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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Dabolt, Anna SOct 14 1870Apr 1 1968 15.1 
Dabolt, George BMar 23 1868Aug 21 1923 15.1 
Dahar, Francis TMar 30 1930Oct 28 1973 26.1NY CPL US Army Korea
Dahar, Rosa AMar 5 1930  26.1 
Dailey, Bridget18251895 26.1Wife of William Dailey
Dailey, David   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Dailey, Soropta S 1909 1.1 
Dailey, William18201893 26.1 
Daily, Anna M Henry18621924 26.1 
Daily, Bridget   26.1Wife of William Daily
Daily, Catherine18441927 26.1Mother
Daily, Ellen Jun 22 186416y 3m26.1 
Daily, Esther MrsApr 22 1856Aug 11 1942 BolivarSee film for bio information
Daily, Johannah Jan 11 188721y26.1 
Daily, John18511913 26.1Father
Daily, Josephine18851932 26.1 
Daily, Mary B18631957 26.1 
Daily, Mary E18761930 26.1 
Daily, Mary Ella 194287y5.1Mother of Herman Rouse
Daily, Michael May 18 188265y26.1 
Daily, Michael J1875Nov 25 189520y 3m 5d26.1 
Daily, Stilman P   10.1 10.2PA Infantry Post 247 GAR
Daily, Timothy Oct 14 187775y26.1 
Daily, William J18791929 26.1 
Daily, William JJun 10 1877Aug 14 1877 2.5 
Dake, Clayton A18761905 6.11Buried on the Rogers lot
Dalaba, Arthur E189119** 15.1 
Dalaba, Ida19011965 15.1 
Dalaba, Lewis H19231979 15.1 
DaLamiter, Lydia M Burdick Aug 6 185743y 8m 6d1.3Wife of Fitch DaLamiter
Daley, Catherine Jan 17 188658y24.2Wife of Patrick Daley
Daley, Dennis18661877 26.1 
Daley, Eugene Aug 9 188727y26.1Son of John & Margaret Daley
Daley, Father18361914 26.1 
Daley, Gerald J19011969 26.1 
Daley, Hannah T18581939 26.1 
Daley, Hannah T Mar 20 187610y26.1 
Daley, Jeremiah J18711951 26.1 
Daley, Jerry18311901 24.1Co 6 67 Regt NYV
Daley, John18741936 26.1 
Daley, John 189568y26.1 
Daley, Joseph Mrs Jul 19 1934 BlankSee film for bio information
Daley, Margaret18731955 26.1 
Daley, Margaret 190878y26.1Wife of John Daley
Daley, Margaret T18771956 26.1 
Daley, Mary M18401909 26.1 
Daley, Merle F19061964 26.1 
Daley, Michael J186619** 26.1 
Daley, Michael TJan 6 1833Sep 5 1905 26.1b Cork, Ireland
Daley, Mother18421914 26.1 
Daley, Norah18771905 26.1Wife of Michael J Daley
Daley, Patrick Oct 21 187352y24.2 
Daley, Peter18781894 26.1 
Daley, Thomas Jan 14 193479yBlankSee film for bio information
Daley, Timothy  Aug 30 189457y26.1 
Daley, Timothy P18681895 26.1 
Dalles, George18601911 5.1 
Dalton, Ernest W19021938 8.1 
Dalton, Thomas H18511926 26.1 
Dalton, Elizabeth A18601920 26.1 
Dalton, Elizabeth  1928 26.1 
Dalton, Nellie 1920 26.1 
Dalton, Rena G189119** 26.1 
Dalton, GonterNov 1 1892Aug 14 1982 26.1 
Dalton, Matthew JApr 1 1894Oct 6 1949 26.1NY Cpl 152 Depot Brigate WWI
Dalton, Elva187219** BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere; Mother
Dalton, George W18691966 BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere; Father
Dalton, Robert F May 2 184737yBelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Dalton, Charlotte Ann  9mBelvidereChrist Church Belvidere; dau of Wm & S Dalton
Dalton, Charlotte H Dec 29 18669mBelvidereChrist Church Belvidere; dau of Wm & S Dalton
Dalton, Richard   BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Dalton, Father   BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Dalton, William1833  BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Dalton, Susanna18341890 BelvidereWife of William Dalton; Christ Church Belvidere
Dalton, Richard18751904 BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Dalton, Mother   BelvidereChrist Church Belvidere
Damon, Florence Emerson193942y 1.1Wife of Charles Damon; no stone
Damon, Jeremiah Apr 25 187570y 27d22.5 
Damon, Huldah May 30 187771y22.5Wife of Jeremiah Damon
Damon, Augustus L Nov 11 186222y22.5"Our soldier boy has gone to rest"
Damon, Daniel   AngelicaLot 55
Damon, Eva D   AngelicaLot 55
Damon, Julia A   AngelicaLot 55
Damon, Lucy A   AngelicaLot 55
Damon, Lucy S   AngelicaLot 55
Damon, William   AngelicaLot 55
Dana, Orville P1839  17.2 
Dana, Augusta A18411897 17.21st wife of Orville P Dana
Dana, Olive S1840  17.22nd wife of Orville P Dane
Dane, Rebecca  74y(?)4.6Wife of Azial Dana
Danbury, Edith 196684y5.1 
Danbury, Georgia Surdoval18881951 10.1 10.2 
Daniels, Edwin18241908 Richburg 
Daniels, Abbie JJul 2 1823Oct 22 1889 Richburg 
Daniels, William F H18511929 Richburg 
Daniels, Elizabeth18261909 Richburg 
Daniels, Katie18541926 Richburg 
Daniels, Sarah LFeb 3 1822Aug 2 1893 10.1 10.2Wife of Lucius Daniels
Daniels, Tammy A Jul 27 1872 10.1 10.2Dau of S & L Daniels; wife of T J Durfee
Danielsens, Lulu188619** 24.1 
Danielsens, Reynolds A18921968 24.1 
Daniher, John Oct 16 189474y26.1 
Daniher, Ellen Apr 24 189061y 9m26.1Wife of John Daniher
Daniher, Bridget Dec 8 188175y26.1 
Daniher, Margaret May 26 188119y26.1 
Daniher, Hanoria Sep 25 18721y26.1 
Daniher, Katie Feb 5 18622m26.1 
Daniher, Nora Apr 21 189720y 26.1Dau of John & Ellen Daniher
Daniher, John18671938 26.1 
Daniher, Susan J18761941 26.1 
Darcy, Hugh18291901 26.1 
Darcy, Bridget18391901 26.1Wife of Hugh Darcy
Darcy, Frank L19051967 26.1 
Darcy, Laura T19051947 26.1 
Darin, Ella Dodson July, 1919 AngelicaLot 806; d Riverside, Ca; b Angelica; wife of Dr. S I Darin who died 1918; see film for more bio info
Darling, Isabella   AngelicaLot 419
Darrah, Stephen18621937 6.11 
Darrah, Jennie18691955 6.11Wife of Stephen Darrah
Darrin, Henry S18781960 24.1 
Darrin, Mary J18481927 24.1 
Darrin, Nelson B18481923 24.1 
Darron, Mabel Dike 195476y5.1 
Dau, Belva D18811896 10.1 10.2 
Daughn, Margaret E19051971 26.1 
d'Autremont, AugustusJun 7 17851860 Angelicab Paris; son of Hubert & Marie d'Ohert d'Autremont; hus of Sarah Ann Stewart d 1940; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, AugustusFeb 29 1822Mar 29 1889 Blankb Angelica; son of Augustus & Sarah Ann d'Autremont; hus of Adeline Mather; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, CharlesJun 26 1818  AngelicaHus of Sarah Collins; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, Charles Mrs1822Feb 5 1912 AngelicaDau of Judge & Mrs. Collins; wife of Charles d'Autremont
d'Autremont, Abigail Dodge17811866 BlankWife of Alexander d'Autremont
d'Autremont, AlexanderMar 12 1776Aug 4 1857 Angelicab Paris; son of Hubert & Maria Jaene d'Ohert d'Autremont; d Angelica; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, AlexanderApr 2 1821  BlankSon of Alexander & Abigail Dodge d'Autremont; husband of Diane Howard
d'Autremont, Maria1745Sep 29 1809 Angelicad Angelica; wife of Hubert d'Autremont; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, Diana D   AngelicaNo dates
d'Autremont, Mary   AngelicaNo dates
d'Autremont, Mary   AngelicaNo dates
d'Autremont, Sarah Ann Stewart17951840 AngelicaWife of Augustus d'Autremont Sr; m 1816; had 10 children
d'Autremont, Sarah CollinsNov 19 1822  Angelicab Geneva, NY to Mr & Mrs John Collins; wife of Charles d'Autremont m 1850 @ Angelica; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, Sarah Jane   AngelicaNo dates
d'Autremont, Sarah V   AngelicaNo dates
d'Autremont, Victor duPontAug 16 1806  AngelicaSon of Alexander & Abilgail Dodge d'Autremont; hus of Isabella Common; see film for more bio info
d'Autremont, Victor duPont MrsAug 11 1811Jan 21 1889 Angelicab Northumberland County, England; wife of Victor duPont d'Autremont
d'Autremont, VirginiaJul 30 1824  AngelicaDau of Alexander & Abigail Dodge d'Autremont; never married
Davenport, Henry G Mar 19 192948y5.6Baby
Davenport, John W18951973 8.1English WWII Veteran
Davenport, Eliza (Dolly)1899  8.1Wife of John Davenport
Davenport, Karry 193474y5.1 
Davenport, Mary A18601932 5.1 
Davenport, Volney 196872y5.1 
Davidson, William V18321895 10.1 10.2 
Davidson, Cynthia I18271903 10.1 10.2Wife of William V Davidson
Davidson, George H18521922 Richburg 
Davidson, Sarah C18581945 Richburg 
Davidson, Huldah Peck Apr, 186770y RichburgWife of D J Davidson
Davidson, James   Black CreekNo dates; War of 1812
Davidson, Agnes Miss May 21 1935 AngelicaDau of William & Mary Davison; see film for more bio info
Davidson, Alice Miss Nov 4 1949 AngelicaDau of William & Mary Davison; see film for more bio info
Davidson, Cash1880Jul 5 194868yAlmondSee film for bio information
Davidson, William Mrs Sep 16 192489yAngelicaHad 9 children; see film for more bio information
Davidson, Addie ClarkSep 5 1848 Angelicab Allen
Davidson, Jennie E1862Jan 25 1922 Angelicab Angelica; dau of William & Mary Davison; see film for more bio info
Davison, Mary A   AngelicaLot 810
Davidson, Mary S   AngelicaLot 810
Davidson, Willie   AngelicaLot 685
Davidson, WilliamFeb 2 1831Dec 15 1918 Angelicab Ireland; see film for more bio info
Davie, Carrie Dudley Oct 26 186927yAngelicab Angelica; d Starke, Florida; wife of Dr. F C Davie
Davie, Frank C (Dr)  60yFriendshipb Bolivar; d Angelica; see film for more bio info
Davie, Joseph18241899 10.1 10.21st Brigate Band 3rd Div 22 A C
Davie, Mercia18291908 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Chester F1832  10.1 10.2 
Davie, Lydia H18371914 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Lavienia D18511871 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Hersha L 195579y5.1 
Davie, Minnie Osborn18701923 10.1 10.2Mother
Davie, Charles B18301894 10.1 10.2Father
Davie, Clarence18341926 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Frank E18641927 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Samuel17901875 10.1 10.2War of 1812
Davie, D D T Feb 20 1867 10.1 10.2 
Davie, James Jan 15 1840 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Emdy R Apr 15 1853 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Mary I 186*4y27.3Dau of Sarah & Luman Davie
Davie, William C18581929 10.1 10.2 
Davie, Jessie M18761965 10.1 10.2 
Davie, EthelJan 16 1864Sep 18 1864 10.1 10.2Dau of W C & M C Davie
Davie, Grace Farnum Jan 2 190928yAngelicaWife of Fred E Davie
Davie, Hettie E Tucker Apr 26 1934 Angelicabspringwater NY; dau of Eudrus & Caroline Tucker; m 1) Dr Roscoe C Spencer in 188 who died 1898; m 2) Dr. Frank C Davie 1904; see film for more bio info
Davie, Arva  AngelicaLot 423
Davie, F C Mrs1852Mr 26 1892 AngelicaMarried Dr. F C Davie May 1882
Davies, Joanna Ellen18281887 19.1Wife of Dr. James Davies
Davis, Albina May 30 186517y1.1 
Davis, AsaDec 17 1802Mar 23 1897 15.1 
Davis, Elizabeth Feb 14 1895 15.1 
Davis, Barbara A Jan 13 185730y1.1Dau of J & M Davis (d 1851 on stone)
Davis, Benajah A Mar 21 184820y1.1Son of J & M Davis
Davis, Bertha P1883Aug 17 177591y1.1Vault
Davis, Boothe Colwell1863194278y1.1President A. U.
