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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Gabel, Sarah17991863 8.1 
Galbraith, Danise W19271928 5.1 
Gale, Franklin IIAug 21 1843Mar 6 1926 PAb Scio, NY; d Oswago, Potter, PA; m Belinda Lord May 28 1865 Oswago, PA; son of Franklin Gale I & Almira Wilson; Gale I was b 1803 in Ct; almira Wilson was b 1808 in Canada & died Mar 28 1883; Both are buried in Old Wells Cem, Oswayo, PA; this cem was vandalized sometime ago and was located on a farm. Fale II was a founder & member of the James Macken Hose Co., the 1st fire company in the wellsville Fire Dept in 1874.
Gach, Frederick WAug 27 1922Aug 8 194422y1.1WWII veteran NY; SSgt 109 Inf 28 Div
Gach, Louisa Mary1896197074y1.1 
Gach, Lucille 196525y1.1No stone
Gallagher, Albert P18831923 10.1 10.2 
Gallmann, Clyde F18981970 8.1 
Gallmann, Eleanor M1912  8.1Wife of Clyde F Gallmann
Gallmann, Karl B18971968 8.1 
Gallmann, Katherine19001934 8.11st wife of Karl B Gallmann
Gallmann, Dorothy Guifford1910  8.12nd wife of Karl B Gallmann
Gallmann, William   Allenb Allen to Christian Gallman, pioneer of Allen; hus of Emma Behrens Gallmann; sons Erwin of Allen, Karl & Clyde of Belfast, Walter of Allen, Otto of Angelica; dau's Mrs Hida Ohlinger of Brockport, Miss Clara Gallman of Niagara Falls & Miss Martha Boehm of Niagara Falls; sister Miss Mary Gallmann of Wellsville
Galloway, Tina 195758y5.1 
Galup, Charles A18661946 15.1 
Galup, Ellen F18701932 15.1 
Galup, Oscar C18961969 15.1 
Falusha, Nancy18411900 5.1 
Galushia, Clinton 192375y5.1 
Galutia, Anne F Nov 9 187034y3.2Wife of John R Galutia
Galutia, Jane   3.2No dates
Gamble, Charles H1882192543y1.1 
Gamble, Edward Andrew1883197086y1.1 
Gamble, Hannah Stillman1876194265y1.1Wife of William Gamble; ashes
Gamble, Hazel V Mar 2 1965 1.1Ashes
Gamble, Helen Louisa190719081y1.1 
Gamble, James Lee (Rev)1843190864y1.1Civil War Veteran Co. C 31st OVI, Co. G 9th OVC
Gamble, Louisa Keziah1872194270y1.1 
Gamble, Sarah Milford184519409461.1Wife of James Lee Gamble; ashes
Gamble, Thomas Dec 18 185182y9.3 
Gamble, William L1874195076y1.1 
Gambsby, Joseph (infant)  0y1.1No stone
Ganey, J Lee18831940 26.1 
Ganey, Mary EMay 30 1848Jun 18 1913 26.1 
Gannon, Anna18391917 26.1 
Ganoung, Herbert18731915 10.1 10.2 
Gardiner, Benjamin17961861 5.1 
Gardiner, Betsey C18071880 5.1 
Gardiner, Blanche 19231y1.1Dau of David Gardiner; no stone
Gardiner, Charles R1860193474y1.1 
Gardiner, Daniel D1824  AngelicaMarried 1849 Julia Porter
Gardiner, Eunice   AngelicaInf daughter of Lyman & Mary Gardiner
Gardiner, Harry   AngelicaNo dates
Gardiner, Julia PorterMay 17 1821May 31 1917 Blankb to M & Mrs Joel Porter at Swain; d at Detroit; survivors, daughter Mrs G W Colwell in Harrisville, MI; son Harry Gardiner of Detroit; wife of Daniel D Gardiner
Gardiner, Isabel Janette18521857 5.1 
Gardiner, Lewis   Angelica 
Gardiner, Lazzie R   Angelica 
Gardiner, Lulu   Angelica 
Gardiner, Mary18021844 AngelicaWife of Lyman Gardiner
Gardiner, Lyman17981846 Angelica 
Gardiner, Sabina M L   Angelica 
Gardiner, Maria Charland 192324y1.2Wife of David Gardiner; no stone
Gardiner, Mary E18351908 5.1 
Gardiner, Nellie P1865194883y1.1 
Gardner, David C1892194957y11 
Gardner, Alexander18821907 28.1Co A 136 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran
Gardiner, Alvarus1843191628.128.1Co A 136 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran
Gardner, Annie L184719** 28.1Wife of Alvarus Gardner
Gardner, AmeliaMay 2 1861Feb 22 1949 28.1Sister
Gardner, Claydia W18841902 28.1 
Gardner, Earl B19101978 28.1 
Gardner, Edith B191119** 28.1 
Gardner, Esther W191519** 28.1 
Gardner, Charles J19091963 28.1 
Gardner, Frank B 193576y5.1 
Gardner, Grace Winefred  0y1.1No stone
Gardner, Hannah M Aug 23 187912y 9m 17d28.1 
Gardner, Henry19051945 10.1 10.2 
Gardner, Elsie19131968 10.1 10.2 
Gardner, Ina L18781909 28.1 
Gardner, James18501888 26.1Father
Gardner, Johanna18481926 26.1Mother
Gardner, Frank E18771957 26.1 
Gardner, Margaret E18831966 26.1 
Gardner, John 18453yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cem; son of Stephen & Antoinette Gardner
Gardner, Lewis H18861931 28.1Father
Gardner, Abbie B18881930 28.1Mother
Gardner, Lorenze D18511917 Independence
Gardner, Laverna M 18762y1.1No stone
Gardner, Lucy A18801962 15.1 
Gardner, Fred E18831972 15.1 
Gardner, Margaret  May 14 188936y28.1Wife of Alvarus Gardner/Gardiner
Gardner, Viola Nov 4 188339y28.1Wife of Alvarus Gardner/Gardiner
Gardner, Mary Jul 13 188729y26.1 
Gardner, Celia Mar 13 189827y26.1 
Gardner, Mary Aug 2 188872y26.1 
Gardner, Mary18411925 Dimick 
Gardner, William   Dimick 
Gardner, Dennis18371918 DimickCo. A 136 NYV
Gardner, Sally18041891 DimickWife of G DeForest
Gardner, Michael1836187741y1.1Civil War Veteran
Gardner, Owen 188781y1.1No stone
Gardner, Robert19101925 10.1 10.2 
Gardner, Rachel 188779y1.1No stone
Gardner, Sarah B Dec 15 184928y17.3Wife of David C Gardner
Gardner, Susan Hawley18101887 5.1 
Gardner, Susan L18491930 5.1 
Gardner, Virgil L 193464y1.1No stone
Gardner, Wesley May 13 18827m 10dBlankSon of John & Mary Gardner
Gardner, FloidSep 11 1886Apr 29 1889 BlankSon of John & Mary Gardner
Gardner, FannyMar 1 1980  Blank 
Gardner, William   Dimick-WirtCivil War Veteran; Co. A 136 NYV
Gardner, Dennis18371918 Dimick-WirtCivil War Veteran; Co. A 136 NYV
Gardner, Mary18411925 Dimick-Wirt 
Gardner, Sally18041891 Dimick-Wirt 
Gardner, Willis W Sep 29 188038y 9m 28d28.1Co. G 136 Regt NYSV; Civil War Veteran
Gardner, Sarah S Jul 24 188536y 5m 3d28.1 
Garlock, Catherine Young  84y1.1No stone
Garrison, Robert D Oct 4 188176y3.2 
Garrison, Fidelia Apr 21 188374y3.2 
Garroll, Lorain Giles18881906 15.1 
Garryer, (?) 182620y 4m 17dFriendshipFriendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Garth, George H19081953 6.11 
Garthwait, Isaac E18971955 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Daisy B18981967 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Isaac PSep 10 1846Mar 15 1912 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Angeline MFeb 14 1850Nov 24 1912 10.1 10.2Wife of Isaac P Garthwait
Garthwait, Hattie LMay 12 1872Apr 23 1899 10.1 10.2Dau of Isaac P & Angeline Garthwait
Garthwait, John J18431904 10.1 10.2Father
Garthwait, Sarah J18471928 10.1 10.2Mother
Garthwait, Homer J18741903 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Hattie M18821887 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, John S18071894 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Dorcas18101897 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Lorenzo PMar 13 1859Jan 15 1881 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Mary Ann18571945 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Ralph E18701944 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Sohia S18491938 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Henry H18391897 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Emery18821885 10.1 10.2 
Garthwait, Trumond Apr 12 187076y10.1 10.2 
Garvey, William P18941963 10.1 10.2 
Garvey, Margaret C   10.1 10.2 
Gary, Elisha (Elicher) 18920y1.1Son of Elvert Gary
Gary, Elisha (Elicher) 190275y1.1No stone
Gary, Catherine 190286y1.1Wife of Elisha Gary; no stone
Gary, Elnora E18551857 20.2Child of H J & Mary Gary
Gary, ElvirtFeb 9 1850189747y1.1 
