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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Eagan, Francis J18881961 26.1 
Eagan, Mary E Lake18881962 26.1 
Eagan, Michael May 1 188169y24.2 
Eagan, Timothy T18631938 26.1 
Eagan, Mary C18681949 26.1 
Eagan, Angla Miller19001971 26.1 
Eagan, Catherine M Smith190219** 26.1 
Eagan, Edward J18771959 26.1 
Eagan, Josephine D18761956 26.1 
Eagan, Mary Elizabeth19111917 26.1 
Eagan, Edward Sr 1921 26.1Father
Eagan, Mary 1891 26.1Mother
Eagan, Anna 1921 26.1Sister
Eall, Ervin D Aug 28 18638y 4m 24d24.1Son of D U A A Eall
Earl, Charles J18821936 10.1 10.2 
Earl, Sarah M189119** 10.1 10.2 
Earl, Roba18641883 5.1 
Earley, Anna Pendleton18561916 24.1 
Earley, Betsey C   24.1Mother; dau of Jonah & Susan French
Earley, Crayton L (Craighton)18671940 Andover 
Earley, Florence S1877Mar 3 1971 Andover 
Earley, Stout Feb 8 187648y 3m 16d24.1 
Earll, Mary Sep 27 184120y 5m20.2 
Earll, Mary Apr 27 181120y 5m20.2or 1817
Earll, Samuel EJul 22 1903Jun 16 1973 Richburg 
Earll, VeronicaMay 12 1905Jan 26 1976 RichburgWife of Samuel Earll
Early--see Earley     
Early, Hattie B18661965 24.1 
Early, Benton C18581931 24.1 
Early, Matilda EJun 11 1843May 7 188151yDimick 
Brown, SmithOct 28 1815Apr 8 1871 DimickBuried with Benton & Hattie Early
Brown, Annie EDec 6 1818Jul 12 1882 DimickBuried with Benton & Hattie Early
Brown, Burdette18711942 DimickBuried with Benton & Hattie Early
Brown, Antionette Fullerton18731942 DimickBuried with Benton & Hattie Early
Early, Polly MSep 8 1840Feb 17 1938 24.1Wife of Z B Earley
Early, Mattie M Nov 9 187611y 1m 17d24.1Dau of Z B & Polly Earley
Early, Susie M Jan 6 188211y 24.1Dau of Z B & Polly Earley
Early, Baby Jul 29 1881 24.1Dau of Z B & Polly Earley
Early, Susan Apr 25 186547y24.1Wife of J S Early
Early, Carrie A18411911 24.1Wife of S H Early
Eastman, Earl C18901953 17.2 
Eastman, Nettie E1893  17.2 
Eastman, Gilbert  71y1.1Lot 272; no stone
Eastman, Joseph L Oct 21 188877y24.1 
Eastman, Luley Apr 9 188070y24.1Wife of Joseph Eastman
Eastman, Harriet M18351905 24.1Wife of R B Eastman
Eastman, Elizabeth M18741934 15.1 
Easterbook, Elizabeth Sep 11 186252y4.2Wife of Charles Easterbrook
Easton, Art   Richburg 
Easton, Lena   RichburgWife of Art Easton; dau of John King
Easton, Roscoe C18721938 Richburg 
Easton, Bertha18771935 5.1 
Easton, Brunson M 195283y5.1 
Easton, Catherine A19141978 15.1 
Easton, A Sr1905  15.1 
Easton, Fannie C French18331902 1.1Wife of S S Easton; 1892 on stone; age 33 or 69
Easton, Forduce M19021935 15.1State Police
Easton, Frank Burt1867194779y1.1 
Easton, Frank S 196764y5.1 
Easton, Glenn DMar 2 1914Apr 14 1976 15.1Sgt Army Air Force WWII
Easton, Ira A18871944 15.1 
Easton, Lida A18761946 15.1 
Easton, JamesJul 26 1896Jun 7 1964 15.1New York Pvt US Army WWII
Easton, Lottie MMay 1 1891Oct 4 189431.1 
Easton, Mary White1866193467y1.1Wife of Bert Easton
Easton, Paul L19251926 5.1 
Easton, Rena B 196972y5.1 
Easton, Samuel B18451920 5.1 
Easton, Stephan B 197281y5.1 
Easton, Stewart S1824190884y1.1 
Easton, Walter L1896195256y1.1 
Easton, Weltha V 193079y5.1 
Eastwood, Emma18691935 BlankWife of Hugh Eastwood; see film for bio information
Eastwood, William H   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Eaton, T W (Rev)Nov 12 1810Nov 20 1876 Blank 
Eaton, Amanda A NobleOct 7 1817Nov 22 1881 Blank 
Eaton, Mother   Blank 
Eaton, Father   Blank 
Eaton, CharlesNov 5 1800Jan 15 1887 21.5 
Eaton, AdencyApr 11 1819Jun 3 1896 21.5Wife of Charles Eaton
Eaton, James LesterJul 25 1841Apr 24 1862 21.5Son of Charles & Adency Eaton; Co C 85th Regt NYV; Died Newport News, VA
Eaton, BurdettJun 19 1862Jul 6 1872 10.1 10.2 
Eaton, C OlinJul 6 1878Jan 6 1894 10.1 10.2 
Eaton, H H (Mother)18341909 10.1 10.2 
Eaton, H W (Father)1838  10.1 10.2 
Eaton, Charles L1837191474/77y1.1Civil War Veteran; Co M 16 Reg NY HI Vol's
Eaton, Edward Mar, 191448y17.1d Olean NY; obit Sep 10 1914 Bolivar Breeze
