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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Hackett, Beatrice B19201964 10.1 10.2 
Hackett, Beverly Joan19341950 6.11Dau of Phillip M & Thelma Gee Hackett
Hackett, Elizabeth18531936 24.1 
Hackett, Gertrude E18871969 10.1 10.2Wife of Dr Lwrence M Hackett; veteran
Hackett, Lawrence M (Dr)18901965 10.1 10.2 
Hackett, Leona S18831963 10.1 10.2 
Hackett, Paul L1909  10.1 10.2 
Hackett, Edna H1913  10.1 10.2 
Hackett, Olive C May 5 188464y 6m26.1Wife of W H Hackett; mother
Hadden, Emma19271968 15.1Daughter
Hadden, Goldie M19031965 15.1Mother
Hadden, Mabel C18811970 15.1 
Hadden, Manley J18731955 15.1 
Hadden, Winnie M18761904 15.1 
Hadsell, Cynthia Adelaide May 2 1921 AngelDau of Job & Ann Southard; m Marcus Hadsell at Canaseroga; she's a descendant of the Southard who helped to form the Constitution and who served the nation twice as Secretary of the Navy; survivors are dau Mrs Howard Pierce of Swain; 3 stepsons, George & Llewellyn of Angelica & Henry of Schenectady
Hadsell, Clair Aug 1852 LA CALDau of Mr & Mrs Llewellyn Hadsell
Hadsell, Cynthia Adelaide   AngelLot 753
Hadsell, ElmerAug 16 1862Jun 15 1925 AlmondSon of Mr & Mrs Daniel Hadsell; d West Almond; hus of Carrie Louise Miller married Sep 9 1886; had 10 children; see film for more info
Hadsell, Emma YoungJul 3 1861Aug 4 1916 AngelicaLot 798; b Birdsall to Jacob & Harriet Young; m Llewellyn Hadsel Sep 18 1879 in West Almond;survivors son Ralph Leroy of Albany and Clair Emerly of LA
Hadsell, Florence WyattAug 22 1892Oct 15 1931 Blankb Hector, NY; m Charles Hadsell Feb 1914; son Melvin survives
Hadsell, GeorgeMar 27 161Dec 23 1935 Angelicab West Almond to Marcus De LaFayette Hadsell & Caroline N Southard Hadsell; survivor brother Henry of Schenectady
Hadsell, Francis P 196950y5.1 
Hadsell, Ira S Feb 1 190974yAngelicaLot 753; b West Almond; survivor son Manderville Hadsell of Angelica
Hadsell, Katherine   AngelicaLot 753
Hadsell, Llewellyn   AngelicaLot 798
Hadsell, MandervilleNov 14 1864Jan 6 1942 AngelicaLot 798; b West Almond; see film for more information
Hadsell, Marcus D LDec 25 1827Apr 17 1918 AngelicaLot 753; b Alfred to Daniel & Eunice Gardiner Hadsell; d Angelica; 1858 m Caroline Southard who died; m Cynthia A South; see film for more info
Hadsell, Nellie   AngelicaLot 60
Hadsell, Nelson M   AngelicaLot 64
Hadsell, P GJul 17 1821Sep 22 1890 Blank 
Hadsell, MargaretFeb 27 1822May 12 1891 Blank 
Hagan, Catherine LNov 12 1856Aug 2 1890 10.1 10.2Wife of Oliver Hagan
Haggstrom, C GSep 8 1879Jul 1 1940 AngelicaLot 205A; b Stockholm, Sweden to Edward & Sophia Marie Haggstrom; m 1) Miss Ruth Stenstrom Aug 2 1905; had 3 children Arthur, Howard & Paul; wife died and he remarried 2) Miss Jennie C Hills of Angelica
Haggstrom, Ruth EMar 10 1882Apr 2 1915 AngelicaLot 205A; b Kanesholm, PA; d Angelica; wife of C G Haggstrom; see his vio
Hagmaier, Jessie 197183y5.1 
Haight, Ellen A Mrs Apr 9 1933 AngelicaLot 817; survived by 4 children Mrs Frances Genther, Mrs Susan Seidel, Miss Nellie Haight, all of Angelica, & William Haight of Elmira
Haight, John R18451923 8.1Civil War Veteran
Haight, Mary K18501932 8.1 
Haight, Mary K18171853 AngelicaLot 385
Haight, Nellie GMar 17 1881Mar 21 1945 AngelicaLot 817; dau of William & Caroline Ann Haight
Haight, Sarah Nov 8 1830 AngelicaLot 452/ wife of Samuel S Haight
Haight, Samuel   CubaWar of 1812
Haight, Sarah A   AngelicaLot 817
Haight, William HApr 16 1852Jul 16 1923 AngelicaLot 817; b Hartford PA; d Angelica; Hus of Ellen Sullivan
Haight, Robert18151868 15.1 
Haight, SamuelJul 17 1799Apr 20 1863 15.1 
Haight, Maria W Feb 4 1871 15.1 
Haight, Thomas18341912 19.1 
Haight, Mary K19331914 19.1Wife of Thomas Haight
Haight, (?) Feb 2 ****38y 5m 6d19.1Has metal tag marker-Wilson Altmeyer Co. Funeral Director, Dansville
Haines, HenrySep 3 1838Nov 3 1895 15.1 
Haines, HarrietJun 2 1846Jul 10 1915 15.1Wife of Henry Haines
Haines, Phoebe Peckham 1923 17.1Wife of Mahlon Haines; obit Nov 22 1923 Bolivar Breeze
Haines, Sarah Luella Nov 11 196184y17.1b NYS; d Olean
Haines, Mahlon H1862Oct 14 1937 AngelicaLot 596; b Cuba; hus of Phoebe Peckham Haines m Dec 31 1865 who died Nov 30 1919; m Miss Anna Grusendorf of Belmont in 1927; survived by widow & daughter Mrs James Barber of Andover
Haire, Anna Mar 19 185334yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cem; wife of Patrick Haire; children Joseph, John & Anna Haire
Haire, Patrick18141912 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cem;
Haire, Johanna18401909 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cem;
Haist, Harriett Cole18631936 6.11Wife of Daniel W Haist
Hakes, Billings Jun 30 187878y26.3 
Hakes, Lucy M Sep 20 187158y26.3Wife of Billings Hakes
Hakes, (?) Oct 3 186920y26.3Stone broken
Halbert, A L18281919 5.1 
Halbert, Alta O18541885 5.1 
Halbert, Amanda Amelia Van VeizorSep 1 1845Oct 16 1917 AngelicaLot 152; m Jun 2 1872 James Trowbridge at Andovre who died Sept 1887; m Jun 2 1901 E M Halbert at Grove; survivors husband, son C D Trowbridge of Birdsall; dau's Mrs. Mae Luther of Angelica, Mrs Bell Davis of Andover
Halbert, Asa L1881Jul 28 195170yAngelicaLot 6
Halbert, Emma J   AngelicaLot 152; m Jun 2 1872 James Trowbridge at Andovre who died Sept 1887; m Jun 2 1901 E M Halbert at Grove; survivors husband, son C D Trowbridge of Birdsall; dau's Mrs. Mae Luther of Angelica, Mrs Bell Davis of Andover