Davis, Booth Colwell Jr1898196869y11WWI Veteran
Davis, Catherine Aug 14 183017y1.1Dau of J & M Davis
Davis, Charles S18561899 15.1 
Davis, S P Sep 1 187862yRichburg 
Davis, Caroline Nov 20 187556yRichburgWife of S P Davis
Davis, James M18411912 8.1 
Davis, Emma J18451919 8.1 
Davis, Charles J18751944 8.1 
Davis, Bertha H18741969 8.1 
Davis, Asa   AngelicaLot 423
Davis, Charles   AngelicaLot 93
Davis, Cynthia C Feb 3 188876yAngelicaWidow of David Davis
Davis, David   AngelicaHus of Cynthia C Davis
Davis, Dorian H   AngelicaLot 358
Davis, E F (Lt)   AngelicaLot 358
Davis, Emma    AngelicaLot 95
Davis, Etta E   AngelicaLot 629
Davis, Etta M   AngelicaLot 70
Davis, Ida Oct 4 18728wks1.1Inf dau of Rev. O K Davis
Davis, Elma Ellen 18940y1.1No stone
Davis, Elma M Aug 24 187614y1.1Dau of W A Davis
Davis, Emily Shaw1832189967y1.1 
Davis, Ernest FOct 11 1893  10.1 10.2 
Davis, Lena BApr 25 1900Oct 13 1934 10.1 10.2 
Davis, Robert EJun 28 1934Oct 13 1934 10.1 10.2 
Davis, Estelle Hoffman1863193975y1.1Wife of Boothe C Davis
Davis, Everett Lavern1889196171y1.1Member FLT
Davis, Florella Nov 11 186440y1.1 
Davis, Henry G Sep 5 184648y1.1d Andersonville Prison; Civil War Veteran 85th Regt NYSV
Davis, Henry Morell1839192787y1.1Co H 1st NY Dragoons, Civil War Veteran
Davis, Herbert Eugene1879196384y1.1 
Davis, Herbert J Nov 29 189732y1.1 
Davis, Hiram1830185424y1.1 
Davis, Jerome Fuller1888196577y1.1 
Davis, Infant  0y1.1Infant of Jerome Davis; no stone
Davis, John R18731941 8.1 
Davis, Marietta T18851968 8.1 
Davis, Joseph H Oct 14 188886y1.1 
Davis, Joshua1826188963y1.1 
Davis, GrantDec 14 1868Aug 8 1910 Angelicab Avon; Hus of Mae Lilly Davis
Davis, Harry   BlankSee film for bio information
Davis, Jane K   AngelicaLot 565
Davis, Jesse   AngelicaLot 95; see film for bio information
Davis, John AMar 7 1850Sep 15 1915 AngelicaLot 70
Davis, Sarah ChandlerJul 6 1839Jul 27 1914 Angelicam 1) Roswell Warner m 2) 1889 Joshua A Davis; see film for bio information
Davis, Joshua A1832  AngelicaHus of Ella E Davis
Davis, Katherine WelchSep 4 1884Jul 31 1954 Belfastb Centerville to Patrick & Mary Welch; m Frederick J Davis 1907; he died 1936; see film
Davis, Lois   AngelicaLot 423
Davis, Margaret   AngelicaLot 617
Davis, Mae Lilly   AngelicaLot 765
Davis, Mae LillyMar 15 1870  Angelicab Allen; wife of Grant S Davis; see film for bio information
Davis, Patty T   AngelicaLot 358
Davis, Rhoda Ann   AngelicaWife of Asa Davis
Davis, Prudence   AngelicaLot 565
Davis, SmithOct 7 1808  Angelicam 1) Prudence Wright 1834; 2) Jane Kendirich 1873; see film for bio information
Davis, William   AngelicaConstable 1820
Davis, Harry J19021969 17.2 
Davis, Bernadette   17.2 
Davis, William H Sep 15 193171yAngelicaSee film for bio information
Davis, U L (Col)1813Sep, 1897 Angelicab Columbia, Co; 1853 came to Angelica; Col of the 85th Civil War; married 3 times and outlives all three wives
Davis, Urain17841878 Angelica 
Davis, Frances Aug 15 1856 5.6Wife of William Davis
Davis, Laverne A Jul 28 18645y1.1Child of W A & V E Davis
Davis, Leon F1893195865y1.1 
Davis, Leo R Apr 1 185954y25.1 
Davis, Elizabeth Nov 19 186858y25.1 
Davis, Leslie Hall1867194274y1.1FLT
Davis, Lillie O (Lilia)1860192767y1.1Wife of V L Davis
Davis, Lydia S1841189150y1.1Wife of Rev. J T Davis
Davis, Maria Crandall1815189176y1.1Wife of M W Davis
Davis, Mary Oct 4 186459y1.1Wife of Josef H Davis
Davis, Mary  26y1.1No stone
Davis, Mary Alice R1880196180y1.1Wife of H E Davis
Davis, Mathew G (W)1821186442y1.1 
Davis, Thomas B18831968 17.1 
Davis, Mary E18901964 17.2 
Davis, Joseph F18881902 17.2 
Davis, Eliza Ann Jun 6 187111m 22dBlankDau of C & Jemima Davis
Davis, Samuel J Jul 7 187730yBlank 
Davis, Washington18491920 3.2 
Davis, Effie A18491914 3.2 
Davis, Mary Nov 18 185122y 11m 15dBlankDau of Mary & Wells Davis
Davis, Mary Aug 5 187268yBlankWife of Wells Davis
Davis, Joshua W Jan 4 18546m 20dBlankSon of Hiram Davis
Davis, Nellie M Jul 7 188518y1.1Wife of Herbert J Davis
Davis, Nina J1894197176y1.1 
Davis, Prudence Jul 16 185119y1.1Dau of J & M Davis
Davis, Infant Son 19370y1.1Son of Rodney Davis
Davis, Russel M 191925y1.1No stone
Davis, Infant Son 18940y1.1Son of Samuel H Davis; no stone
Davis, Sarah Jane Pierce1872195682y1.1 
Davis, Stephen S1821Jan 19 186443y20.5Co. D 64 Regt NYV
Davis, Marie H Rice18311920 20.5 
Davis, Glenda Dritch19141972 15.1 
Davis, Isabella18241905 15.1 
Davis, William18261907 15.1 
Davis, John L18621946 15.1 
Davis, Margaret18691938 15.1 
Davis, J Stewart19041949 15.1 
Davis, Grace Loveridge18611925 15.1 
Davis, William (Bill)19191973 15.1 
Davis, Ola AileneAug 4 1932Oct 10 19328wks17.1Dau of Steward Davis; Obit Oct 20 1932 Bolivar Breeze
Davis, William Thomas Dec 21 191821d17.1Infant; b Cuba NY; d Cuba NY
Davis, Ebenezer Nov 28 186587y6.11 
Davis, Elizabeth Oct 10 186182y 10m 2d6.11Wife of Ebenezer Davis
Davis, ElizaOct 28 1846Dec 6 1878 6.11Wife of J E Davis
Davis, Ebenezer 1841 6.11Son of Hale & Jane A Davis; (died 1841 or 1847)
Davis, Charles S18641920 6.11 
Davis, M Leona18671940 6.11Wife of Charles S Davis
Davis, Louis Eugene18701934 6.11 
Davis, Mable B1871Sep 8 1941 6.11Wife of Louis Eugene Davis
Davis, LeRoy18781929 6.11 
Davis, Uriah18371896 21.5 
Davis, Adelia18341901 21.5Wife of Uriah Davis
Davis, George18621862 21.5Son of Uriah & Adelia Davis
Davis, Leroy C18131899 21.5 
Davis, Lucy H18131901 21.5Wife of Leroy C Davis
Davis, Hannah18431855 21.5Dau of Leroy C & Lucy Davis
Davis, Susan Burdick1839192686y1.1Wife of H M Davis
Davis, Thomas H May 1 188771y1.1 
Davis, Sarah18521927 28.1 
Davis, W MFeb 18 1838May 26 1859 24.1 
Davis, Maria A18101892 24.1Wife of Samuel S Davis
Davis, OlivarOct 1 1834Mar 31 1870 24.1 
Davis, Sylvan SJul 28 1808Jun 15 1876 24.1 
Davis, Edwin19251945 24.1 
Davis, AlmiraJun 10 1822Feb 23 1887 24.1Wife of William G Ackley
Ackley, William CMar 18 1818May 13 1881 24.1Husband of Almira Davis
Davis, Marshall TAug 23 1856Sep 29 1886 24.1 
Davis, Katherine KressAug 10 1790Nov 22 1856 24.1Wife of Malachi Davis
Davis, MalachiFeb 24 1789Mar 20 1867 24.1 
Davis, MyronMay 14 1824Mar 4 1901 24.1 
Davis, Mary E18731931 6.3 
Davis, Henry E   6.3 
Davis, Alice G18511943 5.1 
Davis, Benjamin W Jun 21 186377y20.5 
Davis, B M Apr 6 186845y 3m20.5 
Davis, Betsy M18291889 5.1 
Davis, Carrie Morgan18591919 5.1 
Davis, Charles J18411941 5.1 
Davis, Delana Olive18191909 5.1 
Davis, E B 191859y5.1 
Davis, E I18491899 5.1 
Davis, Eliza Ann18451851 5.1 
Davis, Eliza Marie18551856 5.1 
Davis, Ella Irene 193472y5.1 
Davis, Ely18171902 5.1 
Davis, Esther18451908 5.1 
Davis, Evangeline18541930 5.1 
Davis, B Frankline 193176y5.1 
Davis, Franklin R19311931 5.1 
Davis, Giles18581929 5.1 
Davis, Harry17801864 5.1 
Davis, Harry E18611929 5.1 
Davis, Helen 194957y5.1 
Davis, Helen W18341895 5.1 
Davis, Lillie E18701877 5.1 
Davis, Lowel James 195260y5.1 
Davis, Loretta 193077y5.1 
Davis, Luther18201887 5.1 
