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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


Taber, Bert Ross18811940 8.1Brother of Seth Taber
Taber, Jennie G18911972 8.1 
Taber, Seth18941950 8.1 
Taber, Alice18971971 8.1 
Tabor, Comfort Nov 24 187366y 6m 15d11.4Wife of Z Bailey
Tadder, Eldon A18911958 BellvilleWWI
Taft, Susie Dec 17 1920 17.1d Buffalo NY; obit Dec 30 1920; wife of Alonzo Taft
Taft, James F18471913 BlankFather
Taft, Ida E18601904 Blank 
Taft, Mary (Griffith)18191893 Blank 
Taft, Ida E   BlankMother
Tanner, John H18561893 26.1Father
Tanner, Sarah18581934 26.1Mother
Tanner, Mary M18861957 26.1 
Tanner, Patrick Aug 5 188869y26.1 
Tanner, Mary M May 28 188566y 6m 15d26.1Wife of Patrick Tanner
Tanner, Harriet WJun 28 1826Mar 28 1896 17.2 
Tanner, John HSep 5 1799Sep 6 1890 17.3 
Tanner, ClarisaNov 4 1801Dec 15 1873 17.3Wife of John Tanner
Tanner, Elizabeth F Nov 6 1837 17.3 
Tanner, Albert H1831Feb 28 1859 17.3 
Tanner, Gracia18821919 10.1 10.2Wife of M W Tanner
Tapp, Theodora L19101967 15.1 
Tarantine, James V1875194772y5.2 
Tarantine, Mary T1876191741y5.2 
Tarey, William H1872Sep 14 1957 OleanPleasant Valley Cemetery; see film
Tarey, William Mrs May 8 1945 OleanPleasant Valley Cemetery; see film
Tarr, NormanJul 28 1919Dec 19 1972 10.1 10.2NY PFC US Army WWII
Tarr, Marman M19191973 10.1 10.2 
Tarr, Goldie19211962 10.1 10.2 
Tate, George A19051951 26.1 
Tate, Mary E19081952 26.1 
Taylor, Orlanna B18861966 24.1 
Taylor, Raymond W18851977 24.1 
Taylor, Mary18551933 6.11Mother of Mrs James Mulholland Sr; her obit says she was b Oct 29 1859 & d Aug 19 1933
Taylor, Charles Oct 25 1844 15.5Son of Joseph Taylor
Taylor, Genevieve R19081949 15.1 
Taylor, Harry C189619** 15.1 
Taylor, Jennie T19001972 15.1 
Taylor, Hattie A18741955 15.1 
Taylor, Jesse C18891954 15.1 
Taylor, Jay M18791948 15.1 
Taylor, John L18761944 15.1 
Taylor, Laura M18861970 15.1 
Taylor, Leonard19051949 15.1 
Taylor, Roy C19061977 15.1 
Taylor, Ida K1902  15.1 
Taylor, Arthur D18861968 24.5 
Taylor, Edith18881968 24.1 
Taylor, George H18811952 24.1 
Taylor, Ernest18831958 24.5 
Taylor, Gertrude F18921973 24.5 
Taylor, Grace M18871953 24.5 
Taylor, Henry C18221909 24.1 
Taylor, Malissa18261904 24.1Wife of Henry C Taylor
Taylor, George E18471919 24.1 
Taylor, Charlie H185918** 24.1 
Taylor, Clayton G18841900 24.1 
Taylor, Hiram18051869 24.5 
Taylor, Harriet18121899 24.5Wife of Hiram Taylor
Taylor, Francis E18601929 10.1 10.2 
Taylor, Ettie W18671945 10.1 10.2 
Taylor, Josephine L18551915 24.5 
Taylor, Walter Edward18991911 5.1 
Taylor, Waren M18341914 24.5 
Taylor, George B Jan 11 189766yRichburgSgt Co G 5 US Cav; veteran
Taylor, Ruth Jan 1 189866yRichburgWife of Georbe B Taylor
Taylor, Daisy1861Oct 10 1883 RichburgSee story of Daisy Taylor in Richburg History
Taylor, Francis (Deacon) 184435y16.7 
Taylor, Rebecca Sep 19 182843y16.7Wife of Job Taylor
Taylor, FredOct 23 1869Mar 1 1932 AngelicaLot 407; son of George & Mary Taylor; see film for bio
Taylor, Frederick18491851 AngelicaLot 407; son of Archibald & Huldah Taylor
Taylor, George Aug 23 194185yAngelicaLot 68; hus of Sarah F Taylor; see film
Taylor, George1816Aug 9 **** AngelicaLot 68; hus of Mary Howard; see film for bio
Taylor, Mary E18641865 AngelicaLot 407; dau of George & Mary Taylor
Taylor, Mary H   AngelicaLot 72
Taylor, Mary Negus Howard May 10 191585yAngelicaLot 63; wife of George Taylor who died in 1889; see film for bio
Taylor, Sarah F1854Feb, 194793yNundasurvived by son Henry Taylor of Nunda
Taylor, Susan   AngelicaLot 68
Taylor, Sarah E18591863 AngelicaLot 407; dau of George & Mary Taylor
Taylor, William H Dec 27 1931 AngelicaLot 407; son of George & Mary Taylor; hus of Emma E Taylor; see film