Halbert, Hattie M   AngelicaLot 152
Halbert, Enos MAug 13 1848Sep 16 1930 AngelicaLot 152; m Emma Jane Perry who died Dec 15 1899; m Amanda Trowbrige Jun 2 1901 who died Oct 17 1917; survived by dau Minnie Trowbridge of Perry, Edna Meeks of Birdsall, Roy of Dansville, Asa of Birdsall; brother Seth Halbert of Castile
Halbert, Asel C 192968y5.1 
Halbert, C A18451912 5.1 
Halbert, Dan S1814Oct 27 1880 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, LouisaFeb 20 1819Jun 10 1894 10.1 10.2Wife of Dan S Halbert
Halbert, Andrew B1843Jul 8 1876 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, Herbert S May 3 1876 10.1 10.2Son of L A & A L Halbert
Halbert, Lewis A Jun 2 1876 10.1 10.2Son of L A & A L Halbert
Halbert, Durr Linsley Apr 13 1871 10.1 10.2Son of A B Halbert
Halbert, Infant19161916 5.1Child of Leroy Halbert
Halbert, JaselNov 1783Dec 28 1868 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, ElmiraDec 7 1786Oct 20 1861 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, HannahApr 8 1822Jul 24 1879 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, EllenAug 8 1856Nov 14 1857 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, Harold C18921974 8.1 
Halbert, Ruth H1895  8.1Wife of Harold C Halbert
Halbert, Levi A18491923 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, Lyda K18501939 10.1 10.2 
Halbert, Allen   10.1 10.2Son of L A & A L Halbert
Halbert, Claude18801889 10.1 10.2Son of L A & A L Halbert
Halbert, Maria Crandall18271878 5.1 
Halbert, Mary Pamelia 195188y5.1Wife of Asel Halbert
Halbert, Virgil A18841884 5.1 
Hale, Andrew A18781967 8.1 
Hale, Mabel Chamberlain18771958 8.1Wife of Andrew A Hale
Hale, Richard B191219** 8.1Son of Andrew & Mabel Hale
Hale, Lawrence B19021971 8.1 
Hale, Laura Herkimer190819** 8.1 
Hale, Anna L 193858y5.1 
Hale, Leslie 196874y5.1 
Hale, Stephen Apr 8 184960y24.1 
Hale,Esther B Nov 23 188585y24.1 
Haley, Clayton J191119** 26.1 
Haley, Delia W19141981 26.1 
Hall, Edwin H Jul 4 197260y17.1b NYS; d Cuba NY
Hall, Randy L May 31 1971 17.1Infant; d Olean NY
Hall, Sadie B McDonald Jan 8 1898 10.1 10.2Wife of Luin H Hall
Hall, Adaline Jan 8 187061y 11m 24d1.3Wife of Bennijah Hall
Hall, Alphonso G18551937 24.1 
Hall, Stanel18291911 24.1Father
Hall, Catherine H18371907 24.1Mother; wife of Stanel Hall
Hall, Anson 1893 5.1 
Hall, Benjamin SMay 11 1817Apr 11 1847 17.2 
Hall, Lydia MAug 3 1822Dec 15 1889 17.2 
Hall, Caleb S18491901 5.1 
Hall, Charles L19031962 10.1 10.2 
Hall, Marie L19031968 10.1 10.2 
Hall, Clyde E1902Apr 5 1967 6.11Son of Arthur & Daisy Holmes Hall
Hall, Josephine E19061955 6.11Wife of Clyde E Hall
Hall, Clyde E Jr19261954 6.11Child of Clyde & Josephine Hall
Hall, Caroline A19531954 6.11Child of Clyde & Josephine Hall
Hall, Daniel Lewis18691941 24.1 
Hall, Cassie Aimy18691958 24.1 
Hall, Dudley P18801951 17.2 
Hall, Anna L1889  17.2 
Hall, Edgar E18671888 6.11Son of Lewis H & Elizabeth Mattison Hall
Hall, Elba Reynolds 193829y5.1 
Hall, Eliza Jun 8 187638y 5m 6d6.111st wife of W B Hall
Hall, Ella Lenora18741912 5.1 
Hall, Frances18261907 5.1 
Hall, Florence Julia 193953y5.1 
Hall, Floyd E19031966 24.1 
Hall, Floyd E18981977 8.1 
Hall, Helen E18991978 8.1 
Hall, George Nov 1 185652y 9mBlank 
Hall, Hila A Fuller Sep 2 188766y 4mBlank 
Hall, George J Jun 12 189659y 6d19.1 
Hall, Glenn W19091920 5.1 
Hall, Guin Jun 9 185136y17.3Wife of Amos Casgrove
Hall, Hannah18211890 5.1 
Hall, Harold W18861942 5.1 
Hall, Henry Anson18801916 5.1 
Hall, Helen L 196985y5.1 
Hall, Hiram F18531926 8.1 
Hall, Ella M18641935 8.1 
Hall, Hiram F18371899 2.5Co. F 1st NY Dragoons
Hall, Polly I18361903 2.5Wife of Hiram Hall
Hall, Ida Adel18601928 5.1 
Hall, Irving G 193770y5.1 
Hall, J GJul 11 1829May 17 1907 10.1 10.2 
Hall, Polly AnnJul 27 1835Jul 4 1888 10.1 10.2Wife of J G Hall
Hall, J K P 1850 5.1 
Hall, James Madison18491920 5.1 
Hall, James D1851192674y5.1 
Hall, Judson A18441916 17.2 
Hall, Noida J18521909 17.2 
Hall, Myrtle M18801913 17.2 
Hall, Juliette18321913 17.2Wife of Frances Hall
Hall, Lawrence J19061961 28.1 
Hall, Hilda M191719** 28.1 
Hall, Lewis W18301892 6.11Co D 76 Regt Penn Vol
Hall, Lorenzo18631937 8.1 
Hall, Eva J18731937 8.1 
Hall, Lucinda C18301899 5.1 
Hall, M D1825Jul 11 1865 17.2 
Hall, D B1825Apr 7 1903 17.2 
Hall, Mary 194972y5.1 
Hall, Mary Isabel 194288y5.1 
Hall, Merritt D18531933 24.1 
Hall, Susan R18561917 24.1 
Hall, Minerva S18491891 24.1Mother
Hall, Charles F18471891 24.1Father
Hall, Minnie S Greene18751913 6.11 
Hall, Nathaniel 1875 5.1 
Hall, Nelson18311893 5.1 
Hall, Nelson18831943 24.1 
Hall, Anna M18851967 24.1 
Hall, Phillip P 197355y5.1 
Hall, Rachel P   AngelicaLot 187
Hall, William A   AngelicaLot 187
Hall, William H   AngelicaLot 868
Hall, WilliamFeb 21 1870Oct 12 1943 FillmoreSurvived by widow Mrs Nerva Hall; 3 sons Frank Hall of Nunda, Raymond Hall of Angelica, Robert Hall of Belvidere
Hall, William F   AgelicaLot 226
Hall, William HenryJun 12 1884Mar 21 1933 Angelicab Short Tract to Wm & Margaret Haire Hall, natives of Ireland; survivors son Donald Hall, stepsons Alfred & Roderick Child; brother Thomas Hall of Short Tract; sisters Mrs Henry Scholes of Dalton & Mrs Arthur Mills of Portageville
