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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Fabin, Adolph   AngelicaLot 197
Fabin, Ellen   AngelicaLot 197
Faecke, Ethel18641944 2.5 
Faecke, Anna18691939 2.5 
Faecke, Julius C19041968 2.5of Belmont
Fagan, DanielMar 1844Dec 15 1919 26.1 
Fagan, PeterMar 1840Feb 11 1898 26.1Father
Fagan, Mary SweeneyDec 1839Feb 261908 26.1Mother
Fagan, John L18771966 26.1 
Fagan, Laura18781962 26.1 
Fagan, Leo J19031970 26.1 
Fagan, Elizabeth18831888 26.1 
Fagan, Juliana18851888 26.1 
Fagan, Peter A18751929 26.1 
Fagan, Gertrude R18**19** 26.1 
Fagan, Elizabeth18741942 26.1Mother
Fagan, Daniel1874196226.1 
Failing, C M   15.1 
Failing, I   15.1 
Failing, IsaacSep 16 1824Jul 13 1898 15.1 
Failing, Charlotte MFeb 25 1826Dec 11 1890 15.1Wife of Isaac Failing
Failing, Luther CMay 20 1863May 23 1863 15.1Son of Isaac & Charlotte Failing
Failing, Allena MApr 30 1849Dec 3 1922 15.1Wife of Isaac Failing
Failing, Maria C May 15 187262y15.1Our Mother
Fairbank, Calvin18161898BlankAngelicaLot 183R; confined 17y in Ky for freeing 47 slaves
Fairbank, Adeline WBlankBlankBlankAngelicaLot 183R; 2nd wife of Calvin Fairbank
Fairbank, Melissa D Dec 1 1860 17.3 
Fairbank, Elroy D May 24 1859 17.3 
Fairbank, Charlie S Sep 6 1861 17.3 
Fairbank, Charles W18631956 17.2 
Fairbank, Deland M18701967 17.2 
Fairbank, Sarah Velina18441916 17.2 
Fairbank, AlmondMar 24 1822May 2 1898 17.2 
Fairbank, Elonor FMar 28 1829May 24 1913 17.2 
Fairbank, C Richard19001945 17.2 
Fairbank, Charles L Sep 16 18616y17.3Son of Ephraim & Phoeby Fairbank
Fairbank, Chester1788Jul 7 1849 BlankProbably 10.1 10.2
Fairbank, Betsy1787Dec 18 1882 10.1 10.2Wife of Chester Fairbank
Fairbanks, Almira 185727yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Ch Cem; wife of L B Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Cora Burdick 192155y1.1No stone
Fairbanks, Sarah A Sep 3 1863 BlankWife of Joseph Fairbanks
Fairchild, John FJan 1800Jun 1869 8.1 
Fairchild, Julia   8.1 
Fairfield, B W (Rev)BlankJul 9 1943BlankBlankPastor of First Bapt Ch of Algelica; had 8 children; Mrs. Helen Linderman, Mrs. Marjorie Hull; Dale, Kenneth & Howard Fairfield of Hinsdale; Mrs. Katherine Chauncey & Bruce Fairfield of Alden & Mrs Evelyn Mott of Angelica
Fairfield, Linda SnyderBlankJul 4 1939BlankBlankd Maplehurst; wife of Rev. B W Fairfield
Fairfield, Howard19011972 15.1"Horsard W Fairfield"
Fairfield, Wilmar B18961969 15.1 
Faive, (?)   24.1 
Fancher, Jack P19261959 26.1 
Fancher, Homer P19031943 28.1 
Fanning, George K   AngelicaLot 392
Fanning, Luther   AngelicaLot 392
Fanton, Florence R19161980 26.1 
Fanton, George EApr 29 1894Dec 13 1863 10.1 10.2Pvt Co. C1 Development B7 WWI
Fanton, Marjorie M18951939 10.1 10.2 
Fanton, Margurite LMar 10 18971966 10.1 10.2Wife of George E Fanton
Fanton, Robert L19251930 10.1 10.2 
Fanton, Lacinda Nov 9 192666y7.3 
Farley, John E18891939 6.11Father
Farley, James R Jr19461947 26.1 
Farley, (no name)   26.1no name or dates, flower pot & flag at gravesite
Farnham, Keziah Jun 14 185385y 1m 14d27.3Wife of Luther Farnham
Farnham, Gertrude M   AngelicaLot 15
Farnham, Norman N   AngelicaLot 15
Farnsworth, Edna H18941971 15.1Daughter
Farnsworth, Elvina   AngelicaLot 101
Farnum, Gordon18771928 AngelicaLot 137; b Angelica to Calvin & Jane Willis Farnum; survived by widow & severn children
Farnum, Grace   AngelicaLot 27
Farnum, Grace MFeb 8 1889  AngelicaLot 137; b Almond; 2 dau Mrs. Royo Allen of Hornell; 6 sons, Allen of Friendship; Lionel of Dansville, Malcolm of Hornell, Bernard of Jamestown, Luther & Merrick of Angelica; two brothers, William Beckwith of Corning & James Allen of Friendship
Farnum, Ida C18631883 8.1 
Farnum, Delilah   AngelicaLot 27
Farnum, Calfin Feb 7 1921 Angelicad at the home of his dau Mrs. Murril of Canaseraga
Farnum, George LNov 11 1854Nov 20 1925 Blankb West Almond to Luther & Mary Bennett Farnum; m Frances A French; had 3 children, Mrs. Fred Davie who died Jan 2 1909; Mrs Fred Lincoln & George Luther Farnum who died in infancy
Farnum, George Mrs   BlankDied at the home of her dau Mrs R C Carter in Olean
Farnum, Frances FrenchJun 10 1897Jun 30 1914 AngelicaWife of George Farnum; b Hornell to George & Eliza Bacon French; d Angelica; m George Farnum Jun 16 1879; survivors, husband, dau Mrs. Fred Lincoln; parents, sister, Mrs Bertha Lyon of Cuba
Farnum, C Luther   AngelicaLot 27
Farnum, Mary M   AngelicaLot 27
Farr, Alman   AngelicaLot 628
Farr, Elizabeth   AngelicaLot 628
Farr, Elizabeth   AngelicaLot 620
Farr, Orman   AngelicaLot 620
Farr, Claude C18351899 5.1 
Farr, Loronzo K18861943 5.1 
Farr, Eliza S 193681y5.1 
Farraud, Susan   6.9Dau of Nathan Farraud
Farraud, William Slocum Jul 10 184486y6.9 
Farraud, Lucy Nov 17 184665y 3m6.9Wife of Nathaniel Farraud
Farrell, Elizabeth May 13 189456y26.1Wife of William Farrell
Farrell, William Nov 26 1880 26.1 
Farrell, Bridget1845191469y5.2 
Farrington, Martin Feb 1 1872 14.1 
Farwell, Frank AMay 10 1865Apr 10 1939 Angelicab Ward NY; d Belmont; son of James & Arilla Patridge Farwell; m 1884 Delia McManus who died Jan 5 1925; m 1926 Amelia Riley; survivors, wife & sons Henry Farwell of Scio & Floyd Farwell of Andover; brother, Roy Farwell of Belmont; sister, Mrs. D C Dean of Belmont; uncle, Harry Farwell, and Miss Nina Farwell of Angelica