Taylor, Albert   AngelicaLot 72
Taylor, Ann18121828 AngelicaLot 407; dau of Archibald & Eleanor Taylor
Taylor, Archibald I17741848 AngelicaLot 407; b Ireland; lived in Allen Twp
Taylor, Archibald II18101851 AngelicaLot 407
Taylor, Arthur D   AngelicaLot 72
Taylor, Eleanor I   AngelicaLot 407; wife of Archibald Taylor I
Taylor, Eleanor II18221851 AngelicaLot 407
Teehan, Dennis Sep 13 186657y8.1Co I 160 NYV; in 1855 census age was 42; b Ireland
Tefft, Sarah E May 19 189477y 2m 19d8.2 
Tefft, Susan Jul 5 18367y 10m 13dBlankDau of Deuey & Josse Tefft
Tefft, Paul B18901891 4.8 
Tefft, Mellena Nov 8 18777y 17d4.8Dau of Iucuis C & Helen Ellis Tefft
Tefft, Susannah Apr 16 184360y4.8Wife of Jesse Tefft
Tefft, Jesse Feb 3 184973y4.8 
Tefft, Mary E Jul 8 185432y 8m 9d4.8Wife of Christopher Tefft
Tefft, William S18321914 4.8 
Tefft, Agnes E18341859 4.8Wife of William S Tefft
Tefft, Sarah E1842  4.8Wife of William S Tefft
Tefft, Herman Mar 25 18111y 10m 10d4.8Son of Benjamin & Isbella Tefft
Tefft, L C18451900 4.8 
Tefft, Ariette18421912 4.8 
Tefft, Claude Desmond18781894 5.1 
Tefft, Daniel D 194356y5.1 
Tefft, Florence E Gorton18901920 5.1 
Tefft, Jesse Wilford18711910 5.1 
Tefft, Lloyd E (MD) 193342y5.1 
Tefft, Thomas Elba 193149y5.1 
Tefft, Thomas S18431906 5.1 
Tefft, W Adelaide18501928 5.1 
Tefft, Sophia May 19 189477y 2m 19d8.1Wife of Benjamin Tefft
Tefft, Winnie   8.2 
Tegart, Mary Nichol Jun 30 191282yAngelicaLot 123; b Ireland; m William Tegart May 3 1868
Tegart, WilliamJun 4 1833Jan 7 1911 AngelicaLot 126; b Ireland; see film for bio
Tensler, David18261906 17.2 
Tensler, Anna18791895 17.2 
Tensler, Katie18871890 17.2 
Teribury, Helen D18971976 24.1 
Teribury, Clifford L18861951 24.1 
Teribury, Nathaniel18851948 1.4 
Teribury, Francis18941937 1.4 
Teribury, Virginia (Pulver)19181974 1.4 
Terry, Maranda R 1844 20.7 
Terry, Ella C   AngelicaLot 734
Terwilliger, Benniah   AngelicaLot 638
Terwilliger, David A   AngelicaLot 638
Terwilliger, Fred G   Blank 
Terwilliger, Garret O   AngelicaLot 638
Terwilliger, Henrietta MrsApr 10 18621944 AngelicaLot 638; wife of Frank Terwilliger; b England
Terwilliger, Jane17941843 AngelicaLot 370; wife of Thomas Terwilliger
Terwilliger, Mary E Oct 25 1940 AngelicaLot 638; see film for bio; burial in Canaseraga
Thacher, Albert R19081977 28.1 
Thacher, Doris C191419** 28.1 
Thatcher, Samuel17911889 5.1 
Thayer, Dewitt L18581922 8.1 
Thayer, Florence A18621935 8.1 
Thayer, Saloma Sep 28 186473y8.1Wife of Gardner Taylor
Theobald, Anna18301907 26.1Wife of J W Arnold
Theobald, Catherine17991879 26.1Wife of Nickolous Theobald
Theobald, Eunice18451869 26.1Wife of Peter Theobald
Thibon, Edward Clark18331910 5.1 
Thibon, Mary C 1917 5.1 
Thibon, Sarah18221899 5.1 
Thibou, Charlotte M   AngelicaLot 729
Thibou, Lewis (Rev)   AngelicaLot 729
Thiele, Herman190919** 28.1 
Thiele, Bessie M192019** 28.1 
Thomas, L F18331906 BlankFather
Thomas, Louise18391902 BlankMother; wife of L F Thomas
Thomas, B J Dec 11 185932y 6m 18dBlank 
Thomas, William F May 3 18611y 5mBlank 
Thomas, Thomas (baby)   Blank 
Thomas, Bertha A Feb 16 18835yBlank 
Thomas, C H18251908 BlankFather
Thomas, Mary18361913 BlankMother
Thomas, Bertie Sep 24 187623dBlankfootstone
Thomas, FrankJan 16 1861Jun 27 1927 Blank 
Thomas, Amelia   16.7 
Thomas, Carl18901952 8.1 
Thomas, Bernice C18921968 8.1 
Thomas, Leland D (infant)1920  8.1 
Thomas, Charles W18601935 19.1 
Thomas, Anna P18651941 19.1 
Thomas, Laura189*Aug, 1971 19.1"189-0-71 on metal by Mann undertaker)
Thomas, Mary CJul 20 1822Oct 15 1870 19.1The stone ne t to her has "James Thomas" with no inscription
Thomas, Fred J Mar 5 188511y 9m 25d19.1Son of J C & M A Thomas
Thomas, Henry E18671942 8.1 