Hall, William Mrs Dec 2 1944 Angelicad Cleveland, Ohio; survived by dau Mrs. Charles Olmstead of Cleveland; son Noble C Hall of Cleveland, Ohio; she was a former resident of Birdsall, Angelica & Belfast
Hall, Reginald M18741944 Richburg 
Hall, Hannah M18601935 Richburg 
Hall, Mattie E19001918 Richburg 
Hall, Richard E 196583y5.1 
Hall, Richard N 194320y5.1 
Hall, Richard N19051969 24.1 
Hall, Russell 1877 5.1 
Hall, Sadie B McDonald Jan 18 1898 10.1 10.2Wife of Luin H Hall
Hall, Sarah18011879 5.1 
Hall, Susanna Jun 14 18697y 7mBlankDau of A H & C H Hall
Hall, Varnum E18221901 1.3Co I 141 Regt NYV
Hall, Waty 1835 5.1 
Hall, William Anson18541914 5.1 
Hall, WealthyJan 27 1792May 16 1880 17.3 
Hall, Benjamin  Nov 1 1875 17.3 
Hall, Louis18341884 17.3 
Hall, Henry  May 25 1875 17.3 
Hall, William F18891947 26.1 
Hall, Mary J18901975 26.1 
Halladay, W D18711949 6.11 
Halladay, Myrtie18771905 6.111st wife of W D Halladay
Halladay, Mabel M18991907 6.11Dau of W D & Myrtie Halladay
Halladay, Dora D Aug 20 197082y6.112nd wife of W D Halladay
Halladay, William F18961927 6.11Son of W D & Myrtie Halladay
Halliday, Burdett18791888 8.1 
Halliday, Gertie18561907 8.1 
Halliday, Samuel18511897 8.1 
Halling, Caleb C 196565y5.1 
Hallock, Ella D Sep 28 18541y 9m 8d26.3Dau of Samuel & Sally A Hallock
Hallock, Orin D Jun 11 18628y 7m26.3Son of Ira & Polly Hallock
Hallock, Eddie Apr 15 186910y 10m15.1 
Hallock, Jacob H18331905 15.1Co I 2 NEB Vol Cav
Hallock, Mary O Nash18381918 15.1Wife of Jacob H Hallock
Hallock, Mary E18801962 15.1 
Halloran, Charles18841956 26.1 
Halloran, Elizabeth18851966 26.1 
Halloran, James J18861958 26.1 
Halloran, Mary C18941937 26.1 
Halloway, Our Baby Daughter Jul 23 1864 BlankDau of A H & E H Halloway
Halsey, Leon B188219** 8.1 
Halsey, Arletia E18841946 8.1 
Halsey, Louisa May 22 181830y 7m 13d4.8Wife of Edward Halsey
Halstead, J Albert18651908 15.1 
Halstead, T J18621951 15.1 
Halstead, Jennie S18641893 15.1 
Halstead, Mary V18621953 DimickDau of Uriah & Caroline Pierce Halstead
Halstead, Thomas   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Halstead, Mary U18621953 Dimick-Wirt 
Halwig, Lena Ford18821911 15.1 
Hambley, Aline MFeb 7 1982Dec 31 1964 8.1 
Hamer, Anna S Foster18771956 8.1 
Hamer, Milton W   AngelicaLot 30
Hamer, William P   AngelicaLot 30
Hamer, William J Nov 1 195446ySeneca Fallsd at Seneca Falls; hus of Clara Kelley dau of M & Mrs Frank Kelley of Jersey Hill
Hamilton, Edward R18921970 15.1 
Hamilton, Eva B1895  15.1 
Hamilton, Velma E1921  15.1 
Hamilton, Daughter  21.5Adopted daughter of H & S Hamilton; small stone
Hamilton, Lydia C Peterson18731930 15.1Mother
Hamilton, Mattie A18821965 15.1 
Hamilton, John M18811952 15.1 
Hamilton, Thomas H18701951 15.1 
Hamilton, Walter H18901969 15.1 
Hamilton, Marguerate18981966 15.1 
Hamilton, Adelle 193780y5.1 
Hamilton, Alexander May 8 1925 AngelicaLot 185; d Birdsall; survivors sons W S Hamilton & J H Hamilton of Rochester & Phillip Hamilton of Birdsall; daughters Mrs B Ayres of Rochester & Mrs G Sherwood of Angelica
Hamilton, Alexander MrsMar 10 1858Jun 5 1917 Angelb Ireland; d Birdsall; see husband's info for survivors
Hamilton, Arthur W   AngelicaLot 818
Hamilton, Ellery Mrs (Lord)Oct 10 1870Dec 8 1924 Angelicab Angelica to F C & Hattie Hammond Lord; d Erie PA; survivors husband Ellery of Erie; son Francis F of Binghamton, granddaughter Frances M, sister Mrs E L Margeson, brother Charles E Lord of Hornell
Hamilton, James   AngelicaLot 185
Hamilton, J R   AngelicaLot 721
Hamilton, Mary E   AngelicaLot 156
Hamilton, Patricia   AngelicaLot 818
Hamilton, Phillip   AngelicaLot 254
Hamilton, PhilipMay 14 1872Feb 28 1936 AngelicaLot 818; b Birdsall to Alexander & Elizabeth Scholes of Hamilton; m Jan 5 1898 Miss Adelaide Wallace; four children were born, Wallace who died 10 years ago, Mrs. Josephine Gelser, James A Hamilton & Philip M Hamilton; brother J F Hamilton of Rochester; sister Susie Sherwood & Mrs Byron Ayres both of Rochester
Hamilton, Amy A18919** 24.1
Hamilton, Clifton FNov 15 1888Sep 25 1968 24.1Cpl NY Co L 308 Inf
Hamilton, Eviline K18651952 24.1 
Hamilton, Oliver G18601933 24.1 
Hamilton, Freddie S Jan 19 187210m 8d26.3Child of William & Eunice Hamilton
Hamilton, Hattie Oct 16 18728m26.3Child of William & Eunice Hamilton
Hamilton, Mary A May 14 18627wk 4d26.3Child of William & Eunice Hamilton
Hamilton, P Randolph Sep 10 186910y 3m 10d26.3Child of William & Eunice Hamilton
Hamilton, Joseph May 25 1864 26.3 
Hamilton, Mary Nov 28 186775y26.3Wife of Joseph Hamilton
Hamilton, MosesDec 27 1799Mar 25 1855 26.3 
Hamilton, Harriet BuroughsMar 17 1800Mar 27 1876 26.3Wife of Moses Hamilton
Hamilton, Gabram18231902 26.3GAR marker
Hamilton, Mary Aurelia Hakes Nov 27 188950y 2m26.3Wife of Gabram Hamilton
Hamilton, Silash18451913 10.1 10.2 
Hamilton, Sara J18471930 10.1 10.2 
Hamilton, William C   26.3Broken stone; cannot read dates
Hammon, Marilla J18491870 5.1 
Hammond, Alonzo18241899 5.1 
Hammond, Archibald Jan 23 191660yAngelicaLot 797; d Angelica; survivors Dau's Sarah & Grace of Angelica
Hammond, Dwight Dec 19 190874yAngelicaLot 108; survivors; wife & son Frank of Elmore
Hammond, Ella L   AngelicaLot 108
Hammond, Ella L   AngelicaLot 546
Hammond, Leona18761951 15.1 
Hammond, Hubert18741920 15.1 
Hammond, Elizabeth 195693y5.1 
Hammond, George Dec 1 187085yAngelicaLot 546