Farwell, Robert Murray1851Sep 11 191665yBelmontb Ischua; d Angelica; survivors wife, son Harry & daughter Nina of Angelica
Farwell, Henry WFeb 15 1874Mar 12 1941 Belmontb Ward NY; survived by sister Nina Farwell of Angelica
Farwell, JamesJun 20 1807Sep 5 1884 27.11 
Farwell, Orilla FJul 28 1826Jul 25 1893 27.11 
Farwell, Rosetta S (Peggy)19191973 15.1 
Farwell, Floyd M18851951 6.11 
Farwell, Harold R19191920 6.11Son of Floyd Farwell
Farwell, Amelia Riley18881969 24.2 
Farwell, Beatrice189719** 24.1Wife of Henry Farwell
Farwell, Henry FMay 23 18897Mar 12 1948 24.1 
Farwell, Delia MApr 9 1866Jan 5 1926 24.1 
Farwell, Frank AMay 10 1865Apr 11 1889 24.1 
Farwell, JamesJun 20 1807Sep 5 188477y 2m 16d25.8b Fitchburg, Mass
Farwell, OrrillaJul 28 1826Jul 25 1883 25.8Wife of James Farwell
Farwell, Anner Jan 5 187925y 10m 3d25.8 
Farwell, Anna 192876y5.1 
Farwell, Elroy W 194573y5.1 
Farwell, Elvira M18341908 5.1 
Farwell, Esther A 195685y 5.1 
Farwell, Fred 194075y5.1 
Farwell, Harry W 194167y5.1 
Farwell, Inez18671891 5.1 
Farwell, James Jr18351894 5.1 
Farwell, Jessie C 196083y5.1 
Farwell, Martha L18531895 5.1 
Farwell, Murray (?)18511916 5.1 
Fassett, Sarah18191916 10.1 10.2 
Fassett, Jered Mar 21 1890 10.1 10.2 
Fassett, H G Apr 29 1863 10.1 10.2 
Faster, Edwin C18361917 17.2 
Faster, Huldah O18411934 17.2 
Faulkner, Mark Lee Oct 24 1963 17.1Infant; b Cuba NY; premature
Fay, Patrick1811  Dimick-Wirt 
Fay, Anna18161888 Dimick-Wirt 
Fay, W Cecil18861963 26.1 
Fay, Anna D18811974 26.1 
Fay, Julia Viola18971898 5.1 
Fay, Lula J18921892 5.1 
Fay, Frank DJan 12 1873Sep 7 18** 10.1 10.2 
Fay, Sara EMay 28 1841Mar 4 1877 10.1 10.2Wife of W R Fay
Fay, Barbara18571921 10.1 10.2 
Fay, Thomas18531917 10.1 10.2 
Johnston, Clara Fay18771966 10.1 10.2Buried with Thomas Fay family
Fay, John A18811941 10.1 10.2Buried with Thomas Fay family
Fay, Donald J1955196510y5.2 
Fay, Ettie J18741958 10.1 10.2 
Fay, Charles H18721964 10.1 10.2 
Feathers, Jacob Dec 2 1857(?)66y 8m 9dBelfast 
Feathers, Ettie Celia18571895 5.1 
Feathers, Henry18231905 5.1 
Feathers, Miles Alden 194486y5.1 
Feathers, Morgan W19061927 5.1 
Feathers, Nellie J18671898 5.1 
Feathers, George F Jun 24 185562y 2m 1dBelfast 
Feathers, Catherine Oct 10 187981y 7m 27dBelfastWife of George F Feathers
Feathers, E F   BelfastStone missing
Featherston, Patrick   BirdsallJersey Hill Catholic Cemetery
Featherston, Mary Apr 14 188965yBirdsallJersey Hill Catholic Cemetery
Featherstone, Mary18411904 26.1Wife of William Featherstone
Fedick, Bent W18731959 15.1 
Feenaughty, Ledale JMar 13 1938  10.1 10.2 
Feenaughty, Rose MFeb 16 1939  10.1 10.2 
Feenaughty, Darryl JFeb 2 1961Mar 13 1966 10.1 10.2 
Feldbauer, Viola Mrs Dec 24 1932 Blankd w/infant dau; children Jerome, Francis, Robert, Harry, James; hus Harry Feldbauer; parents Mr & Mrs Elmer Graham; brothers Ransom & Charles Graham
Feldbauer, Viola Mrs1899193233y5.2 
Feldbauer, Henry G1893195966y5.2 
Feldbauer, Josephine S1930196939y5.2 
Feller, William E Aug 5 195177y 2m 16dWellsvillem Minnie Lampe Jan 17 1942; sister of Mrs. Reuben Hill; survived by widow; nieces Mrs C G Haggstrom of Angelica and Mrs. Fred Keenan of Hornell
Feller, Harry J18891941 26.1 
Feller, Pauline D189119** 26.1 
Fenner, A Albert Mar 14 18321y1.1Son of I & A P Fenner
Fenner, Amelia Potter Dec 1 187273y1.1Wife of I Fenner
Fenner, Andrew J1832191179y1.1 
Fenner, Caroline SOct 12 1845Oct 19 188237y1.1 
Fenner, Charles Richard1905197166y1.1 
Fenner, Donald O197195850y1.1 
Fenner, Edward Aug 6 18411y1.1Son of I & A P Fenner
Fenner, Twins 19300y1.1Children of Eldon Fenner; no stone
Fenner, Elisha P1834191985y1.1Civil War Veteran; hospital steward 186 NYV
Fenner, Eliza May 24 18303y1.1Dau of I & A P Fenner
Fenner, Elizabeth Apr 18 185923y1.1Wife of Elisha Fenner
Fenner, Ellery Maxson1858189838y1.1Son of Elisha P Fenner
Fenner, Ely Elisha1870193666y1.1 
Fenner, Flora AMar 28 1865Apr 30 18650y1.1 
Fenner, Freddie ANov 15 1868Mar 28 18691y1.1 
Fenner, Harriet Smith1837191578y1.1 
Fenner, Henry Mar 2 183210 or 12y1.1Son of I & A P Fenner
Fenner, Henry Edgar1872196794y1.1 
Fenner, Isaac Apr 15 187781y1.1 
Fenner, Isabel Crandall1909Jul 1 197263y1.1 
Fenner, Lucy A May 14 18302y1.1 
Fenner, Minnie Reddy1875193964y1.1Wife of Olin Fenner
Fenner, Nina Mae L1877197094y1.1Wife of H E Fenner
Fenner, Olin Smith1875194569y1.1 
Fenner, Susie B1871194472y1.1 
Fenton, Patrick Jul 30 1880 26.1 
Fenner, Elizabeth Feb 22 1890 26.1 
Fenton, Helen 18538y1.1No stone
Fenton, Shubart S 186154y1.1No stone
Feree, Chapin18541933 8.1 
Feree, Lewis C18171895 8.1 
Feree, Mary18171900 8.1Wife of Lewis C Feree
Feree, Everland18451866 8.1Son of Lewis C Feree
Feree, Weltha A18521866 8.1Dau of Lewis C Feree
Ferraro, Frank M188819** 26.1 
Ferraro, Mary C18931978 26.1 
Ferrington, Melvina A Hill Jan 18 189069y14.1Wife of Jabesh Ferrington
Ferrington, Willie Jan 26 1875 14.1 