Gary, Ermenta M Dec 19 187321y1.1Dau of Elisha & Catherine A Gary
Gary, Holland18061887 20.2 
Gary, John17611848 20.2 
Gary, Ruth17631857 20.2 
Gary, Nancy18391844 20.2Child of H J & Mary Gary
Gary, John 187459yBirdsallBirdsall Jersey Hill Cath Ch Cemetery
Gary, Andrew Nov 26 188162yBirdsallBirdsall Jersey Hill Cath Ch Cemetery
Gary, Martha Emmereta Sep 11 187617y1.1Wife of Evirt Gary
Gary, Mary18101858 20.2 
Gary, Nancy M18391844 20.2 
Gary, Ruth17631857 20.2 
Gasdik, Edward G19231940 26.1 
Gasdik, Joseph18871962 26.1 
Gasdik, Katheryn18921975 26.1 
Gates, Galen Mar 20 19496d10.1 10.2Infant
Gates, Reuben D18861963 24.5 
Gates, Daisy B18881968 24.5 
Gauls, Bascomb A Jan 13 188659y24.1Co. F 104 RC2 NYV; Civil War Veteran
Gaus, Herbert1915Dec 27 194126yShort Tractd in auto accident; son of Wm Gaus
Gaus, Mary FrankeApr 28 1847Sep 21 1931 Blankb Germany; d Wellsville; dau of Mr & Mrs Christian Franks; wife of Henry Gaus; survivors 3 sons, Charles H of Wellsville, Wm F of Allen Center & Dietrick J of Wellsville
Gavitt, Charles W 196891y1.1No stone
Gavitt, Ellery Nelson 191362y1.1No stone
Gavitt, Emma Dell 192241y1.1Wife of C N Gavitt; no stone
Gavitt, Garrusell RMay 7 1897Aug 7 1969 24.1NY 51 US Navy WWI
Gavitt, Hattie A18761937 24.1 
Gavitt, Endsa18711940 24.1 
Gavitt, Ellen19091919 24.1Dau of E A & Hattie Gavitt
Gavitt, Ida Parker 192160y1.1No stone
Gavitt, John18681905 10.1 10.2 
Gavitt, John D19311980 26.1 
Gavitt, Shirley A1932  26.1 
Gavitt, K E18111843 24.1 
Gavitt, Martha18401910 24.1Wife of K E Gavitt
Gavitt, Laura E1909  24.1 
Gavitt, Russel G18971969 24.1 
Gavitt, Llewellyn Leon 18622y1.1No stone
Gavitt, Nelson Feb 12 189380y 8m 9d24.1 
Gaylord, (?)19051906 15.1 
Gaynor, Alfred RAug 24 1951May 23 197321y1.1 
Gaynor, Charles   1.1 
Geager, William   BlankTown Clerk 1827-1830
Gear, Jennie M18711944 15.1 
Gear, John BMar 2 1825Apr 16 1908 15.1 
Gear, Mary AnnMay 3 1829Jan 3 1882 15.1 
Gear, CharlesMar 7 1864Dec 16 1885 15.1 
Gear, Vera A18901908 15.1 
Gear, Walter L18671954 15.1 
Gearey, Paul JJul 17 1928Jun 12 1952 26.1NY Cpl 2 Marenis WW2
Gearey, William P18921924 26.1Flag
Gearey, Maurice Oct 12 191344y26.1 
Gearey, Morris Aug 4 189165y26.1 
Gearey, (Mother)18361907 26.1 
Gearey, Mary Dwyer18581936 26.1Mother
Gearey, Maurice J18911935 26.1 
Gebalski, John J19031955 26.1 
Gebalski, Maybelle J19051960 26.1 
Gee, Aaron   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Gee, Henry18691941 6.11 
Gee, Jerry19571957 24.1 
Gee, Shanna19391955 24.1 
Gee, W Francis18891965 24.1 
Gee, Ethel1912  24.1 
Gee, Waite B18911922 6.11Son of Henry & Matilda Gostley Gee
Geendorn, Stephen   26.1Son of Sebastian & Katrine; dates underground
Geffens, Arlene 196764y5.1 
Geffens, Martha Kull1900194545y1.1 
Geffens, Ruth M190019** 24.1 
Geffens, Herman F18961973 24.1 
Geinenhof, Jacob J18971925 26.1 
Geinenhof, Charles Oct 5 1918 26.1NY Pvt 308 Inf 77 Div; flag
Geinenhof, Caroline Nov 11 189434y 9m 28d26.1Wife of Charles Geinenhof
Geinenhof, Elizabeth W18531919 26.1 
Geinenhof, Charles18521909 26.1Father
Geinenhof, Joanna Mary   26.1Mother
Geiser, lillian18811965 28.1Mother
Geli, Barbara Ann19431943 5.1 
Geli, Jacob E18901967 26.1 
Geli, Mary G18751957 26.1 
Gelse, Forest D18971961 8.1 
Gelse, Loretta M18981970 8.1 
Gendrick, James B19371956 26.1 
Genghger, Harve Jan 16 195865y 4d17.1b Curtain, PA; d Friendship NY
Genther, CharlesJun 25 1931  Angelicab Montreal, Canada; survivors, wife Frances, son Joseph, dau's Jane, Mary Ellen & Virginia
Genther, Frances Jun 16 1950 BlankDau of Wm & Ellen Ann Sullivan Height; children Joseph, Jane (Mrs. Charles Der ), Virginia, all of Angelica and Mary Ellen of Elmira; sister Mrs Joseh Seidel, brother Wm Haight of Elmire
Genther, Frances M   AngelicaLot 897
George, EdmondMay 1 1884Jun 17 1949 Hornellb Java NY; survivors, wife Helen George, sons Norman of Hornell, Henery of Almond, Kenneth & Bernard at home, 8 dau's Mrs Elizabeth Emerson of Hornell, Mrs. Gertrude Kersch of Gainsville, Mrs. Genevieve McMahan of Almond, Mrs. Madalyn Grusendorf of Angelica, Mrs. Mary Dobson of Almond, Mrs. Mildred Ahneter of Hornell, Mrs. Leona Davidson of Almond, Miss Evelyn George at home; 3 brothers, Nicholas George of Bakersfield, CA, Roy George of North Java and Michael George of Warsaw; one sister Mrs Martin Harder of Buffalo
George, ElbordJun 11 1911Jan 24 1917 24.1 
George, Reuben E18561917 3.2Father
George, Cecelia18591924 3.2Mother
George, Alberta 1897 3.2Dau of R E & C V George
George, Kate Holliday18691887 3.2 
Gere, Elmer A18511928 15.1 
Gere, Emma18591936 15.1 
Gere, Frank L18861973 15.1 
Gere, Ada V18841957 15.1 
Gere, May Scott188319** 8.1 
Gere, Lewis W19121915 8.1 
German, Bertha G1863  15.1 
German, Eunice18701955 15.1 
German, Arther18621922 15.1 
German, George W18611924 15.1 
German, Glenn COct 15 1893Oct 29 1956 15.1NY CPL HQ DCT 6th Inf Brig 3 WWI
German, Peter1822196 15.1 
German, Debra Leonard1825  15.1Wife of Peter German
German, William Mar 16 1858 15.1 
German, Nabby May 16 1862 15.1 
Germer, Burdette R (Rev) Sep 7 1919 AngelicaFormer pastor of First Methodist Church of Angelica
Germer, Nella MaeOct 28 1873Oct 26 1951 Angelicab Birdsall dau of Sidney & Matilda Walker Buzzell; b Rev Burdett R Germer; mother of 3 children, Doris, Mrs. Fred Stang of Kingston & Marion; Mrs. Charles Carter of Cazenoiva, Laura, Mrs. Burrell Hause of Richmond Springs
Gerould, Charles W1875196084y1.1 
Gerould, Velma1876196085y1.1Wife of Charles Gerould; member of OES
Giardine, John W1912  10.1 10.2
Giardine, Helen L19121968 10.1 10.2
Gibbs, Edna B Aug 25 19002m 14dBlankDau of Edwin A & C F Gibbs; b & d Genesee Twp
Gibbs, Fanny Mar 2 185482y17.3Wife of Lorel Gibbs
Gibbs, Jane A R 191066y1.1No stone
Gibbs, Jessie Mayne (Mandana)1877192850y1.1Wife of L W H Gibbs
Gibbs, Leonard W H1875193055y1.1 
Gibbs, Sidney D Nov 11 192169y7.3 
Gibler, Katherine18991972 17.2 
Gibson, Ai18191871 5.1 
Gibson, Clara L18251897 5.1 
Gibson, Ellen E Murphy   BlankWife of DeForest Gibson one time owners of American Hotel in Angelica
Gibson, Edith PearlApr 20 1885Apr 4 1931 AngelicaDau of George P & Mary Dowd; m May 22 1905 Floyd W Gibson; survived by husband, sisters May Benjamin, Myra Siever, Lucy Webster, her mother and borther Lloyd Dowd Sr
Gibson, Elizabeth CornellMar 10 1837May 12 1921 Angelicab Fremont; d Wellsville; m Charles Lawrence who died in 1861; m 1881 John Gibson who died 15 years ago; survived by son Augustus
Gibson, Etta Mrs1853Apr 26 193980y Angelicab West Almond to Henry & Celinda Boyce Palmer; m John Gibson who died in 1924; survived by two sons, F W Gibson of Angelica and D F Gibson of Buggalo
Gibson, Floyd WSep 1 1883Mar 20 1951 Angelicab Angelica to John & Ettta Palmer Gibson; served as Angelica mayor when electricity was first brought to Angelica; survived by widow, dau Mrs Betty Zehwanger of Canesteo and brother DeForest Gibson of Buffalo; constable 1928-1833
Gibson, John1769May 12 1856 Angelicacame to Angelica 1801 m Mary VanWickle; fought in War of 1812;
Gibson, John   AngelicaAssessor 1885
Gibson, Mabel B MrsApr 17 1879apr 20 1950 AngelicaDau of Wm & Sarah Ann Franklin; wife of Charles Gibson; survived by husband, dau's Mrs. Morris Beal of Sodus, Mrs Orton Hufstaker of Phila, PA,
Gibson, Mary17831860 AngelicaWife of John Gibson; dau of Mr & Mrs Evert VanWickle
