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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Oakes, John J18821949 6.11 
Oakly, Deborah Aug 16 185950y 10m 3d11.4Wife of Thomas Oakly
Oaks, Elmina Ag 30 183923y2.5Dau of Ebenezer & Polly Oaks
Oaks, Belinda Jul 8 185238y2.5 
Oaks, Ezra (1st) Jan 9 1792 11.4b Athens, Windom, Vt; m abt 1811 Polly Porter; d Allen, Allegany Co NY; buried in Wigwam Cemetery, Allen, NY; father is Seth Oaks listed in 1790 census of Athens, Vt.
Oaks, Ezra (2nd)Aug 10 1859Jul 23 1939 AllenMarried Adele Baker 1884 who died in 1927; children Seth (3rd), Jessie Lucille, Charles Scott, Russell, Gerald and Laura; see film for bio
Oaks, M O   2.5Mother
Oaks, LydiaDec 8 18301832 2.5 
Oaks, Seth18261899 2.5 
Oaks, Margaret19311911 2.5Wife of Seth Oaks
Oaks, Ezra18591939 2.5 
Oaks, Adell Bahes18601920 2.5Wife of Ezra Oaks
Oaks, S O   2.5Father
O'Brien, Frank18331910 24.2Father
O'Brien, Alice18351919 24.2 
O'Brien, Fancis (Monsignor)18711943 24.2 
O'Brien, Mother18271901 26.1 
O'Brien, Father18231900 26.1 
O'Brien, T18441900 26.1 
O'Brien, Julia18491901 26.1Wife of T O'Brien
O'Brien, Michael18841924 26.1 
O'Brien, Patrick18281901 26.1 
O'Brien, Mary1832  26.1Wife of Patrick O'Brien
O'Brien, William Fogarty18701905 26.1 
O'Brien Elizabeth18571927 26.1 
O'Brien, Michael18221908 26.1 
O'Brien, Bridget Apr 18 186416y26.1Wife of David O'Brien & dau of John & Eclea Magner
O'Brien Abbie M189819** 26.1 
O'Brien, John P18671947 26.1Father
O'Brien, Mary Shea18671932 26.1Mother
O'Brien, Shella Marie 19555wks26.1Inf dau of Matthew & Gertrude O'Brien
O'Brien, John 18771916 26.1 
O'Brien, Timothy M18731950 26.1 
O'Brien, Bertha F18701948 26.1 
O'Brien, John Jul 26 188267y 6m24.2 
O'Brien, Kerman Annie18581935 24.2 
O'Brien, Josephine P18661925 24.2 
O'Brien, Linda & infant son Frank   24.2 
O'Brien, Mary Lewis18861965 24.2 
O'Brien, Terrence G18611951 24.2 
O'Brien, Timothy 184719** 5.2 
O'Brien, Ellen1850192272y5.2 
O'Brien, Sarah Boys18251891 5.1(Robert)
Ockerman, Vera18591933 24.1 
Ockerman, David S18551933 24.1 
O'Connell, James Apr 27 18927y 6m26.1 
O'Connell, MargaretMar 30 1828  26.1 
O'Connell, John F19261949 26.13704th AAF BU
O'Connell, F Touhy18941947 26.1 
O'Connell, Mary   26.1 
O'Connell, Francis J18671919 26.1 
O'Connell, Agnes B18681926 26.1 
O'Connell, Ella19021905 26.1 
O'Connell, Monica18961916 26.1 
O'Connell, Gertrude19041935 26.1 
O'Connell, Frank J18611929 26.1 
O'Connell, Ella K18741947 26.1 
O'Connell, Mary C18881958 26.1 
O'Connell, James J18521925 26.1 
O'Connell, Bridget18301911 26.1 
O'Connell, Margaret Nov 6 187712y 5m26.1Dau of Dennis & Catherine O'Connell
O'Connell, John F   26.1Native of Co Cork, Ireland; death date covered with dirt
