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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Healy, John S Jun 19 188344y24.5 
Healy, Malachy18901971 10.1 10.2 
Healy, Patrick18341905 26.1 
Healy, Anastasia184219** 26.1 
Healy, Alice G18701888 26.1 
Healy Ray   26.1No dates; footstone
Healy, Edmund JMay 23 1910Aug 16 1960 26.1NY TEC 5 206 AAN AW BN CAC WWII
Hearons, Thomas18541938 10.1 10.2 
Hearons, Annie (Suceeney)18551916 10.1 10.2Wife of Thomas Hearons
Heath, George Nov 28 184868yAngelicaLot 39; hus of Jennie Heath
Heath, Mark W18421923 19.1 
Heath, Edora1847190619.1Wife of Mark W Heath
Heath, Celinda 182827y16.7Wife of John Heath
Heath, John 182729y16.7 
Heath, Charlie  3y20.7No dates
Heath, George18441916 19.1 
Heath, Sarah M18401917 19.1Wife of George Heath
Heath, Louiza M May 23 185739y20.7Wife of Fielder Heath
Heath, Sylvester18071893 19.1 
Heath, Katherine18091890 19.119.1Wife of Sylvester Heath
Hebenstreet, N P   15.1No dates
Hecker, Alice1862195189AngelicaLot 153; b Flag Springs, KY ( dates could be 1880-1948)
Hecker, S A   AngelicaLot 153
Heckman, Abraham   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Esther E   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Esther S   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Henry O   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Louisa R   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Rachel E   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Sarah M   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Thaddeus S   AngelicaLot 492
Heckman, Thomas   AngelicaLot 492
Hequemborug, Jesse Sibly18831942 15.1 
Hedden, Donald M19031911 15.1 
Hedden, Edson C18691925 15.1 
Hedden, Eleanor L18981911 15.1 
Hedden, Mary B18801961 15.1 
Hedden, Fred W18771944 15.1 
Hedden, Richard M19121947 15.1Sgt 2nd Armored Division
Hegsham, Martha L18811951 24.1 
Helm, Ellen Aug 14 189843y3.2Wife of William Helm
Helm, Frankie Sep 20 19005y 14d3.2Son of William & Ellen Helm
Helm, Adaline   AngelicaLot 122
Helm, Asa   AngelicaLot 122
Helm, Fayett   AngelicaLot 618
Helm, Harry A   AngelicaLot 122
Helm, Hulcy   AngelicaLot 618
Helm, Lisle J   AngelicaLot 122
Helm, Harry 1902May-49 Angelica 
Helme, Lois M   AngelicaLot 543
Helme, Augusta M   AngelicaLot 543
Helme, James R   AngelicaLot 543
Helmer, Helen PhippenAug 31 1879Mar 15 1925 Angelicab Angelica; survivors, son Lloyd Charles & dau May Charles; father J Clark Phippen; sister Mrs Edna Moore of Greenville, SC; brother Henry T Phippen of Binghamton, Roy Phippen of Oneonta, John Phippen of Angelica; aunt Mrs Delia Pratt of Akron, NY; uncle Elmer M Phippen of Angelica
Helmhold, Martha18861934 26.1Buried with "Sekollabove"
Hemmer, Joseph A18791950 6.11Son of Michael & Magdaline Hemmer
Hemmer, Magdaline Elizabeth (Mae)18461925 6.11Her obit says she died Jan 22 1923
Hemmer, Mildred1882Jul 14 1963 6.11m 1) Wm Prentice Coats called "The Print Coats"; 2) Joseph A Hemmer
Hemmer, Wiliam H18771954 6.11Son of Michael & Magdaline Hemmer
Henderson, A Ransom18361910 6.11 
Henderson, Burton R18721901 6.11Son of A Ransom Henderson
Henderson, Amelia Renwick Jul 17 193480yAngelicab Angelica to Francis & Rebekah Renwick; survivors, son Ray Wafter of Ithaca & 2 grandchildren, Gladys & Harold Wafter
Henderson, John CFeb 7 1847May 10 1923 AngelicaSurvivors, dau Carrie (Mrs. Bruce Chaffee) and Mary (Mrs. Lochwood), brother Rufus Henderson of Bath
Henderson, James   AngelicaLot 90
Henderson, S Jennette   AngelicaLot 90
Henderson, Walter   AngelicaLot 90
Henderson, Laura D   AngelicaLot 131; wife of Henry Henderson; survivors, husband, sons Glen, William & Samuel Brown; dau Mrs Noble Hill of Avon Lake, Ohio; one sister Mrs Ira Brown
Henderson, Geroge DJun 9 1824Aug 9 1879 24.1 
Henderson, Frankie SMay 25 1857Apr 17 1863 24.1Son of George D & E H Henderson
Henderson, Leon Wesley19421944 10.1 10.2 
Henderson, Wesley18601940 24.1 
Henderson, Senman18781932 24.1Wife of W J H Henderson
Henderson, Wesley Jr19091912 24.1 
Henderson, Adam H18591896 24.1Wife of W J Henderson
Hendrickson, Harry18081968 10.1 10.2 
Hendrickson, Katherine 1949 10.1 10.2Infant dau of Harry Hendrickson
Hendrix, LathropDec 15 1812Jul 20 1891 10.1 10.2 
Hendrix, CatherineMar 25 1814Jul 4 1892 10.1 10.2Wife of Lathrop Hendrix
Hendry, Edwin T18501925 24.5 
Hendry, Isabel J HoltonMay 11 1858Oct 10 1893 24.5Wife of Edwin T Hendry; dau of John Holton
Hendry, JohnSep 24 1839Dec 25 186223y 3m8.1In Memory of Union Soldier Co F 160 Regt NYV Inf; buried at New Orleans, LA in Government Cemetery
Hendry, T E18081887 8.1 
Hendry, Mary18151884 8.1Wife of T E Hendry
Hendry, Ella N18901937 15.1 
Hendry, Gay G18651935 15.1 
Hendry, George L18901970 15.1 
Hendry, Helen M18921968 15.1 
Hendryx, Leila Wheeler18901924 15.1 
Hendryx, G S18421863 10.1 10.2Co A 85 Regt NYSV
Hendryx, Catherine A Aug 31 1865 10.1 10.2Dau of L & C Hendryx
Hennessy, James H Jul 26 1941 26.1 
Hennessy, Catherine C   26.1 
Hennessy, James M192519** 26.1 
Hennessy, Mary Ellen193219** 26.1 
Hennessy, Patrick J19551980 26.1 
Henny, Charles18221898 5.1 
Henny, Glayson19281972 1.4 
Henny, Forest 1975 1.4 
Henry, Jane V18161842 AngelicaLot 450; dau of Samuel & Ann Henry
Henry, Angelica Church18251832 AngelicaLot 450; dau of Samuel & Ann Henry
Henry, Julia A18181819 AngelicaLot 450; dau of Samuel & Ann Henry
Henry, James W18131839 AngelicaLot 450
Henry, Mary E WeaverDec 19 1865Jan 9 1944 AngelicaLot 857A; b Birdsall to James & Amanda Beardsley Weaver; m James Henry; survived by two brothers, Almon Weaver of Canaserago & Charles Weaver of Angelica
Henry, James    AngelicaLot 857A; hus of Mary E Henry
Henry, Bradford18501933 5.1 
Henry, George18401914 Blank 
Henry, Mary E Weaver18411917 Blank 
Henry, James Addison1844192985y5.1 
Henry, John   BlankName only on card; no dates
Henry, John C 194880y5.1 
Henry, John Watson18141884 5.1 
Henry, Mary E Weaver18481923 5.1 
Henry, Mary M18131893 5.1 
Henry, Nancy18461916 5.1 
Henry, Phebe18511916 5.1 
Henry, Samuel I17881850 AngelicaLot 450
Henry, Samuel R18201844 AngelicaLot 450
Henry, Sarah Emma MorehouseNov 17 1865Oct 9 1850 AngelicaLot 18; youngest day (1 of 11) of John & Nancy J Crawford Morehouse; b Angelica; d Bradford PA; m George Thomas Henry of Belvidere who died 1933; survivors 4 dau's Mrs Paul Billings and Mrs. Lloyd Thomas of Erie, PA; Mrs Chester Lamb of Eldred, PA & Mrs Bert Holmes of Bradofrd, PA
Henry Thomas RJun 14 1899May 9 1947 AngelicaLot 18; son of George Thomas & Emma Sarah Emma Crawford Hendy; d Erie, PA; survivors, wife Mrs. Gladys Henry; mother & four sisters
Henyan, Edmund CSep 1 1845Mar 3 1878 ShongoShongo Community Center
Henyan, Hazel 18996m24.5Dau of C W & J M Henyan
Henyan, Minac Feb 9 187828y 2m24.5Wife of M K Henyan
Hepler, R Lee189419** 10.1 10.2 
Hepler, F Edith189819** 10.1 10.2 
Heppner, Harry G 197374y5.1 
Herdman, Edith Rutherford May 16 1941 AngelicaLot 235; m William Herdman of Angelica in 1909; sister of Attorney Edward Rutherford of Belfast
Herdman, DianaFeb 4 1871Apr 25 1918 AngelicaLot 589; b on the Church farm
Herdman, Dorothy   AngelicaLot 589; no dates
Herdman, George TJun 7 1863Jun 8 1933 AngelicaLot 72; b Angelica to John & Jane Herdman; m Oct 19 1932 Isabelle Coker; served in Spanish American War in 1898; survied by wife, two brothers William & Joseph C Herdman both of Angelica
Herdman, Grace   AngelicaLot 235
Herdman, HenriettaJan 7 1915Dec 28 1932 AngelicaLot 862; Dau of M & Mrs Joseph Herdman; survivors parents, sister Marion & brother Joseph