Davis, Margaret W18831910 5.1 
Davis, Marie M18201851 5.1 
Davis, Martha18341871 5.1 
Davis, Mary17801870 5.1 
Davis, Mary A18471932 5.1Wife of Charles J Davis
Davis, Mary J1844(?)1918 5.1 
Davis, Melvin E18681877 5.1 
Davis, Miles18731880 5.1 
Davis, Miles E18261899 5.1 
Davis, Nathan W18111886 5.1 
Davis, Nellie G 193568y5.1Wife of Harrie E Davis
Davis, Sarah18161895 5.1 
Davis, Willard Ellery18781879 5.1 
Davis, William J 193615y5.1 
Davis, William Aug 15 185676yBlank 
Davis, William D Jul 29 184971y 2m 10dBlank 
Davis, William Lavis Jul 29 194974y 2m 10d5.6 
Davis, Verona E Potter Feb 18 191375y1.1Wife of Wheeler A Davis
Davis, Virginia Leonidas1857194184y1.1 
Davis, Wheeler A Mar 18 190266y1.1 
Davis, William Apr 25 18386m 20d1.1Son of Joseph & Mary Davis
Davis, Willie Sep 4 18655y1.1Son of T H & F Davis
Davis, Zana Imogene1888192839y1.1 
Davison, Chester Alton (Arthur)1900192423y1.1 
Davison, Ernest O18784195378y1.1 
Davison, Mary Louise1880194666y1.1 
Davison, Reuben S Jan 24 182120y1.1from Thatcher Cemetery
Davison, Zon C19121980 15.1 
Davison, Helen N   15.1 
Davison, Ida C1907  24.1 
Davison, Harold W19021961 24.1 
Dawson, Harold B18961964 26.1 
Dawson, Anna C18981974 26.1 
Day, Richard A1903  10.1 10.2 
Day, Thelma M1900  10.1 10.2 
Day, Colette19011959 17.2 
Day, William1878  1.4 
Day, Michael (Mike)18711958 8.1 
Day, Adelaide (Addie)18911951 8.1 
Freeman, Mary Jane18561935 8.1Aunt Mamie; buried with William Day family
Day, George E18811946 10.1 10.2 
Day, Lydia T18851959 10.1 10.2 
Day, Edna18761907 10.1 10.2 
Day, Adelbert D1856  10.1 10.2 
Day, Adelia Beckwith18591910 10.1 10.2 
Day, Charles E18781929 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Day, Susie A18711965 10.1 10.2 
Day, Wilet18521909 10.1 10.2 
Day, Elizabeth18301903 10.1 10.2 
Day, Emogene1855Nov 25 1881 10.1 10.2Wife of Frank Day
Day, George E1821Nov 29 1891 10.1 10.2 
Dayan, Albert H Aug 16 190458y1.1Civil War Veteran; Co. L 5th Regt Heavy Artillery
Dayton, Harriet A18311926 26.3Wife of John M Dayton; Mother
Dayton, John M18251888 26.3 
Dayton, Mary L Feb 29 18722m 22d26.3Dau of George V & Alice Dayton
Dayton, Alice M18521899 26.3Wife of George V Dayton
Dayton, Lue E18641901 26.3Wife of George V Dayton
Dayton, James B Jul 18 16811y 11d26.3Son of J M & H A Dayton
Deacon, James Weld   5.6 
Dealy, Eugene18301884 26.1 
Dealy, Timothy18721872 26.1 
Dealy, Michael18611882 26.1 
Dealy, Nora18751902 26.1 
Dealy, Eugene J19101975 26.1 
Dealy, Teresa M18**19** 26.1 
Dealy, Johannah Jul 6 186159y24.2Wife of Timothy Dealy
Dean, William D18291921 15.1 
Dean, Anna M Ketchum18321903 15.1Wife of William D Dean
Dean, Ada McGibneyNov 20 1862Dec 26 1937 AngelicaDau of Alonzo & Mary Watson McGibeney; wife of Harmon Dean
Dean, AliceSep 18 1862Jan 14 1953 AngelicaWife of Charles Dean; b Angelica to Ernest & Dorothea Buehring; see film for bio information
Dean, Arlomine E   AngelicaNo dates
Dean, Barbara H19271950 26.1 
Dean, Joseph18841917 26.1 
Dean, Father18561924 26.1 
Dean, Mother18531930 26.1 
Dean, Mary19141914 26.1 
Dean, Michael Jr18931893 26.1On same stone as other Michael Dean Jr
Dean, Michael Jr18941894 26.1On same stone as other Michael Dean Jr
Dean, Richard ASep 30 1925Dec 10 1950 26.1NY PFC 331 Field Art'y BN WWII
Dean, Jerome WSep 30 1927Oct 7 1958 26.1NY Sgt 390 Air Service Sq AAF WWII
Dean, Jerome J18881965 26.1 
Dean, Patrick J19541975 26.1 
Dean, Andrew M19701975 26.1"Little Buddy"
Dean, Charles D191119** 26.1 
Dean, Lillian R191019** 26.1 
Dean, Harold L19101972 8.1 
Dean, Charles O Nov 5 1959 Angelicab in Allen to Apollos & Wealthy Lincoln Dean; Hus of Alice Buehring; see film for more bio info
Dean, Charles S   AngelicaLot 11
Dean, Clifford MrsAug 14 1909Dec 14 1917 Angelicab Alma to Frank & DeEtta Olmstead; see film for more bio information
Dean, Flora A   AngelicaLot 11
Dean, Frank   AngelicaLot 193
Dean, Harriet A   AngelicaLot 568
Dean, Henry Sep 26 191573yAngelicad West Almond; m Susan Carpenter Aug 14 1864; see film for more bio information
Dean, Grace M18941976 24.1 
Dean, Cloyd L18861955 24.1 
Dean, Daisey 1878 5.1 
Dean, David C 193880y5.1 
Dean, Ellen T May 3 18602y20.7Dau of Theodore Dean
Dean, Frank A 196078y5.1 
Dean, Ida Farwell 193979y5.1 
Dean, John W 1918 5.1 
Dean, Mandana H18491906 5.1 
Dean, Merlin 1878 5.1 
Dean, Nettie 1878 5.1 
Dean,William Henry18841899 5.1 
Dean, Jennie LamanMay 11 1847Nov 27 1939 AngelicaLot 193; dau of Dillon & Margaret Weldner Laman; m Frank B Dean 1877; see film for more bio information
Dean, ? Nov 5 187251y8.1Wife of Charles Dean; buried with Kinney monument
Deary, Thomas   26.1Father
Deary, Catherine   26.1Mother
Deary, Catherine 1908 26.1 
Deary, Jane Mar, 1919 26.1 
Deary, Francis T18761936 26.1 
DeBarbieri, George JNov 10 1886Sep 18 1968 26.1 
DeBarbieri, Helen L189319** 26.1 
DeBarbieri, Richard L19011963 26.1 
DeBarbieri, Mary190319** 26.1 
DeBarbieri, JosephJun 1 1880Mar 6 **** 26.1Son of L & M DeBarbieri
DeBarbieri, Henry18941970 26.1flag
DeBarbieri, Margureita18891907 26.1 
DeBarbieri, Louis S18461911 26.1Father
DeBarbieri, Mary18621937 26.1Mother
DeBarbieri, Evangeline18991932 26.1 
Deceiwicz, Joseph C1927  10.1 10.2 
Deceiwicz, Betty L19271964 10.1 10.2 
Deck, Eliza18211894 24.1 
Deck, Daniel18171878 24.1 
Deck, Vrim18401909 24.1Co. K 86 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran
Decker, Frank N1863Mar 26 1950 BlankSon of Frederick & Mary Lane Decker b Swain
Decker, BurtFeb 16 1895196570y1.1WWI Veteran; NY Mech 5 Field Artillery
Decker, Charles A 195038y5.1 
Decker, David E 196781y5.1 
Decker, Elizabeth  79y5.1 
Decker, Frank N 195085y5.1 
Decker, Genevieve 194576y5.1 
Decker, Oscar KMay 3 1916197660yBelmontb New Florence PA to David & Elizabeth Sharp Decker; m Wilver Stiles Mar 3 1941; sons Ronald & Kenneth of Covington, Ky; Burial Forest Hill Cemetery; see film for more info
Decker, Frederic R18361886 19.1 
Decker, Mary E18441923 19.1Wife of Frederic R Decker
Decker, Margaret   1.1 
Declman, AnnaOct 13 1838Jan 3 1884 3.2Wife of Jacob Declman
Dedeimer, George Feb 3 18637y20.2 
Dedeimer, Lewis   20.2 
Dedeimer, Harriet   20.2Wife of Lewis Dedeimer
Dedeimer, Georgey   20.2Son of Ephraim Dediemar
Dedrick, Catherine 186891yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Dedrick, Nancy183826y FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; wife of Peter Dedrick
Dedrick, William 1841 FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; son of Peter & Juliana D Dedrick
Deery, Thomas FNov 17 1883Feb 22 1961 26.1 
Deery, James JApr 19 1889Jan 14 1969 26.1 
Deery;, Elizabeth TMar 2 1881Jan 22 1925 26.1 
Deery, Catherine EJan 23 1856Feb 22 1928 26.1Mother
Deery, James SJul 15 1856Mar 1 1911 26.1Father
Deery, Mary GMar 17 1882Oct 6 1951 26.1 
Deery, Walter V Feb 1 1949 26.1 
Deery, Helen M Dec 26 1916 26.1 
Degan, Infant son 19070y1.1Infant son of George & Dora Degan