O'Connell, Alice18961937 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Connell, Mary185719** BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Connor, Lawrence19051960 26.1 
O'Connor, Mary D190219** 26.1 
O'Connor, Cecelia18631917 26.1 
O'Connor, Jennie   26.1Mother
O'Connor, William F18801964 26.1 
O'Connor, Maude M18861978 26.1 
O'Connor, Marian 1913 26.1Infant
O'Connor, James J18811924 26.1 
O'Connor, Teresa K18751927 26.1 
O'Connor, David18061884 26.1 
O'Connor, Mary 18271911 26.1 
Oconnor, Patrick B18601932 26.1 
O'Connor, Mary G18641935 26.1 
O'Connor, Michael18441923 26.1Father
O'Connor, Mary184819** 26.1Mother
O'Connor, Loretta18851958 26.1 
O'Connor, Francis B18851950 26.1 
O'Connor, Anna D 1962 26.1 
O'Connor, Rose M Doherty 1961 26.1 
O'Connor, Joseph18761892 26.1 
O'Connor, Maurice JrAug 18 1866Jul 1 1936 26.1 
O'Connor, Maurice Sr Nov 13 191996y26.1 
O'Connor, Ellen Oct 2 188648y26.1Wife of Maurice O'Connor
O'Connor, Timothy18761882 26.1 
O'Connor, Father18391911 26.1 
O'Connor, Mother18391920 26.1 
O'Connor, John M18651892 26.1 
O'Connor, Abbe Oct 1 1872 26.1Dau of Patrick & Mary O'Connor; has baby marker
O'Connor, John JMay 3 1857Oct 27 1902 26.1
O'Connor, NellieAug 20 1868Sep 13 1930 26.1 
O'Connor, Mary18461908 26.1Mother
O'Connor, Vincent Dec 28 1938 26.1 
O'Connor, Timothy J18571904 26.1Father
O'Connor, Mary E McAuliffe18651923 26.1Wife of Timothy J O'Connor; Mother
O'Connor, Patrick L18611944 26.1Father
O'Connor, Alicia Julia18711926 26.1Mother
O'Connor, Gertrude B Nov 8 1974 26.1 
O'Connor, John H Jul 4 1935 26.1 
O'Connor, J Harold19021978 26.1 
O'Connor, Mary C Jan 22 1941 26.1 
O'Connor, Timothy Dec 1 1945 26.1 
O'Connor, John L18661923 26.1 
O'Connor, Ellen M18661958 26.1 
O'Connor, William F191919** 26.1 
O'Connor, Louise M192219** 26.1 
O'Connor, P F18741940 26.1 
O'Connor, Nellie M18751931 26.1 
O'Connor, James  Dec 4 188874y26.1 
O'Dell, Cyrus Bassett18331903 21.3 
O'Dell, Jennie18581924 21.5 
O'Dell, Jackson18341909 21.5Co G 151 Ind Inf
O'Dell, Delbert18751958 21.5 
O'Dell, Andrew18661944 21.5 
O'Dell, Dorcas Mar 29 18402y 2m 11d4.8Dau of G and S O'Dell
O'Dell, William   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
O'Dell, Henry B   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
O'Dell, Orea P   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
O'Donnell, Joseph AOct 30 1915Mar 29 1966 26.1 
O'Donnell, Anthony18301912 6.11 
O'Donnell, Susan18361913 6.11Margaret P Wood says Susan died Dec 25 1914
O'Donnell, Charles W (MD)18591934 6.11Son
O'Donnell, Susan R19181935 6.11Dau of Charles W & Mae H O'Donnell
O'Donnell, Mae H18851923 6.11Wife of Charles W O'Donnell; her obit says she died Mar 7 1924
O'Donnell, C Wilber19101917 6.11Son of Charles W & Mae H O'Donnell
O'Donnell, Mercedes E19011933 26.1(with Higgins)
Ogden, Comfort Apr 27 1843 11.4Wife of Joseph Ogden
Ogden, Henry18251901 8.1 