Herdman, James   AngelicaLot 589
Herdman, John1826  AngelicaLot 589; b England; hus of Jane Wharton
Herdman, John Jr   AngelicaLot 589
Herdman, John MrsFeb 27 1832Apr 30 1919 AngelicaLot 589; b England; d Angelica; m John Herdman 1851 in Gretna Green; survivors, dau Mrs Jennie Andrews of Olean; sons William, George, Edward, Robert & Joseph Herdman of Angelica; dau Diane died five days before
Herdman, Robert   AngelicaLot 589
Herdman, WilliamFeb 8 1856Jul 30 1933 AngelicaLot 235; b Almond; son of Joohn & Jane Herdman; survived by wife Edith Rutherford Herdman and brother Joseph Herdman
Herke, Hilda L1897193124y 1m24.1 
Herke, Albert H189019** 24.1 
Herke, Margaret S1907  24.1 
Herke, Earl M1927  24.1 
Heker, Edward C18791956 15.1 
Heker, Ellen V18771913 15.1 
Herkimer, William18031874 8.1 
Herkimer, Harriet18041871 8.1Wife of William Herkimer
Herkimer, Theodore B18271869 8.1 
Herkimer, Irwin S18391914 8.1 
Herkimer, Emma J18411923 8.1Wife of Irwin S Herkimer
Herkimer, Fred W18671941 8.1 
Herkimer, Mattie18651905 8.11st wife of Fred W Herkimer
Herkimer, Anna18771938 8.12nd wife of Fred W Herkimer
Herkimer, T Bruce18701940 8.1 
Herkimer, L Adella18731929 8.1Wife of T Bruce Herkimer (name on "Robert Kidney" stone)
Herkimer, William E18291914 8.1"Miles" on front of monument
Herkimer, Martha E18351916 8.1 
Herkir, James18721943 15.1 
Herkir, (?)18741954 15.1No first name
Herkir, Agnes18851950 15.1 
Herman, Henry18511880 12.2 
Herny, Hannah May 2 186135y 4m 17dBlankWife of Jonas Herny
Herold, George W   AngelicaLot 679
Herr, Cornelius18321912 15.1 
Herr, Mary18491914 15.1 
Herrerman, Margaret Aug 11 188036y24.1Wife of John Herrerman
Herret, Clara B18731933 Blank 
Herret, John18691942 Blank 
Herrick, Hannah M Haight18041829 AngelicaLot 452; wife of Arthur Herrick; dau of Samuel & Sarah Haight
Herrick, Arthur   BlankJ P 1830 Angelica
Herrick, Mary F18671940 15.1 
Herrick, Arthur H18601936 15.1 
Herrick, Anna G18771912 10.1 10.2 
Herrick, Orrin C18731926 10.1 10.2 
Herrick, Isabel S18791943 10.1 10.2 
Herring, Florence18901977 15.1"Mom"
Herring, Theron18901949 15.1"Dad"
Herring, Walter B18901967 15.1 
Herrington, Elton P19131975 15.1 
Herrington, Mildred B18861976 15.1 
Herrington, Charlie RDec 16 1862Jan 22 1867 28.1 
Herrington, JohnSep 1840Jun 18 1918 28.1GAR marker
Herrington, SarahMay 11 1845Dec 14 1914 28.1Wife of John Herrington
Herrington, Morris18781930 24.5 
Herrington, Isabell18771957 24.5 
Heseltine, Jesse Aug 2 187068y 6m21.5 
Heseltine, Cordelia Jan 23 188878y 7m21.5Wife of Jesse Heseltine
Heseltine, Edwin R Mar 26 190572y21.5Son of J & C Heseltine
Heseltine, Fanny H   21.5Wife of E R Heseltine
Heseltine, Arminda L   21.5Wife of A Heseltine
Heseltine, Freddie L   21.5Son of Albert & A Heseltine
Heseltine, Elizabeth Aug 7 1827 21.5Infant child of J & C Heseltine
Heseltine, Alfred Nov 21 1828 21.5Infant child of J & C Heseltine
Heseltine, Celestia Mar 11 1843 21.5Infant child of J & C Heseltine
Heseltine, Albert Aug 26 186434y 16d21.5 
Heselton, Gary Lee19491950 6.11Son of Richard & Dorothy Schoonover Heselton
Hess, Isabell (Fowlers)18561907 Blank 
Hess, Harriet J18311908 Blank 
Hess, Fred18631910 Blank 
Hess, Josiah18151829 Blank 
Hess, SamuelMar 8 1805Nov 2 1897 BlankWife of Samuel Hess
Hess, LannySep 5 1804Jul 14 1892 Blank 
Hess, Hannah EDec 6 1840May 11 1891 Blank 
Hess, William18691926 6.11 
Hess, Louise18721934 6.11Wife of William Hess
Hetfield, Charles C18641890 5.1 
Hettenbaugh, Benjamin18871971 10.1 10.2 
Hettenbaugh, Susan Z1891  10.1 10.2 
Hewitt, Cornelia Amanda   BlankDau of O W & Laurania Hewitt
Hewitt, Clifford Lee Sep 9 1972 17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Hewitt, Eugene A May 15 197348y17.1b NYS; d Buffalo NY
Hewitt, Florence L Jul 16 197774y17.1b NYS; divorced
Hewitt, Harold E Jul 20 197848y17.1d Olean NY
Hewitt, James L Aug 16 196858y17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Hewitt, John Eugene Dec 24 197291y17.1b NYS; d Cuba NY
Hewitt, Jennifer Lynn Jun 25 1975 17.1b & d Olean NY; prematurity
Hewitt, Violet Ethel Jun 3 196169y17.1b Roulette, PA; d Cuba NY
Hewitt, Wayne Nov 3 19525m 5d17.1b & d Olean NY
Hewitt, Fred 193267y5.1 
Hewitt, Hannah 184027y16.7
Hewitt, Mary E18721928 5.1(Webster)
Heydon, Eugene Jacobx   AngelicaLot 353; dau of J & N Jacobs; wife of William E Heydon; survived by Elizabeth E 3 months, Nancy 10years, Susanna 1 year
Hibbard, Mary   AngelicaLot 721
Hibbard, Edwin A 194677y5.1 
Hibbard, Mearl (Merle) GDec 7 195878y 7m17.1b Olean NY; d Cuba NY
Hibbard, Mary A May 31 191167y17.1d Genesee Twp NY; obit Jun 8 1911 Bolivar Breeze
Hibbard, Samuel Dec 9 19078y 7m17.1b Oswego NY; d Genesee Twp NY; son of (?) & Mary Hibbard
Hibbard, Edith Rozetta Jul 31 196382y17.1b Bells Run PA; d Wellsville NY
Hibbard, Archie EJan 29 1878Mar 8 194567y 1m 7d17.1Son of Samuel & Mary Baker Hibbard; hus of Edith Green; b & d Genesee Twp; obit Mar 15 1945 Bolivar Breeze
Hibbard, Florence Apr 27 196684y17.1b Rushford NY; d Cuba NY
Hibner, Charlotte   15.1 
Hibner, Eliza18431916 15.1 
Hibner, Emma18601950 15.1 
Hibner, Frederick   15.1 
Hibner, Frederick M18471927 15.1 
Hibner, Charlotte18441911 15.1Wife of Frederick M Hibner
Hibner, James18511922 15.1 
Hibner, Melvina18481905 15.1 
Hickcox, Charles B Feb 22 186010y 10m 2d24.1 
Hickey, George M19091944 10.1 10.2Co C 125 Enge BN WWII
Hickey, Julia May18901944 10.1 10.2 
Hicks, Leonard18421910 15.5Co F 85 Regt NYV
Hicks, Sarah M18461916 15.5 
Hicks, Kenneth JJun 29 1959Dec 6 1959 Richburg 
Hibgee, W W1851928 14.1 
Higby, Mark RobertJun 15 1942Oct 11 1962 15.1NY PFC US Marine Corp
Higgens, Alfred L19021968 24.1 
Higgins, Ann18231888 26.1Wife of John Higgins
Higgins, John T18551874 26.1 
Higgins, Abagail Sep 8 185077y 10mBlankWife of William Higgins
Higgins, Adelbert 1851 16.7Son of J Higgins
Higgins, Daniel18861970 1.4 
Higgins, I Estella18711944 26.1 
Higgins, John M18731938 26.1 
Higgins, Harry E18901891 26.1 
Higgins, Joseph 1892 26.1 
Higgins, Mother18601892 26.1 
Higgins, Frank W18611941 26.1 
Higgins, Mary O'Connor18621942 26.1 
Higgins, Mary A18801961 26.1 
Higgins, Frances C18821966 26.1 
Higgins, Ann T18841959 26.1 
Higgins, Harry Henry Apr 13 1937 26.1NY Fireman 2CL USN RF
Higgins, Timmy Aug 6 18807y 6m26.1Son of Thomas & Mary Higgins
Higgins, Thomas Feb 6 189265y26.1 
Higgins, Mary Feb 14 189249y26.1Wife of Thomas Higgins
Higgins, Frank W18761918 26.1 
Higgins, James18541928 26.1 
Higgins, Abbie18721920 26.1Wife of James Higgins
Higgins, Annie MrsDec 23 1884Jan 29 1939 Angelicab at Garwoods to Jerry & Annie Swain Ryan; m Daniel Higgins; survivors hus, mother, Mrs Annie Ryan of Angelica; sons Grant Patterson of Rochester & Walter Patterson of Belmont; dau's Mrs Elwyn Tucker, Mrs Paul Brainard & Mrs. John Ryan of Angelica, Mrs Morrell Brainard & Mrs William Austin of Friendship; brothers John & Charles Ryan of Rochester & sister Mrs John Geary of Hornell
Higgins, Jane M18721936 24.5 
Higgins, John J18991967 26.1 
Higgins, Lambert JAug 17 1883Dec 2 1969 26.1 
Higgins, Helena R18901981 26.1 
Higgins, Michael Oct 24 187045y24.2Son of James & Mary Higgins; hus of Mary A Higgins
Higgins, Michael Jul 23 191452y26.1d Little Falls New Jersey
Higgins, Mary J18731935 26.1 
Higgins, Ellen J Webster18961930 26.1 
Higgins, John18651922 26.1 
Higgins, Catherine L18921958 26.1 
Higgins, Patrick J18941965 26.1 
Higgins, Francis J19061947 26.1 
Higgins, AgnesJun 15 1912Sep 9 1913 26.1 
Higgins, GertrudeJun 30 1913Sep 10 1913 26.1 
