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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is notcomplete.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-Cw D E F G H I J K L M


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Kain, Margaret May 28 190180y26.1Wife of Patrick Kain
Kain, Patrick Jan 4 188973y26.11st PA Art Battery Div
Kalkof, William188719** 10.1 10.2 
Kalkof, Leona A188819** 15.1 
Kamery, Barbara Jean19601960 15.1 
Kamery, K Perry18871959 15.1 
Kamery, Nettie E18921967 15.1 
Kane, James Jul 1 189372y24.1 
Kane, Louisa F   24.1Wife of James Kane
Kane, James1863191249y5.2 
Kane, Ella1871195079y5.2 
Kane, John M1865194580y5.2 
Kane, Agnes M1872192755y5.2 
Kane, Florance E1908  5.2 
Kane, Harold K1904197066y5.2 
Kane, MaryApr 5 1841Nov 3 1934 24.2 
Kane, Patrick Mar 31 190525y26.1Also 3 footstones marked "Father", "Mother", and "Johannah"
Kane, Martin J18821954 26.1 
Kane, Rose E18861949 26.1 
Kane, Wayne M19151967 26.1 
Kane, Georgia E191719** 26.1 
Kane, Michael18721928 26.1 
Kane, Hattie18781953 26.1 
Kane, James G19041935 26.1 
Kane, Gertrude Rice18801968 26.1 
Kane, Charles B18681935 26.1 
Kane, margaretJul 4 1862Sep 16 1938 26.1 
Kane, WilliamAug 21 1856Nov 1 1923 26.1 
Kane, Mary Ann1875195984y5.1 
Kane, Thomas18271905 24.2 
Kane, Ann Ballay18311859 24.2Wife of Thomas Kane
Kane, Ann Comlyn18321901 24.2Wife of Thomas Kane
Kane, Mary18581891 24.2Dau of Thomas Kane
Kapelaneos, Stelios19441976 15.1 
Kaple, William F18351914 6.11 
Kaple, Nancy Loughlen18441907 6.11 
Kaple, Elmer M18681942 6.11 
Kaple, Leda P18641915 6.111st wife of Elmer M Kaple
Kaple, Sidney1894Feb 5 1963 6.11 
Kaple, Annabel19001950 6.11Wife of Sidney Kaple
Kaple, Erma   6.11No dates
Kaple, Eugene P1857  6.3 
Kaple, Mary P18421909 6.3 
Kaple, Polly Jul 28 186321y 10m 24d6.3Wife of Orlando Kaple
Kaple, Orlando Feb 8 186537y 11m 7d6.3 
Kaple, John A Oct 7 18501y 1m 15d6.3Son of O P E & R J Kaple
Kaple, Alice M Dec 31 18633y 9m 22d6.3Dau of O P E & R J Kaple
Kaple, O P E18181892 6.3
Kaple, Rhoda J18401890 6.3Wife of O P E Kaple
Karl, Donald JDec 24 1914Jun 18 1968 26.1 
Karl, Dorothy A190919** 26.1 
Karn, Orrin S18871955 15.1 
Karn, Eva F189219** 15.1 
Karn, Franklin E1914  15.1 
Karn, Evelyn W19141976 15.1 
Karn, Kendall Ogden Oct 30 1942 15.1Apprentice Seaman USNR, NY
Karot, Sanford MJan 17 1932Nov 11 1979 15.1 
Karr, Julia L Aug 9 189152y 8d15.5Wife of A J Karr
Karr, A J Jan 9 188547y 1m 20d15.5 
Karr, Louise J191019** 26.1 
Karr Maude J18821975 24.1 
Karr, Arthur P18771956 24.1 
Karr, Infant Girl19261926 5.1Dau of George Karr
Kates, Francis A 197486y5.1 
Kates, Jerome 195675y5.1 
Kates, Margaret M19161916 5.1Father: Rev Kates
Kauffman, Charles L1909  15.1 
Kauffman, Myra E19141978 15.1 
Kaufman, Charles B18781933 15.1 
Kaufman, Daisy L18851971 15.1 
Kaufman, George W & his wife   8.1No dates
Kaufman, Albert18751955 6.11 
Kaufman, Bessie18761934 6.111st wife of Albert Kaufman
Kaufman, Louis M18801954 8.1 
Kaufman, Dora W18801976 8.1 
Kaufman, Sadie18761966 6.112nd wife of Albert Kaufman & sister of Bessie (1st wife)
Keagle, Leslie18941950 24.1 
Keagle, Space1898  24.1 
Keagle, Leslie Jr19241924 24.1 
Keech, Lena Dorothy190619** 10.1 10.2 
Kech, Charles19031962 10.1 10.2 
Keefe, Edmond1807  26.1 
Keefe, Ellen18171902 26.1Wife of Edmond Keefe
Keefe, Dennie Sep 6 18682y26.1 
Keefe, Daniel Sep 4 188851y26.1 
Keefe, Bridget Sullivan Feb 15 187873y26.1 
Keefe, Jeremiah18741875 26.1 
Keefe, Catherine18571922 26.1 
Keefe, John18471922 26.1 
Keeler, Robert Holt19031960 8.1 
Keen, Patrick18121885 24.2 
Keen, Mary E18191909 24.2 
