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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Cabl, Ed  51y24.1109 NYV
Cable, Edward W18851933 26.1 
Cable, Margaret18891973 26.1 
Cable, Joseph E19111919 26.1 
Cable, Jacob18261904 10.1 10.2 
Cable, Anna J Freed18311905 10.1 10.2Wife of Jacob Cable
Cady, Chester Dants19201929 15.1 
Cady, Foster B18901970 15.1 
Cady, Clara B18901973 15.1 
Cady, Lutta HFeb 25 1943Jun 29 1976 15.1 
Cady, Richard HFeb 10 1920Oct 20 1974 15.1 
Cady, John May 15 185992y 2d3.2 
Cady, Sarah Feb 3 184581y 8m3.2 
Cady, Adelbert J18581918 24.5 
Cady, Beatrice P1800  24.5 
Cady, Edwin W18611939 24.5 
Cady, Mary E18641944 24.5 
Cady, Edwin AFeb 23 1884Sep 2 1885 24.5Son of Edwn W & Mary A Cady
Cady, Forrest EApr 10 1886May 20 1887 24.5 
Cady, Fravilla V18621899 24.5 
Cady, Mary AApr 13 1840May 16 1915 24.5Wife of R. Alonzo Cady
Cady, R AlonzoNov 24 1887Jul 13 1912 24.5Corpl USA Co L 5th NY Heavy Artillery
Cady, G AlbertMay 8 1858Jul 25 1858 24.5 
Cady, Elias R18811961 10.1 10.2 
Cady, Grace E   10.1 10.2 
Cady, George H18561938 10.1 10.2 
Cady, Emily K18641924 10.1 10.2 
Cady, Juanita18791960 10.1 10.2 
Millis, Dewitt C18451919 10.1 10.2Buried with Juanita Cady
Millis, Margette18471926 10.1 10.2Buried with Juanita Cady
Millis, Irene18771936 10.1 10.2Buried with Juanita Cady
Cady, Marion18781964 Dimick-Wirt 
Cady, Hattie18831952 Dimick-Wirt 
Cady, Floyd19031924 Dimick-Wirt 
Cady, Pauline19181918 Dimick-WirtInfant
Caffney, Mary   24.2 
Caffo, Iola1922  24.1 
Caffo, Stephen19071974 24.1 
Cagen, Mary E18601913 24.1 
Cagwin, Mary M 193981y 5.1 
Cain, Bridget Oct 15 1866 26.1Wife of Thomas Cain
Cain, Thomas May 1 1870 26.1 
Cain, Carrie D18711905 5.1 
Caldecott, John R May 29 187018y24.1Son of John & Eunice Caldecott
Caldwell, Robert196196660y5.1 
Caldwell, May E   3.2No dates
Caldwell, David G   3.2No dates
Calhoun, George W18561941 Andover 
Calhoun, Marilla18511926 AndoverWife of George W Calhoun
Calhoun, Violet Turybury  81y1.1No stone
Calhoun, Winifred S1681955 AndoverBuried on her parents lot
Calhoun, Millie Barney18671949 AndoverBuried on her parents lot
Calkins, Henry W 196576y5.1 
Calkins, Myrtle M 196473y5.1 
Call, Lena P18721954 24.1 
Call, Herbert S18491924 24.1 
Call, Nellie18951906 24.1 
Thomas, Mary R Call18531908 24.1 
Call, Thomas P18201896 24.1 
Call, Mariah E Hale18321901 24.1Wife of Thomas Call
Call, Ettle M Oct, 188413y24.1Dau of Thomas & Mariah Call
Call, Isabelle 1926 1.4 
Call, Mary 1819 8.1Wife of B H Call
Call, B 1855 8.1 
Calladina, John RJun 5 1917Oct 10 1971 26.1NY PFC US Marine Corp WWII
Calladina, Catharine B19151975 26.1 
Callen, Elizabeth1829186839y1.1Stone says 1886
Callen, Emma E1860190545y1.1 
Callen, John H Jun 1 187759y 3m8.1Co. C 108(?) Regt
Callen, John H Mrs   8.1 
Callen, Wesley K1811186658y1.155 according to stone
Callen, William E1830190575y1.1 
Cameron, John R18131866 8.1On backside of munument is Sheakley & Riley
Cameron, Susan E18361917 8.1On backside of munument is Sheakley & Riley
Camp, Lucy L   15.1Wife of Alonzo Camp
Camp, Alonzo18451929 15.1 
Campbell, AgnesDec 1 1874Oct 8 1941 AndoverWife of Rev. Henry D Campbell
Campbell, Adelia 18424y1.1No stone
Campbell, Alexander1785186888y1.183 on stone
Campbell Ann Green1808185244y1.1Wife of Rev. O Campbell
Campbell, Anna H18841955 26.1 
Campbell, Lewis H18821965 26.1 
Campbell, Gertrude E1909  26.1 
Campbell, Charles S18851972 15.1 
Campbell, Cyrenius1841192987y1.1 
Campbell, Edward Jr19691969 15.1 
Campbell, Elsie Taylor18841933 15.1 
Campbell, Everitt Whitney   1.1Body removed to Bridgeport, Ct. 4/25/1939
Campbell, Hepsabeth1796185761y1.1Wife of Alexander Campbell
Campbell, Robert1899May 25 197576y1.1WWI Veteran
Campbell, Anna H  1.1Wife of Robert Campbell (ashes)
Campbell, Robert Jul 12 1836 15.5 
Campbell, Bert (Robert)18721928 Andover 
Campbell,Charles EDec 18 1815Oct 28 1882 Andover 
Campbell, Mary AMar 4 1825Jul 8 1898 AndoverWife of Charles E Campbell
Canci, Thomas L Aug 18 1944 26.1Infant son of Louis & Cecelia Canci
Caness, Paul S1910  26.1 
Caness, Marylou W1912  26.1 
Canfield, Emma F Dec 21 187815y1.1 
Canfield, Bertha 196090y5.1 
Canfield, Alan H18881963 15.1Co. G 147 Infantry
Canfield, Ann L1904  15.1 
Canfield, Clarence A18811944 15.1 
Canfield, Clyde A19191975 15.1Brother
Canfield, Marion L1921  15.1Sister
Canfield, Frances18591939 15.1 
Canfield, Frank C18821909 15.1 
Canfield, Jesse R18921911 15.1 
Canfield, Grace18811907 15.1Wife of C A Canfield
Canfield, Leonard1793186269y1.1 
Canfield, Lewis Leonard1823190577y1.1 
Canfield, Infant Daughter Feb 1 18686d1.1Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Canfield
Canfield, Mael L18911944 15.1 
Canfield, Madaline St. John19031935 15.1 
Canfield, Mary1829188960y1.1Wife of G T Canfield
Canfield, Nancy1791186877y11Wife of Leonard Canfield
Canfield, Walter Feb 13 19073y15.1Son of C A & G Canfield
Canfield, Willard ANov 19 187828y 1.124 on stone
Canfield, Delila R18301911 5.1 
Canfield, Frederick 196487y5.1 
Canfield, Phebe R Dec 3 187827y 4m 16d28.1Wife of William W Canfield
Canfield, Lucy A18631938 28.1 
Canfield, Sarah E Nora 196783y5.1 
Canfield, Westley M 197260y5.1 
Canfield, EardleyDec 25 1817Feb 22 1875 24.1 
Canfield, Susan BrothertonDec 22 1821Jan 18 1866 24.1Wife of E Canfield
Canfield, George T1825190075y1.1 
Canfield, Harriet L Bliven1825189873y1.1Wife of Lewis Canfield
Canfield, Horace E Oct 22 187619y1.1 
Canfield, John  24.1 
Canfield, Lyle M18921961 24.1 
Canfield, Olive Wilkins18901951 24.1 
Canfield, William18681926 5.1 
Cannon, Sylvester (Vet)1877 Andover 
Cannon, Florence E18661951 AndoverWife of Sylvester (Vet) Cannon
Cannon, Alberta19261942 AndoverDau of Sylvester (Vet) & Florence E Duell Snyder Cannon
Canty, Katherine1858192567y5.2 
Canty, John F1858192365y5.2 
Cardmon, Andrew18741935 24.1Father
Cardner, J ASep 14 181825y 1m 14d1.3 
Care, John (Capt)18351905 10.1 10.2Co. I 46 Regt PA Vol; see "Carey"
Care, Isabella18351920 10.1 10.2Wife of John Care; see "Carey"
Care, James F18691956 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman; see "Carey"
Care, Leola S18801963 10.1 10.2See "Carey"
Carey, William185519** 26.1 
Carey, Lucy18551933 26.1 
Carey, Reva E Connor18951917 26.1 
Carey, William1828Jun 10 1891 26.1 
Carey, Ellen1831Sep 27 1919 26.1Wife of William Carey
Carey, James18571919 26.1 
Carey, Margaret B Daley19111911 26.1 
Carey, Bridget18581912 26.1 
Carlin, Lillian1915  24.1 
Carlin, Charles D19031960 24.1 
Carlisle, James R19311962 10.1 10.2 
Carman, Daughter Jun 2 18524y 10m 10d9.2Dau of William & M A Carman
Carman, Jabe 193143y5.1 
Carman, Lewis O Aug 20 18419y 5m 11d9.2Son of William & Mary Ann Carman
Carman, Lydia W 185936y1.1No stone
Carman, Olive E 186222y1.1 
Carmer, Son  BlankSon of Jacob & Sarah; family of Carl Carmer
Carnes, Frank Steffey1881195171y1.1Member of Masons
Carnes, George H1856194184y1.1 
Carnes, Libby W1852191058y1.1Wife of George H Carnes
Carney, John AMar 27 1887Jul 8 196584y17.1b Sinnemahoning, PA; d Cuba, NY
