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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Slack, Lorron W18991968 8.1 
Slack, Eunice V18951969 8.1Wife of Lorron W Slack
Slack, Vernon KerryFeb 22 1956Oct 12 1962 8.2Son of Vernon B & Shirley P Slack
Slade, Ida B18631911 17.2 
Slade, Lyman O18271909 17.2 
Slade, Roxey P18291908 17.2 
Slade, Charles Mrs1856Jan, 195094yBlankResident of Short Tract; survived by 2 nieces, Mrs. Ambrose Palmer of Angelica & Mrs Cedric Roof of Short Tract; d at Short Tract
Slade, Dosha Ann BissellAug 27 1827Jul 8 1916 AllenWife of George Slade; dau of Mr & Mrs Abner Bissell; m George Slade in 1853 who died in 1972; see film for bio
Slade, Freddie Lynn Aug 5 187 17.2Child of Herman P & Ettie Slade
Slade, Little Lizzie May 26 1897 17.2Child of Herman P & Ettie Slade
Slade, Dewey18981932 17.2 
Slade, Alice B18981966 17.2 
Slade, Mary19241925 17.2 
Slade, Clara B19241930 17.2 
Slade, Jasper N18491938 17.2 
Slade, Ida A18491940 17.2 
Slade, Ruby18851899 17.2 
Slade, Marcus E18571934 17.2 
Slade, Ida A18561935 17.2 
Slade/Slater, Eunice NashDec 26 1866Jul 3 1938 AngelicaLot 89; b Covington, Ky; m Aug 21 1881 to Rev. I W Slater; had 2 sons, Jay & Harry; survivors are husband and son Harry of Ohio
Slafter, Carloss L18321913 5.1 
Slafter, Harriet A18741933 5.1 
Slafter, Lucy Tracy18321928 5.1 
Slafter, Rebecca18021870 5.1 
Slafter, Thomas J18031871 5.1
Slater, Harry May 9 1944 AngelicaLot 89; eldest son of Rev I W Slater; see film for bio
Slater, Irving W (Rev)Nov 26 1856Mar 11 1951 AngelicaLot 89; hus of Eunice Nash; see film for bio
Slavin, John Aug, 1895 24.2Co 15 107 Regt NY
Slike, Mary G18731968 15.1 
Slike, Walter W18781956 15.1 
Sloan, Marie RAug 9 1900  15.1 
Sloan, Fred IMar 29 1897Dec 13 1979 15.1 
Sloan, Sylvia I18671923 15.1 
Sloan, John18581935 15.1 
Sloan, Oscar 1903 15.1 
Sloan, Bertha Mae19171971 15.1 
Sloaz, Charles A18991976 15.1 
Sloaz, Irene D18981972 15.1 
Slocum, Charles   AngelicaLot 319B
Slocum, Grace   AngelicaLot 319B
Slocum, John P Sep, 1923 AngelicaLot 319B; see film for bio
Slocum, Walter18741893 17.2 
Slocum, Beulah H18811900 6.9 
Slocum, Floyd18751949 6.9 
Slocum, AbramAug 29 1836Mar 14 1895 6.9
Slocum, Mary JSep 26 1887Aug 27 1915 6.9Wife of Abram Slocum
Slocum, David1827  6.9 
Slocum, Harriet A18301884 6.9Wife of David Slocum
Slocum, Laura Taylor Feb 26 193986y 10m 26d17.1b Lyndon NY; d Portville NY (widow)
Slocum, George Apr 22 188946y6.11 
Slocum, Alva18501915 6.11 
Slocum, Jennie18521931 6.11Wife of Alva Slocum
Slocum, William E or L18751920 6.11 
Slocum, David18651942 6.11 
Slocum, Valencia18741944 6.11Wife of David Slocum
Slocum, Ezra18571942 6.11Father
Slocum, Henrietta (Flora)18641949 6.11Mother
Slocum, Jesse G18821941 6.11Son of Ezra & Henrietta Slocum
Slocum, Leona Mead1890Oct 22 1974 6.11Wife of Jesse G Slocum
Slocum, Evelyn1886  6.11Dau of Ezra & Henrietta Slocum; she m 1) Mr. Armstrong and 2) Harry Lynton
Lynton, Harry18861949 6.11Hus of Evelyn Slocum
Slocum, Helen A1904194642y5.2 
Slocum, Sally Sep 6 184238y20.2 
Sleght, John V Z Mar 17 186252y11.4 
Slusser, Parley J18971923 11.4 
Small, Dan1945  10.1 10.2 
Small, John N1943  10.1 10.2 
Small, Lizzie (infant)  25d10.1 10.2 
Small, Bessie 195172y 8m 24d5.1 
Smalley, Fred S18681938 15.1 
Smalley, Katherine V18571938 15.1 
Smalley, Charles19011923 5.1Son of G W Smalley
Smalley, Francis Jane19091910 5.1 
Smalley, infant child19151915 5.1 
Smalley, George Oct 25 1864 Sortored at Florence SC; Co J 85 Regt; GAR marker
Smith, Bertha H Nov 8 195886y17.1b Myrtle PA; d Cuba NY
Smith, Clara E  39y17.1b Cuba NY; d Elmira NY; no dates
Smith, Daniel Dec 29 190379y 4m17.1Son of Benjamin Smith; b NYS; d Genesee Twp; farmer & oil producer
Smith, Irene M Jul 6 198166y17.1d Olean NY
Smith, Isaac Apr 27 187788y8.1 
Smith, Sarah Barrett18151891 8.1Wife of Isaac Smith
Smith, James AJan 8 1893Feb 14 1954 8.1Sgt Cen OFF TNG Sch WWI
Smith, Mary J Oct 18 191169y17.1Wife of Henry Smith; d Richburg NY; obit Oct 26 1911 Bolivar Breeze
Smith, Stern HDec 20 1872Oct 2 194674y 9m 11d17.1Son of Henry & Mary J Rice Smith; hus of Bertha Holly Smith; obit Oct 3 1946 Bolivar Breeze
Smith, George W18561938 Richburg 
Smith, Mary E18501899 RichburgWife of George W Smith
Smith, Myrtle B18681946 Richburg2nd wife of George W Smith
Smith, Lloyd E19051930 RichburgSon of George W Smith
Smith, Fred M18851961 RichburgSon of George W Smith
Smith, Alda (Loois/Cooper)18891968 RichburgDau of George W Smith
Loomis, Guy18901952 RichburgHus of Alda Smith
Cooper, John G18841961 RichburgHus of Alda Smith
Smith, Benjamin1793188 Richburg 
Smith, Polly17891887 RichburgWife of Benjamin Smith
Smith, Charles L Apr 5 18531yRichburgSon of William & Cynthia Smith
Smith, Mary E Jan 8 186214yRichburgDau of William & Cynthia Smith
Smith, Albert18931959 Richburg 
Smith, Beulah (Stroyne)18951963 RichburgSister of Albert Smith
Smith, Albert MMay 15 1931May 20 1931 Richburg 
Smith, Henry TDec 3 1870Dec 6 1882 10.1 10.2Child of William H & M E Smith
Smith, Leonard S Feb 13 194463yAngelicaLot 633
Smith, Marie   AngelicaLot 420
Smith, Martha AdelmaJan 20 1863Apr 2 1916 BelfastDau of Henry & Harriet Blauvelt; m W G Smith of Allen Oct 21 1885
Smith, Martin R   AngelicaLot 677
Smith, Mary17631845 AngelicaLot 406; wife of William Smith
Smith, Orren   AngelicaLot 833
Smith, Julia I PerryApr 14 1847Oct 23 1911 AngelicaWife of Albert E Smith; see film for bio
Smith, Emogene ScholesSep 11 1852Oct 9 1930 AngelicaLot 623; see film for bio
Smith, Ernest Mrs Nov 18 1955 AngelicaMarried Ernest Smith abt 42y ago; see film for bio
Smith, Hannah A   AngelicaLot 677
Smith, Harmon   AngelicaLot 221
Smith, Hiram1808  AngelicaLot 62; hus of Betsey A Thompson
Smith, Lillian   AngelicaLot 577
Smith, Leonard (Capt)17701843 AngelicaLot 460
Smith, Elizabeth   AngelicaLot 460; wife of Capt Leonard Smith
Smith, Edward MrsOct 13 1869May 19 1954 AngelicaWife of Edward C Smith; see film for bio
Smith, Elizabeth Ann ThompsonOct 23 1816Mar 22 1890 AngelicaLot 62; dau of Andrew & Susan Thompson; m Hiram Smith Jul 2 1835; had 9 children; see film for bio
Smith, Albert L   AngelicaLot 677
Smith, Almira   AngelicaLot 400
Smith, Amy T18371841 AngelicaLot 400; dau of Henry & Mary Smith
Smith, Annette   AngelicaLot 250
Smith, Clara Alzina Hapgood HigginsSep 6 1854Mar 15 1934 BlankWife of Sullivan Smith; see film for bio
Smith, S E   AngelicaLot 622
Smith, S Estella   AngelicaLot 865
Smith, Samuel L   AngelicaLot 865
Smith, Sarah T   AngelicaLot 400
Smith, Stephen17561827 AngelicaLot 481
Smith, Steward LMay 31 1899Aug 13 1940 AngelicaLot 577; son of Edward C & Lillian Lamb Smith; see film for bio
