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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Vail, George W Mar 19 190165y24.1Co E 7 NY Heavy Art
Vallance, Margaret19071961 24.1 
Vallance, Edna 197064y5.1 
Vallance, Raymond 197570y5.1 
Valmiddaugh, Jacquelyn   AngelicaLot 154A
Valom, Helen W18731964 8.1Mother of Mrs James (Irma) Ludwig
VanAllen, Charles Aug 24 184925y6.11 
VanAllen, John H18211879 8.2 
VanAllen, Mary F18321879 8.2 
VanAllen, May E18631880 8.2 
VanAllen, John HenryNov 8 1868Apr 1 1946 AngelicaLot 173
VanAllen, Susie WhiteFeb 27 1870Mar 19 1950 AngelicaLot 173; dau of Amos & Almira Benjamin White; wife of Henry VanAllen; see film for bio
VanAntwerp, Lucinda Jun 4 185637y11.4Wife of Tunic VanAntwerp
VanAntwerp, Altad Jun 27 18567y11.4Dau of Tunis & Lucinda VanAntwerp
VanArsdale, Fitch Henry19171949 5.1 
VanArsdale, Frank18421882 5.1GAR marker
VanArsdale, Grace E18601936 5.1(Dr VanArsdale)
VanBarriger, Margaret18561915 15.1 
VanBuskirk, Charles R19191962 8.1WWII; killed in auto accident at Belfast
VanBuskirk, David C19481974 8.1Son of Charles R VanBuskirk; killed in auto accient at Angelica
VanBuskirk, Joan E1924  8.1Wife of Charles R VanBuskirk; she since married Charles Whitehouse who died, and then married Lester McLaughlin
VanBuskirk, Delyria A18421908 20.2Wife of John H VanBuskirk
VanBuskirk, Freddie Jun 17 1868 20.2 
VanBuskirk, Harlieu Feb 9 18617m20.2 
VanBuskirk, James Wildrick18161894 20.2 
VanBuskirk, John H18241906 20.2 
VanBuskirk, Sarah Ann Hoodrich18301919 20.2 
VanBuskirk, Freddie L Jan 17 18682y 3m20.2Son of J W & S A VanBuskirk
VanCampen, Salina D18531914 5.1(Wm)
VanCampen, Moses William18961941 8.1US Navy WWI; 1st husband of Vada Burt
VanCampen, Margaret   AngelicaLot 414
VanCampen, Moses William1757Oct 15 1849 AngelicaLot 414; see film for bio
VanCampen, Addison18371900 5.1 
VanCampen, Amanda18191897 5.1Wife of W H VanCampen; mother of Frank VanCampen
VanCampen, Belos Addison 195183y5.1 
VanCampen, Bettie R18491929 5.1(Frank)
VanCampen, Clarence18831886 5.1Addison VanCampen
VanCampen, Emily A18411901 5.1 
VanCampen, Frank18451927 5.1 
VanCampen, Gertrude G 196388y5.1 
VanCampen, Helen18361928 5.1 
VanCampen, Virginia 195941y5.1 
VanCampen, William Hanford18191885 5.1 
VanCampen, William R 196549y5.1 
VanCampen, William R 195065y5.1 
VanCleaf, Anna Dell 189943y5.1(George)
VanCleaf, Cora Elizabeth18791903 5.1(George VanCleaf)
VanCuren, Francisa EMay 4 1942Aug 2 1958 24.5 
VanCuren, Fred L18841958 6.11 
VanCuren, Mary J18891955 6.11Wife of Fred L VanCuren
VanCuren, Bertha MayMay 5 1873Dec 2 1961 10.1 10.2 
VanCuren, Charles MelvinNov 6 1868Dec 3 1935 10.1 10.2 
VanCuren, George WarrenNov 2 1861Oct 20 1927 10.1 10.2 
VanCuren, MerchantJun 23 1872Jul 26 1893 10.1 10.2 
VanDeihoef, Fannie Belle18621929 5.1(Harlan)
Vanderhoef, Frank18291900 5.1 
Vanderhoef, Frank Jr18571858 5.1 
Vanderhoef, Harlen C18611934 5.1 
Vanderhoef, Laura A1879  5.1(Frank)
Vanderhoef, Laura E18791911 5.1 
Vanderhoef, Louisa18691870 5.1 
Vanderhorst, Catharina18921979 15.1 
Vanderlinden, Carol Apr 23 1947 15.1 
Vanderlinden, Connie Apr 23 1947 15.1 
Vanderlinden, Gerrit N (Nick)18911974 15.1 
Vanderlinden, Katie V188519** 15.1 
Vanderlinden, Guy V1916  15.1 
Vanderlinden, Elizabeth J1920  15.1 
Vanderpoll, A D   AngelicaLot 708
Vanderpoll, Delaverne D   AngelicaLot 708