Gibson, Mary   AngelicaLot 782
Gibson, Sumas   AngelicaLot 404
Gibson, William1864Nov 6 1833 Blankb Angelica to John & Mary Gibson; married twice, both wives dead; no children
Giddings, Clarence18821959 17.2 
Giddings, Olive LMay 2 1862Jul 14 1932 17.2 
Gigece, Harry & (?)   1.1No dates
Gigee, Alice18891918 5.1 
Gigee, Carrie 195281y5.1 
Gigee, Claude W 195166y5.1 
Gigee, DorrMay 1835Jul 1889 24.5 
Gigee, Fred19051905 5.1 
Gigee, Frederick M18661931 5.1 
Gigee, Hiram Aug 21 185347y 6m 9d24.5 
Gigee, Sally Aug 17 184134y 5m 13d24.5Wife of Hiram Gigee
Gigee, Miles E Sep 5 185920y 29d24.5 
Gigee, Anayentt Oct 8 18412m 2d24.5Buried with Hiram and Sally Gigee
Gigee, Julia Ann18851905 5.1 
Gigee, Kenneth 197367y5.1 
Gigee, LeRoy 192436y 5.1 
Gigee, Lillian E18591899 5.1 
Gigee, Minnie 1970 5.1 
Gigee, Pearl Josephine18861912 5.1 
Giger, Kathryn E 196652y5.1 
Gilbert, Adelbert 18491yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Ch Cemetery
Gilbert, Carrie 1886 5.1 
Gilbert, Charles 185163yFriendshipFriendship Baptist Ch Cemetery
Gilbert, Charles D Sep 185222y 1m 5dBlankSon of Sylvester & Rebecca Gilbert
Gilbert, Edwin DJan 22 1838Jan 4 1913 1.1 
Gilbert, Effa G1879195172y1.1 
Gilbert, Harriet Louise Masxon 1841192381y1.1 
Gilbert, Helen B18751909 6.11Wife of Mason Beebe; she married 1) Jason Beebe; 2) John Gilbert
Gilbert, Helena Irene1872193461y1.1 
Gilbert, IraFeb 11 1808Apr 13 1894 Richburg 
Gilbert, Mary Jul 30 189680yRichburgWife of Ira Gilbert
Gilbert, Marcus S May 18 18117mRichburgSon of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Nelson M Aug 26 18111yRichburgSon of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Ira A Jun 21 18533yRichburgSon of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Rosalie Oct 10 187529yRichburgDau of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, John 195481y1.1Ashes
Gilbert, Nathan Jun 2 184372yRichburg Nathan Gilbert from Unadilla, Otsego Co., came to Wirt in 1819, built a log house on wild land he had taken up, and cleared a small piece which he sowed to wheat. He brought his wife, Betsy (Wilcox) Gilbert, and 11 children with his household effects on a sled drawn with a yoke of oxen, and reached his log cabin Feb. 20, 1820, having a cash capital of sixpence. He made a comfortable home and farm by industry, and died in 1843, his wife in 1846. [John S. Minard, Allegany County and Its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York. W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N.Y., 1896, p. 861
Gilbert, Betsy Wilcox Sep 25 184671yRichburg 
Gilbert, Mary18161898 Richburg 
Gilbert, Emarancy Dec 3 1839 RichburgInfant dau of Zinaud & Prudence Gilbert
Gilbert, John1802Jul 20 1873 Carrier-Wirt 
Gilbert, Sally1803Jul 2 1884 Carrier-WirtWife of John Gilbert
Gilbert, (Children--no names/dates)   Carrier-WirtChildren of E O & H L Gilbert
Gilbert, M Alta1870188414d1.1 
Gilbert, Mary Feb 12 185325y 8m 20dBlankWife of William A Gilbert
Gilbert, Rebecca J Sep 15 18831y 6m 2dBlankDau of William A Gilbert
Gilbert, William A Feb 12 185835y 11m 19dBlankSon of Sylvester & Rebecca Gilbert
Giles, DeAlton S18841953 15.1 
Giles, Elizabeth18911968 15.1 
Giles, Paul Sep 30 19690y1.1Stone says "Baby Girl"
Gilespie, Mariah Jan 31 186816y2.5Dau of Thomas & Rachel Gilespie
Gill, M Catherine18871936 15.1 
Gill, Eliza A18601949 15.1 
Gill, Edward A18531916 15.1 
Gill, Harold A18971963 15.1 
Gill, Robert18841942 15.1 
Gillen, JamesJun 20 1825Oct 25 1863 24.2 
Gillen, KatherineMar 25 1830Jul 23 1881 24.2Wife of James Gillen
Gillen, ThomasMay 3 1851Mar 23 1853 24.2Son of James & Katherine Gillen
Gillen, Katie MableNov 23 1880Apr 3 1882 24.2Dau of Minnie Gillen
Gillespie, Edwin   AngelicaLot 146B
Gillespie, Sarah P   AngelicaLot 146B
Gillet, Catherine M18711952 24.2 
Gillet, Elmer E18611944 24.2 
Gillet, AurillaNov 27 1825Sep 15 1891 14.1 
Gillett, David Sep 11 184971y20.2 
Gillett, Susannah Nov 3 185372y20.2Wife of David Gillett
Gillett, Eliza Mar 25 186552y 29d24.1Wife of Jason Gillett
Gillett, Gilbert E Oct 9 185333yRichburg 
Golden, Josephine18621918 RichburgBuried with Gilbert E Gillett
Golden, Nena Noreene18871918 RichburgBuried with Gilbert E Gillett; (sister)
Gould, J B Jul 22 186135y 11m 19dRichburgBuried with Gilbert E Gillett
Gould, Nancy Oct 12 18572yRichburgBuried with Gilbert E Gillett; (his daughter)
Gould, Henry 18622yRichburgBuried with Gilbert E Gillett; (his son)
Gillett, Lyman1888 5.1 
Gillett, GroveSep 11 1831Jun 1 1912 24.1 
Gillett, MandanaAug 10 1836Aug 28 1908 24.1Wife of Grove Gillett
Gillett, Silas1796Apr 1862 Carrier-Wirt 
Gillett, PhoebeFeb 12 1795Jan 17 1875 Carrier-WirtWife of Silas Gillett
Gillette, Amy W17991877 20.2 
Gillette, David Sep 11 184971y20.2 
Gillette, Edwin D18001880 20.2 
Gillette, George D18341929 20.2 
Gillette, Mary J18371915 20.2 
Gillette, Rowena A18631890 20.2 
Gillette, Paulina18841884 20.2 
Gillette, Morey18751927 28.1 
Gillette, Rena18601890 20.2 
Gillette, Susanna H Jan 3 1853 20.2 
Gilligan, F James18631928 10.1 10.2 
Gilligan, Jane I18631916 10.1 10.2 
Gilligan, Lucy E18861957 10.1 10.2 
Gilliland, Warren F19011968 10.1 10.2 
Gilliland, Mildred L190519** 10.1 10.2 
Gilliland, William WJun 25 1896May 20 1962 10.1 10.2 
Gilmore, Ally C May 14 1862 6.11Dau of J W & A Gilmore; see 1860 Andover census
Gilmore, James18471879 26.1Co G 8th PA Cav
Gilson, R Sep 28 184890y11.4 
Gimlin, J Charles18521929 10.1 10.2Bolivar fireman
Gimlin, Harry T18831945 10.1 10.2 
Gilroy, Edgar J (M.D.)18661949 15.1 
Gilroy, Jane C (Pettit)18741961 15.1 
Gilroy, Jessie E18711956 15.1 
Gilroy, Dorothy18961962 15.1 
Gilroy, Frances189219** 15.1 
Ginco, Anthony Apr 6 1953 AlleganyHusband of Katherine Ross
Ginco, Katherine RossOct 8 1892Jan 22 1954 Allegany 
Glass, Herold H18961968 24.5 
Glass, Audrey M189819** 24.5 
Glasspole, InfantJul 12 1945Jul 12 19451h17.1d Olean, NY
Gleason, Clarence B18581930 8.1 
Gleason, Etta Louise18641945 8.1 
Gleason, Fillmore18491928 8.1 
Gleason, Ida E18551911 8.1Wife of Fillmore Gleason
Gleason, Jonathan1828190678y 7m 1d8.1 
Gleason, Ursula1831188251y 8m 19d8.1 
Gleason, Henry1853190249y8.1 
Gleason, Ella1859188425y 1m 28d8.1Wife of Henry Gleason
Gleason, Mary18631956 8.1 
Gleason, Edna M18961915 8.1 
Gleason, Sarah18891975 8.1 
Gleason, Lorenzo18471916 8.1 
Gleason, Jones18221908 8.1 
Gleason, Millie Aug 17 189557y8.1Wife of Jones Gleason
Gleason, Martha Ann Feb 15 187247y 1m 15d8.1Wife of Jones Gleason
Gleason, Jerome18501938 8.1 
Gleason, Mary A18351895 8.1Dau of Filmore & Ida Gleason
Gleason, Otis18561924 8.1 
Gleason, Gertrude18621914 8.1Wife of Otis Gleason
Gleason, Ernest18871960 8.1Son of Otis & Gertrude Gleason
Gleason, Robert L (Pete)18951968 8.1 
Gleason, Mary P1904  8.1Wife of Robert L Gleason; he's her 2nd hus; m 3) Clair Emery
Gleason, Russell L18961943  15.1 
Gleason, Mildred E1900  15.1 
Gleason, William A18921898 8.1 
Gleason, Harold S18991900 8.1 
Gleason, Bruce L18731910 8.1Shot & killed at old hotel warehouse
Gleason, J J18431930 8.1Co E 5th NY Cav
Gleason, Emma J18481936 8.1Wife of J J Gleason
Gleason, Alonzo Apr 15 188840y28.1 
Gleason, Eleanor Jane May 11 18819y 6m28.1Dau of A & M Gleason
Gleason, Angeline B 183919y27.3Wife of J B Gleason
Gleason, Caroline18421912 28.1 
Gleason, Jesse B18361911 28.1Co H 160 Regt NYV; GAR marker
