary AJan 18 1822Aug 28 1902 Richburg 
Brown, JosephineOct 26 1854Jun 16 1909 RichburgSister
Brown, Frank J18661951 Richburg 
Brown, Hannah Burlson18681921 Richburg 
Brown, David Apr 24 187563yRichburg 
Brown, Antoinette Oct 7 187556yRichburgWife of David Brown
Brown, Ada Sep 7 18561y RichburgDau of David & Mary A Brown
Brown, HomerOct 6 1828Sep 12 1890 8.2Father
Brown, Julia EMay 18 1835Mar 21 1896 8.2Wife of Homer Brown; Mother
Brown, William18881922 8.2 
Brown, Beryl E18941959 8.2Wife of William Brown
Brown, Infant 1952 5.1Stillborn
Brown, Ira Apr 2 1824 77y5.1 
Brown, LodemaJan 27 1824  5.1Wife of Ira Brown
Brown, Isaac W18241882 5.1 
Brown, James18761935 5.1 
Brown, Louisa18521934 5.1 
Brown, Jesse18581922 5.1 
Brown, J J18621890 24.1 
Brown, Joel Apr 2 186534y 11m 2d4.6211 Regt, Sgt., Co. B PA Vol; killed in Battle Petersburg, Va.
Brown, Albert L Sep 27 186223y 1m 21d4.611th Regt, Co. K, PA Vol; killed in Battle Antieian, MD
Brown, JohnJun 19 1784May 19 1872 24.2b Parish Thomand Gates County Ireland;
Brown, John MrsNov 17 1890Oct 24 1970 RichburgDau of Frank Putnam & sister of Mitchell & Elson Putnam
Brown, John MApr 22 1839Jul 23 1871 24.1 
Brown, Aaron DDec 6 1802Aug 31 1877 24.1 
Brown, Martha WJun 31 1811Dec 2 1883 24.1Wife of Aaron D Brown
Brown, Hennetta CJul 28 1836Dec 31 1844 24.1Dau of A D & M W Brown
Brown, Elizabeth MJul 5 1835Feb 16 1851 24.1Dau of A D & M W Brown
Brown, Josephine EllisJan 5 1846Jan 14 1923 5.1 
Brown, Josiah M18331912 6.3 
Brown, Lance1841  6.3 
Brown, LeRoy CDec 6 1889Mar, 1971 RichburgSon of Frank J Brown; brother of Laura Hammond
Brown, Lorena1870194676y5.1 
Brown, Lydia Jul 17 186357y 8m 30d11.4Wife of Lawrence Brown
Brown, Mary18581923 5.1 
Brown, Mary A May 16 1865377 4m 22d11.4Wife of William Brown
Brown, Norton PApr 3 1828Oct 14 1911 Angelica 
Brown, Pearl18961965 24.1 
Brown, Thomas185919** 24.1 
Brown, Pearl Irene18951956 5.1 
Brown, Philo   11.4 
Brown, Prudence D Jul 29 187043.625.8Wife of Samuel Brown
Brown, R A18331905 5.1 
Brown, Raymond Michael19611965 24.1 
Brown, John Edward19551974 24.1 
Brown, Raymond S18901890 5.1Infant
Brown, Reuben18831883 5.1Infant
Brown, Rose E18951971 5.1 
Brown, Rreelodes18961945 24.5 
Brown, Ruth C18951973 5.1 
Brown, Sally Ann   24.1Wife of Simeon Brown
Brown, Sam1898197173y5.1 
Brown, Samuel18561942 24.1 
Brown, Sarah18801921 5.1 
Brown, Sarah C Oct 11 186718y25.8Wife of William H Brown
Brown, Sarah L Oct 17 187923y 2m24.1Wife of Dexter Bencom
Brown, Sue Ellen Mar 30 195415d5.1 
Brown, Thomas18561937 24.1 
Brown, Thom B (Rev)18101879 17.2 
Brown, Margaret A18161903 17.2 
Brown, William18461888 17.2Son of Thom & Margaret Brown
Brown, Thomas H18531922 17.2 
Brown, Amanda E18541966 17.2 
Brown, Victor18921964 5.1 
Brown, Violet I18881965 24.1 
Brown, George S18811962 24.1 
Brown, Walter E18621867 6.3 
Brown, Willard S1882Feb 4 1962 5.1 
Brown, William18451911 5.1 
Brown, **18491858 8.2 
Brown, **18371883 8.2 
Brown, William B Feb 12 188086y 2m 9d8.2 
Brown, Margaret Jun 10 1867 8.2Wife of William B Brown
Brown, William EDec 22 1888Jun 8 1967 17.2 
Brown, William S18531920 8.1 
Brown, Fanny   8.1 
Brown, William18681922 8.2 
Brownell, Elmer A Sr191219** 28.1 
Brownell, Dorothy M191419** 28.1 
Brownell, Eiay W19011966 26.1 
Brownell, Helen M189619** 26.1 
Brownell, John I18381915 28.1 
Brownell, Mary M18681951 28.1 
Brownell, Augustus I18911955 28.1 
Brownell, William A190219** 28.1 
Brownell, Ruth L19021979 28.1 
Brownell, Lyle U19261935 28.1 
Brownell, Baby Jun 7 1928 28.1 
Brownell, James H18761962 28.1 
Brownell, Florence C190519** 28.1 
Brownell, Belva Nov 16 1948 N Cohocton 
Browning, Jessie Coyle18851966 24.1 
Browning, Judson Davis18731950 24.1 
Browning, Ellen Sarah19081910 24.1 
Browning, Infant son19171917 24.1 
Browning, John H18391970 5.1 
Browning, Davis Apr 28 187168y24.1 
Browning, Giles May 3 186928y24.1 
Browning, Lewis M 1952626 1m 17d5.1 
Brownning, William Q18461936 24.1Father
Brownning, Katherine A18551936 24.1Mother
Brownson, Gideon 185565yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Brownson, Huldah 184577yFriendshipWife of Gideon L Brownson
Brownson, Mary 18421y FriendshipDau of Gideon L Brownson
Brownson, Mary Shaft 18254yFriendshipDau of G & H B Brownson

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