Vanderpoll, Eliza R   AngelicaLot 708
Vanderpoll, Marion L   AngelicaLot 708
Vanderventer, Burr J18771933 10.1 10.2 
Vanderventer, Anna E18771933 10.1 10.2 
Vanderventer, John18181906 10.1 10.2 
Vanderventer, Harriet18201902 10.1 10.2 
VanDeMark, Garret Apr 14 187177y8.1See Betsy Caswel
VanDyke, Gary Lewis 193434y5.1 
VanDyke, Baby Boy19341934 Belmont(Olmstead) metal marker
VanDyke, Baby Girl19341935 Belmont(Olmstead) metal marker
VanFleet, Loyd H18851894 8.1 
VanFleet, Herman B18531919 8.1 
VanFleet, Julia A18601948 8.1Wife of Herman B VanFleet
VanFleet, Solomon 1870 BellvilleWar of 1812
VanGilder, (no name)18601932 5.1
VanGilder, Archie L Oct 24 1883 15.1 
VanGorder, C Donald19021960 28.1 
VanHorn, Michael D19721972 15.1 
VanHorn, Eliza18061869 5.1 
VanKeuren, Charles Mar 13 1936 AngelicaLot 186; survived by sister, Mrs George Engle
VanKeuren, James   AngelicaLot 186
VanKeuren, Mary Jane BurdenFeb 15 1836Dec 27 1918 AngelicaLot 186; dau of Otis & Christiana Burden; wife of James VanKeuren; see film for bio
VanPelt, Tinney M18971957 28.1 
VanPelt, Martin E18861957 28.1 
VanScoter, James Sep 19 183925y 7m 2d11.4Son of Eline & Polly Vanscoter
VanScoter, Mary Apr, **** 11.4Wife of E VanScoter
VanScoter, Elias Jul 17 184373y11.4 
VanScoter, Theron   11.4Son of ** and Polly VanScoter
VanScoter, Theron Elmer Nov 1 18471y 1m 15d11.4Son of Philip & Mary E VanScoter
VanScoter, Margaret K Aug 23 186125yBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch; wife of Monroe D VanScoter
VanScoter, Carrie Lucinda Jul 22 186123dBirdsallJersey Hill Cath Ch
VanSickle, Andrew Jan 31 186041y 8m 16d6.11 
VanSickle, Sarah Ann Aug 29 185941y 10m 26d6.11Wife of Andrew VanSickle
VanWickle, Evert   BlankTown Clerk 1815-1819
VanWickle, Jane17651831 AngelicaLot 404; wife of Evert VanWickle
VanWickle, Jane Ann   AngelicaLot 384
VanWie, Kenneth HubertApr 3 1910Dec 23 1967 10.1 10.2 
VanWie, Lewis Jul 11 1911 6.11Pvt 1 NY Havy Art
Vanzile, LymanSep 23 1882Mar 27 1955 AngelicaSurvived by brother Albert of Bradford, PA
VanZwanenberg, Isedore18961953 15.1 
Vars, Oliver E18521922 6.11 
Vars, Ella18541927 6.11Wife of Oliver E Vars
Vars, Floyd C18831949 6.11Son of Oliver E Vars
Vars, Dorothy E19161918 6.11Dau of Floyd & Marian Vars
Vars, Clifford J18801936 6.11Son of Oliver E Vars
Vaughan, Carl (baby)Aug 22 1942Sep 29 1943 15.1 
Vaughan, DavidJun 22 1802Aug 5 1830 15.1 
Vaughan, HenryJun 22 1817Jun 30 1885 8.1 
Vaughan, MaryFeb 9 1826  8.1Wife of Henry Vaughan
Vaughan, Wallace E18441918 8.1Co F 90 Regt NYV
Vaughan, Jennie V18491911 8.1Wife of Wallace E Vaughan
Vaughan, William H Sep 1 1855 8.1 
Vaughan, James L Aug, 1856 8.1
Vaughn, Clara Dayton18531925 15.1 
Vaughn, Edna G18861958 15.1 
Vaughn, Carl D18781933 15.1 
Vaughn, Frank18711939 15.1 
Vaughn, Effie18701949 15.1 
Vaughn, Squire E Venson18461931 15.1 
Veley,Edmond JJun 6 1920Dec 17 1952 24.1NY PFC 1114 SVC Com D Unit WWII
Veley, Louis E189519** 8.1 
Veley, R Belle18581928 8.1 
Veley, Michael Eugene Aug 6 194183yBelfastsee film for bio
Veley, Fanny Miller Dec 3 195185yShort TractWife of William Vincent; see film for vio
Venus, Martin V B18371904 15.1Co A 136 Reg NYV
Very, John C18311912 8.1 
Very, Mary A18361924 8.1Wife of John C Very
Very, Adeline Sep 20 18552m 29d8.1Dau of John C & Mary Very
Very, Elizah18001883 8.1 
Very, Olive18071867 8.1Wife of Elizah Very