Thomas, Minnie M18691918 8.1 
Thomas, Roy E18941967 8.1 
Thomas, Leon H18981918 8.1 
Anderson, Shelley M19341935 8.1Buried with Henry E Thomas family
Thomas, Marion 1849 16.7 
Thomas, Melvin J18701941 8.1 
Thomas, Clara B18681942 8.1 
Thomas, Mary C Oct 15 187048y 2m 20d19.1Wife of J C Thomas
Thomas, Truman B18631937 19.1 
Thomas, Helen M Hall18651935 19.1Wife of Truman B Thomas
Thomas, John C18991918 19.1 
Thomas, Charles H19011903 19.1Flag
Thomas, John M19021948 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Nellie18661948 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Stephen WOct 21 1814Jun 3 1901 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Amanda MJun 6 1821Apr 7 1889 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Jack C19321971 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Virginia P1935  10.1 10.2 
Thomas, F Monroe18911949 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Hazel M189619** 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, J C18381897 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Hannah18391913 10.1 10.2 
Thomas, Sylvia Hurlburt   Blank 
Thomas, Cynthia Lanning18821967 15.1 
Thomas, Robert A18811949 15.1 
Thomas, Edgar L18541925 15.1 
Thomas, Lucy C18531928 15.1 
Thomas, James M18401911 15.1 
Thomas, Lucianna A Brown18481905 15.1 
Thomas, Riley18531930 15.1 
Thomas, Lua S18631930 15.1 
Thomas, Candace1929  15.1 
Thomas, Walter18751945 15.1 
Thomas, Catherine18761948 15.1 
Thomas, William H18951978 26.1 
Thomas, Mary F19011974 26.1 
Thomas, Clark M Jun 18 187129y 9m 10d24.1Lt 37 Wis Vol; War of 1861-1865
Thomas, Lila AAug 22 1880Nov 18 1967 24.1 
Thomas, AngenetteAug 19 1841  24.1Mother
Thomas, WalterMar 9 1838Jun 24 1910 24.1Father
Thomas, George HOct 28 1878Aug 6 1939 24.1 
Thomas, Charles WAug 27 1878Jun 15 1891 24.1 
Thomas, FranklinSep 1 1839Mar 1 1907 24.1 
Thomas, Elba18661950 24.1Father
Thomas, Achie D18731916 24.1Mother
Thomas, Emma L18511927 24.1 
Thomas, Will Arno18471928 24.1 
Thomas, Berdell18471906 24.1Buried with Emma & Will Arno Thomas
Thomas, Levi18111891 24.1Father; buried with Emma & Will Arno Thomas
Thomas, Betsey Maybee Apr 13 187668y24.1Mother; buried with Emma & Will Arno Thomas
Maybee, George GMay 23 1840May 28 1890 24.1Co F5 1 NYSV; buried with Emma & Will Arno Thomas
Lenth, Anna AApr 21 1854  24.1Buried with Emma & Will Arno Thomas
Thomas, LucinderFeb 24 1845Nov 3 1891 24.1 
Thomas, HarlanApr 23 1843Sep 14 1927 24.1Co C 85 NYV
Thomas, FrankApr 23 1874Sep 1 1887 24.1 
Thomas, John18081890 24.1 
Thomas, J M182719** 24.1 
Thomas, Freelove18271895 24.1Wife of J M Thomas
Thomas, Philinea T18391908 24.1Wife of J M Thomas
Thomas, RalphDec 9 1812May 6 1890 24.1 
Thomas, Harratt AMar 12 1834Jun 13 1886 24.1 
Thomas, James H18561911 24.1 
Thomas, Charles18381901 24.1Co D 141 Regt NYV
Thomas, Mary A Hammond Sep 22 188373y 1m 5d24.1Wife of John Thomas
Thomas, L Cass18601926 24.1 
Thomas, G Elwin18641938 24.1 
Thomas, Jennie R18681930 24.1 
Thomas, Peleg18641925 24.1 
Thomas, Earnest Jr 1936 5.1 
Thomas, Earnest G 196466y5.1 
Thomas, George A 184579y5.1 
Thomas, Maude 195177y5.1(George)
Thomas, Mildred E 196265y5.1 
Thomas, Nellie R 194870y5.1 
Thomas, O (& 1 unknown grave)   8.1On R G Jacobs lot; 1850 lot owned by O Thomas
Thomas, O Mrs   8.1 
Thomas, Clara B   AngelicaLot 560
Thomas, Clarissa May, 1887 BlankWife of James Thomas who died in 1860
Thomas, George WMay 25 1825Mar 23 188964yAngelicaLot 373; son of Vial Thomas; married Jun 7 1871 Miss Joan Hart; see film for bio
Thomas, James   AngelicaLot 540; Assessor 1845
Thomas, Mary   AngelicaLot 540
Thomas, Nellie M P   AngelicaLot 338
Thomas, Ruth Hammond17851848 AngelicaLot 373; wife of Vial Thomas