Keen, Margaret18951898 24.2Granddaughter of Patrick & Mary Keen
Keenan, FredDec 5 1878Sep 25 1941 AngelicaLot 878B; b Pawtucket RI to James & Rosa McCourt Keenan; survived by wife, Mrs Nettie Hills Keenan; dau Mrs Walter Britton of Angelica & son Walter H Keenan of Wayland
Keenan, Altha18811968 15.1 
Keenan, GeorgeAug 10 1849 4y24.2Son of John & Mary Keenan
Keenan, Peter   24.2 
Keenan, Johnnie Jul 10 185618y 6m24.2 
Keenan, John MMay 10 1862Jan 28 187 24.4 
Keenan, Catherine Feb 1 18723y 24.4 
Keenan, Julie Nov 4 188420y 3m24.4 
Keenan, Riget18341880 24.2 
Keenan, Catherine Apr 4 189644y24.2Wife of Patrick Keenan
Keenan, Alice190019** 5.2 
Keenan, Raymond1905197065y5.2 
Keenan, Teresa M1859195394y5.2 
Keenan, Owen F1853193683y5.2 
Keenan, Catherine18651947 5.2 
Keenan, James T1859194081y5.2 
Keenan, Nellie1857194184y5.2 
Keenan, Edward J1871192049y5.2 
Keenan, Margaret1856192064y5.2 
Keenan, Michael1845193085y5.2 
Keenan, Owen F Jr1893196673y5.2 
Keenan, William J1890197383y5.2 
Keenan, Mary K189719** 5.2 
Keenan, Archie J189519** 5.2 
Keenan, Thomas J1893196572y5.2 
Keenan, Julia1850194090y5.2 
Keenan, Patrick1840191777y5.2 
Keenan, Peter J18751942 15.1 
Keenan, Elda A18721953 15.1 
Keenan, Charles A18751952 15.1 
Keeney, Retta Elizabeth18971899 5.1 
Keeny, Alvin18401918 10.1 10.2 
Keeny, Cornelia18501921 10.1 10.2 
Keeny, Jessie V Yelton18691927 10.1 10.2 
Keib, J Edward190719** 26.1 
Keib, Frances19101969 26.1 
Keiser, Jessie I 197573y5.1 
Keiser, John 197491y5.2 
Keiser, Sylvia19021923 5.1 
Keiser, Fred   AngelicaLot 149
Keiser, Jennie   AngelicaLot 149
Keiser, John   AngelicaLot 149
Keiser, Lionel W   AngelicaLot 149
Keiser, William18851977 24.1 
Keiser, Dinnie18831985 24.1 
Kelia, (son)   24.1Son of Fredrick & Emma Kelia
Kelleher, Fred M18601929 26.1 
Kelleher, Mary M18581931 26.1 
Kelleher, Baby Daughter 1907 26.1Dau of Harry & Mary Kelleher
Keller, Elma Congdon18481926 14.3 
Keller, Adon D Mar 11 18712y 9m 11d15.1Son of E H & M A Keller
Keller, Arthur A18731939 15.1 
Keller, BarbaraApr 2 1869Dec 18 1947 15.1 
Keller, E HJan 1 1843Jan 17 1921 15.1Co H 2nd Regt NY MTD Rifles
Keller, Anna PAug 25 1849Mar 13 1917 15.1 
Keller, Ethan E18691937 15.1 
Keller, Lottie R18701948 15.1 
Keller, Ethan Jordan 1911 15.1 
Keller, Florence Arnold18761905 15.1 
Keller, Fred A18591930 15.1 
Keller, George A18861918 15.1 
Keller, Hortense Arnold1905  15.1 
Keller, Irene R1910  15.1 
Keller, John B19101978 15.1 
Keller, James18101873 15.1 
Keller, Marjorie Arnold Apr 30 1903 15.1 
Keller, Martha M18831968 15.1 
Keller, Roy A18861945 15.1 
Keller, Mary A Oct 31 187427y 5m 21d15.1Wife of E H Keller
Keller, Nancy18201897 15.1 
Keller, Ophelia18631928 15.1 
Keller, Philip R19131913 15.1 
Keller, Mary M18831964 15.1 
Keller, Harry E18781947 15.1 
Keller, Sarah Bartlett18791911 15.1 
Keller, William Hall18761940 15.1 
Keller, William H Apr 18 187089y 9m15.1 
Keller, Leo D (infant) Feb 2 18979m 7d17.1Son of L L & Mabel LeBar Keller; b Little Genesee NY
Keller, Lera Mar 13 19065y17.1Dau of William & Alice Childs Keller; b Allegany Co; d Gensee Twp NY
Keller, M C "Mac" Jun 27 191981y17.1Co A 14 NYV Civil War Veteran; d Portville NY; obit Jul 3 1919 Bolivar Breeze
Keller, Mary Mrs Nov 24 191371y17.1Wife of S J Keller; d Wellsville NY; obit Nov 27 1913 Bolivar Breeze
Keller, Robert B Apr 4 198086y17.1b NYS; WWI veteran
Keller, William (Willis) MJan 21 1863Dec 27 194279y 11m 6d17.1Son of James & Elvira Keller; hus of Alice Childs Keller; b Obi NY; d Genesee Twp; obit Dec 31 1942 Bolivar Breeze
Keller, Alice E Childs Mar 9 194978y 8d17.1Dau of Brunell & Elizabeth Merritt Childs; d Genesee Twp