Higgins, Patrick J18**1897 26.1 
Higgins, Catherine L18**  26.1 
Higgins, Morris18161865 26.1 
Higgins, Ellen J Webster18321887 26.1 
Higgins, Patrick J18421904 26.1 
Higgins, Paul E19001921 26.1 
Higgins, Mary S18671941 26.1 
Higgins, James M18671944 26.1 
Higgins, Donald19021904 26.1 
Higgins, Terrance F18611946 26.1Father
Higgins, Ella T18661932 26.1Mother
Higgins, Teresa M19001980 26.1 
Higgins, Dorothy D190519** 26.1 
Higgins, Thomas Nov 3 187164y26.1 
Higgins, Catherine  Nov 4 187960y26.1Wife of Thomas Higgins
Higgins, William Nov 26 187627y 1m 23dBlank 
Higgs, Ray Myers18961972 15.1 
Higgs, William E18911978 15.1 
Hildreth, Alanson H18391910 5.1 
Hildreth, Alonzo G 195474y5.1 
Hildreth, D Lewis 194081y5.1 
Hildreth, Dora M 193688y5.1 
Hildreth, Eldridge C18551923 5.1 
Hildreth, Elva J18591937 5.1 
Hildreth, Harry S19091909 5.1 
Hildreth, Louca18651900 5.1 
Hildreth, Little Joe18911957 24.1 
Hildreth, Maggie R18451879 5.1 
Hildreth, Mina 195878y 7m5.1 
Hildreth, Paul Stewart19151916 5.1 
Hildreth, Samuel18051884 5.1 
Hildreth, Susan S18911891 51 
Hildreth, William A18391914 5.1 
Hile, Queene Cory19031968 8.1Wife of Ivan Leonard Hile; dau of Rev. Edward & Florence Cory
Hill, John1828  AngelicaLot 150B; hus of Mary E Mason Hill
Hill, Louisa MJun 12 1862Apr 12 1950 AngelicaLot 150B; wife of Reuben Hill; b Wellsville; survivors dau's Mrs Nellie Keenan & Mrs Jennie Haggstrom of Angelica, Mrs. Elizabeth Richard of Hollidaysburg, brother William Feller of Wellsville
Hill, Clara C18851921 10.1 10.2Wife of G N Hill
Hill, Fidelia D Mar 12 184940yBlankWife of E C Hill
Hill, Hannah Jun 14 181749yBlankWife of Arnold Hill
Hill, Bertha COct 1 1870Oct 12 196191y17.1Wife of William R Hill; b Elmira Ny; d Ford Nursing Home; Obit Oct 19 1961 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Clinton L Dec 20 190418y17.1Obit Dec 22 1904 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Eugene M SrJan 3 191934y 16d17.1b Daggett Hollow Rd; Obit Jan 9 1919 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Eugene M Jr May 12 196646y17.1b Clarksville NY; d Niagara Falls NY
Hill, Ezra Apr 1 1926 17.1d Obi NY; obit Apr 8 1926 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Hannah Apr 11 1915 17.1Wife of William R Hill; d Portville NY; obit Apr 15 1915 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Lulu M Apr 17 195567y 3m 23d17.1b NYS; d Olean NY; single
Hill, Mary B Mrs Sep 2 191163y 8m17.1d Olean NY; obit Sep 7 1911 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, James B18321923 10.1 10.2 
Hill, Anis18391924 10.1 10.2 
Hill, Lois M18341884 17.3 
Hill, Ralph P Nov 6 1942 17.3NY Cpl 308 Inf 79 Division
Hill, Sarah A18191903 5.1 
Hill, Walter L May 4 198190y17.1Wellsville NY
Hill, Wanda LouiseAug 28 1927Dec 26 194518y 3m 28d17.1Dau of Walter & Faith Champlin Hill; b Olean NY; d Ceres NY; obit Dec 27 1945 Bolivar Breeze
Hill, Bertha C18721933 15.1Mother
Hill, Frank S18621951 15.1Father
Hill, Henry G18271904 15.5 
Hill, Susan M18311905 15.5 
Hill, Wilber W18701896 21.9 
Hilliard, Joseph18921964 Richburg 
Hilliard, Maude Thompson18921962 RichburgWife of Joseph Hilliard; dau of David Thomson
Hilliard, Robert 1956 Black CreekWWI
Hillman, Clarence H1911  15.1 
Hillman, Ida M1904  15.1 
Hills, Herbert D18731945 15.1 
Hills, Margarette M18821944 15.1 
Hills, Frederick JamesJul 29 1920Oct 3 195030y 2m 13d17.1Son of Walter Hills; b South Bend, Ind; d Scott Hollow Bolivar Twp NY; obit Oct 5 1950 Bolivar Breeze
Hills, Charles18561923 5.1 
Hills, Elwin G18051894 5.1 
Hills, Forrest MDec 15 1884Oct 27 1933 AngelicaSon of Lewis J & Delia Hills; m L Blache Wyse of West Almond Jun 20 1904; survivors mother, wife, dau Mrs Ethel E Chandler, sister Mrs Vero Baker of Aflred
Hills, Mary E MasonApr 24 1832Apr 15 1880 BlankWife of John Hills; b Nunda
Hills, ReubenFeb 12 1859Nov 18 1930 Blankb Nunda; son of John & Mary Hills; m Louise M Feller of Wellsville Jun 28 1881; survivors son Walter Hill of Hornell; dau's Mrs Nettie Keenan & Mrs Jennie Haggstrom of Angelica, Mrs Earl Richard of Altoona, PA
Hills, Walter C1882Nov 28 1947 Hornellb Angelica to Reuben & Louise Hills; survived by widow Mrs Violet Epworth Hills, daus Marie Cassler of Clarksville, Mrs. Virginia Brown, Mrs Ruth Hooker & Mrs Agnes Trent of Hornell; sons Walter Hills of Williamsport, Fred Hills of Little Genesee, Francis & Carl Mills of Hornell; mother Mrs Louise Hills of Angelica; sisters Mrs Elizabeth Richard of Hollidaysburg PA, Mrs Nettie Keenan & Mrs Jennie Haggstrom of Angelica
Hills, George F   BlankInfant son of E G & F O Hills; no dates
Hills, Mary Gibbs18001890 5.1 
Hilyer, Harold19031905 8.1 
Hilyer, Sophia Beebe   15.1Dau of Marcus & Betsey Beebe
Hincher, William H17801868 26.3 
Hincher, Nancy W18121875 26.3 
Hincher, Harvey18091880 26.3 
Hinds, Floyd18851963 15.1 
Hinds, Rebecca Hadley18641958 15.1 
Hinds, George W18501923 5.1 
Hinds, JulietteOct 15 1849Jul 31 1902 10.1 10.2 
Hinds, Oscar P Aug 20 18415m 24d20.7Son of Allen & Elizabeth Hinds
Hinds, Frances 1897 5.1 
Hines, Victor L19081908 5.1 
Hinkle, Ella F1926  24.1 
Hinkle, John SrJan 13 1928Aug 14 1976 24.1PFS US Army WWII
Hinkley, M Jerome18411922 6.11Father
Hinkley, Amelia18421925 6.11Mother
Hinkley, Minnie O18731961 24.1 
Hinkley, Justin C18691953 24.1 
Hinman, Emma18901891 5.1 
Hinman, Guy OtisFeb 6 1867Oct 14 1934 AngelicaLot 59; County Judge 1929; b Fallbrook PA; m Belle R Hart of Angelica Feb 27 1894; survivors 2 brothers John G & Lewis G Hinman, 2 sisters Ada & Bessie, all of Rockville Center, Long Island
Hinman, Belle HartFeb 3 1861Jan 1 1951 AngelicaLot 59; b Morovia, Seneca Co NY to Seth Percival & Susan A Engle Hart; widow of Judge Guy O Hinman; survived by nephew Joseph B Hart
Hinman, Harlan C19241933 24.1 
Hinman, Jesse W18621913 5.1 
Hinman, Margaret 193670y5.1Wife of Jesse Hinman
Histed, Bertie Rupert18771958 8.1 
Histed, Leah M Gage18791961 8.1Wife of Bertie Histed
Histed, Harold19021939 8.1 
Histed, Edith Edmunds1913  8.1Wife of Harold Histed
Histed, Geroge1818  8.1b Cayuga Co NY
Histed, Susan1818  8.1b Chantaugua Co; wife of George Histed
Histed, Jane Anne Jan 12 185310y 10m 2d8.1Dau of George & Susan Histed; (year may not be correct)
Histed, Annette J May 1 18526m8.1Dau of George & Susan Histed
Histed, Wilma C Feb 7 18626m8.1Dau of George & Susan Histed
Histed, Leander F Sep 17 186318y8.1Son of George & Susan Histed
Histed, Glenn I1907  8.1 
Histed, Lorena R1907  8.1 
Histed, J Wilber1914  8.1 
Histed, Beryl E1921  8.1 
Histed, RensalearFeb 20 1807Aug 18 1888 8.1 
Histed, Mary BuellJul 14 1810Feb 28 1902 8.1Wife of Rensalear Histed; b Conn
Histed, Jane AnneAug 24 1839Mar 9 1841 8.1Dau of Rensalear & Mary Histed
Histed, John, Col.17821870 8.1 
Histed, Hannah Fuller17851864 8.1Wife of John Histed
Histed, Charles18131891 8.1Son of John & Hannah Histed
Histed, Charles BenjaminJul 1 1861Aug 4 1873 8.1Drowned Loch 81 GV Canal
Histed, CameronJul 15 1860Aug 28 1860 8.1Son of John & Hannah Histed
Histed, Llewellyn18751949 8.1Son of John & Hannah Histed
Histed, John Edward18371911 8.1 
Histed, Sophia Petty18411891 8.1Wife of John Edward Histed
Histed, William R18711957 8.1 
Histed, Sarah Jane Gart18731948 8.1Wife of William R Histed
Histed, W Max190019** 8.1 
Histed, Sherley E190919** 8.1 
Hitchcock, Fred S18751920 24.1 
Hitchcock, Anna B19011968 15.1 
Hitchcock, Ethel M189419** 15.1 
Hitchcock, Charles JJul 21 1894Jul 17 1964 15.1NY Sgt Air Service WWI
Hitchcock, Ida May18651925 8.1 
Hitchcock, Gail A18931964 8.1 