Eaton, Eliza A Spaulding1842191472y1.1 
Eaton, Emma M Jan 16 18625m21.5Dau of charles & Adency Eaton
Eaton, Francis EugeneNov 2 1865Sep 16 1921 10.1 10.2Father
Eaton, Katherine Elizabeth LoveringJun 4 1867Jun 3 1923 10.1 10.2Mother
Eaton, Roscoe Conklin (MD)Apr 10 1888Sep 30 1972 10.1 10.2Capt MC 3rd Div WWI; son of Kathryn Elizabeth & Francis Eugene Eaton
Eaton, Fanny1804186157y1.1 
Eaton, Franklin D Sep 12 18411y 11m21.5 
Eaton, Frances M18331876 24.5 
Eaton, Hannah S Coon1829190071y1.1Wife of J C Eaton
Eaton, Harmonius C Sep 1 196772y17.1b Portville NY; d Olean NY
Eaton, Horace1835190973y1.1 
Eaton, Howard19071934 10.1 10.2 
Eaton, Jacob H18611948 17.2 
Eaton, Ida Bell18831964 17.2 
Eaton, Joseph C1826188963y1.1 
Eaton, Martha E18971899 10.1 10.2Dau of B W & M T Eaton
Eaton, Maude18861936 10.1 10.2 
Eaton, Sarah M1843192379y10.1 10.2Wife of Horace Eaton
Eaton, Stedman1805187166y1.1 
Eaton, William Brian 19570y1.1 
Eaton, Archie M18751950 Richburg 
Eberl, Cyrel V18921952 10.1 10.2 
Eberl, Eva H18941968 10.1 10.2 
Eberl, Vincent J19161924 10.1 10.2 
Ebner, Roy De   10.1 10.2Father
Ebner, Rose Eva   10.1 10.2Mother
Eck, Terry Edward 19682y5.1 
Eck, Angeline 195580y5.1 
Eckbert, Chester A18811962 5.1 
Eddy, Barnabus   6.3 
Eddy, Boughton U18771917 5.1 
Eddy, Burton Sep 1 197456y17.1b NYS; d Cuba NY
Eddy, David K 19620y1.1Son of Harold Eddy
Eddy, Ebenezer S Jul 2 186130y21.5 
Eddy, Hannah Oct 12 1821 6.3Dau of Barnabus C & Sedah Eddy
Eddy, Mary Underwood18381917 5.1 
Eddy, Maria M  70y6.3 
Eddy, Teresa 1965 1.1 
Eddy, Timothy18281892 5.1 
Edgerton, Baby Boy19721973 5.1 
Edward, Nellie18711871 5.1 
Edwards, Bathsheba H1786183953y1.1Wife of Joseph Edwards
Edwards, Anna Delores 19527y5.1 
Edwards, Anne E 190769y5.1 
Edwards, Donald LAug 21 1918Sep 5 1965 8.1NY Tec 5 115 AAA Gun Bn CAC WWII
Edwards, Nellie M1924  8.1 
Edwards, Frank A18891963 15.1 
Edwards, George195563y 5.1 
Edwards, Gerald P19171970 15.1 
Edwards, Grace E18891977 15.1 
Edwards, Harriet Williams1828187850y1.1 
Edwards, Harry R Oct 4 195120y 13d17.1Son of Howard & Mable Goodridge Edwards; b Belmont; d Genesee Twp in tractor accident
Edwards, Howard Nov 29 196963y17.1d Buffalo, NY
Edwards, Howard C JrSep 9 1927Dec 14 198255y17.1Son of H C & Mabel Goodridge Edwards; hus of Beulah A Tayler; obit Dec 1982 Olean Times Herald
Edwards, Horace Greely1855194792y1.1 
Edwards, W Irving1859187415y1.1 
Edwards, Joseph1782186179y1.1 
Edwards, Joseph Jr1823189673y1.1 
Edwards,, Lewis O1874191541y1.1 
Edwards, Martha 18263y1.1 
Edwards, Myrtle E1915  24.1 
Edwards, Harold J19421945 24.1 
Edwards, Harold H19061959 24.1 
Edwards, Vella L189719** 15.1 
Edwards, Jason L18931946 15.1 
Edwards, William 196878y5.1 
Edwards, DanielJul 13 1757Feb, 1845 17.2 
Edwards, JohnSep 18 1801Mar 21 1877 17.2 
Edwards, LoisSep 7 1773Mar, 1853 17.2Wife of John Edwards
Edwards, HarriettJun 24 18091894 17.2 
Edwards, Harold18901899 1.4 
Egan, Thomas Apr 20 18602y24.2 
Egan, James Nov 6 187926y24.2 
Egan, Thomas Jul 11 188125y24.2 
Egan, Julia Nov 10 186380y24.2 
Egan, Ella A1869191950y5.2 
Egan, Patrick T18651925 5.2 
Egbert, Bessie M190419** 24.1 
Eggelson, Alfred 196485y5.1 
Eggleston, Carie   AngelicaLot 163
Eggleston, Frank   AngelicaLot 163
Eggleston, Jane MrsJan 28 18631934 Buffalob Angelica d of J Holler; wife of Frank Eggleston
Haller, J   AngelicaLot 163; father of Mrs. Jane Eggleston; see biography
Eggleston, Angeline 195976y5.1 
Eggleston, Charles18811911 5.1 
Eggleston, F A19081908 5.1 
Eggleston, Squire18181906 AndoverFather
Eggleston, Vernon L18691922 AndoverRev. Vernon Legrand Eggleston
Eggleston, Hattie Borden (Broden) Jul 27 1951 AndoverElizabeth Broden 1858-1905 was her mother who married Rev. Vernon L Eggleston
Ehman, Laura E18411910 15.1 
Ehman, Frederick J18391905 15.1 
Ehret, Clella Ford1885193853y1.1Wife of A Clyde Ehret
Ehret, A Clyde (Rev)1881195272y1.1(2nd wife buried in PA)
Ehret, Infant son 19220y1.1Son of Rev A Clyde Ehret; no stone