Gleason, Charles Feb 12 186968y 6m 3d8.2 
Gleason, Charles CSep 25 1847May 25 1853 8.2Son of Chandler H & Lucy Gleason
Gleason, Elonor 1863(7)61y8.2Wife of Charles Gleason
Gleason, Lewis Dec 5 186224xCo F 130 Reg NYV
Gleason, Donald H 197569y5.1 
Gleason, Eleanor Jane186334y 6m8.2Wife of Charles Gleason
Gleason, Emaline18351863 8.1 
Gleason, Harriet M18391868 8.1 
Gleason, Florence A Oct 7 18613y22.5Dau of J F & S Gleason
Gleason, George C Oct 10 1862 22.5Son of J F & S Gleason
Gleason, George A Dec 5 188423y 7m 16d28.1Son of Jesse & Caroline Gleason
Gleason, Harriet MMar 7 1832May 2 1895 22.5 
Gleason, HiramJun 4 1817Jul 26 1892 22.5 
Gleason, Uritla ParkerMar 10 1810Aug 28 1839 22.5 
Gleason, Eleanor JaneAug 16 1788Mar 6 1873 22.5 
Gleason, DanielMar 26 1782Dec 26 1859 22.5 
Gleason, Johnathan Oct 25 185467y8.1 
Gleason, Mary Crawford Apr 8 187084y8.1Wife of Johnathan Gleason
Gleason, LeviJun 1 1862Mar 1 1907 28.1 
Gleason, Osie B   28.1Wife of Levi Gleason; no dates
Gleason, Lewis Dec 5 186224y8.2Co F 130 Regt NYV
Gleason, R Glenn18801966 225 
Gleason, Fanny S18781954 22.5 
Gleason, William M19141959 22.5Son of R Glenn & Fanny S Gleason
Gleason, Rachel Alice18581860 28.1Child of J B & Caroline Gleason
Gleason, Lewis18591860 28.1Child of J B & Caroline Gleason
Gleason, Infant daughter 1872 28.1Child of J B & Caroline Gleason
Gleason, Tillie C18741971 28.1 
Gleason, Eli E18681953 28.1 
Gleason, Reta AnitaNov 28 1904Jan 27 1905 28.1Dau of Eli E & Tillie Gleason
Gleason, Wallace C18691929 6.11 
Gleason, Emma C187811948 6.11Wife of Wallace C Gleason
Gleason, Ward Millett19021971 8.1 
Gleason, Flora Metcalf1905  8.1Wife of Ward Millett Gleason
Gleason, Virginia Ann19321934 8.1Child of Ward & Flora Gleason
Gleason, Twin Babies   8.1Children of Ward & Flora Gleason; no dates
Gleasor, Margaret E Aug 22 18629y 9m22.5Dau of Alfred & Ann Gleasor
Glemon, Glenn18911896 24.5 
Glemon, Edith18531881 24.5 
Glending, Francis JamesAug 24 1896Jan 14 1956 26.1NY Sgt Hq Co 27 Field Art'y WWI
Glending, Margaret BMar 29 1903Dec 7 1961 26.1 
Glindeman, Christine W18451902 12.2 
Glindeman, Caroline W1846192477y12.2 
Glindeman, Ward G19051966 12.2 
Gloden, Anna Sep 21 18635y 5m2.5Dau of Lombert & Amanda Gloden
Gloden, Joseph Sep 23 18633y2.5Son of Lombert & Amanda Gloden
Gloden, Lucinda Nov 13 187134y2.5Wife of Lombert Gloden
Gloden, Merton Feb 24 185711y2.5Son of Lambert Gloden
Glover, Delbert18821949 6.11 
Glover, Mae1883May 28 1975 6.11Wife of Delbert Glover; her obit says she was born Feb 5 1884
Glover, Dorothea L19071922 6.11 
Glover, E Fezonelta18851957 26.1 
Glover, Phyllis MJun 24 1932Jul 3 19329d1.1Infand dau of Robert Glover
Glover, Robert M1907196557y1.1 
Glynn, Mariah18121892 5.1 
Godfrey, Edward J (Rev)Aug 11 1901Jun 6 1952 HornellFormer pastor of Sacred Heart Church of Angelica
Gogas, Theodore18851923 15.1 
Goit, Samantha Logue 192277y1.1No stone
Goldthwait, Ernest M19011977 15.1 
Goldthwait, Hidean1907  15.1 
Goldthwait, Sandra Oct 16 1951 15.1 
Golligan, Joan18301893 24.2 
Golligan, Bridget18411893 24.2 
Golligan, William James   24.2Father
Golligan, E H   24.2Mother
Gonter Harold F (Rev)18921965 26.1 
Gonter, Frederick J18681938 26.1 
Gonter, Johanna18711950 26.1 
Gonter, Jacob Aug 25 1922 26.1 
Gonter, Honora O'Brien Nov 15 1919 26.1 
Gonter, John P18701938 26.1Father
Gonter, Elizabeth A18701943 26.1Mother; wife of John P Gonter
Gonter, Howard O19001950 26.1Son of John P & Elizabeth Gonter
Gonter, Marion Miller18981921 26.1Dau of John P & Elizabeth Gonter
Gonter, Lyle F19051961 26.1Son of John P & Elizabeth Gonter
Gonter, Joseph J18841943 26.1 
Gonter, Pearl I18871936 26.1 
Gonter, Mathias Jul 27 188963y26.1 
Gonter, WilhelmineAug 22 1829Nov 23 1922 26.1 
Gonter, Mary18611958 26.1 
Gonter, Bertha18721948 26.1 
Gonter, Anne18681935 26.1 
Gonter, John 18571923 26.1 
Gonter, Wilhelmine18751902 26.1 
Gonter, Marzelena18651909 26.1 
Gonter, Ottmar Dec 31 189160y 1m 7d26.1 
Gonter, Mary May 26 192187y26.1Wife of Ottmar Gonter
Gonter, Joseph 18551893 26.1 
Gonter, Margaret18511905 26.1 
Gonter, Matheas18631898 26.1 
Gonter, Paul F18851931 26.1 
Gonter, Theodore B18911923 26.1 
Gonter, William18531931 26.1 
Gonter, Hattie A18631940 26.1 
Gonter, Margaret W18891964 26.1 
Goodlin, Jesse C1890195060y 1.1 
Goodman, Cleland T19031974 15.1 
Goodman, Genevieve B1905  15.1 
Goodrich, Dinah Feb 15 186088y1.1Consort of Anthony Shaw; wife of Uriah Goodrich
Goodrich, JohnOct 29 1823Sep 21 1887 10.1 10.2 
Goodrich, Susan NJul 6 1827Sep 15 1899 10.1 10.2Wife of John Goodrich
Goodrich, Marilla Sletlman 1850511.1No stone
Goodrich, Martin E18491915 10.1 10.2 
Goodrich, Mary18561921 10.1 10.2 
Goodrich, Raymond L18831911 10.1 10.2 
Goodrich, Charley18891898 10.1 10.2 
Goodrich, Nancy Maxson Nov 30 185761y1.1Wife of Joseph Goodrich
Goodrich, Uriah Apr 2 187578y 7m 1d1.1 
Goodrich, Ward GMar 10 1888Oct 10 1910 10.1 10.2 
Goodwin, Bernard Cyrus1882192543y1.1 
Goodwin, Cyrena A Call1851190655y1.1 
Goodwin, Emily18931936 24.1 
Goodwin, James18441918 24.1US Navy
Goodwin, Francis Jan 6 184964y6.11Wife of Wiliam Goodwin
Goodwin, Frank B 190160y1.1 
Goodwin, Gertrude C1873193258y1.1Wife of Herman Goodwin
Goodwin, Herman C1870196392y1.1 
Goodwin, John DMar 1 1842Oct 6 1898 6.11 
Goodwin, J MAug 10 1817Ot 15 1820 6.11This couple shows in Andover census 1850-1880; don't know when they died or if here
Goodwin, Marcia C Jan 5 1849 6.11Dau of William & Frances Goodwin
Goodwin, Maud 196587y5.1 
Gorden, Paul W19381962 28.1 
Gorden, Susy R PetersonMar 2 1881Oct 8 1899 24.5Wife of Allen Gorden
Gordon, Edna E18851962 8.1 
Gordon, Thomas   54Son of Morris Gordon (dates unreadable); broken stone
Gordon, George Nov 8 184928y 6m24.1See also James Bradshawq
Gordon, AnnieJul 2 1836Jul 27 1897 15.1Wife of William R Gordon
Gordon, John A18621961 26.1 
Gordon, Ruth L19101924 26.1 
Gordon, Katherine G18731959 26.1 
Gordon, Beatrice E19131915 26.1 
Gordon, John J Sr18981979 26.1 
Gordon, Susan K18971981 26.1 
Gorham, Mary Dealy18661907 26.1 
Gorman, James Apr 5 18745y 5m26.1Sonof Michael & Ann Gorman
Gorman, Catharine Apr 2 18742y 23d26.1Dau of James & Winefred N Gorman
Gorman, Bridget Jan 26 186811m 13d26.1Dau of James & Winefred N Gorman
Gorman, John   26.1No dates
Gorman, Winefred Oct 24 188760y26.1Wife of John Gorman
Gorman, Mary Neary Dec 12 188624y26.1 
Gorman, John T19171976 26.1 
Gorman, Mildred B192119** 26.1 
Gorman, Millie M18821961 26.1 
Gorman, Owen E18631936 26.1 
Gorman, Mary A18701944 26.1Wife of Owen E Gorman
Gorman, Michael18271899 26.1 
Gorman, John18731925 26.1 
Gorman, Anna18381914 26.1 
Gorman, Owen E18791929 26.1 
Gorman, James18701875 26.1 
Gorman, Alice18701935 26.1 
Gorsky, Dianna Lee19471947 5.1 
Gorsuch, William L1838Jan 161967 6.11 
Gorsuch, Nellie L18921968 6.11Her obit says born Sep 19 1891 & d Jun 6 1968; wife of William L Gorsuch
Gorsuch, William H   6.11NY PFC 5 Marines 1st Mar Div Korea
Gorsuch, James EJul 31 1927Jan 15 1950 6.11NY PFC 1261 SVC Comd Unit WWII; his obit says b Jul 27 1927 son of Wm & Nellie Gorsuch
Gorton, Alice 195881y5.1 
Gorton, Alice H 197091y5.1 
Gorton, Bernice I19041905 5.1 
Gorton, Celestia E18391891 5.1 
Gorton, Charlotte H18061879 5.1 
Gorton, Clarence V 195182y5.1 
Gorton, Doretha E18981913 5.1 
Gorton, Effie N18601901 5.1 
Gorton, Ella J C 195089y5.1 