Keller, Elinor/Elvira GNov 20 1840Jun 1 1924 17.1Dau of Silas & Phoebe Crandall Burdick; b Brookfield NY; d Genesee Twp
Keller, Cora Peckham Feb 3 189626y 8m17.1Dau of Marshall & Julia Ferrington Keller; b Clarksville; d Little Genesee
Keller, Leo R188919** 10.1 10.2Hus of Mable A Keller; married Feb 28 1920
Keller, Mabel A190019** 10.1 10.2 
Keller, Mary Jan 24 184957y20.2Wife of William Keller
Kelley Charles E18771947 18.1 
Kelley, Inez A18791953 8.1 
Kelley, John K Oct 31 188352y 26.1 
Kelley, Donald L19211932 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Church
Kelligan, Clayton L18771945 10.1 10.2 
Kelligan, Hattie Jenison18811927 24.1 
Kellison, H ClevelandDec 1882May 28 1942 Belmont 
Kellison, H Adelle 1919 5.1Mrs Adelle Saunders
Kellison, Hugh C18831942 5.1 
Kellogg, Mary 192580y5.1Wife of Elisha Sortore
Kellogg, Lola H K Ackely18751951 15.1 
Kellogg, Ebenezer Apr 27 186689y Richburg 
Kellogg, Martha Dec 29 183253yRichburgWife of Ebenezer Kellogg
Kellogg, Betsy May 16 187567yRichburgWife of Ebenezer Kellogg
Kellogg, Daniel18001881 Richburg 
Kellogg, Sophia17961869 RichburgWife of Daniel Kellogg
Kelly, Lewis18381916 8.1 
Kelly, Jennie18521924 8.1 
Kelly, Willard18411923 8.1Civil War Veteran
Kelly, Phylinda18501912 8.1Wife of Willard Kelly
Kelly, Oakley Weaver May 16 1900 8.1Son of Lewis & Dora Kelly
Kelly, John Dec 27 187?75y 8m 20dRichburgUnable to read complete year of death
Kelly, (?)   8.1Wife of John Kelly
Kelly, Walter LeroyOct 31 1890Sep 17 1966 28.1PA Pvt Co. B 56 Pioneer Inf WWI
Kelly, Gertrude L18821946 Richburg 
Kelly, John J18731942 8.1 
Kelly, Ursula A18881967 8.1Wife of John J Kelley
Kelly, Lewis E18781950 8.1 
Kelly, Jeannie E18761947 8.1 
Kelly, Mary E18891955 26.1 
Kelly, John J (Jack)Jul 17 1886Apr 1 1952 26.1Te as Asst Band 1 Dr 19 FA 5 Div WWI
Kelly, William18581927 26.1Father
Kelly, Kattie18611943 26.1Mother
Kemp, Ralph A18581944 6.11 
Kemp, Dora E18581940 6.11Wife of Ralph Kemp
Kemp, Archie O1881Jun 10 1963 6.11 
Kemp, Hattie B18741945 6.111st wife of Archie O Kemp
Kemp, Francis E18611936 6.11 
Kemp, Myrtle R1871Feb 12 1941 6.11Wife of Francis Kemp
Garbutt, William M18741957 6.11Buried with Frances & Myrtle Kemp family
Kemp, George W18651921 6.11 
Kemp, Mary E18591944 6.11 
Kemp Shadrack A18311900 26.1GAR marker & flag
Kemp, Theodora T18391919 26.1Wife of Shadrack Kemp
Kemp, Mary J Oct 23 185718y 8m 5d26.3Wife of S A Kemp
Kemp, Austin Duane188641914 26.3Son of S A Kemp
Kemp, Mary C Feb 27 18443y 8m 25d26.3Dau of Moses & Sharlet Kemp
Kemp, Nancy D Sep 17 18435y 8m 25d26.3Dau of Moses & Sharlet Kemp
Kemp, Cynthia Nov 14 186630y 1m 12d26.3Wife of Chester Rouse
Kemp, Ira S Oct 16 18501y 10m 26d26.3Son of Moses & Sharlet Kemp
Kemp, Sharlot Apr 23 186662y 8m 29d26.3Wife of Moses Kemp
Kemp, Moses Nov 24 186668y 8m 16d26.3Top of stone broken
Kemp, Huldah F Jul 23 18624y 5d26.3Child of J H & Louise/Laura Kemp
Kemp, Freddie A Aug 6 18622y 3m 3d26.3Child of J H & Louise/Laura Kemp
Kemp, Arnold F Dec 13 18631y 3m 10d26.3Child of J H & Louise/Laura Kemp
Kemp, John H18341915 26.3 
Kemp, Laura18391909 26.3Wife of John H Kemp
Kemp, Samuel C Apr 28 189057y 6m 23d26.3 
Kemp, Annie E Mar 27 1906 26.3Wife of Samuel C Kemp
Kemp, Harriet SJun 1 1839Jan 24 1856 26.3Wife of Samuel C Kemp
Kemp, Dorothy M18991969 24.1 
Kemp, Harry189619** 24.1 
Kemp, David L 197124y5.1 
Kemp, Ethel 195055y5.1 
Kemp, Victoria W19171976 26.1 
Kemp, Mark 197077y5.1 
Kendall, Chloe L Mrs1830  AngelicaLot 571; b Portage; d Willard; wife of Z A Kendall; survived by 3 children, Mrs F A Robbins of Angelica, C M Kendall of Denver, Colorado & Mrs H E pierce of Bristol, Conn
Kendall, Mary A   AngelicaLot 571