Smith, Theodora17621825 AngelicaLot 481
Smith, William   AngelicaLot 542
Smith, William R   AngelicaLot 833
Smith, W G Jun 12 1931 BelfastSon of W R & Emily Hull Smith; hus of Martha Adelma Blauvelt; see film for bio
Smith, John May 5 183957y 9m5.2 
Smith, Mary Jul 10 1843 5.2Wife of John Smith
Smith, Mary AnnNov 22 1817Mar 21 1896 20.7 
Smith, Sarah AnnFeb 15 1820Nov 19 184526y20.7Dau of Eden & Susan Smith
Smith, Susan Mar 1 187284y 9m20.7 
Smith, Cindarella Jan 29 186755y20.2Wife of Calvin Smith
Smith, J A18191905 20.2Post 237; GAR marker
Smith, Betsey1891894 1.4 
Smith, Olive18811912 1.4 
Smith, John18221895 1.4 
Smith, Sarah A MasonFeb 11 1794Jul 29 1873 2.5Wife of Deacon Aaron Smith
Smith, Nancy Closson Dec, 185765y 10m 11dAmityWife of E Smith
Smith, Cora Apr 6 192366y7.3 
Smith, Catherine Materna18921920 26.1 
Smith, Aaron (Deacon)   2.5 
Smith, Arabella A18541924 AmityChrist Church
Smith, Henry 18241909 BellvilleCivil War
Smith, Henry (Capt) 1865 BellvilleCo D 64 Regt NYV; killed in Battle of Hatcher's Run; Civil War
Smith, Adrian18671913 AmityChrist Church
Smith, Levi18201900 Utopia-WirtVeteran
Smith, Melvina R18351897 Utopia-WirtWife of Levi Smith
Smith, Emma B (Swain)Nov 23 1858Jan 29 1870 Utopia-Wirt 
Smith, Aaron E Jul 1 18824yUtopia-Wirt 
Smith, James Lindsay   Black CreekCivil War
Smith, CorneliaJun 26 1843Jun 2 1864 Amity-WindusDau of O & A Smith
Smith, J P18451896 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Anna J McGrath184419** 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Eddie O18661936 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Dora V18691935 10.1 10.2 
Baker, Agnes1833(?)1964 10.1 10.2Buried with Eddie O & Dora V Smith
Baker, Omer L18781940 10.1 10.2Buried with Eddie O & Dora V Smith
Smith, Edward P18211873 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Miranda18231905 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Lovilo E18501928 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Lou186519** 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Estella S18571941 10.1 10.2 
Smith, S Burr18731938 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Lena L18721937 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Homer C19011964 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Olive M18591930 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Adelaide Brewer18941960 10.1 10.2 
Smith, William RDec 9 1817Mar 24 1893 8.1 
Smith, Emily HJul 25 1825Oct 20 1883 8.1Wife of William R Smith
Smith, Sarah EJul 5 1853May 25 1905 8.1 
Smith, William G18631931 8.1 
Smith, Adelma18631916 8.1Wife of William G Smith
Smith, Hazel H18951972 8.1 
Smith, William H18721942 24.1 
Smith, J Winifred18731942 24.1 
Smith, Willis W18751922 8.1Father
Smith, Etta S Fuller18761943 8.1Mother
Smith, Nellie A18511925 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Curtis18451896 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Wallace TJul 25 1841May 20 1881 10.1 10.2 
Smith, GustaNov 15 1848  10.1 10.2Wife of Wallace T Smith
Smith, Jonathan1815Jun 19 1896 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Sylva A Feb 25 1893 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Rubie A1848Jul 10 1914 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Stephen J1841Oct 23 1872 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Addison18521909 15.1 
Smith, Bertha Jane18821937 15.1 
Smith, Carl O18831960 15.1 
Smith, Carrie E18841959 15.1 
Smith, Charles S18561931 15.1 
Smith, Clarence W18701902 15.1 
Smith, Dora E18601889 15.1 
Smith, Edith R18631884 15.1 
Smith, Edith Cole18761955 15.1 
Smith, Elnora E18791949 15.1 
Smith, Ella S18731932 15.1 
Smth, Frank W18781974 15.1 
Smith, George H18791954 15.1 
Smith, Geraldus W18791918 15.1 
Smith, Gertrude C18881972 15.1 
Smith, Helen A18551935 15.1 
Smith, Howard W19091972 15.1 
Smith, Reta W1911  15.1 
Smith, Julia A18321916 15.1 
Smith, Lawrence P18831943 15.1 
Smith, Grace C18831979 15.1 
Smith, Lois E18691918 15.1Mother
Smith, Marion I19051920 15.1 
Smith, L Richard19081959 15.1 
Smith, Melvin N18781952 15.1 
Smith, Mary E18861959 15.1 
Smith, Minnie D18771967 15.1 
Smith, Rosa H18571926 15.1 
Smith, RussellJul 10 1830Oct 31 1869 15.1 
Smith, Russell Jr18671877 15.1 
Smith, Sherrill18811951 15.1 
Smith, Thomas D19071972 15.1 
Smith, Frances E1909  15.1 
Smith, William M18461939 15.1Co B 82 DA Inf; Civil War
Smith, Amos18001882 6.11 
Smith, Mary Elizabeth18021895 6.11Wife of Amos Smith
Smith, Orange18421922 6.11Son of Amos & Mary E Smith
Smith, Hetta J18441929 6.11Wife of Orange Smith
Smith, Frank BJun 24 1856Dec 31 1891 6.11 
Smith, Isaac18341924 6.11 
Smith, Marietta18351909 6.11 
Smith, Hiram D18441932 6.11Son of Amos & Mary E Smith
Smith, Mary M18481924 6.11Wife of Hiram D Smith
Smith, Mary E18721923 6.11Dau of Hiram D & Mary E Smith
Smith, Fred W18771950 6.11 
Smith, George N18781935 6.11His obit says he is buried in Mead Cem; but his name & dates tally here.
Smith, Cora S1874  6.11Wife of George N Smith
Smith, Lydia M Dec 11 186944y26.3Wife of Samuel Smith
Smith, Ownie F19201927 26.1 
Smith, James Joseph18601904 26.1 
Smith, Abbie O'Connor18651940 26.1 
Smith, Helena18931904 26.1 
Smith, Margaret McCormick18321912 26.1 
Smith, John P18731901 26.1Son
Smith, Mary E Geary18331904 26.1Mother
Smith, Joseph S18661947 26.1 
Smith, Mary E18661953 26.1 
Smith, George18471916 24.5 
Smith, Florence18481932 24.5 
Smith, Ray C18941972 24.1 
Smith, Viola L189719** 24.1 
Smith, Eugene I18681946 24.1 
Smith, Mary S18711948 24.1 
Smith, John O18731912 24.1 
Smith, Ida Burfiend18841912 24.1Wife of John O Smith
Smith, Blanche18751876 24.1 
Smith, Anna L Cady May 8 186433y24.1Wife of Sindney Smith
Smith, Alice Perry18511921 24.1Wife of Sindney Smith
Smith, Sinclar Olin18581881 24.1 
Smith, Sidney18301900 24.1 
Smith, Selah Newton18641940 24.1 
Smith, Georgina18711955 24.1 
Smith, Miles C18461919 24.1 
Smith, Mary C18481935 24.1 
Smith, Simeon B18321907 24.1 
Smith, Minerva E18361887 24.1 
Smith, C EFeb 10 1859Sep 22 1888 24.1 
Smith, Ida L18761953 24.1 
Smith, Greydon E18981970 24.1 
Smith, Burdell E18671900 24.1 
Smith, Evelyn C19071952 24.1 
Smith, W Jerome1970  24.1 
Smith, Elizabeth Feb 24 181379y1.3With of Joshua Smith
Smith, Hannah  Feb 11 181919y1.3Wife of Stephen R Smith
Smith, Stephen R Mar 23 186161y 10m 4d1.3 
Smith, Mary Oct 20 186862y 1m 8d11.4Wife of Amos Smith
Smith, Alberta L 196363y5.1 
Smith, Amy M18761925 5.1Wife of E J Tomas; dau of Sortore
Smith, Benjamin F18741912 5.1 
Smith, Cindarella Jan 29 186755y20.2Wife of Calvin Smith
Smith, Eden Jun 16 185267y 9m20.7 