Degan, George C R1874192147y1.1 
DeGroff, Karl W19041968 15.1 
DeGroff, Howard19061969 17.2 
DeGroff, Huldah G1908  17.2 
DeGroff, Lawrence18731956 17.2 
DeGroff, Gertie R18771954 17.2 
DeKay, Abiah FNov 11 1822May 1 1887 4.10Civil War Veteran; Co. A 136 NYV
DeKay, AnnetteNov 7 1859Oct 24 1888 4.10Wife of E E Benideck
DeKay, Claude L18761949 4.10 
DeKay, Anna M18821975 15.1 
DeKay, Sarah A18231914 15.9 
Delahunty, John T1961Jul 11 197615y1.1Vault; Mason T Dye, Wellsville, NY Undertaker
DeLancy, William18401919 15.1Co. H 141 NYV Inf 1861-1865
DeLancy, Elizabeth Keyne18381932 15.1Mother
DeLancy, William187831946 15.1Son
Dellone, Mattie C18811964 10.1 10.2 
Delmont, Nancy A Jul 28 186126y25.1Wife of (?) Delmont
Delong, Mina18801933 BlankMother
Delong, Adaline 192085y5.1 
Delong, Albert 191857y5.1 
Delong, Celia Ett18971898 5.1 
Delong, Clair M18941895 5.1 
Delong, Clara M 194783y5.1 
Delong, Edgar Sep 28 1904 5.1 
Delong, Edna 194256y5.1 
Delong, Elmer P19021904 5.1 
Delong, Emma 194683y5.1 
Delong, Francis18301871 5.1 
Delong, Frank 194080y5.1 
Delong, Golda L 194356y5.1 
Delong, Harrison L 193369y5.1 
Delong, Herbert W18881918 5.1 
Delong, Mershall H 193640y5.1 
Delong, John J 196481y5.1 
Delong, Lydia Lorena 194158y5.1Wife of Walter Delong
Delong, Marc W 193618y5.1 
Delong, Marie18641926 5.1 
Delong, Mary M 192873y5.1 
Delong, Robert L 196673y5.1 
Delong, Ruth18981899 5.1 
Delong, Scott Elmer18881891 5.1 
Delong, Walter 197387y5.1 
Delong, Walter F 192642y5.1 
Delong, Willard 192064y5.1 
DeMacy, James 1833 15.1 
Demcey, Helen L18711963 15.1 
Demcey, Herbert J18651939 15.1 
Demcey, Jessie B   15.1 
Demcey, W C18671910 15.1 
Demick, Daisy VApr 5 1877Aug 10 1940 Angelicab Milan, Mi to George & Alice Denham; wife of George Demick; dau's Alice McLean of Angelica & Ardith Ellison of Belfast; sons John, Floyd, Charles & Gordon of Angelica; see film for more info
Demick, George FSep 17 1874Oct 31 1943 Angelicab Mason, Mi; d Yukon, Fla; Hus of Daisy V Demick
Demick, George Howard Jun 28 19486wksAngelicaSon of Mr & Mrs Charles Demick; has 4 brothers and 2 sisters
Demick, Gordon RichardNov 9 1943Apr 1 1944 AngelicaSon of Floyd & Grace Demick
Demick, Grace Alice19471947 Angelica 
Demock, Elsie Oct 2 186317y 5m15.1 
Deming--See Demming also   See DEMING GENEALOGY
Deming, Marjorie 197074y5.1 
Deming, Leroy L18441922 6.11 
Deming, mable B18711941 6.11 
Deming, LymanOct 7 1811Jun 10 1894 6.11 
Deming, Cynthia CardinerFeb 26 1805Dec 2 1862 6.11Wife of Lyman Deming
Deming, John W C D18451937 6.116th NY Art'y NYV
Deming, Jennett S Walker1848Mar 9 1895/6 6.11Wife of John W C D Deming
Deming, Dora E18801901 6.11Dau of John W & Jeannett Walker Deming
Deming, Florence18711931 6.11She m 2) Harry Bullard
Deming, Mary18481850 6.11Dau of Ira & Lorana Deming; see DEMING GENEALOGY
Deming, Francis M1843Sep 23 1864 6.11d Andersonville Prison; son of Ira & Lorana Deming; see DEMING GENEALOGY
Deming, Jared GAug 15 1840Sep 5 1872 6.11See DEMING GENEALOGY
Deming, S Delia18461879 6.11Wife of Jared G Deming
Deming, Freddie DJul 15 1868Nov 9 1872 6.11Son of Jared & S Delia Deming; DEMING GENEALOGY says his name is Frederick Boynton Deming
Deming, Martin P 197571y5.1 
Deming, Alvin O   Angelica 
Deming, Bruce1873Jun, 1943 Angelicab Birdsall to Lyman & Sarah travis Deming; m Clara Vedder; children 1) Gladys Ames 2) Marela Rasmussen 3) Lyman Deming 4) Martin Deming
Deming, Elmira   Angelica 
Deming, Estella   Angelica 
Deming, Franklin S   Angelica 
Deming, NewvilleJul 12 1832Jun 9 1923 Angelicab Northampton NY; d Birdsall; m Elmira Travis Oct 29 1862; Co G 1st NY Dragoons, Civil War Veteran
Deming, Lena M   Angelica 
Deming, Lyman SpragueAug 17 1836Feb 24 1916 Angelicab Saratown,CO; d Belmont; m 1) Clara Lyons Sep 1858 who died Apr 1862; m 2) Sarah Travis Nov 1870; Civil War Veteran
Deming, Phillip Nov, 1919 Angelicad Moline, Ill of typhoid fever
Deming, WilliamAug 12 1813Mar 21 1897 6.3 
Deming, MaryJun 18 1811Apr 15 1872 6.3Wife of William Deming
Deming, Caleb I Sep 27 184811m 15d6.3Son of Elis & Sally Deming
Deming, Abel Dec 11 183911y 1m 10d6.3 
Deming, Samuel Dec 1 1852 6.3Son of Abel Deming
Deming, Dorgas Oct 11 1815 6.3Wife of Abel Deming
Deming, Sally M Aug 14 184525y 5m 14d6.3Dau of Abel Deming
Deming, Ida F Jul 18 194884y 5m 29d17.1b Clarksville NY; d Olean NY
Deming, Ernest EAug 19 1861Aug 22 1932 17.1Son of Joseph Deming; b & d Genesee Twp NY; Obit Aug 25 1932 Bolivar Breeze
Deming, Alrina Jan 17 183924y6.1dau of Abel & Dorcas Deming
Demmer, Lucy18461920 5.1 
Demmer, Joseph18391916 5.1 
Dempsey, R Agnes18961955 10.1 10.2Wife of Joseph S Dempsey
Dempsey, Daniel S18631932 10.1 10.2 
Dempsey, Ida May18721949 10.1 10.2Wife of Daniel S Dempsey
Dempsey, Charles D18991899 10.1 10.2Son of Daniel & Ida May Dempsey
Dempsey, Deborah A19511952 10.1 10.2 
Dempsey, Anne19341973 10.1 10.2 
Demuth, Wendel18451899 26.1 
Demuth, Wendel18451846 26.1 
Demuth, Mary1848Apr-05 26.1Wife of Wendel Demuth
Denig, George Jan 22 18412y 3m20.7Son of William & Celine Denig
Deniston, George G Feb 1 195682y 10m 23d17.1b Conesus; d Friendship
Deniston, Nellie May 11 194868y 5m 27d17.1b West Clarksville NY
Deniston, Amelia1844Mar-05 8.1 
Deniston, John N1850Apr-05 8.1 
Denning, DanielDec 18441920 Angelicab Corning to Daniel & Mary Denning
Denning, Mary Ann18161896 5.1 
Denning, Sarah18411917 5.1 
Denning, William H18601895 5.1 
Denning, Albert HNov 18 1912Jan 11 1973 24.5NY PFC US Army
Denning, Adelbert JNov 18 1942Jun 19 1969 24.5NY Pvt H H C 1 SFB (Abn) 1SF
Denning, Arthur M188719** 28.1 
Denning, Olive L18921930 28.1 
Denning, Robert P19551960 28.1 
Denning, Lyman18361916 5.1 
Denning, Jane Bolton1852Jun 30 1952 Angelicab Angelica to Mr & Mrs Samuel Bolton; m Daniel D Denning Apr 3 1871 who died 1920; children 1) Elmer Denning, 2) Mrs Perry Stewart
Denning, Peter   AngelicaLot 284
Denning, Daniel1844May 20 1970 Angelicab Corning to Daniel & Mary Denning of Indian heritage; came to Angelica Apr 3 1871; m Jennie Bolton, dau of Sam Bolton, a Naragansat Indian; see film for more info
Dennis, Betsey Nov 16 185371y11.4Wife of Humphrey Dennis
Dennis, Robert J19021946 26.1 
Dennis, Marian C1901  26.1 
Dennis, Lucia H   AngelicaLot 43
Dennis, Joseph   AngelicaLot 43
Dennison, Owen J18901948 6.11 
Dennison, Jennie A19001955 6.11 
Denroche, Mary Jane18361930 5.1Sister-in-law of Sarah O'Brien
Denroche, Charles Jun 5 185763y 8m 6dBlank 
Denroche, Sarah Jul 14 185861y 5m 17dBlank 
Denroche, Margaret F Mar 1 184418y 9m 12dBlankDau of Charles & Sarah Demroche
Denroche, Eliza18241906 Blank 
Densmore, Ett E DunbarAug 4 1877Aug 24 1911 Elmira Heightsb Independence NY to Delos & Harriet Dunbar; wife of John S Densmore; son Alton Densmore; dau Mrs Louis Ettenberger; see film for more bio information
Dentinger, Rosina H Thomas18341908 24.1 
Dentinger, Geroge   24.1Dates buried
DePaola, Pasquale A18911970 10.1 10.2 