Thomas, VialOct 15 1763 101y 5m 7dAngelicaLot 373; b Scituate RI; hus of Miss Ruth Hammond who died 1848; see film
Thomas, Weber18171827 AngelicaLot 373; son of Vial & Ruth Thomas
Thomas, William E   AngelicaLot 102
Thompkins, Lora 196868y5.1 
Thompskins, Robert James19481948 5.1(Victor)
Thompson, Addison S18431918 15.1Co E 5 NY Cav
Thompson, Eunice18441924 15.1Wife of Addison S Thompson
Thompson, Amelia18381906 15.1 
Thompson, Carrie Mae19271961 15.1Mother
Thompson, Clarence R18691907 15.1 
Thompson, Dana D19481955 15.1Son of Glendon & Doris Thompson
Thompson, Darrell D19521964 15.1Son of Glendon & Doris Thompson
Thompson, HarveyJan 10 1792Dec 12 1853 25.1 
Thompson, Harriet MNov 23 1908May 2 1962 8.1 
Thompson, D WayneNov 18 1937Jan 24 1948 8.1 
Thompson, Janice Kay19441960 8.1 
Thompson, James Keith19741975 8.1 
Thompson, Laura PowellFeb 6 1794Nov 22 1859 25.1 
Thompson, ElwoodFeb 17 1819Oct 12 1876 25.1 
Thompson, David18451908 15.1 
Thompson, Dean N19531963 15.1Son of Joe & Nancy Thompson
Thompson, John18331918 15.1 
Thompson, John B18721899 15.1 
Thompson, Lillian M18731926 15.1 
Thompson, Lola M18661899 15.1 
Thompson, Mary18871891 15.1 
Thompson, Mary Annabelle18541923 15.1 
Thompson, Muriel S18921949 15.1 
Thompson, Nina A18711873 15.1 
Thompson, Roy O19501959 15.1Son of Glendon & Doris Thompson
Thompson, Ray S18921962 15.1 
Thompson, Rexford L19161981 15.1 
Thompson, Robert E18741934 15.1 
Thompson, Bertha V18791948 15.1 
Thompson, Mother & Father   4.1No dates; footstones
Thompson, Angelica17991844 AngelicaLot 475; wife of John Thompson of Edinburg, Scotland
Thompson, Sabra S   AngelicaLot 105
Thompson, Alexis H18891893 5.1 
Thompson, Calrise18251915 5.1 
Thompson, Carrie E 1862 5.1 
Thompson, Mary Farwell18391890 5.1(Calvin)
Thompson, Percilla N 1924 5.1(John)
Thompson, Robert D 194283y5.1 
Thompson, HalstedAug 3 1817Jun 25 1898 15.1 
Thompson, Mary A WaterburyJan 21 1826Jan 20 1892 15.1Wife of Halsted Thompson
Thompson, Robet D 194283y5.1 
Thompson, Margaret Jul 5 186563y15.1Wife of John Thompson
Thompson, Jane Jun 12 185318y15.1Dau of John & Margaret Thompson
Thomson, Robert EJul 31 1932Mar 7 1976 26.1CPL US Army Korea
Thompson, J M18451926 10.1 10.2 
Thompson, EllenMay 9 1846Feb 22 1890 10.1 10.2Wife of J M Thompson
Thompson, Mary18441892 10.1 10.22nd wife of J M Thompson
Thomsod, Edna Isabel18581930 5.1 
Thomson, John18291909 5.1 
Thomson, Neal Dow18991923 5.1Grandson of A L Hulbut
Thomson, Roba Helbut 195389y5.1
Thomson, John N18501907 10.1 10.2 
Thomson, Destamona18601912 10.1 10.2 
Thomson, Eva188119** 10.1 10.2 
Thomson, James C18351900 Richburg 
Thomson, Marion C18461916 RichburgWife of James C Thomson
Thomson, Grace (Whitney)18711928 RichburgDau of James & Marion Thomson
Thomson, Louise (Lester)18771950 RichburgDau of James & Marion Thomson; wife of Herbert Lester
Thomson, James B18481931 Richburgb in Scotland
Thomson, Margarete18731889 RichburgWife of James B Thomson
Thomson, Alma   Blank2nd wife of James B Thomson; buried in Harrison Valley, PA
Thomson, David18411925 RichburgCo H 4th Regt NY Inf
Thomson, Rebecca Feb 23 1918 RichburgWife of David Thomson
Thomson, MelvinAug 5 1877Aug 2 1966 RichburgSon of James B Thomson
Thomson, Louise (Lester)Feb 25 1886Dec 26 1969 RichburgWife of Melvin Thomson
Thorne, Virginia D C18481943 6.11 
Thorne, G Raymond19031921 6.11Son of Hervey & Edith M Thorne
Thornton, Henry   Angelica 
Thornton, Ingram WilliamJun 16 1888Jan 9 1947 AngelicaSon of Victor & Jennie Patterson Thornton; see film for bio
Thornton, JennieJan 16 1872Jul 14 1945 AngelicaLot 731; son of John A & Elizabeth Patterson; b Dublin Ireland; see film for bio
Thornton, Martha R   AngelicaLot 115