Smith, Effie N Aug 22 185411y 9m20.7Dau of Susannah Smith
Smith, Eliza 1872 5.1 
Smith, Ellen 1891 5.1 
Smith, F N (Dr)18291900 5.1 
Smith, George W 194482y5.1 
Smith, John Mar 6 1911 24.1Co H 160 Regt NYV Inf
Smith, Emma N   24.1 
Smith, Squire J18271914 24.1 
Smyth, Asahel18451939 10.1 10.2 
Smith, Susan B18141891 24.1 
Smith, Carrie J18761962 24.1 
Smith, Mercelia S Clark18791922 24.1 
Smith, George W 195696y5.1 
Smith, Hattie Ester Hiser 194279y5.1 
Smith, Judson Dec, 190060y11.4Co M NY Calvary
Smith, Rachel18461911 11.4Mother; buried with Judson Smith
Smith, J A18191905 20.2 
Smith, John L 1924 5.1 
Smith, Luanna C18471891 5.1Wife of John H Smith; dau of Clive
Smith, Lucy J19121934 5.1(W A)
Smith, Lucy W18361879 5.1F N Smith
Smith, Mary18121900 5.1Aunt to J D Holden
Smith, Myra Maude 194576y5.1 
Smith, Ruba A18611889 5.1 
Smith, Sarah H 1923 5.1W A Smith
Smith, Sophia A18301989 5.1Dau of F N Smith
Smith, Wallace A 195478y5.1 
Smith, Phebe Dec 11 184236y 9m 5d11.4Wife of Thomas Smith
Smith, Lyle   3.2Son of Eugene & Emma Smith
Smith, Arvis L Jan 13 18798y 2m 25d3.2Youngest son of George H & Kate S Smith; buried with Lyle Smith
Smith, Ebenezer Nov 15 185673y8.1 
Smith, Sarah 185673y8.1Wife of Ebenezer Smith; b NH
Smith, Hugh MApr 6 1822Dec 23 1896 8.1b Wayne Co
Smith, AmandaJan 5 1825Jun 13 1857 8.1Wife of Hugh M Smith; b Allegany Co
Smith, MarillaOct 8 1830Oct 3 1895 8.12nd wife of Hugh M Smith
Smith, John Servius18721935 8.1 
Smith, Margaret C Kellogg18721964 8.1Wife of John Servius Smith
Smith, Servius T19701932 8.1Son of John & Margaret Smith
Smith, Jean (Bright)1909  8.1Dau of John & Margaret Smith
Smith, Draper B1913  8.1Son of John & Margaret Smith
Smith, David J19471948 8.1 
Smith, Elbert R18511935 17.2 
Smith, Corinne M18681945 17.2 
Smith, Glenn J19271933 17.2 
Smyth, Cora (May)18691936 10.1 10.2 
Snaith, Anna Miss Dec 19 1847 Amity-WindusIn memory of Miss Ann Smith & Miss Mary King Dec 19 1847 who were killed on their way to church at Angelica by the falling of the bridge at churches on Sunday
King, Mary Miss Dec 19 1847 Amity-WindusSee Miss Anna Snaith
Snell, Mary Belle 192722y5.1(Cartwright)
Snellenberger, John F17631847 AngelicaLot 577
Snellenberger, Magdelen17521842 AngelicaLot 501
Snodgrass, Flora Cady18651935 10.1 10.2 
Snow, Alanson18181891 5.1 
Snow, Alvira18201900 5.1 
Snowden, Neil 1901 3.2Son of D O & L S Snowden
Snyder, William C19101966 26.1 
Snyder, Doris I190919** 26.1 
Snyder, Rolland JohnSep 10 1930Nov 7 1951 26.1EM 2/C USN
Snyder, William Ken  11d26.1 
Snyder, Margaret M19161980 26.1 
Snyder, Frank G190919** 26.1 
Snyder, Mary Ann Dec 11 1956 24.1Dau of Paul & Mary Lou Snyder
Snyder, Daniel L18971922 5.1 
Snyder, Eva C 196184y5.1 
Snyder, William1815190480y6.11Obit said he died Feb 9 1904
Snyder, Elizabeth18341921 6.112nd wife of William Snyder
Snyder, HenryJun 29 1847Aug 20 1911 6.11Father
Snyder, Mary EDec 8 1848Nov 18 1953 6.11Her obit said she died Nov 18 1933; mother
Wahl, John Sr18451920 6.11Father; buried with Henry & Mary Snyder
Wahl, Eliabeth K Oestrich18451931 6.11Mother; Wife of John Wahl Sr; buried with Henry & Mary Snyder
Wahl, Jesse18811922 6.11Buried with Henry & Mary Snyder
Wahl, John Sr1872  6.11Buried with Henry & Mary Snyder
Wahl, Lizzie (Snyder)18731900 6.11Wife of John Wall
Snyder, Frank GSep 20 1895Jul 29 1916 6.11 
Snyder, Jesse18451931 6.11 
Snyder, Emily B18491917 6.11Wife of Jesse Snyder; mother
Snyder, William E18761915 6.11 
Smith, Edith R18761915 6.11Wife of William E Snyder; (dates should be 1884-Jan 24 1923, age 39y)
Snyder, William F18601947 6.11 
Snyder, Ella J18681945 6.11Wife of William F Snyder
Snyder Edna D18931897 6.11Dau of W F & Ella Snyder
Snyder, Wilhelm18591917 6.11 
Snyder, Katherine18721952 6.11Wife of Wilhelm Snyder
Snyder John F18991948 6.11Son of Wilhelm & Katherine Snyder
Snyder, Horace A JrMar 15 1956Oct 3 1957 6.11 
Snyder, Blanche PhippenAug 17 1872Jul 8 1949 AngelicaLot 835; wife of William Snyder of Canisteo; see film for bio
Snyder, Edith E18991957 24.5 
Snyder, Leonard M   AngelicaLot 835
Snyder, Lewis   AngelicaLot 835
Snyder, William MartinJul 18 1867Feb 3 1938 AngelicaLot 835; hus of Blanche Phippel Snyder; sons Alfred & Everett Snyder
Snyder, Delbert P18611935 15.1 
Snyder, Tena German18641912 15.1 
Snyder, Mary Toule18741949 15.1 
Snyder, H R   15.1 
Snyder, M R   15.1 
Snyder, Mary Rooney18841909 15.1 
Snyder, Tobias18281899 15.1 
Snyder, Almira Osmun18341905 15.1 
Snyder, Willo   15.1 
Snyder, William A18591945 15.1 
Snyder, Nellie18621935 15.1 
Soame, F W18831961 17.2 
Somers, W H18821882 5.1 
Sootheran, John E19481952 6.11 
Sorber, Betsey Ann 1881 5.1Dau of Samuel Hildreth
Sortore, Johnathan H18081882 24.1 
Sortore, Sarah A18091882 24.1Wife of Johnathan H Sortore
Sortore, Edmond18381903 24.11st NY Dragoons
Sortore, Mary E18711891 24.1Dau of E & L E Sortore
Sortore, Alice Jadwin18461930 5.1 
Sortore, Alice Norton18471934 5.1(M W)
Sortore, Arthur19141914 5.1 
Sortore, Bernice Emma18181920 5.1(Wm F)
Sortore, Bertha 195670y5.1(Melvin)
Sortore, Bertha F 196185y5.1 
Sortore, Bradford18771919 5.1 
Sortore, Charles Henry 194071y5.1 
Sortore, Cora Mapes 194880y5.1 
Sortore, Eda W18871935 5.1(Walter)
Sortore, Elisha 1884 5.1Killed by tornado
Sortore, Ella18691933 5.1(Monillyon)
Sortore, Emerson V18531892 5.1 
Sortore, George18351910 5.11st NY Dragoons
Sortore, Gertrude18851913 5.1M W & Alice Sortore)
Sortore, Grace18771931 5.1(Wm)
Sortore, Grace 196279y5.1 
Sortore, Hanford H18391913 5.1 
Sortore, Harlan R 195775y5.1 
Sortore, Harriet18501922 5.1 
Sortore, Jane M18381909 5.1(George)
Sortore, Jesse18141900 5.1 
Sortore, Jesse D18581925 5.1 
Sortore, John Floyd 194066y5.1 
Sortore, Josephine 197287y5.1 
Sortore, Julia Ann VanCampen1815186 5.1Wife of Jesse Sortore; Dau of Wm VanCampen
Sortore, Kenneth 195210y5.1 
Sortore, Lenna B18801912 5.1 
Sortore, Mary E18591911 5.1Dau of Frank Vanderholf
Sortore, Melvin H 195169y5.1 
Sortore, Morillyon Wilson18431917 5.1 
Sortore, Phylania H Davis18491883 5.1Hus of Thomas Sortore; dau of Natan Davis
Sortore, Sally J 192778y5.1 
Sortore, Therese B18441912 5.1 
Sortore, Thomas 1900 5.1 
Sortore, Tyler18411912 5.1 
Sortore, Victorine C 197093y5.1 
Sortore, Vorhies18381888 5.1 
Sortore, William 194366y5.1 
Sortore, Elijat Sep 16 18386wksAmity-WindusSon of Elijah & Est** Sortore; fieldstone
Sortore, MinervaFeb 6 1805Mar, 1880 Amity-WindusWife of Henry Sortore
Sortore, Laura M Jan 2 18537mAmity-Windus 
Sortore, Garret Sep 16 186128y 1mAmity-WindusSon of Henry & Eliza Sortore
Sortore, Henry Mar 23 186465y 7m 2dAmity-Windus 
Sortore, Elizabeth Nov 29 187741y 5m 15dAmity-WindusWife of Henry Sortore