Hitchcock, Ida May18891974 8.1 
Hitchcock, Chester William19181920 8.1 
Hitchcock, Craig W1889Oct 18 1918 8.1Pvt Co B 910 Inf 78 Div AEF; killed in action at Boise de loges Argonne Forest, France
Hitchcock, Jamie Lynn19591960 15.1Dau of James & Glenda Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Harley D18411896 10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Louisa D18491905 10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Hiram B18441935 10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Lena R18671924 10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Henry B18981964 10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Brnice F1899  10.1 10.2 
Hitchcock, Lewis E18821964 26.3 
Hitchcock, Jennie D18671950 26.3 
Hitchcock, Sally Jun 24 1853 10.1 10.2Wife of Jonathan Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Sally Feb 11 182330y 8.2Consort of Luke Hitchcock
Hitchings, ScovilleSep 10 1808Feb 4 1890 8.1 
Hitchings, SylviaApr 4 1818Apr 17 1908 8.1 
Hitchman, Melvin Devillo Aug 1 194762y 8m 19d17.1b Rushford NY; d Clarksville NY
Hixon, Elisabeth    15.1No dates
Hixon, Sidney A18891970 15.1 
Hoard, A W18391914 6.11 
Hoard, Mary18461914 6.11Wife of A W Hoard
Hoard, Charles H18751956 6.11His obit calls him Charles M Hoard b 1873
Hoard, Ada E18771958 6.11Wife of Charles H Hoard
Hoagland, Sarah F Mar 6 186521yBlank 
Hober, Isabella 196974y5.1 
Hockenberry, Carrie L18761906 10.1 10.2Wife of H P Hockenberry
Hockenberry, Jonathan18441926 10.1 10.2 
Hockenberry, Elizabeth J18431910 10.1 10.2Wife of Jonathan Hockenberry
Hodges, Betsey Dec 20 186866y 9m 20d27.3Wife of Jesse Hodges
Hodges, Jesse Mar 17 186569y27.3 
Hodges, Sarah Ann18291890 5.1 
Hodges, George 191787y5.1 
Hodgkins, ArthurApr 3 1896Oct 30 1951 26.1Pvt 126 Inf 32 Div WWI
Hoffer, TheodoreFeb 10 1841Jan 19 1925 17.1b Germany; d Friendship NY; obit Jan 29 1925 Bolivar Breeze
Hoffman, Herman B19021981 15.1Has funeral home marker
Hoffman, Charles F (MD)18591925 10.1 10.2 
Hoffman, Myra Green18701937 10.1 10.2 
Hoffman, Theodore TMay 6 1898Oct 1 1949 10.1 10.2PFC CAC WWI
Hoffman, Christopher1843Jul 10 1939 Angelicab Baden, Germany; m Elizabeth Isaman of Grove Apr 6 1868; Co G NY Dragoons; survivors, sons William of Mt. Morris, Charles & Edward of Angelica; dau's Mrs Neva Wilkins of Belmont, Mrs Hattie Hartman of Friendship; 1/2 brother John Hoffman of Transit
Hoffman, Ella MrsApr 21 1860Jul 11 1940 BelfastWife of John Hoffman; survivors, sons Guy & Oliver Hoffman of Fremont; 1 foster dau Mrs Daisy Lamphere of Wellsville
Hoffman, Emma Susan LockwoodAug 9 1869Jul 4 1925 Canaseragab Ossian; d Angelica; wife of Charles Hoffman; survivors, husband, brother Floyd Lockwood of Swain
Hoffman, Conie A May 20 18**12y 2m10.1 10.2 
Hoffman, Delos J May 5 186322y 7m 13d22.5Co. A 93 Regt NYV
Hoffman, Harriet Aug 23 186329y 5m 4dBlankWife of A H Hoffman
Hoffman, James P189319** 10.1 10.2 
Hoffman, Rose B18861956 10.1 10.2 
Hoffman, John Oct 7 1942 8.2No stone
Hoffman, Ella Mrs Jul 31 1942 8.2Wife of John Hoffman; no stone
Hoffman, Guy Oct 10 1957 8.2Son of John & Ella Hoffman; no stone
Hoffman, Lena D 197386y5.1 
Hoffman, Charles AMar 15 1870Mar 31 1955 Canaseragab Angelica to Christopher & Elizabeth Isaman Hoffman; survived by widow Mrs Pearl Vaughn Hoffman; sisters Mrs Victor Wilkins of Angelica, Mrs Harriet Hartman of Friendship; brother Edward of Angelica; step-dau's Mrs E Kelly of Olean & Mrs E G Thomas of Belmont; step-son Philip Barnes of Rochester
Hogan, Frank E18831951 10.1 10.2 
Hogan, Beatrice D18881954 10.1 10.2 
Hogan, William18441926 10.1 10.2 
Hogan,Johanna18471934 10.1 10.2 
Hogan, Gertrude M198619** 24.1 
Hogan, John18291975 24.1 
Hogan, Henery1857193679y5.2 
Hogan, Michael J1859192364y5.2 
Hogan, Polly1872193866y 5.2 
Hogan, Patrick Mar 11 188266y24.2 
Hogan, Jane   24.1Wife of Patrick Hogan
Hogan, Rose1854193177y5.2 
Hogan, John1847190962y 8m 19d5.2 
Hogan, Nancy C Oct 4 186860y24.2Wife of Thomas Hogan
Hogan, Thomas   24.2No dates
Hogan, William J18741958 10.1 10.2 
Hogan, Genevieve M18771964 10.1 10.2 
Hogeboon, Mary Apr 13 184626y 7m 17d8.3Wife of Christian Hogeboon
Hogue, Stephen L18721941 8.1 
Hogue, Zaida D18751956 8.1Wife of Stephen Hogue
Hogue, Earl A18931895 8.1Son of Stephen & Zaida Hogue
Hogue, Edward S18951898 8.1Son of Stephen & Zaida Hogue
Holcomb, Hattie Tracy18411905 5.1
Holcomb, Henry P18321900 5.1 
Holden, Harry L18821949 15.1 
Holden, Christina S18871970 15.1 
Holden, Mark L18901944 15.1 
Holden, NormanApr 17 1836Mar 24 1899 22.5 
Holden, RachelDec 21 1836Mar 26 1866 22.51st wife of Norman Holden
Holden, MalindaJan 30 1845Oct 12 1874 22.52nd wife of Norman Holden
Holden, Joseph Mrs 1930 5.1 
Holden, Anna18671878 5.1 
Holden, Anna E18371918 5.1 
Holden, Clarissa18351892 5.1 
Holden, Ella Adell18601888 5.1 
Holden, MariahFeb 6 1846Jun 12 1886 22.5 
Holden, Wetha JAug 25 1874Nov 3 1899 22.5Erected by her brother
Holden, Henrietta M18731883 5.1 
Holden, John Jan 11 184579y22.5 
Holden, Irene Caryl May 19 1873102y22.5 
Holden, Lanny Mar 12 183831y22.5 
Holden, Joseph D18361917 5.1 
Holden, Joseph L 195287y5.1 
Holden, Porter K18331907 5.1 
Holden, Thomas CJun 10 188179y22.5 
Holden, Ronda O Nov 7 187261y22.5 
Holden, Harvey Apr 4 188041y22.5Civil War Veteran
Holdridge, Edward S   BlankAngelica
Holiday, Hiram (Dr) Apr 15 184140y 6m11.4 
Holiday, LauraOct 30 1808Sep 30 1874 11.4Wife of Hiram Holiday
Holiday, Jonas P (Col.) Apr 6 183234y 16d11.4d Strasburg, VA
Holister, Charles 194683y5.1 
Holland, Henry J May 13 185268y 4m 28dBlank 
Holleran, Mary Ellen Jan 6 188614yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; child of J & M A Holleran
Holleran, James E Jan 9 188612y BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; child of J & M A Holleran
Holleran, Tessie Jan 9 18869yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; child of J & M A Holleran
Holleran, John   BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem
Holleran, Mary Ann May 4 188337yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; wife of John Holleran
Hollern, Alice18661926 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem
Hollern, James   BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; father
Hollern, Catherine   BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; mother
Hollern, James D   BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch Cem; son of James & Catherine Hollern
Holley, Ernest James Aug 19 1925 10.1 10.2Pvt 303 AMM Train 78 Div
Holley, Lafayette   10.1 10.2Co A 85 NY Inf
Holley, Deborah Lee 19583m5.1 
Holliday, Earl E18751955 15.1 
Holliday, William W Jr18811966 15.1 
Holliday, Charlie18751890 3.2 
Holliday, Susie18481927 3.2 
Holliday, John18371903 3.2 
Holliday, Robert E19531979 26.1 
Hollister, Peter18771959 8.1 
Hollister, Mattie18771970 8.1Wife of Peter Hollister
Hollister, Ronald P  3d10.1 10.2No dates
Hollister, Sheila AnnMar 6 1940Mar 15 1948 8.1Dau of Alfred & Lucy Hollister
Holley, Katherine Osgood Apr 29 1923 AngelicaLot 101; b to Mr & Mrs E O Osgood; d Bradford PA; Wife of F P Holley; survived by hus, brother & sisters Mrs J H Rook & A O Osgood of Angelica & Mrs Meeker of Hornell
Hollod, Michael E19181954 26.1 
Hollod, Lucille B19**19** 26.1 
Holly, Elmer   20.2 
Holly, Rhoda18441872 20.2 
Holly, Hannah Jun 13 185561y20.2Wife of Increase Holly
Holmes, Ella   AngelicaLot 566
Holmes, Mary E   AngelicaLot 566
Holmes, Mary E188819** 15.1 
Holmes, Oscar H18881964 15.1 
Holmes, Fred H18781904 10.1 10.2Bolivar fireman