Kendall, Zebedee A18291868 AngelicaLot 571
Kendall, Albert C Apr 23 18491y 9m20.4Son of E F & Emily Kendall
Kenealy, Father18501923 26.1 
Kenealy, Mother18501922 26.1 
Kenealy, John L18751932 26.1 
Kenealy, Eleanor Fitzgerald18761959 26.1 
Kenealy, JosephJul 7 1879Nov 5 1900 26.1 
Kenealy, David18771925 26.1 
Kenmark, John Oct 16 189180y24.1 
Kennedy, Donald19131981 15.1 
Kennedy, Robert J18741952 15.1 
Kennedy, Etta J18751975 15.1 
Kennedy, Ethel R1906  15.1 
Kennedy, George Edwin18931920 8.1Hq Det 153 FA 78th Div
Kennedy, Joseph J18661943 10.1 10.2 
Kennedy, Ellen E18701929 10.1 10.2 
Kennedy, Charlotte Nov 31 186311m 26dBlankDau of P T & C K Kennedy
Kennedy, WilliamNov 27 1790Apr 2 1860 6.11 
Kennedy, ElizaDec 31 1791Feb 12 1881 6.11 
Kenney, Luther Mar 20 185135y14.1 
Kenyon Samuel185419** 1.3 
Kenyon, Delphine18551923 1.3Wife of Samuel Kenyon
Kenyon, Eunice J 194132y5.1 
Kenyon, Sallie MrsFeb 15 1933Mar 6 191784y 21d17.1Dau of Charles & Sally Stephens Se ton; b Erie Co Ohio; d Genesee Twp; obit Mar 8 1917 Bolivar Breeze
Kenyon, James1877May 15 1849 GeneseeSon of Warren D & Mellissa Kenyon; Hus of Lorena Heers Kenyon; children, Mrs Frank Dean of Angelica Mrs Sewell Vaughan of Galeton, Warren Kenyon of Galeton, Mrs Harold Slawson, Mrs Clark Lambert of Genesee PA William Kenyon of Wellsville; brother George Kenyon of Genesee PA; sister Mrs Emma Fuller of Port Allegany, PA
Kenyon, Burty EMay 27 1883Apr 25 1892 21.5 
Kenyon, Henry E18561918 21.5 
Kenyon, Ida M18591921 21.5 
Kenyon, George H18651937 17.2 
Kenyon, Winona C1870  17.2 
Kenyon, Ora A19071968 17.2 
Kenyon, Charlie Dec 19 1867 17.2Son of B M & P E Kenyon
Kenyon, Freddie1868Apr 18 1869 17.1Son of B M & P E Kenyon
Kenyon, Harold 1860 17.2Infant son of D C & P S H Kenyon
Kenyon, Ethan1784Jul 11 1864 17.2 
Kenyon, Nancy1800Jul 29 1831 17.2Wife of Ethan Kenyon
Kenyon, RuthNov 15 1801Dec 26 1881 17.2Wife of Ethan Kenyon
Kenyon, Wealthy M1839Oct 15 1871 17.2 
Kenyon, EthanAug 8 1821Feb 16 1889 17.2 
Kenyon, ComfortFeb 10 1826Mar 29 1903 17.2 
Kenyon, Ann ESep 19 1847Oct 2 1871 17.2 
Kenyon, LeoneJun 14 1854Feb 22 1856 17.2 
Kenyon, Hubert EJul 17 1863Oct 4 1887 17.2 
Kenyon, Rachel COct 28 1863Jul 12 1884 17.2 
Kenyon, Mary AAug 26 1868Aug 5 1889 17.2 
Kenyon, George WDec 16 1799May 5 1882 10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, Sally BJul 81804Sep 17 1878 10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, Nellie (child) Aug 25 1855 10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, Floyd18501925 10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, Minnie18611940 10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, JoelJul 29 1801Jan 20 1878 101 10.2Veteran
Kenyon, Lavina Ma sonSep 25 1803Apr 6 1877 10.1 10.2Wife of Joel Kenyon
Kenyon, Oscar A Nov 9 186626y 8m10.1 10.2 
Kenyon, JoannaOct 261831Aug19 1897 10.1 10.2Wife of Schuyler A Ma son
Kenyon, Lewis18381920 Utopia-WirtVeteran; Co K 23 Regt NY Inf
Kenyon, Francis Sinnette18411914 Utopia-WirtWife of Frances Kenyon
Kenyon, Anna18801946 Utopia-WirtDau of Lewis & Frances Kenyon
Kenyon, Joel B Aug 31 187878y Utopia-Wirt 
Kenyon, Mary A Apr 30 1863 Utopia-WirtWife of Joel B Kenyon
Kenyon, Ruth L May 6 1828 Utopia-WirtDau of Joel B & Mary Kenyon
Kenyon, Louisa Sep 24 18467yUtopia-WirtDau of Joel B & Mary Kenyon
Kenyon, AlansonSep 22 1807Jul 5 1875 Utopia-Wirt 
Kenyon, Mary L   Utopia-WirtNo dates; Wife of Alanson Kenyon
Kenyon, Angie G Oct 25 186922yUtopia-WirtDau of Alanson & Mary Kenyon
Kenyon, Helen A Aug 21 1850 Utopia-WirtDau of Alanson & Mary Kenyon
Kenyon, Guilford Aug 19 1850 Utopia-WirtSon of Alanson & Mary Kenyon