Carney, Julia E Jan 2 198295y17.1d Cuba, NY
Carpenter, E W1870  8.1 
Carpenter, Laura N Gleason18741946 8.1Wife of E W Carpenter
Carpenter, Phebe E189819** 24.1 
Carpenter, Ernest D18951936 24.1 
Carpenter, Mary AFeb 13 1831Mar 10 1917 24.1 
Carpenter, Charles D18821957 15.1 
Carpenter, Cathryn M18901952 15.1 
Carpenter, Lewis E18891928 15.1 
Carpenter, Eunice A18901921 15.1 
Carpenter, Malilla May, 186325y?24.1 
Carpenter, Charles B Dec 2 188367y24.1 
Carpenter, Anna M193155y 5.1 
Carpenter, Baby 1938 5.1Premature Birth
Carpenter, Baby Boy 1960 5.1 
Carpenter, Charles M18571915(?) 5.1 
Carpenter, Claude M 1925 5.1 
Carpenter, Dexter Dec 23 183850y20.2 
Carpenter, Forest M 196182y5.1 
Carpenter, J C 196766y5.1 
Carpenter, JuliaAug 3 1800Jun 22 1881 20.2 
Carpenter, Lillian1898194849y5.1 
Carpenter, Mary A18571924 5.1 
Carpenter, Robert D 19387m 16d5.1 
Carpenter, Asa & 3 wives & children   8.4Stones were removed to private residence for walkway; see film for more info
Carpenter, Judson BAug 6 1810Oct 12 1880 AndoverFather
Carpenter, Mary AFeb 18 1812Jan 8 1887 AndoverMother; wife of Judson B Carpenter
Carpenter, E R (Elisha R)18381909 AndoverSon of Judson B & Mary Carpenter
Carpenter, Julia A18421918 AndoverWife of Elisha R Carpenter
Carpenter, Ronald F19051958 Andover 
Carpenter, Doris A1913  AndoverWife of Ronald F Carpenter
Carpenter, Dexter Dec 23 183850y20.2 
Carpenter, Julia MMay 3 1800Jun 27 1881 20.2 
Carpenter, Ellen M19111969 10.1 10.2 
Carpenter, Forest E18631950 17.2 
Carpenter, Dessa O18901953 17.2 
Carpenter, Ralph18631927 17.2 
Carpenter, Ella1865  17.2 
Carpenter, Mary WAug 19 1894Aug 8 1895 17.2Dau of G A & N Carpenter
Carpenter, Arthur NOct 22 1825Feg 13 1900 17.2 
Carpenter, Emiline WJan 7 1831May 22 1895 17.2 
Carpenter, William Nov 10 186336y5.6 
Carpenter, Clara Essex Feb 10 194472yAngelicad Athens, Tenn; b Angelica to Richard & Eliza Lowell Carpenter
Carpenter, David W   Blank 
Carpenter, Sarah JNov 6 1831Apr, 1919 AngelicaWife of Jesse Carpenter
Carpenter, Susie EFeb 6 1873  CanaseragaDau of M & Mrs. Clark Cronk; wife of Smith Carpenter; m Dec 24 1894
Carpenter, William S18001865 BlankHusband of Catherine Carpenter
Woodard, Elsie EJun 8 1852Oct 27 1862 Dimick-WirtDau of David & Eliza Woodard
Woodard, Emily JMay 12 1848Jul 16 1877 Dimick-WirtDau of David & Eliza Woodard
Woodard, DavidApr 1 1804Nov 13 1892 Dimick-Wirt 
Woodard, Eliza Woodard BrownApr 16 1806Apr 20 1871 Dimick-Wirt 
Carpenter, ElsieOct 18 1860Feb 18 1866 Dimick-WirtChild of A & M Carpenter
Carpenter, Beaty DOct 19 1858Fe 2 1865 Dimick-WirtChild of A & M Carpenter
Carpenter, AliceApr 4 1876May 19 1879 Dimick-WirtChild of A & M Carpenter
Carpenter, AlmonOct 10 1823Feb 28 1882 Dimick-Wirt 
Carpenter, MaryAug 10 1833Jul 27 1907 Dimick-Wirt 
Carpenter, Elsie E Feb 10 1865 Blank 
Carpenter, Abijah Oct 24 185277y8.1 
Carpenter, Henrietta   8.1Wife of Abijah Carpenter
Carpenter, Charles D Mar 9 184710m8.1Son of Abijah & Henrietta Carpenter
Carpenter, Loren A Sep 20 18534y8.1Son of Abijah & Henrietta Carpenter
Carpenter, Saloma Aug 30 186337y20.5Wife of C Carpenter
Carpenter, Alva   1.1No stone
Carr, George W1897May, 1935 Andover 
Carr, Henry L1864Sep 14 1938 Andover 
Carr, Jennie L1877Dec 28 1955 Andover 
Carr, Margaret Ellen1901  Andover 
Carr, Mary18611910 10.1 10.2 
Carr, Robert18991899 Andover 
Carrier, Harriett18491931 5.1 
Carrier, Sarah A Jul 20 187015y 4m 13d15.1Dau of Philo & Lovina Carrier
Carrier, Seward H18731953 15.1 
Carrier, William R18371923 15.1Co. A 136 Reg NYV
Carrier, Adelade Dunn18371913 15.1Wife of William R Carrier
Carrier, H Frank18601932 15.1 
Carrier, Betty H18611930 15.1 
Carrier, Willard18361914 15.1 
Carrier, Ada May18841889 15.1 
Carrier, Blanche Manzer18821960 15.1 
Carrier, Catherine18421930 15.1 
Carrier, Daisy Hurlbret18761916 15.1Wife of Frank P Carrier
Carrier, Frank Philo18681949 15.1 
Carrier, Fred W18731929 15.1 
Carrier, Howard Philo19101929 15.1 
Carrier, James Harvey18361898 15.1 
Carrier, Jane1918  15.1 
Carrier, Joseph18781966 15.1 
Carrier, Gertrude S18821964 15.1 
Carrier, Kittie Mogg18771967 15.1 
Carrier, Lina Rude18771941 15.1 
Carrier, Carrie FJul 3 1811Apr 26 1896 15.1Wife of Philo C Carrier; b Glastonberry, Ct.
Carrier, PhiloDec 14 1808Jun 26 1874 15.1b Marlborough, Ct.
Carroll, Almera Liotti19121972 15.1 
Carroll, Margaret Bradley18861961 15.1 
Carroll, William H18871943 15.1 
Carryer, Thomas Haddon18491909 5.1 
Carson, James ROct 24 1942Jan 1 1943 Andover 
Carson, WalterJan 25 1872Jun 7 1936 Angelicab Geneseo, NY; son of James & Harrier Carson; m Lelia Luther Dec 22 1912
Carter, Augusta C1840191675y1.1 
Carter, James Burton1868190133y1.1 
Carter, Marie Frances1909193122y1.1Wife of Donald M Carter
Carter, Richard Lee   1.1 
Carter, William   8.1Too worn to read
Carter, Sarah   8.1Too worn to read
Carter, Edward1825196 8.1 
Carter, Sarah L18371881 8.1 
Carter, Bertha18701934 8.1 
Carter, Jonathon17831861 8.1 
Carter, Julia17901861 8.1Wife of Jonathon Carter
Carter, NancySep 5 1861Feb 4 1942 LimestoneDau of Daniel & Frieda Hutchinson; b Limestone, PA
Carter, Margaret AnnaJun 22 1874Oct 21 1947 BlankDau of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Carroll
Carter, Sally Oct 16 187587y 7m11.4Wife of Samuel Carter
Carter, Susan May 7 186044y11.4Wife of Newton S Carter
Carter, Samuel   11.4 
Carter, WillisJul 17 187731y 11m 28d 11.4 
Cartwright, Cassner B193171y1.1No stone
Cartwright, Clark18031868 AndoverFather
Cartwright, Pamelia (Parmelia)18041882 AndoverMother
Cartwright, Silas18301895 AndoverSon of Clark & Permelia Cartwright
Cartwright, Eliza18471905 Andover 
Cartwright, Daniel18311908 AndoverSon of Clark & Permelia Cartwright
Cartwright, Darius E18811945 AndoverFather; son of Jeremiah & Phebe Cartwright
Cartwright, Raymond19241944 AndoverPvt; son of Darius
Cartwright, Emma18421921 Andover 
Cartwright, Flora E1852193583y1.1Wife of Ransom Cartwright
Cartwright, Jennie 193573y1.1Wife of Cassner Cartwright; no stone
Cartwright, Jeremiah 194851y1.1No stone
Cartwright, Joie  3y1.1No stone
Cartwright, JeremiahNov 6 1810Apr 28 1895 6.3 
Cartwright, Huldah1819Mar 6 1875 6.3Wife of Jeremiah Cartwright
Cartwright, KatherineMay 9 1837Oct 6 1901 1.3 
Cartwright, Lafayette18391904 1.1 
Cartwright, Luella 194851y1.1No stone
Cartwright, Ransom L1844191672y1.1 
Cartwright, Royal O Dec 25 192842yAndover 
Cartwright, Lida A   AndoverNo dates; wife of Royal O Cartwright
Cartwright, Susan Burdick1846191670y1.1 
Cartwright, Washington GAug 17 182419y6.3 
Cartwright, Abigail MMay 24 185240y6.3Wife of Trumand Cartwright
Cartwright, Ernest1966 1.4 
Cartwright, Floyd1970 1.4 
Cartwright, Grace1970 1.4 
Cartwright, Carroll Jr1974 1.4 
Cartwright, Raymond1965 1.4 
Cartwright, John I1874 17.2 
Cartwright, Cora B18811948 17.2 
Cartwright, Bruce K19141952 17.2 
Cartwright, Ruth G1922 17.2 
Cartwright, Alphonso G18391877 5.1 
Cartwright, Arilah1909 5.1 
Cartwright, Sylvia A MardenMar 1 1843Mar 20 1916 24.1 
Cartwright, Charles BMay 26 1876 24.1Son of N.P.C. Cartwright