Gorton, Frances (Frank) 193673y5.1 
Gorton, Frank 193268y 6m 3d5.1Son of John Gorton
Gorton, Frank V18981903 5.1Son of William Gorton
Gorton, Harmon18171869 5.1 
Gorton, Huldah18161889 5.1 
Gorton, Infant   5.13 
Gorton, John17971848 5.1 
Gorton, Leander18351911 5.1 
Gorton, Mabel M 195479y5.1 
Gorton, Mary Eliz18491934 5.1 
Gorton, Matilda A18451895 5.1 
Gorton, Maud M18911907 5.1 
Gorton, Serophenia18301904 5.1 
Gorton, T Jefferson18371893 5.1 
Gorton, William 196489y5.1 
Gosper, Annie 19180y1.1No stone
Gosper, Chester Arthur1895194953y1.1No stone
Gosper, Ella M 1912 5.1 
Gosper, John18551934 5.1 
Gosper, Luella Winona 19243y1.1No stone
Goston, Julia C 194558y5.1 
Gould, Isaac L18291901 4.2 
Gould, Clarissa J18321917 4.2Wife of Isaac Gould
Gould, John F18561867 4.2Son of Isaac & Clarissa Gould
Gould, Aguilla A18621925 15.1 
Gould, Earl Apr 13 183735y15.5 
Gould, Lena A18691950 15.1 
Gould, Patricia Rickard19441969 15.1 
Gould, Lloyd 1938 1.4 
Gould, Myra 1944 1.4 
Gowdy, Eleanora L 196668y 5.1 
Gowdy, Lawrence Harold  195464y5.1 
Gowdy, Sarah May19591959 5.1 
Gowdy, Susan Anne19611961 5.1 
Graden, Clara J 191884y5.1 
Graden, George18381903 5.1 
Grady, Royal   15.1No dates
Grady, Augusta   15.1No dates
Grady, Earl   15.1No dates
Grady, Frank   15.1No dates
Grady, Augusta19081928 28.1 
Grady, Leon Edgar Jr19121980 28.1 
Grady, Leon Edgar Jr18731938 28.1 
Grady, Grace Burrows18721959 28.1 
Grady, Margaret Louisa19011905 28.1 
Grage, Chester17891842 8.1 
Grage, Betsy C17941847 8.1 
Grage, Edwin H   8.1Erected by M D Grage of San Jose, CA the sold survivor of his family after his 1st visit to Belfast in 53 year--Nov 1911
Graham, Albert WJul 7 1871Nov 17 1939 AngelicaSon of John & Mary Graham; hus of Edna Phippen
Graham, Angie SmithMar 15 1880Aug 31 1951 BelmontWife of Eugene Graham; dau of Albert & Julia Perry Smith; had 11 children; see film for more information
Graham, Angie Smith 195171y5.1Wife of Eugene Graham
Graham, Bell18601886 5.1
Graham, Bessie ViolaMar 22 1887Mar 3 197688y1.1Vault
Graham, Caroline   AngelicaLot 83
Graham, Charles1871Sep 10 192150yAngelicaLot 83; b & d in Angelica
Graham, Ellen O   AngelicaLot 83
Graham, Charles1841Nov 15 1922 AngelicaLot 96; Wife of Mary McCarthy Graham
Graham, Clarence   AngelicaLot 96
Graham, Clarence RJun 3 1883Dec 31 1937 AngelicaLot 31; son of E A & Isabelle Crawford Graham; hus of Mabel Reitz Graham
Graham, Lulu AApr 24 1877Jun 22 1936 AngelicaLot 316A; dau of Oren & Etta Willard Graham; m Elmer Graham Sep 9 1899; survivors, husband and sons Ransom & Charles Graham
Graham, Chester F19211921 5.1Son of Eugene Graham
Graham, Clayton J 195075y5.1 
Graham, Edna18861886 5.1 
Graham, Effie B 196162y5.1 
Graham, Elizabeth Trahey18911944 26.1 
Graham, Henry18871965 26.1 
Graham, Elmer19021902 5.1 
Graham, Elva Z 194784y5.1 
Graham, Eugene 195483y5.1See film for more information
Graham, Eva Lena 194572y5.1 
Graham, Fannie C18921950 24.1 
Graham, T Frank187919** 24.1 
Graham, Florence May 28 189231y1.1Wife of Charles M Harrington; reburial 1922
Graham, Frank SMay 19 1874Aug 3 196188y1.1Spanish American War Veteran; NY Pvt Co L 202 Regt NY Inf
Graham, Frank  1925 5.1 
Graham, Frank George 193977y5.1 
Graham, Infant   5.1Infant of Fred Graham
Graham, James1837190568y1.1Reburial 1922
Graham, John 189780y5.1 
Graham, John C18741877 5.1 
Graham, Julia A 191777y5.1 
Graham, June E19191920 5.1 
Graham, Leo B 196871y5.1 
Graham, Lucinda B1835192387y1.1 
Graham, Marian Davison1908192416y1.11934 on stone
Graham, Maurice J18901969 26.1 
Graham, James H18491894 26.1 
Graham, Katherine K18501925 26.1 
Graham, James H Sep 1 189445y 7m26.1 
Graham, James T Sep 16 1883 26.1 
Graham, Mildred C 196755y5.1 
Graham, Minnie A 194072y5.1 
Graham, Morris1905  24.1 
Graham, Helen M1911  24.1 
Graham, Leo E19291970 24.1 
Graham, Rena18651932 5.1 
Graham, Robert18201897 5.1 
Graham, Ronald19341934 5.1 
Graham, Sally M18311900 5.1 
Graham, Sarah E18481917 5.1 
Graham, Seymour 193387y5.1 
Graham, Susanna (Susie)Oct 2 1872Jun 8 1901 BlankDau of W M & M M Graham; wife of Ray C Wilkinson
Graham, William18181855 AngelicaSon of John & Hannah Graham
Graham, William18561914 5.1 
Graham, William C19161916 5.1Son of Seymour Graham
Graham, William F19231923 5.1Son of Frank Graham
Grames, Eugene (M.D.)Sep 17 1843Sep 2 1874 Richburg 
Crane, Daniel Aug 1 1812 24.2 
Grange, R La18351919 10.1 10.2 
Grange, Lowell L18911918 10.1 10.2 
Granger, Dorothy W19021967 8.11st wife of Gerald Granger Sr
Granger, Ella L19011966 15.1 
Granger, Harlan B19011974 15.1 
Granger, Fenella B19001932 15.1 
Grant, Fred18751954 Blank 
Grant, Clara18811954 Blank 
Grastorf, CarlSep 10 1867Jul 12 1912 3.2 
Grastorf, Minnie E Jun 16 189322y3.2Wife of Carl Grastorf
Grastorf, Clarence C18851965 8.1 
Grastorf, Florence M18881972 8.1Wife of Clarence C Grastorf
Grastorf, Clifford 197456y5.1 
Grastorf, Elizabeth A18761876 24.5 
Grastorf, F W   24.2 
Grastorf, Mary Dec 5 189452y24.2Wife of F W Grastorf
Grastorf, Fred W18361911 24.5 
Grastorf, Harriet E18311902 24.1 
Grastorf, Mabel18621890 24.5 
Grastorf, Mary18351876 24.5 
Graves, LewisJun 26 1801Jul 27 1891 15.1 
Graves, Louisa Jun 26 188078y 6m15.1Wife of Lewis Graves
Graves, AbnerJun 6 1811Feb 22 1886 28.1 
Graves, Mary W Aug 7 188264y 10m28.1Wife of Abner Graves
Graves, Arthur LFeb 5 1910Sep 7 1955 24.1NY Pvt 4 Armed Div WWII
Graves, Clyde Bino190919** 24.1 
Graves, Magalene C191019** 24.1 
Graves, Edward E18791963 28.1 
Graves, Doris B190519** 28.1 
Graves, Emma A 193782y5.1 
Graves, Frederick L192419** 26.1 
Graves, Patricia A19321975 26.1 
Graves, Henry H18221892 28.1Father; wife's marker is missing
Graves, Henry W or M18151880 5.1 
Graves, Leon LMar 20 1899May 6 1875 28.1Cook US Army WWI
Graves, Mary Ellen 194684y5.1 
Graves, Myra18861930 28.1 
Graves, Luta18751948 28.1 
Graves, Nancy Lee Feb 1 1952 28.1 
Graves, Lloyd A Nov 18 196662y17.1b Java Center NY; d Clarksville Twp
Graves, Phoebe Jun 11 196374y17.1d Olean NY
Graves, Olive C18881973 24.1 
Graves, L Marie   24.1 
Graves, Oriole M   24.1 
Graves, Frank R18711951 24.1 
Graves, Nellie M18791951 24.1 
Graves, Ruby18881922 28.1 
Graves, Sarah EFeb 22 1871Oct 26 1949 28.1 
Graves, Lewis WMay 15 1870Feb 9 1938 28.1 
Graves, Semantha18141889 5.1 
Graves, Thelbert18711945 28.1 
Graves, Valorous G18561931 6.11 
Graves, Satie1865May 18 1949 6.112nd wife of Valorous G Graves
Graves, William MNov 28 1896Sep 17 1972 28.1 
Graves, Clara B18931969 28.1 
Gray, Ada May18691958 10.1 10.2 
Gray, Elizabeth Feb 17 181349y4.6 
Gray, James B18571936 10.1 10.2 
Gray, James B19251944 10.1 10.2Sgt 493 Bomb Group 63 Sqdn
Gray, Milton J1854Jan 28 1930 6.11 
Gray, Emma D18591947 6.11Wife of Milton J Gray
Gray, Dorr J18841906 or 1907 6.11Son of Milton J & Emma Gray
Gray, Pearl Livona Nov 8 18833y 11mRichburgDau of W M & Nora Gray
Greely, Gertrude Dye18781961 15.1 
Green, Abigail18111848 AngelicaLot 347
Green, Aner17991833 AngelicaLot 714; wife of Benjamin T Green
Green, Alice   AngelicaLot 891
Green, Albert LDec 20 1872Jun 7 1952 AngelicaLot 842; son of Benjamin & Caroline Davis Green; m Nettie Lyon of Angelica Feb 19 1892; survived by widow; 3 dau's Mrs. S H Vincent, Mrs. H W Anderson, Mrs Cornwall all of Olean; sister Miss Nora Green of Angelica
