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Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office

Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

This is the cemetery card index at the Allegany County Historian's office taken from LDS Microfilm 1411774, filmed in 1984.  The index is nota complete index of all cemeteries.  Not all cemeteries in the county turned in their lists.  Some cards may have been missing at the time of filming. 

Cemetery Codes

A B C-Cl Co-CwD E F G H-Ha He-Hy I J K L M N O P Q R S-Sk Sl-Sz T U V W XYZ


NameDate BornDate DiedAgeCem #Comments
Warrick, Steve   WardReynolds Cemetery in Ward
Warrick, Sarah M Jan 185435y 4m 7dWardReynolds Cemetery in Ward; wife of Jesse Warrick
Warrington, Sally Jan 15 1851 24.5Wife of Isral Warrington
Wartella, John   10.1 10.2No dates
Wartella, Juliette Bentley19281968 10.1 10.2 
Warwarick, John18881963 26.1 
Washburn, Benjamin18271884 5.1 
Washburn, Ella I Granger18801952 8.1Mother of Dorothy W Granger
Washburn, Flora1858  18.1 
Washburn, Freddie18741890 18.1 
Washburn, Ida D18561931 5.1 
Washburn, Jacob1826190478y18.1 
Washburn, Mabel R Apr 28 196990y17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Washburn, Russell James 19623d28.1 
Washburn, Rebecca Mickle18311913 5.1 
Washburn, Sheridan R18551899 5.1 
Washburn, Thomas Jan 10 194574y 10m 1d17.1b Cuba NY; d New Hudson NY
Washburn, Willard1852189240y18.1 
Washburn, William    See Obit in Angelica Collectanea
Wason, Henery H Jun 24 192884y7.1 
Wasson, Irene G19261981 26.1 
Wasson, Joseph H18621951 10.1 10.2 
Wasson, Sarah L Goodrich18711908 10.1 10.2Wife of Joseph H Wasson
Wasson, John C18511929 10.1 10.2 
Wasson, Tillie E18531928 10.1 10.2 
Wasson, Sarah A Galbraith18251899 10.1 10.2Mother; buried with John C & Tillie Wasson
Wasson, Lowry18781953 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Wasson, Margaret M18591946 10.1 10.2 
Wasson, William   8.10(Can't read dates)
Wasson, Clarissa   8.10(Can't read dates)
Waterman, Peggy HApr 2 1927May 5 1985 26.2b Dravosburg PA to Wm H & Elsie Locke Hall; m James C Waterman who died 1982
Waterous, Helen J18461877 5.3Wife of Samuel J Waterous
Waterous, Infant Son 1877 5.3Infant son of Samuel J & Helen J Waterous
Waterous, Samuel18271882 8.1A soldier Co E 33 Reg NYV
Waterous, Delia S18461928 8.1 
Waterous, Horatio    See Obit in Angelica Collectanea
Waterous, Corner    See Obit in Angelica Collectanea
Waterous, Stephen17721811 7.1See Obit in Angelica Collectanea
Waters, Alfred H18441907 5.1GAR Dragoons Co F
Waters, Edith A18701922 5.1 
Waters, Herman 195866y5.1 
Waters, Keziah P18151879 5.1 
Waters, Nelie C18841952 10.1 10.2 
Waters, John R18821942 10.1 10.2 
Watker, Cady 184119y16.7 
Watkins, Ana A Oct 28 188126y 10m 27d4.8Wife of Samuel Watkins
Watkins, Samuel HSep 23 1858Mar 3 1911 4.8 
Watkins, Cyrus G18321905 6.11 
Watkins, Emmeline R18861913 6.11 
Watkins, Frank Mar 16 18596m6.11Son of Eber & Anna Watkins
Watkins, FredDec 6 1884Dec 3 1968 24.1 
Watkins, Ruth A (Schlou)Feb 20 1908Jan 22 1973 24.1 
Watkins, Lydia    See Obit in Angelica Collectanea; wife of George Watkins
Watkins, Maudie Aug 6 1877 15.1 
Watson, Almeda M18821887 5.1 
Watson, Ann Eliz 193683y5.1 
Watson, Anna M18711878 5.1(F=Rufus Watson)
Watson, Alice MDec 13 1873Feb 4 193460y1.1Wife of George M Watson; member of Eastern Star
Watson, Amanda   7.1 
Watson, Mary A   7.1 
Watson, Adah18011891 7.1 
Watson, Elijah H18011875 7.1 
Watson, Lucretta R   7.1 
Watson, Clarence S18841905 5.1 
Watson, Charles Harvey1850Apr 4 192979y1.1 
Watson, E E 191168y5.1 
Watson, Elijah  Feb 17 18671y 1m 10d27.3Son of Henry H Watson
Watson, Ethel M1913Mar 22 1984 26.2b Warren PA; m William Watson; survivors are husband William of Wellsville & dau Carolyn Whitney of Bradenton, Florida
Watson, Elmer18621915 5.1 
Watson, Esther May19311934 5.1 
Watson, Emmeline McCasnellMar 3 1852Oct, 1915 17.1b Centerville PA to Eleck & Esther Craig McCasnell; wife of William Watson; d Coon Hollow, Tenesee Twp NY; obit Oct 21 1915 Bolivar Breeze
Watson, Florence 194854y5.1 
Watson, George W18451925 6.10 
Watson, Martha O18431918 6.10Wife of George W Watson
Watson, George W 1975 1.4 
Watson, Gardner A18511926 5.1 
Watson, Gladys J 197271y5.1 
Watson, George MJul 20 1868Apr 23 195485y1.1Member of Masons
Watson, Harvey May 17 193462y17.1Son of William & Emma O'Connel Watson; b Wellsville; Obit May 24 1934 Bolivar Breeze
Watson, Joseph B   7.1 
Watson, Mary A   7.1 
Watson, J HJun 26 1870Jun 4 1964 6.10 
Watson, Evelyn18761912 6.10Wife of J H Watson
Watson, John   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Watson, John G18441876 5.1 
Watson, John M18961959 15.1PFC US Navy WWI
Watson, Ruth V189819** 15.1 
Watson, Lewis Morris18661935 1.1 
Watson, Lloyd Raymond1876Feb 28 194871y1.1 
Watson, Margaret B 197095y5.1 
Watson, Mary C18731878 5.1 
Watson, Mrs18111870 5.1 
Watson, Mary Sherman191519172y1.1 
Watson, Olive Mulken1851Nov 17 193988y1.1Wife of Charles H Watson
Watson, Olive S1883Oct 2 197794y1.1Wife of Lloyd Watson, deceased; son lives in Greece NY
Watson, Paulina 194481y5.1 
Watson, Rufus E18701882 5.1 
Watson, Susan D Apr 18 192983y7.1 
Watson, Samuel S18091855 5.1 
Watson, William JNov 4 1905Nov 19 1985 26.2b Wellsville to Wm J & Lena Bader Watson; m Ethel Anderson who died in 1984; survivors include Carolyn Whitney of Bradenton, Fla & sister Winifred Seager of Wellsville
Watson, William H18311913 10.1 10.2 
Watson, Rosetta C18371923 10.1 10.2 
Watson, Benjamin H18751949 10.1 10.2 
Watson, Franklin J18771952 10.1 10.2 
Watson, William HenryOct 2 1849Jun 2 192878y 8m17.1b Oil City PA to Thomas & Mary fleming Watson; d Coon Hollow NY; obit Jun 7 1829 Bolivar Breeze
Watt, Charles R18921975 15.1 
Watt, Lena E18921972 15.1 
Watt, Russell19161945 15.1Son of Charles & Lena Watt
Watters, Joseph N18151882 5.1 
Watts, Jenness P1869May 13 193869y1.1 
Watts, Leona M1876Jan 9 193457y1.1 
Watus, Rachel A 193080y5.1 
Wauer, Marlett Walter   7.1 
Waver, Mary Feb 19 192972y7.1 
Way, Anna   7.1 
Way, John   7.1Justice 1862
Way, Lydia   7.1 
Way, Charles A   7.1 
Way, Ery or Eri Nov 15 1923 7.1See obit in Angelica Callectanea
Way, Lucy  84y7.1 
Way, Ellen   7.1See obit in Angelica Callectanea
Way, Ibraim   7.1 
Way, Ira LFeb 25 1899Aug 14 1965 7.1Son of Joseh & Susan Scholes Way; m Lauretta Stokes; survivors include wife; stepfather John Wager & sister Ellen Cannon, all of Angelica
Way, Joseph John Dec 21 194476y7.1 
Way, Lauretta F Sep 26 198184y7.1 
Way, Livona Mar 31 188565y24.1Wife of R W Way
Way Russell W Mary 26 187861y24.1 
Way, Sarah A18221902 24.1 
Way, Sophia18031864 7.1 
Way, Joseph John18001860 7.1 
Wearer, Charles18461879 5.1 
Wearer, George H18361895 5.1GAR
Wearer, Margaret18111889 5.1 
Weatherby, Sally 185150y16.7Wife of Richard Weatherby
Weatherly, KennethOct 10 1918Nov 8 1985 MaplehurstHinsdale Cemetery; hus of Neva Benham
Weaver, Almond G Jun 1 194484y7.1 
Weaver, Almond    AngelicaLot 151
Weaver, Charles HenryOct 26 1870Sep 30 1947 AngelicaLot 180
Weaver, Everett IJun 25 1870Jan 17 1952 AngelicaLot 231
Weaver, E I Mrs (Helen Cartwright)Nov 18 1871  AngelicaLot 231
Weaver, Alzina 1907 5.1(Sylvester)
Weaver, AmandaApr 30 1832Nov 8 1911 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, Clarence Jan 7 196869y1.1No stone
Weaver, Addison G18561909 8.1 
Weaver, Mary E18611956 8.1 
Weaver, Claude L18881958 8.1 
Weaver, Florence C18881970 8.1 
Weaver, Charles Henry18911961 15.1 
Weaver, Ellen E19011935 15.1 
Weaver, Charles Jr19171918 15.1 
Weaver, Willard & Walter 1931 15.1 
Weaver, Charles Henry Oct 7 194776y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, Esther   AngelicaLot 281
Weaver, James   AngelicaLot 180
Weaver, Lorenzo A   AngelicaLot 180
Weaver, Mary Mrs Dec 14 193638yAlmondWife of Clarence Weaver; dau of John & Cora Carpenter Weaver
Weaver, May   AngelicaLot 151
Weaver, Maybelle   AngelicaLot 151; wife of Almond Weaver; dau of Runah & Julia Clark Willis
Weaver, Everett I Jan 17 195282y7.1 
Weaver, Frank 194063y8.11st hus of Mabel Folsom Weaver
Weaver, F Earl18861966 8.7 
Weaver, Susie E18861935 8.7 
Weaver, Harold F19221926 8.7 
Weaver, Fenton18921960 15.1 
Weaver, Helen18951967 15.1 
Weaver, Harold B18981977 8.1married Margaret E 1925
Weaver, Margaret E19061974 8.1m Harold B Weaver in 1925
Weaver, Helen Nov 28 193867y7.1 
Weaver, Helen Jane1899Mar 21 196161y1.1Mrs Edward Dunham
Weaver, L L "Jake"18931964 10.1 10.2 
Weaver, Arline F1914  7.1 
Weaver, Maybelle Mar 9 195282y7.1 
Weaver, PearlSep 16 1880Jul 2 191968y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, Phillip J194519** 8.7 
Weaver, M Veronica19081954 8.7 
Weaver, Ruth IreneJun, 1894Feb 16 1913 7.1Dau of Mr & Mrs Everett Weaver
Weaver, Sylvester18401907 5.1GAR 93 Reg
Weaver, Sadie (Ingalls) Dec 1 196761y7.1 
Weaver, William L Dec 1 1885 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, William  Jan 1 192091y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, W Henry18591937 15.1 
Weaver, Nellie18621938 15.1 
Weaver, Alice   7.1 
Weaver, Mary   7.1 
Weaver, Henry J   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weaver, Susan   7.1 
Webb, Charles S Sr18831962 8.1 
Webb, Emily A thompson18831966 8.1Wife of Charles S Webb Sr
Webb, Charles Street Jr19041952 8.1 
Webb, Mary G1908  8.1Wife of Charles Street Webb Jr
Webb, Edwind Mar 25 18311y 10m 12d11.4Son of William & Carlearine Webb
Webb, Edward18701929 10.1 10.2 
Webb, Edgar A18751938 10.1 10.2 
Webb, Ethel18831937 10.1 10.2Wife of Edgar A Webb
Webb, Mary Webb Richmond19001962 10.1 10.2 
Webb, Julia May 21 180032y11.4Wife of Nathaniel S Webb
Webb, Clara M May 12 18801y 5m 18d11.4Dau of Nathaniel S & Julia Webb
Webb, Mary Ann Mar, 18343y 5m 7d11.4Dau of William & Catherine Webb
Webb, William Mar 16 184180y 8m 10d11.4 
Webber, Lucy J18571920 5.1 
Weber, Mary Geary19101935 26.8 
Weber, Robert B19201972 10.1 10.2 
Weber, Margaret M1922  10.1 10.2 
Weber, William KMar 3 1908Sep 1 1984 PASavinbille Cem, Sabensville, PA; hus of Esther Griffin
Weber, William  May 5 19347y7.3 
Webster, AshbellAug 8 1746Nov 13 1838 15.1"In memory"
Webster, Agms18901907 24.1Wife of W E Webster
Webster, Ashbell Nov 13 1838 15.5 
Webster, Benjamin Nov 19 184081y8.1 
Webster, Silvester Mar 18 184252y8.1& 4 unknown graves
Webster, Bessie Oct 31 193228y1.1No stone
Webster, Claud WJan 23 1892Nov 24 191725y1.1d at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga; WWI veteran; San Dept 307 Engineer
Webster, Caroline Aug 12 1872 2.5Has fresh flowers
Webster, Lewis H Dec 24 1872 2.5Has fresh flowers
Webster, Dean Jun 10 196864y1.1No stone
Webster, Elmer CJun 4 1898Nov 14 1984 26.2b Wellsville to Warren & Deborah Webster; m Marie Mesler
Webster, E Stanley (Dr)Nov 4 1895Oct 15 1964 16.5b Warsaw NY to Elmer & Louise Baker Webster; m Helen Pitts; was doctor in Friendship for 43 years
Webster, FreddieSep 19 1877Feb 16 1884 2.5Son of Melvin & Margaret Webster
Webster Gladys19221953 24.1 
Webster, Horace E1863Dec 13 193168y1.1 
Webster, Israel SAug 29 1801Oct 19 1880 15.5 
Webster, Jarius L Apr 29 189182y28.2 
Webster, Susan Sep 29 188579y28.2Wife of J L Webster
Webster, Mercia Jan 21 189172y28.2Wife of J L Webster
Webster, J HFeb 9 1825Apr 27 1890 8.1 
Webster Mary L1866Feb 5 194174y1.1 
Webster, Melvin AlmeronJul 16 1843Nov 13 1911 2.5See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Webster, Margaret18491926 2.5 
Webster, Mercy Apr 16 1844 15.5Note: Is this Ashbell's wife?)