Cartwright, Nelson18131884 24.1 
Cartwright, Elizabeth18181908 24.1 
Cartwright, Clarence BAug 31 1854Aug 31 1881 24.5 
Cartwright, Harriet G1959 5.1 
Cartwright, James A18871910 5.1 
Cartwright, Lillian E18661878 5.1 
Cartwright, Martha E18551882 5.1 
Cartwright, Mary B193872y5.1 
Cartwright, Otho G194374y5.1 
Cartwright, RafeeJan 25 188120y 11m24.5 
Cartwright, Roger D1962 5.1 
Cartwright, Stephen1909 5.1 
Cartwright, Broan TApr 13 187577y24.1 
Cartwright, Sara E18781957 10.1 10.2 
Cartwright, Albert P19121962 10.1 10.2Son of Sara E Cartwright
Cartwright, Robert19111967 10.1 10.2 
Cartwright, David18751915 10.1 10.2 
Cartwright, Julia A18511936 10.1 10.2 
Cartwright, Francis D18441903 10.1 10.2Co. K 136 Regt NYSV
Cartwright, N Emmett18811939 10.1 10.2 
Cartwright, CarolineSep 18 1890Jun 1 1921 AngelicaWife of Jay Cartwright; dau of William & Phebe Fuller of Ward, NY
Cartwright, JayNov 4 1851May 13 1920 Angelica 
Cartwright, Philetus18381919 Richburg 
Cartwright, Emma L18511934 RichburgDau of Philetus Cartwright
Cartwright, C Wheeler18511931 Richburg 
Cartwright, Ione E18541925 RichburgWife of C Wheeler Cartwright
Cartwright, F May18781945 RichburgDau of C Wheeler & Ione Cartwright
Cartwright, Edgar A18691912 RichburgSon of C Wheeler & Ione Cartwright
Carver, C P1835  Blankm Miss Baylor; was a dentist; came to Angelica abt 1860
Carvey, Leda S18841962 24.1 
Carvey, Floyd18801958 24.1 
Cary, Father   26.1 
Cary, Mother   26.1 
Cary, James J18621912 26.1 
Caryl, Julian   20.2Co. C 194 NY Inf
Case, EdwardMay 5 1941Aug 14 1853 Angelicad accidentally at a baseball game; son of Mr & Mrs Merel Case
Case, Howard J1865Apr 7 1939 AngelicaHus of Margaret Case
Case, Margaret J MrsMar 7 1876Feb 7 1954 Angelicab Lincoln, Neb; wife of Howard J Case
Case, JosephOct 6 1799Jun 13 1881 Carrier-Wirt 
Case, MaryApr 28 1798Jan 25 1884 Carrier-WirtWife of Joseph Case
Case, Philander18411892 Carrier-Wirt 
Case, George G 185923yCarrier-Wirt 
Case, Isaac Nov 17 186574yDimick-Wirt 
Case, George I18731925 17.2 
Case, Elizabeth18751956 17.2 
Case, Lillian18621865 17.2 
Case, George H18351924 17.2 
Case, Amanda18351912 17.2 
Case, AwrileaAug 10 1807Apr 2 1887 15.5Wife of John Wise
Wise, JohnMay 21 1802May 6 1889 15.5Husband of Awrilea Case
Case, Orlando P Mar 14 1862 15.5 
Case, Amy Jun 22 1811 8.1Dau of Albert & Sarilla Case
Case, Hugh D19311931 17.2 
Casey, Pearl Foster Jan 27 197997y17.1b NY State; d Wellsville
Casey, Francis C Jul 20 193964y 2m 23d17.1b Hinsdale NY; d Olean NY
Casey, Glerma M Mar 26 194366y17.1d Bradford, PA
Casey, John ADec 10 1872Feb 3 195683y 1m 23d17.1Hus of Pearl Foster Casey; b Olean; d Bolivar
Cassidy, Garry L18981976 26.1 
Cassidy, Edith L1901  26.1 
Cassidy, Rhonda Lee Nov 26 1967 15.1Infant of Robert & Joyce Cassidy
Casteline, George   1.1 
Caster, Baby 1979 15.1 
Caster, Robert   15.1 
Caster, Joyce Nov 22 1960 15.1 
Casterline, Adelbert18471933 5.1 
Casterline, Bertha May   5.1 
Casterline, C L18511926 5.1 
Casterline, Clara Adell18651929(?) 5.1 
Casterline, Dorice C19021903 5.1 
Casterline, Earl 196977y5.1 
Casterline, Emily Amanda18241911 5.1 
Casterline, Fred18641922 5.1 
Casterline, Gariet18531853 5.1Infant
Casterline, Gariet18191874 5.1 
Casterline, Adelbert1817  Blank 
Casterline, Florence   Blank 
Casterline, Georgianna1911Sep 9 1951 AngelicaDau of Floyd & Bessie Young Schales
Casterline, Gertrude 196167y5.1Wife of Earl Casterline
Casterline, Ida 1922 5.1Wife of John Casterline
Casterline, Infant18821882 5.1 
Casterline, Jemima Apr 19 184861y 9m 6d11.4Wife of Isaac Casterline
Casterline, Jesse S Aug 27 184621y 3m 24d11.4son of Isaac & Jemima Casterline
Casterline, Julia Ann S Apr 26 ****6m 21d11.4Dau of Isaac & Jemima Casterline
Casterline, John A 197655y5.1 
Casterline, John B 194281y5.1 
Casterline, Margett18231853 5.1 
Casterline, Mary R18571933 5.1 
Casterline, Marydah H Nov 22 183926y 3m11.4Wife of Chauncey Casterline
Casterline, Leil A 197490y5.1 
Casterline, Rose 196438y5.1 
Casterline, Ruth Marie18921911 5.1 
Casterline, William18451926 5.1 
Casterline, Cyrus Feb 2 185664y Blank 
Casterline, Nancy Jan 4 187475yBlankWife of Cyrus Casterline
Caswel, Betsey Mar 20 187484y8.1Garret VanDeMark name on same stone
Caswell, David Alan19471949 15.1 
Cathuell, Nancy Jun 26 1843 17.3 
Catlin, Elizabeth Phebe Kemp 190880y1.1No stone
Cavanaugh, Irene L1905  26.1 
Cavanaugh, Ralph C19071975 26.1TEC5 US Army WWII
Cavert, J S18221889 8.1 
Cavert, Kate M18391921 8.1Wife of J S Cavert
Cavert, Alice E Potter18661930 8.1 
Cawley, Mark Leo18901970 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Mary Hughes18931962 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Clayton J19001946 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Infant Aug 30 1938 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Infant Feb 18 1935 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, James H18591936 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Nellie A19701955 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, James A19051970 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Madeline Ellen18981920 10.1 10.2Wife of H F Cawley
Cawley, Howard V19071959 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Baby Girl19601960 10.1 10.2 
Cawley, Randall J19051971 10.1 10.2 
Cawley Nora A1909  10.1 10.2 
Cay, Elisha 1823 BelleviewRev War soldier
Cedruly, Eugene E1929  26.1 
Cedruly, Norma A1927  26.1 
Cedruly, Regina Ann19571978 26.1 
Chace, Morton B18771939 10.1 10.2 
Chace, Frances H18811941 10.1 10.2 
Chadwick, Catherine1824Oct 31 1911 24.1 
Chadwick, Chloe L1808185950y1.1Wife of D T Chadwick
Chadwick, Nancy 184362y1.1Her stone has been broken off and removed
Chadwick, Reuben 185778y1.1His stone has been broken off and removed
Chadwick, David Terry1808189284y1.1 
Chafee, Ames Jan 9 188976y 4m 24d25.1 
Chafee, Mary Jun 24 1877 25.1Wife of Ames Chafee
Chafee, James Jul 20 186432y25.1 
Chafee, Nancy C Aug 7 186120y25.1Dau of Ames & Mary Chafee; wife of D S Slabin
Chafee, Alman R   Blank 
Chafee, Lyman BruceJul 23 1873Apr 23 1950 AngelicaSon of Lyman & Livonia Wichip Chaffee
Chafee, Mary Oct 30 187277y2.5Wife of Lyman Chafee
Chafee, Lyman BruceOct 12 1834Sep 10 191479y 8m 28d2.5 
Chaffe, Lyman (Deacon)
Jan 26 188070y2.5 
Chaffe, Lyman Dec 12 1834Sep, 1914 2.5Hus of Ann Seeley; d 1970; m 2) Livonia Winchip 1871
Chaffee, Livonia Apr 17 187035y2.5Wife of L E Chaffe
Chaffee, Almond DeNyke Jun 25 196860y17.1b NY State; d Olean, NY
Chaffee, Charles Earl Dec 16 193859y 1m 25d17.1b Farmersville, NY; d Portville, NY
Chaffee, Frank  79y 9m 27d17.1b Farmersville, NY; d Olean, NY
Chaffee, N A Mrs 192063y17.1d Portville; obit Jun 10 1920 Bolivar Breeze
Chaffee, Norman J Jun 9 197327y17.1b NY State; Vietnam Veteran
Chaffee, Rosetta May 30 192054y17.1d Portville, NY
Chaffee, Ann M Seely     
Chain, Alfred FAug 17 1897Nov 15 1952 24.5PA; Pvt Medical Dept WWI
Chalker, Clara E 197654y5.1 
Chalker, Jacob18411932 8.1 
Chalker, Sarah J18431924 8.1Wife of Jacob Chalker