DePew, Clifford W18881955 17.2 
DePew, Donna M18871968 17.2 
DeRemer, John M1867Dec 29 1943 6.11 
DeRemer, Nancy Raplee18721947 6.11 
Dermitt, William George18721939 10.1 10.2 
Dermitt, Elizabeth18681925 10.1 10.2Wife of William Glavin
Dermitt, Margaret18451919 10.1 10.2Wife of George Dermitt
Dermitt, George18431882 10.1 10.2 
Deroo, Elmer W1904Feb 8 197772y1.1Vault; Beaver Fun Home, Hornell, NY
Derry, Kitty Cople18861913 24.2 
Deschler, Amelia L189419** 26.1 
Deschler, Henry W18911958 26.1 
Desmond, John F18671941 26.1 
Desmond, Johanna18721949 26.1 
Devenpost, Kathryn 19369 1/2y5.1 
Devers, Patrick Sep 3 189759y26.1Father
Devers, Ann Mar 31 191168y 26.1Mother
Devoid, William J19011964 24.1 
Devoid, Irene G1910  24.1 
Devora, John E19041979 26.1 
Devora, Evelyn B190619** 26.1 
Devora, James A194519** 26.1 
Dewell, Susan Miller18861954 10.1 10.2Dau of Prosper & Luella Miller
Dewey, Doris Irene19071959 15.1 
Dewey, Brinsley188219** 10.1 10.2 
Dewey, Grace189819** 10.1 10.2 
Dewey, Grace F Linn18611932 8.1Buried at Buffalo
Dewey, George S W   Angelica 
Dewey, K M   Angelica 
Dewitt, John Apr 15 192376y7.3 
Dexter, Olive A   Angelica 
Dexter, William   Angelica 
Dexter, Ida Bults1855193985y1.1 
Dexter, Daniel18061891 21.5Father
Dexter, Angeline18161891 21.5Mother
Dexter, Wallace18421846 21.5Son of Daniel & Angeline Dexter
Dexter, Theodocia W18471863 21.5Dau of Daniel & Angeline Dexter
Dey, Ezekiel1823Aug 3 189784y 5m 29dBlank 
Dey, Harry A   Angelica 
Dey, JoncyJul 14 1849June, 1920 Angelicab Columbus, PA; Sep 9 1885 m Myra E Lyman; sister Mrs. John Engle of Angelica; brother Richard Dey of Kansas
Dey, Myra Electa Lyman Oct 5 193573yAngelica 
Dey, Lawrence J17981876 AngelicaWar of 1812; Hus of Margaret E Day
Dey, Lucena   AngelicaWife of William Dey; had 2 sons and 2 daughters
Dey, Moe1877Jun 4 193962yShort TractSee film for bio information
Dey, Margaret C17991888 AngelicaWife of Lawrence J Dey
Dey, Mary Ann   AngelicaDau of William & Lucena Dey
Dey, Mary L   Angelica 
Dey, Mertie E   Angelica 
Dey, Rachel A RathburnDec 18 1837Nov 4 1925 Almondb Almond to Lazarus & Mary Rathburn; d Angelica; wife of John Henry Dey who died 1902; m Jan 15 1862 Henry Day; dau's Mrs. Mae Weir & Mrs. Stella Dunham
Dey, William17681863 AngelicaHus of Lucena Dey
Dey, Elizabeth May 24 187262y14.1Wife of Allan Dey
DeYoe, Roy H Jan 7 197275y17.1b NY State; d Cuba NY
DeYoe, Leona May Jan 23 198178y17.1d Cuba NY
DeYoe, Darud G18451916 15.1 
DeYoe, Mariette Compton1837196 15.1Wife of Darus G DeYoe
Dibble, Olive A Jun 8 18507wks3.2Dau of Major & Lydia Dibble
Dibble, Alanson18591934 Blank 
Dibble, Charles B Dec 24 18664y 6m24.5Son of Joseph & Betsey Dibble
Dibble, Ada Smith18691958 Blank 
Dick, Donna Mae Jun 21 1947 BlankDrowned in Keshequa Creek; f Wm E Dick of Belmont; m Mrs. Ralph Stevens; sisters Mary Ellen & Barbara Ann of Nunda; grandparents Mr & Mrs Frank Dick of Indiana, PA & Mr & Mrs John Brandes of Angelica
Dickens, Charles H 197091y5.1 
Dickens, Iana 195649y5.1 
Dickens, Joseph R 196478y5.1 
Dickerson, Simeon18751942 10.1 10.2 
Dickerson, Myrtle188619** 10.1 10.2 
Dickerson, Awry Adelbert18471903 10.1 10.2 
Dickerson, Mary Frances Merrit18501911 10.1 10.2 
Dickerson, Lucy Maybell18791898 10.1 10.2Dau of Awry & Mary Dickerson
Dickerson, Vamerna19061969 28.1 
Dickerson, Gladys19111954 28.1 
Dickerson, Mary Frances Merrit Nov 17 188567y17.3 
Dickery, Hannah 184761y 5m 17d5.1 
Dickery, Ester W   5.1Dau of Hannon & Harriet Sortore
Dickey, Harriet M18351887 10.1 10.2 
Dickey, James H Nov 7 186138y 10mBlankMasonic emblem on stone
Dickinson, Isaac W18011885 28.1 
Dickinson, Josephine18131881 28.1Wife of Isaac W Dickinson
Dickinson, AlonzoJan 25 1850Jul 19 1891 28.1 
Dickinson, MelvinaJun 5 1866Nov 9 1948 Angelicab Birdsall to George & Maria Scholes Dickinson; sister Margaret Patterson of Bradford, PA
Dickinson, C18271895 15.1 
Dickinson, Euselia A18521932 15.1 
Dickinson, W W18241896 15.1 
Dickson, Dawson D Jan 20 193883yAngelicab Ireland; m Frances J Shaw in Arlington, NY
Dickson, George   AngelicaConstable 1887-1891
Dickson, Frances Jane Shaw Nov 2 1920 AngelicaWife of Dawson P Dickson
Dickson, Mura   Angelica 
Dickson, Sarah JaneNov 11 1867May 3 1932 Angelicab Fletcher, Ontario, CAN to John & Jane Suitor; m 1896 Thomas Dickson who died Sep 1932; children 1) Mrs Lentner Maxson; Frank Dickson; 3) Dawson Dickson of Rochester; sister Elizabeth Suiter of Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Dickson, Thomas Henry1854Jan 5 1924 Angelicab Monaghan,Ireland; d Dubois, PA; m Nov 26 1897 Sarah Jane Suitor of Catham, Can; had 2 sons and 2 daughter
Dicipua, AngeloFeb 21 1852Jun 21 1917 10.1 10.2 
Dieter, Dale Richard19401940 BlankSon of Mr & Mrs Robert Dieter of Canisteo
Dieter, Lester L Dec 18 184334yCanaseragaKilled in auto acident; wife Helen; children Harry, Raymond, Lois, Theodore, Nancy; mother Mrs. George Phillips all of Birdsall; d Elmira; see film for more info
Diffin, James Feb 8 188071y 5m 3d6.11 
Diffin, Eliza Jun 7 189174y 5m 3d6.11Wife of James Diffin
Diffin, Emma E Jul 8 18594y 25d6.11Dau of James & Eliza Diffin
Diffin, John18571936 6.11 
Diffin, Minnie18641941 6.11Wiofe of John Diffin
Diffin, William H18521918 6.11 
Diffin, Nettie H Baker18581932 6.11Wife of William H Diffin
Diffin, Mira A18831939 6.11Dau of William H & Nettie H Baker Diffin
Diffin, Charles A1841Mar 12 190564y6.11 
Dike, Samuel Aug 29 19065y4.6Son of James & Phebe Dike
Dike, Ester Oct 11 ****74y4.6Wife of Nathan Dike
Dike, sons (2) Apr 13 1860 4.6Sons of James & Phebe Dike
Dike, Lua A18461882 5.1 
Dike, Helen S18441925 5.1 
Dike, Mary H18451917 5.1 
Dike, Milton18501928 5.1 
Dike, Ruthben A18411933 5.1 
Dike, Sally18111884 5.1 
Dike, Sarah C18871888 5.1 
Dike, Delana J18581887 5.1 
Dike, F H18381865 5.1 
Dikeman, Elnora S 1952 1.1 
Dikeman, Murray E Dec 5 194067y1.1 
Dildine, Andrew1811  6.11 
Dildine, Phebe18141890 6.11Wife of Andrew Dildine
Dildine, William H18481875 6.11 
Dildine, Hannah Lambert18411880 6.11 
Dildine, Maria   6.11Wife of Benjamin F Meservey
Dill, Catherine17441850 20.1Wife of Joseph Dill
Dill, Charles1831Dec 2 184817y 4m 23d20.2Son of Philip & Eliza Dill
Dill, Edith18731919 20.2 
Dill, Eliza18061904 20.2 
Dill, Emma Dec 1 18** 20.2 
Dill, Lewis18441917 20.2 
Dill, Mary Ellen18331911 20.2Dau of Philip & Eliza Dill
Dill, Philip18011887 20.2 
Dillie, Ira Otis18681933 10.1 10.2 
Dillie, Eupha18741963 10.1 10.2Wife of Ira Otis Dillie
Dillon, John Mar 21 187719y(?) 21d26.1Son of Timothy & Jane Dillon
Dillon, Mary Jane Mar 14 18681m26.1 
Dillon, Jane Nov 10 188455y26.1Wife of Timothy Dillon
Dillon, James T18851959 26.1 
Dillon, John M18471920 26.1 
Dillon, Ellen18511922 26.1 
Dillon, Michael E18801938 26.1 
Dillon, Elizabeth I18831953 26.1 
Dillon, Mary B18791967 26.1 
Dillon, Nellie M18811967 26.1 
Dillon, John Oct 18 1881 26.1Son of John & Ellen Dillon; small marker--infant?