Webster, Norman   BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Webster, William AFeb 4 1851  28.1 
Webster, Wilma 1944 5.1 
Webster, William A18691876 5.1 
Webster, William S18361904 5.1 
Webster, William Jan 16 1946May 2 1975 24.5SP5 US Army Vietnam
Webster, WilliamDec 27 1803Feb 24 1883 8.2 
Webster, Sarah AnnMar 4 1804Mar 4 1898 8.2Wife of William Webster
Wedge, David18621929 10.1 10.2 
Wedge, Jennie18741934 10.1 10.2 
Wedge, Thomas Apr 12 189179y 3d24.1 
Weed, James (Deacon)   Blank 
Weed, Frank J Oct 18 191835y1.1No stone
Weed, Fannie Feathers18311908 5.1 
Weed, Phineas Sep 8 189147y28.1Co C 16 NYSV
Weeks, Bruce   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weeks, Cora (Demming)   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weeks, Fred   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weeks, Charlotte Eaton18421912 15.1 
Weeks, Grace Aug 6 195876y7.1 
Weeks, Hiram   26.8No dates
Weeks, Karin DDec 6 1972Jun 13 1985 East Koyb Hornell to Richard & Sandra Papaner Weeks; b East Koy Rural Cemetery
Weeks Mary E18511917 5.1 
Weidman, C Oakley18691952 28.1 
Weidmann, Henry W1889Nov 12 193041y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weidner, Charles L18891981 24.5 
Weidner, Helen G18861965 24.5 
Weihoneig, Carl RMar 28 1924Sep 11 1969 21.1 
Weihoneig, Conrad18621904 21.1 
Weihonig, Alois18541914 26.1Father
Weihonig, Anna M18561922 26.1Mother
Weihonig, Louis18861939 26.1Son
Weihonig, Charles J189019** 26.1 
Weihonig, Ethel May18881949 26.1 
Weihonig, John LApr 27 1893Dec 15 1967 26.1NY Pvt 21 Co 153 Depot Erig WWI
Weihonig, Sophia C18801940 26.1Daughter
Weihonig, Anna F18831945 26.1Daughter
Weikart, Eva R18771927 15.1 
Weikart, Irving O18761946 15.1 
Weikart, Vance D19061949 15.1Ser Bat 696 FA BN WWII
Weinman, Charles Apr 19 1941 26.1 
Weinman, Christina Jan 14 1965 26.1 
Weinman, J Gerald19131952 26.1 
Weinman, Louise P18801929 26.1 
Weinman, Emma F18761962 26.1 
Weinman, Mildred KAug 6 1902Aug 22 1985 24.1b Almond to Arthur & Maud Ward Karr; m LeRoy C Weinman who died in 1980
Weinman, Marshall C191119** 26.1 
Weinman, Edna E190919** 26.1 
Weir, Andrew   7.1 
Weir, Mercy M   7.1 
Weir Arthur JMar 11 1897Jun 20 1985 7.1b Birdsall to Burdette & Grace Deming Weir; m Bernice Lyon who died in 1983
Weir, Bernice L1893Sep 19 19839y7.1Dau of William & Edith Ault Lyon; wife of Arthur J Weir
Weir, Bruce Jul 11 192758y7.1 
Weir, Burdette L Apr 4 195790y7.1 
Weir, Earl Dec 6 191824y7.1 
Weir, Earl R   7.1 
Weir, ElizabethFeb 28 1836Aug 19 192387y7.1Survived by son Bruce Weir
Weir, Carl W   7.1 
Weir, George   7.1 
Weir, John A   7.1 
Weir, William A   7.1 
Weir, Wilson   7.1 
Weir, Elizur Davis18701915 8.1 
Weir, Augusta Black18761948 8.1 
Weir, Fred E Jul 4 192563y7.1 
Weir, Grace Aug 25 1981103y7.1 
Weir, Hattie   7.1 
Weir, John F   7.1 
Weir, HenryOct 24 1830Jul 12 191585y7.1Constable 1858
Weir, Helen Moore   7.1Wife of Henry Weir
Weir, Jennie M Mar 2 194579y7.1 
Weir, John Whitman Jan 9 193538min7.1 
Weir, Joseph Whitney Sep 23 195789y7.1 
Weir, Leon N Jun 12 197982y7.1 
Weir, Mabel T Nov 23 198076y7.1 
Weir, Mae EOct 3 18641931 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weir, Nathaniel1833  7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weir, Maria MrsJun 13 18391912 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weir, Rebecca Feb 2 192479y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weir, Daniel   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary - - Constable 1884
Weir, Jennie    7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weir, Sarah K Jun 9 196057y7.1 
Weir, Victor   7.1 
Weir, Whit MrsJun 16 1865Mar 2 1945 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weisheit, Paul WOct 3 1905Dec 22 1985 24.1b New Kensington PA to Rev Wm & Anna Morrell; m Leila Black who died 1981
Welch, Anna L18951920 5.1 
Welch, Anna L 195285y5.1 
Welch, Amanda C Apr 11 184123y11.4Wife of Ewing Welch
Welch, Bessie B18911967 24.1 
Welch, Catherine R Feb 12 187846y24.5Wife of Robert Wright
Welch, Charles W Sep 25 186818y 2m24.5 
Welch, John D Oct 30 186810y 10m24.5Sonof Robert & C R Wright
Welch, Elizabeth May18711933 5.1 
Welch, Elmer C E18621928 5.1 
Welch, Frank D 193868y5.1 
Welch, Flora B18671920 24.2 
Welch, E Merriman   7.1 
Welch, Joseph B   7.1Justice 1857-40-51
Welch, Mary   7.1Wife of Joseph B Welch
Welch, Mary R   7.1 
Welch, Mary   7.1 
Welch, Mary Jane   7.1 
Welch, William B   7.1 
Welch, Freelove17721877 24.5 
Welch, Naboth B17721830 24.5 
Welch, Fred Loue17721877 24.5 
Welch, Forest B18741940 24.5 
Welch, Emma A18531938 24.5 
Welch, Robert S18461881 24.5 
Welch, Gertrude E   7.1 
Welch, Harold19031904 10.1 10.2 
Welch, Edward19051907 10.1 10.2 
Welch, Joseph B Jul 19 1951 BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Welch, John CMay 12 1840Jan 29 1925 BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Welch, Julia Wells1836Nov 25 191589yBlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Welch, John 194877y5.1 
Welch, JohnJun 13 1887Sep 16 1887 8.7 
Welch, Patrick18441924 8.7 
Welch, Mary18411911 8.7Wife of Patrick Welch
Welch, Jaruis Oct 28 1941abt 75y7.1 
Welch, James18401903 5.1GAR Co E 93R
Welch, Louisa18411918 5.1 
Welch, Louisa S18481932 5.1 
Welch, Mary S18681956 24.2 
Welch, Father18431920 24.2 
Welch, Mother18401917 24.2 
Welch, Naboth 17721880 24.5 
Welch, Oscar L Oct 10 197865y7.1 
Welch, Philip H   7.1 
Welch, Margaret H   7.1 
Welch, Robert S18461881 24.5 
Welch, Emma A18531938 24.5 
Welch, Forrest B18741940 24.5 
Welch, Richard18621931 24.2 
Welch, Westley Benjamin18391915 5.1 
Welch, William WillisonAug 23 19141939 BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Weldy, George H Dec 18 188252y19.1 
Weldy, John S18621901 19.1 
Wellington, Helen I May 14 198553yArkport 
Wellington, George18501870 15.1 
Wells, Annie18441924 5.1 
Wells, Clara HJan 12 1886Jul 11 195185y 5m 29d17.1b Trempeau, Leon Co., Wisc; d Cuba NY; obit Jul 19 1951 Bolivar Breeze
Wells, Clark S18141896 17.2Co C 150 Regt PA Vol Inf
Wells, Esther18191896 17.2 
Wells, Charles G18671942 8.1 
Wells, Clara M18791965 8.1 
Wells, Doris JJul 26 1938Jan 18 1986 4.4Almond Librarian & Town Historian; dau of Marion & Jennie Heilman Wells
Wells, Deborah17781852 7.1 
Wells, Mary E   7.1 
Wells, Daniel B1811Sep 12 187166y17.3 
Wells, Salley Ann Mar 27 1874 17.3 
Wells, EmmaJul 15 1827Dec 1 1878 17.3 
Wells, Effie A Sep 15 1983 12.1b Canesdea to Dwight & Edith Palmer Arnold; m Alton Wells
Wells, Early Ann Apr 27 1876 17.3Wife of Daniel Wells
Wells, Elias Nov 28 187067y21.5 
Wells, George Apr 11 189572yUtopia-Wirt 
Wells, Nancy Ann18231909 Utopia-WirtWife of George Wells
Wells, Harris Dec 13 186684yUtopia-Wirt 
Wells, Sally Feb 11 186781yUtopia-WirtWife of Harris Wells
Wells, William H Feb 9 186943yUtopia-Wirt 
Wells, Harriet C18271919 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wells, Harry   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wells, James C   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wells, Helen Powers19271945 Blank1st wife of John Wells
Wells, Joseph W Sep 19 185547y17.3 
Wells, Joseph  Jun 1 183754y17.3 
Wells, Lydia May 27 186176y17.3Wife of Joseph Wells
Wells, Loomis 1960 4.4 
Wells, Lucy Dec 26 1869 17.3Wife of Samuel Wells
Wells, Samuel18171897 17.3 
Wells, Emily1827  17.3Wife of Samuel Wells
Wells, Marion 1964 4.4 
Wells, Nancy P Rathbone Jun 18 185130y21.1Wife of Charles Wells
Wells, John Nov 15 18519m21.1Son of charles & Nancy Wells; see Rathbone
Wells, Perry G Jan 1 188038y 2m 1d21.4 
Wells, Roselia Buzzard Feb 14 191564y 10m 21d21.4Wife of Perry Wells and then wife of (?) Perry
Wells, Sherman D18441921 17.2 
Wells, Mary E Prosser18471920 17.2 
Hatch, T D17871947 11.4Hus of Elrena Wells
Wells, Elrena17951863 11.4Wife of T D Hatch
Wells, William Oscar Oct 11 183711y 7m 23d17.3Son of Daniel B & Sally Ann Wells
Wells, Winfield S18411912 17.2 
Wells, Elizabeth18421930 17.2 
Wells, Harriet JJan 19 1822May 21 1876 17.3Wife of Daniel B Wells
Wells, Ira S18811956 17.2 
Wells, Jeanette S18711959 17.2 
Wells, Joseph Jun 29 194192y17.1b Tennessee; obit Jul 3 1941 Bolivar Breeze
Wellson, Vickie Marie19511952 15.1 
Welsch Eva Dorothy Jan 26 193710m7.1 
Welsher, Bertha Barringer18881924 8.1Dau of Fred & Inez Welsher
Wenchall, Stanley19101974 15.1 
Wenchell, Agnes S18731968 15.1 
Wentworth, Hannah May 29 1851 11.4Wife of Benning Wentworth
Wentworth, James N18841954 6.10 
Wentworth, Mima J189219** 6.10 
Wentworth, Olin S18661958 10.1 10.2 
Wentworth, Lillie F18731950 10.1 10.2 
Wereley, Gordon A Sr1917Feb 11 1984 16.4b St Andrews Canada to George & Flora McDonald Wereley; m Jessie Parker; survivors, wife, son Gordon Jr of Friendship & sister Isabelle Burger of Andover
Werner, Alfred 196572y5.1 
Wert, Benjamin G18301915 8.1 
Wert, Mary E Foose18361904 8.1Wife of Benjamin G Wert
Wert, Grant18691948 8.1 
Wert, Frances18501929 8.1Wife of Grant Wert
Foose, George A   8.1Grandson
Wert, George A18541940 8.1On Archibald Foose monument; grandson
Wertz, George W19081971 8.1 
Wesche, Dorothy19141958 10.1 10.2 
Wesche, Edna Abela Sep 21 18817m 28d26.8Dau of Adolph & Joanne Wesche
Wesche, Louis F Jr189619** 26.1 
Wesche, Beulah B18951927 26.1 
Wesche, Louis H18591943 26.1Father
Wesche, Mary18751957 26.1Mother
Wesche, Lewis C1906Jun 2 1983 26.2b Allen to William & Emma Wesche; m Clara M Perry who died Feb 3 1981; survivors include son Melvin Wesche of Belmont; brothers Ernest & George of Wellsville; clarence & Richard of Angelica
Wesche, MinnaFeb 3 1847May 16 1908 16.8 
Wescott, Abbie Herrington 186358y1.1No stone
Wescott, Emery B18541918 6.11Father (or 1853-1910)
Wescott, Ella E Hall   6.11Wife of Emery O Westcott
Wescott, Franklin 18650y1.1No stone
Wescott, George F1846189448y1.1 
Wescott, George WApr 14 1835Feb 7 190872y1.1 
Wescott, Joel Avery 187676y1.1No stone
Wescott, Mary Duryea1868Jan 14 1951 HornellSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wescott, M Daniel1844Mar 21 192176y1.1Member of Masons
Wescott, Mercy N Shaw Jan 30 188276y1.1Wife of Rial Wescott
Wescott, Rial 189188y1.1 
Wescott, Rowland E 18652y1.1No stone
Wescott, Sarah E Willard1847Dec 10 190658y1.1Wife of M D Wescott
Wescott, Susan B1846Oct 2 193791y1.1Wife of Albert Wescott
Wescott, Samuel1835Feb 2 192085y7.1 
Wesler, Anna Marie Feb 25 1878 15.1Dau of W M Wesler
Wesler, Benjamine May 27 1846 15.1Son of William & Moira Wesler
Wesler, Calvin Aug 17 1841 15.1Son of William & Moira Wesler
Wesler, WilliamMay 16 1797Jul 31 1880 15.1 
Wesler, MoiraJul 13 1802Sep 14 1885 15.1 
Wesp, Carl PAug 19 1877Jul 10 195274y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wesp, Bertha KingJun 27 1878Feb, 195273y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
West, Adelia E18351900 28.4 
West,Addie ChadwickApr 3 1837Dec 26 191578y1.1 
West, Burch C (Dr)18791935 10.1 10.2 
West, Vera D18841975 10.1 10.2 
West, Bennie J 18840y1.1No stone; son of Henry S West
West, Betsey A R   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
West, Silas F18371915 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
West, Stella Mrs18611920 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
West, Carl F May 22 187961y7.1 
West, Cynthya A 195877y5.1 
West, Charles1874Dec 6 194470y1.1 
West, Charlotte CrandallJul 23 1813Apr 15 190582y1.1 
West, Frankie Oct 30 18634y 3m 3d24.1Son of A M R West
West, FrancisDec 31 1804Nov 29 1893 Blankb Westerly, Westerly, RI; m Charlotte Ann Crandall in Alfred NY; d West Almond NY; farmer
West, Saloma1836  Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West
West, Silas F1839Jun 15 1915 Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West
West, Mary1840  Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West
West, George18421892 Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West
West, Helen1844Mar 13 1916 Alfred Ruralb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West; m abt 1864 to Edson Reynolds
West, Elsie1847  Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francis West; m abt 1876 Lafaette Yoemans
West, BabyMar 13 1849Mar 13 1849 Blankb Angelica, Allegany Co NY; child of Francix West
West, FrankieDec 31 1804Nov 29 189389y1.1 
West, George jan 10 189250y24.1 
West, Gertrude Elmer 193751y5.1 
West, Henry A 195372y5.1 
West, Ida Bell   7.1 
West, James M18041858 7.1 
West, Kittie Chloe1867195689y1.1 
West, Lamuell E Jul 26 1920 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
West, Leon J Oct 6 197584y7.1 
West, Laura B Oct 1 198291y7.1 
West, Lemuel E Jul 29 192058y7.1 
West, Mary F Sep 12 18595m 9d20.2 
West, Mary F1842  24.1Wife of ?
West, Maude R18731962 1.1 
West, Richard   1.1 
West, Silas FApr 9 1837Jun 5 1915 AngelicaBuried in Day Until Dawn Cemetery at Angelica; m Betsey Ann Reynolds Dec 31 1857
West, Samuel Dec 27 188072y 7m 28d28.4 
West, Anna Jan 18 187867y 2m28.4Wife of Samuel West
West, SalomeJul 1810Oct 186151y1.1 
West, Sarah 18800y1.1No stone
West, Sarah P 187926y1.1No stone; day of T J West
West, W P (Dr)1903  BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Westbrook, Paul L1919Dec 25 1984 6.11b Elmira Heights to Bastian & Cora Finney Westbrook; m Donna M Nobles (d 1982); survivors include mother of Watkins Glenn, 2 dau's and 2 son out of state; son Kim of Elm Valley
Westcott, James H Aug, 1919 BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Westcott, Albert W1845191771y1.1 
Westcott, Ansel 18750y1.1 
Westcott, Ansel Herbert 18830y1.1 
Westcott, Celestia JJul 7 1835190671y1.1Wife of George W Westcott
Westcott, Eva 18750y1.1No stone
Westcott, Esick Jan 19 1858 6.11The Bledsoe Bible records say he d Jan 19 1857; he's the father of Cynthia Westcott who married Joseph J Bledsoe and the father of Serena Westcott who married Franklin J Lee Sr; he also served in the War of 1812 although no marker showing this
Westcott, John J Jul 25 185933y 5m 28d21.5 
Westfall, Eleanor   1.1(Truman Parrish?)
Westfall, George18281901 8.10 
Westfall, Elizabeth J18311891 8.10Wife of George Westfall
Westfall, Alice   8.10Dau of George & Elizabeth Westfall
Westfall, Hope E 196879y5.1 
Westfall, Maynard J 196365y5.1 
Westover, Abner 184927y16.7 
Wetherbee, Abel PAug 20 1818Mar 3 1883 Richburg 
Wetherbee, Maria RoseAug 22 1818  RichburgWife of Abel P Wetherbee
Wwetherby, Ann19541954 15.1 
Wetherby, Homer D18811910 10.1 10.2 
Wetherby, Minnie A18821920 10.1 10.2 
Wetherby, Mercia O19061950 10.1 10.2 
Wetherby, Harley18821953 10.1 10.2 
Wetherby, Mammie189119** 10.1 10.2(d 1979?)