Chalker, Harry B18811976 8.1Son of Jacob & Sarah Chalker
Chalker, Harriet18801954 8.1Wife of Harry B Chalker
Chalker, Howard P19111968 8.1Son of Harry B & Harriet Chalker
Chalker, Christine D1910  8.1Wife of Howard P Chalker
Chamberlain, Calvin T 1864 8.2 
Chamberlain, Daniel T Oct 19 1868 8.2 
Chamberlain, Cyrene Mar 13 186563y 9m 9d8.2Wife of Daniel T Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Charles L Feb 23 182914y8.2Son of Daniel T & Cyrene Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Julia Feb 20 183110m8.2Dau of Daniel T & Cyrene Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Hugh B May 10 186824y8.2 
Chamberlain, Cynthia Frost18101875 8.2 
Chamberlain, Christian A18231883 8.2 
Chamberlain, Israel18271907 8.2 
Chamberlain, David18381874 8.2 
Chamberlain, Mary A1839  8.2Wife of David Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Jennie V18681869 8.2Dau of David & Mary Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Benjamin FJun 20 1848Oct 15 1935 8.1 
Chamberlain, Emma BrockettJan 17 1850May 30 1933 8.1Wife of Benjamin F Chamberlain; spelled Brackett on large stone & Brockett on headstone
Chamberlain, Herbert BJan 30 1876Aug 24 1891 8.1Child of Benjamin F & Emma Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Carl BJul 17 1880Mar 8 1896 8.1Child of Benjamin F & Emma Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Bernice AJan 12 1893Dec 3 1916 8.1 
Chamberlain, Henry   8.2Unable to read inscription
Chamberlain, Hannah Oct 3 187259y 5m8.2Wife of Henry Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Betsey Apr 11 187177y8.2Wife of Henry Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Edwin S18321852320y8.1 
Chamberlain, Lynde S18991931 8.1 
Chamberlain, Eva L18991930 8.1 
Chamberlain, Fred C18721948 8.1 
Chamberlain, Mabel H18781961 8.1 
Chamberlain, Ann LorraineAug 7 1952Aug 15 1952 8.1 
Chamberlain, Ruby Grace Foster19011955 8.1 
Chamberlain, Dorrance C   8.11st wife of Fred C Chamberlain
Chamberlain, J H Dr18581962 8.1 
Chamberlain, Ida18611941 8.1 
Chamberlain, Zaida18831976 8.1 
Chamberlain, Belle18851915 8.1 
Chamberlain, Moses VanCampen Nov 27 186763y 8m8.2 
Chamberlain, Elisha   8.2 
Chamberlain, Hannah Oct 21 185883y 2m 19d8.2Wife of Elisha Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Elizabeth Reth17361824 BlankWife of Simon Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Maxine  4yBlankYoungest child of Mr & Mrs Rolo Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Roy WFeb 16 1879Sep 12 1936 BlankSon of Daniel W & Maria Emerson Chamberlain; hus of Anna Bedford
Chamberlain, Simon   8.2Hus of Elizabeth Reth; Rev War soldier
Chamberlain, Hannah Oct 3 187259y 5m8.2Wife of Henry Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Hannah Mar 17 186853y 4m8.2 
Chamberlain, Calvin T Jr *** 26, 186443y 2m8.2Royal Order Masonic
Chamberlain, Mary  Oct 18 18375y8.2Dau of Elisha & Lucy Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Henry Jun 14 184458y8.2or 1874
Chamberlain, Betsey Apr 11 187177y8.2Wife of Henry Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Hugh (Capt)189*1968 8.1WWI
Chamberlain, Winnifred1895  8.1Wife of Hugh Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Marion J19211926 8.1Dau of Hugh & Winifred Chamberlain
Chamberlain, George S18691941 8.1 
Chamberlain, Minnie Hyude   8.11st wife of George Chamberlain; d California
Chamberlain, Edna Lyra Foy18701935 8.12nd wife of George Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Berthia HJul 28 1874Nov 10 1948 15.1 
Chamberlain, Loren E19141981 15.1 
Chamberlain, Christiana18231883 8.2 
Chamberlain, Israel18271907 8.2 
Chamberlain, Anna W 195577y5.1 
Chamberlain, Baby Girl 1954 5.1 
Chamberlain, Edgar W18291900 5.1 
Chamberlain, Laura Shaw Dec 22 197189y1.1No stone
Chamberlain, Mary A18311903 5.1 
Chamberlain, Ames18211902 5.6 
Chamberlain, Diania18271906 5.6Wife of Ames Chamberlain
Chamberlain, William H18711944 8.1 
Chamberlain, Emma L18761956 8.1Wife of William H Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Harold19061909 8.1Son of William H & Emma L Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Grace O19001962 8.1 
Chamberlain, Helen S19051928 8.1 
Chamberlain, James F18311914 8.1 
Chamberlain, Olive Summet18371919 8.1 
Chambers, Harvey R19001972 10.1 10.2 
Chambers, Alta S1899  10.1 10.2 
Champlain, Aghsalg18271910 15.1 
Champlain, Ann Aug 23 186161y15.1Wife of Dr. Gilbert Champlain
Champlain, Albert B (Dr.) Sep 1 185260y15.1 
Champlain, M B (Hon) Mar 7 187250y15.1 
Champlain, Almina L 186516y1.1No stone
Champlin, Allen Richmond 18892y1.1 
Champlin, A Bertus O 18652y1.1No stone
Champlin, Betsey Oct 6 188888y1.189 on stone
Champlin, Archie Earl1883195167y1.14/14/1978 Carol's ashes buried on top of Archie's grave by request of family. Sp 2 has her name only
Champlin, Carol Stillman1894Jan 11 197883y 2m 19d1.12nd wife of Archie Earl Champlin; cremated at Anaheim, Ca; see Archie Earl Champlin
Champlin, Bradford Aug 19 187079y1.1 
Champlin, Daniel1908  24.1 
Champlin, Florence19001943 24.1Wife of Daniel Champlin
Champlin, Charles1860192262y1.1 
Champlin, Edward18741955 24.1 
Champlin, Abigail18881941 24.1 
Champlin, Eldon V1891195159y 1.1 
Champlin, Elizabeth   1.1No dates
Champlin, Emma Bailey1887192134y1.1Wife of A E Champlin
Champlin, Eva L1864195389y1.1 
Champlin, Eva St Clair 191850y1.1No stone
Champlin, Floyd S1858194284y1.1 
Champlin, George Jun 24 186872y1.171 on stone
Champlin, George W 186510y1.1No stone
Champlin, Green Dec 17 189765y1.1 
Champlin, Harriet A (Hattie)1852193381y1.1 
Champlin, James E18861956 17.2 
Champlin, James A Mar 31 190479y1.1 
Champlin, Julia Shaw1898194648y1.1 
Champlin, Luna E1861195190y1.1 
Champlin, Martha Allen May 18 186968y1.1Wife of George Champlin
Champlin, Narcissa Crandall May 8 191384y1.1Wife of Green Champlin; 83 on stone
Champlin, Olive Jane 191984y1.1No stone
Champlin, Mary M18601938 Richburg 
Champlin, Mattie Aug 2 189011m1.1Dau of F S & E M Champlin
Champlin, John Dec 14 189055y 17d8.1 
Champlin, Margette May 11 189756y8.1Wife of John Champlin
Champlin, Irvin A Feb 23 187611y 6m8.1 
Champlin, Lena B Jun 6 18762y8.1 
Champlin, Reed18931937 1.4 
Champlin, Lewis18771953 1.4 
Champlin, Ross1893  1.4 
Champlin, Susie1907  1.4 
Champlin, Anna Marie19401958 1.4 
Champlin, Samuel A1829191388y1.1Hus of Eva Champlin
Champlin, Susan Saunders Sep 21 188350y1.1Wife of J A Champlin
Champlin, Lydia Dec 25 1857 20.2Wife of Josiah Champlin
Champlin, Albert 1918 17.1d Franklinville NY; obit Nov 21 1918 Bolivar Breeze
Champlin, JohnDec 1 1837Feb 26 192991y 2m 26d17.1son of Henry & Susan Sanders Champlin; b Genesee Twp; d Genesee Twp
Champlin, C Walter (G)1879191637y1.1 
Champlin, Florence1900Jul 13 194343y ScioWife of Daniel Champlin
Champlin, William 1864 Blankd Andersonville Prison (see film for details)
Champlin, Lavinia18531940 Utopia-WirtDau of Hannah & William Champlin
Champlin, Hannah18281864 Utopia-WirtWife of William Champlin (see film for all info; hus d Andersonville Prison 1864)