Green, Amelia Gregory1844Aug 25 191370yAngelicaLot 33A; b Howard; d Angelica; m Joel R Green of Albany 60 y previously; survivors children Mrs. Elizabeth Sloat of Oyster Bay, Henry T & Joel of Angelica
Green, Benjamin T1783Sep 8 1877 AngelicaLot 714; wife of Benjamin T Green
Green, Caroline M   AngelicaLot 719
Green, Clare   AngelicaLot 91
Green, Clifford   AngelicaLot 84
Green, Edna May   AngelicaLot 719
Green, Elizabeth S   AngelicaLot 20
Green, Estella M   AngelicaLot 168
Green, Esther   AngelicaLot 20
Green, George MiltonSep 2 1871Mar 7 1944 AngelicaLot 891; b Hume son of Henry & Jane Perry Green; survived by wife Angie; dau Mrs Ida Johnson of Hornell; sons Leonard & Merton of Hornell; brother Harley Green of Perry
Green, Adelbert186418651y1.1Son of A J & K A Green
Green, Albertus R1835185924y1.1 
Green, Alfred B Aug 5 18534y 1m26.3Son of Elias S & Betty T Green
Green, daughter Mar 25 18472y 2m 7d4.6Dau of Lewis Green
Green, Addison Jul 2 194569y 22m 4d17.1b Raymond PA; d Cuba NY
Green, Alice N Sep 20 185955y 9m 26d17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Green, Alice Baker Jul 18 195575y 4m 15d17.1b Alabama; d Cuba NY
Green, Alice Baker1880195170y1.1 
Green, Alma ThomasApr 11 1821Mar 11 191391y1.1 
Green, Alvaro187018711y1.1Son of A J & K A Green
Green, Amos Aug 25 188593yBlank 
Green, Esther 187272yBlankWife of Amos Green
Green, Andrew J1828190173y1.1 
Green, Asa1844191167y1.1 
Green, Benjamin H Nov 4 187467y1.1 
Green, BertieDec 16 1877Oct 19 18792y 2m 7d1.1Dau of L T & P E Green
Green, Byron L Nov 10 188535y1.1 
Green, Benjamin18841950 15.1 
Green, Ben G Oct 21 186683y 10m1.3 
Green, Benjamin F18251898 17.2 
Green, Martha M Hargraves18391923 17.2 
Green, Carl Henry Aug 11 18783m1.1Son of M A & E M Green
Green, Carrie AMay 22 1873Nov 8 196491y1.1Wife of Melvin Green
Green, Catherine A1836191477y1.1Wife of Andrew J Green
Green, Charles A18501921 17.2 
Green, Cyrene A18571927 17.2 
Green, Charles Elisha 192877y1.1No stone
Green, Charles M Mar 17 187433y1.1 
Green, Clarence V1877195780y1.1 
Green, ClarkApr 20 1777Apr 27 1834 1.1 
Green, Clark CFeb 28 1809Aug 28 185041y1.1 
Green, Clark SSep 9 1863Dec 9 189835y1.1 
Green, Clark H1820Mar 28 1837 17.3Son of W B & M Green
Green, Damen M18551919 24.1 
Green, Carlos18551929 24.1 
Green, George Milton18281914 24.11st Rect PA Rebler Vol
Green, Daniel P18821959 28.1 
Green, Daniel P18781952 3.2 
Green, Amy A18821921 3.2Wife of Daniel Green
Green, DelossOct 9 1856Jul 16 1939 24.1 
Green, Lizzie BApr 21 1863Feb 22 1938 24.1Wife of Deloss Green
Green, Doyle1903  10.1 10.2 
Green, Harriett1907  10.1 10.2 
Green, Drucilla WitterApr 30 1845Feb 12 190861y1.1 
Green, Edna Emilia  93y1.1No dates; no stone
Green, Edna May19041969 10.1 10.2 
Green, Bernard19001966 10.1 10.2 
Green, Edward Feb 24 184584y 11m 4d1.3 
Green, Edward Oct 18 181432y1.1Drowned
Green, Edward1816190992y1.1 
Green, Edward J Mar 28 183679y1.1Rev War Veteran; War of 1812 Veteran
Green, Edward N Oct 28 187841y1.1 
Green, Edward V1881195574y1.1 
Green, Ella A1853187320y1.1 
Green, Elvid O Feb 13 194579y 10m 27d17.1Wife of Garret S Green; b Scio NY; d Elmira NY; obit Mar 1 1945 Bolivar Breeze
Green, Elvira Palmiter Jan 29 186427y1.1Wife of Ed N Green
Green, Emily M 188539y1.1No stone
Green, Emily Sherman1827189669y 1.1 
Green, EmmerettaJun 2 1909Apr 26 197262y1.1 
Green, Erastus A1819188465y1.1 
Green, Ernest G 194855y1.1No stone
Green, F Clayton1857189134y1.1 
Green, Florence C19021972 26.1 
Green, Franklin Eric Jan 17 197471y17.1d Bradford PA
Green, Garret Smith Feb-2060y17.1Buried Feb 20 1920
Green, George    1.4 
Green, Sarah   1.4 
Green, Olive 1939 1.4 
Green, Walter 1968 1.4 
Green, Jennie 1955 1.4 
Green, George18311903 17.2 
Green, Lucy S18251900 17.2 
Green, George B189019** 10.1 10.2 
Green, Mary O18961937 10.1 10.2 
Green, Gideon C1812185940y1.1 
Green, Gorton G18731963 10.1 10.2 
Green, Jennie A18781959 10.1 10.2 
Green, Julia E18421906 10.1 10.2Wife of Asa Green
Green, Grace E18931920 17.2Wife of J C Green
Green, Genevieve   17.2Infant dau of J C & Grace Green
Green, H P (Rev) Apr 28 186870y17.3 
Green, Lucy  May 9 184646y17.3Wife of H P Green
Green, Helen M   AngelicaLot 322
Green, Henry P1838  AngelicaLot 46; hus of Sarah Dunning Green
Green, Henry T Dec 12 1919 AngelicaLot 91; Son of Joel R & Amelia J Green; Nov 11 1874 m Etta Hammond
Green, Henry T MrsApr 23 1857  AngelicaLot 91; b Angelica; her fathr died in a southern military prison during the Civil War after which her home was with her grandparents Mr & Mrs William Hammond; 6 children survive; Mrs. Herman Roberts of Buffalo, Miss Lulu Green, James Green & Mrs E Mathewson of Angelica, Mrs. Harry White of Allen, & Mrs Frank Smith of Wellsville; Clair, a little son, died at 10 months.
Green, Harold M1914Jun 10 1943 15.1NY Pvt 1CL 174 Infantry
Green, Helen V19241969 28.1 
Green, Henery L18911948 15.1 
Green, Retta18841955 15.1 
Green, Harriet S 192084y5.1 
Green, Harrison V1836190468y1.1Civil War Veteran
Green, Harry C1885196478y 1.1 
Green, Harry L Jan 30 197872y28.1 
Green, Henry18331898 12.2Co F 68 Regt NYV
Green, Henry SAug 28 1848Oct 4 18480y1.1Son of L & I Green
Green, Hiram Oct 21 18549y 8m 26d1.3Son of C T & B A Green
Green, Hulda PJul 17 1833Apr 28 192389y1.1Wife of M J Green
Green, Irena Fisk1811189079y1.1Wife of Luke Green
Green, Ivor ElatonOct 2 1853Sep 7 188330y1.1Son of Thomas & Lucy Green; b Genesee, Allegany Co NY; d Alfred Centre
Green, James F18331909 5.1 
Green, James S Mar 14 188474y 4m 2d1.3 
Green, Joel R1834  AngelicaLot 33A; hus of Amelia Jane Green
Green, Noel ROct 27 1856Aug 20 1916 AngelicaLot 33B; b West Almond; d Perry; Survivors dau Mrs. Alce Scholes of Perry; sons Edgar & Clarence of Mt. Jewett PA; brother Henry of Angelica; sister Mrs R S Sloat of Elmira
Green, John W19051962 10.1 10.2 
Green, Lucy R1907  1.1 10.2 
Green, John L   Angelica 
Green, Laura MrsApr 21 1832Jan 5 1911 AngelicaLot 84; wife of Nathan Green; son Merton Green
Green, Madaline Mrs   AngelicaLot 67A; wife of Thomas Green
Green, Margaret F   AngelicaLot 122
Green, Merton EJul 27 1862Jun 5 1941 AngelicaLot 84; b Allen; survivors son Clifford of Shortsville NY, 3 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren
Green, Nathan18001867 AngelicaLot 84
Green, Nathan A   AngelicaLot 347
Green, Sarah A   AngelicaLot 46
Green, Susan OgdenMay 16 1861Nov 27 1926 AngelicaLot 84; b Angelica to Mr & Mrs Joseph Ogden; d Angelica; m Merton E Green Sep 25 1882
Green, Stehen R   AngelicaLot 20
Green, Thomas   AngelicaLot 67A
Green, John Chandler1827190679y1.1 
Green, Kathleen FayeJul 25 1959Jan 24 1960 24.1 
Green, Lena18881954 28.1 
Green, (?)  7y 21d4.6Son of Lewis & L Green
Green, Lois Edward 18443y 11m1.1 
Green, LorenzoJan 15 1842Aug 12 190765y1.1 
Green, Louisa Monroe1820189272y1.1 
Green, Lovina Edwards1809184334y1.1Wife of Perry Edwards
Green, Lucinda Palmiter1816186447y1.1 
Green, Lucy Jan 6 184746y1.1Wife of Rev Ray Green
Green, Lucy C 191483y 10m1.1No stone
Green, LukeAug 3 1802Feb 13 187674y1.1 
Green, Luke1823188764y1.1 
Green, Luther W Jan 5 197473y1.1No stone
Green, Lydia Maxson Jul 29 185062y1.1Original proprietor of A V farm; d Milton,Wisconsin
Green, Lydia  Jan 25 186580y1.3Wife of Ben G Green
Green, Maggie M18901957 24.1 
Green, William D18831923 24.1 
Green, Marlon18601957 17.2 
Green, Lucy18651952 17.2 