Ekdahl, Rachel Elizabeth 196266y1.1No stone
Eldridg--see Eldridge/Eldredge     
Eldredge, Louise MrsSep, 1882Apr, 1953 Angelicab Wellsville to Mr & Mrs Leonard Wittie; m Albert Eldredge Jun 28 1905; d Apr 15, 1933; Daughters Margaret Eldredge of Hornell and Maxine Voorhees of Rochester; brother Clarence Wittie of Andover
Eldredge, Fannie Francis ScottMar 29 1859Jan 17 1920 Angelicab Dansville to Sarah A & Henry C Scott; m Wm Eldredge Jul 18 1878; d at her Angelica home; five children, Mrs. Charles Weaver, Birdsall; Albert Eldredge, Wellsville; Mrs. A W Mapes of Owego; Mrs. Edward Kent & Miss Winifred Eldredge of Angelica
Eldredge, William RApr 1 1857May 30 1921 Angelicab Angelica; one brother John D Eldredge; husband of Fannie Francis Scott Eldredge
Eldredge, Henry W1889 AngelicaHus of Caroline Schenck
Eldredge, Eliza JaneMay 2 1850May 31 1912 AngelicaBrothers John & William Eldredge of Angelica
Eldredge, Herbert H1881Jun 21 191228yAngelicab Angelica; Hus of Irene Josephine Townsend m Jan 22 1908; Survivors Wife, 2 sons, Daniel & Clifford of Angelica; parents Mr & Mrs John Eldredge, five sisters & two brothers
Eldredge, John DanielFeb 21 1852Mar 31 1925 Angelicab Angelica to Henry & Caroline Scheanek; m Cora Carpenter Dec 24 1879; 9 children; Caroline died in infancy; Herbert died in early life; Mrs. Maude Palmer, Mrs. Clara Harding, Miss Elizabeth Eldredge, Charles Eldredge, Rev. Edward S Eldredge of Angelica, Mrs. Mabel Jennings of Bennetis, and Mrs. Mary Weaver of Dalton
Eldridge, Edward B18691940 Andover 
Eldridge, Emma T18731945 AndoverWife of Edward B Eldridge
Eldridge, Daisy S18821968 15.1 
Eldridge, Frances Clements18771901 15.1Also infant daughter buried with her
Eldridge, Frances Colwell18441910 15.1 
Eldridge, George C18721932 15.1 
Eldridge, George H (Maj)18381921 15.1 
Eldridge, Stuart19061960 15.1 
Eldridge, Susan Hatch18141875 15.1 
Eldridge, Alice Lawrence18741899 15.1 
Eldridge, Elizabeth Oct 27 188476y 3m19.1Wife of J B Eldridge
Eldridge, J W 185534y8.1 
Eldridge, Harriet Jul 22 185123y8.1Wife of J W Eldridge
Eldridge, Lucy Ann Livingston Apr 9 186434y8.12nd wife of J W Eldridge
Eldridge, Charles S Jun 2 187217y8.1 
Eldridge, Romeyno 1851 8.1Lot sold to J W Eldridge in 1853
Eldridge, Job B Jun 9 187871y 11m19.1 
Eldridge, Max R19111927 Andover 
Eldridge, SallyAug 27 1789Jan 20 1881 Andover 
Eldridge, Albert BSep 12 1885Apr 15 1933 Angelicab Angelica m Louise Wittie Jun 28 1905 in Wellsville; dau's Margaret Eldredge, Mrs. Mayine Voorheis of Hornell; see film for more bio information
Eldridge, Carrie   AngelicaLot 215
Eldridge, CoraApr 17 1860Mar 4 1933 AngelicaLot 215; b Grove to Eliza Lowen & Richard Essex Carpenter; m John Daniel Eldredge Dec 10 1879 who died Dec 1925; six children; Herbert Eldredge who died June 1912; Charles and Edwin Eldredge; Carrie who died in infancy, Elizabeth Eldredge and Mrs. Clarence (?);
Eliat, (?) Feb 10 187466y 7m22.5 
Ella, Infant19021902 10.1 10.2Child of Henry & M Ella
Ella, Carl L19031904 10.1 10.2Child of Henry & M Ella
Ellen, NettieNov 7 1863Nov 6 1943 10.1 10.2 
Ellen, HowardOct 1 1879Feb 19 1895 10.1 10.2Son of George A Ellen
Eller, eugene R1904Jul 9 197672y1.1Vault
Eller, Ildra Harris1902197068y1.1 
Eller, Loisa193719381y1.1 
Elliot, Frank18651927 Richburg 
Elliot, Mina18691917 Richburg 
Elliott, Leslie   Angelica 
Elliott, Nellie A EasternDec 16 1854Feb 7 1921 Angelicab Linden, NY; m John Elliott May 24 1874 who died Jun 6 1911; survivors 3 brothers and children: Mrs. Arlie Wardner, Mrs. Pearlie Graham & Leslie Elliott and 6 grandchildren
Elliott, Polly A   AngelicaLot 41
Elliott, Truman   AngelicaLot 41
Elliott, John   Angelicab Lawrenceville, PA; m Nellie A Eastern May 24 1874 at Phillips Creek
Elliott, Gerald L   AngelicaLot 805
Elliott, Grace L   AngelicaLot 41
Elliott, Homer LOct 24 1884Apr 22 1951 Blankb Eldred, PA; d in an auto accident; lived at Coryville
Elliott, Dora Wheeler18841952 10.1 10.2 
Elliott, Riley H18701916 10.1 10.2 