Ogden, Catherine18251897 8.1Wife of Henry Ogden
Ogden, Therza Dec 3 184156y8.5Wife of Daniel; mother of Barzillia
Ogden, Joseph Oct 9 184482y11.4 
Ogden, Barzilla H Feb 25 187449y8.5 
Ogden, Lucinda Jul 12 185035y8.5 
Ogden, Polly Sep 26 182980y8.5 
Ogden, Lucinda Aug 31 1850 8.5Daughter
Ogden, Debvra   AngelicaLot 706
Ogden, Moses EMay 3 1844Apr 22 1919 AngelicaLot 706; son of Samuel & Deborah Ann Ogden; b & d Angelica; m 52y ago to Miss Elizabeth Buckley; survivors wife & dau Mrs Jennie Sandford; see film for bio
Ogden, Samuel   AngelicaLot 706
Ogilvie, Eva B 194586y5.1 
O'Gonnell, Michael Oct 25 186518y 4m 18dBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Gonnell, Maurice Sep 21 186922y 8m 3dBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Gonnell, Jeremiah Jan 23 187222y 3m 11dBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Haire, JohnJun 1820Sep 12 1891 Birdsallb Dysart, Clare Co., Ireland; erected by his son J J O'Haire; Jersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Haire, SusanSep 26 1853Sep 28 1874 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Haire, James18671952 26.1 
O'Hara, Ella18821970 26.1 
O'Haragan, Elizabeth18561936 24.2 
O'Kain, Lester L19091958 26.1 
O'Keefe, Joseph F18831953 26.1 
O'Keefe, Isabella B18801955 26.1 
O'Keefe, Barnard JNov 24 1913May 27 1980 26.1Pvt US Army WWII
Olbey, James B   AngelicaLot 665
Olbey, Mary Mrs1828Oct 10 1913 AngelicaLot 665; b Onondaga Go NY to Mr & Mrs Charles Tousey; her mother was a member of the Stockbridge Indian Tribe; d Warsaw; wife of Andrew Olbey; burial in Warsaw; survivor James B Olbey
Older, Verna R18821963 15.1 
Older, Morden18801977 15.1 
Older, Michael Sep 12 1941 15.1 
Oldham, John HDec 31 1833Jan 24 1890 15.1 
Oldham, William T18601927 15.1 
Oldham, Muade(?)18621935 15.1 
Oldham, Huldah18651903 15.1 
Oldham, William TOct 18 1810May 27 1894 15.1 
Oldham, NancyMar 10 1803May 30 1879 15.1 
Oldman, Beltina18971958 10.1 10.2 
Olds, PollySep 1 1794Aug 13 1874 Almab Petersbur, Rensellaer Co NY; d Alma, Allegany Co NY; m abt 1812 Martin Jared Emerson; b Allentown Cem, Alma, Allegany Co NY
Olear, Joseh Peter (baby) Mar 19 1971 10.1 10.2 
O'Leary, Father18451919 26.1 
O'Leary, Mother18621948 26.1 
O'Leary, James JMay 13 1895Oct 23 1964 26.1NY PFC Co B 59 Pioneer Inf WWI
O'Leary, Timothy J18801941 26.1 
O'Leary, Mabel B18851971 26.1 
O'Leary, Dennis Mar 31 18739m 4d26.1Son of Jeremiah & M O'Leary
O'Leary, Patrick Aug 4 1907 26.1Father
O'Leary, Ellen Apr 20 1893 26.1Mother
O'Leary, Matthew Aug 23 190322y26.1 
O'Leary, Honora Mournan Sep 22 189373y26.1 
O'Leary, Mary18451927 26.1Mother
O'Leary, James J18361911 26.1Father
O'Leary, James Jr18701936 26.1 
O'Leary, Johanna T18671942 26.1Sister
O'Leary, Nora M187819** 26.1 
O'Leary, Anna18671921 26.1 