Hammond, Mary18001872 AngelicaLot 546; wife of George Hammond
Hammond, Mary V TreatDec 27 1826Dec 12 1919 AngelicaLot 546; b Angelica; d Annin Creek, PA; wife of Nathan C Hammond, the Judge of Potter Co., PA who died 8 years ago; had 10 children, 6 still survive, Mrs. Mary Bailey of Shinglehouse PA, Mrs I W Miller of Pleasant Valley, Mrs. Carl Beckwith of Annin Creek PA, Judge D L Hammond of Boyne City, MI, and Mrs T A Brown of Wellsville
Hammond, Nathan C Aug 10 191188yAngelicaLot 546; b Angelica; husband of Mary Treat; see Mary C Treat Hammond
Hammond, Nina   AngelicaLot 469
Hammond, Ole   AngelicaLot 546
Hammond, Sarah   AngelicaLot 108
Hammond, Elizabeth Wafler1846Nov 2 191771yAngelicab Rochester to M & Mrs David Wafler; wife of Palmer Hammond; survivors husband, daughters Nina & Lola, sister Mrs Daniel Evans of Angelica; brothers John Wafler of Angelica & David Wafler of Weyauwega, WI
Hammond, Thomas   AngelicaLot 797
Hammond, Isabella18961896 5.1 
Hammond, James B18561920 6.11 
Hammond, Ida K18571940 6.11Wife of James B Hammond
Hammond, Richard Krusent Sr (Dick)18811953 6.11Son of James B & Ida K Hammond
Hammond, Lottie B Jun 12 188123y 2m 12d24.1Dau of W & A Hammond; wife of B C Earley
Hammond, Martha E18881958 26.1 
Hammond, Nathaniel (Rev)17991864 24.1 
Hammond, Marrillia18231911 24.1Wife of Rev Nathaniel Hammond
Hammond, Mary H Pearse18131874 24.1 
Hammond, Penelope1855  24.1 
Hammond, Orlin W 194182y5.1 
Hampton, Egbert18541922 2.5 
Hampton, Emma B18601903 2.5Wife of Egbert Hampton
Hampton, Jane D Sep 30 1894 1.5Wife of J W Hampton
Hampton, Joseph B Jan 21 189986y 1m 24d2.5 
Hampton, Josiah H Aug 23 187618y2.5Son of Joseph B Hampton
Hampton, Mary BDec 1 1881Aug 1 1907 2.5 
Hampton, Willis E18811951 8.1 
Hampton, Marie S18851973 8.1 
Hanaka, Christopher J19801981 26.1x
Hanchett, AnsonApr 3 1789Oct 27 1860 3.2 
Hanchett, MaryJun 16 1797Aug 23 1863 3.2Wife of Anson Hanchett
Hanchett, OrsonFeb 9 1829Oct 31 1877 3.2 
Hanchett, Julia Ann Aug 7 185520y 9m 16d3.2Wife of Orson Hanchett
Hanchett, Herman18391914 3.2 
Hanchett, EmelineApr 5 1831Mar 1 1908 3.2Wife of H H Hanchett
Hanchett, Nettie H   3.2On Hanchett lot (sister)
Hanchett, Lewis   3.2On Hanchett lot
Hanchett, Barbara Jane19321937 5.1 
Hanchett, Clayton G 197077y5.1 
Hanchett, Clyde 197180y5.1 
Hanchett, Clayton Jr19271927 5.1 
Hanchett, Donald Lee19271930 5.1 
Hanchett, Earl K189919** 10.1 10.2 
Hanchett, Florence E19021947 10.1 10.2 
Hanchett, George T18641934 5.1 
Hanchett, Lewis 195354y5.1 
Hanchett, Lottie O 194855y5.1 
Hanchett, Mary E 193870y5.1 
Hanchett, Olen18701941 10.1 10.2 
Hanchett, Lucy18701902 10.1 10.2Wife of Olen Hanchett
Hanchett, Emily18641943 10.1 10.2Wife of Olen Hanchett
Hanchett, Marion1906  10.1 10.2
Hand, Alfred 193563y5.1 
Hand, Infant Son Sep 21 1912 24.1Son of D G Hand
hand, Kale B18811917 15.1 
Hand, Charles Henry18711957 24.5 
Hand, Ernest J 197480y5.1 
Hand, Eva May 197184y5.1 
Hand, Gertrude18701940 5.1 
Hand, Frank Dec 3 191980y7.3 
Hand, Gertrude R18781962 24.1 
Hand, Harold L18991958 10.1 10.2 
Hand, Onnolee W190119** 10.1 10.2 
Hand, Harold W19291966(?) 24.1 
Hand, Thelma L193019** 24.1 
Hand, Marion BMar 17 1917Aug 31 1977 24.1 
Hand, Jacob18781955 6.11Son of Jacob & Electa Howland Hand
Hand, Jane 18537y16.7Dau of H R & Margaret Hand
Hand, Myrtie Irene18731954 24.5 
Hand, Nellie N 195279y5.1 
Hand, Oneta Esther19111912 24.5
Hand, Orin D18771950 24.1 
Hand, Rueben18381912 Dimick-Wirt 
Hand, Harriet18481930 Dimick-Wirt 
Hand, Orin D Feb 10 187170yDimick-Wirt 
Hand, Phoebe May 6 186964yDimick-Wirt 
Hand, AlvahJun 4 1827Apr 26 1901 Utopia-WirtVeteran
Hand, Sarah PendletonApr 11 1830Nov 20 1898 Utopia-WirtWife of Alvah Hand
Hand, Simeon D 195379y5.1 
Hand, Walter P1905  24.1 
Hand, Ruth C19041961 24.1 
Handley, Margaret Frazer18471882 26.1 
Handley, Annie18701882 26.1Dau of Margaret Frazer Handley
Handley, John18181882 26.1 
Handley, B Louise18291897 26.1Wife of John Handley
Handley, Mittie Eugene18651876 26.1 
Handley, Edmund18691881 26.1 
Handley, Martin Feb 25 187121y 4m24.2 
Handley, Mary Jun 26 197165y 4m24.2Wife of Martin Handley
Handley, Thomas Collin Oct 9 188184y24.2 
Handsell, Frances P 196950y 5.1 
Handy, Cornelia Feb 14 18403y 5m 3d4.1Dau of Zudad & Phebe Handy
Handy, George W1830May 2 186535y 11mBlank 
Handy, Esther Holmes18281909 Blank 
Handy, Horace Nov 12 188180y 11m 19d24.1 
Handy, Mary1855192873y5.2 
Hanes, James A18531908 10.1 10.2 
Hanes, Adilini1853  10.1 10.2 
Hanford, Samuel 184848y16.7 
Hanks, Hannah1778Jun 17 186991y8.1Wife of Enoch Hanks; on "Kinney" monument
Hanks, JohnFeb 13 186867y8.1Conn
Hanks, Oliva F Jan 31 188282y8.1Wife of John Hanks (Mass)
Hanks, Andrus Aug 23 186324.78.1Union Soldier
Hanks, John ESep 27 185615y 3m8.1Allegany Co
Hanks, Esther Anne Feg 27 184716y 10m8.1 
Hanks, Alvira18231837 8.1 
Hanks, Leason18271898 8.1Orleans
Hanks, Olive Mar 13 185648y 6m8.1Wife of Leason Hanks
Hanks, Ernest   8.1Child of Leason & Olive Hanks
Hanks, Irvin John   8.1Child of Leason & Olive Hanks
Hanks, Harold 1886(?) 8.1Infant son of Percy Hanks
Hanley, Thomas Aug 8 188572y24.2 
Hanley, William Mar 24 187528y 10m24.2Son of T & Mary Hanley
Hann, Bert B18721955 6.11 
Hann, Roxie B18771933 6.111st wife of Bert B Hann
Hann, Clinton E18671935 6.11Father
Hann, Edgar James18471881 6.11Son of Michael H Hann