Wetherby, John Apr 10 186564y 10m 21dDimick-Wirt 
Wetherby, Lucinda Aug 2 190285yDimick-WirtWife of John Wetherby
Wetherby, Phoebe Nov 17 187428yDimick-WirtDau of John & Lucinda Wetherby
Wetherby, Nina Mar 10 18698mDimick-WirtDau of N & L W Wetherby
Messenger, Mary EMar 22 1848Jul 19 1889 RichburgWife of Joseph Messenger
Wetherby, Nina Mar 30 1868 Dimick-WirtInfant dau of N & L Wetherby
Wetherby, Walter   7.1 
Wetmore, William P18801960 17.2 
Wetmore, Grace M18871960 17.2 
Wetmore, Victor19251934 17.2 
Wetzell, Ann Aug 15 190077y26.1 
Whalen, A P18981970 8.7 
Whalen, Mildred19031929 8.7Wife of A P Whalen
Whalen, Michael J19261927 8.7Son of A P Whalen
Whalen, Catherine T18781949 26.1 
Whalen, Ellen18481916 26.1Mother
Whalen, Helen E Apr 23 1893 8.7 
Whalen, James E Jan 25 1938 8.7 
Whalen, Ann F Sep 26 1926 8.7 
Whalen, Ann M Feb 8 1937 8.7 
Whalen, John J18941918 8.7WWI veteran; 43 Co 153 DB
Whalen, John H18621935 8.7 
Whalen, Anastasia18721954 8.7 
Whalen, Basil J18991933 8.7 
Whalen, Louise 1931 8.7 
Whalen, Michael J 1879 8.7 
Whalen, Michael 18461891 8.7 
Whalen, Catherine 18451920 8.7 
Whalen, James E18**1907 8.7 
Whalen, Joseph18801910 8.7 
Whalen, Michael J18591932 8.7 
Whalen, Mary B18751952 8.7 
Whalen, Thomas 1894 8.7Father
Whalen, Julia 1925 8.7Mother
Whalen, Thomas 1934 8.7Brother
Whalen, Michael 1916 8.7Brother
Whalen, Thomas A18401911 8.7 
Whalen, Alice S18361927 8.7 
Whalen, Mary Lynch18101892 8.7 
Whalen, Ella18831884 8.7 
Whalen, Mable M18801884 8.7 
Whalen, William E1871911 8.7 
Whalon, John1824  8.7 
Whalon, Ellen Apr 15 189067y8.7Wife of John Whalon; native of Co Waterford, Ireland
Wheat, R Sep 18 183766y11.4 
Wheaton, Benjamine Sep 8 18447y 18d6.3Son of Samuel S & Alzinia Wheaton
Wheaton, Charles D1900Aug 3 197474y1.1Vault
Wheaton, Coit L1897Jun 25 196770y1.1 
Wheaton, Emma B1898Apr 12 197778y1.1Vault
Wheaton, Edith B1904Apr 13 195753y1.1 
Wheaton, Edith R B1869195788y1.1 
Wheaton, E F18551914 6.3 
Wheaton, E F Mrs1855  6.3 
Wheaton, E F18581914 6.17 
Wheaton, E F Mrs1856  6.17 
Wheaton, Hazel B1895194449y1.1 
Wheaton, Ida E Burdick1865190237y1.1Son of Samuel S & Alzinia Wheaton
Wheaton, James W Apr 17 1842 6.3 
Wheaton, Lura Aug 3 1979 7.1 
Wheaton, Fay Lloyd1902Jul 27 194846y1.1 
Wheaton, Infant 19410y1.1Infant of Fay Lloyd Wheaton; no stone
Wheaton, Roy May, 197873y7.1 
Wheaton, Samuel Lehman1860191553y1.1 
Wheaton, Shirley M1927Jun 30 195124y1.1 
Wheaton, William W Mar 16 18427m6.3Son of Samuel S & Alzinia Wheaton
Whedon, Ora E18801930 26.1Son of Ora & Ellen Whedon; Co L 108 Regt AEF
Wheelan, James18281916 5.1 
Wheeland, Sarah Ann18261908 5.1 
Wheeler, Amos D18501922 29.8 
Wheeler, Josiah17841833 29.8 
Wheeler, Eunice17851868 29.8Wife of Josiah Wheeler
Wheeler, Almira18101826 29.8Dau of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, Catherine18251836 29.8Dau of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, Arthur J 1918 19.1 
Wheeler, Arthur 19061914 19.1Son of W H & J Wheeler
Wheeler, Aaron Nov 22 193484y7.1 
Wheeler, Alice G   7.1 
Wheeler, Flora A   7.1 
Wheeler, Mary M   7.1 
Wheeler, Peter W   7.1 
Wheeler, Carlton A18951919 19.1 
Wheeler, Hazel J18981919 19.1 
Wheeler, CalvinFeb 17 1817Oct 1896 29.8 
Wheeler, Phebe A MaxomJun 5 1822Jul 22 1897 29.8Wife of Calvin Wheeler
Wheeler, Cora May18761919 28.4 
Wheeler, Charles Dec 1 1872 8.1 
Wheeler, Wife of Charles Apr 11 1889 8.1 
Wheeler, Charles A18581923 15.1 
Wheeler, Charles H Jul 28 193465y7.1 
Wheeler, Catherine Feb 10 186263y20.2 
Wheeler, Darius Jul 17 182562y20.2 
Wheeler, Daniel18301906 Bellevile (NH)Co F 141 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran
Wheeler, Delilah B1845May 1 1913 BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wheeler, Emma J Gleason Apr 12 187322y 3m 1d22.5Wife of Frank Wheeler; dau of Alfred & Ann Gleason
Wheeler, Fred F18951960 17.2 
Wheeler, Frances C18881925 15.1 
Wheeler, Fred F18531913 15.1 
Wheeler, Adelice18541941 15.1 
Wheeler, Fanny Jun 9 186158y20.2 
Wheeler, Fanny Feb 8 184379y20.2 
Wheeler, George MJan 24 1852Nov 3 1877 29.8Son of Galvin & Phebe A Wheeler
Wheeler, Isaac P   7.1 
Wheeler, Josiah17841833 29.8 
Wheeler, Unice Crandall17851868 29.8Wife of Josiah Wheeler
Wheeler, Almira18101826 29.8Dau of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, Catherine18251836 29.8Dau of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, CalvinFeb 17 1812Oct 30 1896 29.8Son of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, Amos U18281905 29.8Son of Josiah & Eunice Wheeler
Wheeler, John Apr 1 187380y 3m 11d20.2 
Wheeler, Catherine Nov 10 186263y20.2 
Wheeler, Darius Jul 17 182562y20.2 
Wheeler, Fanny Feb 8 181359y?20.2Wife of Darius Wheeler
Wheeler, Fanny Jun 9 186158y20.2 
Wheeler, Jesse A18891972 10.1 10.2 
Wheeler, Jessie E188919** 10.1 10.2 
Wheeler, Lyman18801965 15.1 
Wheeler, Mary M18591934 15.1 
Wheeler, Mary S   26.8Dates illeg
Wheeler, Mabel H Jan 4 196986y7.1 
Wheeler, Mitta Cecelia18641869 29.8Day of Lyman A & Mary R Wheeler
Wheeler, R R Mrs Dec 22 187950y11.4 
Wheeler, Ralph M18881947 15.1Lt USA QMA
Wheeler, Sadie A18761939 28.4 
Wheeler, T F18481903 21.3 
Wheeler, Mary E18471926 21.5Wife of T F Wheeler
Wheeler, William R18471916 8.1(death date 1916 or 1918)
Wheelock, N H18811881 5.1 
Wheeton, Christopher C18201902 5.1 
Wheeton, Sarah18331902 5.1 
Whelpley, George D189919** 26.1 
Whelpley, Francis S19051978 26.1 
Wherrey, William18321906 Bellevile (NH)Civil War Veteran
Whinchell, Burt19071957 15.1 
Whinchell, Florence1907  15.1 
Whines, S A18571894 21.1 
Whipple, Alice Naomi Sep 3 197980y 7.1 
Whipple, BenjaminJan 6 1805Aug 3 1888 22.5 
Whipple, HarrietJan 15 1808Mar 7 1832 22.5Wife of Benjamin Whipple
Whipple, Cecil Kenneth 18911y1.1No stone
Whipple, Celia K 18911y1.1No stone
Whipple, Dallas B18441918 8.1Buried at Springfield, Ohio
Whipple, Eliza Flinn18481913 8.1Buried at Portsmouth, VA
Whipple, Ellsworth O18621939 8.1 
Whipple, Cora M Shuart18641939 8.1Wife of Ellsworth Whipple
Whipple, E MDec 3 1812  8.1 
Whipple, Phoebe B E ODec 22 1818  8.1 
Whipple, George LApr 9 1870Aug 26 1890 8.1 
Whipple, W JMay 3 1874  8.1 
Whipple, Gardner18481903 15.1 
Whipple, Gardner L Jr19301938 15.1 
Whipple, Louise S1904  15.1 
Whipple, Harry L18771937 15.1 
Whipple, Lucy A18521934 15.1 
Whipple, Laura H   7.1 
Whipple, Mabel L18841953 15.1 
Whipple, Royal18461912 8.1 
Whipple, Julia18571908 8.1 
Whipple, Emma18591946 8.1 
Whipple, Wilfred Oct 10 196170y7.1 
Whitaker, Chester Dec 31 187353y 3m 29d28.7 
Whitaker, James S Apr 22 1965 21.1 
Whitaker, Marjorie A19021942 21.1Wife of James S Whitaker
Whitcher Alfred G SrApr 22 1922Jun 3 1985 BlankBuried from Truesdell Fun Home in Cuba NY; hus of Edith A Wright
Whitcolm, Harvey Aug 17 185531y 11m24.5 
Whitcomb, Ann E18461930 5.1 
Whitcomb, Celestia K18411926 5.1 
Whitcomb, CassieJul 1 1885Jun 12 1970 FloridaWife of Floyd Whitcomb who is buried in Richburg Cemetery; she's buried in Jacksonville, FLA
Whitcomb, Charles E 196096y5.1 
Whitcomb, Cyrus18521935 Richburg 
Whitcomb, Julia18561914 RichburgWife of Cyrus Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Wills W18771900 RichburgSon of Cyrus Whitcomb
Whitcomb, George18731941 RichburgSon of Cyrus Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Eugene18731942 RichburgSon of Cyrus Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Angie Millis18741968 RichburgWife of Eugene Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Floyd E18811947 Richburg 
Whitcomb, Cassie C   RichburgWife of Floyd E Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Elizabeth18311880 5.1(F.N.)
Whitcomb, Ethel 196282y5.1 
Whitcomb, Eugene P18551924 5.1 
Whitcomb, Eugene Crosby 197382y5.1 
Whitcomb, Francis Norton18311915 5.1 
Whitcomb, Fred J 196183y5.1 
Whitcomb, Hiram B May 7 185244y 11m 16d5.5 
Whitcomb, CynthzB  5.5Dau of Hiram & Annie E Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Hiram 18561858 24.5 
Whitcomb, Harriet 196493y5.1 
Whitcomb, Hiram B18341908 5.1 
Whitcomb, J V Pitt18211916 5.1 
Whitcomb, Lucy Jan 25 184741y 6m 5d5.5Dau of Silas & Sarah Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Lucinda18081893 5.1 
Whitcomb, Mae 194879y5.1 
Whitcomb, Mary18551918 5.1 
Whitcomb, Manville Mar 19 18157y 5m5.5Dau of Jeremiah & Lucinda Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Mary E18641930 5.1 
Whitcomb, Oliver G18631929 6.10 
Whitcomb, Sylvania R18661943 6.10 
Whitcomb, Philip F18841924 5.1 
Whitcomb, Russell A18451921 5.1 
Whitcomb, Ruth B18811894 5.1 
Whitcomb, Sarah Feb 16 185175y 11m 16d5.5Wife of Silas Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Silas   5.5 
Whitcomb, Silas Hale18261897 5.1 
Whitcomb, Sarah A18521856 24.5 
Whitcomb, William G18491876 24.5(death date could be 1879)
Whitcomb, William H18221865 24.5 
Whitcomb, Pruda18291897 24.5 
Whitcomb, Sarah A18521856 24.5 
White, Almira Jun 11 192986y7.1 
White, Amos Feb 3 192681y7.1 
White, Adell Darling18491909 21.1 
White, Anna1842  21.1 
White, Archer C18651939 21.1 
White, Martha   21.1Wife of Archie C White; no dates
White, Arthur L18571938 21.1 
White, Cora E burr18611913 21.1 
White, Howard18831948 21.1 
White, Alfred J19231940 24.1 
White, Amos17761852 7.1Assessor 1890
White, Ade P Mar 10 193074y7.1 
White, Abagail E1845Mar 8 192176y1.1Mrs J P White
White, Andrew N1880Jan 4 195473y1.1 
White, Baby18621863 21.1 
White, Byron E18551929 21.1 
White, Blanch FinchMay 10 1884Jul 11 1957 10.1 10.2 
White, Benjamin FranklinJul 21 1801187373y1.1 
White, Charles1862  21.1 
White, Selynda18651922 21.1 
White, Clark1822  21.1 
White, Lovina O18231852 21.1 
White, Charles IJul 23 1900Jul 5 1965 24.1NY Pvt 9 Inf WWI
White, Claude18781920 5.1 
White, Carlton19031924 21.1 
White, Charlie W   7.1 
White, Emaline E Apr 3 193485y7.1 
White, John B Dec 6 192372y7.1 
White, Marion Miss1895195156y7.1 
White, Myrtie   7.1 
White, Donald JApr 25 1945Apr 23 1951 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
White, Donald E1932Nov 14 1984 24.2Son of Arthur & Florence Coots White
White, Don C18851953 21.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
White, Lena B1890  21.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
White, Dougald COct 23 1820Sep 26 1879 21.1 
White, Lydia CNov 5 1821Sep 11 1899 21.1 
White, Devere H18991975 21.1 
White, Daniel Aug 10 186982y25.1 
White, Mary Mar 11 186976y 21d25.1Wife of Daniel White
White, Ezra Dec 13 1852 25.1 
White, Mary Ann (Williams)18201899 25.1 
White, Daniel 1857 or 1859 25.1 
White, Emily A Spanger1860Dec 1 191858y1.1Mrs W B White
White, Ethel C McHenry May 21 196484y1.1No stone
White, Eunice18461909 24.1 
White, E 181375y 16.7 
White, A H 181612y16.7 
White, S H 1812 16.7 
White, M Earl  16y16.7Broken stone
White, H  66y16.7Broken stone -- Died 1810 or 1816
Whte, Elerena   21.1No dates
White, Valencia   21.1No dates
White, Edward   18.1 
White, Edward May 4 1942 7.3 
White, Erwin E1920Nov 22 1985 1.1Survivors, wife Barbara of Arkport & brother Linden of Almond
White, Ezra Dec 13 1857 25.1 
White, Fred C1871Jan 5 1969 21.1 
White, Katherine1877  21.1 
White, James M18951969 17.2 
White, Mildred E183919** 17.2 
White, Frankie 18800y1.1No stone
White, George S18301907 21.1 
White, G H1827190780y18.1 
White, Gertrude May1887Apr 2 194760y1.1 
White, George I18331910 Blank 
White, Eliza18311892 Blank 
White, Helen D 193784y5.1 
White, Henry 18691949 8.7 
White, Henry Franklin Sep 3 192470y7.1 
White, IsaacMar 1835Sep, 1919 24.1 
White, Benn OJul 1859Mar, 1922 24.1 
White, ElccyJun 1837Apr, 1906 24.1 
Brodie, Lizzie MJul 1863May, 1913 24.1Buried with Isaac White & others
White, Charles18601937 24.1 
White, Elizabeth187119** 24.1 
White, Ira S Jul 3 184819y 10m 16d27.3Dau of Rufus & Ann White
White, Isaac18231914 5.1 
White, John B18371866 5.3Co D 141 NYV
White, Jesse18051868 5.3War of 1812
White, Rachel18011867 5.3Wife of Jesse White
White, John A18531926 10.1 10.2 
White, Edith E18631945 10.1 10.2 
White, Jennie  47y 16d17.1b Coudersport PA; d Buffalo NY
White, Juliet A1830190171y18.1 
White, Joel 1838 4.4 
White, James P1835192994y1.1 
White, John F 1915 1.1No stone
White, LeRoy E18831938 10.1 10.2 
White, Ola G18881954 10.1 10.2 
White, Robert L19081908 10.1 10.2 
White, Lydia  Apr 15 185454y 11m 20dBlankWife of William White
White, Lena M19151959 28.1 
White, Luther Kilmer Dec 13 1940 7.1 
White, Lucy G Niver Oct 1 187440y16.5Wife of G E White