Elliott, Ella May19081908 10.1 10.2 
Elliott, Sarah Sep 11 186677yAndoverWife of John Elliott
Elliott, Baby19611961 5.1 
Elliott, Grover C 194056y5.1 
Elliott, Herbert 197396y5.1 
Elliott, Ittia J18401916 5.1 
Elliott, Lewis B18711901 5.1 
Elliott, Martha F18411890 5.1 
Elliott, Mary 194576y 5.1 
Elliott, William19521952 5.1 
Elliott, Lumen 1852 27.3Son of Lumen Elliott
Elliott, Esther Feb 9 185876y27.3Son of Ittia Elliott
Elliott, Louis V Sep 6 18451y 2m 26d27.3Dau of L B & E M Elliott
Elliott, Eliza M May 12 185233y 11m 10d27.3Wife of Luman Elliott
Ellis, Abby Louise StillmanOct 14 1827Oct 23 190477y1.1Wife of Thom Ellis
Ellis, Adalyn J1878194062y1.1 
Ellis, Alfred18261915 5.1 
Ellis, Alphonzo C 193979y5.1 
Ellis, Alrah18861887 5.1 
Ellis, Alrat18241906 5.1 
Ellis, Earl M1886190620y1.1 
Ellis, Edna 195589y5.1 
Ellis, Frank 196875y5.1 
Ellis, Fred 195974y5.1 
Ellis, Frederick H1871193766y 1.1 
Ellis, Hannah18251914 5.1 
Ellis, Isabelle H1901192928y1.1 
Ellis, Iva Ann1881195876y1.1Ashes
Ellis, Louise (Loula)1870196291y1.1 
Ellis, Marie Wells1838192284y1.1Wife of Samuel Ellis
Ellis, Mary L 195278y1.1No stone
Ellis, Minnie1866189024y1.1 
Ellis, Raymond E1899196161y1.1 
Ellis, Sally F18421921 5.1 
Ellis, Samuel1838191072y1.1 
Ellis, ComriderOct 12 1820Aug 3 1880 Blank 
Ellis, MargaretJan 24 1820Jul 2 1888 BlankWife of Comrider Ellis
Ellis, J E BJun 3 1855May 23 1864 BlankDau of C & M Ellis; wife of E Francis
Fowler, Jerrous18441864 BlankCo. G 187 Regt NYV; buried with Ellis family
Ellis, Our "Pa"   Blank 
Ellis, Our "Ma"   Blank 
Ellis, Nathaniel Sep 11 183519y 3m 7dBlankson of Harvey & Delia D May Ellis
Ellis, Lillie   Blank"Our Lillie"
Ellis, ThomasApr 24 1828Dec 29 190072y1.1 
Ellis, Will HFeb 6 1862Jan 7 189836y1.1 
Ellison, George18581932 10.1 10.2 
Ellison, Mary 193170y5.1 
Ellison, William 192559y5.1 
Ells, Antoinette R1853191562y1.1 
Ells, Arthur Winfield1886190216y1.1 
Ells, Cleon M1888197182y1.1WWI Veteran
Ells, Dorice Irene O1859191657y1.1 
Ells, Etta Pettibone1863193067y1.1Wife of F Ells
Ells, M Forrest (Dea)1860193271y 1.1 
Ells, JamesApr 12 1826Sep 1 189266y1.1 
Ells, Jay W 194857y1.190y on stone
Ells, Orpha ASep 14 1829Aug 8 190574y1.1Wife of James Ells; 72y on stone
Ells, Ulysses S1863191552y1.1 
Ellsessor, John AMar 28 1868Jan 22 1914 Blankb Pittsburg, PA; was Pittsburg fireman for 22 years; Hus of Emma Ellsessor; dau's Mrs Stanley Spender of Caneadea, Mrs. Marie Myers & Mrs. Florence Simpson, Mrs. Bertha Hill all of Pittsburg; son John Ellsessor of Angelica; 3 sisters of Pittsburg, Mary Ellsessor, Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan & Mrs. Loretta Alexander
Ellsworth, A AFeb 16 1838Apr 11 188042y1.1d at St. Paul, Minn; entered service at Frankfort, Ky 1861; Capt in command of 2nd Ky Battery for 4 years; Civil War Veteran
Ellsworth, Kenneth19201970 24.5 
Ellsworth, Berta1929  24.5 
Ellsworth, Mary18601912 3.2Wife of Calvin E Ellsworth
Ellsworth, Carrie Scheanek   AngelicaLot 196; no dates; father of Mrs. William Scheanek
Ellsworth, John Apr 10 188778yAngelicaLot 124
Ellsworth, J W Mrs   AngelicaLot 124; d at St Mary's, PA
Ellsworth, JosephAug 28 1849May 16 1913 Wellsville PAb Luxemborg, Germany; d Angelica, Civil War Veteran; sons Peter & Edward Ellsworth
Ellsworth, William   AngelicaLot 124
Ellsworth, Henry L18221894 Andover 
Ellsworth, Duantha Dyer18281877 AndoverWife of Henry L Ellsworth
Elmer, Elizabeth18461910 5.1 
Elmer, Isaac PAug 19 1816  8.1 
Elmer, Mary AJan 15 1818  8.1Wife of Isaac P Elmer
Elmer, HarrisonJan 6 1841Nov 20 1892 8.1146 Regt NYV
Elmer, 2 children of Charles   8.1 
Elmer, Rhoda Holly18441872 20.2 
Elower, Guy E18951963 8.1Hus of Marian Smith dau of Thomas Smith of Crawford Creek
Elster, Frank Apr 5 1888 3.1Son of Cyrus & Sarah Elster
Elster, John C18891970 26.3 
Elster, Mayola R19031965 26.3 
Elster, Earl19341934 26.3Child of John C & Mayola R Elster
Elster, Esther19461946 26.3Child of John C & Mayola R Elster