Chapman, Fred E18861964 15.1 
Chapman, Mabel F18881959 15.1 
Chapel, Johnathan18381935 10.1 10.2Co A 179 Regt Infantry
Chapel, Almira18431898 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Janice R18801964 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Vernon D18751954 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Gertrude Chapel Watrous18671916 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Myra M19131915 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Hildreth1904  10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Kent1905  10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Lucil1906  10.1 10.2 
Chapel, ** (See Hare) Jan 30 191337y3.2 
Chapel, Leonard G   3.2Buried next to "Hare" (last name Hare)
Chapel, Moses J18001832 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Azubah18021852 10.1 10.2 
Chapel, Dennis1822185* 10.1 10.2 
Chaplin, Louise E19111913 10.1 10.2 
Chaplin, Wilson Mar 7 188531y1.1Son of J A Chaplin
Chapman, Edward J18941969 24.5 
Chapman, Elizabeth A19011966 24.5 
Chapman, Lee18491925 Andover 
Chapman, Diana18561920 Andover 
Chapman, Stephen18331912 21.5 
Chapman, Mary18351916 21.5Wife of Stephen Chapman
Chapman, Rayman18951962 1.4 
Chappel, Orpha CJun 9 1839Jun 6 1895 Andover 
Chappell, Myrtle May Austin1882191129y1.1 
Charles, R D (Richard)18331889 15.1 
Charles, Mary A18351907 15.1Wife of R D Charles
Charles, Infant son 1873 15.1Son of R D & Mary A Charles
Charles, Lucy18671885 15.1Dau of R D & Mary A Charles
Charles, Ruth M18921973 10.1 10.2 
Charles, Robert19211926 24.1 
Charles, Mertie Mrs Jul, 1934 17.1d Obi NY; obit Aug 2 1934 Bolivar Breeze
Charles, Elizabeth Horner Jul, 1915 AngelicaWife of Robert Y Charles
Charles, H A Sep 1884 BlankSon of Dr. Charles
Charles, Hannah EMay 28 1816Feb 26 1864 BlankWife of Dr. Richard Charles, MD
Charles, Herbert Apr 17 1892 Blankd Rochester; son of John Charles
Charles, John Apr 7 1865 AngelicaFather of Herbert Charles; NY Dragoons; d on the battlefield of Five Forks
Charles, IsabelleDec 22 1853Jul 9 1946 Angelicab Angelica to Wm & Rose Small Charles
Charles, Isabell C17991886 BlankWife of Robert Charles
Charles, John M18001844 BlankHus of Margaret R Charles
Charles, John HDec 11 1821May 16 1863 Blank 
Charles, Margaret JMar 15 1799Dec 20 1852 AngelicaWife of Richard Charles
Charles, Margaret R18101835 BlankWife of John M Charles
Charles, Mary A1847Sep 3 1934 AngelicaDau of Mr & Mrs Robert H Charles; b Angelica
Chase, Anna MFeb 27 1843Dec 19 1882 AndoverWife of Eldon H Chase
Chase, Ida Belle Jan 13 18641y 9mAndoverDau of L H & A M Chase
Chase, Bessie Elsie Yeoman 189232y1.1No stone
Chase, Clara B 18801y 9m1.1No stone
Chase, Clarence E 18875y1.1 
Chase, E Eugene 191660y1.1 
Chase, William Apr 18 188667y 3mBlank 
Chase, Florence 194350y?5.1Wife of John Chase
Chase, Fred H Jun 25 188329y1.1Son of T R Chase
Chase, Caleb R Dec 15 188575y 8m 26d26.3 
Chase, Hulda M Nov 4 188567y 6m 18d26.3Wife of Caleb R Chase
Chase, Thirza E Jun 3 18595y 6m 16d26.3Dau of C A & F M Chase
Chase, John H 193553y 4m5.1 
Chase, Lucinda18201905 AmityChrist Church at Amity; wife of William Chase
Chase, Charlotte I Oct 16 189155y 17dAmityChrist Church at Amity
Chase, Henry PAug 16 1832Jun 12 1890 AmityChrist Church at Amity
Chase, Mary   AmityChrist Church at Amity
Chase, Timothy Russell1825190378y1.1 
Cheesman, James D18661946 6.11 
Cheesman, Mary S18641907 6.111st wife of James D Cheeseman
Cheesman, Edith B18751949 6.112nd wife of James D Cheeseman
Cheesman, Sarah Gertrude18731962 6.11Sister of James D Cheeseman
Cheesman, Calvin   Black CreekWar of 1812
Childs, Rudolph1908  10.1 10.2 
Childs, Leora19141958 10.1 10.2 
Childs, Addie Mrs July, 1937 17.1Wife of Orson C Childs; obit July 29 1973 Bolivar Breeze
Childs, C Ferdinand18561922 15.1 
Childs, Clara L18871971 15.1 
Childs, John A18831956 15.1 
Childs, Clayton H18841919 15.1 
Childs, Clayton H19191943 15.1 
Childs, Ina Foster18611946 15.1 
Childs, Lottie L18851960 15.1 
Childs, Richard M19171975 15.1 
Childs, Sherman18881978 15.1 
Childs, Marguerite18931974 15.1 
Childs, Albert Francis Mar 24 193768y 4m 10d17.1b & d Clarkville Twp
Childs, Alexander Mar 19 193790y 8m 29d17.1b & d Clarkville Twp
Childs, Alfred Adelbert Jan 2 192469y 10m 29d17.1Son of Nathan & Eva Antisdale Childs; hus of Angie Frank Childs; was oil lease foreman
Childs, Amorose N 1915 17.1Obit Oct 7 1915 Bolivar Breeze
Childs, Angie M Frost Jul 23 195779y17.1Widow of Alfred Adelbert Childs; d Olean NY
Childs, Anna Jul 24 190951y17.1Wife of Ambrose N Childs; d Obi NY
Childs, Arvilla Wixson Oct 2 195274y 11m 6d17.1b & d Clarksville
Childs, Charles Jan 8 192673y17.1Obit Jan 14 1926 Bolivar Breeze
Childs, Charley Apr 10 19063y 2m 27d17.1Son of Orson & Ada Childs; b Allegany Co., NY; d Obi NY
Childs, Christopher C Jul 27 195935y 3m 2d17.1b Clarksville; d Buffalo Va Hospital; single
Childs, Claude M Dec 18 196380y17.1b & d Clarksville
Childs, Dale L Dec 7 196825y17.1b NY State; d Olean
Childs, Edward RichardJul 6 1885May 24 195670y 10m 18d17.1Hus of Nina Stonemetz Childs; b Clarksville; d Cuba
Childs, Elilzabeth A May 23 191678y17.1 
Childs, Elsie Anna Barber Jun 15 1969472y17.1Wife of Leon A Childs; b Butler PA; d Cuba NY
Childs, Esther JemimaDec 27 1872Jul 26 194774y 6m 29d17.1Single; b Clarksville; d Mar Vista, California
Childs, Eva Mar 17 194083y 7m 19d17.1b Michigan; d Clarksville;widow
Childs, Florence E Feb 15 196990y17.1d Port, Allegany, PA
Childs, Gerald Mar 23 198281y17.1d Olean
Childs, Henry L Jan 26 195146y 3m 4d17.1b Genesee Twp; d Olean; divorced
Childs, Herbert Willie Nov 8 194279y17.1d Iola Collony, Allen Co., Kansas; obit in Bolivar Breeze
Childs, Lawrence R 190011d17.1Infant son of Carl & York Harris Childs; b Genesee Twp
Childs, Lawrence RJun 1 1925Jun 6 19255d17.1Infant son of Gerald & Thelma Jordan Childs
Childs, Lee RalphMay 22 1911Jun 30 194635y 1m 8d17.1Son of Leon & Elsie A Childs; hus of Marguerite German Childs
Childs, Lena Jun 20 196289y17.1 
Childs, Leon AMay 30 1879Jun 27 194566y 2m 27d17.1Hus of Elsie A Barber Childs
Childs, Mattie Apr 22 197187y17.1 
Childs, OrsonMar 10 1872May 15 1955 17.1Son of Charles & Mertie Howard Childs; hus of 1) Miss Addie Childs 2) Mrs. Florence Ferrington
Childs, Sarah Electa CourtneyDec 20 1843May 10 1929 17.1Wife of Alexander Childs; dau of William & Betsey Courtney
Childs, Thelma Apr 30 189280y17.1 
Childs, William L1882Mar 15 1948 6.11 
Childs, Clara B1883Feb 28 1942 6.11 
Chisholm, Archie M1876194468y1.1 
Chisholm, Emma M1883196380y1.1 
Chrisley, BettieJul 1 1844Feb 9 1881 3.2Wife of W W Chrisley
Christman, Clarence S18781953 3.2 
Christman, Emma P18641944 3.2 
Christman, Satie Hyatt18671896 3.2 
Christman, Clarence R19021952 3.2 
Christman, Alice G1902  3.2 
Christman, Thelma 19035m3.2 
Christman, Katie18921893 3.2 
Church, Philip (Judge)   BlankLot 431
Church, Anne Matilda17801865 BlankLot 451; Wife of Judge Philip Church