Kenyon, James PJul 22 1816May 26 1893 Utopia-Wirt 
Kenyon, Mary EtteFeb 24 1831Aug 15 1858 Utopia-WirtWife of James P Kenyon
Kenyon, Frank AOct 6 1853Jan 19 1954 Utopia-WirtSon of James P & Mary Etta Kenyon
Kenyon, MaryASep 1855Sep 19 1855 Utopia-WirtDau of James P & Mary Etta Kenyon
Keough, John F18651935 26.1Father
Keough, Mary E18741957 26.1Mother
Keough, Harold F18981979 26.1 
Keough, Mary C190419** 26.1 
Keough, John C19361958 26.1 
Keough, Anna (Rice)18951956 26.1 
Keough, Donald W18981938 26.1Son of Harold & Mary Keough
Keough, Katherine (Satterlee)18941913 26.1Dau of Harold & Mary Keough
Keough, Stephen18671916 26.1Father
Keough, Angela C18701935 26.1Mother
Keough, Joseph HOct 5 1905Oct 16 1905 26.1 
Kerr, Boyce17811861 **Until The Day of Dawn Cemetery
Kerr, Martha18281845 **Until The Day of Dawn Cemetery
Kerr, Ruth Ann17901785? **Until The Day of Dawn Cemetery
Kersen, Elmer J 195644y5.1 
Kershner, L H Jun 13 18621y 9m3.2Son of William & P G Kerschner
Kerschner, Anna May 17186619y 8m3.2Wife of E Robinson & dau of William & P G Kershner
Ketcham, Herbert G 197661y5.1 
Ketchum, Tryphena Mar 16 1870 8.1Wife of Stephen Ketchum
Ketchum, Horace Jan 22 1871 Sortore 
Ketchum, Estella A Dec 24 18622y 3m 3dCarrier-WirtChild of Justin & Czarina Ketchum
Ketchum, Sophronia S Jul 31 186521yCarrier-WirtChild of Justin & Czarina Ketchum
Ketchum, Jonah1853Sep 1 1879 Carrier-WirtChild of Justin & Czarina Ketchum
Ketchum, Carl B18991922 26.1 
Ketchum, Bertha C18741923 26.1 
Ketchner, Roland J19021967 26.1 
Ketchner, Carmilla B190419** 26.1 
Ketchner, William1929  24.2 
Ketchner, Pauline19161970 24.2 
Keys, Sahra J1860190848y5.2 
Keys, Fannie M   AngelicaUntil The Day of Dawn Cemetery
Kibee, Catherine Aug 26 186623y 2m 11d8.1Wife of A P Kibee
Kibbie, Mary J18661935 10.1 10.2 
Kilbury, Alice M18641944 10.1 10.2Wife of D W Kilbury
Kilbury, Clarence WFeb 10 1896Sep 17 1898 10.1 10.2Son of D W & A M Kilbury
Kilbury, Walter G18991970 10.1 10.2Son of D W & A M Kilbury
Kilbury, Mariza C18731957 10.1 10.2Dau of D W & A M Kilbury
Kilbury, Daniel WMay 30 1850Oct 25 1902 10.1 10.2 
Kidney, Bruce R18711925 8.1 
Kidney, Hattie M18711951 8.1 
Kidney, Clarence W18951918 8.1 
Kidney, Robert18401903 8.1 
Kidney, Emma18441903 8.1 
Kidney, Helen M1791964 8.1"Klompf" is her second husband
Herkimer, T Bones   8.1Buried with Robert Kidney family
Herkimer, Adelle   8.1Buried with Robert Kidney family
Kidney, Clarence Wallace Oct 23 1918 AngelicaSon of Bruce & Hattie Mae Kidney of Belfast; m Barbara Dretson Oct 7 1916 of Buffalo; he was the grandson of Mrs Isabelle Lyon of Angelica
Kiefer, Kenneth19341980 26.1 
Kiefer, Alice193519** 26.1 
Kiley, James N18691948 26.1Father
Kiley,Nellie M18831939 26.1Mother
Kilhson, Lillian Mapes 196580y5.1 
Killiman, Lucy Smith 193366y5.1Father Dr. F N Smith
Kilmartin, Mary AApr 27 1871Jul 8 1933 BlankMother
Kilmartin, Alvins D WAug 7 1905Sep 8 1910 Blank 
Kilmer, Elias18131896 5.1 
Kilmer, Caroline Morehouse18521883 5.1(Myron); dau of Parish Morehouse
Kilmer, Mehettable18221899 5.1 
Kilmer, Myron18581932 5.1Husband of Caroline Morehouse Kilmer
Kilmer, Elba B19311971 10.1 10.2 
Kilmer, Elizabeth18761927 10.1 10.2 
Kilmer, Anna1904  10.1 10.2 
Kilmer, Clarence19121913 10.1 10.2 
Kilmer, Robert L19151937 10.1 10.2 
Kilmer, Elba B18781919 10.1 10.2Killed in glycerin accident
Kimbell, Lucy (Wilco ) Nov 30 187178y 20.7Hume; wife of Morrison Wilco 
Kimm, Minnie E18671937 28.1 
Kimm, Maynard E18681940 28.1 
King, James H18411896 15.1 
King, Margaret E18491921 15.1 
King, Cassius R Jul 13 18719m 13d15.1Son of J H & M E King
King, Agnes18771934 15.1 