Green, Martha Ann18561909 5.1 
Green, Martin M1812189987y1.1 
Green, Martin AApr 26 1852Aug 3 191866y 3m 8d17.1Son of Truman & Minerva White Green; b NYS; d Genesee Twp; farmer; obit Aug 8 1918 Bolivar Breeze
Green, Martin A Mrs Sep 4 191355y17.1d Salt Rising Rd Genesee Twp NY; obit Sep 11 1913 Bolivar Breeze
Green, Martha CrandallMay 9 1820Nov 5 188464y1.1 
Green, Mary A Mosher 190586y1.1No stone
Green, Mary A Capin1853193278y 1.1 
Green, Mary P ThomasJul 12 1818Jun 8 187355y1.1Wife of Clarke C Green
Green, Mary Jun 14 183218y 7m1.3Dau of Paris & Polly Green
Green, Mary Jane Oct 24 185216y17.2Dau of H P & Lucy Green
Green, Mathew18181901 17.1 
Green, Maxson Jul 28 185062y1.1Original proprietor of A V farm; d Milton, Wisconsin; War of 1812 veteran
Green, Maxson A1850191767y1.1 
Green, Maxson JNov 22 1829Nov 3 189566y 1.1 
Green, Melville A1845190560y1.1 
Green, Melvin HFeb 19 1873Oct 31 196087y1.1 
Green, Melvin E18691935 6.11 
Green, Bertha K18761952 6.11Wife of Melvin E Green
Green, Milton HJun 25 1905Sep 20 197671y1.1Buried ne t to his 1st wife
Green, Minnie Jane 192261y1.1No stone
Green, Nancy G (B)1821188463y1.1 
Green, Nathan May 16 185666y 1.1 
Green, Nettie M1887196880y1.1Wife of Will C Green; ashes
Green, Orin D18301898 8.1 
Green, Serena18411933 8.1 
Green, Milo O  1y 19d8.1 
Green, Olive M1832189361y1.1 
Green, Orange Judd Jun 10 188823y1.1 
Green, Orpha Hamilton Mar 7 183747y1.1Wife of Nathan Green
Green, Orson C1837191376y1.1 
Green, Paris Mar 29 186882y 4m 6d1.3 
Green, Polly Aug 16 188494y 1m1.3Wife of Paris Green
Green, Parris C18571916 17.2 
Green, Lydia A18621924 17.2 
Green, Paul   1.1 
Green, Phebe EMay 5 1844193288y1.1Wife of Lorenzo Green
Green, Polly1843192481y1.1Wife of Harrison W Green
Green, Polly A1814190187y1.1 
Green, Rachel Sweet1814187360y1.1 
Green, Robert18941961 24.1 
Green, Marion W1803  24.1 
Green, Robert18781931 Richburg 
Green, Jessie18821927 RichburgWife of Robert Green
Green, Ben18461934 Richburg
Green, Lucette18521928 RichburgWife of Ben Green
Green, Sheffold W18141899 RichburgCivil War veteran; 15 Regt NY Cav 147 Reg NYV
Green, Melvin S18691933 Richburg 
Green, Edith M18781930 Richburg 
Green, Maynard K18951920 RichburgWWI Veteran
Green, Roxie Etta 1918 5.1Dau of J T Green
Green, Russel 192677y1.1No stone
Green, Samantha Gait  77y1.1No stone
Green, Samuel Oct 18 189673y28.1GAR marker; 1861-1865 Co G 136 Regt NYSV
Green, Ruth Sep 19 188864y 6m 29d28.1Wife of Samuel Green
Green, Selinda1811190291y1.1 
Green, Selinda I 192685y1.1 
Green, Shirley M1947  24.1 
Green, Susan JJul 29 1833Jun 16 18341y 19d1.1Dau of L & I Green
Green, Susannah Crandall 183677y1.1No stone
Green, Tacy Hamilton1830191079y1.1 
Green, Thomas EJun 18 1856Oct 31 1938 17.2 
Green, Mahalug GJul 20 1860Apr 7 1913 17.2 
Green, Thomas H 190982y 4m 6d1.1No stone
Green, William H Sep 30 189870y24.1Co E 86 Regt NYV
Green, William H Sep 17 188263y 9m 18d1.3 
Green, Oliva S   1.3Wife of William H Green
Green, William E Feb 16 186344y 9m 7d26.1 
Green, William G1883192744y 1.1 
Green, William H Jul 29 187664y 1.1 
Green, William LApr 26 1871192857y1.1Son of L T & P E Green
Green, William R 185510y1.1No stone
Greenan, Catherine E18831922 26.1 
Greenan, Edward J18751955 26.1 
Greenan, John18411903 26.1 
Greenan, Bridget18411911 26.1 
Greenan, Agnes Davis18781911 26.1 
Greenan, John W18671961 26.1 
Greenan, Elizabeth A18751946 26.1 
Greenan, Joseph E18821954 26.1 
Greenan, Mary B18861976 26.1 
Greenan, Julia Apr 15 1927 5.2 
Greenan, Charles Nov 26 1925 5.2 
Greenan, William1882195977y5.2 
Greene, SandraDec 21 1940May 9 1942 Richburg 
Greene, Alberta Taylor19031933 6.11 
Greene, Alice Rogers 194482y 1.1No stone
Greene, Alice Sisson1854193985y1.1Wife of Milo B Greene
Greene, Angie E SpikeSep 30 1879Jul 7 1951 Angelicab Grove to John & Nina Johnson Spike; wife of George Greene; survivors 2 sons, Leonard Green of Angelica & Merton Greene of Hornell; dau Mrs Howard Johnson of Hornell
Greene, Clifford MOct 24 1884Dec 14 1846 Angelicab Angelica; d Shortsville; survivors, widow Mrs Brnice Greene, 2 sons Merton Greene of Middleton & Lyle Green of Woodburn NY; dau Mrs Esther Martin of Bridgeport
Greene, Infant son 189?1wkUtopiaSon of Alice & Clark Greene of Nile
Greene, Ann Gregory1883197389y1.1 
Greene, Arthur Benton1848192273y1.1 
Greene, Arthur E188218831y 19d1.1Son of F L & C R Greene
Greene, Infant son  0y1.1Son of Arthur B & Mary S Greene; no stone
Greene, Beulah Marcia Layman1892Jan 3 197785y1.1 
Greene, Burton EMay 11 1871Mar 14 1957 15.1 
Greene, Carrie Harrington1858193273y1.1Wife of D M Greene
Greene, Clara Rudiger1855189641y1.1Wife of F L Greene
Greene, Clayton C18801930 6.11Father; wife's marker is missing
Greene, Hester Clarke18861936 6.11Mother; wife of Clayton C Greene
Greene, Curtis   1.1Infant son of Curtis Gregory Greene; no stone; no dates
Greene, Delwin M1854193580y1.1 
Greene, Dorothy  5y1.1No stone; no dates
Greene, Earnest GermaineJan 26 1893Feb 15 194855y11WWI veteran; NY 2nd Lt OMC
Greene, Elisha C (Dr.)1817190486y1.1 
Greene, Eiton M18781936 10.1 10.2 
Greene, Grace L18761955 10.1 10.2 
Greene, Hanley E1902  10.1 10.2 
Greene, Ethel Lina19221957 28.1 
Greene, Frank L 192977y1.1No stone
Greene, Frank R1889189910y1.1Son of F L Greene
Greene, Golda M19071975 28.1 
Greene, Harold J189819** 28.1 
Greene, Harriet G18871953 24.1 
Greene, Harriet Newell Maxson1818190183y 1.1 
Greene, Harry C1879196282y1.1 
Greene, Isabelle18751963 26.1 
Greene, Josephine Maxson   1.1Body removed to Brooklyn
Greene, Kristen Ann May 3 1978 26.1Infant
Greene, Leon Sherman1889195668y1.1 
Greene, Leon H18851910 21.9 
Greene, Llewellyn190019** 15.1 
Greene, Glaydys S190219** 15.1 
Greene, Lyman L18951974 15.1 
Greene, Mabel A18951972 15.1 
Greene, Mabel A18951972 15.1 
Greene, Edward18831947 28.1 
Greene, Fathel18881922 28.1 
Greene, Lucretia  85y1.1No stone; no dates
Greene, Mary Sherman1860193372y1.1Wife of A B Greene
Greene, Maud T 195482y1.1Wife of Frank L Greene; no stone
Greene, Maud M18831948 10.1 10.2 
Greene, Elwood L18781962 10.1 10.2 
Greene, Mildred Bertha 192032y1.1No stone
Greene, Milo B1849192676y1.1 
Greene, Nancy Murphy1782187492y1.1 
Greene, Octa M1852193885y1.1 
Greene, Olivia Clarke1818189678y 1.1 
Greene, Philip S1818190385y1.1 
Greene, Pluma Sep 2 189023y 1m 25d28.1Dau of W R & P P Greene
Greene, Walter L18751952 17.2Son of W L Greene
Greene, Stanley J19091925 17.2Son of W L Greene
Greene, Sophronia B18371917 17.2Wife of J T Greene
Greene, William R18471916 28.1Co I 189 Regt NYV
Greene, Polly1848  28.1Wife of William R Greene
Greene, Otis18691964 28.1Son of William & Polly Greene
Greenfield, Lydia   AngelicaLot 714
Greenman, Daniel   8.1No dates; stone broken
Greenman, Betsey Apr 6 188?82y8.1Wife of Daniel Greenman
Greenman, Milan Dec 6 188243y8.1 
Greenman, Minerva Oct 27 188987y1.1 
Greenman, Ellen M1846193790y1.1 
Greenman, Ralph1842191169y1.1 
Greenman, Ralph1869195686y1.1 
Greenman, Giles H 190368y1.1No stone
Greenman, Laura E 190038y1.1 
Greenman, Sylvia Lamphear (Sylvna)Mar 29 189559y1.1Wife of G H Greenman
Greer, Viola M18711912 15.1 
Greer, James M18641948 15.1 
Greer, Ada HFeb 1872Jan-49 10.1 10.2 
Greer, Francis P Apr 31 187227y17.3Wife of Benjamin Greer
Greer, George18811954 10.1 10.2 
Greer, Lillian18711954 10.1 10.2 
Gregory, Abram W   AngelicaLot 643; Son of Josiah & Harriet Gregory