Ferrington, Carl C Jul 15 192950y17.1d Jordan Hill; obit Jul 18 1929 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, George R Sep 26 192969y17.1Obit Oct 3 1929 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Grover Dec 18 193642y17.1d Obi, NY; obit Jan 23 1936 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, IthamerJul 8 1849Jun 9 194274y17.1Son of Mabisch & Melvina Hill Ferrington; b Clarksville, NY; farmer; d Genesee Twp NY; obit Jun 12 1924 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Leda Leola CrooksApr 12 1900Mar 2 1954 17.1Dau of John & Elsie Cavanaugh Crooks; wife of Robert Laurence Ferrington; b Little Genesee NY; d Wellsville; Obit Mar 4 1954 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Martin George Jun 3 195378y 26d17.1b NY State; d Olean NY
Ferrington, Mary E Jun 11 19182y17.1d Clarksville NY of diptheria
Ferrington, Maude May 18 195565y 9m 2d17.1b PA; d Collins NY
Ferrington, Melody Jane  3y 5m 15d17.1b Olean; d Clarksville NY
Ferrington, Mildred S Apr 7 194364y 11m 11d17.1Wife of Carl Ferrington; b PA; obit Apr 15 1943 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Miles Ithamer  49y 11m 18d17.1b Clarksville; d Cuba NY
Ferrington, Milton 193376y17.1Obit Mar 2 1933 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Robert LaurenceJun 30 1901Jul 26 195756y17.1Hus of Leda Leola Crooks Ferrington; Obit Aug 1 1957 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, William Henry Oct, 1913 17.1Obit Oct 16 1913 Bolivar Breeze
Ferrington, Jabisch 187460y14.1 
Ferris, Henry AJul 24 1824Jun 10 1889 10.1 10.2 
Ferris, Rachel BurdickFeb 21 1834Apr 3 1891 10.1 10.2 
Ferris, Joseph Mar 24 186765yRichburg 
Ferris, Maria Mar 14 188483yRichburgWife of Joseph Ferris
Ferris, George R Oct 10 186526yRichburgSon of Joseph & Maria Ferris
Fett, William G18941975 26.1 
Fett, Mildred M18951980 26.1 
Fetter, Helen L Jones18611923 5.1Dau of George Jones
Field, Alman A18701949 17.2 
Field, Cora E18751954 17.2 
Fields, Augusta Jan 13 192692y7.3 
Filips, Carl18891952 17.2 
Filips, Clara18951970 17.2 
Fillebrown, Albert H18321923 5.1 
Fillebrown, Anna S18701942 5.1 
Fillebrown, Edmond E18621934 5.1 
Fillebrown, Mary J18341902 5.1 
Finch, Charles William18601895 5.1 
Finch, David J18321878 8.1  189 Regt NYV
Finch, Thomas CDec 12 1918Nov 22 1933 17.2 
Finch, William PMay 30 1911May 10 1912 17.2Son of H C & E W Finch
Finch, George18641934 28.1 
Finch, Nettie18521959 28.1 
Finch, Ruby Graves18881922 28.1On back of Loring stone
Finch, Martin WJun 20 1808Sep 20 1887 10.1 10.2 
Finch, EstherSep 21 1810Nov 26 1882 10.1 10.2Wife of Martin W Finch
Finch, MaggieDec 1 1850Mar 8 1888 10.1 10.2Wife of Martin W Finch
Finch, Geroge W18561941 10.1 10.2 
Finch, Rosa B Allen18611908 10.1 10.2Wife of George W Finch
Finch, George C18801946 10.1 10.2 
Finch, Hazel18891916 10.1 10.2Wife of George C Finch
Finch, Charles N18361888 10.1 10.2Co. A 136 Regt NYSV
Finch, Salina A18391906 10.1 10.2 
Finch, Paul Newman18761903 10.1 10.2 
Finch, Laura V18721899 10.1 10.2 
Finch, JasonJul 8 1810Feb 24 1861 10.1 10.2 
Finch, DeborahMar 23 1817Oct 24 1879 10.1 10.2 
Finch, James N   AngelicaLot 163
Finlen, Gerald L19031945 15.1 
Finn, William R19141972 26.1 
Finn, Betty J19191954 26.1 
Finn, Teresa I18921944 26.1 
Finn, Charles L18881954 26.1 
Finnemore, David18971935 15.1 
Finnemore, Ruth18931932 15.1 
Fish, Frank F18521933 24.5 
Fish, George S Sep 3 188960y24.5 
Fish, George H19001976 24.5 
Fish, Mae S187319** 24.5 
Fish, Nettie C1909  24.5 
Fish, Floyd G19061971 24.5 
Fish, Phebe PFeb 5 1851Aug 5 1851 24.5 
Fish, Ida M18661949 24.5 
Fish, Marshall  86y 19dBlank 
Fish, Julia S18701932 Blank 
Fish, Angeline   AngelicaLot 584
Fish, Anna B   AngelicaLot 135
Fish, Charles M   AngelicaLot 135; son of M & Mrs Mae Fish; survivors s Christopher of Olean & sister-in-law Mrs. Jennie Dietz of Olean
Fish, Clifford M   AngelicaLot 135
Fish, Doty   AngelicaLot 584
Fish, Frank F Aug, 189467yAngelicaLot 135; son of Mr & Mrs May Fish
Fish, Frank P Dec 31 1917 WellsvilleSurvivors, 3 brothers= May, Lewis & Jason of Angelica
Fish, Grace A   AngelicaLot 135
Fish, Jason Jun 20 1939  Angelicab Angelica to Prescott & Angelica Way Fish; m Lena Burr who survives; ran the Fish Carriage Shop
Fish, Lewis HMay 7 1848Aug 13 1918 Angelicag Angelica to Mr & Mrs P M Fish; d Olean Hosp; Survivors, brothers Mason & May Fish
Fish, Prescott   AngelicaLot 584
Fish, Harriet L BurrJan 13 1863Feb 25 1942 Angelicab Allen NY to Cyrus & Mary Burr; daught school 28y; m Jason M Fish of Angelica Aug 21 1907; Suvivors, sister Ida M Bennett of Perry
Fish, Arthur L18651933 28.1 
Fish, Mary Ackerman186219** 28.1 
Fisher, Martin V B 189156y1.1No stone
Fisher, Mary A18521924 26.1x
Fisk, Willard   20.2 
Fisk, Lizzie J   AngelicaLot 29
Fisk, Florence HNov 9 1884Nov 15 1933 Angelicab Angelica; Survivors, sister Mrs. Simpson T Jennings, brother Wilbur Fish of Allen; sister Ada L Fisk of Rochester
Fisk, Israel LoringMar 9 1836Jan 12 1917 Angelicab Homer, NY; m Lucy Ann Hooker who died May 1835; Survivors, dau Mrs. Charlotte Jennings, Miss Ada Fisk of Rochester & Miss Florence Fish of Angelica; son Wilbur L of Allen
Fisk, Lucy Ann HookerJan 28 1844May, 197 AngelicaDau of Harry & Sally Hooker; d Angelica; m Israel Loring Fish Oct 18 1866
Fisk, Arthur Burt18561949 2.5 
Fisk, Charles Mar 27 184927y 3m 25d2.5 
Fisk, Sally Jul 20 185420y 1m 20d2.5 
Fisk, IsaacOct 2 1791May 26 186055y2.5d Allen NY
Fisk, Daleinda LoringJul 25 17981876 2.5b Palatine, Mass
Fisk, Cleo F Sr19021963 17.2 