Church, Maria Trumbell Dec 23 186023yBlankb Belvidere; granddaughter of Judge Philip Church
Church, Philip Jr18151874 BlankLot 451; son of Judge Philip Church
Church, Warren 184050yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; son of Othello Church
Church, Othello 182350yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery;
Church, Charles18701940 6.11Family records say b Jun 24 1867
Church, Mary18721921 6.11Obit says she d July 12 1921; age 52y b 1869
Church, Robert E1888  6.11Son of Charles & Mary Church
Church, Mary E18901954 6.111st wife of Charles & mother of their children
Church, Clarenda 183960yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; Wife of Othello Church
Church, Almira 182620yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Church, Laura   FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Church, Frances   FriendshipDau of Damon & Clarenda Church
Church, Chester E18321919 15.1 
Church, Eliza18351918 15.1 
Church, Damon   FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; son of S D & Clarenda Church
Church, Jennie 18665y1.1Dau of W & M E Church
Church, Martha 195790y1.1No stone
Church, Mary E ShermanAug 1 1832Apr 189759y1.1Wife of Willard Church; 65 on stone
Church, Robert E2y1.1Son of W & M E Church
Church, WillardMar, 1823Sep, 188158y1.1 
Churkin, Jeremiah18071836 3.2 
Churkin, Susan A18061882-1883 3.2Wife of Jeremiah Churkin
Ciampa, Father 1935 10.1 10.2 
Ciampa, Mother 1946 10.1 10.2 
Cilley, Leonetta P 193232y5.1 
Pettibone, E L   5.1Granddaughter of Leonetta P Cilley
Ciarlantina, Filomina18881960 26.1 
Ciarlantina, Dominico18891974 26.1 
Ciarlantina, Umberto18921960 26.1 
Cicello, LocusMar 27 1893Sep 28 1952 26.1 
Cicirello, Mabel18981965 26.1 
Cicirello, Anthony C (Boots)19151975 26.1 
Cicirello, Ruth E1918  26.1 
Claflin, Leonard M189419** 10.1 10.2 
Claflin, Huldah W189919** 10.1 10.2 
Clair, Robert C18661949 24.1 
Clair, Bert 194880y5.1 
Clair,Beatrice M1898Jan 13 1966 6.11 
Clair, Blanch C 193747y1.1Wife of Byron Clair; no stone
Clair, Byron A 194353y1.1No stone
Clair, David C 193183y1.1No stone
Clair, Edgar N 194985y1.1 
Clair, Etta M1879196081y1.1"Ettie" on stone; wife of Edgar Clair
Clair, Lavinia 197082y1.1 
Clair, Leon E1899Mar 31 197373y1.1 
Clair, Loraine1913195744y1.1 
Clair, Milton Victor1910195241y1.1 
Clair, Infant son 19420y1.1Son of Milton Clair; no stone
Clair, Jennie F18651932 6.11 
Clair, Chester18491920 6.11 
Clair, Jane18451912 6.11Wife of Chester Clair
Marvin, Clayton19001902 6.11Son of Fred & Minnie A Clair Marvin, dau of Chester & Jane Clair
Clair, Mida19231925 6.11Dau of Leon Clair
Clair, Leon E18901938 6.11Metal marker
Clair, Ollie BJun 27 1883Jul 29 19769 28.1 
Clair, Louis C18861950 28.1 
Clair, Lewis CSep 13 1886Dec 10 1950 28.1 
Clair, Eleanor G18671937 28.1 
Clair, James S18631928 28.1 
Clair, Melvin E19051972 28.1 
Clair, David SJul 9 1835Jun 18 1915 28.1 
Clair, Emma CAug 2 1841Jun 8 1897 28.1Wife of David S Clair
Clair, HenryFeb 12 1826Oct 2 1890 24.1 
Clair, Mary LMay 24 1879Jun 6 1903 24.1 
Clair, Dell (?)1856  6.3 
Clair, Mary Estelle   6.3Wife of Dell Clair
Clair, Tessie, Allie & Infant   6.3Children of Del & Mary Estelle Clair
Clair, Almarion18541918 6.3 
Clair, Eva 194478y5.1 
Clair, Floyd 1965 5.1 
Clair, Frank M18811903 5.1 
Clair, George W18531904 5.1 
Clair, Orretta S 194064y5.1 
Clair, Robert    1.1 
Claire, Lois Mar 1 185442y 11m 11d1.3Wife of Lee A Claire
Claire, Amanda M Burdick Sep 8 186744y1.1Wife of Lee A Claire
Claire, Burt 195056y1.1No stone
Claire, Burdette 191750y1.1No stone
Claire, Edgar L Sep 15 18633y1.1Son of Lee & Amanda Claire
Claire, Ernest D 1947 1.1No stone
Claire, Eva E 18635y1.1No stone
Claire, Hattie 194269y1.1No stone
Claire, Lee A May 7 187865y1.1 
Claire, John 196287y1.1No stone
Claire, Leonard1874194368y1.1 
Claire, Mabel N1879194363y1.1 
Claire, Mary J Davis 189649y1.1No stone
Claire, Olivia Acker 192570y1.1No stone
Claire, Robert Lee191919201y1.1 
Claire, Clarence M Mar 11 185521y 11m 2d24.1Son of E & E Claire
Clancy, Alice18591929 24.2 
Clancy, Anastasia1799Sep 12 188283y24.2 
Clancy, Mary18461864 24.2 
Clancy, William18191889 24.2 
Clancy, Catherine18391890 24.2 
Clancy, MichaelSep 29 1818Sep 5 1895 BirdsallBirdsall Jersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; native of Castle Prince Co., Wexford, Ireland
Clancy, MaryAug 15 1828  BirdsallWife of Michael; native of Dunlow Co., Donegan
Clapp, Harry18881939 15.1Co. K 345 Inf A.E.F
Clapp, Greta18911978 15.1 
Clapp, Henry F18361920 15.1Co. F 85 NY Vet Vol Inf
Clapp, Lucy O18521945 15.1 
Clapp, Orivilee M18761956 15.1 
Clapp, Frederick O18481921 15.1 
Clapp, Fedelia A18531899 15.1 
Clapp, Thalia LouesaDec 28 1900Feb 1 1910 15.1Inf dau of Earl & Theresa Clapp
Clapp, Theresa M18771957 15.1 
Clapp, Carl F18831951 15.1 
Clapp, Charles 195562y 1m 11d5.1 
Clapp, Eva18971964 5.1 
Clapp, Rosabelle Feb 17 19311y5.1 
Clare, Joseph 1stabt 1761abt 1830 Blankm 1) Rhoda Thursday 4/18/1781 Rehoboth, Mass (no issue) m 2) Sally Greene aft 1812 Brookfield, NY; d Ward Ny
Clare, Thomasabt 1823Feb 18 1863 Blankb Alfred; hus of Ruth Baker m abt 1844; son of Joseph Clare 1st
Clare, Joseph 2ndabt 1813Oct 15 1905 Woodlandb Brookfield NY; m abt 1837 Maria Emerson at Aflred; d Hebron, PA; b Woodland Cem Hebron, PA; son of Joseph Clare 1st
Clare, Joseph 3rdNov 22 1837abt 1896 Woodlandb Alfred; m abt 1855 to Mary Mehetable; d Hebron, PA; b Woodland Cem, Hebron, PA; son of Joseph 2nd; twin of John Clare
Clare, JohnNov 22 1837Feb 25 1920 Woodlandson of Joseph Clare 2nd
Clare, LoviniaApr 26 1842Jul 6 1923 Wellsb Alfred; m abt 1861 Mortimer Kenyon; d Oswayo, PA; b Wells Cem, Oswayo, PA; d of Joseph Clare 2nd; twin of William Clare
Clare, WilliamApr 26 1842Jan 13 1911 Rathboneb Alfred; m abt 1865 Mary Jane McKee; d Greenwood NY; b Rathbone Cem, Coneville, PA; son of Joseph Clare 2nd
Clare, EdwinOct 7 1847Jan 2 1916 Woodlandb Alfred; m Aug 8 1869 Jane Shattuck; d Hebron, PA; b Woodland Cem, Hebron, PA; son of Joseph Clare 2nd
Clare, EmmaNov 13 1850Mar 3 1937 Woodlandb Alma, NY; m Mar 3 1867 Lester Shaw; d Hebron, PA; b Woodland Cem, Potter Co., PA; dau of Joseph Clare 2nd
Clark, Albert Joel18641936 8.1 
Clark, Jennie E Munn18741951 8.1 
Clark, Albertus J1843193693y1.1Member of FLT
Clark, Alida B C1851193786y1.1Member of FLT
Clark, Angeline Palmer Dec 28 187470y26.3Wife of Varnum Clark
Clark, Beatrice M 72y17.1b NY; d Olean NY
Clark, Bert S 192653y1.1No stone
Clark, Byron M Dec 2 187821y 1.1Son of Lewis & Mary Clark (Clarke on stone)
Clark, Carl18621937 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Jessie18631905 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Caroline Jun 12 185648yBlankWife of John Clark
Clark, John18431897 BellevilleCo. A 136 Rgt NYV Civil War
Clark, George18401873 Belleville 
Clark, A J Oct 1 186226y14.1 
Clark, H P (Rev) Apr 28 1868 17.3 
Clark, Lucy May 9 1846 17.3 
Clark, Ida E Jun 20 1868 17.3 
Clark, Edna Feb 17 1867 17.3 
Clark, Amos Mar 25 1885 17.3 
Clark, Esther Dec 13 1862 17.3 
Clark, Francis O Oct 31 1852 17.3 