Very, Charles E18571937 8.1 
Very, Lillian S18601928 8.1 
Very, Martin18641934 8.1 
Very, Clara18801938 8.1 
Vickers, George J18821953 6.11 
Vickers, William19061939 6.11Son of George & Winnie Vickers
Vickory, Jantt SOct 2 1857Sep 14 1933 Blank 
Vincent, Albert J18581946 24.5 
Vincent, Myrtie E18681935 24.5 
Vincent, Benjamin18311896 3.2Father
Vincent, Sarah1832  3.2Mother
Vincent, Fred H   8.1Buried with Addie Vincent
Vincent, AddieMay 2 1875Jun 10 1928 8.1 
Vincent, Delila18371838 15.5 
Vincent, Luthera18381842 15.5 
Vincent, Martha M18471847 15.5 
Vincent, Nancy L18431848 15.5 
Vincent, Luther M18541927 15.1 
Vincent, Nettie C18651934 15.1 
Vincent, John EOct 16 1872Oct 1 1936 15.1 
Vincent, Rose BJun 29 1879  6.11She d Dec 10 1969 in California and not brought back to Andover
Vincent, Freegift Jan 8 184015y 10m 16d4.8 
Vincent, Leona Coyle19081936 24.2 
Vincent, LoisFeb 2 1824Jan 8 1840 4.8 
Vincent, Albert Apr 26 1833Jan 19 1834 4.8 
Vincent, DavidMar 6 1798Nov 11 1866 4.8 
Vincent, Eli S BJun 6 1830Jul 16 1863 4.8 
Vincent, FreegiftApr 9 1799Feb 16 1865 4.8 
Vincent, Grace E 196883y5.1 
Visingared, MaryJan 9 1838May 26 1936 10.1 10.2 
Vitaro, Anthony F19351980 28.1 
Vitaro, Phyllis J194519** 28.1 
Vogel, Erma G1909  15.1 
Vogel, Millard O19001968 15.1 
Vogele, Jacob F1881191332y5.2 
Vogele, Anna L1879195576y5.2 
Voliney, E18751939 24.1 
VonLautz, Carl H Mar 11 198381y17.1D Olean; vet of WWI & WWII
Voorhees, Elizabeth Green18941952 15.1 
Voorhees, Oscar N18311911 15.1Co H IGO Reg NYV
Voorhees, Olivia Orilla18441910 15.1Wife of Oscar N Voorhees
Voorhees Robert H18901970 15.1 
Voorhees, Ira Grant18691947 10.1 10.2 
Voorhees, Sarah Wyman18771942 10.1 10.2 
Voorhees, Michele M (infant) Jun 7 1967 26.1 
Voorheis, Francelia Adel18521885 5.1 
Voorheis, Mark Elisha18891889 5.1(Henry)
Voorheis,Olive 1906 5.1(Otto)
Vorhees, William1833  8.1 
Vorhees, Hannah Crawford1838  8.1Wife of William Vorhees
Vorhees, Roy18691870 8.1Son of William & Hannah Vorhees
Vosberg, Maud 195869y5.1 
Vosberg, Luman H 195062y5.1 
Vosburg, Frank E18581915 10.1 10.2Father
Vosburg, Mary J18581904 10.1 10.2Mother
Vosburg, George Jun 12 1927 7.3 
Vosburg, A Jackson Mar 13 186233yRichburgVeteran; d Washington DC
Vosburgh, Charl W18661910 24.5 
Vosburgh, Francis B18581859 24.5 
Voss, Caroline MAug 31 1859Feb 8 1863 24.1Child of W H & C E Voss
Voss, William HJan 11 1861Dec 18 1862 24.1Child of W H & C E Voss
Voss, William LJun 1 1892Feb 13 1890 24.1 
Voss, Caroline GrasstorfJul 29 1838  24.1Wife of William L Voss
Vossler, Jacob18601936 8.1 
Vossler, Lena18641935 8.1Wife of Jacob Vossler
Vossler, Clarence18951970 8.1Son of Jacob & Lena Vossler
Vossler, Ruth1896  8.1Wife of Clarence Vossler
Vossler, Jane 195337y5.1 
Vrandenburg, V H (Rev)Dec 5 1836Jun 154 1890 10.1 10.2 
Vrandenburg, Florence Shields18491907 10.1 10.2 
Vreeland, John Jan 5 184293y8.2 
Vreeland, Isaac Feb 23 186241yRichburgSon of James & Rebecca Vreeland
Vreeland, Olive Aug 10 187045yRichburgWife of Isaac Vreeland
Vreeland, John Oct 20 188122yRichburg 
Vreeland, Simon 184073y16.7 
Vreland, James18441902 24.1Co C 5 NY Cav
Vreland, Helen18461931 24.1 
Vreland, Lucas18711949 24.1 
Vunck, Dollance18011882 5.1Father is Adam Shulte
Vunck, Lydia17951879 5.1Father is Adam Shulte

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