Fisk, Irene M1903  17.2 
Fisk, Edward G Jan 20 188571y1.1Civil War Veteran
Fisk, Esther Palmeter Feb 24 188268y1.1Wife of E G Fisk
Fisk, GeorgeJun 31 1825Aug 29 1870 2.5b Portland; d Allen
Fisk, Mary J18291898 2.5Wife of George Fisk
Fisk, George I18601944 8.1 
Fisk, Grace C18621942 8.1 
Fisk, Harriet Mar 31 185450y2.5Wife of David Kellogg; dau of George & Mary J Fisk
Fisk, Harry18821935 17.2 
Fisk, Vida18861922 17.2 
Fisk, James Nov 11 181436y1.1Wife of C F Fisk, Jr
Fisk, Karen Ann19391960 10.1 10.2 
Fisk, Mollie Nov 11 190628y 4m19.1Wife of F C Fisk
Fisk, Norman C18481920 8.1 
Fisk, Agnes Bell18491928 8.1 
Fisk, Wilbur L18821959 8.1 
Fisk, Edna18901928 8.11st wife of Wilbur L Fisk
Fitch, Melida VanderpoolMay 3 1856Feb, 1920 AngelicaWife of Sherwood Fitch; d Utica; b Paris Hill to M & Mrs A D Vanderpool; m Mr. Fitch Jun 27 1887 who survives; no children
Fitch, John A18521930 3.2 
Fitch, Maggie Lyon18651923 3.2 
Fitch, Henry M 1891 20.7 
Fitch, Carlton C18551890 20.7 
Fitch, Seth18221897 20.7 
Fitz, Henry Mar 3 191185y3.2 
Fitz, ElizabethDec 1816Aug 187862y 2m 1d3.2Wife of Henry Fitz
Fitzgerald, Patrick T18621929 26.1 
Fitzgerald, Ella T18711948 26.1 
FitzRandolph, Alva1867Jul 20 194982y1.1 
FitzRandolph, Fucia 197181y1.1No stone
FitzRandolph, Gideon Henry (Rev)1855Apr 6 193478y1.1 
FitzRandolph, Hannah Saunders1837Jun 13 190769y1.1 
FitzRandolph, Lucy Green1864Aug 28 191955y1.1Wife of G H FitzRandolph
FitzRandolph, Mary Caroline Hoff1863Apr 23 194481y1.1 
FitzRandolph, Ruth B 195661y1.1Wife of Winfield W FitzRandolph
FitzRandolph, William F1890191019y1.1Son of G H FitzRandolph
Fix, Willie Aug 4 185822y 6m8.1Lot ownerned by William Fi 
Flanagan, C F18501923 26.1 
Flanagan, Mary A18511927 26.1Mother
Flanagan, Irene E18921936 26.1 
Flanagan, Ruth F19251956 26.1 
Flanagan, Agnes18931959 26.1 
Flanagan, George E18861955 26.1 
Flanagan, Bernard L18931952 26.1 
Flanagan, Margaret I   26.1 
Flanagan, Vincent H18811919 26.1 
Flanagan, Mary A18731958 26.1 
Flanagan, Mark E19181919 26.1 
Flanagan, Irene F Stockman19141955 26.1 
Flanagan, Eugene18721879 26.1 
Flanagan, Christopher N18671929 26.1 
Flanagan, Mary F18731963 26.1 
Flanagan, Peter B19011932 26.1 
Flanagan, Father18251897 26.1 
Flanagan, Mother18311895 26.1 
Flanagan, Eugene FJan 29 1907Jan 8 1975 26.1Tec 5 US Army WWII
Flanagan, Gladys L1912  26.1 
Flanagan, Nicholas JApr 21 1852Mar 24 1909 26.1Father
Flanagan, Mary AJul 15 ****  26.1Mother; stone underground and unable to read
Flanagan, Laurence18901891 26.1 
Flanagan, Edward J18781900 26.1 
Flanagan, Clarance J1890196171y5.2 
Flanagan, Nellie T1888196375y5.2 
Flansburg, Glen W1894Feb 15 197378y1.1 
Flansburg, Harriett R1901197170y1.1Wife of Glen W Flansburg
Fleming, Timothy A1897  5.2 
Fleming, Ora V1898196365y5.2 
Flenagen, Charles NSep 30 1839  Angelicam Elizabeth Abbott; see film for bio information
Flenagan, Elizabeth Abbott   Angelicawife of Charles N Flenagen
Fletcher, George E18371916 15.1 
Fletcher, Emely18451909 15.1 
Fletcher, Emma ParkerDec 28 1859Nov 8 1949 Blankb Angelica to William & Susan Barber Parker; widow of Herbert Fletcher; survived by Herbert A & William L Fletcher, sons
Fletcher, Jennie S   AngelicaLot 2
Fletcher, Jesse1868Mar, 1949 Angelicad Remlock; survived by dau Mrs Jennie L Humphrey of Hemlock; brother of the late Mrs. Cora Eldredge & Mrs Flora Walker
Flinn, A L18231874 8.1 
Flinn, Olive Randolph18291918 8.1 
Flinn, James R 18633y8.1Son of J & R A Flinn
Flinn, Nelson   8.1Carriage maker
Flint, Andrea A 195638y5.1 
Flint, Edwin A18471849 FriendshipFriendship Baptist Ch Cem; son of Hitt & Lydia Flint
Flint, James S18261909 24.1 
Flint, Maranda Young18251899 24.1Wife of James F Flint
Flint, James WAug 8 1857Jul 8 1929 24.1 
Flint, Elizabeth V GortonOct 22 1857Feb 4 1925 24.1Wife of James W Flint
Flint, James EFeb 25 1883Jun 20 1884 24.1 
Flint, Lottie V18901935 24.1 
Flint, Ellen Lone 1851 FriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery; dau of M H & L Flint
Flint, Mary USep 22 1836Nov 21 1892 24.1Wife of William H Smith
Flint, Cynthia Mar 4 183170yBlank 
Florian, Maude J18761929 8.1 
Fluent, Jefferson Sep 21 184913y 6m11.4Son of N & N Fluent
Fluent, Lorton H Aug 16 18541y 8m11.4Son of N & N Fluent
Flynn, Mary M18631911 26.1Wife of Luke Flynn
Folsing, Michael18671955 6.11 
Folsing, Anna Will18691934 6.11Wife of Michael Folsing
Folsing, Norman W19001932 6.11Son of Michael & Anna Folsing
Folsom, Edith CrawfordDec 9 1871Nov 26 1943 CastileDau of Henry & Jane Crawford of Belfast; Hus d 1933; survived by son Ray Folsom & dau Ruth Fo  of Angelica; brother Charles Crawford of Angelica
Folsom, AbramOct 7 1846Jun 10 1893 8.1 
Folts, Alice Stephens Dec 9 1947 WaylandWife of Earl Folts; son Norman Folts; dau Katherine of Wayland
Folwell, Frank C18601917 15.1 
Folwell, Hattie E Wilkinson18731919 15.1Dau of O A Wilkenson
Fontaine, John W 195556y5.1 
Foose, Archibald18131894 8.1 
Foose, Elizabeth18171894 8.1Wife of Archibald Foose
Foose, Isaac N (Ike)18471930 8.1 
Foose, Estelle L18591927 8.1Wife of Isaac Foose
Wert, George A18541940 8.1Grandson; buried with Foose family
Foote, RobertJan 14 1958Jan 16 1958 26.1Baby
Foote, John E 194819y5.1 
Forbes, Carrie M 18654y1.1No stone
Forbes, Effie E 186913y 1.1No stone