Clark, Daniel B18771963 17.2 
Clark, Grace C1888 17.2 
Clark, Ida A Aug 20 186111mDimick-WirtDau of G S & M Clark
Clark, Charles D Apr 22 18623yDimick-WirtSon of G S & M Clark
Clark, AldaFeb 11 1868Jan 17 1877 Dimick-WirtDau of Melvin & Betsey Clark
Clark, Henry B18421901 Dimick-WirtVeteran
Clark, Freeman Oct 17 186257yDimick-Wirt 
Clark, Serepta May 4 186353yDimick-Wirt 
Clark, Addison M18501935 8.1 
Clark, Carrie M18541934 8.1Wife of Addison Clark
Clark, Irving M18741903 8.1 
Clark, Valeria B18771943 8.1 
Clark, Nathaniel D18851943 8.1 
Clark, Kathy A188419** 8.1 
Clark, Cora H1863190037y1.1"O" on stone--not "H"
Clark, Cyrus Nov 22 187352y6.11Masonic emblem
Clark, Daisy Lulu1882196886y1.1 
Clark, Emily R Jun 1 191270y1.1 
Clark, Esther Hall 188337y1.1No stone
Clark, Esther Lamphear1812189279y1.1Wife of Rev. Joshua Clark
Clark, Frank S1860Dec 19 1939 6.11Son of Decatur H & Jane Sherman Clark; see Clarke family from Independence
Clark Lillian B1862Dec 11 1937 6.11 
Clark, Hannah T Nov 12 186925y1.1 
Clark, James Claire1875194670y1.1 
Clark, John18951971 15.1 
Clark, Lucius18621933 15.1 
Clark, Josephine186419** 15.1 
Clark, Lucy Moore 193960y1.1No stone
Clark, Lester B Jun 12 194870y 3m 16d17.1b Little Genesee NY; d Olean NY
Clark, Sidney18331907 BlankCo. B 189 Fegt NYV Civil War
Clark, Abraham W1800Nov 11 186666yAngelica 
Clark, Azel   BlankLot 423
Clark, Elizabeth M   BlankLot 339
Clark, Frances   BlankLot 144B
Clark, Helen S   BlankLot 483
Clark, Lena Shart Mrs Jul 18 1937 BlankWife of L J Clark
Clark, L O   BlankLot 144B
Clark, Sally   BlankLot 318A
Clark, Sarah W   BlankLot 510
Clark, Sophia   BlankLot 483
Clark, Floyd N188619** Richburg 
Clark, Blanch S188419** RichburgWife of Floyd N Clark
Clark, Alida Clark Royce1888  Richburg 
Clark, John J Byron18881949 Richburg 
Clark, Nelson L18541934 Richburg 
Clark, Hannah O18531950 RichburgWife of Nelson L Clark
Clark, Bernice L Clark Woodard18831966 RichburgDau of Nelson E & Hannah O Clark
Woodard, George L18781964 RichburgHus of Bernice L Clark Woodard
Clark, Charlie May 6 18581yRichburgOnly son of A R & Julia Clark
Clark, Emma G   RichburgDau of A Clark; infant
Clark, Newell18371906 8.1 
Clark, Hepsibeth Chamberlain18381930 8.1Wife of Newell Clark
Clark, Carrie Jan 21 1838Mar 31 1880 21.51st wife of M S Clark
Clark, Emma Jan 18 1859May 17 1920 21.52nd wife of M S Clark
Clark, Milton18371933 21.5 
Clark, Lawrence L19041954 28.1 
Clark, Rachel DJun 11 1906Apr 28 1968 28.1 
Clark, Helia M Oct 21 18763y24.1Dau of J H & Sarah W Clark
Clark, Getty S Aug 6 187311y24.1 
Clark, Charley S Jul 31 18639m 20d24.1Son of J H & E S Clark
Clark, J Clayton Oct 18 186018y 1m 29d24.1Son of Charles S & Gitty Clark
Clark, Gitty Smith Sep 22 185750y 5m 6d24.1Wife of Charles S Clark
Clark, Charles S Dec 21 188075y 7m 20d24.1 
Clark, Omar P18911975 24.1 
Clark, Georgiana18401957 24.1 
Clark, A C Jan 2 190068y24.1Co E 9th Regt NYV
Clark, E189319** 24.5 
Clark, Clyde J18851946 24.5 
Clark, Grace A19001961 24.5 
Clark, Charles M189619** 24.5 
Clark, ThomasSep 7 1842Aug 8 1886 24.5 
Clark, Clarissa M18461932 24.5Mother
Clark, Neil D18931971 24.1 
Clark, Sarah C189319** 24.1 
Clark, Mary A BurdickMar 27 1816Jul 28 188670y1.1Wife of Lewis Clark
Clark, Melvin S1849193585y1.1 
Clark, Stephen B1839187435y1.1Civl War Co. F 141 NYV Inf
Clark, William M18731955 24.1 
Clark, Eva Lyme18741958 24.1 
Clark, Bessie H18861953 24.1 
Clark, Arthur L18821974 24.1 
Clark, Sarah AMay 4 1845Feb 21 1922 24.1 
Clark, JohnNov 30 1838Apr 4 1917 24.1 
Clark, Minnie188919** 24.1 
Clark, Ida18581933 24.1 
Clark, Daniel 18481924 24.1 
Clark, Vernon18851912 24.1 
Clark, Dewey H18981939 24.1 
Clark, Mary M19021970 24.1 
Clark, Betsey S18461931 24.1 
Clark, Melvin A18421913 24.1Co. L 4th USA Artillery
Clark, Addie E18851924 24.1 
Clark, Eunice Oct 28 181362y 9m 2d4.6Wife of A Clark
Clark, A.D.A. Aug 19 184182y 6m 9d4.6 
Clark, Asher Miner 194062y5.1 
Clark, Edward J18921949 26.1 
Clark, Genevieve M18951954 26.1 
Clark, Michael18691897 26.1 
Clark, Martin18251892 26.1 
Clark, Michael Feb 18 187317y(?)26.1son of Lewis & Celia Clark
Clark, Julia A18641955 26.1 
Clark, James J18591918 26.1 
Clark, Alice M18991981 26.1 
Clark, C Fred18531926 5.1 
Clark, Effie 193177y5.1 
Clark, Emma Luella Davis18651916 5.1 
Clark, F Gerald18941966 5.1 
Clark, Flora 193758y5.1 
Clark, Grace18891970 5.1 
Clark, Harry Frederick18881889 5.1 
Clark, Helen S 197349y5.1 
Clark, Kezlah   24.5Unreadable inscription
Clark, J Kathryn18731928 5.1Dau of W P Clark
Clark, Lyman Daniel18471890 5.1 
Clark, Margaret Aug 5 187151y 11m24.2 
Clark, Mary Myrtle18991900 5.1 
Clark, Morris18511919 5.1 
Clark, Myrtilla D18611897 5.1 
Clark, Pearl1888192739y5.1 
Clark, Precilla17971862 5.1 
Clark, Raymond Francis 195131y 6m 8d5.1 
Clark, Roy H 195978y5.1 
Clark, Sarah D18251908 5.1 
Clark, W P18511923 5.1 
Clark, W P18511930 5.1 
Clark, Nelson C May 29 189444y8.1Co. E 93 NYV
Clark, Anna L18331902 3.2 
Clark, Myrtie M18751902 3.2 
Clark, Earl18921907 3.2 
Clark, Almarion186919** 3.2 
Clark, Mary A Burdick18691926 3.2Wife of Almarion Clark
Clark, Alvah 1945 1.4 
Clark, Rosco 1916 1.4 
Clark, Emily  1912 1.4 
Clark, Erlo 1962 1.4 
Clark, Ruby 1972 1.4 
Clark, Gordon L Sr.Jun 15 1919Jul 8 1971 10.1 10.2Pvt 247 Base Unit AAF WWII
Clark, V Rose   10.1 10.2Wife of Gordon Clark, Sr
Clark, Ruby G18921969 10.1 10.2 
Clark, John EApr 5 1895 81Wellsvilled Bradford; b Moores Run, PA son of Emmett & Addie Wykoff Clark; m May 1917 Kathleen Foley who d Sep 1971
Clark, Robert A19481948 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Frank M18951951 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Vivian M18951944 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Guy WOct 12 1886Feb 6 1887 10.1 10.2Son of Joseph & Lida Clark
Clark, John RJan 25 1915Aug 29 1966 10.1 10.2PFC HO US Forces West Pac WWII
Clark, Clifford W19231942 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Jean 1933 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Joyce 1934 10.1 10.2 
Clark, Varnum   26.3Broken stone
Clark, Will R1859190344y1.1 
Clark, William LMar 25 1868Apr 13 189325y1.1 
Clarke, Lawrence19031945 6.11Metal marker
Clarke, LewisNov 2 1808Aug 1 189082y 1.1 
Clarke, Alvord B1863192360y1.1 
Clarke, Angeline Lavina1874194167y1.1"P" on stone
Clarke, Ann Reynolds1842193391y1.1 
Clarke, Bessie E18731946 21.5 
Clarke, Betsey Odell1859193576y1.1Wife of Edson (Edston) Clarke
Clarke, Celestia C18801965 21.5 
Clarke, Charles H18731892 21.5 
Clarke, Corry P18821955 21.5 
Clarke, Delphine18551912 21.5 
Clarke, William A18351916 21.5 
Clarke, Carolyn19071925 21.5 
Clarke, Edston D1852191461y1.1 
Clarke, Eliza (Aunt)18131890 21.5 
Clarke, Eunice1835191882y1.1Wife of J B Clarke
Clarke, Elveretta A18521909 21.5Wife of Herbert M Clarke
Clarke, Floyd C18811962 21.5 
Clarke, Ford Stillman1887191932y1.1 
Clarke, Frances Langworthy1856290146y1.1Wife of E D Clarke
Clarke, Harriette Stillman1851192876y1.1Wife of Will R Clarke (ashes?)