Hann, Elizabeth18391889 6.11Wife of Edgar James Hann
Hann, George18481923 21.9 
Hann, Jane18531914 21.9Wife of George Hann
Hann, Elery M Feb 5 1880 21.9Son of George & Jane Hann
Hann, Richard J19311943 6.11Son of Gerald W & Irene Harding Hann
Hann, Imella18721953 6.11 
Hann, Michael HMar 16 1820Dec 2 1895 6.11Obit says b Jan 26 1820
Hann, Anna18271902 6.11Wife of Michael H Hand; newspaper says she died May 6 1903
Hannegan, Fred J 197196y5.1 
Hannigan, Ella Belle 194680y5.1 
Hanns, Bessie May 195670y5.1Wife of Peter Hanns
Hanns, Peter18711937 5.1 
Hanrahan, Edward18471923 26.1Father
Hanrahan, Margaret18451923 26.1Mother
Hanrahan, Anna M   26.1Dau of Ed & Maggie Hanrahan
Hanrahan, Father 1888 26.1 
Hanrahan, Mother 1912 26.1 
Hanrahan, Patrick1850May 22 1910 26.1 
Hanrahan, Michael 1905 26.1 
Hanrahan, Jeremiah 1902 26.1 
Hanrahan, William Jr 1905 26.1 
Hanrahan, Margaret  1883 26.1 
Hanson, Mabel 196477y5.1 
Hanson, Marion F19061979 26.1 
Hanson, Mary L18701905 26.1Mother
Hanson, Helen H Rider19001936 26.1 
Hanson, William JohnJul 30 1895Jun 8 1955 26.1NY Pvt 8 Co Can MG Aff Tng Sch WWI
Harbeck, Claude   Black CreekWorld War I veteran
Harbeck, Edna Warner1871Sep 13 194371yBlack Creekb West Almond to Frank & Louise Willis Warner; m Fred Harbeck who died in 1935; survivors dau's Mrs Clair Perry of Wayland, Mrs. Frank Hall of Nunda, Mrs. Charles Scott of Cuba; son Max of Lakeville; sister Mrs. Vesta Norton of Andover; brothers George of Bradford PA & Fred of Lyns, Ill; brother Harry of Erie died July 1943
Harbeck, John   Black CreekWar of 1812
Harbeck, Robert18931958 BellvilleWWI
Harding, Charles BApr 28 1881Feb 4 1892 25.8Son of Lester & Retti Harding
Harding, Charles BApr 28 1882Feb 4 1892 27.11Son of Lester & Retti Harding
Harding, CarltonJul 20 1878Jan 7 1933 AngelicaLot 607; b Freeman to Lester I & Annabelle Harding; m May 16 1903 Jessie Austin of Alfred; 8 children survive; Reuben, Lloyd, Smith, Lewis, Irene, Roy, Glenice & Mary; brothers William of Arkport & Lester of Angelica; sisters Mrs. Flossie Briggs of Andover, Mrs. Addie Snyder of Alfred & Mrs Gertrude White of Almond
Harding, JessieNov 18 1879Mar 7 1953 AngelicaLot 607; b in Ward to Reuben & Nettie Bunnel Austin; m Carlton Harding 1902 who died in 1933; surviving children, refer to Carlton Harding
Harding, Edwin Leroy Feb 10 194975yAngelicaLot 607; Survivors, widow, 4 sons, Florris Harding of Angelica, Roy & Kenneth Harding of Leroy, Edward Harding of Pavillion; 3 daughters Mrs. John Nichols of Mumford, Mrs Harold Wright of Leroy, Mrs. Herbert Treese of Rochester
Harding, Linda   AngelicaLot 607; no dates
Harding, Lester Jr188219** 8.1 
Harding, Myra B188519** 8.1 
Harding, Michael GaryJan 24 1959May 19 197112y5.2 
Hardman, Jesse A18781953 Richburg 
Hardman, Maude Jordan18801958 Richburg 
Hardman Keith Jordan19041934 Richburg 
Hardman, Deborah L19571979 15.1 
Hardman, David Paul II19781979 15.1 
Hardman, Katherine B19021960 10.1 10.2 
Hardman, Lyle LAug 14 1894Feb 9 1971 10.1 10.2NY CPL Co. C 102 Ammo Train WWI
Hardman, Levi18491919 10.1 10.2 
Hardman, Henrietta18611946 10.1 10.2 
Hardman, Harold G19001931 10.1 10.2 
Hardman, Sarena A19011966 10.1 10.2 
Hardman, Harry M18971958 10.1 10.2 
Hardwick, Marie  85y17.1d Iron Mt., Dickinson Co
Hardy, Bertha Belle   6.11No dates
Hardy, Blancharda18951902 24.1Son of M I & C E Hardy
Hardy, Carrie Reeves 194273y5.1 
Hardy, Clara Louise 196790y5.1 
Hardy, Donald EAug 10 1920May 25 1945 6.111st Lt 500 Bomb Group A F; killed in action
Hardy, Edward Dyer Dec 12 196593y6.11 
Hardy, Elenia GMay 28 1861Aug 22 1940 24.1 
Hardy, Fred P 194984y5.1 
Hardy, Harold D Sep 9 1941 6.11529 Inf 83 Div NY Regt Supply Sgt
Hardy, Bertha L1894Jan 29 1964 6.11Wife of Harold D Hardy
Hardy, Newland E18411904 6.3 
Hardy, Fidelia18431869 6.1Wife of Newland Hardy
Hardy, Nellie J18651869 6.3Dau of Newland & Fidelia Hardy
Hardy, Ralph E191219** 10.1 10.2 
Hardy, Frances A19101944 10.1 10.2 
Hardy, Helen Marie19391947 10.1 10.2 
Hardy, Roswin W18391919 6.11Co E 1st NY Dragoons
Hardy, Georgeanna A18451927 6.11Wife of Roswin Hardy
Hardy, Sylvia Jane18801971 6.11 
Hardy, William C Dec 6 186783y 10m6.11 
Hardy, Mary K Oct 19 186866y 9m6.11Wife of William C Hardy
Hardy, William C19431970 10.1 10.2NY Sp 4 Co B Engineer BN Vietnam
Hardy, William E18771945 10.1 10.2 
Hardy, Iva R18921926 10.1 10.2 
Hardy, William J (Dr)18611936 5.1 
Hare, see Chapel   Blank 
Hare, Anna Chapel May 13 189323y3.2Wife of F R Hare; "Olie Lon" on top of marker
Harenda, Neva M1915  15.1 
Harley, Josephine Rooney18801927 26.1 
Harley, Thomas Oct 2 184834y 10m 23dBlank 
Harley, Thomas W Aug 11 18432y 2m 2dBlankSon of Thomas & Luanna F Harley
Harmon, KeziaAug 17 1797Jan 7 1854 15.1 
Harmon, J J (MD)May 6 1817Jun 18 1884 6.11 
Harmon, Eliza ClarkJun 6 1823Apr 12 1895 6.11Wife of J J Harmon; note J J Harmon and wife had 7 children, only 2 grew to adulthood, probably Nellie & Jennie belong to them
Harmon, Bertha (Cronk)   6.11No dates; dau of Miles H & Agnes M Harmon
Harmon, Lawrence W19101970 10.1 10.2Father
Harmon, Mabel18931928 10.1 10.2 
Harmon, Miles HMay 26 1845Aug 9 1897 6.11Son of J J & E A Harmon
Harmon, Agnes M18501927 6.11Wife of Miles H Harmon
Harmon, Nellie & Jennie   6.11(sisters); no dates
Harms, Alice B Black18911949 24.1 
Harms, Carl (Charles) H18821974 24.1 