Elster, Alfred May 2 185310y24.5 
Elster, Sally M Mar 6 1872 24.5Wife of S H Elster
Elsworth, Calvin May 9 18526y 11m 3d5.1Son of George & Betsey W Elsworth
Elsworth, Sylvia I Oct 13 186716y 3m5.1Dau of George & Betsey Elsworth
Elwell, Edwin J1859193979y1.1 
Elwell, Florence J18531918 5.1 
Ely, Leonard W18611917 5.1 
Ely, Esther Charles 195891y5.1 
Elymer, Lewis C18791880 5.1 
Embser, John William18731939 26.1 
Embser, Agnes O'Boyle18781951 26.1 
Embser, Waiter Joseph19071980 26.1 
Embser, Katherine O'Brien19031980 26.1 
Emerick, Harry W 197371y5.1 
Emerick, MariaAbt 1817Mar 12 1894 Blankb Almond; m abt 1836 Joseph Clare 2nd; d Hebron, Potter Co., PA
Emerson, Ages E (W)1877196679y1.1 
Emerson, Alta Jan 3 18976m1.1Dau of L M Emerson
Emerson, Barton JMay 29 1829Jul 21 189371y1.1 
Emerson, Betsy DibbleMay 30 1842Nov 19 193391y1.1Wife of Barton J Emerson
Emerson, Clarence A1872194774y1.1 
Emerson, Eddie F Apr 22 186816d1.1Son of M E & M Emerson
Emerson, Emma 195890y1.1No stone
Emerson, Frances Jennie Flint1862194279y1.1 
Emerson, George Thomas1842192280y1.1Civil War Veteran; Co. D 86 Regt NYV
Emerson, Harrison E1888195970y1.1 
Emerson, Hattie LApr 20 1883Dec 6 18874y1.1Dau of Olin Emerson
Emerson, Hermoine S1871193766y1.1 
Emerson, Joseph1798Aug 186062y1.1 
Emerson, Lockie Belle1880195676y1.1Wife of Marcus H Emerson
Emerson, Luther m (Lute)1869193868y1.1 
Emerson, Madelia O1845193084y1.1Wife of George Emerson
Emerson, Marcus H1876194872y1.1 
Emerson, Mercy L Dec 13 185836y1.1Wife of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Margaret Jan 20 186725y1.1Dau of J & S Emerson
Emerson, Martha1829188262y1.1Wife of Edward Emerson (1892 on stone)
Emerson, Martin E Jul 8 188065y1.1 
Emerson, Nancy Apr 16 182327y1.11st wife of Joseph Emerson
Emerson, Ola A1871194674y1.1Wife of L M Emerson; member FLT
Emerson, Olin M1851190049y1.11897 on stone
Emerson, Roda E189819013y1.1Baby of O A & L M Emerson
Emerson, Raymond Eugene190219119y1.1Son of M H Emerson
Emerson, Rhoda 19013y1.1Dau of Olin & E Emerson; no stone
Emerson, SallieJun 27 1814Oct 9 185036y1.12nd wife of Joseph Emerson
Emerson, Sidney S1901192222y1.1 
Emerson, Thomas Willard1884194661y1.1 
Emerson, William S1861193372y1.1 
Emerson, Wilson1844184410m1.1Son of J & S Emerson
Emerson, Martin JaredApr 22 1791Jun 25 1877 Allentownb Petersburg NY; m abt 1812 Polly Olds; d Alma NY; bur Allentown Cem, Alma, NY
Emerson, Martin Edwardabt 1812Jul 8 1880 Blankb Nartsville, Steuben Co., NY; m abt 1832 Mercy Burdick; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, EnosNov 24 1819  Blankb Almond, NY; twin of Thomas Rix Emerson; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Thomas RixNov 24 1819May 11 1909 Allentownb Almond, NY; m abt 1848 Jane Reed; d Alma, NY; bur Allentown Cem, Alma, NY; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Abelabt 1828  Blankb Almond, NY; m Jun 6 1878 Amanda Smith; twin of Lewis Emerson; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Lewisabt 1828  Blankb Almond, NY; m abt 1858 Dorleska (last name unknown); son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Barton JMay 12 1829Jul 21 1893 Alfred Ruralb Alfred, NY; son of Martin Emerson; m abt 1861 Betsey Dibble; buried Alfred Rural Cemetery, Alfred, NY
Emerson, A Warren19251942 15.1 
Emerson, Aaron B 1973 15.1 
Emerson, Elwin M1900  15.1 
Emerson, Anna1901  15.1 
Emerson, Kenda LeeMay 7 1967Sep 6 1967 15.1Infant of Wayne & Constance Emerson
Emerson, Perry Gene19631963 15.1 
Emerson, Nathanabt 1830  Blankb Alfred, NY; m abt 1854 Helen (last name unknown); son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, William Apr 3 1831  Blankb Alfred, NY; son of Martin Emerson; m abt 1870 Roxalana (last name unknown); twin of Emeline Emerson
Emerson, EmelineApr 3 1831Mar 1 1908 Allentownb Alfred, NY; dau of Martin Emerson; m Dec 13 1860 Herman Hanchett; d Alma, NY; bur Allentown Cemetery, Alma, NY