Sortore, William Jun 29 184944y 6dAmity-WindusSon of Johnathan A & Sarah Ann Sortore
Sortore, Jessie & Julia Jun 30 183*17dAmity-Windus
Sortore, Willis M Sep 23 18544m 3dAmity-WindusSon of E & F Sortore
Sortore, Polly May 30 182018y 2m 3dAmity-WindusDau of Elisha & Margaret Sortore
Sortore, Elisha Oct 20 181542yAmity-Windus 
Sortore, Margaret Mar 27 186871y 4m 27dAmity-WindusWife of Elisha Sortore
Sortore, Ella Feb 9 185812y 10m 8dAmity-WindusDau of Jesse & Julia Ann Sortore
Sortore, Elijah Jan 29 18364wksAmity-Windus 
Sortore, Floyd J188919** 8.1 
Sortore, Agnes Mae18951964 8.1 
Sortore, Marrith 185222ySortore CemOn East Hill Rd; dau of Henry & Sally Sortore
Sortore, Henry1757Dec 18 182365y 7m 2dSortore CemOn East Hill Rd; Rev War; DAR marker
Sortore, Charles Wesley Jul 27 18431y 8m 25dAmity-WindusSon of William & Cynthia Sortore
Sortore, Arnold Mar 28 18266m 10dAmity-WindusSon of William & Cynthia Sortore
Sortore, Willys Mar 31 18331y 6m 15dAmity-WindusSon of William & Cynthia Sortore
Sortore, William J Feb 16 184311m 12dAmity-WindusSon of William & Cynthia Sortore
Sortore, Diana Apr 29 186918y 8m 18dAmity-WindusDau of William & Cynthia Sortore
Sortore, William Jan 30 186464y 6m 16dAmity-Windus 
Sortore, Cynthia Nov 7 188986y 3m 14dAmity-WindusWife of William Sortore
Sotomayor, Maria M18911973 26.1Mother
Souersby, William18431899 BellvilleCo F 5 NYV; Civil War
Soule, Jackson F18441919 12.16Canadea
Soule, Lemara D18471912 12.16Canadea
Sanborn, Betsy18051867 12.16Canadea; mother; buried with Jackson F & Lemara Soule
Southerton, Flora A18561937 5.1 
Southerton, W F18581936 5.1 
Southmayd, Samuel Jul 27 186375y 3m 9d3.2Marker is broken
Southmayd, Alfred Jan 17 18616y 6m 1d3.2Son of Ebenezer & Emily Southmayd
Southworth, Lavina   AngelicaLot 413; wife of Dr. Southworth
Southworth, Asa May 10 187370y14.1 
Southworth, Lucina Jul 12 185210y14.1Dau of Asa & Laura Southworth
Southworth, Laura May 12 187369y14.1 
Sowersby, Jimmy (J A)19341940 24.1 
Spalding, Silas Nov 22 186640y 5mBlank 
Spalding, HarveyJan 8 1832Aug 20 1897 BlankFather
Spalding, Electa   BlankWife of Harvey Spalding
Spalding, Georgia   Blank 
Spalding, George18301894 Blank 
Spalding, Eliza18291916 BlankWife of George Spalding
Spalding, Christiana Jul 31 185313yBlankDau of James & Amanda Spalding
Spalding, Inf son and daughter   Blankchildren of James & Amanda Spalding
Spangler, Mina BDec 6 1889Feb 2 1950 HornellHornell Rural Cemetery; wife of Charles Spangler; see film for bio
Spanneut, George1916  15.1 
Spanneut, Hazel S   15.1 
Spatty, Infant sonJan 13 1881Feb 20 1882 RichburgInf son of M E & R Spatty
Spaulding, Charles J18751878 5.1 
Spaulding, Charles Lloyd18471918 5.1 
Spaulding, Julia Pollard18471916 5.1 
Spaulding, J B (& 3 unknown graves)   8.1Lot owned Jun 1863 by J B Spaulding
Spaulding, Mary J   8.1Wife of J B Spaulding
Spears, Solas18511918 Richburg 
Spears, Annie E1855  RichburgWife of Solas Spears
Spees, Harry M19011964 10.1 10.2 
Spees, Lulu M1909  10.1 10.2 
Spence, Margaret P   AngelicaLot 359
Spencer, Alvin May 22 1872 21.9 
Spencer, Lydia Aug 1 1871 21.9Wife of Alvin Spencer
Spencer, Harriet May 8 1889 21.9Wife of Hosea H Spencer
Spencer, Daughter Oct 15 1868 21.9Dau of Hosea H & Harriet Spencer
Spencer, Myra S   AngelicaLot 382
Spencer, LeMyra HaskellMar 1 1869May 18 1946 AngelicaWidow of Judge Nelson E Spencer; see film
Spencer, Stanley E May, 1950 RichfordRawson Free Cemetery
Spencer, Peace   AngelicaLot 334
Spencer, Melvin 196366y5.1 
Spencer, Stanley E   Dimick-Wirt 
Spencer, Stephen J Sep 8 18781yDimick-Wirt 
Spencer, Alice Clark   Dimick-Wirt 
Spencer, Myron Newell   Dimick-Wirt 
Spencer, William 1927 19.1 
Spencer, Ida E 1933 19.1 
Spencer, Abeline S Jun 37 187973y 11mBlankDau of A S & M A Spencer
Spencer, Jason18141863 10.1 10.2Soldier
Spencer, Louisa18141885 10.1 10.2 
Spencer, Chandler R18411865 10.1 10.2Soldier
Spencer, EsterMar 5 1849Aug 18 1864 10.1 10.2 
Spencer, Jobe18091893 10.1 10.2 
Spencer, Welthe E18161895 10.1 10.2Wife of Jobe Spencer
Spencer, Frederick R18421902 10.1 10.2Co A 136 Regt L NYV
Spencer, Morton L18401930 10.1 10.2 
Spencer, William Apr 12 1876 21.9 
Spicer, Agnes Reed190319** 26.1 
Spicer, Pauline C189819** 26.1 
Spicer, Robert P19231977 26.1 
Spike, (no name) Apr 18 191875yCanaseraga 
Spoor, Lois E19411978 26.1 
Spoor, Leota B19121975 26.1 
Sprague, Rhoda Apr 10 1879100y 2m 21d24.1Wife of David Sprague
Sprague, David Ag 20 183463y24.1Had children named Orin, Clarissa, Calvin, David & Isaac
Sprague, Calvin Dec 23 187966y 6m24.1Son of David Sprague
Sprague, ClarissaMay 8 1804Mar 4 1901 24.1 
Sprague, Isaac Mar 30 1896 24.1 
Sprague, Mary Aug 31 189830y24.1Wife of Isaac Sprague
Sprague, Josiah Mar 11 186122y 2m 5d24.1Dau at US Gen Hospital in Elmira NY
Sprague, James Jul 18 186121y 3m24.1D in service of his country as prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia
Sprague, Emmery18551924 5.1 
Sprague, Joseph18291900 5.1GAR marker
Sprague, Lewis18821903 5.1 
Sprague, Marie 194384y5.1 
Sprague, Nancy18311902 5.1 
Sprague, Sarah18761925 5.1 
Sprague, William18621900 5.1 
Sprague, William 194678y5.1 
Sprague, David May 20 183463y25.3 
Sprague, David W Sep 6 186064y25.3 
Sprague, Bryant18591930 15.1 
Sprague, Wendell1901  15.1 
Sprague, Lois R18971969 15.1 
Sprague, Alonzo Bailey (Rev)Dec 28 1856Oct 22 193972y17.1Son of Joseph & Phoebe Jackson Sprague; obit Oct 31 1929 Bolivar Breeze
Sprague, Benjamin Dec 20 193857y 4m 28d17.1b Fredonia; d Clarksville NY
Sprague, Clara LeRoy Jul 6 194180y 9m 15d17.1b Charlotte NY; d Friendship NY
Sprague, Elizabeth Hill 192339y17.1Wife of Burdette Sprague; obit Feb 22 1923 Bolivar Breeze
Sprague, Paul Claire Benjamin Dec, 19142y 10m 2d17.1Infant son of Benjamin C Sprague; obit Jan 7 1915 Bolivar Breeze
Sprague, William Howard Jul 15 196314y17.1d Olean NY
Sprague, Alvira D Jan 11 18574y 9m 2d26.1Dau of David W & Julia (Zulie) M Sprague
Spragur, Calvin18481922 24.2 
Spring, Basili may 196789y5.1 
Spring, Clara A18421914 5.1 
Spring, John18431925 5.1 
Spring, Reginald 196485y5.1 
Spring, Violet Baker 197083y5.1 
Squires, Raymond F 193838y5.1 
St John, Leonora18821968 15.1 
St John, Eugene A18721930 15.1 
St John, Watson M18481885 Blank 
St John, Ida18501902 BlankWife of Watson M St John
Stader, William Ransom19101964 8.1Veteran
Staford, K 1912 5.1 
Stafford, Eva Maude 194773y5.1 
Stafford, George 194776y5.1 
Stafford, Margaret TNov 1 1880Mar 4 1881 26.1 
Stafford, Catherine A18781934 26.1 
Stafford, Catherine 18331918 26.1Mother
Stafford, JamesOct 23 1838Aug 22 1907 26.1Father
Stafford, Thomas L18761935 26.1 
Stafford, Elizabeth E18741945 26.1 