Harms, Clara18971976 24.1 
Harms, Gloria MitchellApr 13 1952Feb 11 1975 RichburgDau of Claudie & Doris Mitchell; killed in auto accident
Harold, Louis18871928 17.2Co C Mich Ag Coll SATS; American Legion
Harrington, (2 graves)   AmityWindrus Cemetery; cave-in
Harrington, Frances NobleAug 14 1855Jun 7 1928 AmityWife of J R Harrington
Harrington, James L 194287y5.1 
Harrington, John Edward18751916 26.1 
Harrington, Lillian Forhan18751968 26.1 
Harrington, John Nov 18 1847Jun 27 1916 26.1 
Harrington, Margaret MurphyMar 14 1853Oct 27 1929 26.1 
Harrington, Thomas FMar 19 1873Mar 3 1910 26.1 
Harrington, Anna GaninSep 14 1876Dec 17 1917 26.1 
Harrington, Margaret 18631899 26.1 
Harrington, Daniel B18601885 26.1 
Harrington, Mindi L 1972 5.1Baby
Harrington, (Mother)18711927 26.1 
Harrington, Joseph P18711914 26.1 
Harrington, Patrick Jan 8 188877y 9m26.1 
Harrington, Catherine Mar 1 188361y26.1Wife of Patrick Harrington
Harrington, Jeremiah Jul 12 187420y26.1Son of F P & Harrington
Harrington, Paul HJun 29 1888Mar 8 1919 26.1 
Harrington, George BAug 15 1922Feb 4 1980 26.1 
Harrington, Mary Margaret (Dean)Jun 17 1890Feb 6 1923 26.1 
Harrington, Margaret E DeanJan 1 1917Oct 2 1938 26.1 
Harris, Elbert G18791951 15.1 
Harris, Elma E18561949 15.1 
Harris, George H18531915 15.1 
Harris, Mae B188019** 15.1 
Harris, Ruth19211921 15.1Dau of E G & Mae B Harris
Harris, A P Apr 14 1912 17.1Obit Apr 18 1912 Bolivar Breeze
Harris, Alonzo Phillip Jan 1 1936 17.1B Willing NY; d Belmont NY
Harris, Glen Oct 18 1912 17.1Inf son of A P Harris; d Coon Hollow, Genesee Twp NY; obit Apr 18 1912 Bolivar Breeze
Harris, Abby J 195174y5.1 
Harris, Andrew S18281917 11.4 
Harris, Laura Nov 28 188853y11.4Wife of A S Harris
Harris, Henry Feb 18 185473y11.4 
Harris, Lydia Oct 2 187992y11.4Wife of Henry Harris
Harris, Annabelle (Healy)18881931 26.1 
Harris, Teresa C18661948 26.1Mother
Harris, George G18641911 26.1Father
Harris, Mary PatriciaFeb 15 1922Mar 23 1923 26.1 
Harris, Benjamin Mar 17 187069y 27d24.1 
Harris, Clara 195577y5.1 
Harris, Hiram DelbertMar 15 1866May 28 1938 8.1 
Harris, Mabel LSep 4 1870Sep 5 1949 8.1Wife of Hiram Harris
Harris, Arnold PSep 9 1904Sep 1 1926 8.1Son of Hiram & Mabel Harris
Harris, Fred FFeb 4 1861Mar 21 1938 24.1 
Harris, George18371914 5.1 
Harris, George G Sr18971977 26.1
Harris, Lois C190119** 26.1 
Harris, Daniel C Sr19261980 26.1 
Harris, Elizabeth O192519** 26.1 
Harris, George J18681926 10.1 10.2 
Harris, Henry May 5 185473y 3m 9d11.4 
Harris, JamesFeb 11 1821Dec 18 1877 4.8 
Harris, AmandaApr 25 1820Jan 9 1880 4.8Wife of James Harris
Harris, John H 194569y 27d5.1 
Harris, Julia R18331920 6.11Mother; buried on "Randolph" lot
Harris, Lillie Aug 30 18759m24.1Dau of Alanson & Linda Harris
Harris, Linda Mead Jan 6 190364y 8m 4d24.1Wife of Alanson Harris
Harris, Alanson Apr 20 190878y 10m 12d24.1 
Harris Lydia Susan18181893 5.1 
Harris, Marilyn E "Tod"19381957 6.11 
Harris, Mina E 195881y5.1 
Harris, Ned Earl18941960 10.1 10.2 
Harris, Gertrude Howard18981968 10.1 10.2 
Harris, Owen E 194245y5.1 
Harris, Sarah A Feb 1 186118y4.8Dau of James & Amanda Harris
Harris, Susan Jane 1910 5.1 
Harris, William B   10.1 10.2Co. I 161 NY Inf
Harrison, Maude M19921963 15.1 
Harrison, Lafayette Jan 184418y20.7 
Harrison, Durward S19071944 15.1 
Hart, Addie18851935 5.1 
Hart, Ernie C18511891 5.1 
Hart, Nancy Mar 22 1860 15.5Wife of Almon Hart
Hart, Fred L18751886 5.1 
Hart, John   26.1 
Hart, Elizabeth   26.1 
Hart, Mary Oct 10 186876y 10m8.1Wife of Barney Hart
Hart, Mary Eliza18491915 5.1 
Hart, Peter18371891 5.1 
Hart, Robert J Oct 24 191822y26.1Died in France
Hart, Gwendolyn19081948 26.1 
Hart, Mary Ann   AngelicaLot 385 or 393
Hart, Barney18021853 AngelicaLot 455
Hart, Chester P   AngelicaLot 87
Hart, Lena A   AngelicaLot 50
Hart, Rena A WakefieldMar 22 1863Nov 13 1940 Angelicab Cuba NY to Chester & Mary Wakefield; m Aug 7 1884 to the late John E Hart; survivors, sister Mrs Myrta Milgate of Cuba; son Joseph B Hart of Angelica; 3 half sisters & 3 half brothers--see film
Hart, Sarah FrancesJul 13 1836Oct 25 1950 AngelicaLot 59; b Morovia, Cayuga Co., NY to Seth Perceival & Susan A Engle Hart
Hart, Seth P MrsJun 22 1833Nov 8 192290yAngelicaLot 87; b West Almond to Matthias & Debora Engle; d Angelica; survivors, 3 children, John Engle Hart of Sacramento, CA; Sarah Frances Hart & Mrs Guy O Hinman
Hartman, CharlesApr 3 1827Oct 11 188154y11.4 
Hartmann, Louise Keller Apr 1 1942 15.1 
Hartnett, Daniel Sr18081890 26.1 
Hartnett, Mary18101890 26.1 
Hartnett, Daniel Jr18591881 26.1 
Hartrum, William L18271906 6.11 
Hartrum, Sarah M Backus18331906 6.11Wife of William L Hartrum
Hartrum, J Melvin18551937 6.11Son of William L & Sarah Hartrum
Hartrum, Mary E18641937 6.11Wife of J Melvin Hartrum; her obit says born 1863
Hartrum, HarrietMar 13 1884Jun 25 1893 6.11Only child of M Melvin & Mary E Hartrum
Hartshorn, Mary ChadwichMay 7 1793Dec 13 1833 AngelicaLot 555; b near Boston, MA; in 1808 her father moved to York, Livingston Co NY; m Samuel Hartshorn also from MA who died in 1832; 4 children survive,Frederick M, Mrs. Pond, Mrs. Phillips & Cares of Denver, Colorado; brother Nathaniel Chadwich of Hornellsville
Hartshorn, Samuel17891853 AngelicaLot 555; hus of Mary Chadwick Hartshorn
Hartwell, Azubah Jun 3 185367y 10m26.3Wife of Josiah Hartwell