O'Leary, Cornelius T Feb 27 1949 26.1 
O'Leary, Kathryn C   26.1 
O'Leary, (no name)   24.2No dates
Olive, Hannah L18371975 15.1 
Olive, James F II19161975 15.1 
Olive, Naomi W18231975 15.1 
Olive, James G18361924 15.1 
Olive, L Fenton18661944 15.1 
Olive, Mattie O18711948 15.1 
Olive, Elise K18881951 15.1 
Olive, Chester O18721944 15.1 
Olive, Mary C18421929 15.1 
Olmstead, H BJul 3 1824May 13 1885 AngelicaLot 723
Olmstead, Alice G 197693y5.1 
Olmstead, Angeline18081884 5.1 
Olmstead, Clarence Raymond19041930 5.1 
Olmstead, E S18481895 5.1(Luther)
Olmstead, Edwin18481904 5.1 
Olmstead, Edwin A 196858y5.1 
Olmstead, Edwin (infant)18851885 5.1 
Olmstead, Frank W18851963 8.1 
Olmstead, DeEtta M18811967 8.1Wife of Frank W Olmstead
Olmstead, Frank 18441913 5.1Co E NY 5th Vol
Olmstead, Frank A 194368y5.1 
Olmstead, G Freborn18031855 5.1 
Olmstead, Harnon18331915 5.1 
Olmstead, Henry18501866 5.1 
Olmstead, Julia A18891942 8.1 
Olmstead, Lena B 197389y5.1(Raymond)
Olmstead, Mary E18501912 5.1 
Olmstead, Mortimer J18401918 5.1 
Olmstead, Raymond E 193458 1/2y5.1 
Olmstead, Ruthie Mary18771882 5.1(Ed)
Omber, Betsey E Mar 5 186261y 3m5.62nd wife of Elijah M Omber
O'Neill, John18331868 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Neill, Johannah18391901 BirdsallWife of John O'Neill; Jersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Neill, Josephine 1931 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
O'Neill, Michael 1935 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Orbank, Frank18601942 26.1Father
Orbank, Agnes18681932 26.1Mother
Orbank, Bernard18881972 26.1 
Orbank, John18861962 26.1 
Orcutt, Mehetable Apr 12 184565y8.1Wife of Samuel Orcutt (and 1 unknown grave--perhaps Samuel)
Orcutt, David18111888 8.1b Vt
Orcutt, Lucy Hill18111880 8.1Wife of David Orcutt; v Vt
Orcutt, Hiram18041865 8.1b Vt; blacksmith
Orcutt, Mary18111867 8.1b Vt; wife of Hiram Orcutt
Orcutt, Hiram   8.1 
Orcutt, Hiram Mrs   8.1 
Orcutt, Elbert L18771931 10.1 10.2Father
Orcutt, Lydia E18801969 10.1 10.2Mother
Orcutt, Franklin18411918 8.1 
Orcutt, Louisa18451908 8.1Wife of Franklin Orcutt
Orcutt, Charles18641878 8.1Son of Franklin & Louise Orcutt
Orcutt, Nerva18761878 8.1Son of Franklin & Louise Orcutt
Orcutt, James M18641936 19.1 
Orcutt, Clarence   8.1Son of Benjamin & Emaline Orcutt
Orlowski, John A19131966 10.1 10.2 
Orlowski, Lois I Newton19281943 10.1 10.2 
Orlowski, Alex18851970 10.1 10.2 
Orlowski, Wanda188819** 10.1 10.2 
Ormiston, Helen V18781964 15.1 
Ormiston, Ida M18441920 15.1 
Ormiston, Walter D18551939 15.1 
Ormiston, Emma 196789y5.1 
Ormiston, Walter B 196091y5.1 
Ormsby, Leo 1923 1.4 
Ormsby, Alton 1975 1.4 
Ormsby, Hazel 1971 1.4 
Ormsby, William   1.4 
Ormsby, Mary   1.4 
Ormsby, George 1929 1.4 
Ormsby, Clifford18791943 1.4 
Ormsby, Grace18841947 1.4 
Ormsby, Darris 1909 1.4 