Thornton, Mary   AngelicaLot 731
Thornton, Regina Sue (Miss) Jul 6 191023yAngelicaLot 327; dau of Thomas & Ida Thornton
Thornton, SamuelSep 24 1866Sep 10 1933 AngelicaLot 115; son of Thomas & Mary Thornton; m Nellie Lowe Jun 14 1893; see film for bio
Thornton, Samuel   AngelicaLot 114
Thornton, Thomas   AngelicaLot 731; b Ireland; hus of Mary Hanlon; see film for bio
Thornton, Thomas CDec 22 1858Dec, 1894 AngelicaLot 327; son of Thomas Thornton; hus of Ida Mae Post; see film for bio
Thornton, Ida PostMay 2 18631955 AngelicaLot 327; wife of Thomas C Post; see film for bio
Thornton, Victor EJun 2 1864  AngelicaLot 731; son of Thomas & Mary Thornton; hus of Jennie Patterson; see film for bio
Thornton, William   AngelicaLot 731
Thornton, Clair Feb 4 195454y 2m 27d17.1b Portville; d Mt Morris NY
Thornton, Nina H Jul 24 194877y 3m 26d17.1b Portville; d Olean NY
Thornton, Garry 19634y5.1 
Thornton, Infant daughter 18461d16.7Dau of James & Elizabeth Thornton
Thorp, Montgomery   Granger 
Thorp, Edith M18731884 Blank 
Thorp, Frank18431889 Blank 
Thorpe, Guy F 194973y5.1 
Thorpe, William 195481y5.1 
Thorwart, James Edward Feb 17 1961 26.1Baby
Thorwart, Frank Y18921977 26.1PFC US Army WWI
Thorwart, Mary W18961979 26.1 
Thorwart, William L19001969 10.1 10.2 
Thorwart, Lillian Joy190319** 10.1 10.2 
Thrall, Charles18571940 15.1 
Thrall, Erwin B18821956 15.1 
Thrall, Josephine18831928 15.1 
Thrall, Lucille Wells18971964 15.1 
Thrall, Ralph F18841964 15.1 
Thrall, Sarah18601953 15.1 
Thurber, William C19001965 15.1 
Thurber, Mary G1905  15.1 
Thurber, Hande E   10.1 10.2Co B 64 NY Inf
Thurber, Ethel18871903 10.1 10.2 
Thurber, Caroline1857197 10.1 10.2 
Thurber, Lydia18951911 10.1 10.2 
Thurber, Fred J18911964 10.1 10.2 
Thurber, Lena I18941957 10.1 10.2 
Thurber, Charles N18661932 8.1 
Thurber, Sarah L18701959 8.1 
Thurber, Evelyn 19156y5.1 
Thuresson, Frances D   AngelicaLot 48
Thuresson, Thomas E   AngelicaLot 48
Tibbets, J A Nov 20 187654y8.1 
Tibbets, Frank   8.1 
Tibbetts, Lyman   Black CreekWar of 1812
Tibbs, Libbie18581859 24.5 
Tibbs, Mary P18411908 24.5 
Tibbs, Oscar F18351900 24.5 
Tidd, Bertha Lois MighenJun 29 1877Mar 10 1955 BelfastRiverside Cemetery; dau of Wm & Clara Taylor Mighell; hus of James S Tidd; see film for bio
Tidswell, Adelaid C1892190778y5.2 
Tilden, Horatio Jul 18 186784y 4m 21d11.4 
Tilden, Susanna Jun 12 184556y 9m 15d11.4Wife of Horatio Tilden
Tilden, Eunice Apr 7 1865 11.42nd wife of Horatio Tilden
Tilden, Orlando LNov 27 1815Aug 7 1890 11.4 
Tiler, Polly Cowles17861884 10.1 10.2 
Timblin, George 194978y5.1 
Tinkham, Infant son Feb 11 18616wksRichburgSon of R & J Tinkham
Tinsler, Cecil Whitney   17.1Obit Apr 21 1927 Bolivar Breeze
Tisdale, Robert James Apr 30 195425yShort TractHus of Bernice Irene Tisdale; see film for bio
Tisk, Byron E18521920 10.1 10.2 
Tisk, Sarah A18501922 10.1 10.2 
Titsworth, Emily Petty Gleason Mar 6 1914 8.1 
Toal, Edward JJan 25 1919Oct 6 1970 10.1 10.2Tec 5 569 Signal Co WWII
Tobin, Mary H (Higgins)18971968 26.1 
Todd, Frances M   AngelicaLot 734
Todd, Nellie A   AngelicaLot 734
Todd, W S Mrs Jr   AngelicaLot 734
Todd, W S Jr   AngelicaLot 734
Todd, W S (Dr)Jul 11 1819Jul 26 1887 AngelicaLot 734; survived by widow & 2 sons, Dr W S Todd of Belfast and Dr Myron Todd of Bradford; a daughter d 19 years ago
Todd, Ella E18491931 15.1 
Todd, Frank M18491905 15.1 
Todd, Grace Leonard18491957 15.1 
Todd, Lena E18761950 15.1 
Todd, George H18801937 8.1 
Todd, Nina M18821963 8.1 
Todd, Eva Julia (Murphy)1916  8.1 
Murphy, Everhard G "Pat"1915  8.1 
Tomasello, PhillipNov 5 1885Mar 9 1922 26.1Pvt WW Co B 310 Inf 78 Div
Tompkins, Edward Jan 23 185066y 10m 17d26.3 
Tompkins, Clarence S 1949 5.1 