Holmes, Charles18741909 Blank 
Holmes, David C18331915 BlankFather
Holmes, Lucino18411902 BlankWife of D C Holmes; mother
Holobo, Augusta Aug 1 185958y 1m 26d24.1 
Holt, Earl 197689y5.1 
Holt, Minnie Edward 193741y5.1 
Holt, Nelson J19291931 5.1 
Holt, C S   AngelicaLot 823
Holton, JohnJun 22 1825Mar 26 1903 24.5 
Holton, Mattie TNov 16 1862Jan 15 1945 24.5Wife of Henry Holton
Holton, Nancy1794Mar 20 1866 3.2b Goscestershire, England
Holton, Sally PSep 7 1829Nov 11 1899 24.1Wife of John Holton
Holtsworth, SadieJun 13 1852Apr 15 1882 10.1 10.2Wife of C D Holtsworth
Holtsworth, James CJan 27 1881Feb 27 1881 10.1 10.2Child of C D & Sadie Holtsworth
Holtsworth, John IJan 3 1882Mar 25 1882 10.1 10.2Child of C D & Sadie Holtsworth
Holtz, Charles AMay 4 1854  AngelicaLot 182A; son of Fred & Anna Drager Holtz; m Catherine Charles Jun 14 1894; survivors, widow & 1 son Carl Holtz and dau Florence (Mrs Henry Teneyck) of Plainfield, New Jersey
Holtz, Frank J18611934 8.1 
Holtz, Catherine18551927 8.1 
Holtz, Ulrich Ira 196374y8.1 
Homner, Fred S Apre 5 18629y15.1 
Homuth Family stone   15.1No names or dates
Hood, (?)19221922 5.1No name
Hood, Caroline18321927 5.1 
Hood, Charlotte Sep 28 18983yBlankWife of Moses Hood
Hood, Ellen18371911 5.1 
Hood, Fred Bradford 193772y5.1 
Hood, George   BlankFoot stone
Hood, JohnMar 25 1808Jan 7 1894 Blank 
Hood, John Mar 1 1856 Blank 
Hood, John18021894 Blank 
Hood, John Sep 5 187985y ?Richburg 
Hood, Elizabeth Jan 19 187378yRichburg 
Hood, Irwin A Dec 1 189129y 5m 4dRichburg 
Hood, Ary E18591920 Richburg 
Hood, Nettie18551916 RichburgWife of Ary E Hood
Hood, Lulu (Fisher)188419** RichburgWife of George W Fisher
Fisher, George W18801950 Richburg 
Hood, John R Jr18731882 Blank 
Hood, Lizzie 194877y5.1 
Hood, Margaret Sep 20 1875 Blank 
Hood, Martha May 1 185280yBlankWife of John Fisher
Hood, Moses R 1856 Blank 
Hood, William D18291903 5.1 
Hooker, Alonzo HOct 11 1830Nov 27 1920 AngelicaSon of Harry Hooker & a direct descendant of Rev. Thomas who came over on the Mayflower; also a relative of Gen. Joseph Hooker; m Miss Ella Franklin of Allen who died July 1917; survivors, sisters Mrs David Walker of Angelica, Mrs C S Leonard; children, Harry F, Sidney R & Mrs William Breneka of Angelica
Hooker, Arline   AngelicaLot 602
Hooker, Augusta W   AngelicaLot 307
Hooker, Aurelia   AngelicaLot 602
Hooker, Ava   AngelicaLot 602
Hooker, Azel   BlankAssessor & Election Inspector 1810 Angelica
Hooker, Charles   AngelicaLot 114; Tn Supt 1850-1855
Hooker, Electa L   AngelicaLot 54
Hooker, Elton CharlesSep 3 1939Sep 3 1939 BelfastInfant son of M & Mrs Charles Hooker
Hooker, Geraldine Allen   AngelicaLot 885
Hooker, Bessie L1881  24.1 
Hooker, Murray B18761944 24.1 
Hooker, Cordelia A Ford Jan 27 183626y 8.2Wife of Levi Hooker
Hooker, Deett 18725y 3dBlankDau of Alonzo & Electa Hooker
Hooker, Emma E Seeley18501929 8.1 
Hooker, Harriet Mrs1832193* Blank(too blurry to read)
Hooker, Harry1814  AngelicaLot 602; hus of Sally Jane Rivenburgh
Hooker, Harry FAug 10 1873Oct 3 1941 Angelicab Angelica to Alonzo H & Electa Franklin Hooker; m Oct 17 1894 Minnie May White who died Jan 1920; m Frances Book May 11 1921; survivors, widow, dau Mrs Charles R Seely; son Charles A Hooker both of Angelica; sister Mrs William Breneka & brother Sidney R Hooker
Hooker, Minie WhiteDec 13 1874Jan 4 1920 Blankb West Almond; eldest dau of John B & Emeline White; see Harry Hooker
Hooker, Irving WAug 9 188437y24.1 
Hooker, Jane WilsonOct 13 1801May 9 1884 AngelicaLot 59; wife of Reuben Hooker; dau of James Wilson
Hooker, John1770Feb 8 184473yAngelicaLot 489; came from Athens VT in 1809
Hooker, John 2nd18011869 AngelicaLot 489
Hooker, John 3rd18211843 AngelicaLot 489; son of Philon & Margaret Hooker
Hooker, Judson SJul 29 1841Jun 7 1885 AngelicaLot 602; son of Harry & Sally Hooker; survived by wife and children
Hooker, Leola C   AngelicaLot 602
Hooker, Lewis TNov 5 1833Jun 16 1912 AngelicaLot 307; b Angelica to Ruben Hooker; m 1853 Susan Ling who died in 1885; m Sep 17 1889 Miss Augusta Watson who died Jul 5 1911; survivors, son Lewis W of Angelica; dau's Susan & Faith of Angelica; 1860 was constable
Hooker, Lena Dec 27 1893 24.1Dau of I W & A B Hooker
Hooker, Lewis T MrsMay 27 1866Jul 25 1911 AngelicaLot 37; dau of Joseph B & Mary Anne Worden Watson; b & d Angelica; survivors husband, children Susan Jane, Faith Augusta, & Lewis Wilson at home; sisters Mrs Lamont McGibney & Mrs Lester F Bennett; brothers Gardner & Elmer Watson
Hooker, Leola C   AngelicaLot 678
Hooker, Lucy A   AngelicaLot 29
Hooker, Margraet17981881 AngelicaLot 489; wife of Philon Hooker; son John died in 1943
Hooker, Mary18031839 AngelicaLot 489
Hooker, Mary A   AngelicaLot 602
Hooker, Mary A   AngelicaLot 678
Hooker, Mary S   AngelicaLot 104
Hooker, Minnie   AngelicaLot 885
Hooker, Philon Apr 4 186470yAngelicaLot 489; hus of Margaret Hooker
Hooker, Polly D   AngelicaLot 612
Hooker, Reuben1795Oct 8 1879 AngelicaLot 591; hus of Jane Hooker; Justice 1855
Hooker, Sally J RivenburghAug 10 1816Mar 19 1911 AngelicaLot 602; b Cortwright; m May 27 1838 Harry Hooker of Angelica; survivors, dau's Mrs L L Fisk, Mrs Lewis Leonard & Mrs Theodore Walker & Mrs David Walker of Angelica, son Alonzo H Hooker of Angelica; hus d Feb 23 1897
Hooker, Sylvia17751811(?) AngelicaLot 489; Wife of John Hooker
Hooker, Sidney1875Sep 14 1942 AngelicaLot 34; b Angelica to Alonzo H & Electa Franklin Hooker; survivors, widow, Mrs Dora Otte Hooker and 7 children, Mrs H L Britton, Mrs M Riley(?), & Kenneth Hooker of Bolivar, Mrs Clair Evans, Roger & Manton Hooker of Angelica & Ernest Hooker of Cleveland, Ohio; sister Mrs William Breneka of Angelica
Hooker, Susan King Apr 2 1887 BlankWife of Lewis T Hooker; dau of Robert King
Hooker, Sylvia A   AngelicaLot 391
Hooker, Walter   AngelicaLot 381
Hooker, Warner   AngelicaLot 114; 1883 Election Inspector
Hopcraft, Berrly19171917 5.1 
Hopcraft, Elizabeth C 195275y5.1 
Hopcraft, Infant19111911 5.1 
Hopkins, Caleb (Rev)17581824 AngelicaLot 488; 1st clergyman who held Episcopal services in Angelica regularly; Rev War soldier & militia officer
Hopkins, Mary17891852 AngelicaLot 488; Wife of Rev. Caleb Hopkins
Hopkins, Baby Girl Nov 27 1956 15.1 
Hopkins, Maude M18921967 15.1 
Hopkins, Ward M18911970 15.1Allegany County Judge & Surrogate
Hopper, Albert May 26 1864 8.2Co C 1st NY Dragoons; son of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Chester R18481930 8.1 
Hopper, Frances L18521937 8.1 
Hopper, Edward G Feb 17 188063y 2d8.2 
Hopper, Susan Oct 21 185138y 1m 16d8.2Wife of E G Hopper
Hopper, Rockwell May 2 187583y 20d8.2 
Hopper, Elizabeth Aug 16 186567y 10m 20d8.2Wife of Rockwell Hopper
Hopper, Emma O Jan 16 18632y 3m8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Cornelius (CH)   8.2No dates
Hopper, Cornelius (CH) Dec 3 185745y 5m 10d8.2 
Hopper,Cornelius Feb 21 181458y 8.2Stone erected by Rockwell Hopper
Hopper, Hannah Apr 7 183978y 6m 1d8.2Wife of Cornelius Hopper
Hopper, Ruth Dec 26 185537y 2m 10d8.2Wife of Cornelius Hopper
Hopper, Jane L Nov 1 18391y 1m8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Silas Apr 8 18402y 9m8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Elias Apr 26 18404y 5d8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Ida Alice 1838 8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Lawrence 193068y 5.1 
Hopper, Lawrence L 196883y5.1 
Hopper, M Belle 195390y5.1 
Hopper, Richard E   8.2Son of Roswell Hopper; broken stone