Ormsby, Pamelia 1929 1.4 
Ormsby, Henry 1918 1.4 
Ormsby, Lucinda 1915 1.4 
Ormsby, Ancy 1915 1.4 
Ormsbee, Harriet S Sep 24 185963yBlank 
O'Rourke, Thomas J18791954 26.1 
Orsine, Amy N18921945 17.2 
Orton, Charles V Sep 18761monthBlankSon of A P & Maria Orton
Orvis, William R18311919 6.11 
Orvis, Martha A18461939 6.11Wife of William R Orvis
Orvis, Ernest E1864May 13 1942 6.11Son of William R & Martha A Orvis
Orvis, Jennie M18661938 6.11Wife of Ernest E Orvis
Orwick, Henry G Feb 16190239y15.1 
Osbon, Mary J Oct 23 196829y 1m8.1Wife of George W Osbon (should probably be 1868)
Osbon, Mary E Mar 27 18656m8.1Dau of Mary J & George W Osbon
Osborn, Earl May 9 18752y 1m 2d26.3Son of Albert & Horatio Osborn
Osborn, Fredrick SApr 27 1832Jan 8 1900 26.3 
Osborn, Maria LMar 27 1832Feb 11 1899 26.3 
Osborn, Sarah E Aug 10 18564y 10m26.3Dau of F S & Maria Osborn
Osborn, John S 1911 5.1
Osborne, Ellen   15.1 
Osborne, John W18501911 15.1 
Osborne, Mary L18501922 15.1 
Osborne, Otis   15.1 
Osborne, Otis J   15.1 
Osborne, W Otis18251888 15.1 
Osborne, Ellen L18371925 15.1 
Osborne, Levi Dec 10 186175y 3m15.1 
Osborne, Chloe Campbell Aug 2 188391y 9m 9d15.1Wife of Levi Osborne
Osborne, Harry Feb 25 18641m 11d15.1Inf son of W O & E L Osborne
Osborne, Otis Jr18621896 15.1 
Osborne, SamuelNov 3 1826Dec 3 1902 8.1 
Osborne, Abigail (Abby)Dec 8 1828Sep 15 1911 8.1Wife of Samuel Osborne
Osborne, George E18961960 10.1 10.2 
Osborne, Bertha R19011964 10.1 10.2 
Osgood, Arthur E 194775y5.1 
Osgood, Benton Ralph 194871y5.1 
Osgood, Bentord18371930 5.1 
Osgood, E T 193229y 1m5.1Dau of John Harris
Osgood, Edna Burch 194466y5.1 
Osgood, Evelyn S18701916 5.1 
Osgood, Fern (infant)19311931 5.1 
Osgood, Polly18371907 5.1 
Osgood, Franklin MApr 28 1888Oct 17 1918 17.2 
Osgood, Shuble Oct 29 188582y 10dBlank 
Osgood, Lucinda Jun 13 186156y 5m 15dBlankWife of Shuble Osgood
Osgood, Sarah B Oct 19 186933y 2m 17dBlankDau of Shuble & Lucinda Osgood
Osgood, Ella Jun 5 18648yBlankDau of George M & Hanna Osgood
Osgood, Richard J Oct 19 185520y 4m 9dBlankSon of Shuble & Lucinda Osgood
Osmun, Ada   15.1 
Osmun, Charles   15.1 
Osmun, Ella   15.1 
Osmun, Harriet E1901  15.1 
Osmun, Ivan L18751964 15.1 
Osmun, Levada R18761952 15.1 
Osmun, Eleanor L19191929 15.1 
Osmun, LovinusFeb 25 1826Apr 4 1883 15.1 
Osmun, Minerva18321903 15.1Wife of Lovinus Osmun
Osmun, Charles MJan 21 1874Jun 11 1874 15.1 
Osmun, Ada A18601908 15.1 
Osmun, Essa A18701909 15.1 
Osmun, Myron D18631945 15.1 
Ost, C Willmott18621931 24.5 
Ost, Cora E18751947 24.5 
Ost, Esther 1832 3.2 
Osterstuck, Everett Mar 5 191811y 21d17.1Son of Wallace & Frances K Cooper Osterstuck; obit Aug 8 1918 Bolivar Breeze
Osterstuck, Frances (widow) May 11 1971 17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Osterstuck, JohnAug 8 1832Apr 13 191986y 8m 5d17.1Obit Apr 17 1919; Bolivar Breeze; b Hinsdale NY