Dillon, William H18441930 26.1 
Dillon, Agnes18721894 26.1 
Dillon, Cecelia18751898 26.1 
Dillon, George P18781912 26.1 
Dillon, Jeremiah P18591932 26.1 
Dillon, Josephine O'Leary18701926 26.1 
Dimick, HiramOct 17 1818Feb 3 1893 Dimick-Wirt 
Dimick, HarriettDec 20 1822Oct 1 1880 Dimick-WirtWife of Hiram Dimick (French)
Dimick, Marcus FSep 5 1846Aug 6 1903 Dimick-WirtSon of Hiram Dimick
Dimick, Olivia KarrMar 7 1850  Dimick-WirtWife of Marcus F Dimick
Dimick, Hiland Jun 7 186112yDimick-WirtSon of Hiram Dimick
Dimick, EloisaAug 2 1850May 1 1918 Dimick-WirtDau of Hiram Dimick
Dirlam, H Arne195419639y1.1 
Diven, A S (Gen)1809  Blank 
Divine, Loretta K19091969 24.2 
Dixon, Infant daughter19591959 5.1 
Dixon, Doyle C192019** 26.1 
Dixon, Clara E191819** 26.1 
Dixon, Mary Jo Dec 24 1955 26.1 
Dixon, Rita EFeb 18 1949Sep 4 1970 26.1 
Dixon, Paul R19371974 26.1 
Dixon, Roberta G194119** 26.1 
Dixon, Eugene 19424y5.1 
Doan, Ella   1.4 
Doan, Lewis   1.4 
Doan, Albert 1950 1.4 
Doan, Arthur   1.4 
Doans, George W May 31 189123y26.1 
Dobbins, Horace18491901 5.1 
Dobbins, Lizzie R18601924 5.1 
Dodd, Sarah M Mar 19 185120y 1m 19d17.3Wife of John Dodd
Dodd, Adam R   Angelica 
Dodd, Edward   Angelica 
Dodd, Emmy May, 195383yDaltonChildren Lee A Dodge of Angelica, Mrs. Lafay Reynard of Swain & Mrs. Eunice Griffen of Lancaster
Dodge, Alfred L18621926 AndoverFather
Dodge, Amanda FFeb 14 1863Mr 27 1907 24.1Wife of W A Dodge
Dodge, Anna 195280y5.1 
Dodge, Frank G 193270y5.1 
Dodge, George E18521915 24.1Father
Dodge, Gilbert B 196875y5.1 
Dodge, Lillian Wilson 193978y5.1 
Dodge, J JesseSep, 1919Jan, 1920 Andover 
Dodge, John W18861910 11.4 
Dodge, Charles18881922 11.4 
Dodge, Arvin B18821885 11.4 
Dodge, Levi W Feb 7 189368y Andover 
Dodge, Mary A Apr 16 189963yAndover 
Dodge, Mary V18481913 11.4Mother
Dodge, Marcia M  62y5.1 
Dodge, Neva J18851885 10.1 10.2 
Dodge, Jennet M18931895 10.1 10.2 
Dodge, Walter A18591933 10.1 10.2 
Dodge, John F Jan 27 193662yDaltonWife Emily; son Lee Dodge of Angelica
Dodge, William J Jr18941918 AndoverSon of William J & Rosetta Foote Dodge
Dodge, Rosetta Foote1870Aug 27 1839 AndoverMother
Dodgson, Benjamine May 2 187675yRichburg 
Dodgson, Jane Sep 3 187872yRichburgWife of Benjamine Dodgson
Dodgson, Rachel Aug 30 181117y 4m 23dRichburgDau of Rev. L S Dodgson
Dodson, Homer   Dimick 
Dodson, Israel Adelbert18531902 Dimick 
Dodson, Sabre KnappFeb 14 1832Dec 15 1882 Dimick 
Dodson, DavidMay 29 18301911 Dimick 
Dodson, Lulu Kemery18871914 24.5Wife of Ortonville Dodson; mother of Ruth Dodson & Mildred Dodson Edwards
Dodson, HazelApr 28 1890Mar 2 1891 RichburgDau of L L & M A Dodson
Dodson, Isreal AdelbertAug 25 1830Sep 11 **** Dimick-Wirt 
Dodson, Sabre KnappFeb 24 1832Dec 15 1882 Dimick-Wirt 
Dodson, Davis18301911 Dimick-Wirt 
Dodson, Homer   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Dodson, Arthur M   AngelicaLot 806
Dodson, Doris   AngelicaLot 796
Dodson, John   AngelicaLot 806
Dodson, Mary E   AngelicaLot 806
Dodson, May M   AngelicaLot 796
Dodson, Myra MortonAug 25 1874Jun, 1924 AngelicaLot 806; b West Amond to George & Louise Morton; Hus of David Dodson; sons Charles & Donald Dodson; see film for more bio info
Dodson, William (Dr.)Nov 7 1864Mar 24 1920 Angelicab Birdsall; d Rochester; 1897 m Ethel May Morton; son J Morton Dodson, George W Dodson; dau Doris Louise Dodson d 1907; brother David H Dodson
D'Ohet, Mary Claudia17571810 AngelicaCatholic nun in France; sister of Marie d'Autremont
Dolan, Thomas J18641928 26.1 
Dolan, Katherine M18661937 26.1 
Dolan, John F18681930 26.1Father
Dolan, Margaret F18791950 26.1Mother
Dolan, John J19131914 26.1 
Dolan, Edmond M19181934 26.1 
Dolan, Margaret E18711918 26.1 
Dolan, Madeline M19061938 26.1 
Dolan, William18821928 10.1 10.2 
Dolan, Margaret A18841925 10.1 10.2 
Dolf, Leon W19011978 15.1 
Dolf, Della L1919  15.1 
Dolph, Eugene (Calvin)18641952 8.1 
Dolph, Mina (Sarah)18701937 8.1 
Donaldson, Homer18611935 Andover 
Donaldson, Rhoda18651923 AndoverWife of Homer Donaldson
Donegan, Margaret Mar 27 189771y 24.2Wife of Thomas Donegan
Donegan, Thomas M18621900 26.1 
Doner, Andrew W1884196076y5.2 
Doner, Kathryn1890191525y5.2 
Doner, Patrick J1878195375y5.2 
Doner, Leo JamesMay 9 191519153wks5.2 
Doner, Mary1839191778y5.2 
Donlon, Bessie M19021973 15.1Aunt "B"
Donnally--see Donnelly    
Donnally, Edward18171900 Andover 
Donnally, Mary A 1905 Andover 
Donnally, Margaret   AndoverNo dates
Donnell, Satie E Flinn18571886 8.1 
Donnelly, Polly Oct 18 188579y 14d19.1Wife of James Donnelly
Donnelly, James Jul 8 187773y19.1 
Donnelly, George W1902197068y5.2 
Donnelly, Marguerite A190119** 5.2 
Donnelly, James IOct 1 1876Nov 6 1949 10.1 10.2 
Donnelly, Rose AnnAug 24 1886Jan 20 1947 10.1 10.2 
Donnelly, Paul P19051963 10.1 10.2 
Donnelly, Marion E1910  10.1 10.2 
Donner, Hugh18343191379y 14d5.2 
Donner, Rose Ann1855192065y5.2 
Donner, Thomas F1881196483y5.2 
Donner, Hugh P1892196371y5.2 
Donovan, Sadie B19231966 15.1 
Donovan, Richard S19071953 26.1 
Donovan, Louise M19071938 26.1 
Donovan, William HMay 3 1895Sep 12 1977 26.1Pvt US Army WWI
Donovan, Richard C19721976 26.1Son of Richard & Joyce Donovan; brother of Ann Donovan
Donovan, Patrick Apr 4 189466y26.1 
Donovan, Hannah Dec 27 190572y26.1Wife of Patrick Donovan
Donovan, Patrick Sep 18 189327y26.1Son of Patrick & Hannah Donovan
Donovan, Father18241918 26.1 
Donovan, Mother18331911 26.1 
Donovan, Hannah18661957 26.1 
Donovan, Michael L18631950 26.1 
Donovan, Mary18821936 26.1 
Donovan, James18611928 26.1 
Donovan, Francis A190319** 26.1 
Donovan, Ella V190519** 26.1 
Donovan, John J18731907 26.1 
Donovan, Maureen Rose Dec 21 1865 26.1 
Donovan, Robert Edward Jr19631968 26.1 
Donovan, Timothy18341924 26.1 
Donovan, Mary18041891 26.1 
Donovan, Margaret18401916 26.1 
Donovan, Patrick18741913 26.1 
Donovan, Daniel18701904 26.1 
Donovan, Dennis18661935 26.1 
Donovan, Katherine Rooney18721914 26.1 
Donovan, William F JrFeb 5 1950  26.1 
Donovan, Marc WilliamMay 2 1977Apr 13 1987 26.1 
Donovan, Judy AApr 29 1951  26.1 
Donovan, William H18851947 26.1 
Donovan, Olive R18871953 26.1 
Donovan, John G1886194660y5.2 
Donovan, Mary F1855193277y5.2 
Doolittle, Albert May 31 1924 Angelicab Dunham Co. PA; m Martha Gibson 1872; Civil War Veteran; son Clarence, daughters Mrs Roy Arnold & Mrs. Ona Common; see film for more bio information
Doolittle, Marlida   AngelicaLot 202
Doolskis, George1890Feb 2 197686y1.1b Poland; no known survivors; vault-Beaver Funeral Home, Hornell NY
Doonar, (?) 187184y 6m24.2 
Doran, Belle B Stratton18781920 AndoverWife of Bert (Bartley) Doran
Doran, Bernadine1920195434y5.2Wife of (?) Rebaulet
Doran, Alice F1878195577y5.2 
Doran, thomas H1878195380y5.2 
Doran, Jennie B1883196986y5.2 
Doran, William E1882195170y5.2 
Doran, Rose E1887194356y5.2 
Doran, Michael S1931195019y5.2 
Doran, Emogene1899194142y5.2 
Doran, Raymond189419** 5.2 
Doran, Lawrence1910193929y5.2 
Doran, Frank M1880195575y5.2 
Doran, Elizabeth V1880191838y5.2 
Doran, Bridget1854193682y5.2 
Doran, Bernard1846190963y5.2 
Dorman, Dearing L18361897 8.1 
Dorman, Jennie L18341895 8.1Wife of Dearing L Dorman
Dorman, Burnett18641881 8.1Son of Dearing L & Jennie Dorman
Dorman, Lewis18741900 8.1Son of Dearing L & Jennie Dorman
Dorman, S T   AngelicaLot 628
Dorothy, (?)18981918 10.1 10.2 
Dorney, Maria L19051933 15.1 
Dorney, Edward J18841962 26.1Father
Dorney, Sarah Ann18851928 26.1Mother
Dorney, Mary Ann18401916 26.1Mother
Dorney, Richard M19221979 26.1Cpl US Army WWII
Dorney, Gerald J19151939 26.1Son