Tompkins, Thomas18351903 26.1 
Tompkins, Catherine18171907 26.1 
Tompkins, Victor L 196535y5.1 
Tompkins, Francis R19161969 10.1 10.2 
Tompkins, Helen B19181966 10.1 10.2 
Toomey, Maude I1879196115.1 
Toomey, Margaret   26.1 
Toomey, Edward   26.1 
Torpey, Laurence M19231978 15.1TEC 5 US Army WWII
Torpey, Howard DJan 20 1927Nov, 1966 24.1PFC Co M 26 Inf WWII
Torrey, Arthur C18631937 24.5 
Torrey, Ella J18661919 24.5 
Torrey, Frank Smith18861934 24.5See also Mildred Torrey Strokes
Torry, Abagail Nov 1 186418y 4m 18d20.5 
Torry, Timothy (Rev) Mar 28 187576y 2m20.5 
Tote, StevenApr 2 1871Mar 7 1944 AngelicaLot 17; b Hungary; lived in Birdsall 15y
Touhig, Hellen Apr 8 18181y 2mBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; d of J & J Touhig
Touhig, Johannah Apr 16 185234yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; wife of James Touhig
Tousley, Bertha V18721933 15.1 
Tousley, W Guy18731958 15.1 
Tower, Fredae190419** 5.2 
Tower, Angelo E1903197370y5.2 
Towler, Betsy Aug 11 18641yBlankDau of G M & Clarissa Towler
Towmer, George FMay 4 1902Jul 4 1964 24.5 
Towner, Elizabeth M18661946 24.5 
Towner, Stephen P18631919 24.5 
Towner, Florence E19061972 24.1 
Towner, Glenn H19061974 24.1 
Townsend, Warren M18861959 8.1 
Townsend, A ADec 27 1882Jan 18 1838 15.1(something is wrong with dates)
Townsend, Susan HFeb 12 1841Mar 10 1877 15.1 
Townsend, Herbert L18831943 10.1 10.2 
Townsend, Silas E18561906 10.1 10.2 
Townsend, Hannah18561919 10.1 10.2Wife of Silas Townsend
Townsend, Bertha Mae18841963 10.1 10.2 
Townsend, William 1958 1.4 
Townsend, Ida 1946 1.4 
Townsend, Edward R18541948 Richburg 
Townsend, Cora L18561931 RichburgWife of Edward R Townsend
Townsend, Mary A18911911 RichburgDau of Edward R & Cora L Townsend
Townsend, Lina E (Snowden)18801959 RichburgDau of Edward R & Cora L Townsend
Snowden, Dudley O189719** RichburgHus of Lina E Townsend Snowden
Townsend, Francis M (McIntyre)188919** RichburgDau of Edward R & Cora L Townsend
McIntyre, Herbert J18831966 RichburgHus of Francis M Townsend McIntyre
Townsend, Gertrude (Bullock)   RichburgDau of Edward R & Cora L Townsend
Bullock, Frank M18771930 RichburgHus of Gertrude Townsend Bullock
Bullock, Jane1920  RichburgDau of Frank & Gertrude Bullock
Townsend, Mildred (Funk)1898  RichburgDau of Edward R & Cora L Townsend
Funk, Henry W1892  RichburgHus of Mildred Townsend Funk
Townsend, Edna E18971957 Blank 
Townsend, Michael18801957 Blank 
Townsend, George18311914 BlankCo I 15 Regt PA Vol Cav; GAR marker
Townsend, Hrriet18471925 BlankWife of George Townsend
Tracey, M Fredonia18661922 6.112nd wife of Charles Tracey
Tracey, Charles K1909  24.1 
Tracey, Ann D19101972 24.1 
Tracy, Annis H18011882 5.1(Ira)
Tracy, Elizabeth Garwood 195899y5.1 
Tracy, Fern Maude 1969 5.1 
Tracy, Garwood F18851885 5.1 
Tracy, Ira17951881 5.1 
Tracy, James Nelson 197479y5.1 
Tracy, Sarah M18301900 5.1 
Tracy, Seth H18341923 5.1 
Tracy, Solomon H18291911 5.1 
Tracy, Gertrude Grummonds Mar 17 191665tAngelicaWife of Eugene Tracy who died 6 y ago; see film for bio
Tracy, Mary E   AngelicaLot 504
Tracy, Solomon Apr 19 1839Sep 17 1911 BelmontSon of Ira Tracy; see film for bio
Trahey, George18621942 26.1 
Trahey, Catherine18641942 26.1 
Trahey, James19201904 26.1(something is wrong with dates)
Trahey, Margaret18271910 26.1 
Trainer, Catherine18271906 6.11Wife of Thomas Trainer
Trall, George   20.7 
Trall, Mary18421878 20.7 
Trall, Edward18641868 20.7 
Trall, Libbie18641866 20.7 
Trarie, William H18831981 17.2 
Trarie, Clara Belle18841969 17.2 
Trarie, Archie19051970 17.2 
Trarie, Baby19441960 17.2 
Trask, Mary V Jan 12 188935yUtopia-WirtWife of George L Trask
Trask, Sarah Elizabeth   Utopia-Wirt 
Trast, Frederick18621917 12.2 