Hopper, Elizabeth Jan 17 18459y 3m 14d8.2 
Hopper, Rockwell May 26 187583y 20d8.2 
Hopper, Elizabeth Aug 16 186567y 10m 20d8.2Wife of Rockwell Hopper
Hopper, Albert May 26 1864 8.2Co. C 1st NY Dragoons; died as a result of wounds received in the Battle of the Wilderness; child of Cornelius & C M Hopper
Hopper, Emma O Jan 16 186324y 3m8.2Child of Cornelius & C M Hopper
Hopper, C H (Cornelius) Dec 2 185745y 5m 10d8.2Foot stone
Hopper, Cornelius (CH) Feb 21 181458y8.2Stone erected by Rockwell Hopper
Hopper, Hannah Apr 7 193878y 6m 1d8.2Wife of Cornelius Hopper
Hopper, Susan Oct 21 185938y 1m 16d8.2Wife of Edward G Hopper
Hopper, Jane L Nov 4 18301y 1m8.2Child of Cornelius & Ruth Hopper
Hopper, Richard C Jan 17 184567y 10m 20d8.2Son of Rockwell & Elizabeth Hopper
Hoppin, Bessie May18831883 5.1 
Horan, Harry K18881910 15.1 
Horan, Edward S May 17 1967 26.1 
Horan, Nona F Dec 13 1950 26.1 
Horan, Mary Jul 15 1933 26.1 
Horeena, Carrie M18641956 15.1 
Horeena, Paul P18541891 15.1 
Horn, Charlotte 195365y5.1 
Horn, Paul H 195876y5.1 
Hornblower, Esther Nov 23 184225y17.3Wife of Wm Hornblower
Hornblower, William Lucas Dec 21 18424wks17.3Only son of William & Lucy Hornblower
Horne, Francis A Jan 3 18525mBlankSon of C J & J S Horne
Horne, Philip F18701871 5.1 
Horne, Eliza Ann18131846 AngelicaLot 461; wife of Charles J Horne
Horne, Frances A   AngelicaLot 475; no dates
Horne, Jeffrey17671846 AngelicaLot 475; no dates
Horner, Fannie Sep 27 1931 AngelicaLot 36; dau of M & Mrs Levi Horner; the last of a family of 9 children
Horner, Harriet (Dr) May 11 1917 AngelicaLot 36; dau of Levi Horner; survived by brothers and sisters
Horner, Joseph   AngelicaLot 36; Excise Commissioner 1881 & 1886
Horner, Mary   AngelicaLot 36; no dates
Horner, Sheridan G1846Mar 13 1926 AngelicaLot 63; b Angelica to Levi & Harriet Gorton Horner; m 1888 Miss MaryGilles; 1897-1899 Town Committeeman
Horner, Susan   AngelicaLot 36; no dates
Horner, Mary Gilles Sep 19 1933 AngelicaLot 63; b Almond; m Sheridan Gorton Horner Apr 25 1858; survivors, sister Mrs. Alvin Jackson of Sisterville, WV, another sister Mrs Frank Sibley of Cuba died 1932
Horner, Charles L18841901 5.1 
Horner, Charles H 197065y5.1 
Horner, Doris Sortore 193326y5.1 
Horner, Evelyn 195679y5.1Wife of George Horner
Horner, Florence G18541909 5.1 
Horner, George M18811933 5.1 
Horner, James G 194355y5.1 
Horner, Melvin E18521910 5.1 
Horner, Orpha E 194661y5.1 
Horner, Walter 1927 5.1 
Horner, Sandra N193719469y 5.2 
Horner, Timothy J Dec 29 184829y Blank 
Horner, Harriet Jul 15 1813Mar 21 1886 BlankWife of George Horner
Horner, Timothy  Nov 6 185179yBlank 
Horner, Rachel Jun 9 184973yBlankWife of Timothy Horner
Horner, Charles Dec 22 186115y 6m 6dBlankSon of George & Harriet Horner
Horner, George Wallace18481926 Blank 
Horner, Caroline18851925 BlankWie of George Wallace Horner
Horner, Geroge WSep 12 1808Mar 10 1894 Blank 
Horner, CorneliaAug 10 1846Feb 1 1912 Blank 
Horsefall, Thomas18811930 6.11 
Horsefall, John W18671912 6.11Father
Horton, Clarisa Sep 12 186072y 5m 22d21.5Wife of Luther Horton
Horton, Luther Dec 7 186184y 27d21.5 
Horton, Chloe18721919 24.1 
Horton, John M18691934 24.1 
Horton, Lorence19121936 24.1 
Horton, James E18971975 15.1 
Horton, Marian E1910  15.1 
Horton, Thomas F1933  15.1Son of James & Marion Horton
Horton, Laverne L19471955 15.1 
Horton, Margaret E18611920 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Cem
Horton, Agnes Munkes190319** 26.1 
Horton, Frances S19131974 26.1 
Horton, Betts17821874 AngelicaLot 600
Horton, CharlesFeb 23 1855Dec 21 1943 Angelicab Columbia Crossroads PA; d Hornell; survived by 2 sons Eugene & Miles Horton & dau Mrs Leon West of Angelica
Horton, Emily   AngelicaLot 514; no dates
Hosley, Philip S18651955 15.1 
Hosley, Daisy L18701935 15.1Wife of Philip S Hosley
Hosley, Richard J Jr (III)19541965 15.1 
Hosling, Ellen Mar 17 186116y24.2Dau of Mrs Catherine Hosling
Hosmer, Marley18751912 1.3 
Hosmer, Lee G19041961 10.1 10.2 
Hosmer, Clara E18851965 10.1 10.2 
Hosmer, William I18791961 10.1 10.2 
Hosmer, Virginia19301977 24.1 
Hotchkiss, C H1851  26.1 
Hotchkiss, Mary18531907 26.1Wife of C H Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss, Nancy C18561935 26.1 
Hotchkiss, Collins H18511926 26.1 
Hotchkiss, Hannah H Knapp Dec 3 1858 Dimick-WirtWife of R Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss, Julia P May 31 186126yDimick-Wirt 
Hotchkiss, Caleb   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Hotchkiss, Ada Jan 22 18601mDimick-Wirt 
Hotchkiss, Hannah F Jun 19 186626yDimick-WirtDau of Isreal & Sally Knapp
Hotchkiss, Clayton E 197241y5.1 
Hotchkiss, Mabel18821948 Blank 
Hotchkiss, Carl Sep 6 18502y 1d8.1Son of M B & L A Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss, Luella Chamberlain   8.1Wife of William Foster
Hough, Sally Apr 28 186168y 24.1Wife of Daniel Judson
Hough, Harry Earl 195567y 5.1 
Houghtailing, George Apr 25 188666y6.9Co D 188 Regt NY S B
Houghtling, Lovina18721953 6.11Wife of Frank Houghtling; obit says she was born 1862
Houghton, Marion E18811961 15.1 
House, Fred H18891960 26.1 
House, Ada M190519** 26.1 
Houston, John S18661946 15.1 
Houston, Mae18801962 15.1 
Houston, Norman W18991973 15.1 
Houston, Frances L1914  15.1 
Hover Francis S18531923 10.1 10.2 
Hover, Helen L   10.1 10.2No dates
Hover, Minerva A18541921 10.1 10.2 
Hover, Lucius18291899 10.1 10.2 
Hover, Irene18241869 10.1 10.2Wife of Lucius Hover
Hover Freddie Dec 14 1861 10.1 10.2Son of L & I Hover
Hover, Etta Aug 21 1864 10.1 10.2Dau of F & E Hover
Howard, Timothy Feb 27 187251y26.1Native of Blanworth Co Cork Ireland
Howard, PatrickMar 17 1841Dec 29 1885 26.1 
Howard, Nancy18251902 14.1Mother
Howard, S Francis Apr 23 189065y28.1 
Howard, Margret M Wire Dec 26 189366y28.1Wife of S Francis Howard
Howard, John A18801938 10.1 10.2 
Howard, Cecil A   10.1 10.2 
Howard, Arthur J18731933 15.1 
Howard, Bell S18731951 15.1 
Howard, Burton W18821918 15.1 
Howard, Ella L18601924 15.1Wife of Lucien T Howard
Howard, Lucien TApr 4 1849Oct 16 1926 15.1 
Howard, Mary DSep 11 1857Jul 22 1890 15.1Wife of Lucien T Howard
Howard, Mabelle C18771931 15.1 
Howard, Mildred B190319** 15.1 
Howard, Charles M19011966 15.1 
Howard, John W Jr Oct 20 1972 15.1 
Howard, Walter L19141946 15.1 
Howard, Harry E (Infant) Aug 71962 17.1b Cuba NY; newborn
Howard, Francis M18461911 10.1 10.2Co E 35 Regt NYV
Howard, Judy Elizabeth (Infant) Nov 10 1955 17.1Premature; b Cuba NY
Howard, Sandra Jean Oct 21 19591d17.1b Cuba NY;
Howard, Edith L19271965 17.2 
Howard, James E18541941 17.2 
Howard, Carrie J18561919 17.2 
Howard, Henry E18491925 24.5 
Howard, Albert D18431913 24.5 
Howard, Mary T18151901 24.5 
Howard, Joseph18081864 24.5 
Howard, Lemuel Feb 1 185278y Blank 
Howard, Lydia Aug 14 185072y BlankWife of Lemuel Howard
Howbridge, Anne18371904 5.1 
Howbridge, John18371914 5.1 
Howden, Lewis Wells Jan 19 193987y 11m 11d17.1Widower; b Lyndon NY; d New Hudson NY
Howden, Robert WMay 8 1945Feb 28 1968 8.1Cpl Vietnam
Howe, Bridgett  75y24.2 
Howe, Bridgett Aug 16 186150y24.2Wife of Thomas Howe
Howe, Caroline Feb 6 1854 21.9Wife of Rufus H Howe
Howe Everett E18871968 15.1 
Howe, Madeline T1910  15.1 
Howe, Malcolm E 1907 15.1Infant son of Dr M E & G E Howe
Howe, Terry Lee   15.1No dates
Howe, Edward Oct 30 1921Buffalob to Edward & Mary Howe in the Howe house on South Street which disappeared in the big flood of July 6 1902
Howe, Theodore T19081977 15.1 
Howe, Ruth E19121975 15.1Wife of Theodore Howe