Dorney, Edward LJul 5 1919Jun 6 1944 26.1NY Sgt England WWII
Dorrett, Waldo E18931973 10.1 10.2 
Dorrett, Edna L189519** 10.1 10.2 
Dorrett, William H18831942 10.1 10.2Father
Dorrett, Esther V1898  10.1 10.2Mother
Dorrett, William Benjamin18541901 10.1 10.2Father
Dorrett, Martha Josephine18561926 10.1 10.2 
Dorrett, Isac George18561928 10.1 10.2Uncle
Dorrett, Bessie D Sherwood18881954 10.1 10.2 
Dort, Grace ScholesNov 26 1866Mar 29 1940 Angelicab Angelica to John F & Lydia Manning Scholes; m 1) Fred Black d Sep 20 1919; m 2) Wallace W Dort June 19 1921-d Jul 1939; no immediate survivors
Dort, Agnes Margaret18411923 5.1 
Dort, George M Dolphin 1908 5.1 
Dort, Darwin Sep 15 18382y8.8Son of John & Roxey Dort
Dort, Roxcy May 2 18422y8.8Dau of John & Roxey Dort
Dort, Wallace WAug 16 1855Jul 27 1939 8.1 
Dort, Dora MNov 23 1870Jan 25 1918 8.1 
Doty, Alexander Sep 5 1880 5.1 
Doty, Elisha 186938y1.1No stone
Doty, Kurt A 197422y5.1 
Doty, Patricia LynnSep 18 1972Sep 18 1972 5.1Baby dau of Roy & Marla Doty
Doty, Mary Feb 22 184784y 3m 15d11.4Wife of Levi Doty
Doty, Sarah18051876 5.1Vermont
Doud, Pulcipher Sep 16 1834 Richburg 
Dougan, Thomas18561913 5.1 
Dougan, Mary M18541887 5.1 
Dougan, Thomas18301879 5.1 
Dougherty, Georgia 196874y5.1 
Dougherty, Patrick18761940 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Florence18811949 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Edward19131942 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Palone (Baby) 1942 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, John P18821953 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Elizabeth18861955 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Anthony18361908 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Ellen K18451938 10.1 10.2 
Dougherty, Mary E18731944 10.1 10.2 
Douglas, Adelbert M18511944 15.1 
Douoran, Elizabeth19101916 5.1 
Dowd, Celinda   AngelicaLot 540
Dowd, Erwin W   AngelicaLot 64A
Dowd, George P   AngelicaLot 839B
Dowd, Mary I1865Oct 16 1942 AngelicaLot 839B; b W Almond to Sherman & Margaret Engle Lord; m George Dowd Jun 11 1884 who died 15 yr ago; dau's Mrs Mae Benjamin, Mrs Myra Siever, Mrs Lucy Webster, Mrs Pearl Gibson, deceased; son Lloyd Dowd Sr; brother Fay Lord
Dowd, Paul Mar 25 1883 AngelicaCivil War Veteran
Dowd, E William Jun 30 194253yAngelicaHus of Mary Lyons Dowd; dau Mrs Irene McLean, dau Ellen Dowd; father Henry Dowd; step-sister Grace Phippen, step-brother Ernest Crawford; was Constable 1824-1931
Dowe, Charles Norton18771890 5.1 
Dowe, Clarenda C18571889 5.1 
Downes, Lorica 191447y5.1 
Downing, Ann Apr 27 182873y5.13Wife of David Downing (Ed Hanchet farm)
Downs, Lottie18691939 26.1 
Downs, Mary18271917 26.1Mother
Downs, Ellen18521941 26.1 
Downs, James18701937 26.1 
Dowse, Harriet V Burdick Feb, 191472y1.1 
Dowse, Lester1874194571y2.2 
Doyle, Nelson183719** Utopia-WirtCo. K 136 NY Inf; Civil War Veteran
Doyle, Lillian18571925 Utopia-WirtWife of Nelson Doyle
Doyle, Mary F18691897 Utopia-WirtDau of Nelson & Lillian Doyle
Drake, Watson L18741951 15.1 
Drake, Ella E18741928 15.1 
Drake, Blanche S18821962 15.1 
Drake, Joshua Jul 15 1857 15.1 
Drake, Mary H Love Jan 5 1863 15.1Wife of Joshua Drake
Drake, Charles   8.1No stone; next to D Finch; was a friend with no family as they say.
Drake, CorneliusAug 20 1802Nov 15 1872 15.1 
Drake, John E18651948 10.1 10.2 
Drake, Gertrude   10.1 10.2 
Drake, Mary J18851959 8.1 
Draney, Edward T190219** 26.1 
Draney, Gertrude E19031977 26.1 
Drehmer, Frankie   AngelicaLot 588
Drehmer, J G   AngelicaLot 588
Drehmer, Julia Common   Angelicad Bradford PA; Lot 588
Drehmer, Robert N   AngelicaLot 588
Drew, Jennie E18671945 15.1 
Drew, Charles W18631948 15.1 
Drew, Kenneth M19051977 15.1 
Drew, Katheryn M1908  15.1 
Drew, Thomas BJul 3 1910Aug 14 1971 17.2 
Driscoll, Tillie McQuane18801933 26.1 
Driscoll, Daniel W18321912 26.1Father
Driscoll, Mary Harrington18451929 26.1Mother
Driscoll, CatherineJun 15 1866Sep 6 1887 26.1 
Driscoll, John J18691929 26.1 
Driscoll, Catherine18751907 26.1 
Driscoll, Mary Harrington18701890 26.1 
Driscoll, Honora18481918 26.1Mother
Driscoll, Knight18341914 26.1Father
Driscoll, Jeremiah H18801961 26.1 
Driscoll, Daniel W18711954 26.1 
Driscoll, Helen Rockwell18841927 26.1 
Driscoll, Edward J 1943 26.1 
Driscoll, Margaret 1970 26.1 
Driscoll, John  May 30 189785y26.1Hus of Ellen Driscoll
Driscoll, Ellen Feb 28 189788y26.1Wife of John Driscoll
Driscoll, Amanda 195184y5.1 
Driscoll, Anna18191903 5.1 
Driscoll, Bernard18651927 5.1 
Driscoll, Eliza 193778y5.1 
Driscoll, Florence E18631927 5.1 
Driscoll, Grace A 195386y5.1 
Driscoll, Marie18471933 5.1 
Drummond, Cecil R1879194364y1.1 
Drummond, Faletha Elizabeth Davis1854194086y1.1"T" on stone; Wife of W E Drummond
Drummond, Frankie S (G)1876193775y1.1Wife of Terrence Drummond
Drummond, Esther1882Mar 29 197390y11Wife of Cevil Drummond
Drummond, Terrence M1874191844y1.1 
Drummond, Wilford E1854192268y1.1 
Dudley, Abigail E   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Charles H   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Eliza W   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Elon   BlankTn Auditor 1877-1878; 1855 Hwy Commissioner
Dudley, George C   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Harriet A18441888 AngelicaLot 105; sau Mary survives
Dudley, Henry B   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Horace E 1906 AngelicaLot 105; Justice 1870-1906
Dudley, Sabra deFrancie ThompsonJan 3 1855Feb 10 1922 Angelicab Amboy, Ill; wife of Horace E Dudley; m 1890 Horace Dudley, prominent lawyer in Angelica who died 1906; daughters Edith Sabra & Gladys Lucile
Dudley, Daisy E18731958 8.1Name on William Gleason monument
Dudley, Electa May18821958 8.1 
Dudley, John E18501920 8.1 
Dudley, Frances L18501926 8.1 
Dudley, David LAug 25 1821(?)Apr 1 1883 8.1 
Dudley, Hannah ZMar 10 1820Feb 23 1889 8.1Wife of Daniel L Dudley
Dudley, William D18771944 15.1 
Dudley, Minnie E18721971 15.1 
Dudley, Emma Ackerly18771921 15.1 
Dudley, John Lockhart18761918 15.1 
Dudley, Bessie V18891944 24.1 
Dudley, Harry M18681925 24.1 
Dudley, Mary C   Angelica 
Dudley, William C   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, Winifred   AngelicaLot 105
Dudley, James H   AngelicaLot 548
Dudley, John LewisSep 16 1833May 4 1919 Blankb West Almond to Elon & Fannie Latham Dudley; m 1) Sep 7 1858 Mary Crandall who died Nov 12 1880; m 2) Artelison Lee Scovall
Dudley, Mary C   AngelicaLot 548
Duel, Nancy A18501902 28.1Wife of Jacob Duel
Duel, Jacob A18391916 28.1Co. D 86 Regt NYV; GAR
Duel, Alfred H1872  28.1 
Duel, Elizabeth1874  28.1 
Duell, Victor LDec 12 1917Jan 22 1981 28.1 
Dufer, Charles F18851885 5.1 
Dufer, G W18721872 5.1 
Dufer, H F18351899 5.1 
Dufer, Harry Orlando18751891 5.1 
Duffey, Rose18901955 Blank 
Duffy, Owen F18601939 26.1Father
Duffy, Anna M18581938 26.1Mother
Duffy, Catharine 1891 26.1 
Duffy, Barney 1899 26.1 
Duffy, James18581880 26.1 
Duffy, Bernard18971970 26.1 
Duffy, James B18901978 26.1 
Duffy, John A18981976 26.1 
Duffy, Catherine18941974 26.1 
Duffy, Patrick H18931973 26.1 
Duffy, Owen FrancisAug 19 1892Nov 18 1947 26.1b Wellsville of Owen & anna Dempsey Duffy; Hus of Catherine Rockwell Duffy; Dau's Mary, Rita & Ann; sons Jack, Owen Jr & James
Duffy, Catherine V Rockwell18971974 26.1Wife of Owen Francis Duffy
Duffy, Agnes H1877196386y5.2 
Duffy, Eugene H1880196383y5.2 
Duffy, Rose 195364y5.1 
Dufor, Viola18431913 5.1 
Dugan, Bridget D18601937 26.1 
Dugan, John Richard18971954 26.1 
Dugan, John Richard Jul 25 180754y26.1 