Trast, Mary Dec 6 189062y12.2 
Trast, Anna19001962 12.2 
Traver, William H18391913 10.1 10.2Co I 154 NYV
Travers, John J18011877 5.1 
Travers, Vina18641909 5.1 
Travis, Arthur L18891960 15.1 
Travis, Isabella E18951946 15.1 
Travis, Susan K18531912 24.1Wife of I Travis
Travis, Isaac18391910 24.1 
Travis, Ira B18831910 24.1 
Travis, Aletta E18431869 24.1Wife of I Travis
Travis, Bert Samuel19151933 5.1 
Travis, Caroline A18421898 5.1 
Travis, Charles R 195575y5.1 
Travis, Charles Samuel 196478y5.1 
Travis, Elizabeth 1894 5.1 
Travis, Fred Eugene18701900 5.1 
Travis, George I 196612y5.1 
Travis, Guy W193619** 5.1 
Travis, Henry M 193185y5.1 
Travis, Isaac 195383y5.1 
Travis, Juliet18451924 5.1(Ira)
Travis, Lloyd Ira 194239y5.1 
Travis, Mary J18491929 5.1 
Travis, Mary Louise 193888y5.1 
Travis, Mildred 196883y5.1(Seth)
Travis, Pearl 196272y5.1 
Travis, Reubin18421908 5.1 
Travis, Seth 195980y5.1 
Travis, Simeon 194880y5.1 
Travis, William Ira18761927 5.1 
Travis, William Keith19721972 5.1 
Travis, Marcello Nov 5 186810y 1m 21d2.5Son of John B & Sarah I Travis
Travis, Eva M Dec 1718701y 1m 11d2.5Dau of Simsn & Addie M Travis
Travis, Jesse Jun 9 1830 2.5Dau of S D & Addie M Travis
Travis, Corydon W  2y 20d2.5Buried ne t to Betsey Travis
Travis, Betsey Feb 8 187031y2.5Wife of Leonard Travis
Travis, Alvin EDec 26 1902Oct, 1930 AngelicaLot 207; m Mrs Clara Cole Jul 27 1926; see film for bio
Travis, Elmer EAug 13 1862Jul 7 1950 AngelicaLot 97; hus of Ella Graham Travis; see film for bio
Travis, Elmer D1889(?)Apr 23 1911 AngelicaLot 207; son of B D Travis
Travis, Harriet   AngelicaLot 605
Travis, Bert SamuelMar 25 1869Jan 12 1932 AngelicaLot 207; mother d when he was 10 months old; raised by David Abbey family; hus of Lena Kaiser; see film for bio
Travis, Lena Mrs Aug 13 194980yAngelicaLot 207; b Germany; see film for bio
Travis, Melvina A P   AngelicaLot 184
Travis, Simeon Brown1867Oct, 194881yBelmontb Scio; hus of Marietta Elliott Travis; see film for bio
Travis, Simpson D   AngelicaLot 184; constable 1898-1911
Treat, Benjamin P   AngelicaLot 413
Treat, Susan E   AngelicaLot 413
Trehon, Edward H18651942 26.1 
Trehon, Mary F18661963 26.1 
Trehon, J Evelyn18981920 26.1 
Trehon, Irene T (Carfolita)   26.1 
Tremain, Susan Jennings May 15 187964y8.1Wife of Julius Tremain
Tremaine, Russell R18991977 26.1 
Tremaine, Eugene H18931970 26.1 
Trembly, Sarah H Mar 29 184920y 8m 13d11.4Dau of S P & P A Trembly
Trescott, Flavia Ann Nov 19 184526y 6m 12d4.6 
Trinkle, (infant)18721872 5.1 
Tripp, Meredith E19051972 10.1 10.2 
Tripp, Beulah E1907  10.1 10.2
Troner, Ann18321907 15.1Mother
Troner, Richard18241899 15.1Father
Tronetti, Mary190919** 5.2 
Tronetti, Joseph1898197072y5.2 
Trotter, Ellen M   AngelicaLot 600
Troup, John Abraham 195361y5.1 
Trowbridge, C Dee   AngelicaLot 152
Trowbridge, Minnie   AngelicaLot 152
Trowbridge, Elizabeth L Apr 13 187452y 6m 24d26.3Wife of Caleb Trowbridge
Trowbridge, Caleb D Mar 13 186538y26.3Info per family records; stone broken & patched
Trowbridge, Edward N Sep 2 18512y20.7Son of Rev Trowbridge
Trowbridge, Howard J190219** 24.5 
Trowbridge, Frances J Sep 25 185535y20.7Wife of Rev J Trowbridge
Trowbridge, Lyman H Jun 16 185313y20.7Son of Rev J Trowbridge
Trowbridge, Mary L May 20 18526y20.7Dau of Rev J Trowbridge
Truax, Daren Lynn19621963 28.1 
True, John DSep 19 1911Sep 21 1911 10.1 10.2Son of C G & A D True
Truelove, Doris MayMar 6 1913Oct 11 1913 6.11 
Truesdale, Andrew M18511927 AmityFather
Truesdale, Emily Post18651904 AmityWife of Andrew M Truesdale; mother
Truesdale, Jessie F18871902 AmityDau of Andrew M Post
Truesdell, Hiram18131855 8.1Warren Co (Landing?)
Truesdell, Helen G18191892 8.1Warren Co (Landing?)