Howe, Clinton Oct 17 1946 17.1Single; b Genesee Twp; d Olean NY
Howe, W WMar 17 1858Dec 22 1905 24.1 
Howe, Lettie EOct 13 1866May 261901 24.1Wife of W W Howe
Howe, Dora B18591908 24.5 
Howe, Frank R185419** 24.5 
Howe, Edith T188819** 24.5 
Howe, Elmer J18901967 24.5 
Howe, Kezeriah18331906 24.1Co. G 85 Regt NYV
Howe, Sophia   24.1No dates
Howe, Frederick EOct 7 1859May 11 1948 24.1 
Howe, Edward18071875 24.2 
Howe, Mary18271902 24.2Wife of Edward Howe
Howe, Paul18561885 24.2Son of Edward & Mary Howe
Howe, Annie M Ford (Hoover)18701920 RichburgWife of J Hoover
Howe, Manley18621943 Richburg 
Howe, Chenie18611931 Richburg 
Howe, William Burton 193716y5.1 
Howe, David Mar 27 189873y 9m3.2 
Howe, Martha Oct 2 188464y 9m3.2Wife of David Howe
Howe, Rebecca   3.2Dau of David & Martha Howe; no dates
Howe, Hezekiah May 9 185159y3.2 
Howe, Clarissa Jun 3 186469y3.2Wife of Hezekiah Howe
Howe, Samuel1810Jul 7 1892 17.2 
Howe, Mary1817Jul 7 1897 17.2 
Howe, Zelpha May 11 185267y 5m 27dBlankWife of David Howe
Howe, Hiram SJan 16 1823Sep 28 1815 4.2Only son of Wm & Phimplia Howe; death year may be incorrect
Howe, Betsey AJul 25 1821Nov 3 1815 4.2Youngest daughter of William & Phimplia Howe; death year may be incorrect
Howe, William  Jul 17 1896 4.2Joint stones with same death dates
Howe, Phimplia R Jul 17 189673y 8m 16d4.2Joint stones with same death dates
Howe, John H18551924 10.1 10.2 
Howe, Nettie1859  10.1 10.2 
Howe, Horace Nov 22 188766y 5m 13d24.1 
Howe, Jerusha Cady Aug 2 189865y 5m 27d24.1Wife of Horace Howe
Howe, Eliza M   AngelicaLot 497; no dates
Howe, Israel   BlankAngelica Town Clerk 1846-1848
Howe, Raymond D   BlankAngelica Town Clerk 1920-1921
Howell, Elsie18451932 15.1 
Howell, (?)Feb 10 1813Jun 29 1891 8.1 
Howell, HannahAug 28 1811Sep 29 1896 8.1Wife of (?) Howell
Howell, Tillie Mott Aug 26 185265yParamus NY 
Howlett, Cornelia ThomasApr 29 1875Apr 9 1916 Angelicab Angelica; m John A Howlett Mar 1 1905; survivors, husband; dau's Alice & Doris & son Wilford
Hoyt, John W1827Apr 28 1900 10.1 10.2 
Hoyt, Diantha C1829Dec 4 1897 10.1 10.2Wife of John W Hoyt
Hoyt, Phebe E1827Jul 21 1867 10.1 10.2 
Hoyt, James S18411909 10.1 10.2 
Hoyt, Ruth H   10.1 10.2Wife of S H Arnold
Hoyt, Blanche Jun 21 1897 10.1 10.2Dau of C H & M E Hoyt
Hubbard, Lorinda Babb Mar 3 190685y 7m17.1Dau of Joseph Babb; b South Lavonia NY
Hubbard, Nina Jul 4 197067y17.1b NYS; d Cuba NY
Hubbell, John Feb 25 1851 15.1 
Hubbell, Catherine Jul 28 1881 15.1 
Hubbell, Menzo Jul 14 1855 15.1Son of John & Catherine Hubbell
Hubbell, Samuel Jan 14 1857 15.1Son of John & Catherine Hubbell
Hubbs, Gerald WDec 27 1910Jan 9 1969 15.1NY PFC 110 Inf 28 Inf Div WWII B S 177-PH
Hubell, John18271915 15.1 
Hubell, Laura18431927 15.1 
Huber, HarryJan 16 1870Oct 4 1949 AngelicaLot 265; b Hornell; survived by brothers Leonard of Fredonia, Fred of Leroy, Lewis of Angelica & William of Dunkirk; sisters Mrs Anna Covill of Syracuse, Mrs Gertrude Huber of Hornell, Mrs Catherine Johnson of Bradford, PA, Mrs Minnie Threehouse & Mrs Mae Torphy of Hornell
Huber, Alice   AngelicaLot 265
Huber, Stella Hathaway Mar 29 1946 AlmondWife of Lewis Huber
Hubert, Booth W18741952 15.1 
Hubert, Allie18801962 15.1 
Hubert, ArchieSep 8 1920May 20 1925 24.1 
Hubertus, William P1909  26.1 
Hubertus, Geraldine E19111970 26.1 
Hubertus, Jeanette R18781976 26.1Mother
Hubertus, Thomas18721944 26.1Father
Hubertus, Camelia Seager19141936 26.1 
Hubertus, Franklin J19041922 26.1 
Hubertus, Peter18441924 26.1 
Hubertus, Elizabeth18461935 26.1 
Hubertus, Leslie19071960 26.1"Son"
Hubertus, Terry W Bastion19411963 26.1"Son"
Hubner, Elma AustinSep 15 1890Jun 23 1954 Belmontb Belmont to George & Frances Austin; m Charles Hubner Nov 27 1921 who died Jan 1953; survived by dau's Mrs Martha Wilson of Olean, Mrs Dorothy Hanks of Angelica, son Ernest Hubner of Olean, brother Arthur Austin of Cuba, sister Mrs Sadie Peacock of Barker
Hubner, CharlesFeb 26 1885Jan 24 1953 Belmontb Shelby, Orleans Co to M & Mrs Godfries Hubner; see Elmer Hubner
Hubner, Charles 195367y5.1 
Hubner, Elma F 195463y5.1 
Huff, Amos18151901 8.1 
Huff, Elizabeth Jun 6 191092y 8m8.1Wife of Amos Huff
Huff, John TNov 30 1855Apr 29 1886 8.1Son of Amos Huff
Huff, Henry Archie18461915 8.1 
Huff, William Leroy18581924 8.1Father
Huff, Sophia18701939 8.1Mother
Huff, William HenryOct 10 1894Aug 29 1911 8.1Son of William Leroy Huff
Huff, Helen M18951927 8.1Wqife of William Henry Huff
Huff, Joseph1898  8.1 
Huff, Hannah Jul 187265y8.1Dau of Ziba & Mary Huff
Huff, John  Dec 19 187680y8.1 
Huff, Lenora Aug 9 190278y 8.1Wife of John Huff
Huff, Leigh E19071975 12.2 
Huff, Evelyn K1913  12.2 
Huff, Clara   AngelicaLot 325; no dates
Huff, Earl   AngelicaLot 325; no dates
Huff, Pearl   AngelicaLot 325; no dates
Huffman, John18771930 6.11 
Huffman, Mary A1877Jul 12 188632y6.11 
Huffman, Adam   24.1Dates not clear
Hughes, Juanita Gregory Jun 22 185117y25.1Wife of James Hughes
Hughes, Ethel 197667y5.1 
Hughes, Hazel 196973y5.1 
Hughes, Ida 195678y 5.1 
Hughes, Kimberly19651965 5.1 
Hughes, James Apr 12 1926 7.3 
Hughes, Joseph M18881940 10.1 10.2 
Hughes, Clara E   10.1 10.2 
Hughes, William J18861954 10.1 10.2 
Hughes, Jessie S189819** 10.1 10.2 
Hughes, William R18831966 26.1 
Hughes, Mary EOct 30 1886May 6 1966 26.1 
Hughes, Christopher18451921 10.1 10.2 
Hughes, Elizabeth A18581918 10.1 10.2 
Hughes, Joseph Jr 1923 10.1 10.2 
Hulbert, Harold19271968 1.4Veteran
Hulbert, Elma WilliamJul 27 1895May 7 1950 10.1 10.2Pvt 345 Inf 87 Div WWI
Hulbert, Helen Elizabeth WardApr 11 1897  10.1 10.2Wife of Elba Hulbert
Hulbert, Infant daughter Jan 15 1964 10.1 10.2Dau of John & Sue M Hulbert
Hulbert, Fred AAug 15 1857May 24 1938 10.1 10.2Bolivar fireman
Hulbert, Emma EJan 29 1859Dec 14 1931 10.1 10.2 
Hulbert, Wayne C18911924 10.1 10.2Co H 49 Inf WWI
Hulet, Lucy Jul 29 18536yBlankDau of J & N Hulet
Hulett, Daniel W18341917 17.2 
Hulett, Celina N18401911 17.2 
Hulett, Horace L18171937 17.2 
Hulett, Irene18691965 17.2 
Hulett, Marjorie19001900 17.2 
Hulin, Arthur V18491935 8.1 
Hulin, Jennie E18471922 8.1 
Hulin, William R18881964 8.2 
Hulin, Miner LNov 1 1879Nov 1 1957 8.2 
Hull, Stanley O18851949 8.1 
Hull, Sarah A1892  8.1Wife of Stanley Hull
Hull, Robert E19521952 15.1 
Hull, C May18831953 24.1 
Hull, Nathan S18821962 24.1 
Hull, Stephen Nov 16 186168y8.1 
Hull, Sally   8.1Wife of Stephen Hull; no dates
Hull, Mary Apr 18 187021y8.1Dau of Stephen & Sally Hull
Hull, J TylerMay 4 1821Nov 23 1890 8.1Cortland merchant
Hull, Cordelia1820Nov 27 187555y8.1Wife of J Tyler Hull; Tompkins
Hull, Joseph L18491935 17.2 
Hull, Florence EMay 8 1851Jan 30 1922 17.2 
Hull, Phebe Dec 24 186664y 9m25.5Wife of Russel Hull
Hull, Dorcas Ambler17801858 AngelicaLot 516; wife of Laurens Hull, MD
Hull, John JJan 9 1896Jul, 1949 AngelicaLot 791B; son of Moses & Nellie Harwood Hull; b Bolivar; survived by father & mother of Short Tract; dau Mrs Marie Wetzel of Rochester, brother Everett Hull of Short Tract
Hull, Laurens, MD17781865 AngelicaLot 516; was a surgeon in NYS Militia during War of 1812
Hull, Nellie Harwood Mar, 1950 AngelicaLot 811; wife of Moses Hull; survivors, husband, sons Everett Hull, 2 sisters Mrs Tillie Warner of Fillmore & Mrs Adeline Childs of Angelica; brother Samuel Harwood of Colorado
Hull, William B   AngelicaLot 351; no dates
Humble, Mathilda Klein18851949 8.1 
Humphrey, Aranda R   AngelicaLot 700
Humphrey, Elizabeth   AngelicaLot 700
Humphrey, Eva C   AngelicaLot 809
Humphrey, Harvey A   AngelicaLot 809