White, Malona Mar 14 186326y21.1Wife of S E White
White, Ferdy Mar 10 18635y21.1Son of S E & M White
White, Margaret1893  21.1 
White, Marella18311858 21.1 
White, Mett18771899 21.1 
White, Martin EdwardJun 1 1931Mar 22 1952 24.1NY PFC 14 Eng Combat BN Korea PH
White, Merrett R18751969 24.1 
White, Eva B18791927 24.1 
White, Marion SAug 24 1907Dec 29 1959 24.1NY PFC 2126 Base Unit AAF WWII
White, Mary Elizabeth Jan 15 195392y7.1 
White, Mary Mar 11 186970y25.1Wife of Daniel White
White, M E F Mrs   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
White, Nellie18821917 3.2 
White, Naomi1839Dec 8 193091y1.1 
White, Rufus Aug 8 185868y 3m 12d27.3 
White, Richard WayneNov 10 1925Mar 10 19** 8.7NY EM1 US Navy WWII
White, Russell C18361918 6.10 
White, Phlancy M18371911 6.10 
White, Mary RebeccaMay 2 1871Nov 22 1964 6.10Dau of Russell M & Phlancy M White
White, Samuel18501927 21.1 
White, Sylvania18521910 21.1 
White, Cass18741877 21.1 
White, Samuel S Sep 4 186063y21.1 
White, Nancy Jan 25 186368y 3m 12d21.1 
White, Susan Elizabeth Page Reynolds1820186749y1.1 
White, Sarah H17841854 7.1Wife of Amos White
White, Susan L18131879 7.1Wife of Spencer White
White, Triphena18311899 21.1 
White, Thomas Aug 23 190084y26.1 
White, Margaret Feb 13 198476y26.1Wife of Thomas White
White, T J (Theran)May 3 1919Jun 13 19191m1.1 
White, Thomas L18711947 8.7 
White, Alice M1871961 8.7 
White, Thomas F (Tommy)19141972 8.7 
White, Mary1947  8.7 
White, Thomas18481923 8.7 
White, Mary18501934 8.7Wife of Thomas White
White, Martin Edward18381916 8.7 
White, Jesse   BlankGAR; War of 1812
White, Willard B1857191861y1.1 
White, William Feb 23 188084y 11m 18dBlank 
White, Willis C18551944 21.1 
White, Estella H18571920 21.1 
Whitebread, Martha Monroe Sep 12 190765y1.1No stone
Whitehead, Walter J18751928 Richburg 
Whitehead, Minnie18771951 RichburgWife of Walter J Whitehead
Whitehill, Mildred V1918Feb 19 1985 PABuried East Sherman Cem, PA
Whiteman, George W18911978 15.1 
Whiteman Jessie M18861976 15.1 
Whitenhall, Margaret19201932 10.1 10.2(Peggy Lou)
Whitford, Alfred W 195655y1.1 
Whitford, Alice Mar 30 194562y1.1No stone
Whitford, Clinton S1910Jun 23 195544y 11m 16d1.1 
Whitford, DanielJan 24 1841Jun 21 190766y1.1 
Whitford, DeForest1855Jun 30 193983y1.1 
Whitford, Dora B1882Dec 16 196482y1.1 
Whitford, Erma C1896Mar 9 1985 1.1b Andover; m Alfred Whitford; d Watsontown PA
Whitford, Ellen Brunette1856Sep 8 1923872y1.1Wife of DeForest Whitford
Whitford, Eva Mary Weld1875Dec 28 194671y1.1 
Whitford, Ferris S18801970 17.2 
Whitford, Reva L1888  17.2 
Whitford, Flossie 1967 1.4 
Whitford, Frances E (Fanny)1888Feb 3 194865y1.1Dau of J Byron & Mary F Whitford; death date could be 1954
Whitford, Frank S1875Mar 14 190934y1.1 
Whitford, Fremont Jun 29 193069y1.1No stone
Whitford, Gladys Elizabeth19141930 17.2Dau of J F & Leo Whitford
Whitford, Horatio Dec 7 186442y1.1 
Whitford, Horatio1865195186y1.1 
Whitford, Huldah E AOct 23 1852Dec 22 193280y1.1Wive of David Whitford
Whitford, Jemina Phebe White 191847y 1.12nd wife of Fremont Whitford; no stone
Whitford, Jennie E1871Dec 15 195282y1.11st wife of Fremont Whitford
Whitford, Jennie Hood1861189230y1.1 
Whitford, Jesse Nov 9 185797y1.1 
Whitford, Malvina D Satterlee Mar 16 189163y1.1 
Whitford, Mae S1884Apr 23 196985y1.1Wife of Schuyler Whitford
Whitford, Maria W Jul 28 186130y1.1Wife of Samuel Whitford
Whitford, Marion Agnes Apr 28 194433y1.1No stone
Whitford, Mary Frances Summerbell Feb 3 194898y1.1Wife of J B Whitford; no stone
Whitford, Mary Satterlee1816188973y1.1 
Whitford, Nathan Samuel 19050y1.1 
Whitford, Olive A Nov, 18362y1.1Dau of J S & O Whitford
Whitford, Robert W Apr 8 198580yBlankHus of Dorothy Clark Whitford of Lockport
Whitford, Ruhamah Greenman Jun, 184881y1.1Wife of Jesse Whitford
Whitford, Samuel Oct 20 190171y1.1Civil War Veteran Co K 147 NYV
Whitford, Sardinia E StillmanJun 25 1846Nov 13 190963y1.1Wife of Sylvanus Whitford
Whitford, Schuyler1817189073y1.1 
Whitford, Schuyler S1878Jan 5 193758y1.1 
Whitford, Silas S1875Jun 4 195781y1.1 
Whitford, Sophia Saunders1838191677y1.1 
Whitford, Sylvanus CJun 16 1842Aug 4 190967y1.1 
Whitford, Will Carlton1884Jan 31 196278y1.1 
Whitford, William Floyd Nov 22 193855y1.1No stone
Whitgomb, Harvey May 17 185531y 11m24.5 
Whiting, Hattie E18581896 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Olive C1826Jan 19 1894 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Charity1827Dec 17 1902 10.1 10.2Wive of Oliver C Whiting
Whiting, Grant1866Sep 14 1882 10.1 10.2Son of O C & C Whiting
Whiting, George Miller18771945 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Elsa E18921897 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Eva M18851936 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Dora B18651947 10.1 10.2 
Whiting, Roland W Apr 3 197368y 7.1 
Whitman, Edna D 196573y5.1 
Whitmarsch, Dorothy M1911  24.1 
Whitmarsch, Hary C18841966 24.1 
Whitmarsh, Llewellyn18531924 26.1 
Whitmarsh, Mary18601914 26.1Wife of Llewellyn Whitmarsh
Whitmarsh, NancyFeb 17 1775Apr 20 1861 15.5 
Whitore, Emma A Miss1859Dec 16 1924 1.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Whitmore, thomas May 26 191921y 11m 18d6.11 
Whitmore, Thoas Apr 5 18405m 23d6.11Son of Thomas R Whitmore
Whitney, Annis Rogers Sep 2 194985y 8m 22d17.1b Sandusky, NY; d Friendship NY
Whitney, Arthur LeRoy Jun 2 196377y17.1b Sandusky, NY; d Cuba NY
Whitney, Alvin Earl18751876 5.1(H.P.)
Whitney, Bernice SJun 9 1909Apr 2 1985 20.1b Hume NY to John & Mary Weidright Sandford; m Forrest M Whitney who died 1984; survivors brother Raymond Sandford of Fillmore
Whitney, charles S18241900 5.1 
Whitney, Clara A18291872 5.1 
Whitney, Donald E1926Jan 17 1985 26.1b Wellsville to Edward & Pearl Willett Whitney; m Miriam C Sullivan; survivors, wife, mother, sons Scott E & Steven; sister Wilma Swarthout, all of Wellsville, and dau Terry Cornell of Scio
Whitney, Edward R 195577y5.1 
Whitney, Forrest NApr 7 1903Jul 11 1984 20.1b Centerville to Carl & Emma Miller Whitney; survivors are wife Bernice of Hume and sister Mary Beardslee of Fillmore
Whitney, Fred Earl May 28 195465y 11m 1d17.1b Nacheas NY; d Clarksville NY
Whitney, Henry Parker18521902 5.1 
Whitney, Lester Hubert 195670y5.1 
Whitney, Mary E18451876 5.1(C.S.)
Whitney, Mahlon18511929 28.1 
Whitney, Edith18601947 28.1 
Whitney, Myra E 193075y 5.1 
Whitney, Myrtle 197082y5.1 
Whitney, Parker R18951922 5.1 
Whitney, Rose Anna Aug 27 196171y17.1b NYS; d Clarksville NY
Whitney, Sally Ann SpencerSep 5 1845Dec 12 192178y 3m 7d17.1Dau of Frank & Charlotte Wilson Spencer; b Chatham PA; d Genesee Twp NY; obit Dec 15 1921 Bolivar Breeze
Whitney, Susan K (infant) 1953 19.1 
Whitney, thelma V   19.1 
Whitney, Viola Mar 27 187213y 27d24.1 
Whitney, Victor C Nov 27 196047y7.1 
Whitney, William1863195* 19.1 
Whitney, Helen C188*1951 19.1 
Whitsell, John 195992y5.1 
Whitsell, William18711945 26.8 
Whitsell, Ella18631935 26.8 
Whittaker, Curtis HApr 5 1848  15.1 
Whittaker, Sarah LApr 6 1950Dec 9 1902 15.1 
Whittaker, Coy 1966 Black CreekWWI
Whittaker, Lucinda18281868 21.1 
Whittam, Clarence Oct 11 197177y7.1 
Whittam, Hazel Aug 24 197877y7.1 
Whittam, Kittie M Apr 30 192670y7.1 
Whittam, Thomas  Apr 10 193675y 7.1 
Whittam, Thomas Mrs Apr 30 1928 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Whittemore, Ann B   AngelicaLot 337
Whittemore, Clara E   AngelicaLot 732
Whittemore, Emma Alice   AngelicaLot 732
Whitter, Eunice 184552y16.7Wife of John Whitter
Whitter, John 184918y16.7 
Whittie, Clarence ANov 17 1885Dec 14 1968 6.10 
Whittie, Mark BFeb 13 1957Oct 3 1958 6.10 
Whittlessy, Evelilne   AngelicaLot 590
Whitwood, Luther BApr 11 1819Jan 1 1888 Utopia-Wirt 
Whitwood, Huldah MApr 6 1822Feb 14 1881 Utopia-WirtWife of Luther B Whitwood
Whitwood, Charles LApr 10 1849Aug 13 1872 Utopia-WirtSon of Luther B Whitwood
Whitwood, Charlotte (Doyle)Oct 3 1847Feb 8 1884 Utopia-Wirt
Whitwood, Julia   Utopia-Wirt(cannot read dates)
Whitwood, Charles L Aug 23 18** Utopia-Wirt 
Whitwood, Agnes Mar 16 1860 Utopia-WirtWife of Charles Whitwood
Whule, John18371866 BlankCo D 141 NYV; GAR
Whylie, Margaret Aug 31 184137y15.5 
Whylie, George  4y15.5 
Whylie, Elizabeth Aug 24 18392y15.5 
Wickens, Paul Apr 13 1943 7.3 
Wickhan, Reuben18291906 Blank 
Wickhan, Susan A18371879 BlankWife of Reuben Wickham
Wicklam, Mary Jane   AngelicaLot 499
Wicklam, George Otis   AngelicaLot 499
Wicks, Charlie18741895 19.1 
Wicks, Rosa Mar 2 187332y 7m 28d16.5Wife of A Wicks; dau of Asa & Mary Scott
Wight, Gilbert18291892 10.1 10.2Co H 55 Regt Ohio Vol
Wight, GeorgeSep 8 1874Jul 18 1882 10.1 10.2Son of J J & M E Wight
Wight, Martha E18511917 10.1 10.2Wife of J J Wight
Wight, Ethel IMar 15 1889Aug 12 1889 10.1 10.2 
Wight, Hesky 187275y 1mSortore 
Wight, Lucy M Oct 26 187285y 1mSortore 
Wightman, Amelia1829191282y1.1Wife of Willi Wightman
Wightman, AllenOct 9 1805Jan 25 1879 3.2b Onondage Co NY; d Allegany Co NY
Wightman, Julia18181875-80 Dimick 
Wightman, Betsy Allen17821860-62 Dimick 
Wightman, S Currie1843Jan 20 1865 Dimick 
Wightman, MariaFeb 8 1813Apr 3 1869 Dimick 
Wightman, Sally17801855-60 Dimick 
Wightman, Cecile19051929 10.1 10.2 
Wightman, Charles E   10.1 10.2Son of Harold & Ageny Wightman
Wightman, Edward HOct 14 1806Feb 3 1894Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Sarah AnnOct 23 1809Jan 21 1894 Dimick-WirtWife of Edward Wightman
Wightman, Henry JDec 8 1832Jan 26 1913 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Theressa TJan 13 1843Jun 28 1918 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, S ElizabethJul 23 1874Jan 13 1938 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Lulu TApr 29 1878Apr 21 1959 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Evangeline W BenjamineMar 15 1869Oct 29 1919 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, GertrudeJun 30 1886Aug 29 1966 Dimick-WirtWife of Herbert Wightman
Wightman, Hiram L Feb 10 186520y23.3Pvt Co P 18 Regt NY Art
Wightman, HerbertApr 2 1880Dec 30 1968 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, LaVern AMar 9 1883Jan 19 1964 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Jennie MJul 31 1888Apr 30 1949 Dimick-WirtWife of LaVern A Wightman
Wightman, LeeJun 1 1861Dec 15 1953 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, LenoraOct 18 1861Nov 6 1893 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, MortonOct 11 1824Apr 20 1919 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Celesta18291900 Dimick-WirtWife of Morton Wightman
Wightman, John AOct 3 1855Jan 17 1882 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, SidneyApr 5 1866Sep 10 1952 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, SusieApr 18 18711962 Dimick-WirtWife of Sidney Wightman
Wightman, Marvin AAug 3 1872Mar 28 1925 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Nellie JOct 13 1872Oct 12 1943 Dimick-WirtWife of Marvin A Wightman
Wightman, MaxDec 26 1890Nov 29 1971 RichburgSon of Lee & brother of Glen Wightman
Wightman, Richard L19301930 5.1 
Wightman, Simon SrAug 11 1784Oct 29 1871 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, CatherineSep 29 1786Nov 28 1871 Dimick-WirtWife of Simon Wightman Sr
Wightman, LathropJun 4 1820Jun 13 1889 Dimick-WirtSon of Simon Wightman Sr
Wightman, Jane PierceMay 13 1825Oct 18 1889 Dimick-WirtWife of Lathrop Wightman
Wightman, ElbertDec 2 1857May 19 1929 Dimick-WirtSon of Lathrop Wightman
Wightman, Ella Davie1854Oct 27 1931 Dimick-WirtWife of Elbert Wightman
Wightman, WilliamSep 21 1822Apr 28 1905 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Melissa18201901 Dimick-WirtWife of William Wightman
Wightman, William M1857Oct 5 1864 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Emma O18591861 Dimick-WirtInfant
Wightman,Elizabeth R18611861 Dimick-Wirt 
Wightman, Simon Sr18271907 Richburg 
Wightman, Melissa Gilbert18321914 Richburg 
Wightman, Rosa E18571899 RichburgDau of Simon & Melissa Wightman
Wightman, Frank M18601931 RichburgSon of Simon & Melissa Wightman
Wightman, Harriet L18661951 RichburgWife of Frank M Wightman
Wightman, Bennie A18751951 RichburgSon of Simon & Melissa Wightman
Wightman, Myrtle P18771965 RichburgWife of Simon Wightman
Wightman, Stanley A18891957 RichburgSon of Frank Wightman
Wightman, Lillie188819** RichburgWife of Stanley Wightman