Stafford, Howard ASep 16 1904Jan 15 1952 15.1 
Stafford, Jack Arthur 19059m 16d15.1 
Stafford, Lawrence B1922  15.1 
Stafford, Marjorie L19261977 15.1 
Stafford, Rockwell L1911  15.1 
Stafford, Mary A1917  15.1 
Stafford, George1871Dec 3 1947 Blanksee film for bio
Stafford, Eva MaudeMar 1 1873Mar 1 1947 BelmontForest Hill Cem; dau of Josiah & Emily Feathers Morse; m 2) John F Quinn of Angelica who died in 1906; m 2) Mr George H Stafford of Angelica Nov 1 1922; see film for bio
Stafford, Mary AMay 15 1880May 29 1898 24.2b in Bulliingllen Co., Mishion, Ireland
Stafford, OwenMay 24 1830Feb 7 1882 24.2b Ballyhoe, Mishion, Ireland
Stafford,Thomas18511945 24.2 
Stamm, Zeph18491926 10.1 10.2 
Stanley, Mary Stewart18901956 26.1 
Stanley, Rufus Apr 5 186362y 11m24.1 
Stannard, Martha Jun 9 1847 17.3Wife of Ansel Stannard
Stannard, Emma Sep 6 185238y17.32nd wife of Ansel Stannard
Stannard George R   17.2Son of Ansel & Martha H Stannard
Stannard, GertieApr 4 1883Aug 24 1899 10.1 10.2 
Stannard, JohnFeb 11 1824Mar 11 1899 24.1 
Stanton, Margaret 186338y8.1Wife of Daniel Stanton; b Herkimer Co NY
Stanton, Lyman18331916 8.11st NY Dragoons; son of Daniel & Margaret Stanton; b Herkimer Co NY
Stanton, Ella Back18571908 8.1Wife of Lyman Stanton
Stanton, Frances Willson18371876 8.1Wife of Lyman Stanton; b Allegany Co
Stanton, Ralph 195356y5.1 
Stanton, J P Mar 17 186360yDimick-Wirt 
Stanton, Melvina Dec 14 186266yDimick-Wirt 
Stanton, Abel Aug 17 185352yDimick-Wirt 
Stanton, Maribah (Billings) Dec 17 185474yDimick-WirtWife of J B Billings
Stark, Conrad F191019** 26.1 
Stark, Eunice V19131969 26.1 
Stark, Blanch Amy 196786y5.1 
Stark, John R 196484y5.1 
Starkey, Adolpheus R 185025y16.7 
Starkey, David 186226y16.7 
Starkey, Durrance 18153y16.7Dau of Hiram & Esther Starkey
Starkweather, FrankSep 8 1860Aug 17 194685yAngelicaLot 124; son of George & Mathilda Jennings Starkweather; hus of Edith Phippen
Starkweather, George   AngelicaLot 137
Starkweather, Harriet B   AngelicaLot 442
Starkweather, HenryOct 20 1866Sep 6 1950 AngelicaLot 179A; son of George & Mathilda Starkweather; hus of Nellie Arnold; see film for bio
Starkweather, Hattie Moot Oct 12 191143yAngelicaWife of Lafayette Starkweather; see film for bio
Starkweather, Maree   AngelicaLot 127
Starkweather, Matilda   AngelicaLot 127
Starkweather, Nellie ArnoldJul 23 1872Mar 11 1938 AngelicaLot 119A; wife of Henry Starkweather; dau of Jonathon & Mary Arnold; see film for bio
Starkweather, Edith Mary Phippen Oct 5 191344yAngelicaDau of Mr & Mrs Daniel Phippen; m Frank Starkweather 40y ago; see film for bio
Starr, EzraMay 1 1872Feb 28 1862 AngelicaLot 463; b Danbury, Conn; d Angelica NY
Starr, Arthur18521941 6.11 
Starr, Gertrude18511916 6.11Wife of Arthur Starr
Starr, Victor Feb 17 18931m6.11Son of Arthur & Gertrude Starr
Starr, John Jun 2 1878 6.11There is another another illegible name & dates on marker; in the 1870 census of Andover, there is a John Starr age 70
Starr, George Edward 194381y5.1(Belvidere)
Starr, Lydia18061889 5.1(Wm)
Starr, Henry AJun 20 1834Sep 24 1885 10.1 10.2 
Starr, Raymond191619** 10.1 10.2 
Starr, Grace B191619** 10.1 10.2 
Starr, Rex W188319** 10.1 10.2 
Starr, Alta B18861969 10.1 10.2 
Starr, Willie   BlankSon of George & Mary Starr
Starr, George Edward18611943 Blank 
Starr, Mary E18621946 Blank 
Starr,George18331917 BlankFather
Starr, Eliza18451933 BlankMother
Starr, Emma Dean18591909 BlankDau of George & Eliza Starr
Stearns, A J18371920 5.1 
Stearns, Norma18361902 5.1 
Stearns, Norman18361902 5.1 
Stebbins, Kenneth H192119** 26.1 
Stebbins, Helen L191819** 26.1 
Steadman, Gerald L19011952 6.11 
Steadman, Clement R18711947 6.11 
Steadman, Gertrude P18831954 6.11 
Stearns, Amila Jul 30 189156y24.5 
Stearns, Homer 184919236.3 
Stearns, Phebe1850  6.3 
Stearns, John B Apr 14 184415y1.3Son of John & Emily Stearns
Steckler, Charles E18551930 10.1 10.2 
Steckler, Carrie18581947 10.1 10.2 
Stedman, Harry J 194960y5.1 
Stedwell, Charles M18631929 8.1 
Stedwell, Minnie K18681939 8.1 
Stedwell, Wilbur K19011920 8.1 
Stedwell, Grace M18941974 8.1 
Steenrod, Carl E 194562y5.1 
Steenrod, Harold F 197159y5.1 
Steenrod, Lyle L 194122y5.1 
Steenworth, Raymond Burton19101934 5.1 
Steffy, Frank18721880 26.1 
Steffy, William18441896 26.1 
Steinberg, ClydeApr 10 1872Mar 4 1874 3.2Child of C & N S Steinberg
Steinberg, CarletonApr 12 1878Jan 9 1879 3.2 
Steinbisee, Rupert A18941966 8.1 
Steinbisee, Mildred R18981972 8.1 
Steinburg, Clara Agnes18521891 5.1 
Steinburg, Victor Morris18781891 5.1 
Steiner, Harold Jul 21 197769y17.1b Wis; d Cuba NY
Steiner, John HermanApr 30 1875Mar 2 195175y 10m 2d17.1b Berne Switzerland; d Jordan Hill Rd; obit Mar 8 1951 Bolivar Breeze
Steinrod, Eva R 196578y5.1 
Stephens, Della Palmer18531913 10.1 1.2Mother & grandma
Stephens, Rachel Updyke18721936 6.11With the Updyke-Kemp stones; she was b "Updyke" & m Porter Stephens
Stephenson, Nora Bell Dec 6 194365y 7m 14d17.1Wife of William Stephenson; b Phillips Station PA; d Olean; obit Dec 9 1943 Bolivar Breeze
Sterling, John H Nov 14 1945 AngelicaLot 190; 7 children survive; see film for bio
Sterling, Mathilda   AngelicaLot 190
Stern, Nicholas C18531928 5.1 
Sterns, Edgar R 1854 16.7Son of Horace & Jennie Sterns
Sterns, Fred E18551929 Blank 
Sterns, Mary S18581922 Blank 
Sterns, Minnie Robertson18781946 Blank 
Stetson, Roy L18871920 10.1 10.2 
Stetson, Sarah18601935 10.1 10.2 
Stevens, Perry E18621938 6.11 
Stevens, Mabel Mead1866  6.11 
Stevens, Vernon E18801966 24.1 
Stevens, Mary A18831968 24.1 
Stevens, Lora A18191852 24.1 
Stevens, Charlotte Houghton18161853 24.1Wife of Amos Stevens
Stevens, Arthur G18611863 24.1 
Stevens, Amos18131889 24.1Father
Stevens, Martin VanBaren Feb 10 18409y 8m 20d4.6Son of Levi & Jemima Stevens; was burned
Stevens, Asher Feb 10 18405y 5m 6d4.6Son of Levi & Jemima Stevens; was burned
Stevens, Elma R18561922 8.1Wife of Rev A D Stevens
Stevens, Hulda A (Randall)18521931 8.1Sister to Elma R Stevens
Stevens, Caroline   AngelicaLot 231B
Stevens, George F   AngelicaLot 231B
Stevens, Laura A   AngelicaLot 431
Stevens, Nellie Jun 21 18713y 7m 12d8.1Dau of E & M Stevens
Steward, Luther Jhon   BlankSayre Cemetery (New Hudson); near Roat farm off Rt 305; Civil War
Steward, Sarah A Jan 20 183724y8.9Wife of Nathan Steward
Steward, Iantha May 11 183219y8.9 
Steward, Iantha May 11 183219y8.8 
Steward, Sarah Ann Jan 20 183724y8.8 
Stewart, Elia McNett18861918 5.1Dau of George Stewart
Stewart, Frederich18101853 5.1 
Stewart, Tracy LApr 21 1876Jun 1 1926 24.1 
Stewart, Shahh TAug 19 1880Nov 2 1959 24.1 
Stewart, WillieDec 5 1879Apr 5 1884 RichburgInfant son of James B & Elizabeth Stewart