Hartwell, F T Mar 10 184931y26.3 
Hartwell, Charlotte Nov 30 184726y26.3Wife of F T Hartwell
Hartwell, Josiah Aug 28 185568y 5m26.3
Hartz, Elizabeth M18851972 26.1 
Harvey, Emeline18441915 10.1 10.2 
Harvey, Ben J18821914 10.1 10.2 
Harvey, A Frank18541917 26.1 
Harvey, Anna B18731958 26.1 
Harvey, Margaret O19111980 26.1 
Harvey, Clinton 193652y5.1 
Harey, Clinton G 194625y5.1 
Harvey, Grace E 197382y5.1 
Harwood, George EMay 13 1831Oct 5 1920 AngelicaLot 811; b Angelica to Rufus & Rachel Harwood; d Angelica; m 1852 Margaret Bixby; had 10 children; served almost 1 year in War of Rebellion; survivors, widow, children, George R of Kansas, Mrs Adaline Childs of Angelica; Palmer S of California; Mrs Mathilda Warner of Angelica; Holman R of Washington; John J of Angelica; Mrs. Nellie R Hull of Short Tract; & Samuel N of Colorado
Harwood, Margaret Almaria BixbySep 10 1831Oct 26 1920 AngelicaLot 811; dau of Prof. Lewis & Fannie Bixby; b Rochester; d Angelica; m George W Harwood 1852; see George W Harwood
Harwood, John J   AngelicaLot 11
Harwood, Hannah G Bixby1830Jun 18 1910 Allenb Seneca Falls; m Rufus H Harwood of Allen; survivors dau's Fannie M Sawyer of Cadillac, MI; Eleanor Haldstead of Cadillac, MI; Tena G Dunham of Marcelona, MI; Hattie B Vincent of Allen; Elizabeth Bardwell of Walloon Lake, MI; sons Rufus of Richburg, Holman of Cadillac, MI; George of Allen; sister Mrs George Harwood of Allen; brother Samuel N Bixby of Tacoma,WA
Harwood, Stella AnnApr 21 1869Apr 7 1943 AngelicaLot 711; b Cuba to Mr & Mrs Jeffred Halstead; m George W Harwood of Allen; survivors; husband, sons George W Jr at home & Charles of Olean; dau Tena Damon of Allen; dau Emma Hotchkiss d several years ago
Hasard, Arland C19231972 15.1PFC US Army WWII
Hasard, Andenna18581952 Richburg 
Hasard, Hattie18581937 Richburg 
Hasard, Lynn18981968 Richburg 
Hasard, Edna190119** Richburg 
Hasard, Bert18521922 Richburg 
Hasard, Orphelia Fritts1853  RichburgWife of Bert Hasard
Hasard, Estella18851913 Richburg 
Hasard, Fred18601929 Richburg 
Hasard, Addie18611936 RichburgWife of Fred Hasard
Hasard, Jessie (Jennings)18881963 RichburgWife of William Jennings; dau of Fred & Addie Hasard
Hasard, Charles B Jun 18 188344yDimick 
Hasard, Burdette   Dimick 
Hasard, Lee   Dimick 
Hasard, David Sep 15 186673yDimick 
Hasard, Susanna Mar 21 185770yDimick 
Hasard, Charles E   Dimick 
Hasard, George   Dimick 
Hasard, Hamilton(?) 1861 Dimick 
Hasard, David S Dec 15 185673yDimick-Wirt 
Hasard, Susannah Mar 21 185770yDimick-WirtWife of David S Hasard
Hasard, Charles B Mar 18 188344yDimick-Wirt 
Hasard, Almerond 1861 Dimick-WirtCivil War Veteran
Hasard, Laura F190419** 10.1 10.2 
Hascall, Charles HApr 23 1836Mar 29 1876 15.1 
Hascall, Eliza E May 29 186969y 15.1 
Hascall, Nellie ENov 27 1867Jun 8 1869 15.1Dau of C H & E E Hascall
Hasenfell, Edward18901947 15.1 
Hasenfell, Maria1908  15.1 
Haskell, Francis K   AngelicaLot 332
Haskell, Norman FApr 21 1837Feb 26 1914 AngelicaLot 332; b to Norman Rose & Elizabeth Falsom Haskell in Monroe, MI; d Alfred; 1858 m Julia Crawford of Louisville, KY who died a few years later; 1864 m Frances Kedzie of Rochester who died two years ago; survivors dau's Mrs Charles A Collins of NY City, Mrs Frank Blair of Alfred
Hasper, John H18721956 8.1 
Hasper, Katharyne B18771955 8.1 
Hassard, Mary Ellen CrandallDec 20 1875May 5 1949 FriendshipDau of John & Laura Flinch Drancall; survivors, husband H D Hassard, dau Mrs F M Dale of Rochester
Hastings, Jeremiah Aug 21 16786y 11m26.1Child of John & Mary Hastings
Hastings, Mary Jul 4 18836y 4d26.1Child of John & Mary Hastings
Hastings, Jeremiah J18751952 26.1 
Hastings, Emma18761953 26.1 
Hastings, Merle C18921948 10.1 10.2 
Hastings, Elizabeth18921971 10.1 10.2 
Hastings, William Sep 27 1890100y26.1 
Hatch, Annie V18651894 5.1 
Hatch, Carolyn E18401903 5.1 
Hatch, Edward L18941895 5.1 
Hatch, Alfred D18561942 15.1 
Hatch, Alice L18531926 15.1 
Hatch, Edward RFeb 22 1830Nov 22 1908 15.1 
Hatch, Sophia A FaySep 23 1832Jul 13 1893 15.1Wife of Edward R Hatch
Hatch, Simon GFeb 4 1797Aug 29 1870 15.1b Bennington, VT
Hatch, Electa FrncisJul 1 1798May 15 1873 15.1Wife of Simon G Hatch; b Goshin Conn
Hatch, Fred PJul 30 1866Aug 23 1923 15.1 
Hatch, Ada MSep 10 1872Dec 13 1947 15.1Wife of Fred P Hatch
Hatch, Sophia A Fay   15.1 
Hatch, Fern May 9 19106y17.1Dau of William & Edith Braily Hatch; d Genesee Twp
Hatch, Infant Daughter Mar-11 17.1Dau of William Hatch of Obi NY; obit Mar 16 1911 Bolivar Breeze
Hatch, Martie Willard May 25 19155m17.1Infant son of William Hatch; d Obi NY; Obit May 28 1915 Bolivar Breeze
Hatch, William Jun 23 189484y17.1Son of Ira & Lucinda Rice Hatch; b Henretta NY; d Genesee Twp
Hatch, James B 192472y5.1 
Hatch, JohnFeb 14 1832Dec 23 1902 Richburg 
Hatch, Mary EJul 14 1840Apr 22 1918 RichburgWife of John Hatch
Hatch, Herman WFeb 12 1862Nov 23 1891 Richburg 
Hatch, Jeannette (Horton)18781965 Richburg 
Hatch, Maria Bartlett18161892 5.1 
Hatch, Walcott18111878 5.1(Judge)
Hausalt, Fred J18701949 26.1 
Hausalt, Mary Margaret19151951 26.1 
Hausalt, Mary Margaret18711951 26.1 
Haven, John Oct 9 185538y6.11 
Haven, Angeline Dec 9 185336y6.11Not in 1850 census of Andover
Havens, Rebecca Apr 2 183131y 4m8.1Dau of Thomas Havens
Hawkings, William T May 11 185118y20.7Son of Cale & Ann Hawkings