King, George 194574y5.1 
King, George18421907 5.1Co H 1st NY Dragoons
King, Harriet F18731925 5.1 
King, Helen 193079y5.1Wife of George King
King, Susan Juliett18931911 5.1 
King, Jones (James)Sep 7 1764Mar 1845 2.5 
King, George NOct 24 1830Jul 19 1854 2.5Son of R K King
King, Susan TJun 14 1804Mar 16 1881 2.5Wife of R K King
King, ElizabethApr 8 1764Jan 23 1847 2.5Wife of James King
King, Robert K KingFeb 27 1802Feb 29 1888 2.5 
King, John T183919** RichburgCo A 10th NY Cavalry
King, Mary R18501912 RichburgWife of John T King
King, Hattie M18691872 Richburg 
King, Bessie S18731880 Richburg 
King, Chloe E18801881 Richburg 
King, Mabelle E18781894 Richburg 
King, Mary L18541922 Richburg 
King, Lena King Easton   RichburgSee Easton; buried w John T King family
King, Lydia 185050y16.7Wife of Elisha King
King, Michael Feb 13 189968y 24.2 
Kinghorn, John May 29 184879yAngelicaLot 512
Kinghorn, Margaret17781859 AngelicaLot 512; Wife of John Kingshorn
Kingsbury, Nellie JNov 21 1879Feb 19 196080y17.1widow; d Olean NY
Kingsley, Andrew Sep 30 187556y20.2Wife of Julia E Kingsley
Kingsley, Ebenezer Apr 28 188772y20.2 
Kingsley, Ephrim Sep 3 185984y 21d20.2 
Kingsley, Frank A Dec 11 18623y 3m20.2Son of Ebenezer & Rebecca Kingsley
Kingsley, George May 24 1878 20.2 
Kingsley, George1887193043y8.1 
Kingsley, Lulu M   8.1 
Kingsley, Julia E May 7 1869 20.2Wife of Andrew Kingsley
Kingsley, Rebecca Nov 12 186726y 10m20.2Wife of Ebenezer Kingsley
Kinksley, William   AngelicaLot 350
Kinne, Rufus18391919 15.1Co K 65 Reg NY Inf
Kinne, Mary L Banfield18421922 15.1 
Kinne, Dona 1870 15.1 
Kinne, Jessie 1874 15.1 
Kinney, Charles C18131885 5.1 
Kinney, George J18551881 5.1Son of C C Kinney
Kinney, Mary A18181878 5.1 
Kinney, Walter C18751876 5.1 
Kinney, DavidJan 5 18311902 8.1(Conn)
Kinney, Betsy Jun 7 184734y 7m 2d8.11st wife of David Kinney
Kinney, Esther Ann1818189 8.1(Washington); 2nd wife of David Kinney
Kinney, Mary P Gleann(?)18591893 8.1Allegany Co
Kinney, Rufus Cheney18521946 8.1 
Kinney, Price E1848Jul 3 1870 8.1Son of David & Esther Kinney; Allegany Co
Kinney, Ruth E18901891 8.1Dau of David & Esther Kinney
Kinney, Hanford A18941971 17.2NY PVC Co g 145 Inf WWI
Kinney, Beula1900  17.2 
Kinney, Cora E18751860 8.1Wife of Cheney Kinney
Kinney, Elizabeth E1898  8.1Dau of Cheney & Cora Kinney
Kinney, J Eaton18431926 8.1Veteran
Kinney, Eva M18481907 8.1 
Kinney, Safetya18411899 8.1 
Kinney, Mary18341909 26.1 
Kinney, Edward18321891 26.1Co F 5 NY Cav
Kinney, Michael Aug 21 18682y 26.1 
Kinney, John18561916 26.1 
Kinney, Sophina18251914 24.5 
Kinnucutt, Guy WAug 26 1892Feb 6 1957 24.5 
Kinnucutt, Josephine18691942 24.5 
Kinnucutt, Isaac18641949 24.5 
Kinsey, William H19061976 24.1 
Kintner, T Louise1917  24.1 
Kintner, Delbert D19081963 24.1 
Kirchgasser John P18761959 17.2 
Kirchgasser, Lena M18821964 17.2 
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Mar 20 18383y 8.8Dau of Wm & Louisa Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Mar 20 18383y8.9Dau of Wm & Louisa Kirkpatrick
Kirkum, Zelva Ruth1981972 10.1 10.2 
Kish, Elaine Lucy 19416y5.1 
Kissinger, Elizabeth1855  15.1Mother
Kissinger, John18491915 15.1Father
Kitchen, Elizabeth L1871Sep 28 1954 North RidgeWife of Walter C Kitchen
Klatte, William C19081977 24.1US Army WWII
Klatte, Eva M1811  24.1 
Klatte, Killian19161978 24.1 
Klebsalted, Carla Ann 195222y5.1 
Klebsalted, Gottfried 195072y5.1 
Klebsattel, L F 194162y5.1 
Klice, (flower urn)   15.1 
Klein, August B18591945 8.1 
Klein, Katherine M18671941 8.1 
Klein, Wilhelmina A18871967 8.1 
Kleinbach, Conrad LAug 17 1894Aug 1 1968 15.1NY HQ Co Demo B-GP WWI