Dugan, Jeremiah Jul 20 189176y24.2 
Dugan, Mary May 4 185435624.2Wife of Jeremiah Dugan
Dugan, Mary EMar 6 1860Nov 4 1886 24.2Wife of John Dugan
Dugan, Mariah18361922 5.1 
Dugan, Rose A 1939 5.2 
Dugan, John E 1925 5.2 
Dugan, Arthur J1884196480y5.2 
Duggan, Father May 9 190574y26.1 
Duggan, Mother Feb 5 191075y26.1 
Duggan, Daniel18621932 26.1 
Duggan, M F (Rev)18721934 26.1 
Duggan, Cornelius18721929 26.1 
Duggan, Teresa H18811942 26.1 
Duggan, Mary19141914 26.1 
Duggan, Cornelius PMar 14 1907Nov 2 1974 26.1S Sgt Army Air Forces
Duke, John18321902 24.5 
Duke, Mary EFeb 28 1842  24.5 
Duke, VioletSep, 1844  24.5 
Duke, EmmerJun 8 1847Aug 7 1925 24.5 
Duke, Ann PJan 31 1838  24.5 
Duke, CharlesJan 11 1840  24.5 
Duke, WilliamApr 20 1870Jun 30 1897 24.5 
Duke, JohnApr 14 1832Dec 5 1902 24.5 
Duke, ThomasMar 4 1834Feb 21 1881 24.5 
Duke, Nancy18321904 24.5Wife of J Duke
Duke, Myron JDec 3 1875Dec 29 1904 24.1 
Duke, MotherMar 8 1846Sep 17 1913 24.1 
Duke, JosephApr 23 1836Dec 15 1884 24.1 
Duke, Albert LApr 8 1867Mar 24 1873 24.1 
Duke, William Dec 7 184751y 4m24.5 
Duke, ElizabethMar 1 1809Oct 17 1888 24.5Wife of William Duke
Duke, WilliamApr 10 1870Jun 30 1897 24.5 
Duke, JohnApr 14 1832Dec 5 1902 24.5 
Duke, ThomasMar 4 1834Feb 21 1881 24.5 
Dull, J T   26.1Data underground and unable to read
Dull, Johanna18641912 26.1 
Dull, Annie18541904 26.1 
Dumbolton, Joel A19071970 10.1 10.2 
Dumbolton, Agnes C1920  10.1 10.2 
Dumbolton, Arlie Fayette Jul 4 195569y 7m 9d17.1Son of Columbus & Annette Ellis Dumbolton; hus of Maude Thomas Dumbolton; b Minneapolis, Minn; d Genesee Twp NY; PA RR Freight conductor
Dumbolton, BlancheMay 7 1888Nov 13 193951y 3m 16d17.1Wife of Arlie Adams Dumbolton; obit Nov 23 1939 Bolivar Breeze
Duer, Martin Henry18671867 5.1Son of Joseph Dummer
Dunahay, Thomas BApr 8 1892Apr 18 1963 15.1PAA PFC Co. 316 Inf 82 Div; WWI
Dunahay, Eva M18951971 15.1 
Dunbar, Bertie July 8 18793y 5m28.1 
Dunbar, Lewie Jul 8 18797m28.1 
Dunbar, Teresa M1882197189y5.2 
Duncan, Charlie   AngelicaLot 376
Duncan, Charlotte Moot Mar, 1950 AngelicaLot 376; wife of Ray Duncan; b Allen; sister Margaret Winchip of Fillmore
Duncan, Ernest M   AngelicaLot 35A
Duncan, Helen M   AngelicaLot 504
Duncan, Henry A   AngelicaLot 504
Duncan, James C18161878 AngelicaLot 570; hus of Mary Duncan
Duncan, Lizzie   AngelicaLot 702
Duncan, Mary W   AngelicaLot 570; wife of James C Duncan
Duncan, M B   BlankElection Inspector 1884-1885; Justice 1888
Duncan, Sophronia   AngelicaLot 35A
Dungan, Laroe Jan 11 185832y 9m 22d4.1 
Dungan, Mary Matilda Feb 3 187040y 10m 8d4.1Wife of Laroe Dungan
Dunham, Freda G1880195675y1.1 
Dunham, George V 191927y1.1No stone
Dunham, Harry Burdick1880193150y1.1 
Dunham, Infant Girl  0y1.1No stone
Dunham, Julia Etta BurdickMay 15 1887Apr 29 189134y1.1Wife of W C Dunham
Dunham, Betsy Havens  Dimick 
Dunham, David Sep 7 187875yDimick 
Havens, Clark V   Dimick 
Dunham, StellaSep 11 1866  Almondb West Almond; m Dec 24 1884 David Dunham; dau of John & Rachel Rathburn Dey
Dunham, Phebe Feb, 185791y 6m 5d27.3Wife of ? Richardson
Dunham, William EdwardSep 13 1889May 11 193949y1.1WWI Veteran; NY Pvt LCL P8 Inf 27 Division
Dunigan, James18541939 26.1 
Dunlap, Edna M18861945 15.1 
Dunlap, Wells D18871974 15.1 
Dunn, Alice Jul 18 18001y 6m19.1Dau of Charles F & Mary F Dunn
Dunn, Dorothy L1918196446y1.1 
Dunn, Stanley S18921930 15.1 
Dunn, Bridget18421892 26.1 
Dunn, Mary18381901 26.1 
Dunn, Thomas F18761955 26.1 
Dunn, Margaret L18771953 26.1 
Dunn, Aurelia M19021955 10.1 10.2 
Dunn, Charles LJan 8 1850May 13 1903 19.1 
Dunn, Jacob 185566yFriendshipFriendship Bapt Church Cemetery
Dunn, Bernard S18601934 10.1 10.2 
Dunn, Bridget M18651950 10.1 10.2 
Dunn, Infant daughter Feb 16 1934 10.1 10.2 
Dunn, Helen GleasonJul 4 1897May 27 1972 10.1 10.2 
Dunnigan, Adain ASep 18 1849Mar 6 1947 24.2 
Dunnigan, Francis JApr 27 1897Feb 10 1941 24.2 
Dunnigan, John F18531932 24.2 
Dunnigan, Mary C18621915 24.2 
Dunnigan, Thomas FJun 8 1891Oct 26 1967 24.2 
Dunning, Benjamin P18351917 8.1 
Dunning, Frances Jan 1 18692m 15d8.1Dau of Benjamin & Eliza Dunning
Dunning Frankie Aug 29 187911y 8m 15d8.1Son of Benjamin & Eliza Dunning
Dunning, ElizaDec 5 1837May 30 1913 8.1Wife of Benjamin Dunning; b Rochester; m at 17 Benjamin P Dunning at Woodsville NY; 4 children survive, George Dunning & Mrs Cora Smith of Lean, Mrs Maude Floraine of Parkersburg, W VA, and Mrs. Madge Johnson of Angelica
Dunning, Suitor Jul 13 186161yBelfast 
Dunning, John B Jun 15 187021y 6m 28d4.2Son of Humphrey & Caroline Dunning
Dunning, Bird Jan 13 18658y 3d4.2Son of Humphrey & Caroline Dunning
Dunning, Caroline E   4.2Wife of Humphrey Dunning
Dunning, Jacob17831865 4.2 
Dunning, Sally17891874 4.2Wife of Jacob Dunning
Dunning, Frederick Plumb18131888 5.1 
Dunning, Clayton M18771947 10.1 10.2 
Dunning, Mary K18831926 10.1 10.2 
Dunning, Jane J Jun 1 183818y 2m 12d11.4Dau of Jacob & Sarah Dunning
Dunning, Lewis L   AndoverFather
Dunning, Grace P Aug 21 191926yAndoverMother
Dunning, William L18721947 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Dunning, Minnie R18721913 10.1 10.2Wife of W L Dunning
Dunning, Joshua18431924 10.1 10.2Co. I 188 Regt NYV GAR
Dunning, Ella A18501923 10.1 10.2Wife of J Dunning
Dunshie, Mildred J Jan 24 197671y17.1b PA d Olean NY
Dunshire, Merton L19001970 17.2 
Dunshire, Mildred J1904  17.2 
Dunton, George R Jul 13 185328y1.1 
Dunton, Matilda Oct 19 186537y1.1Wife of G R Dunton
DuPont, Victor   BlankFreeholder 1808, Town Clerk 1807, Election Inspector 1808
Durand, A E V (MD)18271872 Andover 
Durand, Clara1861Jul 4 192250yAndoverm Edward Durand, son of Albert Durant, MD & Lydia Jane Dyer; her obit says she was 50 yr old
Durand, L D18601861 Andover 
Durbun, Betsey   8.2 
Durnin, Esther H18951971 15.1 
Duryu, Infant  0y1.1No stone
Dwyer, Mary A18651954 26.1 
Dwyer, Daniel18631952 26.1 
Dwyer, Leon R18971921 26.1 
Dwyer, D Victor18981963 26.1 
Dwyer, M Margaret19081908 26.1 
Dwyer, Ellen18501938 26.1 
Dwyer, John18171873 26.1Father
Dwyer, Ellen18271912 26.1Mother
Dye, Cora L187119** 8.1 
Dye, George WallaceDec 12 1854Dec 8 194591y 22m 27d17.1Hus of Gertrude Dye; b Glenwood NY;d West Clarksville, NY; obit Dec 13 1945 Bolivar Breeze
Dye, Millicent H18901962 15.1 
Dye, George Leigh18941979 15.1 
Dye, John P1824190480y1.1 
Dye, Susan A1826191386y1.1Wife of John P Dye
Dyer, James Jan 22 183065yAndover 
Dyer, Lydia Nov 3 185383yAndoverWife of James Dyer
Dyer, MansurJun 24 1801Nov 9 1872 Andover 
Dyer, Eliza Heseltine Mar 18 1843 Andover1st wife of Mansur Dyer
Dyer, Sylvia Apr 22 183612yAndoverDau of Mansur & Eliza Dyer
Dyer, Sally Ann StoutJan 12 1814Dec 31 1905 Andover2nd wife of Mansur Dyer
Dyer, Edward BOct 30 1852Oct 3 1863 AndoverSon of Mansur & Sally Dyer
Dyer, James W Sep 26 1872 AndoverSon of Mansur & Sally Dyer
Dyer, John Calvin18321910 AndoverSon of Mansur & Eliza Dyer
Dyer, Evaline Cooper Mar 27 190467yAndoverWife of John Calvin Dyer; obit Apr 1 1904 Andover News
Dyke, Adelbert18561921 5.1 
Dyke, Alice M18491923 5.1 
Dyke, Alma Anna193964y 5.1Wife of John A Dyke
Dyke, Charles 195587y5.1 
Dyke Chauncey P18211901 5.1 
Dyke, Clifford19031920 5.1 
Dyke, Edward M18731916 5.1 
Dyke, Ernest L18721898 5.1 
Dyke, Isaac E 195575y5.1 
Dyke, Jefferson18581920 5.1 
Dyke, John Alden18701936 5.1 
Dyke, John Robert 193831y5.1 
Dyke, Libby Patten18621915 5.1 
Dyke, Random L18241896 5.1 
Dyke, Rhoda M18261916 5.1 
Dyke, Sarah A18381904 5.1 
Dyke, William A 194532y 5.1 

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