Wightman, William Marcus1850Jun 8 192474y1.1(Marcus Wightman)
Wightman, William1823191491y1.1Civil War Veteran(?) 85 NY Vol I
Wightman, WillardOct 2 1919Mar 5 1972 RichburgSon of Glen & brother of Vinton Wightman
Wilber, Adelbert1849  24.5Civil War Veteran
Wilber, Catherine18451928 24.5 
Wilber, Authur18841902 24.1Son of H C & E E Wilber
Wilber, Byron18601927 10.1 10.2 
Wilber, Edna Wenz18721958 10.1 10.2Wife of Byron Wilber
Wilber, Laura D Dec 3 1887 10.1 10.2 
Wilber, Bennie F18631929 17.2 
Wilber, Leone C18671948 17.2 
Wilber, Euphemia E Burdick Apr 9 192579y1.1Wife of Walter M Wilber; no stone
Wilber, Freow18831892 24.1Son of H C & E E Wilber
Wilber, Father & Mother   24.1 
Wilber, Frances Pauline Jun 6 196477y17.1b Olean NY; d Cuba NY
Wilber, Fred18541928 24.1Father
Wilber, Mary J18591928 24.1Mother
Wilber, Harry L18791893 24.1 
Wilber, Harry L18941929 24.1 
Wilber, Mabel C18791929 24.1 
Wilber, Maude18891919 24.1Dau of H C & E E Wilber
Wilber, Francis B1897  15.1 
Wilber, George H18361902 24.1Co C 5 NY Cav
Wilber, Harry L18781951 10.1 10.2 
Wilber, Emily A St John18801957 10.1 10.2 
Wilber, Henry C18511941 24.1 
Wilber, Ellen E18551912 24.1Wife of Henry C Miller
Wilber, Infant son Apr 5 1848 10.1 10.2Infant son of Simon & Sarah Wilbur
Wilber, Inez18551910 17.2 
Wilber, JardJun 4 1824Jun 8 1895 24.1 
Wilber, Leroy E1903  15.1 
Wilber, June R1913  15.1 
Wilber, Mathew18311905 17.2 
Wilber, Matilda18351904 17.2 
Wilber, Eunice B18801951 17.2 
Wilber, Sarah Slocum18561888 17.2 
Wilber, MaryeDec 17 1830Apr 1 1906 24.1 
Wilber, Newton J Aug 13 195473y7.1 
Wilber, Rachel 186695y1.1No stone
Wilber, Willis M Dec 4 192075y1.1No stone
Wilbur, Eugene L18621892 10.1 10.2Son of Perry & Jane Wilbur
Wilbur, Marcia EJul 29 1898Apr 12 1914 15.1 
Wilbur, Nancy Ellen18551935 5.1 
Wilbur, Urana Rowley18511917 5.1 
Wilcott, Mary Elizabeth18551924 24.1 
Wilcox, Abijah L Oct 19 1863 29.8 
Wilcox, JaneDec 23 1852Aug 30 1909 Blank 
Wilcox, Adalaide G Oct 25 1862 29.8 
Wilcox, E  6y 6m 14d29.8Child of W L & S A Willcox
Wilcox, E****y  9m 11d29.8Child of W L & S A Willcox
Wilcox, Ardean18721930 6.9Cemetery # is 6.9 or 6.19
Wilcox, Adelia Elvira   7.1 
Wilcox, Ann 1871 4.4 
Wilcox, Antoinette Oct 6 186715y 5m6.19Child of James & Margaret Wilcox
Wilcox, James M Oct 6 18676y 10d6.19Child of James & Margaret Wilcox
Wilcox, Mariah Sep 15 18511y 1m6.19Child of James & Margaret Wilcox
Wilcox, Horace Apr 14 18646y 10m 6d6.19Child of James & Margaret Wilcox
Wilcox, A Mae St JohnMay 21 1870Sep 1 189626y18.1 
Wilcox, B J Apr 15 185982y 3m 20dWinders-AmityMasonic Emblem
Wilcox, Betsy 1858 4.4 
Wilcox, Charlotte D18461896 10.1 10.2Wife of Walter A Wilcox
Wilcox, Clair18911892 15.1 
Wilcox, CharlesMay 7 1897May 10 1895 5.3b Potter Co PA to Charles & Edith Sherwood Wilcox; m Julia Milliken; survivors wife Julia & dau Alberta Boulin, both of Belvidere, and son Carl of Bolivar
Wilcox, Consider 1871 4.4 
Wilcox, Catherine 1841 4.4 
Wilcox, Clark D1825191187y1.1 
Wilcox, Cassada Green Jun 12 197080y17.1d Bradford PA
Wilcox, Charlie Sealy Jan 6 18813y 8m 4d6.9Son of Moses & Emma Wilcox
Wilcox, Carl SMay 30 18851962 10.1 10.2b Angelica; survivor son Crandall of Bolivar
Wilcox, David Mar 25 181346y 22d28.4 
Wilcox, Clinton D Oct 15 186926y 11m 18d28.4Son of David & Electa Wilcox
Wilcox, Sarah Dec 11 186426y 6m 2d28.4Dau of David & Electa Wilcox
Wilcox, EdwardJul 24 1867Apr 24 1938 26.8b near Andover to Charles & Margaret Wilcox (info from Dyke Museum records) d Wellsville NY; farmer; owned & operated farm near intersection of Baldwin & Truax Rds in Wellsville
Wilcox, Ellen Scott1844Sep 21 192177y1.1Wife of S C Wilcox
Wilcox, Emeline18341847 7.1 
Wilcox, Linus17871867 7.1 
Wilcox, Flora Fay18491925 15.1Mother
Wilcox, George W Jun 13 ****7y 9m29.8Son of R & S L Wilcox
Wilcox, Henry Jul 8 18532m29.8 
Wilcox, Horace L 194554y5.1 
Wilcox, Ida Mae18561940 15.1 
Wilcox, W D (infant) Oct 27 19080y1.1No stone
Wilcox, John (Rev) Jul, 183573yWheeler-Wirt 
Wilcox, Anna Jun 28 183473yWheeler-WirtWife of Rev John Wilcox
Wilcox, Philander1821Jun 11 185433yWheeler-WirtSon of Rev John Wilcox
Wilcox, Sara Ryno1822Jun 30 188664yWheeler-WirtWife of Philander Wilcox
Wilcox, George W Dec 13 18527y 2mWheeler-WirtSon of Philander Wilcox
Wilcox, Henry Jul 8 18532mWheeler-WirtSon of Philander Wilcox
Wilcox, James M18371908 21.1 
Wilcox, Mahala18311908 21.1 
Wilcox, Jane 1824 4.4 
Wilcox, Joel 1841 4.4 
Wilcox, Jay J1881Nov 30 196988y1.1 
Wilcox, John Henry   6.11 
Wilcox, John A18431917 6.11Co I 85 Regt; Co C 1st NY Cav
Wilcox, Sarah A18451914 6.11Wife of John A Wilcox
Wilcox, Josiah Aug 17 184781y8.1 
Wilcox, Leon E   7.1 
Wilcox, Mae18721888 15.1 
Wilcox, Mary 1862 4.4 
Wilcox, M A   6.11 
Wilcox, Morrison Apr 1 187778y20.7 
Wilcox, Myrtle 197082y5.1 
Wilcox, Phynando Jun 11 185433y29.8 
Wilcox, Sara A Ryno Jul 30 188664y29.8Wife of Phynando Wilcox
Wilcox, Robert ArnoldFeb 2 1937Jun 12 195315y 5m7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wilcox, Sally A May 20 188660y1.1Wife of C D Wilcox
Wilcox, Samuel C1842Mar 20 192077y1.1 
Wilcox, Thomas F18421925 15.1Father
Wilcox, Wilson C Mar 23 18733y 19d6.11Son of J W & S A Wilcox
Wilday, E Edward Sep 3 192864y7.1 
Wilday, L Raymond1883  8.1 
Wilday, Ruth A18861958 8.1 
Wilday, Esther Alice19151935 8.1Dau of L Raymond & Ruth A Wilday
Wilder, Charles L18401880 15.1 
Wilder, Helen E18391925 15.1Wife of Charles R Wilder
Wilder, Edward C18661942 15.1 
Wildey, Edward Mrs   7.1 
Wildey, Emma L Dec 1 193274y7.1 
Wildman, Fred18761954 21.1 
Wildman, EvaDec 24 1878Mar 28 1969 21.1 
Wildman, Leon18731944 21.1 
Wildman, Carrie18741944 21.1 
Wildman, Stephen18241866 21.1 
Wildman, Tolbert18331904 21.1 
Wildman, Olive18341918 21.1 
Wildreck, Edward18771961 15.1 
Wildreck, Harriet18691948 15.1 
Wildreck, Flora D18571936 15.1 
Wildreck, William J18571921 15.1 
Wildreck, Lettie188919687 15.1 
Wildreck, Glenn E18811940 15.1 
Wildreck, Ruth M18941976 15.1 
Wildreck, Earl L18881958 15.1 
Wildrick, Diana Dec 6 1948 15.1 
Wildrick, Harold E1909  15.1 
Wildrick, Hilda J19101962 15.1 
Wildrick, James18161894 20.2 
Wildrick, Sarah Ann Rich18301919 20.2 
Wildrick, Lucille1912  15.1Wife of Harold Wildrick
Wildrick, Atholene Wildrick (Gallagher)19121979 15.1 
Wildrick, Samuel   Black CreekWar of 1812
Wiles, Gerald C189919** 26.1 
Wiles, Mary C   26.1 
Wiles, John M1915196853y5.2Son
Wiles, Margareta1884195268y5.2Mother
Wiles, William H1885197186y5.2Father
Wiley, Amanda18331896 5.1 
Wiley, Ellen T   7.1 
Wiley, Hiram G18561885 15.1 
Wiley, Ida May18561885 15.1 
Wiley, John18991876 21.1Father (birth date should probably be 1799)
Wiley, Nancy18001877 21.1Mother
Wiley, James B18321904 21.1 
Wiley, Harriet S1847  21.1 
Wiley, Mertie18691879 21.1 
Wiley, Johnnie B18751889 21.1 
Wiley, Gertie18781879 21.1 
Wiley, Jennie 1879 5.1(Edward)
Wiley, Willie Oct 23 1862 21.1Son of G & F Wiley
Wilion, J Seymour18171885 Amity 
Wilion, Emily M18181902 Amity 
Wilion, Merret18441898 Amity 
Wilion, Nathaniel Aug 23 183547yAmity 
Wilion, Sarah Ann Sep 25 186218y 20dAmityDau of James & E M Wilion
Wilis, Ewald H18951970 15.1 
Wilis, Mildred E18991976 15.1 
Wilkins, Austin H Apr 20 186944y 22m 2d11.4 
Wilkins, Boyd1871Apr 7 1955 Ossian 
Wilkins, Celinda Jun 21 185554y 6m 21d19.5Wife of William Wilkins
Wilkins, Donald Eugene Aug 27 1955 17.1b & d Cuba NY
Wilkins, Janice May 3 196224y17.1b Clarksville; d Newfane NY
Wilkins, Neva M Apr 21 197379y7.1 
Wilkins, Victor Mar 10 198288y7.1 
Wilkinson, Clarence E1909Oct 24 194031y1.1 
Wilkinson, son Dec 12 19400y1.1Son of Clarence & Fern Wilkinson; no stone
Wilkinson, dau Jul 27 19382d1.1Dau of Clarence & Fern Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Carl R18911926 15.1Son
Wilkinson, Donald IDec 21 1893Aug 29 1971 15.1NY CPL 327 Co MTC WWI
Wilkinson, Cressie B1888  15.1 
Wilkinson, Orlando A18451914 15.1 
Wilkinson, Regina E Landin18511913 15.1Wife of Orlando A Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Eva (MD)18751938 15.1 
Wilkinson, Hazel18911978 15.1 
Wilkinson, Jack Edward1930Feb 6 19388y1.1 
Wilkinson, Lorenzo A Dec 23 1893 14.1 
Wilkinson, Linda MApr 14 1823Jun 23 1853 14.1Wife of Lorenzo A Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Robert G18721930 17.2 
Wilkinson, Alma M187919** 17.2 
Wilkinson, Ruth I1921  15.1 
Wilkinson, Richard W1919  15.1 
Wilkinson, Susanna (Graham)Oct 7 1882Jun 8 190119y5.3Dau of W M & M M Graham & wife of Roy G Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Samuel18661934 15.1 
Wilkinson, Victor B18931958 15.1 
Wilkinson, Warren E18541903 8.1 
Wilkinson, Anna J1859  8.1Wife of Warren E Wilkinson
Wilklow, Frank E18891966 8.1 
Wilklow, Esther L18901945 8.1Wife of Frank E Wilklow
Will, Conrad18791915 6.11Son of Wilhelm & Katharine Will
Will, Carl18841920 6.11Son of Wilhelm & Katharine Will
Will, Elizabeth18741955 6.11Wife of John Will; mother
Will, Henry18761960 6.11Son of Wilhelm & Katharine Will
Will, Lena C18801954 6.11Wife of Henry Will
Will, John18631935 6.11His obit says b Jan 31 1868; son of Wilhelm & 1) Anna Marie
Will, William (Wilhelm)18411924 6.11 
Will, Katharine18491929 6.112nd wife of Wilhelm Will; her obit says b Jan 10 1850
Willard, AbigailApr 26 1823Oct 17 1873 Utopia-Wirt 
Willard, LucyAug 9 1820Aug 31 1875 Utopia-Wirt 
Willard, Clarence O   BlankCo D 18 NY Dragoons
Willard, Emma18501913 Blank 
Willard, Cora Mar 14 192370y7.1Burned to death at County Home
Willard, Edwin Clyde Oct 10 197085y1.1No stone
Willard, Ella Mar 26 192283y7.1 
Willard, Florence May18961896 5.1(Orrin)
Willard, Joseph R Nov 16 193378y1.1No stone
Willard, Mary J 1920 5.1 
Willard, Nellie K Jan 30 195186y1.1No stone
Willard, Orrin Dec 28 193381yBlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Willard, Virgil A18381903 5.1 
Willard, Warren W18521940 17.2 
Willard, Lydia Allen18451926 17.2 
Willard, Ward W18891966 10.1 10.2 
Willard, Isabella188919** 10.1 10.2 
Willcom, Polly A Jul 22 187759y14.1Wife of Simon Willcom
Willcox, Asenath Aug 10 186337y 9m29.8Wife of L L Willcox
Willcox, John (Rev) Jul, 183573y29.8 
Willcox, Ann Jun 28 183473y29.8Wife of Rev John Wilcox
Willcox, Rhoda Feb 183440y29.8 
Willcox, Simmeon May 16 187175y 1m 18d28.4 
Willcox, Eunice Mar 27 187674y 7m28.4Wife of Simmeon Willcox
Willets, Abram Byron18571874 5.1 
Willets, Amelia Smith18291909 5.1 
Willets, Edward F18291906 5.1 
Willets, Elmore A 194988y5.1 
Willets, Harriet Ayers18411915 5.1 
Willets, Helen M18281882 5.1(Leonard)
Willets, Leonard Frost18231890 5.1 
Willett, Catherine A   Utopia-WirtWife of William Willett
Willett, Esther L   Utopia-WirtDau of William & Catherine Willett
Willett, Sarah Jane Jan 2 188232y 11m 21d25.1 
Willette, Alice A Dec 17 187223y16.5Dau of A & M Willette
Willetts, Carl E1942Jul 27 1984 26.2b Wellsville; m Eva Howard; survivors wife Eva of Wellsville; mother Flora Little of Friendship & dau's Laura, Alice & Cindy all of Wellsvile
Willetts, Isaac18261892 5.1 
Wiley, Ethlen18231879 28.4 
Willey, Hannah18241897 28.4 
Willey, (?) Feb 6 188537y 9m11.4Wife of L G Willey (unable to read 1st name)
Williams, Adelaide J18701954 10.1 10.2 
Wiliams, C Herbert18691947 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Arnold J19041969 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Ariel F1912  10.1 10.2 
Williams, Aroa18581933 17.2Wife of John Williams
Williams, A F (Adam Fink)18631930 6.11 
Williams, Arthur Elwyn18541928 8.1 
Williams, Robert E18741922 8.1 
Williams, Anna E18521922 8.1 
Williams, Fred E18521922 8.1 
Williams, C H18281903 8.1 
Williams, Eddie Jul 26 18661y8.1Son of C H & E A Williams
Williams, Charles Apr 19 187316y8.1Son of C H & E A Williams
Williams, Aunty   8.1 
Williams, Burl N18771951 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Jessie N18761924 10.1 10.2 
Williams, J Walter18661954 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Lena E18701953 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Burrell C Apr 16 194460y 27d6.11 
Williams, Cassius M18521935 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Williams, Ella V18531948 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Charles W18381920 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Polly A18411918 10.1 10.2 
Fay, Frank I18731951 10.1 10.2Buried with Charles & Polly Williams
Fay, Katherine A18741944 10.1 10.2Buried with Charles & Polly Williams
Williams, C LJan 4 1827  Richburg 