Ford, Eva   1.1 
Ford, Isabell AFeb 19 1862Mar 3 1907 15.1 
Ford, Lula18741950 15.1Has funeral home marker
Ford, Mary ASep 4 1870Sep 23 1950 10.1 10.2 
Ford, Lucinda18271905 8.12nd child of Lewis & Debora Reynolds Ford
Ford, Lois May 17 185223y8.1Wife of W Byrn, MD; 1st child of Darius Ford; lot owned by L Ford 1850
Ford, Flavel Jan 4 184775y 4m 28d8.2 
Ford, Thankful Aug 5 184675y 3m 4d8.2Wife of Flavel Ford
Ford, Joseph Treat17991881 8.1 
Ford, Polly Byrns18021888 8.2Wife of Joseph Treat Ford
Ford, Sara (Crosby)18391939100y8.2Wife of Rev David Crosby; buried Belfast Riverside Cemetery
Ford, Cordelia (Hooker)   8.2Wife of Levi Hooker
Crosby, David (Rev)   ChamberlainBuried Chamberlain Cemetery
Ford, Carl & wife   8.4Had 2 living children and 3 daughters died and were buried in orchard on Gleason Hill Road farm; plowed up now. 1 buried with stone across the creek back of Clifford Atherton house; too warn to read
Ford, Quincy Feb 26 184777y(?)6.11Death age may be 42 and death date may be 1841
Ford, Gratty Nov 20 187262y(?)6.11Wife of Quincy Ford
Ford, Arvilla E LeeAug 31 1818May 17 1851 6.11Dau of Philemon & Eliza Cook Lee; wife of David Ford
Ford, Catherine Forhan18521925 26.1 
Ford, Betsey Emeline Apr 20 184111y 1m 7d8.2Dau of Dea Lenis & Debora Ford
Ford, Darius R (DD)18241904 8.1 
Ford, Lewis H17991877 8.1 
Ford, Deborah R18051884 8.1 
Ford, Edmund D18701923 8.1 
Ford, Mary M18741960 8.1Wife of Edmund Ford
Ford, Charles L18331906 8.1Co. F 130 Regt 1st NY Dragoons
Ford, Mary Peckham18441910 8.1Wife of Charles L Ford
Ford, Lewis D18671890 8.1Son of Charles L & Mary Ford
Ford, John B18371904 8.1 
Ford, Martha W18401910 8.1 
Ford, George H18841969 8.1 
Ford, Ralph C18721958 8.1 
Ford, Cynthia I18721937 8.1Wife of Ralph Ford
Ford, Harold R18991952 8.1 
Ford, Emily E1900  8.1Wife of Harold R Ford; she remarried and had 1daughter
Ford, Flavel Jan 4 184775y 4m 2d8.2 
Ford, Faithful Aug 5 184675y 3m 14d8.2Wife of Flavel Ford
Ford, Annie Juson   Freedomb Sorett, England to Mr & Mrs Wm Juson; m Mar 9 1907 James Ford of Buffalo; surviving children, Mrs. Kathleen Hanks of Portville, Harold Ford of Laurel, MD; Mrs. Margaret Schneider & William Ford of Angelica
Ford, Sidney A18371923 8.1US Navy
Ford, Rosie M18421899 8.1Wife of Sidney Ford
Ford, Allen H18681956 8.1Son of Sidney & Rosie Ford
Ford, Bertha H18661947 8.1Wife of Allen H Ford
Ford, Bessie L18901962 8.1Dau of Allen & Bertha Ford
Foreman, Lina HallAug 14 18735y 6m 19d2.5Dau of F A Foreman
Forhan, Timothy J18671930 26.1 
Forhan, Hilda A18861978 26.1 
Forhan, Eugene18381909 26.1Father
Forhan, Mary18481909 26.1Mother; wife of Eugene Forhan
Forhan, Monica18901921 26.1Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
Forhan, Mary18691925 26.1Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
Forhan, Catherine18641948 26.1Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
Forneso, Dora MOct 17 1900Dec 14 1976 15.1 
Forneso, Eugene FloydFeb 14 1899Dec 6 1972 15.1PA Pvt US Army, WWI
Forrest, Dorothy Ingalls19001948 15.1 
Forrest, William F18651933 10.1 10.2 
Forrest, Edith J18711932 10.1 10.2 
Fortner, Ernest R18701920 26.1 
Fortner, Teresa M18701946 26.1 
Fortner, Robert E19061925 26.1 
Fortner, Joseph B19041960 26.1 
Fortner, Rosa H190719** 26.1 
Fortner, Byron18411901 28.1 
Fortner, Evaline18491929 28.1Wife of Byron Fortner
Fortner, Chester MOct 5 1858Mar 22 1921 24.1 
Fortner, CharlesJan 20 1830Sep 27 1880 Blank 
Fosbury, Mile MMay 25 1881Jan 2 1882 21.5Child of R J & F L Fosbury
Fosbury, Sarah EJun 14 1866Dec 27 1869 21.5Child of R J & F L Fosbury
Fosbury, Freddie DFeb 25 1871Dec 15 18732y21.5Child of R J & F L Fosbury
Fosbury, Hurbie JApr 28 1879Mar 22 1880 21.5Child of R J & F L Fosbury
Fosbury, Chester JFeb 23 1869Mar 5 1881 21.5Child of R J & F L Fosbury
Fosbury, S AugustineJun 13 1848Aug 3 1897 6.1123 Regt NYV Co E Inf Dragoons; new stone has birth date as 1836
Fosbury, Eliza M18411917 6.11Mother
Fosdick, Elizabeth W Jun 13 188682y8.1Wife of Elijah Fosdick
Fosdick, Margaret WillisAug 1 1875Feb 24 195984y1.1 
Fosdick, Marion LJul 31 1888Jun 8 197384y1.1Ashes Aug 3 1973
Fosha, James A   AngelicaLot 521
Foster, Lot Dec 1 186080yRichburg 
Foster, H CFeb 30 1803  Richburg 
Foster, CatherineAug 29 1800Feb 15 1884 Richburg 
Foster, J Wellman18261905 Wheeler 
Foster, Lydia 1885 WheelerWife of J Wellman Foster
Foster, Nathan Feb 8 185684yUtopia 
Foster, Chloe M18351870 5.1 
Foster, Eunice17891873 5.1 
Foster, Waldo E19021970 17.2 
Foster, Cora M1904  17.2 
Foster, William M18541913 8.1 
Foster, Ella C18561941 8.1 
Foster, Edwin M18771925 8.1 
Foster, Bertha B18801921 8.1Wife of J H Foster
Foster, Leonard W19051915 8.1 
Foster, William Leroy18631934 17.2 
Foster, Cora Mae18671938 17.2 
Foster, Bonita Lynette Dec 28 19424m 7d17.1b Olean NY; d Portville NY
Foster, Carrie Elizabeth (Childs/Otto)Apr 13 1865Apr 27 194479y 14d17.1Wife of Riley Otto; m 2nd Charles Foster; b Susquehanna, A; d Tremansburg, NY; obit May 4 1944 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Cleo Clayton Sr Oct 6 195457y 8m 28d17.1b Clarksville NY; d Clarksville NY
Foster, Cleo Clayton JrFeb 3 1926Mar 6 194418y 1m 3d17.1single; b Clarksville; d Olean NY; obit Mar 9 1944 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Edna Mar 2 194965y 1m 1d17.1b Carrollton NY; d Olean NY