Stewart, George H Aug 22 1864 15.1 
Stewart, Charles S18501926 24.1 
Stewart, Cora B18701953 24.1 
Stewart, Richard Earl18901934 26.1 
Stewart, Edwin BApr 4 1836Jul 20 1837 21.5Son of G G & S S Stewart; death year may be 1887
Stewart Servine SJul 6 1806Mar 29 1891 21.5 
Stewart, Ona MrsOct 14 1863Sep 10 1947 West Almondb Alfred; survived by 3 dau's, Mrs Bertha Jacobs of Wellsville, Mrs Mabel Northrop of Hornell & Mrs Reva Gosper of West Almond
Stewart, William A Nov 22 188373yRushfordd at County Home; elected Allegany Co District Attorney in 1853
Stewart, John Oct 11 188160y19.1Broken stone
Stickle, Jerry Lee   17.2Son of Carol & Woody Stickle
Stickle, Floy1381964 17.2 
Stickle, Willard W19321972 17.2 
Stickney, Lewis18411921 5.1 
Stickney, Sarah L 193481y5.1 
Stiles, Roxy A Jan 15 182016y(?)8.1 
Stiles, Charles Aug 6 1835 8.1 
Stielman, CharlottMay 12 1828Nov 26 1860 24.1Wife of Joseph Flint
Stillman, Gertrude E18751973 15.1 
Stillman, Selah B18691948 15.1 
Stillman, Nina E1859Nov 30 1860 17.3Child of W H & P S J Stillman
Stillman, George C1859Mar 8 1862 17.3 
Stillman, HenryApr 24 1820Mar 10 1887 21.5Pvt Co B 16 NYHA
Stillman, Julia MAug 22 1828Feb 13 1854 21.5Wife of Henry Stillman
Stillman, Levina18391890 21.5Wife of H Stillman
Stillman, Ethan R Mar 5 18**1y 3dBlankChild of L & M Stillman
Stillman, John N Mar 11 18301yBlankChild of L & M Stillman
Stillman, Daniel BAug 27 1807May 8 1883 5.6 
Stillman, Davis Oct 19 186086y5.6 
Stillman, Sarah Jul 27 181575y5.6Wife of Davis Stillman
Stillman, Martin18611883 5.6Son of Daniel & Ann Stillman
Stillman, Lyman Apr 7 184327y 6m 8d5.6 
Stillman, LymanSep 27 1800Apr 5 1832 5.6 
Stillman, NancyApr 18 1802Jan 8 1884 5.6Wife of Lyman Stillman
Witter, Ira SJul 31 1817Mar 3 1887 5.6Buried with Lyman & Nancy Stillman
Witter, SusanJun 9 1824Oct 11 1901 5.6Buried with Lyman & Nancy Stillman
Stillman, Ann May 8 186148y(?)5.6Wife of Daniel B Stillman
Stillman, Mathew Sep 15 185236y21.5 
Stillman, Lorana HAug 5 1829Sep 3 1890 21.5 
Stillman, EphraimDec 19 1821Oct 5 1899 21.5 
Stillman, NathanOct 14 1790Apr 22 1863 21.5 
Stillman, ThankfulMar 6 1794Apr 25 1853 21.5 
Stillman, Donald S18941925 10.1 10.2Sgt 303 MTC; World War veteran
Stillman, Joel P18481902 17.2 
Stillman, Bert C18741961 17.2 
Stillman, Vista18761965 17.2 
Stillman, Joseh D18431925 17.285 NYSV
Stillman, Ellen J18531930 17.2 
Stillman, Joseh L18141890 17.2 
Stillman, Rebeckah H18161895 17.2 
Stillman, Frances18591864 17.2 
Stillman, Sarah1769Mar 28 1836 17.2Wife of Joseph Stillman
Stillman, Adelbert E18771936 17.2 
Stillman, Charlotte M18821970 17.2 
Stillman, Evelyn J19131935 17.2 
Stillman Arthur E19141930 17.2 
Stillman, David 1854 28.10Stillman cemetery; son of Jared & Prudence
Stillman, Clinton Apr 8 186520y28.10Stillman cemetery; son of Jared & Prudence
Stillman, Jared 187363y 9m 10d28.10Stillman cemetery
Stillman, Prudence Nov 19 188265y 3m 1d28.10Stillman cemetery; wife of Jared Stillman
Stillman, Joseph (infant) 1887 DimickSon of O R Stillman
Stives, Howard LeRoy19441944 28.1 
Stives, Susie G18911947 28.1Mother
Stives, Samuel H18851975 28.1Father
Stives, Marjorie I191119** 28.1 
Stives, Kenneth R19111980 28.1 
Stives, Robert Eugene May 15 196629y17.1b Shinglehouse PA; d Portville NY
Stillwell, George NormanFeb 24 1933Mar 1 19336dAngelicaLot 869; son of Mr & Mrs L L Stillwell
Stilson, Howard L18791962 10.1 10.2 
Stilson, Clara E187919** 10.1 10.2 
Stilson, Paul H19181932 10.1 10.2 
Stimson, Richard HJul 17 1925Mar 31 1978 15.1FCS US Navy WWII Korea
Stimson, Eleanor Maxson18571945 Utopia-Wirt 
Stockwell, J Oct 14 184353y20.2 
Stockwell, Joel Oct 10 184348y20.2 
Stockwell, Mary Nov 24 188389y20.2 
Stockwell, Bradley   AngelicaLot 837
Stockwell, Bradley Mrs   AngelicaLot 837; sister of Mrs W W Norton
Stoddard, John18401923 5.1 
Stoddard, George L18761950 17.2 
Stoddard, Edith M18781954 17.2 
Stohr, George H18701954 Richburg 
Stohr, Luella Keller18781951 RichburgWife of George H Stohr
Stohr, Harold G18991961 RichburgSon of George H & Luella Stohr
Stohr, George A189518956mRichburgSon of George H & Luella Stohr
Keller, Estella18541899 RichburgMother of Luella Stohr
Stoll, Mary P18761948 26.1 
Stoll, Charles E18721958 26.1 
Stoll, Prentice G19001917 26.1 
Stoll, Charles T19031951 26.1 
Stoll, Irene S Hyde19091968 26.1 
Stoll, Richard LMar 21 1908Sep 19 1965 26.1NY SFC 15 Constal Regt WWII
Stoll, John M 1970 10.1 10.2 
Stoll, Helen N   10.1 10.2 
Stone, Ernest F18541918 10.1 10.2 
Stone, Ida F18531935 10.1 10.2 
Stone, Jeannette O19081975 15.1 
Stone, Milton E19061962 15.1 
Stone, Harry A18861931 10.1 10.2 
Stone, Lulu E18861968 10.1 10.2 
Stone, Israel H18231881 17.2 
Stone, Nancy M18241899 17.2 
Stone, J F18461872 10.1 10.2Co B 64 Regt NYSV
Stone, Floyd M18711946 Richburg 
Stone, Maude L Conneely18801963 RichburgWife of Floyd M Stone
Stone, Eleanor1912Feb 10 1969 RichburgDau of Floyd M & Maude Stone; nurse supervisor Millard, Fillmore & Buffalo
Conneely, Thomas SJan 27 1890Jan 24 1953 RichburgBrother of Maude L Stone; veteran WWI; Quartermaster Corps
Stone, Lawrence C1961966 28.1 
Stone, Marion L Mar 13 1862 21.9Son of H J & I A Stone
Stone, Nellie18691907 8.1Wife of A W Stone
Stonemetz, Frederick O  80y17.1b PA; d Venton Park, Jamestown NY (divorced)
Stonemetz, Otis Sep 2 195574y 7m 2d17.1b PA; d Collins NY (separated)
Stonemetz, Belva 195364y 2m 4d17.1b Whitesville NY; d Portville NY; buried Mar 24 1953 (widow)
Stonemetz, ChristopherJul, 1856Jun 12 194386y 11m17.1Son of Philo & Rachel Middaugh Stonemetz; b Potter Co PA; d Genesee Twp NY; obit Jun 17 1943 Bolivar Breeze
Stonemetz, Olive R1887May 23 1943 FillmoreWife of Henry Stonemetz; b Fillmore; dau of Truman & Cora Warner Fortz; see film for bio
Stonham, Catherine18631920 24.2 
Stonham, Daniel18701936 24.2 
Stonham, Charles W18991928 24.5 
Stonham, Clark S18661948 24.5 
Stonham, Joseph E19031939 24.5 
Stonham, Legrand18941975 24.5 
Stonham, Lena M18841964 24.5 
Stonham, Mabel L19001954 24.5 
Stonham, Ruth Ann18231921 24.5 
Stonham, James J18881960 24.5 
Stonham, Lorette M18721907 24.5Wife of Frank Stonham
Stonham, Earl F180019** 24.5 
Stonham, Olin C19021973 24.5 
Stonham, Isabell C1904  10.1 10.2 
Stonham, Junior F19261945 10.1 10.2Son of Isabell Stonham; WWII
Storm, Violet D19001925 15.1 
Storm, Louise   AngelicaLot 263A
Storm, Minerva   AngelicaLot 263A
Storms, Lewis Nov 30 1948 AngelicaHus of Addie Baird Storms; see film for bio
Storms, George18381907 3.2 
Storms, Agnes18481904 3.2 
Storms, John F18761939 3.2 
Storms, Charles H18721904 3.2 
Story, Jesse Aug 30 192770y7.3 
Story, N C   28.1 
Story, Ophelia C   28.1 