Humphrey, Heman W   AngelicaLot 809
Hungerford, Richard 196852y5.1 
Hungerford, Virginia S 197352y5.1 
Hungerford, Joseph   5.1Co. I 85 Regt NYV; GAR marker
Hungerford, Edward18961978 10.1 10.24th F A WWI Band
Hungerford, Margaret E1902  10.1 10.2 
Hunt, Ann Nov 9 197050y 3m24.1Wife of Alfred Hunt
Hunt, William Dec 7 186376yRichburg 
Hunt, James L May 18 18527yRichburgSon of C A & Roxanna I Hunt
Hunt, Sarah   6.11Wife of Joseph Hunt; cannot read dates
Hunt, Parley Nov 18 186368y6.11 
Hunt, Persis May 27 1835 6.111st wife of Parley Hunt
Hunt, Albert Jul 28 18425y 11m 11d6.11Son of Charles D & Polly Hunt
Hunt, Amanda Eliza Aug 21 18443m 20d6.11Dau of Elijah & Julia Hunt
Hunt, Freeman May 16 187464y 5m8.1 
Hunt, Rhoda Jun 19 188670y 5m8.1Wife of Freeman Hunt
Hunt, Harley E Apr 4 18902y8.1Son of Albert & Addie Hunt
Hunt, Isaac S18581921 8.1 
Hunt, Mira A Seeley18621934 8.1Wife of Isaac S Hunt; also Betsey A Seeley, her mother, is buried with her
Hunt, Beulah B18911971 8.1 
Hunt, Anna S18831971 8.1 
Hunt, John W18531936 8.1 
Hunt, Anna J18491923 8.1 
Hunt, Fred S18751946 8.1 
Hunt, JuliaSep 5 1820Nov 9 1857 6.11Dau of Philemon Lee & Eliza Cook & wife of Elijah Hunt Jr
Hunt, Annie Richie Feb 1 187622y 9m6.11Adopted dau of C W Esterbrook & wife of Ching Hunt
Hunt, Jason A18301917 6.11 
Hunt, Elmina E18331916 6.11Wife of Jason A Hunt
Hunt, Jesse F18631936 6.11Son of Jason A & Elmina Hunt
Hunt,Caroline R18661948 6.11Wife of Jesse F Hunt
Hunt, Daniel K18691928 5.1 
Hunt, Georgie Wyrall19111911 5.1 
Hunt, Vennie C 196188y5.1 
Hunt, HenryJun 27 1843Jan 19 1919 3.2 
Hunt, LucindaDec 29 1858  3.2 
Hunt, Samuel ROct 23 1856Jan 12 1908 8.1 
Hunt, Delia MAug 17 1861Feb 3 1934 8.1 
Hunt, Ruby MJul 29 1895Jan 15 1934 8.1 
Hunt, Samuel P May 2 188460y 6m8.1 
Hunt, Caroline May 11 190481y 9m8.1 
Hunt, Samuel May 11 186574y 9m 22d8.1 
Hunt, Margery Jan 20 187981y 11m8.1Wife of Samuel Hunt
Hunt, Rufus W May 15 182412y8.1Son of Rufus & Margery Green Hunt
Hunt, Loren C18671949 15.1 
Hunt, Grace E18691953 15.1 
Hunt, Oren O18451929 8.1 
Hunt, Sarah Lang18451921 8.1Wife of Oren Hunt
Hunt, Lela   8.1Dau of Oren & Sarah Hunt
Hunt, Terzah E18531918 15.1 
Hunt, John 18491920 15.1 
Hunt, Walter18781947 15.1 
Hunt, Harriet L18841966 15.1 
Hunt, Jesse F Nov 13 196182y17.1b Genesee PA; d Cuba NY
Hunt, Mary O Nov 23 195668y 3m 8d17.1b Caneadea NY; d Amherst NY
Hunt, Thomas Nov 2 188721y 9d24.2 
Hunt, Isaac D18281898 8.1"Allerton" on the other side of monument
Hunt, Eliza Kendall18331899 8.1 
Hunt, JacksonSep 25 1825Jan 25 1904 28.1 
Hunt, Mary OJan 10 1827Jan 11 1908 28.1 
Hunt, Wilbur W18911975 28.1 
Hunt, Grace I18931961 28.1 
Hunt, Lawrence A19141969 28.1 
Hunt, Allen L191119** 28.1 
Hunt, Flora G18691949 28.1 
Hunt, Austin T18641940 28.1 
Hunt, Clarence L188919** 28.1 
Hunt, Alice A18981977 28.1 
Hunt, Harold E Jr May 5 1933 28.1Baby
Hunt, Harold E Jr191219** 28.1 
Hunt, Rose N19161976 28.1 
Hunt, Jerald CalvinAug 19 1942Mar 15 1948 17.2 
Hunt, Martha A SheldonDec 16 1848Apr 21 1869 24.1Wife of John Hunt
Hunt, Hattie E mar 21 186420y24.1Wife of H A Hunt
Hunt, Ruth Clark19171975 24.1 
Hunt, William J18561938 10.1 10.2 
Hunt, Cora V18601935 10.1 10.2 
Hunt, Marion J190219** 5.2 
Hunt, Leo W1891195463y5.2 
Hunt, Alice B1868193163y5.2 
Hunter, William E SrDec 20 1912Oct 12 1971 15.1NY FHM1 US Navy WWII
Hunter, Whalem R   AngelicaLot 725
Huntington, JoshaSep 4 1875Nov 10 1872 10.1 10.2 
Huntington, SallyApr 18181878 10.1 10.2 
Huntington, Olive R18491923 24.1 
Huntington, Charles H18421895 24.1 
Huntley, Hiram Feb 18 189476yAngelicaLot 709; b Chenango Co; m Miss Jane Porter; 1 dau preceded him in death; his widow survives
Huntley, Letta JaneMar 17 1825Jun 11 1911 AngelicaLot 709; b Montrose PA; d Belmont; see Hiram Huntley
Huntley, Martin Jan 12 186120y 10m24.1 
Wiltoe, MalbinaMar 17 1831Mar 12 1890 24.1Buried with Martin Huntley
Huntley, Amanda18481893 24.1 
Huntley, Mary18201896 24.1 
Huntley, Elenor18291901 24.1 
Huntley, HenryJan 7 1801Apr 1 1881 24.1 
Huntley, AramentaMar 1 1808Mar 2 1883 24.1Wife of Henry Huntley
Huntley, Abner18851918 24.1 
Huntley, DeFrancey E Sep 2 185324y 2m 16dBlankSon of Syl S & Eunice Huntley
Hupp, Helen B19211967 15.1 
Hurd, Franklin Eugene18751949 6.11 
Hurd, Emma N Rogers1881Mar 12 196785y6.11Wife of Franklin Eugene Hurd
Hurd, Charles R19211923 6.11Son of Franklin & Emma Hurd
Hurd, Miles T18901958 Richburg 
Hurd, Leapha18951963 RichburgWife of Miles T Hurd
Hurd, Isabelle (Wood)19161953 RichburgDau of Miles T & Leapha Hurd
Hurd, Max EOct 24 1927Jan 28 1948 RichburgSon of Miles T & Leapha Hurd; WWI TEC 5 Med Dept
Hurd, Harry RNov 8 1880  AlmondSon of Shurman G & Elizabeth Allen Hurd; born, lived & died in the same house; survivors, widow Bessie; son Shurman J at home; sisters Mrs Myrtle Scott of Cuba & Mrs Jessie Breadon of Angelica
Hurlbut, Burt E Feb, 1955 HornellFather of Mrs Donald Bernard of Angelica
Hurlburt, Harvey   RichburgVeteran; no dates
Hurlburt, Helen Jan 20 189247yRichburgWife of Harvey Hurlburt
Hurlburt, Lorinda A Apr 28 186927y 3m 17dBlankWife of Ardennes Hurlburt
Hurlburt, Eddie C Sep 4 18661y 10m 19dBlankSon of C R & S Hurlbert
Hurlburt, William H Oct 19 1918 10.1 10.2Pvt 1st Class 108 Inf 27 Div
Hurlburt, Roy18941964 10.1 10.2 
Hurlburt, Pearl189319** 10.1 10.2 
Hurley, Banna18741948 24.2 
Hurley, Jeremiah J18681949 24.2 
Hurley, William J18821944 24.2 
Hurley, James CJul 5 1844Oct 13 1898 8.1 
Hurley, Elsie AApr 3 18531937 8.1Wife of James C Hurley
Hurley, Margaret18951919 8.1Dau of James & Elsie Hurley
Hurley, Marry C18851930 8.1 
Hurley, Ethel18831931 8.1 
Hurley, Charles18**1958 8.1 
Hurley, John Jun 7 186963y26.1 
Hurley, Johannah Mar 30 186880y26.1from Ireland(?)
Hurley, William J191819** 26.1 
Hurley, Mary A191719** 26.1 
Hurley, Jno   24.2Co A 16 PA Cav; no dates
Hurteay, Ellen M18501930 24.1 
Husted, James HOct 27 1809May 3 1860 24.1b Stanford Ct; d Scio NY
Hutch, Annie 193578y 5.1 
Hutchings, A J18691911 15.1 
Hutchings, Bessie May18791919 15.1 
Hutchings, Blanche Marie19041905 15.1 
Hutchings, Charles W18631921 15.1 
Hutchings, Margarett L18651920 15.1 
Hutchings, Edward C18741949 15.1 
Hutchings, Edward S19191927 15.1 
Hutchings, Harold B19061927 15.1 
Hutchings, Margaret E18721960 15.1 
Hutchings, Naomi L19091966 15.1 
Hutchings, Clarence J1903  15.1 
Hutchins, William Aug 19 187786y22.5 
Hutchins, Phebe Dec 30 188175y22.5 
Hutchins, Leroy G Aug 22 187835y22.5 
Hutchinson, Glenn J18981977 24.1 
Hyde, Ebenezer E18191903 5.1 
Hyde,Edgar E18711892 5.1 
Hyde, Ione S18621864 5.1 
Hyde, J A18191863 5.1 
Hyde, James N18431924 5.1 
Hyde, John L18521864 5.1 
Hyde, Louis P18601864 5.1 
Hyde, Nancy18391897 5.1 
Hyde, Perry M 192873y5.1 
Hyde, Phoebe18211908 5.1 
Hyde, Polly L18231900 5.1 
Hyde, Rhoda Norton18261927 5.1 
Hyde, Infant Daughter 18412y16.7Dau of Jesse & Lucinda Hyde
Hyde, John T Jul 10 184881yBlank 
Hyde, Phoebe Feb 12 187179yBlankWife of John T Hyde
Hyland, Frederick A18481907 5.1 
Hyland, Augustus J18851953 26.1 
Hyland, Henrietta F18501910 5.1 
Hyland, TimothyMay 3 1863Dec 7 1940 16.7b Andover to Timothy & Ellen Doyle Hyland; m Mary McLaughlin of Friendship about 1900; survived by widow; Angelica Major
Hyland, Mary A McLaughlinNov 24 1866  16.7b Friendship; survived by dau Mrs Lloyd Howe of Kenmore; sister Miss Nora McLaughlin of Buffalo; brother Edward McLaughlin of Hornell
Hyland, Vincent JamesMay 4 1903Jul 31 1918 16.7Son of Mr & Mrs T J Hyland

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