Foster, Frank E Oct 27 195585y 2m 28d17.1b Portville NY
Foster, Fred E May 29 194982y 6m 20d17.1b Portville NY; d Clarksville NY; obit Jun 2 1949 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Gladys Adelia Apr 12 195454y 5m 11d17.1b Cameron Mills NY; d Cuba NY
Foster, Gretchen E May 25 198366y17.1d Olean NY
Foster, Lloyd EJul 21 1910Jun 27 194534y17.1Son of Fred Foster; hus of Minnie G Waklee Foster; b Obi, NY; d DeGalia, Pa; obit Jul 5 1945 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Nancy A PeckhamSep 1846Oct 12 192983y 3m 26d17.1Dau of Hiram & Julia Allen Peckham; wife of Alva Foster; b Clarksville NY; d Obi NY; obit Oct 17 1929 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Stanley Apr 13 197749y17.1d Port, Allegany Co., PA
Foster, Zelena Childs May 31 194968y 25d17.1Wife of Fred Foster; b Genesee Twp; c Clarksville NY; obit Jun 2 1949 Bolivar Breeze
Foster, Elmer E18911952 6.11 
Foster, Bertha Rice18941944 6.111st wife of Elmer E Foster
Foster, Meta E1894  6.11 
Foster, Harman L19041957 17.2 
Foster, Lena E1906  17.2 
Foster, Hazel E18971900 17.2Dau of B & E Foster
Foster, Edwin C18711928 17.2 
Foster, Bessie S18771938 17.2 
Foster, Raymond M1910  10.1 10.2 
Foster, Cleta M1908  10.1 10.2 
Foster, Donald CSep 11 1929Jul 17 1957 10.1 10.2NY Corpl Ordinance Corps Korea
Foster, Ruth Louise19091959 10.1 10.2 
Foster, Lenard M18291899 14.1 
Foster, Sally Ann18281896 14.1 
Foster, Lydia Sep 10 186941y 2m29.8Wife of J W Foster
Foster, J Wellman18281905 19.8 
Foulds, Jane Herkimer18781961 8.1 
Fountain, Eneas Apr 15 188215yRichburg 
Peavy, Infant daughter18791879 RichburgBuried with Eneas Fountain; dau of CD & H M Peavy
Fountain--see LaFountain   Blank 
Fountain, Eneas May 8 187874yRichburg 
Fountain, Sabrina   RichburgWife of Eneas Fountain
Fountain, Cora BJul 10 1872Mar 27 1880 Richburg 
LaFountain, Perry A18361917 Richburg 
LaFountain, Harriet A18401927 RichburgWife of Perry A LaFountain
Fountain, Albert J Mar 24 1872 RichburgMy twin brother's grave and mine too
Funtain, Alembert J Mar 24 1872 RichburgMy twin brother's grave and mine too
Fowler, Charles G18541885 5.1 
Fowler, Emily18331909 5.1 
Fowler, Forest H18611913 5.1 
Fowler, Gilbert18201897 Richburg 
Fowler, Grover 1918 5.1 
Fowler, John18341913 5.1 
Fowler, Minerva18321901 5.1 
Fowler, Sarah17991883 5.1 
Fowler, Shubel17931871 5.1 
Fowler, Deley Aug 11 18611y 1d5.6Dau of Clarissa & C W Fowler
Fowler, Jerrous   Blank 
Fowler, Eva   24.5Little Eva
Fowler, Nellie BurnsFeb 23 1868Oct 23 1914 Portvilleb Angelica; m Wm H Fowler; children Marguerite Fowler, Martin B, Charles W & C D all at home; sister Miss Mae Burns of Angelica; brothers Henry of Angelica, Frank Burns of Belmont, Wm Burns of Cohoes and Robert burns of Angola
Fowler, Edward G18801950 15.1 
Fowler, Rosie B18821957 15.1 
Frace, Charlotte R May 11 18353y8.2Dau of Joseph & Catherine Frace
Frady, Mary A Aug 4 188284y24.2 
Frair, Celia Etta Jul 10 195677y 8m 12d17.1b NY State; d Olean NY
Frair, Eddeth I Feb 26 196960y17.1b NY State; d Olean NY
Frair, Floyd Edson Jul 20 196187y17.1b NY State; d Olean NY
Frair, Fred Philip Jan 6 194455y 3m 21d17.1b Genesee Twp; d Cuba NY
Frair, Giles DSep 19 1859Aug 27 1937 17.1Son of Matthew & Harriet Hatch Frair; b Genesee Twp; d Richburg; obit Sep 2 1937 Bolivar Breeze
Frair, Herman Mar 8 1973 17.1WWI Veteran; d Olean NY
Frair, John W Oct 25 194286y 10m 19d17.1Unmarried; farmer; b Clarksville NY; d Genesee Twp
Frair, Leroy H Dec 28 1925 17.1d East Cuba NY; obit Dec 31 1925 Bolivar Breeze
Frair, Leroy H MrsDec 13 1925 17.1of East Cuba NY; d Buffalo NY; obit Dec 17 1925 Bolivar Breeze
Frair, Mathew B Oct 10 190681y 6m17.1Son of John & Mary Millis Frair; b NYS; d Genesee Twp
France, Ceylon L19041962 8.1 
France, Thelma V1906  8.1 
France, Sidney O18981971 8.1 
France, Charlotte A18971980 8.1Wife of Sidney O France
France, WilliamSep 3 1812May 24 1905 8.1 
France, Oren (Orrin)Apr 16 1844Jul 5 1862 8.1Co. C 64 Rgt NYV; Civil War Veteran
France, HannahNov 13 1818May 19 1891 8.1Wife of William France
France, Will C18671934 8.1 
France, Dele187019** 8.1 
France, George WSep 29 1836Nov 23 1911 8.1 
France, DelasJul 12 1827Jul 18 1895 8.1Wife of George W France
France, Ella1902193533y8.1 
France, Mae FrancisJul 25 1878Jun 4 1959 8.1 
Francisco, Charles NMay 31 1885Sep 23 193247y1.1 
Francisco, Madline M1921  24.1 
Francisco, Norman W19151969 24.1 
Francisco, Maude CJul 25 1890Sep 17 193445y1.1Wife of Charles Francisco; member FLT
Francisco, Wallace Norman18891934 24.1 
Francisco, Lena Mae18911975 24.1 
Francisco, Minnie M1897  24.1 
Francisco, Edward M18951967 24.1 
Francisco, Clair E19311936 24.1 
Francisco, Sherman V19021942 24.1 
Francisco, Eva18611960 24.1 
Francisco, Norman M18571918 24.1 
Francisco, Olive E18291901 24.1Mother
Francisco, William F18291880 24.1Father
Francisco, Crab18591880 24.1 
Francisco, (?)18961899 24.1 
Frank, Nancy Stillman18831971 1.1 
Franklin, Charles B18831971 8.1 
Franklin, Lucia J18871952 8.1 
Franklin, Our babies Apr 6 1908 8.1Children of Charles & Lucia Franklin
Franklin, Our babies Oct 30 1910 8.1Children of Charles & Lucia Franklin
Franklin, George E 197647y5.1 