Story, Delray May 24 188714y 1m 9d28.1Son of N C & Opehlia Story
Story, Percy P18741917 5.1 
Stothart, Alexander J18801962 10.1 10.2 
Stothart, Gertrude L18701951 10.1 10.2 
Stout, Robert A 1936 26.1 
Stout, Josephine 1960 26.1 
Stowell, J Victor18951969 8.1 
Stowell, Ruth Herkimer189419** 8.1Wife of J Victor Stowell
Stowell, Leonora 184843y16.7Wife of Luther Stowell, Esq
Stowell, Paul M 194469y5.1 
Straight, Merie K19171947 10.1 10.2 
Straight, Robert179718** Blank(& Orin, Mary, F R, Mary, Mary, Lorin & others)
Straight, DexterAug 15 1861Oct 13 1861 11.4Son of E A & E Straight
Straight, ElizabethMay 31 1811Nov 25 1866 11.4 
Straight, ElijahOct 31 1833Jul 19 1894 11.4Father
Straight, EuniceSep 18 1835  114Wife of Elijah Straight
Stram, John A18631946 8.1 
Stram, Lizzie M18711950 8.1 
Stram, Leon George18871945 8.1 
Stram, Jennie I1892  8.1 
Stram, Nellie J19221922 8.1 
Stratton, Uriah W18391923 6.11 
Stratton, Doroleski Beebe18461926 6.11Wife of U W Stratton
Strayer, Bascom T   10.1 10.2 
Strayer, Lucy M18411932 10.1 10.2 
Strayer, Lorenzo D18421921 10.1 10.2 
Strayer, Myrtie L18681916 10.1 10.2 
Strayer, Edwin M18681940 10.1 10.2 
Strayer, Irene W18851932 10.1 10.2 
Bascom, Murry C18791937 10.1 10.2Buried with Bascom T Strayer family
Bascom, DeEtta M18811963 10.1 10.2Buried with Bascom T Strayer family
Bascom, Jessie L18511954 10.1 10.2Buried with Bascom T Strayer family
Street, Earl Herber18681869 5.1(David)
Street, Paul Katum18661869 5.1(David)
Streeter, Clarance Mar 17 188720y20.2Son of H J & M M Streeter
Streeter, Frank C18511929 10.1 10.2 
Streeter, Belle E18601952 10.1 10.2 
Streeter, Clarendon E18931972 10.1 10.2 
Streeter, Isabel Bradley189619** 10.1 10.2 
Streeter, William M18281918 10.1 10.2 
Streeter, Mary E18321907 10.1 10.2 
Streator, Daniel Mar 23 1863 15.5Co B 23 NYV
Streetor, Levin C18421905 Richburg 
Streetor, Ruth Coe18431912 RichburgWife of Levi C Streetor
Strickler, Elizabeth Ellen Aug 20 1947 10.1 10.2 
Strittmathers, Leo1905196964y5.2 
Strittmathers, Catherine J19081960 5.2 
Strokes, Mildred Torrey18911951 24.5Also see Frank Smith Torrey
Strong, Charles (Rev)Apr 17 1827Dec 2 1887 Stannards(Back River Rd)
Strong, Lydia A   Stannards(Back River Rd); wife of Rev Charles Strong
Strong, CharleyMar 6 1861Feb 16 1862 Stannards(Back River Rd); son of Rev Charles & Lydia Strong
Strong, Delila 186539y16.7Wife of Nelson Strong
Strong, Wellington 18663y16.7 
Strong, Amelia 185012y16.7Dau of John & Sally Strong
Strong, Jane 183720y16.7Wife of W B Strong
Strong, Eunice 185869y16.7Wife of Elisha Strong
Strong, Smith1819  8.1b Tompkins Co
Strong, Mary Jane1823  8.1Wife of Smith Strong; b Tompkins Co
Strong, Frank R1842  8.1Son of Smith & Mary Jane Strong; Civil War; b Tompkins Co
Strong, Susan Byrnes May 2 190482y8.1Wife of H F Strong
Strong, Warren   8.1 
Strong, Maria B Sep 15 184239y15.1Wie of Ira Strong
Strong, Elisha 1811(?)59y16.7Death year could be 1811, 1844 or 1847
Stroyne, EdwardJul 30 1895Apr 13 1976 Richburg 
Strum, (no name) 192976y5.1 
Stuart, Oscar 1969 1.4 
Stuck, May J18741899 27.11 
Stuck, Abbie J 18955m27.11 
Stuck, Archie18481899 27.11 
Stuck, May M May 12 19004m27.11 
Stuck, Martha Dec 12 183746y25.1Wife of (?) Stuck
Stuck, May J18741899 25.8Wife of Willis Stuck
Stuck, Abbie J Jun 11 18955m25.8 
Stuck, Cora Belle 193375y5.1(H J)
Stuck, Cora Brown 195180y5.1(Brown)
Stuck, Glen 194953y5.1 
Stuck, Harry J 194671y5.1 
Stuck, Llewellyn 195761y5.1 
Stuck, Llewellyn B18471917 5.1 
Stuck, Luella18981920 5.1 
Stuck, Rosemond T 196959y5.1 
Stuck, Sylvester J18761936 5.1 
Stuck, Willis L18681934 5.1 
Stuck, Willis L 197054y5.1 
Stuck, Abigail C   AngelicaLot 79
Stuck, Jeremiah C   AngelicaLot 79
Stuck, Vivian M19141970 8.1 
Studer, Edward C Jr May, 1974 28.1 
Studer, Sandra DFeb 20 1949Jan 22 1966 28.1 
Studer, Virginia M19181960 28.1 
Studer, Danny (baby)Jun 10 1956Oct 8 1956 28.1 
Studer, Philetus (Filelus)18291903 28.1Co K 85 Regt NYV
Studer, Leon D1920Dec 22 1937 28.1 
Studer, Herbert C19221941 28.1 
Studer, HubertAug, 1923Aug, 1923 28.1 
Studer, Alfred A18621929 28.1 
Studer, Lydia A18611932 28.1 
Studer, Fred18901959 28.1 
Studer, Melvina18921956 28.1 
Studer, Daniel18531926 24.1Father
Studer, Nettie185319** 24.1Mother
Studley, InfantJan 10 1975Jan 10 1975 17.1b & d Olean NY
Sturdevant, Eva GFeb 16 1877Mar 21 1951 24.1Wife of Henry Sturdevant; dau of Edwin & Matilda Davis Hollenbeck; see film for bio
Sturdevant, Henry Lyman Feb, 1931 BlankHus of Eva Hollenbeck Sturdevant; see film for bio
Sturgeon, Blanche W18931943 15.1 
Stutson, Bathsheba17911824 AngelicaLot 349; burial in St. Patrick's Cemetery-Belfast; see film for bio
Stryker, Lydia18911973 15.1 
Stryker, Frank18831964 15.1 
Stryker, Frank H 195487y5.1 
Stryker, Katherine 193769y5.1(Frank)
Stryker, Charlie Mar 16 18627y 4m 4d5.6Son of H & A G Stryker
Stryker, Adelbert Nov 19 1862 5.6Son of H & A G Stryker
Stryker, Adella Nov 21 1860 5.6Dau of H & A G Stryker
Stryker, Henry Sep 13 190074y5.6 
Stryker, AngenettJul 16 1837Feb 5 1880 5.6 
Subject, Anthony18931976 15.1 
Subject, Grace F18931962 15.1 
Subject, Infant May 4 1919 151Child of Anthony & Grace F Subject
Sullivan, John M18441918 15.1 
Sullivan, Mary S18501925 15.1 
Sullivan, Floyd H 195676y5.1 
Sullivan, Mertie Jul 4 195065y5.1Wife of Floyd Sullivan; see film for bio
Sullivan, Charles HAug 17 1888May 18 1959 8.1NY PFC 302 Repair Unit MTS; WWI
Sullivan, M C   8.1No marker
Sullivan, Anna McLaughlinOct 19 1842Sep 25 1921 BelmontWife of Jerry Sullivan; see film for bio
Sullivan, Thomas18631935 24.2 
Sullivan, Joseph Paul1891Jan 8 1951 CanaseragaSt Mary's Cem; son of James & Catherine Kelly Sullivan; see film for bio
Sullivan, Mary McEvoy May 71952 BlankWife of Timothy O Sullivan
Sullivan, Timothy O Jun 11 1946 BelfastHus of Mary McEvoy Sullivan; see film for bio; bur Holy Cross Cemetery
Sullivan, Cornelius O18201911 26.1Father
Sullivan, Catherine C18271903 26.1Mother
Sullivan, David1861198 26.1 
Sullivan, Mary D17711869 26.1Grandmother
Sullivan, John M Jul 3 189357y26.1 
Sullivan, Ellen   26.1Wife of John Sullivan
Sullivan, William J Feb 26 190126y26.1 
Sullivan, Etta Mar 11 189127y26.1 
Sullivan, Georgie J Oct 28 189214y26.1 
Sullivan, Johnie W  9d26.1 
Sullivan, Maggie E Aug 11 188625y26.1 
Sullivan, Edward D Oct 12 188823y26.1 
Sullivan, Ella G Oct 16 188821y26.1 
Sullivan, Joseph F18951969 26.1 
Sullivan, Alice M18971969 26.1 
Sullivan, M Florence19041928 26.1 
Sullivan, Agnes Forhan Feb 22 1959 26.1 
Sullivan, Harry J Feb 6 1970 26.1 
Sullivan, John T18561931 26.1 
Sullivan, Margaret C18561938 26.1 
Sullivan, Michael J18681945 26.1 
Sullivan, Margaret18631947 26.1 
Sullivan, James F18651902 26.1 