Gregory, Josiah1800Apr 14 188585yAngelicaLot 643; survived by wife and 6 children
Gregory, Harriet18081888 AngelicaLot 643; wife of Josiah Gregory
Gregory, Susan   AngelicaLot 7; no dates
Gregory, Timothy JMay 5 1838Jun 8 1911 AngelicaLot 7; b Howard to Josiah & Harriet Parkhill Gregory; d Angelica; m Sarah T Smith in 1864 who died in 1894; m Miss Laura Armstrong in Gelmont Feb 22 1898; no children
Gregory, Caroline 192866y5.1 
Gregory, Ralph JrAug 16 1806Dec 23 1852 25.1 
Gregory, Eliza Hill 192990yt5.1Wife of John Gregory
Gregory, John J18391899 5.1 
Gregory, William 194181y5.1 
Gregson, Arthur (Rev)18811964 10.1 10.2
Gregson, Ada18821968 10.1 10.2 
Gregson, John (Lt)May 10 1908Sep 9 1943 10.1 10.2H Q Bat 35th AAA Brigate; killed in action at Salerno, Italy
Greisch, Edward C19181969 10.1 10.2Bolivar fireman
Greisch, Irene E   10.1 10.2 
Greley, Olivar G18841954 15.1 
Gridley, Melvin 1917 1.4 
Gridley, Anna   1.4 
Grien, Marion   1.1Body removed to Brooklyn
Grierson, James A18601930 15.1 
Grierson, Julia A18581934 15.1 
Griffen, Alice RJul 29 1924  AngelicaWife of Thomas Griffen
Griffen, Lucy17961852 AngelicaWife of Charles Griffen
Griffin, Doris HAug 23 1912Aug 27 1969 15.1 
Griffin, Edith ESep 12 1884Oct 30 1970 15.1 
Griffin, John AMay 27 1885Dec 2 1975 15.1 
Griffin, Louisa18521947 15.1 
Griffin, Marion I19181920 15.1 
Griffin, Arlowine E 1924 15.1 
Griffin, Chauncy18301902 Richburg 
Griffin, Pliny E18591913 Richburg 
Griffin, Mary L King18541922 Richburg 
Griffin, daughterFeb 2 1882Dec 1 1883 RichburgDau of Pliny & Mary Griffin
Griffin, Thomas18571936 5.2 
Griffin, Thomas Mrs1861192463y5.2 
Griffith, Ellen Louise1891928 10.1 10.2Wife of William J Griffith
Griffith, William J19211925 10.1 10.2Son of William J & Ellen Griffith
Griffith, Isaac D1850oct 16 1865 10.1 10.2 
Griggs, Edwich FrancesApr 20 1909Jul 23 1967 24.5 
Grimes, Everett AJul 16 1949Aug 29 1949 24.1Son of Paul & Sylvia Grimes
Grimley, Owen A19211973 26.1 
Grimm, George J18871918 26.1 
Grimm, Orelto A18881965 26.1 
Grimm, Helen Butler Sep 5 1951 BelfastWife of Henry Grimm; St. Patrick's Cemetery
Grimmes, Elizabeth18861939 26.1Mother
Grimmes, Robert H19171979 26.1Son
Grimmes, Richard19171930 26.1Son
Griswold, Edith18601936 5.1 
Griswold, Marion1911197362y5.2 
Griswold, Gerald191119** 5.1 
Griswold, Millard18571927 10.1 10.2 
Griswold, Jennie Gavitt18651946 10.1 10.2 
Griswold, Charles18821939 10.1 10.2 
Griswold, WillardJan 1 1894Nov 2 1973 17.2 
Griswold, Pauline MJun 28 1920  17.2 
Griswold, James18841958 17.2 
Griswold, William Delma18591890 5.1 
Groff, Jacob May 9 1859 15.1 
Groff, Alonzo M Apr 4 194181yCanisteo 
Groff, Charles Dec 15 194174yCanisteo 
Groner, Katherine18761943 26.1 
Groom, Mary17731852 AngelicaLot 491
Gros, Charles H18691939 15.1 
Gros, Florence T1877  15.1 
Gros, Henery M18371904 15.1 
Grosby, John G Jul 2 1853 24.2 
Grosby, Catherine May 28 1897 24.2 
Groscup, Verne EOct 24 1896May 7 1960 15.1NY Sgt 54 Telegraph BN WWI
Gross, Urban B18921971 15.1 
Gross, Hazel F18881980 15.1 
Grossman, Jesse E18751932 6.11Father
Grossman, Amy18751914 6.11Mother; wife of Jesse E Grossman
Grossman, Joseph19021920 6.11Obit says buried Independence
Grossman, Bert D18981920 6.11Obit says buried Independence
Grossman, LinfordJul 19 1912Mar 12 1953 6.11Pvt Co D Armored Regt WWII
Grossman, Maude L   6.11Wife of Willis Grossman
Grove, F Minnie18911942 15.1 
Grove, F Newton18421917 15.1 
Grove, Margareta A18891947 15.1 
Grove, Maud T18621956 15.1 
Grove, Roy A18871924 15.1 
Grove, Rozelia18461918 15.1 
Grove, Craig Henry Jun 27 1957 26.1Infant
Grove, Martin (Judge)   AngelicaLot 731; see film for bio
Grover, Emilie Mowbray1810Oct 29 189282yAngelicaLot 732; wife of Martin Grover, Judge of the Ct of Appeals of the State of New York
Grover, MichaelJul 10 1950Jul 11 1950 26.1 
Grover, Craig Henry Jun 23 1957 26.1 
Grover, Nellie Feb 27 1879 21.9 
Groves, Flora Stillman1873194269y1.1Wife of Merrell Groves; ashes
Groves, Ruth Watson1890196373y1.1Wife of Merrill M Groves
Grow, George Marion1849192272y1.1 
Grow, Grace A Burdick1878195677y1.1 
Grow, Myrta Shaw1859194586y1.1Wife of G M Grow
Grow, Hiram18411917 17.1 
Gruendorf, Fred Feb 22 191665yBlankb Germany
Grummon, Adelbert   AngelicaLot 150A
Grummon, D C   AngelicaLot 3
Grummon, Minerva Mrs Dec 27 1934 AngelicaLot 150A
Grummon, Malinda   AngelicaLot 3
Grunder, Agnes   Angelica 
Grunder, Anna W   Angelica 
Grunder, Daniel C Jun 12 193288yAngelicaLot 10; d Friendship
Grunder, Walter LJun 21 1865  AngelicaLot 10; son of Daniel C & Agnes A Lowell Grunder; hus of Mary Bowes Grunder
Grunder, Catharine A18241872 19.4 
Grunder, Catherine Meyer18011894 19.4Wife of John Grunder
Grunder, John17911880 19.4 
Grunder, Susan18311894 19.4 
Guidarelli, Andrew18**19** 5.2 
Guidarelli, Julia1883196986y5.2 
Guila, Grace B1898  15.1 
Guila, Clyde M18971963 15.1 
Guild, Bertha E18761967 15.1 
Guild, William P18741943 15.1 
Guild, Claude W18991950 15.1 
Guild, Myrtle V189819** 15.1 
Guild, David Joseph19561961 15.1 
Guild, Fred E18601944 15.1 
Guild, Louisa R18741949 15.1 
Guild, G Theron18521925 15.1 
Guild, Joseph W 1923 15.1 
Guild, Mary L18541935 15.1 
Guild, Robert C18951970 15.1 
Guild, Mildred S18911977 15.1 
Guilford, Charles18331913 15.1 
Guilford, Emma18371904 15.1Wife of C Guilford
Guilford, Glenn D18771954 8.1 
Guilford, Nellie E1893  8.1 
Guilford, Helen T18831962 15.1 
Guilford, Noel T18541950 15.1 
Guilford, Della M18571912 15.1 
Guilford, Irene18041869 15.1 
Guilford, Irene18881972 15.1 
Guilford, Jane A Herkimer18341886 8.1 
Guilford, Jennie18681877 15.1Dau of C & E L Guilford
Guilford, Lizzie I18581877 15.1Dau of C & E L Guilford
Guilford, Lois Harrison17971862 15.1 
Guilford, Mac18871966 15.1 
Guilford, Rallo18441862 15.1Son of S A & Irene Guilford
Guilford, Samuel A18091892 15.1 
Guilford, Roy S18561860 15.1Son of C & E L Guilford
Guilford, Oertie   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Guinn, George L18611870 6.11 
Guinn, James18281912 6.11 
Guinn, Nancy18391905 6.11Wife of James Guinn
Guinn, James E19021961 26.1 
Guinn, Mary H190219** 26.1 
Guinn, Kathryn19051930 6.11Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Wahl Guinn
Guinn, Mary C18281908 6.11 
Guinn, Thomas18441895 6.11 
Guinn, Mary1851  6.11Wife of thomas Guinn
Guinn, W Thomas Jun 27 189332y6.11Son of James & Nancy Guinn
Guinnip, Richard A189819** 24.1
Gunn, Adelia Apr 4 185617d8.1Dau of A & Eliza Gunn; lot owned by A Gunn Jun 1865
Gunn, Jacob Jan 2 1859 10.1 10.2 
Gunnip, Bill John W19001950 10.1 10.2 
Gunnip, Edna F18741950 10.1 10.2 
Gunnip, William Winefield189719** 10.1 10.2 
Gunnip, Lon Allen19551957 24.1 
Gunnip, Louise S19001969 24.1 
Gunnip, Rufus W18891975 24.1 
Gurnsey, Avis Whitford 190557y1.1Dau of Schylor Gurnsey; no stone
Gurnsey, Eunice 18861y 1.1No stone
Gurnsey, Sarah O 191673y1.1No stone
Gurnsey, Scott R 191467y1.1No stone
Guy, Duane Daniel Mar 20 1942 AngelicaLot 8982B; killed in auto-bicycle accident; survived by mother Mrs. Florence Guy; sisters Mrs Leonard Green of Angelica and Mrs Howard Maker of Dalton; brother Harold of Dansville and Clifford of Belmont
Guy, LilaJul 29 1920Jan 4 1941 DaltonDau of Mrs Ray Guy; killed in auto-train crash; see family of Duane Guy

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