Franklin, Jane Z 197538y5.1 
Franklin, Jennie A18621935 8.1 
Franklin, P D18471899 8.1 
Franklin, Eva C18591931 8.1Wife of P D Franklin
Franklin, Melba18961897 8.1 
Franklin, Laura I Mar 17 18811y 7m 17d8.1Dau of P D & Eva Franklin
Franklin, Infant Daughter Jan 12 1878 8.1Dau of P D & Eva Franklin
Franklin, G Clifford18821937 8.1 
Franklin, John   8.1 
Franklin, Thomas charles 197649y5.1 
Franklin, Delphine Mar 3 18582m 21dBlankDau of James & Sylvia Franklin
Franklin, William18101895 2.5 
Franklin, Laura I18131874 2.5 
Franklin, Delias18351901 2.5 
Franklin, Betsey E17971863 AngelicaLot 174; Wife of John Franklin; Son Gurden J killed in battle of Ressas George May 17 1864
Franklin, Gurdin J1836May 17 1864 AngelicaLot 174; son of John & Betsey E Franklin
Franklin, John17931876 AngelicaLot 174; Hus of Betsey E Franklin
Franklin, Nancy MrsApr 21 1830Jan 27 1916 Angelicab Allen NY; wife of William Franklin who died 21 years ago; Survivors, son in Florida; dau Mrs J C Averill; sister Mrs. Wm Wakefield
Franklin, Sarah A Walker   AngelicaLot 735
Franklin, William1825  AngelicaLot 735; hus ob Sarah A Walker Franklin
Franklin, Ashley M18461909 8.13 Col Vol Cav
Franklin, Eva E18531939 8.1Wife of Ashley M Franklin
Franklin, Betsey  Mar 18 185561y 3m 25d8.1Wife of David H Franklin
Franklin, John K Aug 1 185932y 3m 22d8.1Son of David & Betsey Franklin
Franklin, Ransom Jan 8 182632y 8.1Son of Noah & Lydia Franklin
Franklin, Noah   8.1No stone
Franklin, Alidah (Lydia)   8.1No stone
Franklin, William   8.1No stone
Franklyn, Albert19221976 24.5Brother
Franklyn, Charles19201960 24.5Brother
Franklyn, Agnes L19281960 24.5Sister
Franklyn, Richard D19511956 24.5 
Franklyn, Barbara19511969 24.5 
Franklin, Marsha (Infant daughter)Jun 26 1969Oct 22 1969 24.5 
Fraser, Nora Winifred Binns1889Feb 4 197283y 1.1Ashes
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth Mar 10 1977 1.1Ashes buried on same spot as Nora Fraser July 9, 1977
Frasier, Charles 1921 5.1 
Frauslin, Harriet PFeb 3 18201865 2.5Wife of Ezra Frauslin
Frazer, Robert Berdette18961960 15.1WWI AEE
Frazer, Sarah McVey18901967 15.1 
Frazier, Sarah Jul 31 185972y3.2Wive of David Frazer
Frazier, Guy Nov 10 1944 Westfield PAUSN; m 1940 Lois Dean dau of Frank Dean of Angelica; burial Westfield, PA
Frazier, Lois DeanJul 27 1921Feb 1 1955 Rochesterb West Almond to Mr & Mrs Franklin Dean; d Rochester
Freborn, D G18271904 5.1 
Freeborn, E B Jun 6 1886 Blank 
Freeborn, Lydia A H   AngelicaLot 136
Freeborn, John   BlankA freeholder in 1808-1809
Freeborn, R18051882 8.1 
Freeborn, Priscilla M18051890 8.1 
Freeborn, Eugene B18431886 8.1 
Freeborn, Helen M Dec 8 185015y 6m8.1Dau of R & P Freeborn
Freeborn, Nettie   8.1Infant dau of M D & P Freeborn
Freeborn, Archie   8.1Infant son of F B & H Freeborn
Freeborn, Melford D18381905 8.1Co K NY Heavy Art'l
Freeborn, Prudence M18441914 8.1Wife of Melford D Freeborn
Freeborn, Gideon Jun 23 183770y8.1 
Freeborn, Mary Mar 18 186492y8.1Wife of Gideon Freeborn
Freeborne, Olivia B18461879 5.1 
Freeland, Bruce C1913192815y1.1Son of C B Freeland
Freeland, Edna Pearl1889Jan 21 197482y 1.1 
Freeland, Tamora 19721y5.1 
Freelove, Ernest W18911942 24.1 
Freeman, Edgar Apr 11 185421y15.5 
Freeman, Lillian B18991979 28.1 
Freeman, Edward18561928 24.1 
Freeman, Josephine18641939 24.1 
Freeman, Jennie18831920 11.4 
Freeman, Fred E18811962 10.1 10.2 
Freeman, Winona A189319** 10.1 10.2 
Freeman, Emma 18644m9.2Birdsall Cemetery
Freenz, Harry K18811935 15.1 
French, Frances Rawson17981851 AngelicaLot 416; dau of Isaac & Rhoda Rawson
French, Walter S18721933 24.1 
French, Royal18801952 24.1 
French, Jonah Apr 19 187181y Dimick-WirtVeteran
French, Susan Oct 16 186072yDimick-WirtWife of Jonah French
French, Edwin P Mar 15 188264yDimick-Wirt 
Zimmer, Mary   Dimick-WirtNo dates; child of Mary French Zimmer
Zimmer, Ezra Jan 26 188450yDimick-WirtChild of Mary French Zimmer
Zimmer, Elsie Jun 4 18702yDimick-WirtDau of Mary French Zimmer
Zimmer, Earley Aug 5 18711mDimick-WirtSon of Mary French Zimmer
French, Maude L McCarrison 18847mDimick-WirtBuried with Jonah French family
French, Lena18731909 Dimick-WirtWife of J F French
French, Susan (See Maude McCarrison)   Blank 
French, Wheeler18401850 27.2 
Frey, Albert18621917 26.1 
Frey, Anna18651951 26.1 
Frey, Dyle LJul 2 1890May 25 1944 8.1Pvt 5 Eng TNE Regt WWI
Frey, Betty May   8.1Wife of Dyle L Frey
Frey, Magdalina18381914 26.1 
Frey, Christian18331923 26.1 
Frick, James W 197656y5.1 
Friel, Paul JJun 29 1900Nov 7 1966 10.1 10.2 
Friel, Eleanor JOct 11 1907  10.1 10.2 
Frier, Frank H Aug 1 186817y 7m 21d8.1 
Frisby, Addison W Oct 2 185118y 5m 20d20.7Son of Hiram & Jeanette Frisby
Frisby, Robert S Jul 14 184614y 2d20.7Son of George & Lucy Frisby
Frisby, Lucy18301850 8.1Dau of George & Emma Frisby
Fritts, Harry May 1 188073yRichburg 
Fritts, Elvira Nov 27 189278yRichburgWife of Harry Fritts
Fritts, John M Dec 7 189959yRichburg 
Fritts, George18431921 Richburg 
Fritts, Helen18471930 RichburgWife of George Fritts
Fritts, John M18781901 Richburg 
Fritts, David HJun 23 1887May 17 1889 10.1 10.2Son of D C & A F Fritts
Fritts, George C18881955 17.2 
Fritts, Susie C18901963 17.2 
Fritz, Frank Jun 8 197176y 3m 26d15.1 
Frost, Frances   AngelicaLot 699