Sullivan, Catharine18341899 26.1 
Sullivan, Thomas18301901 26.1 
Sullivan, Abigail T18711945 26.1 
Sullivan, William H18711920 26.1 
Sullivan, James A18801930 26.1 
Sullivan, Margaret I18781936 26.1 
Sullivan, William Mar 19 187192yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; erected by his son Patrick Sullivan
Sullivan, Patrick Nov 9 187868yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; erected by his wife
Sullivan, David18531928 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Sullivan, Daniel Oct 12 188474y 2mBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; Father
Sullivan, Rosa Nov 24 188372yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; mother; wife of Daniel Sullivan
Sullivan, Daniel E18491919 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Sullivan, Catharine18**19** BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Sullivan, Timothy 18521921 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Sullivan, Anna18461911 BirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
Sullivan, Albert J1889195970y5.2 
Sullivan, Teresa1889193546y5.2 
Sullivan, Jerry183919** 5.2 
Sullivan, Anna1843192178y5.2 
Sumner, Hiram B18091877 8.1 
Sumner, Hannah H18151894 8.1 
Sumner, Emma   8.1 
Sumner, Newton18401925 8.1Father
Sumner, Eliza A18411930 8.1Mother; wife of Newton Sumner
Sumner, Mary C18731878 8.1Dau of Newton Sumner
Sumner, Bertram18681957 8.1Son of Newton Sumner
Sumner, Mary E18841956 8.1Wife of Bertram Sumner
Sumner, Seth L18791961 8.1Son of Newton Sumner
Sumner, Cooley Mar 31 183865y8.5 
Sumner, Sarah May 4 183366y8.5 
Sumnes, (no name) Jul 6 187635yBlankWife of George Sumnes
Surdoval, Patrick J18521919 10.1 10.2 
Surdoval, Mary Cahill18531906 10.1 10.2 
Sutton, Harley H19021956 17.2 
Sutton, Madge W1905  17.2 
Sutton, William18471900 15.1 
Sutton, Mandana18481902 15.1 
Sutton, Randy19541970 1.4 
Swain, John May 27 191487y6.11 
Swain, Philena Apr 15 189366y6.11Wife of John Swain
Swain, Evelyn  3y6.11Dau of William & L Swain
Swian, J P   19.1No dates
Swain, Jason   6.11No dates
Swain, Mary   6.11No dates
Swain, ThomasSep 4 1863Apr 16 1947 6.11 
Swain, Hattie O KempMay 14 1863Jun 17 1920 6.111st wife of Thomas Swain
Swain, DiannaMay 14 1827Sep 2 1896 6.11Wife of William Swain Jr
Swain, Lester A18941959 8.1 
Swain, Etta G1896  8.1Wife of Lester A Swain
Swain, WilliamFeb 19 1832Dec 20 1892 6.11 
Swain, William Mar 24 186964y6.11 
Swain, Mary W Jun, 187676y 6m6.11Wife of William Swain
Swan, Charles Oct 29 193151yBlankNo kown relatives
Swarthout, Harold James 19463y5.1 
Swarthout, Helena 197053y5.1 
Swarthout, (no name)19681968 5.1 
Swarthout, Earl A18871973 15.1 
Swarthout, Mamie M1889  15.1 
Swarthout, Jessie MAug 3 1877Sep 17 1962 10.1 10.2NY Cpl 202 Regt NY Inf; Spanish American War
Swarts, W Oliver18381909 6.11His obit says he died Nov 29 1910
Swarts, M Almira18441920 6.11Wife of Oliver Swarts
Swarts, Glenn W18911928 6.11Son of Oliver & M Almira Swarts
Swarts, George E18421930 15.1Co L 1st Cav NYV; Civil War
Swarts, George EApr 8 1945Jul 7 1970 15.1Michigan Sgt 2nd NAW Vietnam
Swarts, L Ellen18531928 15.1 
Swarts, Raymond LDec 22 1882Mar 21 1970 15.1 
Swarts, Elizabeth18781936 Richburg 
Swartwood, Daniel H May 17 185435yAmity-Windus 
Swartwood, Jane Sep 18 185355y 9m 1dAmity-WindusWife of Abram Swartwood
Swartwood, Minerva C Jul 2 185519y 11m 16dAmity-WindusDau of Abram & Jane Swartwood
Swartz, William1824196 12.2 
Swartz, Dora18311970 12.2 
Swartz, Mary E18641893 12.2 
Sweeney, Patrick Mar 17 1903 26.1 
Sweeney, Bridget Sep 26 1899 26.1 
Sweeney, Mary Anne Aug 28 1899 26.1 
Sweeney, Alice D Nov 28 1877 26.1 
Sweeney, Ellen Apr 9 187357y26.1Wife of M Sweeney
Sweeney, Eleanor DolanOct 10 1911May 2 1982 26.1 
Sweeney, John D19351939 26.1 
Sweeney, James P18761964 26.1 
Sweeney, Agnes N18761956 26.1 
Sweeney, Martin18631951 26.1 
Sweeney, Ella18661945 26.1 
Sweeney, Patrick Mar 13 1879 26.1 
Sweeney, Ann Nov 25 1868 26.1 
Sweeney, Rodger Nov 4 186130y26.1 
Sweeney, Thomas18301879 26.1 
Sweeney, Mary Riley18431923 26.1Wife of Thomas Sweeney
Sweeney, Elizabeth A18691883 26.1 
Sweeney, John V18671921 26.1 
Sweeney, Joseph P18761904 26.1 
Sweeney, C F (infant)19051905 5.1in vault Jun 14 1905
Sweet, James18341917 6.11Margaret P Wood says he died Apr 16 1918
Sweet, Matilda1846199 6.11 
Sweet, Ettie Dec 15 187716y 5m 22d26.3Dau of Asa & Aurelia Sweet
Sweet, Olive M19071913 15.1 
Sweet, Harry H18621908 15.1 
Sweet, Sue Early18771966 24.1 
Sweet, Harold FrankApr 15 1909Jan 7 1962 24.1NY F1 USNR WWII
Sweet, Daniel L18851955 24.1 
Sweet, Samuel M May 9 1859 20.7 
Swen, Rose May 26 186356y24.2Wife of Thomas Swen
Swen, Thomas18121893 24.2 
Swen, Ellen18281893 24.2Wife of Thomas Swen
Swezey, William C19201925 17.2Son of G L & P B P Swezey
Swezey, William H18591921 17.2 
Swift, Alice Colwell18221925 15.1 
Swift, Carrol A18971964 15.1 
Swift, DouglasApr 26 1882Feb 16 1946 15.1 
Swift, Eleanor   15.1 
Swift, Harold M18941951 15.1 
Swift, Bertha M18941963 15.1 
Swift, Howard A1914  15.1 
Swift, Margaret M1912  15.1 
Swift, Kzahr H19481964 15.1 
Swift, Lois L19481965 15.1 
Swift, Maude E18951963 15.1 
Swift, Don C189119** 15.1 
Swift, Monique JApr 19 1883Jun 8 1972 15.1 
Swift, Nathan L18621905 15.1 
Swift, Vianna18541912 15.1 
Swift, Olive Rowley18991942 15.1 
Swift, Rufus H18911979 15.1 
Swift, Mary E18911965 15.1 
Swift, Stanley Galvin18511941 15.1 
Swift, Cullen D18601930 15.1 
Swift, Lucy M18701923 15.1 
Swift, Jerome   Black CreekCivil War
Swift, Carl E190319** 28.1 
Swift, Helen C19061956 28.1 
Swift, Charles 19739y5.1 
Swift, Ellis L 194428y5.1 
Swift, Harry18991923 5.1 
Swift, Pheobe Ann18521915 5.1(Richard)
Swift, Richard 193080y5.1 
Swift, Rose Taylor 195673y5.1(Charles)
Swift, Wyatt   Black CreekWar of 1812
Swift, John D & 3 unknowns18631928 8.1Farr on the lot
Swift, Nettie R18661951 8.1 
Swift, Norton J1826Mar 25 185731y 1m 11d3.2Father
Swift, Clarinda18281932 3.2Mother
Swift, Henry   AngelicaLot 463
Swift, Isabella B   AngelicaLot 519
Swimelar, Hugh HNov 18 1872May 25 1960 24.5 
Swink, Bartle   AngelicaLot 424
Swink, Fanny   AngelicaLot 424
Swink, Fred   AngelicaLot 424
Swink, Mary   AngelicaLot 424
Swink, Peter Oct 14 187451y6.11 
Swisher, Simmie Dec 171966 Black CreekWWII
Sylor, Anna D   AngelicaLot 786
Sylor, Clarence Garfield Jan 25 1943 AngelicaLot 789; son of William & Florence Adell Slade Sylor; hus of Edna Manning Sylor; see film for bio
Sylor, Florence SladeJan 7 1855Jan 16 1933 AngelicaLot 784; m Wm Sylor Dec 10 1879 of Granger; see film for bio
Sylvia, (no name)18871910 10.1 10.2 

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