Osterstuck, John Mrs 193391y17.1Obit Apr 27 1933 Bolivar Breeze
Osterstuck, Maude PattersonJan 7 1863Apr 30 193562y17.1Dau of Luther Patterson & wife of Emery Osterstuck; b Turkey City PA; obit May 2 1935 Bolivar Breeze
Osterstuck, Wallace M Aug 31 1958 17.1Hus of Frances Osterstuck; son of John & Desti Hall Osterstuck
Osterhout, Rose MApr 14 1904May 12 1905 10.1 10.2 
Osterhout, Charles Apr 4 188649yBlankCo B 8 Min Vol Inv; GAR marker
Ostrander, Eleanor M1901  21.5 
Ostrander, John L18881955 21.5 
Ostrander, John H 1922 5.1 
Ostrander, Ruth MrsSep 14 1876Jun 26 1942 AngelicaLot 153; dau of Rodney & Mary Sheffield; b Grove; wife of John Ostrander; survived by dau Frieda Palmre of Angelica & son Merlin Ostrander of Buffalo; see film for obit
Ostrander, James1840Jan 28 1864 Carrier-Wirt 
Ostrich, Nancy T Oct 28 188350y 1m 1d6.11Wife of George H Ostrich
Ostrum, Jennifer Maria   15.1 
Otto, Blanche Mae Mar 20 187685y17.1(widow); b NYS; d Olean NY
Otto, George Riley May 2 196754y17.1b NYS; d Olean NY: married
Otto, Howard May 9 192512m17.1Son of Mr & Mrs Ralph Otto; Obit May 14 1925 Bolivar Breeze
Otto, Ralph LewisFeb 18 1888Oct 17 1971 17.1Son of Riley & Carrie Otto; b NYS; d Annapolis MD Gen Hosp; informant: Victor V Otto, son
Otis, Elmina Nottingham18151891 5.1(Matson)
Otis, Matson18151895 5.1 
Ousntom, Ambert F   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Oust, Jacob Jan 26 187937yBlank 
Outman, Hubert190219** 28.1 
Outman, Nettie19031980 28.1 
Outman, Helen19251938 28.1 
Outman, Urvil Jr   28.1 
Oviatt, Charles E18501931 8.1 
Oviatt, Almina R18541919 8.1 
Oviatt, Betsey Sep 28 18531y 5m 12d24.5Dau of Daniel & Ester Oviatt
Oviatt, (no name) Aug 7 1868 AmityRogers Cemetery; wife of D B Oviatt
Oviatt, Betsey May 21 184251y 11m 28d5.6Wife of Daniel B Oviatt
Oviatt, Danbiel Aug 18 185972y 4m 21dBlank 
Oviatt, Daniel B Jul 18 185978y 1m 21d5.6 
Owen, William Dec 4 189674y6.11 
Owen, Elizabeth Sep 27 191288y 3m6.11Wife of William Owen
Owen, James18451907 6.11Son of William & Elizabeth Owen
Owen, Jennie18491928 6.11Wife of James Owen (her obit says she died Jan 22 1929)
Owens, Leslie CMay 17 1917Aug 27 1969 15.1NY CPL Co B 430 Engn Const BN WWII
Owens, Nellie MMar 27 1912Dec 17 1980 15.1 
Owens, Richard L19161953 15.1 
Owens, Margaret1917  15.1 
Owens, Grace A Dec 6 198389y17.1d Cuba NY
Owens, Vernon S Dec 2 194752y 2m 26d17.1married; b Cameron NY; d Olean NY
Owens, Elizabeth18671922 5.1 
Owens, Frank W18751970 Richburg 
Owens, Florence E18831939 Richburg 
Owens, StanleyK18691927 RichburgBrother of Frank Owens
Owens, Lela S18761941 RichburgWife of Stanley Owens
Owens, James18261862 24.2 
Owens, Ellen18171890 24.2Wife of James Owens

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