Hawkings, Betty Louise 197638y5.1 
Hawkings, Orpha Dec 22 185331y8.1Wife of William L Hawkings
Hawkes, Edith B189619** 10.1 10.2 
Hawkes, Lever M18951960 10.1 10.2 
Hawkes, George E18601938 17.2 
Hawkes, Caroline18601918 17.2 
Hawkes, Kate18831937 17.2 
Hawkes, George Harry1918  17.2 
Hawkes, Irene U18991917 17.2 
Hawkes, George N18931940 17.2 
Hawkes, Lucile O1896  17.2 
Hawkes, Harry J18661932 17.2 
Hawkes, Emily R18691958 17.2 
Hawkes, Robert JFeb 22 1921Jul 13 1939 17.2 
Hawkes, Ellen E18621924 17.2Sister of Harry J Hawkes
Hawks, Hiram18031888 10.1 10.2 
Hawks, Ellen18511929 10.1 10.2 
Hawks, George18471891 10.1 10.2 
Hawks, Leland WMay 25 1917Feb 16 1964 28.1NY PFC US Army WWII
Hawks, Robert E18971950 Richburg 
Hawks, Isabella M19081965 RichburgWife of Robert E Hawks
Hawley, Adouriam Judson18261890 5.1 
Hawley, Frank Aug 18 18572y 2m 25d5.3Son of I A & M J Hawley
Hawley, Frank J 193067y 10m5.1 
Hawley, Gardiner J18521875 5.1 
Hawley, Mary Jane18331901 5.1 
Hawley, Nancy MAug 1834Feb 1861 8.1Wife of J W Hawley
Hawley, Thomas R Mar 271861 8.1Our Father
Hawley, Weltha May18611929 8.1 
Hawley, Hannah   AngelicaLot 19
Hayden, Leona F18841958 15.1 
Hayden, Ernest W18831948 15.1 
Hayes, Anna B Shaffer18901965 15.1 
Hayes, Herbert J18891937 15.154 Art CAC WWI AEF
Hayes, AlmiraMar 8 1838Feb 1 1913 24.1 
Hayes, Bessie C18891956 6.11 
Hayes, Charles John Jan 6 1958 26.1NY Sgt Major US Marine Corp
Hayes, Edmund MDec 9 1886Oct 27 1967 26.1NY Cook Med Dept WWI
Hayes, Elmer SFeb 27 1867Apr 23 1937 24.1 
Hayes, George CJan 11 1834May 20 1915 24.1 
Hayes, Margaret T 1959 26.1 
Hayes, Mother18531932 26.1 
Hayes, Father18401915 26.1 
Hayes, Jane H Kurtz1920  26.1 
Hayes, Helen L1923  26.1 
Hayes, Mary H Wilcox   26.1 
Hayes, Maude ENov 27 1877Jun 26 1961 24.1 
Hayes, C D18571920 5.1 
Hayes, Claude Hammond19221922 5.1 
Hayes, Edna GJun 12 1911Sep 20 1911 6.11 
Haynes, J C   AngelicaLot 147; Constable 1890
Haynes, Mary   AngelicaLot 147
Haynes, Oliver   AngelicaLot 147
Haynes, George C 197035y5.1 
Haynes, Harold C18941906 5.1 
Haynes, Herbert E 196760y5.1 
Haynes, John H19271927 5.1 
Haynes, Leola M 197259y5.1 
Haynes, Leona M 193978y5.1 
Haynes, Margaret 193133y5.1 
Haynes, Margaret R18271900 5.1 
Hayward, Gideon 187536y8.5 
Hayward, Salley Dec 22 183721y8.5 
Hayward, Josiah Oct 30 1851 8.5Soldier in Revolution
Hayward, Margret Aug 16 186257y8.5 
Hazard, Alwin S18831927 17.2 
Hazard, Ida E18871947 17.2 
Hazard, Marion M18881918 17.2 
Hazard, Mable18911916 17.2 
Hazard, Irvin S18951911 17.2 
Hazard, Lyle18991973 17.2 
Hazard, Easther1904  17.2 
Hazlett, Catherine R18361896 5.1 
Hazzard, Ada A18541910 10.1 10.2 
Hazzard, W C Sr186019** 10.1 10.2Mother
Hazzard, Michael E18901914 10.1 10.2Troop E US Cavalry
Hazzard, Horace P18811884 10.1 10.2 
Hazzard, Adelbert O Apr 16 18551yDimick-WirtSon of Parley & Roxy Hazzard
Hazzard, Parley ROct 2 1822May 1 1890 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Orin   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hazzard, ForrestOct 12 1881Mar 22 1882 Dimick-WirtSon of A M & H M Hazzard
Hazzard, Clark C   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hazzard, Raymond CNov 29 1885Aug 21 1893 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Emma   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hazzard, Roxy MAug 9 1834Sep 30 1911 Dimick-WirtWife of Parley E Hazzard
Hazzard, D RJul 20 1818Mar 12 1892 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, EuniceDec 12 1831  Dimick-WirtMay be Dec 21 1831
Hazzard, Lydia Hood 166330y 6m29.8Wife of Cyrus B Hazzard
Hazzard, Dessa18901970 10.1 10.2 
Hazzard, Frone189519** 10.1 10.2 
Hazzard, Elias Jan 5 1868 Dimick 
Hazzard, Marcy 1863 Dimick 
Hazzard, Elihu 1869 DimickCivil War Veteran
Hazzard, Caleb Mar 29 186980yDimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Elizabeth Sep 14 187380yDimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Lorenzo18271910 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Laura18321875 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Eliza A Baxter18241907 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Herman F Jul 31 188710yDimick-WirtSon of Frank & Sarah Hazzard
Hazzard, Frank, Sarah & William   Dimick-WirtTRIPLE GRAVE; NO DATES
Hazzard, Nancy 1863 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, Joseph L18891964 24.1 
Hazzard, Gertrude B189519** 24.1 
Hazzard, Leon H19101974 26.1 
Hazzard, Julia A   26.1 
Hazzard, Lydia Hood18411863 Wheeler-WirtWife of Cyrus Hazaard
Hazzard, MertonJul 29 1843Jun 4 1972 Richburg 
Hazzard, Parley ROct 2 1822May 1 1890 Dimick-Wirt 
Hazzard, William   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hazzard, A   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hazzard, Royce1879Sep 18 194465yAngelicaLot 240; hus of Jesse Irene Smith Hazzard; survived by brother Bergie Hazzard of Wellsville; sisters Mrs Fred Stebbins of Andover & Mrs O'Leigh Smith of Wellsville; wife died in 1931
Hazzard, Jesse Irene SmithDec 25 1886Mar 29 1931 AngelicaLot 240; wife of Royce Hazzard; dau of Albert E & Julia I Smith; m Royce D Hazzard Dec 25 1911; survivors, husband; brother Olen Smith, sisters Mrs Alice Graham & Mrs Eugene Graham
Hazzard, Whelan P18401916 10.1 10.2 
Hazzard, Mary J18371912 10.1 10.2 

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