Clarke, Herbert M18471933 21.5 
Clarke, Ira S Feb 1 188219y1.1Son of J S & N E Clarke
Clarke, J.A.S.184418473y1.1Son of J & E L Clarke
Clarke, J Bennett (Rev)1830190980y1.1 
Clarke, Joseph S1837192790y1.1 
Clarke, Joshua (Rev)1822189573y1.17th Day Bapt. Minister for 54 years
Clarke, Laverne D Feb 21 188112y1.1 
Clarke, Lewis E1875Apr 20 197296y1.1 
Clarke, Lovina M R1838186829y1.1 
Clarke, Lucy King1867194174y1.1Wife of Alvord B Clarke
Clarke, Lua1871190534y1.1 
Clarke, Mary A Burdick1877190830y1.1Wife of Clarence L Clarke
Clarke, Mary Roberta1915193924y1.1 
Clarke, Nancy G1840193090y1.1Wife of Joseph Clarke
Clarke, O J 18530y1.1Son of J & E L Clarke
Clarke, Infant 1868 1.1Dau of Russell & Lovina Clarke
Clarke, S Russell1834190772y1.1 
Clarke, Walton B 192132y1.1No stone
Clarke, Welcome Errington   1.1Probably War of 1812 Vet
Clarke, William R1859190344y1.1 
Clarke, Winifred Greene1899196465y1.1 
Clarke, Howard MaxonApr 3 1883May 20 1947 21.5NY PFC 403 Tel Bn WWI
Clarke, Robert A18811964 21.5 
Clarke, Samuel W18751960 21.5 
Clarke, Infant son 1903 21.5Child of W D & E F Clarke
Clarke, Infant dau 1908 21.5Child of W D & E F Clarke
Clarke, William D18711943 21.5 
Clarke, Ethel F18761951 21.5 
Clarke, Floyd C18811962 21.5 
Clarke, Celestia C18801965 21.5 
Clarke, Jesse S18751921 17.2 
Clarke, Vida M18741945 17.2 
Clarke, Horace B18511924 17.2 
Clarke, Anna M18911968 17.2 
Clarke, Flora E18531940 17.2 
Clarke, Rowland Jr18821940 17.2 
Clarke, Eva B18861920 17.2 
Clarke, Floyd NAug 23 1886Dec 20 1974 Richburg 
Clarke, Lola M Jul 8 1884 RichburgChild of S H & F E Clarke
Clarke, Burt F Jul 8 1884 RichburgChild of S H & F E Clarke
Clarks, Julia Ann Mar 19 18365m 21d4.6Dau of Joel J & Priscilla Clarks
Clawson, Charles GJan 1 1889Dec 13 196273y1.1WWI vet S.D.; Cook Co D 4th Inf; SD NG
Clawson, Lucia Weed 191833y1.1No stone
Clay, Carole Susan Sheldon1919196040y1.1Wife of Wilfred Clay
Clayson, Bert19051974 15.1 
Clayson, Elizabeth S1910  15.1 
Clayson, Marshall18661933 15.1 
Clayson, Donald Leroy19411961 15.1 
Clayton, **   24.1No dates
Clayton, Lester Carl18951919 5.1 
Clayton, Nancy Mae18761936 5.1 
Clayton, William J 192959y5.1 
Cleary, Catherine Oct 5 189440y26.1Wife of Francis Mother
Cleary, Louis M Nov 11 1948 26.1Son
Cleary, Francis   26.1Father; no dates
Cleary, Andrew W18681929 10.1 10.2 
Cleary, Grace C18731931 10.1 10.2 
Cleary, Francis18761937 24.2 
Cleary, Anthony18741901 24.2 
Cleary, Mary18361930 24.2Wife of John Cleary Sr
Cleary, John Sr18181898 24.2 
Cleary, John 18721900 24.2 
Cleary, Anthony18721900 24.2 
Cleary, John Jr18721900 24.2 
Cleghorn, Walter L19031925 15.1 
Cleghorn, Barbara S18681962 15.1 
Cleghorn, Frances S18961976 15.1 
Cleghorn, Harold I18931974 15.1 
Cleghorn, John C18541941 15.1 
Cleghorn, Oliver N18961965 15.1 
Cleghorn, Wallace J18901955 15.1 
Clemence, Paul18761947 26.1 
Clemens, Charles18271851 3.2 
Clemens, Mary C1829  3.2 
Clemens, Infant   3.2No dates
Clemons, William Bryon Dec 27 18484y 3m11.4Son of J J & R Clemons
Clemons, Luther May 29 185021y (?)11.4Son of J J & R Clemons
Clemons, Mary C1829Feb 8 192496y 1m 10dBlank 
Clemons, Mary A18371918 24.1Mother
Clemons, J W188*1924 24.1Father
Clemmons, Rufus Mar 2 193651y 11mScio 
Cleveland, Lillian M18931965 24.1 
Cleveland, Lewis18891972 24.1 
Cleveland, LynnAug 30 1866Sep 19 1894 24.1Son of B & M A Cleveland
Cleveland, A Bert 1922 17.1Obit Dec 21 1922 Bolivar Breeze
Cleveland, A N Mrs Dec 22 1913 17.1Obit Dec 25 1913 Bolivar Breeze
Cleveland, Walter May 3 191479y17.1Civil War Vet; Bolivar Breeze May 7 1914
Cleveland, Charles ASep 25 1907Feb 2 1926 24.1 
Cleveland, Charles BApr 24 1861Aug 24 1842 24.1 
Cleveland, Zannetta AOct 1 1865Feb 2 1914 24.1 
Cleveland, Theodore18871963 10.1 10.2 
Cleveland, Luman (Rev) May 3 188073yBlank 
Cleveland, Eliza Jul 22 187970yBlank 
Cleveland, LewisApr 17 1890Aug 24 1890 19.1Son of H C & A E Cleveland
Cleveland, Anna EMay 18 1862Apr 28 1890 19.1 
Cleveland, Spencer 195150y 0m 22d5.1 
Cleveland, Mary Louise19211934 6.11 
Cleworth, Charles1869Apr 28 1948 Blankb Dadpur, India
Cline, Susie CarpenterDec 13 1870  Belmontb Birdsall; wife of Raymond B Cline
Cline, Rose M18921966 26.1 
Cline, Gertrude M18951964 26.1 
Cline, Mary A18671947 26.1 
Cline, Patrick18571930 26.1 
Cline, Genevieve C18981971 26.1 
Cline, Helen M190519** 26.1 
Cline, Amanda S Mar 25 1978 26.1 
Cline, Ethel I18931975 28.1 
Cline, Albert 1870 5.1 
Cline, Sarah H 193997y1.1No stone
Cline, Alvin S18531891 5.1 
Cline, Amy18431920 5.1 
Cline, Anna M 195585y 5m 28d5.1 
Cline, Aristas M 193986y5.1 
Cline, Charles M18381918 5.1 
Cline, E  196683y5.1 
Cline, Flora A 196794y5.1 
Cline, Geo Nelson18411925 5.1 
Cline, Gertrude M 196051y 5.1 
Cline, Hannah18211903 5.1 
Cline, Hannah J18441890 5.1 
Cline, James Jun 1 188650y 0m 22d24.2 
Cline, Owen Scully Jan 20 187340y24.2 
Cline, John 197287y5.1 
Cline, Jueliaette   5.1 
Cline, Henrietta 195479y 8m 4d5.1 
Cline, Hiram 196560y5.1 
Cline, Larry M 197426y5.1 
Cline, Lizzie May 194869y5.1See Hiram Cline
Cline, Lyle E 196537y5.1 
Cline, Miles H 196370y5.1 
Cline, Miles Nelson 194477y5.1 
Cline, Orphene A18431885 24.1 
Cline, Raymond R 196487y5.1 
Cline, Samson18211894 5.1 
Cline, Schuyler U 193869y5.1 
Cline, Stanley 194061y5.1 
Cline, Susie Carpenter 195079y5.1See Raymond Cline
Cline, Loreann19201962 10.1 10.2 
Cline, Ann A1858193375y5.2 
Cline, William1847192679y5.2 
Cline, John W1888196173y5.2 
Close, Otis G18791958 8.1 
Close, J Ellen188319** 8.1And Theodore Jeeley's ashes
Closser, Augusta LApr 24 1880Jul 27 1955 AngelicaWidow of Charles Closser
Closser, CarolineJul 28 1883  BlankDau of Mr & Mrs Thomas Greene; b Sagerstown, PA; m Fred Closser Aug 1901
Closser, Charles HNov 17 1874May 28 1953 AngelicaSon of Jeremiah & Melvina Hamilton Closser; hus of Augusta Isaman
Closser, Frederick J Jan 8 190936yAngelicaSon of Mr & Mrs J M Closser; Hus of Catherine Green
Closser, Harriet LouiseJan 16 1886  AngelicaLot 98; sister to Phillip Closser of Oramel
Closser, Lewis E1888Nov 8 1922 Angelica 
Closser, JeremiahJan 12 1833Jun 12 1815 Angelica 
Closser, Melvina   BlankLot 891
Closser, PhillipFeb 9 1865Apr, 1949 BelfastSon of Meremiah & Melvina Hamilton Closser
Closser, Philip18651949 8.1 
Closser, Della   8.1Wife of Philip Closser
Closser, Mildred EJun 12 1906Sep 16 1906 8.1 

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