Emerson, Asaabt 1839  Blankb Alma, NY; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, George Thomasabt 1843  Blankb Alma, NY; m abt 1871 Sarah (last name unknown); son of Martin Emerson; twin of Rebeccah Emerson
Emerson, Rebeccahabt 1843  Blankb Alma, NY; dau of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Jerryabt 1845  Blankb Alma, NY; son of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Nancyabt 1847Mar 6 1864 Blankb Alma, NY; dau of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Alta J 196875y5.1 
Emerson, Cora M18641904 5.1 
Emerson, Edgar 193789y5.1 
Emerson, Edith E18981899 5.1 
Emerson, Erma R 187378y5.1 
Emerson, MartinApr 22 1791Jun 15 1877 3.2 
Emerson, Polly Jun 24 187929y3.2Wife of Martin Emerson
Emerson, Thomas Rix18201909 3.2 
Emerson, Jane H18301897 3.2 
Emerson, Isaac O Sep 2 18591y 7m 19d3.2Son of Asa & Lucinda Emerson
Emerson, Mary E Feb 1 18644y 3m 15d3.2Dau of Asa & Lucinda Emerson
Emerson, Edgar E18661950 Richburg 
Emerson, Wealthy Messenger18701922 RichburgWife of Edgar Emerson
Emerson, Mildred M18941897 RichburgDau of Edgar & Wealthy Emerson
Emerson, Leo L19021921 10.1 10.2 
Emerson, George Thomas19171926 10.1 10.2 
Emerson, Edwin E18691939 10.1 10.2 
Emerson, Freida L18781954 10.1 10.2 
Emery, Adelia18511905 AndoverWife of William W Emery
Emery, Almon18261909 8.1 
Emery, Mary BMay 3 1830Jan 24 1879 8.1Wife of Almon Emery
Emery, AsaAug 8 1796Nov 26 1881 8.1 
Emery, BetsyAug 5 1805Feb 9 1850 8.1 
Emery, Mamie   8.1 
Emery, Willie   8.1 
Emery, David Mar 2 189251y22.5Co. G 93 Regt NYV
Emery, Eliot Feb 10 187466y22.5 
Emery, Frank18721939 Andover 
Emery, Ethel18781930 AndoverWife of Frank Emery
Emery, George Oct 24 185013y 3m 14d20.2 
Emery, Jonathon S Nov 14 185847y 2m 5d20.2 
Emery, Ernest M18541917 10.1 10.2 
Emery, Elizabeth18611928 10.1 10.2Wife of Ernest M Emery
Emrick, Nellie V18791959 24.1 
Emrick, Clarence O189819** 24.1 
Emrick, Pauline H19091944 24.1 
Engle, Titus Manliusabt 1825  Angelicab Angelica; m abt 1850 Mary Jane McGibney
Engle, Saytie LiviniaApr 12 1851Apr 28 1942 Angelicab West Almond, NY; b Day Until Dawn Cemetery, Angelica
Engle, Frederick1859  Blank 
Engle, Jennie1864  Blank 
Engle, Sarah1868  Blank 
Engle, Burdette1871  Blank 
Engle, John1795  Blankb Washington Co., NY; father of Titus Manlius Engle
Engle, Susan   AngelicaNo dates
Engle, W F Oct 25 193576yBlankb West Almond, NY; d Bloomington, Ill.
Engle, Whitman   AngelicaLot 371
Engle, William C Jun 9 1888 AngelicaLot 371; died of typhoid fever
Engle, William G   AngelicaLot 209; (no dates)
Engle, Lewis T   AngelicaLot 371
Engle, Lydia Dey1833Jul 19 1933 AngelicaDau of Abigail & Austin Dey; m Oct 11 1876 John Engle; children Samuel who died in infancy, George and Frank of Angelica and Charles of Fillmore
Engle, Martha1849Dec 14 191667yBlankd Rochester; son Richard and dau Florence of Rochester
Engle, Mary J   AngelicaLot 73
Engle, M B Mrs1882Jun 1 191432yBlankd at her home near Friendship
Engle, Matthias L1801Feb 22 188987yAngelicam Miss D Watts of Portage and had 8 children, 3 surviving now, M L Engle of Lisbon, ND, Chester and Mrs. S P Hart o Angelica
Engle, M L Mar 15 1919 Angelicab Angelica; d Lisbon, ND; son Floyd Chester Engle and brother George Roinson of Friendship survive
Engle, Halbert   AngelicaLot 73
Engle, Helen   AngelicaLot 73
Engle, John W   AngelicaLot 374
Engle, Jerome   AngelicaLot 371
Engle, John SamuelFeb 22 1856Nov 18 1931 Angelicab West Almond, NY; son of Manilus & Mary Engle; one of six children; m Oct 11 1876 Lydia A Dey; constable 1905-1906
Engle, Joseph W1769Jun 5 183677yAngelicaCame from Massachusetts to Angelica in 1823; Constable 1835; Hwy Comm 1833
Engle, C W   AngelicaLot 87
Engle, Caroline   AngelicaLot 374
Engle, Charles M Sep 20 1941 AngelicaSon of John & Lydia Engle of Birdsall; m Jennie Francis Bates Aug 28 1906
Engle, Chester P1845May 30 191165yAngelicaSon of Matthias L & Deborah Engle; d Angelica; sister of Mrs. S P Hart
Engle, Deborah H   AngelicaLot 371
Engle, Effie   AngelicaLot 815A