Truesdell, Mary18411916 8.1Jefferson Co
Truesdell, John H18531925 8.1Allegany Co
Truesdell, Martha L18341896 17.2 
Truman, Charles Feb 8 186828y5.6GAR marker
Tubbs, Ira W18621936 Richburg 
Tubbs, Mary E18631943 RichburgWife of Ira W Tubbs
Tubbs, Ada M19161945 10.1 10.2 
Tubbs, Hector A1901  10.1 10.2 
Tubbs, Thelma1907  10.1 10.2 
Tucker, Alphonzo   AngelicaLot 422
Tucker, Bess CurtisJun 3 1887Nov 14 1951 AngelicaLot 876B; dau of Frank E & Ellen Theeringer Curtis; hus of Clarence Tucker who died 1941; see film for bio
Tucker, Clarence ESep 16 1883Dec 25 1940 AngelicaLot 876B; son of Wm & Nellie Tucker; see film for bio
Tucker, Nona Neu18631940 15.1 
Tucker, Russell NAug 2 1905Jul 12 1955 15.1 
Tucker, Angelo O18511924 6.11Son of Ira & Almira Peck Tucker; school teacher 36y; see film
Tucker, Ella Mable Dewey18601919 6.11Wife of Angelo O Tucker
Tucker, Marie18831918 6.11 
Tucker, M Dorothea19221940 26.1Granddaughter
Tucker, Gardner May 8 1859 24.1 
Tucker, Welthy Nov 11 185041y24.1Wife of William Tucker
Tucker, William T Nov, 180281y 8m 8d24.1 
Tucker, Lucy   24.1Wife of William T Tucker
Tucker, Annie M Beach (Glorious)18521904 24.1Mother
Tucker, Charlotte E18521930 24.1 
Tucker, William A18841898 24.1 
Tucker, William R18531935 24.1 
Tucker, John W18561939 15.1 
Tucker, Orvillen18591940 24.1
Tucker, Matilda J18651955 24.1 
Tucker, John Wesley19001937 24.1 
Tucker, Mary C191119** 24.1 
Tucker, Paul W190219** 24.1 
Tucker, Kitty Kintner19051951 24.1 
Tucker, Alfred H19261978 24.1US Navy WWII
Tucker, Benjamin 195680y5.1 
Tucker, Charles N18631934 5.1 
Tucker, George L18201904 5.1 
Tucker, Grace18651909 5.1 
Tucker, Lellia Adelle 195791y5.1(Charles)
Tucker, Nathan B 194623y5.1 
Tucker, Nathan B 197485y5.1 
Tucker, Rebecca18431911 5.1(George)
Tucker, Robert G18911892 5.1(George)
Tucker, Robert H18171887 5.1 
Tucker, Ruth 1919 5.1 
Tucker, Cora DeanNov 27 1865Jan 19 1951 AngelicaLot 218; dau of Henry & Susan Carpenter Dean; wife of Elmer Tucker; see film for bio
Tucker, Elmer E Aug 17 193876yAngelicaLot 218; son of William Tucker; see film for bio
Tucker, Fred Sep 30 192149yAngelica 
Tucker, George LMay 22 1903Jul 30 194744yAngelicaSon of George & Laura Tucker; see film for bio
Tucker, George NathanNov 23 1916Aug 20 1920 AngelicaLot 199; son of Roy E Tucker
Tucker, Robert W   AngelicaLot 199
Tucker, William EMay 14 1846Apr 6 1917 AngelicaLot 199; hus of Nellie Martin; see film for bio
Tucker, Frederick W   AngelicaLot 199
Tucker, James H   AngelicaLot 422
Tucker, Francis C19071973 10.1 10.2 
Tucker, Janice ADec 16 1918Aug 10 1948 AngelicaLot 894; dau of Roy & Flora Tucker; see film for bio
Tucker, Flora Brown Nov 3 193745yAngelicaWife of Roy Tucker; dau of Laura & Henry Brown; see film for bio
Tucker, William Mrs (Martin)1851Feb 5 1935 AngelicaLot 199; dau of Frederick William & Elizabeth Martin; m 1851 Wm Tucker; see film for bio
Tuggart, James Feb 22 1845 20.7 
Tuller, James H (Rev)Sep 10 1828Mar 29 1890 25.8 
Tuller, James H (Rev)Sep 10 1828Mar 29 1896 27.11 
Tuller, Mary Elizabeth18291895 5.1 
Turner, George W May 3 190677y8.1 
Turner, Martha E Apr 5 189053y8.1Wife of George W Turner
Turner, James M Mar 25 18613y8.1Son of George W & Martha Turner
Turner, Fred D18611906 8.1 
Turner, Addie   8.1 
Turner, Jedediah Oct 12 185521y8.1 
Turner, Female   8.1Wife of Jedediah Turner
Turner, Elizabeth18271899 20.2 
Turner, Willie ENov 20 1877Sep 10 1878 1.3 
Turner, Timothy18751954 1.4 
Turner, Maude18801968 1.4 
Turner, Charles H18671911 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Doris19081939 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Herbert L18791967 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Ethel V189119** 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Rose M18781969 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Hortense G18981947 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Glenn C189219** 10.1 10.2 
Turner, Abram 1908 BellvilleCivil War
Tuttle, Turnsey P18561937 24.1 
Tuttle, Philo I18771939 6.11Father; his obit says he died Aug 31 1938
Tuttle, Berlin D18791969 24.1 
Tuttle, Daniel H18711881 24.1 
Tuttle, Cordelia18341919 24.1 
Tuttle, Dwight D18341924 24.1 
Tuttle, Ida May18581924 24.1 
Twichel, Hannah Apr, 182475y8.2Wife of Nathan Twichel
Tyler, ChristopherJun 17 1787Feb 22 1860 10.1 10.2 
Tyler, Glenn J19571957 24.1 
Tyler, Jennie18451921 5.1Brother; A L Elvell
Tyler, Charles Weston (Rev)Aug 2 1861Oct 16 1930 AngelicaLot 133A; son of Wm P & Miranda Tyler; see film for bio
Tyler, Laura Belle Hoag1871Apr 1 1951 AngelicaLot 133A; widow of Rev Charles Tyler; see film for bio
Tyndale, Samuel J   10.1 10.2 
Tyndale, Adeline AApr 17 1855Apr 26 1899 10.1 10.2 
Tyree, George B1881195271y5.2 

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