Williams, J C HesterDec 24 1827  RichburgWife of C L Williams
Williams, Frances AJan 29 1854May 8 1883 RichburgSon of C L & J C Williams
Williams, Mary EJul 16 1860Sep 7 1865 RichburgDau of C L & J C Williams
Williams, Percy Sep 20 18814mRichburgSon of E G & A Williams
Williams, Clarence   Black CreekWWI
Williams, Chauncey   Black CreekWWI
Williams, Caroline 196689y5.1 
Williams, Calvin18321894 5.1 
Williams, Charles A190219** 28.1 
Williams, Mae B19041968 28.1 
Williams, Clarence A190819** 28.1 
Williams, Edna E19101967 28.1 
Williams, Clayton W18781919 6.11 
Williams, Mabel Lee18781947 6.11Wife of Clayton W Williams
Williams, Charlotte18811954 6.11Her obit says she died Aug 9 1951
Williams, CoraNov 2 1884Dec 20 1983 Blankb PA to Hazzard P & Metta M Elder Hester; survived by dau Elizabeth W Heywood of Wellsville
Williams, Charles Mrs Nov 3 1917 17.1d Obi NY; obit Nov 8 1917 Bolivar Breeze
Williams, Charles F18911963 15.1 
Williams, Catherine Devendorf 186459y1.1No stone
Williams, Charles18881963 15.1 
Williams, DanielApr 16 1794Jun 25 1845 Richburg 
Williams, Mary EMar 31 1799Dec 26 1874 RichburgWife of Daniel Williams
Williams, JudithSep 3 1758Jan 28 1841 RichburgWife of Timothy Lester
Williams, Daniel E   Black CreekCivil War Veteran
Williams, David O18771950 8.1 
Williams, Eva M18831972 8.1Wife of David O Williams
Williams, David Thomas18491898 5.1 
Williams, Donald E19231970 15.1 
Williams, Erastus G   10.1 10.2 
Williams, Dana E18971964 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Dorothy1911  10.1 10.2 
Williams, Erastus 18631943 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Amanda E18611959 10.1 10.2 
Brands, Arthur F18801946 10.1 10.2Buried with Dana E Williams family
Brands, Maud18821955 10.1 10.2Buried with Dana E Williams family
Stevens, Baby Boy 1957 10.1 10.2Buried with Dana E Williams family
Williams, Edward18901929 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Eliza AJan 13 1840Jul 24 1918 AngelicaSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wiliams, Harriet GreenMay 11 1862Sep 3 1930 AngelicaLot 859; b North Ireland; came to US in 1888; m John W Williams of St Mary's in 1891; in 1914 moved to Angelica; survived by husband and 3 sons, Thomas, David & John
Williams, Eugene G 194972y5.1 
Williams, Elias J Jul 5 183227y28.1 
Williams, Eliza A Jul 24 191878y7.1 
Williams, Ellis H1877Mar 26 194264y1.1 
Williams, Frances Eugenia19191941 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Frances M18521902 10.1 10.2Wife of C A Williams
Wiliams, Fred L18611939 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Anna L18651930 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Glenn O189119** 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Bernice B189719** 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Frank D18711953 Dimick-Wirt 
Williams, Ella V18741899 Dimick-WirtWife of Frank D Williams
Williams, Benjamine   Dimick-Wirt 
Williams, Ruth   Dimick-WirtWife of Benjamine Williams
Williams, Bennie Nov 11 187663yDimick-WirtSon of Benjamine Williams
Williams, Mattie18811927 Dimick-Wirt 
Williams, Ella V   Dimick-Wirt 
Williams, Florence 196887y5.1 
Williams, Frank 187831944 8.12nd hus of Mabel Folsom Weaver
Williams, Francis S1902Jul 1 195755y1.1 
Williams, Grant18651931 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Mary J18271912 10.1 10.2Wife of Grant Williams
Williams, A GNov 29 1820Jan 16 1897 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Mary Davie Jul 26 1856 10.1 10.2Wife of A G Williams
Williams, George L1907  15.1 
Williams, Elsie S1914  15.1 
Williams, Horace H18581942 6.11 
Williams, Jennie R18581929 6.11Wife of Horace H Williams
Williams, Hiram W19021953 15.1 
Williams, Evangeline E19041967 15.1 
Williams, Harriet Emma Sep 3 193068y7.1 
Williams, Howard N1909Jun 30 1983 Blankb Centerville to Fred & Maud Wood Williams; m Rubie Hatch
Williams, Huldah Palmiter May 23 184447y1.1Mrs N C Williams
Williams, Ida Mae1866195186y1.1Wife of Ellis Williams
Williams, Julia Willets18551933 5.1 
Williams, Joseph Carr 194387y5.1 
Williams, John R18971935 6.11 
Williams, Jeremiah Aug 18 183589y15.5 
Williams, Joseph L Feb 24 188667y6.7 
Williams, Abzubah M Jun 4 187744y 20m 20d6.7Wife of Joseph L Williams & dau of James Cole; 8 children survive, Nathan C, Horace H, Ester Ella, Adam Frank, Addie F, Joseh L, Azubah and Martha O.
Williams, John RJul 25 1887Oct 8 1887 6.7Son of H H & J R Cole Williams
Williams, LloydJul 18 1900Oct 19 1902 6.7Son of Floyd Williams
Williams, Julia LyonSep 27 1868Dec 15 194981y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Williams, Joseph jan 17 192767y6.1Survived by wife Julia & son Donald
Williams, John B1838  4.4 
Williams, John WJul 31 1864Feb 6 193570y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Williams, Joseph L1868194476y1.1 
Williams, Jennie Saunders Aug 15 192673y1.1No stone
Williams, Karr18811881 5.1 
Williams, Laura B18651949 23.3 
Williams, Lloyd Willets18871900 5.1 
Williams, Lela V (Baby)191819188m28.1 
Williams, L Alpheus18741944 28.1 
Williams, Minnie E18811963 28.1 
Williams, Lydia   4.4 
Williams, Mark E18561929 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Rosetta J18571932 10.1 10.2 
Williams, Max   Black CreekWWI
Williams, Miles M18871887 5.1 
Williams, M1909  24.5 
Williams, George M19041967 24.5 
Williams, Margaret DriscollMay 28 1863Dec 1 1907 26.1Mother
Williams, JosephSep 29 1889Aug 10 1890 26.1 
Williams, Mary E18231851 15.5Wife of Stephen H Hackett
Williams, Mary Ann White18201899 25.1 
Williams, Mary E Crumb Apr 6 188126y1.1Wife of T W Williams
Williams, Marie Sophronia1849Nov 3 192879y1.1Wife of Thomas R Williams
Williams, Nancy18361893 5.1(Calvin)
Williams, Nellie Dec **** 15.1 
Williams, Pearl Mrs Jun, 1952 ClarksvilleSurvived by Aunt and Mrs Myrtle Messenger
Williams, Robert JFeb 8 1934Nov 2 1985 24.1Son of Victor & Rachel Gardner Williams; m Janet Gleason; survivors include wife, parents of Wellsville & dau Sherry Shipwash of Scio
Williams, Ruth CloverMay 17 1893Sep 16 1984 6.11b Wellsville to Horace & Jennie Cole Williams; m John Williams who died 1934; survived by grandson Dana Williams of Greenwood
Williams, Robert J18841953 21.1 
Williams, Agnes H18871953 21.1 
Williams, Ralph C Jan 15 18622yWinders-AmitySon of C F & N Williams
Williams, Robert Aug 29 ****42y16.7(year of death not given)
Williams, Simon Jul 13 186852y14.1 
Williams, Seneca   24.1 
Williams, Ann CJan 2 1849Apr 23 1926 24.1Wife of Seneca Williams
Williams, Sarah Dec 10 188258y1.12nd wife of T R Williams
Williams, Seba CrawfordJul 15 1903Apr 4 1924 16.7See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Williams, Thomas A18491906 15.1 
Williams, Bertha C18681951 15.1 
Williams, Mary E18971978 15.1 
Williams, Thomas W Apr 20 196067y7.1 
Williams, Thomas R (Rev) Mar 5 189364y1.1 
Williams, Thomas Apr 25 187980y1.1 
Williams, T Wayland Sep 15 187924y1.1 
Williams, Victor LMar 3 1911Jan 4 1986 24.1b in Alma to Alphus & Minnie VanPelt Williams; m Rachel Gardner; survivors include wife Rache of Wellsville & brother Clarence of Allentown
Williams, Virginia19341939 28.1 
Williams, Walter J Dec 21 186227y 7mWinders-Amity 
Williams, Ward 193765y5.1 
Williams, William T18971960 28.1 
Williams, Martha A18951977 28.1 
Williamson, A J18551903 5.1 
Williamson, Clifford C18931900 5.1 
Williamson, John188319** 6.10 
Williamson, Calla18851899 6.10 
Williamson, Jennie18561894 5.1 
Williamson, John H18911959 28.1 
Williamson, Eliza W19001919 28.1 
Williamson, John A C18641925 8.1b in Scotland
Williamson, Harriette N18641942 8.1 
Williamson, John S Jan 8 189280y 4m 2d6.11 
Williamson, Elizabeth K Dec 23 187662y 26d6.111st wife of John S Williamson
Williamson, Susan J May 1 1890 6.112nd wife of John S Williamson
Williamson, Lena DAug 22 18881977 26.2b Merchantville NJ to Wm & Rebecca Simpson Dix; survivors include hus James of Wellsville & grandson James Jackson of Wellsville
Williard, Daniel Jr (J) 183519y16.7Son of D & E W Williard
Williard, Mother   16.7 
Williard, Father   16.7 
Williard, Daniel    16.7 
Williard, Elizabeth 187779y16.7Wife of Daniel Williard
Williard, Ella E   7.1 
Williard, Oren   7.1 
Williard, Terrence M 1849 16.7Child of E W & M S Williard
Williard, Caroline R 186127y16.7Child of E W & M S Williard
Williard, Daniel B 185014y16.7Child of E W & M S Williard
Williard, Frank C 1846 16.7Child of E W & M S Williard
Willis, Anne E   7.1 
Willis, Abigail M   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Willis, George V   7.1 
Willis, Arunah F  81y7.1 
Willis, Auranah Glenn Sep 29 1946 7.1 
Willis, Benjamin T18301901 8.1 
Willis, Mary F18361909 8.1Wife of Benjamin T Willis
Willis, Frank E18781905 8.1 
Willis, B T Jr18651894 8.1 
Willis, Delia18601897 8.1Wife of B T Willis Jr
Willis, Ella S18601919 24.5 
Willis, Glen Sep 29 1946 BlankSon of Martin & Harriet Willis
Willis, George V   7.1 
Willis, HarrietDec 17 1860Jul 5 193777y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Willis, Martin G Oct 27 192775y7.1 
Willis, Gyles18001832 7.1 
Willis, Lydia17901832 7.1 
Willis, James BruceApr 16 1950Apr 16 1950 21.4Son of D M & V J Willis; buried on Raymond Church lot
Willis, Julia (Clark) Jan 10 193288y2.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Willis, Lulu G   2.1 
Willis, Lloyd18941918 5.1 
Willis, Mitty1895Aug 26 195560y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Willis, Rodney M18271904 8.1 
Willis, Amanda Dec 28 186027y8.11st wife of Rodney M Willis
Willis, Sarah M18371904 8.12nd wife of Rodney M Willis
Willis, M M18041886 8.1Mother
Willis, Watson L18531892 8.1 
Willis, Sallie A Dec 17 187516y8.1Wife of Watson L Willis
Willis, Helen V18571911 8.1 
Willis, Sarah A18481937 8.1 
Willison, AbramMar 12 1813Dec 1 1897 8.1 
Willison, Sally AAug 10 1816Mar 4 1904 8.1Wife of Abram Willison
Willison, Abram Jr  56y8.1 
Willison, Betsy JSep 21 1840Sep 18 1845 8.1 
Willison, CynthiaDec 3 1850Nov 4 1861 8.1 
Willison, CharlesMar 13 1858Nov 2 1858 8.1 
Willison, JamesOct 4 1859Apr 6 1871 8.1 
Willison, Byron18561940 8.1 
Willison, Margaret M Chamberlain18711933 8.1Wife of Byron Willison
Willison, Ira E18531940 8.1 
Willison, Marie18461920 8.1Wife of Ira E Willison
Willison, Eva Wheeler18591941 8.1Dau of U V Willison who fought in Civil War
Wills, F S   15.1 
Wills, H H   15.1 
Willover, Arthur Dec 1 197672y17.1b NYS; d Olean NY
Willson, Sarah JaneOct 3 1841Nov 13 18506y 1m8.2Dau of Simon J & Emily S Willson
Wilmarth, R18011886 23.3 
Wilmarth, Catherine18011887 23.3Wife of R Wilmarth
Wilarth, Thomas P18381863 23.3Son of R & C Wilmarth; died for his country
Wilmarth, LesterSep 23 1828Jul 3 1898 23.3 
Wilmarth, JaneJan 1 1832Feb 21 1907 23.3Wife of Lester Wilmarth
Wilmarth RussellAug 1 1863Aug 26 1936 23.3Son of Lester & Jane Wilmarth
Wilmarth, Margaret18701948 23.3 
Wilmarth, Sdoram Aug 4 187248y 2m 16d23.3 
Wilmont, George   21.1 
Wilmont, Flora18501909 21.1 
Wilmont, Harry18781890 21.1 
Wilner, Carrie A Jul 12 187416y16.5Dau of M G & M W Wilner
Wils, Herman J18651944 15.1 
Wils, Amelia A18711952 15.1 
Wilson, Arthur18621933 21.1 
Wilson, Flora18611927 21.1 
Wilson, Anson T Jul 25 192998y7.11890 Justice
Wilson, Phoebe (Scofield)17971874 7.1Wife of William Wilson Jr
Wilson, William18771910 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wilson, William17951884 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wilson, Ann G (Ennis)Sep 23 1817May 11 1856 17.2Wife of Hiram Wilson
Wilson, Augusta A Feb 10 18412y 28d17.3Dau of Hiram & Ann Wilson
Wilson, Alta A18901971 28.1 
Wilson, Baby19521952 5.1 
Wilson, Bernice E19231955 24.1 
Wilson, Birney M18701947 21.1 
Wilson, Mary D18711948 21.1 
Wilson, Benjamin Oct 20 194367y7.1 
Wilson, Delilah   7.1 
Wilson, Clair1899  21.1 
Wilson, Mary D18961952 21.1 
Wilson, Charles18581936 21.1 
Wilson, Calvin Mar 15 186768y 6m21.1 
Wilson, Chloe Sep 21 187879y21.1 
Wilson, William W Aug 28 184919y 8m 28d21.1Child of Calvin & Chloe Wilson
Wilson, Mary Richardson Feb 2 185630y 2m 20d21.1Child of Calvin & Chloe Wilson
Wilson, Manville Nov 10 18401m 6d21.1Child of Calvin & Chloe Wilson
Wilson, Cyrus18801957 28.14 
Wilson, C B18441919 15.1 
Wilson, David18201923 21.1 
Wilson, Abigail18251917 21.1 
Wilson, Donald EJun 25 1891Apr 4 196977y1.1NY Sgt Medical Dept WWI veteran
Wilson, David Jr May 20 184419y21.10 
Wilson, David Mar 2 184578y21.10 