Engle, Elizabeth17821842 AngelicaLot 371; wife of Joseph Engle
Engle, Florence V   AngelicaLot 73
Engle, George FFeb 12 1879Feb 10 1953 Angelicab Angelica to John & Lydia Dye (Dey) Engle; was Chevrolet dealer; hus of Myrtle VanKuren Engle; survivors brother Frank Engle, nephew Richard Engle of Angelica; sister-in-law Mrs. Charles Engle of Olean
Engle, William R Jun 23 1952 Angelicab Black Creek
Engle, Alice Kuhn Jan 18 1953 Angelicab Sparta, NY to Mr & Mrs Wm Kuhn; m 1) William Thomas who died 1910; m 2) Burdette Engle 1912
Engle, BurdetteFeb 2 1871Oct 6 1955 Angelicab West Almond to Manlius & Mary Jane McGibney Engle; hus of Effie Hammond Engle of Belmont who died in 1914; two children born who died in infancy; m Mrs. Alice Thomas Dec 22 1915 who died in 1953
English, Florence Atherton18551949 8.1Dau of Emmarancy Atherton
English, Louisa 189578y1.1No stone
Ennis, M Stillman1814Sep 20 1860 17.2 
Ennis, Ellen C1816Jul 23 1880 17.2 
Ennis, Addison18531854 17.2 
Ennis, S Fremont1855Feb 7 1900 17.2 
Ennis, Dudley KOct 17 1846Feb 22 1876 17.2 
Ennis, ElizzaJun 25 1819Sep 12 1878 17.2 
Ennis, William DOct 24 1839Jul 4 1841 17.2 
Ennis, William MNov 30 1844May 31 1861 17.2 
Ennis, Mary EAug 28 1848Jun 20 1853 17.2 
Ennis, Infant daughterDec 18 1841Dec 13 1842 17.2 
Ennis, WilliamJuly 19 1811  17.2 
Ennis, Dudley L18551925 17.2 
Ennis, PaulDec 15 1785May 20 1855 17.2 
Ennis, MuranaSep 9 1793Nov 13 1874 17.2 
Ennis, Mathew SDec 8 1814Sep 20 1860 17.2 
Enos, Clyde 195258y5.1 
Enos, Ida HMay 7 1854Sep 7 1904 15.1 
Enos, Lyle BJan 15 1924Aug 23 1966 10.1 10.2PFC BTRY A 551 AAA AW BN WWII PH
Enos, Frank A18631954 10.1 10.2 
Enos, Mary Barlow18631959 10.1 10.2 
Enos, Mary Barlow18801906 10.1 10.2 
Enos, Rose Oct 6 1905 10.1 10.2 
Ensell, David Charles  21min17.1Infant b St. Joseph Hosp, Olean, NY; no dates
Ensworth, Carrie18571891 AndoverWife of Guy Ensworth
Ensworth, Louise   AndoverChild of Guy & Carrie Ensworth
Ensworth, Thomas   AndoverChild of Guy & Carrie Ensworth
Ensworth, Harman Jun 30 1856 21.7 
Ensworth, Gilbert Sep 8 1849 21.7 
Ensworth, Martin L Feb 24 1857 21.7 
Ensworth, Henry JFeb 13 1852Mar 1 1927 17.2 
Ensworth, Lena ASep 20 1862Feb 11 1946 17.2 
Ensworth, Hiram18281859 10.1 10.2 
Ensworth, Marinda Ensworth Briggs18371910 10.1 10.2 
Ensworth, Nellie Ensworth Eaton18561916 10.1 10.2 
Epley, Cassius Eugene1829  8.1 
Epley, Joy Gee   8.1 
Epworth, Christopher B P1871Mar 11 194675yBlankb London, England; Survivors Vivian Gater of Seattle, Wa, Mrs.Florence Lorraine of Oji, CA, Mrs. Florence Herdman of Angelica & Mrs. Violet Hill of Hornell
Erb, HortensiaApr 2 1843Nov 27 1906 26.1 
Erickson, Clair L19051979 26.1 
Erickson, Elizabeth19**19** 26.1 
Ervin, Charles BDec 22 1889Feb 13 1957 10.1 10.2PFC 310 Inf 78 Div WWI
Ervin, Lida   10.1 10.2Wife of W B Ervin
Essex, Elizabeth G 195691y1.1 
Essex, George B 1931 1.1Reburial 1931
Estabrook (Esterbrook)    
Estabrook, Annie Richie Feb 9 187622y 2mAndoverAdopted dau of G W Estabrook & wife of Ching Hunt
Estabrook, Polly MJun 23 1815Jun 30 1888 AndoverWife of G W Estabrook
Estee, Susan Maxson1828191486y1.1 
Esterbrooks, Infant dau  0y1.1Dau of R Estabrook; no stone
Euken, Frank L1910  26.1 
Euken,Helene D1915  26.1 
Euphema, Martha   1.3 
Evans, Hugh W18801926 15.1 
Evans, Charles H   AngelicaLot 158
Evans, CorneliaJul 3 1877  Angelicab Angelica to Thomas A & Caroline Scholes; m David Evans Feb 10 1901; survivors Donna (Mrs. Robert Moore) of Nashville, Tn; son Merle Evans of Houghton; sister Mrs. Charles Morton of Angelica
Evans, DanielSep 2 1849May 15 1923 Angelicab Springwater; d Angelica; m Dec 1872 Miss Emma Wofler who survives; four sons, David, Harry, Henry & Clair Evans; daughter Miss Nora Evans all of whom live in the Angelica vicinity
Evans, Adalaide C1854192369y1.1 
Evans, Adalaide Wilcox1820188959y1.1Wife of Gurden Evans
Evans, Anita E1926Apr 29 197750y1.1Vault
Evans, Charles H Oct 14 188642y 1m 1d3.2 