Frost, Sheldon   AngelicaLot 699
Frost, Cecile I190119** 15.1 
Frost, Arthur J18901963 15.1 
Frost, Charles D Jun 25 194752y 11m 3d17.1b Clarksville NY; d Clarksville NY
Frost, Fred A Mar 20 193462y 5m 7d17.1b NY St; d Wellsville NY
Frost, George DeAlton Jan 5 193923y 7m 22d17.1b Portville NY;d Olean NY
Frost, Jasper WJul 25 1876Jul-6084y17.1b Portville NY; d Olean NY
Frost, Lena Munger Jan 9 193959y17.1 
Frost, Linda KayMay 29 1960May 29 1960 17.1b & Olean NY; stillborn
Frost, Susie Williams May 3 194271y17.1d Coudersport PA
Frost, Neil R Mar 1 195910y 4m 8d17.1b Olean Ny; d Buffalo NY
Frungello, Louis F18911942 26.1Father
Frungello,Rosa18851929 26.1Mother
Frungello, Cynthia19171928 26.1Daughter
Frungillo, Amanda Marie Jul 23 1973 10.1 10.2 
Frungillo, AnnieFeb 22 1913Jan 18 192714y 2d5.2 
Frungillo, Thomas1897197275y5.2 
Frungillo, Alice E1901**** 5.2 
Frungillo, Thomas S1875195378y5.2 
Frungillo, Amelia C188519** 5.2 
Fulboam, Ellanore Smith19061939 15.1 
Fulker, Jane E18341918 24.1Mother
Fuller, A J F   27.11 
Fuller, E M F   27.11 
Fuller, F F   27.11 
Fuller, Aaron A18531906 5.1 
Fuller, Alvin A 193773y5.1 
Fuller, Anson W 193957y5.1 
Fuller, Arthur M 197555y 5.1 
Fuller, Samuel H   AngelicaLot 153
Fuller, Augusta18561928 5.1 
Fuller, Andrew J May 16 188346y 4m 25d25.8 
Fuller, Alice E18811911 24.1 
Fuller, Frank W18801924 24.1 
Fuller, Bessie Riley18941924 24.2 
Fuller, Dorothy Ann19231924 24.2 
Fuller, Katherine Riley18881920 24.2Wife of Earl C Fuller
Fuller, Berrington 197080y5.1 
Fuller, Charles H 194075y5.1 
Fuller, Charles Moore 19281h1.11923 on stone
Fuller, Clara A 196181y 5.1 
Fuller, Cora A 193771y5.1 
Fuller, Daniel17981879 5.1 
Fuller, Daniel C18341915 5.1 
Fuller, Daniel ENov 30 1918Jul 13 1974 24.1TSGT Army Air Forces
Fuller, Daniel H18601934 24.1 
Fuller, E SFeb 27 1823Nov 18 1894 RichburgVeteran
Fuller, Ann JanetteMay 11 1835Sep 4 1905 RichburgWife of E S Fuller
Fuller, Willis D Jul 17 18517mRichburgSon of E S & Ann Fuller
Fuller, Elijah Jun 24 182956yRichburgSon of E S & Ann Fuller
Fuller, Abagail Mar 26 1817 RichburgWife of Elijah Fuller
Fuller, Miranda Lewis Aug 8 181530yRichburgWife of George L Lewis
Fuller, E Estelle 193385y5.1 
Fuller, Elba Mike 196285y5.1 
Fuller, Ella G18761950 24.1 
Fuller, Eliza Oct 16 185819y 29d6.11Wife of Ambros G Fuller
Fuller, Emeline Apr 9 186629y25.8Wife of A J Fuller
Fuller, Emeline 1866 27.11Wife of A W Fuller
Fuller, Hattie E18871973 15.1 
Fuller, Ethyl B189019** 24.1 
Fuller, Percy H18871973 24.1 
Fuller, Bessie Riley18901920 24.1 
Fuller, Ethelyn18831922 5.1Wife of Charles Fuller
Fuller, Etta Smith18761943 8.1 
Fuller, Eva L 194659y5.1 
Fuller, Fred C18591941 8.1 
Fuller, Lora Dey Carter18651946 8.1Wife of Fred C Fuller
Fuller, G Chester18851965 24.1 
Fuller, Arletta E189219** 24.1 
Fuller, Harriet V18611901 24.1Wife of Daniel H Fuller
Fuller, Harry H18821931 24.1 
Fuller, Ruby V18831952 24.1 
Fuller, Harriet V19201925 24.1 
Fuller, Harry H19201942 24.1Avistion Cadet
Fuller, Hattie A 195484y5.1 
Fuller, Ida Louise19101946 6.111st wife of Grant Leroy Fuller
Fuller, Isaac18871920 6.11 
Fuller, James O18621930 24.1 
Fuller, Donald H18961967 New JerseyBuried at Erving Cemetery, Grenton, NY
Fuller, Josephine18581913 24.1 
Fuller, John GOct 18 1822Nov 5 1886 Richburg 
Fuller, ElectaJul 4 1830Nov 17 1860 RichburgWife of John G Fuller
Fuller, DeForestJul 1 1850Jul 10 1865 RichburgSon of John & Electa Fuller
Fuller, Fred LDec 23 1858Aug23 1864 RichburgSon of John & Electa Fuller
Fuller, Ransom Sep 16 187267yRichburg 
Fuller, LaMartin Jun 14 186112yRichburgSon of Ransom & R T Fuller
Fuller, A DeEtte Apr 18 18609yRichburgDau of Ransom & R T Fuller
Fuller, Hattie G Jun 29 18601yRichburgDau of Ransom & R T Fuller
Fuller, Kenneth H 196058y5.1 
Fuller, Lloyd H18971899 24.1 
Fuller, Lucy18351918 5.1 
Fuller, Marcus E19011917 24.1 
Fuller, Margaret Baker1865192661y 1.1Wife of Olin Fuller
Fuller, Maria Harriet18421900 5.1 
Fuller, Mary 193154y5.1Wife of Elba Fuller
Fuller, Mary E 193863y5.1 
Fuller, Mary Ellen19021935 5.1Wife of Kenneth Fuller
Fuller, Minerva C18661946 6.11Wife of Edward E Fuller
Fuller, Murray M 196886y5.1 
Fuller, Norman Bigelow18521890 5.1 
Fuller, O A18421922 5.1 
Fuller, Olin J1856193881y 1.1 
Fuller, Phoebe 197083y 5.1 
Fuller, PhebeJan 25 1828Aug 18 1885 25.8Mother; wife of Wm Fuller
Fuller, PhebeJan 25 1825Aug 18 1886 17.11Wife of Wm Fuller
Fuller, Robert L18881963 8.1Father
Fuller, Robert W (Dr)1892196674y1.1 
Fuller, Shirley Ann19361936 5.1 
Funk, Henry WOct 27 1892Oct 18 1975 RichburgHus of Mildred Townsend Funk
Funk, Heather N 19701y5.1 
Funtner, Otto R Sep 24 1969 26.1 
Funtner, Theresa L   26.1 
Funtner, Margaret P   26.1 
Furman, Walter R18471899 5.1 
Furman, Benjamin J18451904 Richburg 
Furman, Mary L18421921 RichburgWife of Benjamin J Furman
Furman, Nora B18751903 Richburg 
Furman, Kathryn 193075y5.1 
Furnald, ThomasMay 14 1821Sep 10 1872 3.2 
Furnald, John H Dec 26 187687y3.2Wife's marker is broken & gone
Furnald, Willis FJul 6 1848Jul 18 1871 3.2Buried with John H Furnald
Furnald, Luanna Jul 1 186337y 7m 19d3.2Wife of Cyrus Furnald; buried on "Allen" lot
Furnald, WAug 29 1820Aug 24 1879 3.2 

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