Wilson, Diadama Jun 25 183667y 11m 14d21.10Wife of David Wilson
Wilson, Erastus18291884 21.1 
Wilson, Minerva18361908 21.1 
Wilson, Ella Crumb1891Aug 25 196776y1.1Wife of Donald Wilson
Wilson, Floyd E18891948 21.1 
Wilson, Carrie1881  21.1 
Wilson, Frank18641940 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Catherine18721948 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Forest L Feb 5 18444y 11m 13d17.3Son of Hiram & Ann Wilson
Wilson, Fern Alsworth18891979 15.1 
Wilson, Frank L18781925 Blank 
Wilson, Amelia W Catlin1881Dec 29 1964 BlankWife of Frank R Wilson
Wilson, Scott Apr 12 1960 Blank 
Wilson, Minnie Jul 29 196481yBlank 
Wilson, Grace Jun 18 198585yBlankDied in Spring, Texas
Wilson, George E18541936 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Minnie D18651951 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Francis E18951956 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Helen G18891956 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Harriet C Mar 27 18522y 5.5Dau of G M & L C Wilson
Wilson, Hattie B188119** 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Stephen F18781958 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Herman L 194994y5.1 
Wilson, Harriet M18871957 24.1 
Wilson, Helen K1906  15.1 
Wilson, John 186079y16.7 
Wilson, Jane 184967y16.7Wife of John Wilson
Wilson, James189219** 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Mary A18951958 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Jesse B Dec 5 18493y8.5Child of Ahira & Rebecca Wilson
Wilson, Charles Feb 24 18333y8.5Child of Ahira & Rebecca Wilson
Wilson, Lydia Jun 13 18561y8.5 
Wilson, Esther Apr 20 18622y8.5 
Canfield, John  34Scio 
Wilson, James18431923 5.1 
Wilson, Jenice Hulley18871967 8.1 
Wilson, John SOct 1806Aug 1891 8.1 
Wilson, PollySep 1816Nov 1896 8.1 
Wilson, HenrySep 1837Apr 1841 8.1 
Wilson, SamuelJuly 1839Mar 1841 8.1 
Wilson, Simon AFeb 1842Feb 1865 8.1Died in U S Service
Wilson, James17731851 7.1 
Wilson, Mary17761855 7.1 
Wilson, Mary A18141891 7.1 
Wilson, James   7.1Assessor 1875
Wilson, Lydia   7.1 
Wilson, Lizzie   7.1 
Wilson, Mattie   7.1 
Wilson, Lawson Nov 28 1849 21.1 
Wilson, L D Dec 14 1909 21.1 
Wilson, Lewis   5.5Dates buried
Wilson, Lillian H18591927 15.1Wife of Darwin Wilson
Wilson, Jeanette P Jan 19 187851y 4m 17d15.1Wife of John C Hebenstreet
Wilson, L H   15.1 
Wilson, Laverne B Apr 11 1974 7.1 
Wilson, Martha Jane18531915 5.1 
Wilson, Mary L 193785y5.1 
Wilson, Maude Jane18891928 5.1 
Wilson, Matthew Jul 14 1877 21.1 
Wilson, Lucy Feb 25 184462y21.1 
Wilson, Patience Dec 15 185856y21.1 
Wilson, Mark1894  21.1 
Wilson, Ruth B1898  21.1 
Wilson, Murray18651909 21.1 
Wilson, Susan18681894 21.1 
Wilson, Mary E19161974 24.1 
Wilson, Mary E18561933 15.1 
Wilson, Mason G18211890 8.1 
Wilson, Lucinda Burbank18221904 8.1Wife of Mason G Wilson
Wilson, Frank18521863 8.1 
Wilson, Julia C18431873 8.1 
Wilson, Nettie   15.1Cau of J B & J Wilson
Wilson, N S Mrs   7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wilson, Neal K19001976 15.1 
Wilson, Newton18381911 21.1 
Wilson, Lavina S18401891 21.1Wife of Newton Wilson
Wilson, Oscar18361915 8.1 
Wilson, Mary A1837199 8.1Wife of Oscar Wilson
Wilson, E Manley18601901 8.1Son of Oscar Wilson
Wilson, Edith18631913 8.1Dau of Oscar Wilson
Wilson, PatsyApr 19 1911May 2 1911 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, Peter R Dec 24 1985 Blankb Arizona; m 1) Jessie Weidner who died; 2) Lydia Wilson; d Florida
Wilson, Paul C 197062y5.1 
Wilson, R J 196879y5.1 
Wilson, Robert DMar 9 1947Jul 7 1985 6.1b Wellsville to Wm E & Bonnie Bessette Wilson
Wilson, Robert  Aug 21 187780y21.1Survivors include mother of Gulfport, Fla & dau Kelly Jean of Wellsville
Wilson, Nancy 187064y21.1 
Wilson, Roscoe A19041955 6.10
Wilson, JohnJun 15 1822Oct 9 1894 Blank 
Wilson, RebeccaDec 14 1823Nov 17 1902 Blank 
Wilson, Leon J19041910 Blank 
Wilson, Samuel E18031888 8.1b PA; lawyer
Wilson, Sarah18031886 8.1Wife of Samuel C Wilson; b NY
Wilson, Adelaid M Sep 7 185015y8.1Dau of Samuel & Sarah Wilson
Wilson, Mieajah P Apr 2 18569y8.1Son of Samuel & Sarah Wilson
Wilson, Martin C18421903 8.1 
Wilson, Jane   8.1b Conn
Wilson, W Henry18281892 8.1b Allegany Co; merchant
Wilson, Baby Boy  1y 3m8.1 
Wilson, Curtis   8.1b Allegany Co
Wilson, Edwin A18301910 8.1b Allegany Co; clerk
Wilson, Stephen 17721848 8.1b PA; farmer
Wilson, Anna17751865 8.1b Maine; wife of Stephen Wilson
Wilson, Stephen Jr18081895 8.1b PA
Wilson, Martha A18121889 8.1Wife of Stephen Wilson Jr
Wilson, Murray Stephen Jun 17 185319y8.1Son of Stephen Wilson Jr
Wilson, Samuel C18031888 8.1b PA
Wilson, Sarah C18031886 8.1b PA; wife of Samuel C Wilson
Wilson, Robert S18121882 8.1 
Wilson, George W18521923 8.1b Allegany Co
Wilson, Lillian S18561936 8.1Wife of George W Wilson
Wilson, Sarah JaneOct 3 1811Nov 182716y8.1Dau of Simon & Emily Wilson
Wilson, Stephen Dec 8 188365y 9m 10d24.14 
Wilson, Emeline May 24 188058y 9m 18d24.14Wife of Stephen Wilson
Wilson, Shawn WilliamJun 20 1983Mar 14 1984 6.10b Wellsville to Eric & Beatrice Hurd Wilson
Wilson, Sarah 1910 5.1 
Wilson, Sarah 1897 5.1 
Wilson, Sophie Oct 4 193080y7.1 
Wilson, TheresaJan 10 1908Dec 11 1917 10.1 10.2 
Wilson, T Clayton 192141y5.1 
Wilson, Victor EJun 13 1924Feb 2 1972 24.1NY TEC 5 US Army WWII
Wilson, W Henry18581918 5.1 
Wilson, William Henry Aug 11 195078y7.1 
Wilson, William Wallace Aug 28 184918y 4m21.10Son of Calvin & Chloe Wilson; stone on Whitesville cemetery
Wilson, William18101879 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wilson, Walter Willis   7.1 
Wilson, W R CJul 5 1855Mar 5 1905 21.1 
Wilson, Teressa MAug 4 18501904 21.1Wife of W R C Wilson
Wilson, Baby Son Oct 22 18764d21.1Son of W R C Wilson
Wilson, Ward18351911 21.1 
Wilson, Mary18331858 21.1 
Wilson, Wellman18321877 21.1 
Wilson, Nancy 1899  21.1 
Wilson, Wilber W D Oct 5 189363y21.1 
Wilson, Sallie Spicer18301918 21.1 
Wilson, Willet 186837y21.1 
Wilson, Melvin 186422y21.1 
Wilson, Willis18431925 21.1 
Wilson, Jane18391912 21.1 
Wilte, Elmer F19071919 15.1 
Wilte, Elmer H18721923 15.1 
Wilte, Mary F18761958 15.1 
Wiltse, Harold KMay 6 1899Oct 1 1971 15.1NY Vt Stu Army 7NG Corps WWI
Wiltse, Alma189919** 15.1 
Wiltse, William   11.4 
Winans, George F19111977 24.1 
Winans, Timothy G Nov 19 19841y 6m24.1b Coudersport to Edwin H & Dawn M Robinson Winans
Winans, Wiola M19161973 24.1 
Winchel, Lloyd A19031974 15.1Father
Winchel, Diane M (Borden)19501978 15.1Dau of Lloyd A Winchel
Winchell, Arthur D18751937 15.1 
Winchell, Pearl M18821977 15.1 
Winchell, Francis O19111981 15.1 
Winchell, Evelyn S1914  15.1 
Winchell, Harold O19071907 15.1 
Winchell, Blanche H18861959 15.1 
Winchell, Clarence W18881955 15.1 
Winchell, Kenneth LNov 2 1926Aug 21 1969 15.1NY Pfc Medical Dept WWII
Winchell, Leslie C19011921 15.1 
Winchip, Burtie Sep 6 18701y 22m 29d2.5Child of Joel & Phebe Winchip
Winchip, Freddie Feb 10 186710m 5d2.5Child of Joel & Phebe Winchip
Winchip, Joel HarveyDec 2 1862Jun 16 194178yAngelicaLot 179
Winchip, Joel Harvey   AngelicaLot 179
Winchip, Kenneth Moot Dec 10 193636yAngelicaLot 179
Winchip, Margaret MrsOct 1 1870Dec 19 195181yAngelicaLot 179; widow of J Harvey Winchip & dau of John & Mary Moot & 1 of 10 children
Winchip, Phebe   AngelicaLot 179
Winchip, Quentin   AngelicaLot 179
Windsor, Ida T (Truesdell)18471895 8.1b Livingston Co
Windsor, WilliamOct 8 1800Dec 30 1891 8.1 
Windsor, Eliza LippitOct 4 1802Jan 23 1877 8.1Wife of M Windsor
Windsor, William18091889 5.1Alias Alanson Wade
Windus, Cyrus AAug 9 1833Mar 13 1897 Winders-AmityFather
Windus, Connie Sue19601974 24.1 
Windus, E Lida18301861 Winders-AmityWife of J W Windus
Windus, Florence MayMay 10 1891Nov 16 1985 5.1b Belmont to Gilbert & Nettie Hurd Noble; m Fred Windus who died 1929; survived by dau Thelma Smith of Lake Whalen, Fla
Windus, Fred18841929 5.1 
Windus, John W 194529y5.1 
Windus, Joseph Carl19681968 5.1 
Windus, J W18231912 Winders-AmityFather
Windus, Laura A NobleSep 25 1832Feb 4 1915 Winders-AmityMother
Windus, Mae E189019** 24.1 
Windus, Herbert A18951972 24.1 
Windus, Mary A18971934 5.1 
Windus, Ruth Ann1840199 Winders-AmityWife of J W Windus; Mother
Windus, T GilbertMar 15 1868Apr 2 1872 Winders-Amity(Gilbert)
Windus, ThomasJun 5 1799Mar 1871 Winders-Amity 
Windus, Sarah WoodleyNov 17 1795Mar 14 1878 Winders-AmityWife of Thomas Windus
Windus, Thomas S18061934 24.1 
Windus, Ruth D18061939 24.1 
Windus, Daughter18521854 Winders-Amity"Viola"
Windus, Walter J 195158y 9m 18d5.1 
Wing, Arvilla187819** 24.1 
Wing, William186919** 24.1 
Wing, TiraDec 18 1795Oct 5 1853 8.1Tira Wing bought lot Nov 1850
Wing, wife of Tira   8.1 
Wing, Alonzo JJun 13 1822Oct 7 1881 8.1 
Wing, Angeline LSep 29 1821Feb 14 1890 8.1Wife of Alonzo J Wing
Wing, Chris   8.1 
Wing, Milford GNov 6 1866Jun 7 1905 8.1 
Wing, Mae EstellaJul 20 1871Mar 18 1960 8.1 
Wing, Lucille AAug 4 1912Jun 13 1984 24.1b Coneville PA to Chancey & Maud Swift Cornish; m Ernest Wing; survivors, husband, dau Mary Sheridan; son Charles, all of Scio; son John of Hume & sister Ernestine Walden of Cuba
Wing, Robert C Apr 28 196775y7.1 
Wingate, MargaretOct 23 1893Mar 9 196470y1.1No stone
Wingate, Ray WinthropOct 26 1886Feb 16 196881y11No stone
Wingert, Bruce J19281970 8.1 
Wingert, Janet B1930  8.1Wife of Bruce J Wingert
Wingert, Glenn H1923  8.1 
Wingert, Janis Brown1925  8.1Wife of Glenn H Wingert
Wingert, James TMar 30 1945Mar 1 1974 8.1Son of Glenn H Wingert; NY SSgt US Army Vietnam; killed in auto accident near Watertown NY; m Nancy Farwell
Wingert, Joseph H18721934 Blank 
Wingert, Ella M18731956 8.1Wife of Joseph H Wingert
Wingert, Wallace J18981958 8.1Son of Joseph H Wingert
Wingert, Gladys L18991966 8.1Wife of Wallace J Wingert
Winlass, Anna Oct 10 193364y7.3 
Winslow, Adaline   7.1Vara Ann
Winsor, Patricia MNov 4 1946Aug 6 1949 10.1 10.2 
Winterberger, Gilbert J18861964 17.2 
Winterberger, Selma L19021967 17.2 
Winterhalter, Fred C1890196779y5.2 
Winterhalter, Pearl C189319** 5.2 
Winterhalter, Mildred E191319185y5.2Dau of Fred & Pearl Winterhalter
Winterhalter, Mildred (Mitzi)1922197048y5.2 
Winterhalter, Wilma L1920197252y5.2 
Winterhalter, Frederick R1915  5.2 
Winterhalter, Frederick R194619471y5.2Son of Frederick R & Wilma Winterhalter
Winters, Bernard18561948 26.1 
Winters, John H18851909 26.1 
Winters, Mary J18601941 26.1 
Winters, Isabell 1969 11.4 
Winters, Otto 1975 11.4Veteran
Winters, Ella 1949 11.4 
Wirt, Earl E1909Dec 15 1984 UnionBuried Union Cemetery Dalton; b Swain; m Helen Young; survivors include wife Helen of Birdsall; son Lester of Dalton & son LaVerne of Canaseraga
Wirt, John C18641943 17.2 
Wirt, Myrtle A18741929 17.2 
Wirt, Lafay E May 3 197590y7.1 
Wirt, Raymond D Jul 27 1954 UnionBuried Union Cemetery Dalton; brother of Lafay Wirt of Angelica
Wirt, Sophia Mar 24 196781y7.1 
Wise, ** 1911 1.1No stone
Wise, Victor F1874Mar 15 1932 8.7b Bradford PA to Nicholas & Katherine Wise; m Jul 12 1924 Esther A Coots
Wise, Esther A Coots18771969 8.7Wife of Victor F Wise
Wisner, Laurette MrsJan 15 1863Apr 29 1952 25.1Dau of Mr & Mrs Araunah F Willis; wife of Frederick J Wisner; see film for bio
Wither, Louise 197173y5.1 
Witheral, Frank E18821960 15.1 
Witheral, Eugenia S18851970 15.1 
Witherall, Lynnette Aug 31 1941 15.1 
Witherall, Donald S19101976 15.1 
Witherall, Aleen E1909  15.1 
Witherall, Ruth M19461964 15.1 
Witherspoon, Alpheus L 1837191410.1 10.2Co I 19 Maine Inf
Witherspoon, Marica18591930 10.1 10.2 
Withey, Adelaide May 31 195185y5.1b Scio to Riley B & Iantha Vaughn Utter; survived by dau Mrs Albert Bates of Angelica
Withey, Alta Amanda18461861 5.1 
Withey, Clarissa Apr 7 1849 10.1 10.2Wife of Alva Withey
Withey, Lydia Mar 20 1849 10.1 10.2Wife of Stephen Withey
Withey, MorrissaMay 1 1824Jun 3 1899 10.1 10.2Wife of M D Shaw
Withey, Charlie R18701938 28.4 
Withey, Alice MJan 1 1877May 16 1965 28.4 
Withey, Eliza I Jan 1 1913 28.4 
Withey, Dora Nov 15 197989y7.1 
Withey, George W Jan 18 187962yDimick-Wirt 
Withey, CatherineJul 22 1817Apr 15 1893 Dimick-Wirt 
Withey, Jessie A18591942 10.1 10.2 
Withey, Sarah A18681940 10.1 10.2 
Withey, Mary C18211875 5.1 
Withey, Pearl Ives Oct 16 1939 AngelicaLot 792; wife of Sylvester Withey
Withey, Philander18111892 1.4 
Withey, Amanda D Green18161877 1.4Wife of Philander Withey
Withey, Raymond (Rev) Oct 27 195678y7.1 