Kleinbach, Bessie E1908  15.1 
Kleinbach, JohnMar 171884Nov 30 1923 8.1 
Knapp, Lois M 196167y5.1 
Knapp, George Malone 194391y5.1 
Knapp, George H 197088y5.1 
Knapp, Anson19031962 10.1 10.2 
Knapp, Gertrude A19151952 10.1 10.2 
Knapp, Della18601877 24.5Dau of W & F Knapp
Knapp, George W1830197 24.5 
Knapp, Fannie O18341922 24.5 
Knapp, Jessie   8.1No marker or dates
Knapp, Israel (Rev)Jan 17 1851Mar 29 1888 Dimick-Wirt 
Knapp, Sally SMay 20 1852Jan 8 1865 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, John AOct 3 1855Jan 17 1882 Dimick-WirtBuried with Israel Knapp family
Wightman, Sally ArettaJan 29 1853Mar 14 1856 Dimick-WirtBuried with Israel Knapp family
Wightman, Calesta1829May-00 Dimick-WirtBuried with Israel Knapp family
Wightman, MortonOct 11 1824Apr 20 1919 Dimick-WirtBuried with Israel Knapp family
Wightman, Infant daughter Nov 11 18501dDimick-WirtBuried with Israel Knapp famly; dau of Morton & Calesta Wightman
Knapp, Leo M18871940 24.1 
Knapp, Hannah F Jun 19 186626yDimick-WirtDau of Rev Israel & Sally S Knapp
Knapp, Benjamin SMar 30 1829Dec 9 1862 Richburg 
Knapp, Sally SSep 21 1828May 24 1917 RichburgWife of Benjamin Knapp
Knatt, N Easton19131934 5.1 
Kneeland, EmilyM Feb 21 188556y8.1Wife of Rev A S Kneeland
Knickerbocker, Arthur L18761962 28.1 
Knickerbocker, Roy A19121963 28.1 
Knickerbocker, Burt H18621935 24.1 
Knickerbocker, Mary E18681918 24.1Wife of Burt H Knickerbocker
Knickerbocker, Nacy C (Bently)Sep 10 1831Apr 13 1901 24.1 
Bently, Edward CJan 18 1886Oct 1 1895 24.1Buried with Nacy Knickerbocker Bently
Knier, Louis F 196674y5.1 
Knier, Nerrie18781958 24.1 
Knier, Casper18851952 24.1 
Knier, Reba C 197480y5.1 
Knier, Amelia   AngelicaLot 118
Knier, Bertha   AngelicaLot 118
Knier, Clara   AngelicaLot 118
Knier, George   AngelicaLot 118
Knier, John1844Jan 27 1909 AngelicaLot 118; b Germany; d Angelica; m 1871 Miss Bertha Bowers; survivors, wife, dau's Mrs John Scholes & Mrs Clarence Common of Angelica; Mrs Celia Swan of East Otto; sons Casper & Lewis Knier of Angelica, John Knier of Little Valley & Joseph Knier of Salamanca; ran a dray while living in Angelica
Knier, Josephine   AngelicaLot 118
Knight, Bradley1823197 24.1 
Knight, Minerva Brown18411875 24.1Wife of Bradley Knight
Knight, Mary Brown18371887 24.1Wife of Bradley Knight
Knight, Mary Brown18731878 24.1Child of Bradley Knight
Knight, Eugenia18751877 24.1Child of Bradley Knight
Knight, Della18551924 5.1Wife of S B Knight
Knight, Frank A18681938 8.1 
Knight, Sara Chamberlain18651953 8.1 
Knight, Louis Stewart18111890 5.1 
Knight, Marina W18411924 5.1Wife of Milton Knight
Knight, Margaret   AngelicaLot 134
Knight, Philip   AngelicaLot 134
Knight, Martha Louise18711872 5.1Child of Milton Knight
Knight, Milton18361905 5.1 
Knight, Nina Elizabeth18811885 5.1Dau of S B Knight
Knight, S B 192276y5.1 
Knight, I S   19.1 
Knight, Mary L183619** 19.1 
Knight, Columbus18341910 19.1 
Knorr, LeonhardOct 10 1820Sep 11 1905 26.1 
Knorr, TeressaFeb 15 1829Aug 2 1925 26.1Wife of Leonhard Knorr
Knorr, Elizabeth18621939 26.1 
Knowlton, John B18861956 26.1 
Knowlton, Frederick J18871981 26.1 
Knowlton, Edward B 193983y5.1 
Knowlton, Edward B19161916 5.1Infant child of Edward B Knowlton
Knowlton, Catherine18341913 5.1Wife of H N Knowlton
Knowlton, Louisa 1910 5.1 
Knowlton, Horace M18231891 5.1 
Knowlton, Lucius S18521878 5.1 
Knowlton, Abagail J18321912 10.1 10.2 
Knowlton, Sarah Jul 25 185324y(?)8.1Wife of James Knowlton
Kno , Frederica Jean19091959 26.1 
Kno , CostelloDec 15 1909Jan 4 1959 26.1 
Kno , Lillie M Smith18561934 8.1 
Kohler, Josephine18881933 10.1 10.2 
Konke, Stephen18671964 15.1 
