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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Umplesy, Harry C May, 193972yAngelicaSee film for bio
Underwood, Clarendon Cole19181934 15.1 
Underwood, Hattie Cole18821958 15.1 
Underwood, Lyman A18401891 15.1 
Underwood, Uylessie B18451912 15.1Wife of Lyman B Underwood
Unfus, Stephen19081972 8.1 
Unfus, Ida Barringer19091984(?) 8.1Wife of Stephen Unfus
Unfus, Richard SJun 17 1934Jun 1 1952 8.1Son of Stephen & Ida Unfus; drowned in Genesee near Orane
Updyke, Ben18801960 21.5 
Updyke, Jackson18781896 21.5 
Updyke, George18551919 21.5 
Updyke, Jane18561937 21.5 
Updyke, Elery18581924 6.11 
Updyke, E Ocena18541923 6.11Wife of Elery Updyke
Updyke, Frank D18601932 6.11 
Updyke, Jerry18791929 6.11His obit says he was born 1878 and died 1929
Updyke, Mary E18821929 6.11Wife of Jerry Updyke
Updyke, Glen H19101912 6.11Son of J & M Updyke
Upham, Andrew J   Black CreekCivil War
Utter, James   Blank 
Utter, Victor   Blank 
Utter, Phoebe   Blank 
Utter, Prescilla A   Blank 
Utter, Clara Pike   Blank 
Utter, Betsey M18271903 15.1 
Utter, Charles Waters18531861 15.1 
Utter, Edward Loveridge189519** 15.1 
Utter, Bernice DeKay19081966 15.1 
Utter, Elizabeth Loveridge18911892 15.1 
Utter, Frances Loveridge18641943 15.1 
Utter, George18221898 15.1Co D 13 NY Heavy Art
Utter, Hazel T Apr 10 1959 15.1 
Utter, Homer G18561929 15.1 
Utter, John TJun 9 1925Aug 22 1976 15.1S1 US Navy; WWII
Utter, Mary Perry19091971 15.1 
Utter, May T18581946 15.1 
Utter, Ruth Park18971946 15.1 
Utter, William L18531905 15.1 
Utter, Thomas DSep 23 1822Sep 18 1880 10.1 10.2 
Utter, Ida C Feb 28 187045y10.1 10.2Wife of Thomas D Utter
Utter, Carl J 194479y5.1 
Utter, Frances  197693y5.1 
Utter, Frances A18541856 5.1 
Utter, Charles Waters 195278y5.1 
Utter, Alice Eretta18611897 5.1 
Utter, Intha18291907 5.1 
Utter, Susan18001879 5.1 
Utter, Riley18291888 5.1 
Utter, Sarah I 192875y5.1 

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