Evans, Durwood Randall1890196070y1.1 
Evans, Gurgon1820189170y1.1 
Evans, Hazel Aiken1890196271y1.1Wife of Durward Evans
Evans, James R1886196073y1.1 
Evans, Infant child 19200y1.1Child of James & Phoebe Evans; no stone
Evans, Mary Oct 19 186710m1.1Dau of G & A W Evans
Evans, Maryelle Oct 21 18632y1.1 
Evans, Myrtle R 196064y5.1 
Evans, Pliny L Aug 25 187487yRichburg 
Evans, Polly Gilbert May 15 184347yRichburg 
Evans, Lucinda Nov 6 18264yRichburgDau of P & P Evans
Evans, Anstres Jan 4 18322yRichburgDau of P & P Evans
Evans, Edson Apr 5 18286mRichburgSon of P & P Evans
Evans, Sarah E Saunders Jan 5 185927yRichburgWife of Walter Evans
Evans, Phoebe1889196878y1.1Wife of Jmes Evans
Evans, George A19051962 8.1 
Evans, Florence M1922  8.1 
Evans, Iretus B18601902 10.1 10.2 
Evans, Mary E18671954 10.1 10.2 
Evans, H Eloisia RootNov 29 1845Oct 16 1897 10.1 10.2 
Evans, BerthaJul 11 1866Jul 11 1869 10.1 10.2 
Evans, AddisonFeb 13 1837Mar 3 1893 10.1 10.2 
Evans, Emma Almire WafflerMay 15 1854Mar 3 1932 Angelicab Angelica; m Dec 16 1873 Daniel S Evans of West Almond; children Viola who died in 1899 at 16 years; Nora of NY City, Harry of Belmont, Harvey of Friendship and David & Clair of Angelica
Evans, Harriet GriswoldAug 23 1831Sep 18 1910 Angelicab West Almond to Samuel & Clarissa Griswold; m Jesse Evans 1848 who died in 1879; had 4 children
Evans, Henry WAug 14 1874May 12 1955 Angelicab West Almond; Survived by four nephews, Harry, Harvey, Clair & Daniel Evans
Evans, Jennie W   Angelica 
Evans, Myrtie K   AngelicaLot 169
Evans, Sarah MrsJul 3 1861Oct 27 1923 Blankb Angelica; d West Almond; m charles Evans of West Almond Dec 31 1882; survived y four brothers, Levi of Haskinsville, Frank of Binghamton, Edward of Illinois, Charles of SD; nephew Cecil Allrod of Rochester
Evans, Viola J   AngelicaLot 169
Evans, Mary A18781952 15.1 
Evans, John   Dimick 
Evans, Thomas   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Even, Polly M   AngelicaLot 409
Evens, Viola J   AngelicaLot 169
Evens, Luther17901876 AngelicaLot 407; War of 1812
Evens, Willis M   AngelicaLot 409
Everett, MaryJul 14 1792Mar 24 1877 AngelicaWife of Horace Everett of Windsor, VT
Everett, Carrie E Apr 4 18945y 9m21.5 
Everett, David   1.1 
Everett, Elizabeth 187545y1.1No stone
Everett, Leona May Nov 9 18662y 6m21.5 
Everett, Edwin18271913 21.5 
Everett, Egbert C18611918 21.5 
Everett, Edwin   21.5No dates
Everett, Grace A Clarke Jun 27 190172y21.5Wife of Edwin Everett
Everett, J C Feb 25 186684y21.5 
Everett, Sarah Bowman Sep 18 187784y 10m21.5Wife of J C Everett
Everts, Galen 184132yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; son of Deacon Abner & Mary Everts
Everts, Abner (Dea) 183720yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Evingham, Charles N (A)1883194562y1.1 
Evingham, Edna Allen1858189435y1.1Wife of Charles W Evingham
Evingham, D A J Pendleton18641923 24.1 
Evingham, John A18691931 24.1 
Evingham, Elias18861903 24.1 
Evingham, Philip18611900 24.1 
Evingham, Sidney Aug 10 189577y5.6 
Evingham, Elizabeth Jul 3 187772y5.6Wife of Sidney Evingham
Evingham, Catherine18271909 5.6 
Evingham, John A18251900 5.6Co A 85 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran
Evingham, Clara 192879y5.1 
Evingham, Cyrus 194093y5.1 
Evingham, Edith 196293y5.1 
Evingham, Irene 197185y5.1 
Evingham, John H18681934 5.1 
Evingham, Jonathon18461919 5.1 
Evingham, Mary E18541902 5.1 
Evingham, Milton A 196781y5.1 
Evingham, Roy E19061908 5.1 
Evingham, Sarah 195991y5.1 
Evingham, William 194276y5.1 
Ewell, A L18491925 5.1 
Eymer, Lewis Mrs Feb 19 1920 BlankSurvived by husband and six children
Eymer, Daniel18171890 5.1 
Eymer, Harrison18461923 5.1 
Eymer, Lewis Mrs18811942 5.1 
Eymer, Pearl Ellis 1920 5.1 
Eymer, Sally18191891 5.1 
Eymer, Saul19331933 5.1 
Eymer, Fannie A19101981 24.1 
Eymer, G Frank187519** 24.1 
Eymer, Fannie E187919** 24.1 
Eymer, George F19201934 24.1 

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