Kople, Daisy Marie19111911 5.1 
Korts, Susie Feb 18 18758y 5mBlankDau of Joseph & Lucinda Korts
Korts, Lucinda   AngelicaLot 634
Kozlowski, Mathew18981952 26.1 
Kozlowski, Frances190019** 26.1 
Kozlowski, Henry JJan 6 1926Oct 15 1977 26.1F 1 US Navy WWII
Kozlowski, Ro ann19711971 8.1Murker funeral marker
Kraft, Frank19001953 15.1 
Kraft, Arlouine R18891970 15.1 
Kralinger, Christian18491930 26.1Father
Kralinger, Martha E18561910 26.1Mother
Kralinger, John T18741902 26.1Son of Christian & Martha Kralinger
Kralinger Margaret E18791905 26.1Dau of Christian & Martha Kralinger
Kranz, Albert O19101974 8.1 
Kranz, Alice M1913  8.1Wife of Albert Kranz
Krasser, Martin18291887 5.1 
Krebs, Jane LupoldAug 12 1877Oct 27 1946 AngelicaLot 861; b White Deer PA; wife of J Herman Krebs; survived by dau Barbara Krebs of Buffalo; 2 sons, Ma well of Worcester, Mass & Philip Krebs of Ithaca; sister, Mrs George Edwards of Angelica
Krebs, J Herman Apr 19 1932 AngelicaLot 861; b Sinnamaboring PA; one of 5 sons of Charles & Arminta Krebs; m Miss Jane Lupold at Loch Haven PA
Kreitner, Charles H18791944 8.1 
Kreitner, Ida M Elmer18781962 8.1Wife of Charles H Kreitner; Lida Elmer, twin of Ida M Elmer, buried at Oramel--died 1962; their mother, Emma Young Royce is also buried in Oramel cemetery
Kremeyer, John Henrich 1875 12.2 
Kremeyer, ElizabethNov 23 1887Jan 14 **** 12.2 
Kremeyer, John Henry Aug 8 18655y12.2 
Krenzer, John L1910  15.1 
Krenzer, Violet H19181968 15.1 
Kreydt, Arthur J19081978 26.1 
Kreydt, Margaret E190919** 26.1 
Kreydt, James G193419** 26.1 
Krick, James S19021973 17.2 
Krick, Arlouine H1907  17.2 
Krick, James SJun 10 1948Jul 18 1948 17.2 
Kriley, Frederick18561950 10.1 10.2 
Kriley, Florence E18651901 10.1 10.2 
Kriley, John H18911958 10.1 10.2 
Kriley, Mildred T189219** 10.1 10.2 
Kruger, Elizabeth KurtzOct 5 1864Sep 30 1951 16.7b Almmarod, Province of Oberhessen, Germany to Henry & Barbara Kurtz; came to America 1882; m August H Kruger Feb 11 1886; surivors 3 children, W H Kruger & Paul Kruger of Friendship & Mrs Jay A Lamont of Angelica; August H Kruger died 1925
Kruger, Walter Dean Jr1944Aug 2 1948 16.7Son of S/Sgt Walter D Kruger & Mrs Betty Carney Kruger, now Mrs Charles Young; died of a severly cut arm; father killed in action in Belgium on Sep 13 1944; survived by mother, stepfather, stepsister, Charlene Young of Angelica; grandparents, Mr & Mrs Paul Kruger of Friendship & Mr & Mrs John Carney of Friendship
Krusen, Edward Jul 17 185217y 5m 17d28.1Son of John & Prudence Krusen
Krusen, Francis H Sep 6 189565y28.1Co I 189 Regt N 454
Krusen, Mary Jun 22 187140y28.1Wife of Francis F Krusen
Krusen, Edward Jul 15 18573y28.1Son of F H & Mary Krusen
Krusen, Lydia Aug 21 1881 28.1 
Krusen, William18601901 28.1 
Krusen, Vina L18581931 28.1Wife of William Krusen
Krusen, Francis M Mar 6 1863 28.1Looks like veteran marker
Krusen, JosephSep 29 1815Feb 28 1904 6.11 
Krusen, ArabelleFeb 29 1822Feb 12 1881 6.111st wife of Joseph Krusen; her obit says she d Oct 1 1898 age 78y & b Feb 19 1820
Krusen, Francis19141964 24.1 
Kuhn, Bernhard E18811931 26.1 
Kuhn, Nina19041959 10.1 10.2 
Kuhn, Lute1903  10.1 10.2 
Kulman, Ch Dec 7 187980y12.2Maybe Christopher or Christian
Kulman, Mary WOct 7 1810Feb 18 1886 12.2 
Kump, George J190019** 26.1 
Kump, Margaret19011971 26.1 
Kurtz, Charles F 195576y5.1 
Kurtz, Karl H 196861y5.1 
Kurtz, Lena E 195373y5.1 
Kurz, Carl Lincoln18651887 5.1 
Kurz, Charley1886186 5.1 
Kurz, Harriet18591886 5.1 
Kyle, Nellie E 194873y5.1Wiltham Kyle
Kyle, Ovarlee 197460y5.1 
Kyle, William Thomas18761932 5.1 

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