Withey, Sophrona 1861 5.1 
Withey, Sylvester Jan 13 196984y7.1 
Withey, William18171882 5.1 
Withey, W HFeb 16 1865Mar 23 1922 Richburg 
Withey, Lillian SDec 15 1872Mar 17 1933 RichburgWife of W H Withey
Withey, GraceMar 8 1890Mar 13 1890 RichburgDau of W H Withey
Withey, Caroline Stebbins Feb 1 1841 RichburgMother
Withey, Ward A18911958 Richburg 
Withey, Rachel G1893  Richburg 
Withey, Jessie GMar 28 1895Sep 23 1958 Richburg 
Withey, Charles S May 11 187625yRichburg 
Witle, Frances  2y15.1Dau of Elmer & Mary Witle
Witter, AlzinaSep 27 1815Aug 13 1851 Blank 
Witter, Clara SSep 10 1851Sep 2 1852 Blank 
Witter, Ira SJul 31 1817Mar 31 1887 Blank 
Witter, SusanJul 9 1824Oct 11 1901 BlankWife of Ira S Witter
Witter, LymanSep 27 1800Apr 5 1832 Blank 
Witter, NancyApr 18 1802Jan 8 1884 BlankWife of Lyman Witter
Witter, Anna E 1847 16.7 
Witter, Otis M 1949 16.7 
Witter, Infant children   16.7Infant children of Anna & Otis Witter; no dates
Witter, AbbieAug 27 1848May 27 187123y1.1Wife of Abel Witter
Witter, Abel FFeb 18 1849Sep 21 188637y1.1 
Witter, Adrian E1897191921y1.1WWI veteran
Witter, Alta May Sep 7 187011y1.1Dau of C M G & A M Witter
Witter, Anna M Apr 21 187326y1.1Wife of C M B Witter
Witter, Addie AMar 10 1861Oct 16 1863 28.4 
Witter, Arline1893190310y1.1 
Witter, Agnes Whitford18781910 6.11Wife of Elbridge Witter
Witter, Albert18451925 5.1 
Witter, Bessie F1884Nov 22 196480y1.1 
Witter, Betsey Jun 9 1883 16.1 
Witter, Clark LawrenceFeb 25 1821Sep 13 190180y1.1 
Witter, Charles Harvey1881Mar 24 196179y1.1 
Witter, Chauncey G Aug 19 192579y1.1 
Witter, Clark Lawrence Oct 4 187184y 4m 18d28.4 
Witter, Polly Jan 27 184957y 8m 17d28.4Wife of Clark Witter
Witter, D W   28.4 
Witter, Daniel P Sep 22 188865y28.4 
Witter, Betsey Foster Mr 18 188356y28.4Wife of Daniel P Witter
Witter, Daniel E18741958 6.11 
Witter, Dona Howard18791958 15.1 
Witter, Elizabeth 184191y16.7 
Witter, Elizabeth 1813(?)17y16.7Dau of J & F Witter
Witter, Ernest E18821944 6.11 
Witter, Carrie U18951937 6.11Wife of Ernest E Witter
Witter, Ella S 186911y1.1 
Witter, Ellis Adelbert (Rev)Jun 28 1853Jan 8 194995y1.1 
Witter, Eola A AllenOct 3 1860May 28 193070y1.1Member American Legion Aux, Gold Star Mother Alfred Unit #370
Witter, Edith LFeb 27 1891Oct 14 1966 28.4 
Witter, Elbridge1877  6.11Also called Eldridge; he moved west
Witter, E Arlie18541935 16.1 
Witter, Frank J18541938 6.11Obit says he was b Nov 16 1853
Witter, Lillie Allen18551910 6.111st wife of Frank J Witter
Witter, Mary B18541923 6.112nd wife of Frank J Witter; her obit says she was b Mar 21 1865 & d Oct 14 1923
Witter, Frederick J 197268y5.1 
Witter, Frederick B 194171y5.1 
Witter, Fanny Burdick1825190580y1.1 
Witter, Florence A Jan 31 18512y 6m28.4Dau of Joel & Betsey L Witter
Witter, George M 184613y16.7Son of Joshua & Nancy Witter
Witter, George Franklin1882190533y1.1 
Witter, Georgianna 18845y1.1Dau of Lorenzo Witter; no stone
Witter, George Feb 24 1901Mar 8 1963 28.4 
Witter, Myrna Latten   28.4 
Witter, Harry Clifford 18770y1.1Son of Lorenzo Witter; no stone
Witter, Helen Green1847191365y1.1 
Witter, Henry Emmett1854Apr 9 194590y1.1 
Witter, Herby (Herbie) Apr 9 18734y1.1 
Witter, Horace GMar 31 1814Aug 30 189884y1.1 
Witter, Huldah Greene Hull Aug 2 189271y1.12nd wife of Horace Witter
Witter, Jolee DJul 5 1904Aug 10 1985 15.1b Cuba to Elmer H & Mary Farwell Witter; m Irene Ludden; survivors wife Irene of Cuba & brother Ernest Witter of Cuba
Witter, Josephine 193080y5.1 
Witter, James J1845190661y1.1 
Witter, Joel C 189869y1.1No stone
Witter, John Edward1888189233y1.1 
Witter, Julia Etta1892Oct 20 197280y1.1 
Witter, Josiah Mar 7 188268y 3m 13d28.4 
Witter, Mary B Sep 17 188163y 2d28.4Wife of Josiah Witter
Witter, Laura M18761969 6.11Wife of Daniel E Witter; her obit says she was born Aug 29 1875 and died Aug 18 1969
Witter, Luther H May 17 186720y1.1Son of Horace & Lurinda Witter
Witter, Lydia BurdickJul 30 1816Aug 13 188670y1.1Wife of Clark L Witter
Witter, Lorinda Hamilton 187356y1.11st wife of Horace G Witter
Witter, Laura M Feb 27 188067y1.1Dau of L G Burdick; wife of Stillman B Witter
Witter, Laura W1884Mar 19 197489y1.1 
Witter, Luke G Jul 31 188166y 1m 15d28.4 
Witter, Ruth J Apr 21 188573y 5m 21d28.4Wife of Luke J Witter
Witter, Lewis AlbertJul 7 1909Sep 1 1910 28.4Son of Victor & Mary Witter
Witter, Mary B 196559y5.1 
Witter, Mary B 195972y5.1 
Witter, Margaret E 193762y5.1 
Witter, Mira AFeb 25 1848Jan 2 1890 16.1 
Witter, Mary ADec 29 1807Apr 22 1902 16.1Wife of S P Witter
Witter, Martha T H1847190256y1.1Wife of William S Witter
Witter, Mary CMar 16 1873Jun 17 193562y1.1Wife of E Adelbert Witter (#2)
Witter, Mary P BenjaminNov 20 1854Jan 27 188935y1.11st wife of E Adelbert Witter
Witter, Paul Sep 27 185467y 8d1.3 
Witter, Phala Elizabeth189618960y1.1 
Witter, Perry Mar 22 187563y 22d28.4 
Witter, Ruby Sep 4 187078y 2m 4d1.3Wife of Paul Witter
Witter, Samuel J1818190587y11 
Witter, Sibbel Jun 1 184928y1.1Wife of Josiah Witter (buried Nov 14 1933)
Witter, Stillman B Dec 18 188472y1.1 
Witter, S PSep 26 1807Nov 15 1882 16.1 
Witter, Violet18991936 10.1 10.2Comrades
Witter, Ray C189619** 10.1 10.2Comrades
Witter, William S1843191370y1.1 
Witter, Wanda18991900 6.11Dau of E C & R L Witter (Question, was Elbridge married before he married Agnes Whitford?)
Wittmann, Margaret K1905  15.1 
Wittmann, Walter L19041980 15.1 
Wittmann, Dora W1917  15.1 
Wixsom, Greta Jane   AngelicaLot 427
Wixsom, John Jun 7 1898 AngelicaLot 168
Wixsom, Margaret A   AngelicaLot 717
Wixsom, Richard L   AngelicaLot 168; son of John & Sarah Wixsom
Wixsom, Sarah EMar 30 1838Apr 1 1924 AngelicaLot 168; b Cuba to Mr & Mrs Wilson Armstrong; d Birdsall; m 1860 John Wixsom in Castile
Wixsom, George E18721940 10.1 10.2 
Wixsom, Rose K187219** 10.1 10.2 
Wixsom, Bert (Baby)  1y10.1 10.2 
Wixsom, Jonathan T18431907 10.1 10.2Co K 136 Regt NYSV
Wixsom, Alice O18521899 10.1 10.2 
Wixsom, L 196176y5.1 
Woelfel, Florence C Jun 3 198385yWellsvilleb Hornell, grew up in Wellsville
Woerley, Joseph Jul 9 1942 26.1Father
Woerley, Theresa Aug 28 1935 26.1Mother
Woerley, John B May 30 1969 26.1Son
Woerley, Amelia E Apr 1 1971 26.1 
Woerley, Teresa M Dec 25 1973 26.1 
Woerley, Mary A18901920 26.1 
Woerley, Helena18961899 26.1 
Wojtuiski, Joseph WMar 22 1907Jun 21 1950 BlankBuried in St Bonaventure Cemetery, Allegany Co
Wolcott, David F May 26 189770y28.1Sergt Co E NYSV
Wolcott, Harriet Apr 6 194588y7.1Van Valkenburg
Wolcott, Isabell B1920Feb 24 1984 6.2b Buffalo to Matthew & Rachel Woods Phelan; m John Wolcott; survivors are husband John & dau Sally McNaughton of Andover
Wolcott, Kenneth Dec 11 197169y7.1 
Wolfe, Margaret18601941 26.1 
Wolfe, William G18551900 26.1 
Wolfe, Matthew E18941918 26.1Flag
Wolfe, Walter J18981932 26.1Flag
Wolfe, George H18851935 26.1 
Wolfe, Margaret C1910  26.1 
Wolfe, George H1910  26.1 
Wolfer, ClintonJan 5 1921Dec 9 1985 20.1b Centerville to Charles & May Fitch Wolfer; m Arlene Zilker; survivors include wife Arlene & dau's Laurain Stone & Laura Harding of Fillmore
Wolfer, DorotheaJan 17 1820Dec 17 1891 12.2 
Wolfgang, Forest C19071964 17.2 
Wolfgang, Clara E1912  17.2 
Wollman, CharlesFeb 4 1874Aug 13 1918 7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wollman, ElsieSep 11 1847Feb 22 1934 7.1 
Wonderling, Dean WFeb 25 1960Jan 26 1986 Floridab Wellsville to William & Janet McAndrews Wonderling; buried Memorial Garden Cemetery, Ft. Myers, Florida
Wood, Amanda18831960 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Urgos18771968 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Amanda18841960 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Abram L18411911 5.1Co B 100 NYR
Wood, Algernon Feb 24 189171y 2m21.5 
Wood, Susan E Mar 21 187669y 6m21.5Wife of Algernon Wood
Wood, Alman M18661931 6.11 
Wood, Pattie H18751951 6.11Wife of Alman Wood
Wood, A Leroy18751947 15.1 
Wood, Margaret18731970 15.1 
Wood, Allen M Sep 8 186350y 4m 23d21.5 
Wood, Henrietta Jun 21 18332y 5m21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Emily Jun 26 183311m21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Albert Allen Feb 24 18361y 6m21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Cornelia Feb 1 18424y21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, George Allen Jun 3 1847 21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Celestia Aug 31 18539y 10m21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Mansfield Jan 30 18536m21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, Lucius D Jul 20 185612y21.5Child of A M & M Wood
Wood, A18241896 Blank 
Wood, Jane18191898 Blank 
Wood, Liv18521890 Blank 
Wood, Clifford H19181966 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Charles18541939 26.1 
Wood, Nora18601936 26.1Wife of Charles Wood
Wood, Celinda Mar 15 1859 28.2Wife of J W Wood
Wood, George Allen Apr 15 184910y 10m 20d28.1Ony son of John & Celinda Wood
Wood, Calvin18271901 21.4 
Wood, Mary1826May 7 186437y 9m 25d21.4Wife of Calvin Wood
Wood, Hannah18381880 21.4Wife of Calvin Wood
Wood, Hettie18701872 21.4Child of Calvin Wood
Wood, Lucretia18381915 21.4Wife of Calvin Wood
Wood, Celia   7.1 
Wood, Clarissa   7.1 
Wood, EdwinFeb 27 1908Oct 11 1985 20.6b Buffalo; lived in Houghton; no known survivors
Wood, Elizabeth J18451906 5.1 
Wood, Edgar O18681910 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Wood, Augusta18931914 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Elizabeth JApr 3 1817Jul 1 1903 28.7Mother
Wood, Eva Mack MrsJan 1 1892Oct 5 1951 BlankBuried Brookfield Twp; see Angelica Collectanea
Wood, Floyd18751881 24.1 
Wood, William18221885 24.1 
Wood, Francis M Jun 11 188544y21.5Civil War marker
Wood, Louisa Mar 20 187233y21.5Wife of Francis M Wood
Wood, Gene U1917  10.1 10.2 
Wood, Rose M1913  10.1 10.2 
Wood, Guy18741935 6.11 
Wood, Hollis F18911968 10.1 10.2Bolivar Fireman
Wood, Mary E18961970 10.1 10.2 
Wood, Herbert FSep 8 1919Mar 5 1944 10.1 10.2PFC Engineer WWII
Wood, H Richard18831955 10.1 10.2Father
Wood, Mamie K18921928 10.1 10.2Mother
Wood, John B18091873 28.4 
Wood, Louisa18251901 28.4 
Wood, John B18611938 21.1 
Wood, Edith18661919 21.1 
Wood, James RMay 16 1810Sep 18 1896 28.7Father
Wood, Joseph (Rev) May 3 187869y11.4 
Wood, Laura Holiday Sep 9 187468y11.4Wife of Rev Joseph Wood
Wood, Hiram BJul 2 1844Jul 3 1863 11.4Enlisted in the service of his country Aug 9 1862; wounded in the Battle of Gettsburg Jul 2 1863; died Jul 3 1863
Wood, Viola Oct 15 18492y 5m11.4 
Wood, Lowman J Aug 25 18558m11.4 
Wood, Lewis Robert (Rev)Nov 24 1918  BlankBuried Whitesville Rural Cemetery; b Glens Falls to Lewis Henry & Frances Orton Wood; m Ernestine Secor
Wood, Marc Toncray1955Feb 24 1984 BlankBuried White Pines, PA; survivors include parents Mr & Mrs Robert Wood, & grandmother Florence Fox Riker all of Alfred
Wood, Mary E   7.1 
Wood, Otis   7.1Overseer of poor 1856
Wood, Nelson R18221899 6.1185 Regt NY Vol
Wood, Mary Jane18291909 6.11Wife of Nelson R Wood
Wood, Patty Jul 1849 11.4 
Wood, Ralph BSep 28 19031935 6.11(Sep 28 1903-Apr 28 1908). Only child son of Guy & Anna Wood
Wood, William H Nov 30 18811y 1m26.1Son of Charles II & H Wood
Woodard, Alonzo BApr 19 1832Jun 2 191280y1.1Civil War Veteran (Soldier, Inventor, Scholar)
Woodard, BerniceDec 26 1883Jun, 1966 Blankb Richburg to Nelson & Hannah Han Clark; m George Woodard 1901; d Richburg; survivors Floyd Clark, brother, and sister Mrs Aleda Royce of Richburg
Woodard, CharlesJul 6 18471904 RichburgCo K 4th US Art
Woodard, DeFrancie18541938 RichburgWife of Charles Woodard
Woodard, Alice (Burlingame)18941954 Richburg 
Burlingame, Midge18791952 RichburgHus of Alice Woodard
Woodard, Gertrude (Allen)Oct 3 1881Jul 6 1945 Richburg 
Allen, ClarenceMay 21 1880Apr 19 1940 RichburgHus of Gertrude Woodard
Woodard, Emery B18561925 Richburg 
Woodard, Myrtle18701920 RichburgWife of Emery Woodard
Woodard, Glen M18901966 Richburg 
Woodard, Rosaida18931920 RichburgWife of Glen Woodard
Woodard, DavidApr 1 1804Nov 13 1892 Dimick-Wirt 
Woodard, Eliza BrownApr 16 1806Apr 20 1871 Dimick-WirtWife of David Woodard
Woodard, Emily JMay 2 1848Jul 16 1877 Dimick-WirtDau of David Woodard
Woodard, Elma EJun 8 1852Oct 27 1862 Dimick-WirtDau of David Woodard
Woodard, Eunice Nov 6 189462yDimick-Wirt 
Woodard, Lida I May 27 187716yDimick-Wirt 
Woodard, MartinAug 23 18291919 Dimick-WirtSon of David Woodard
Woodard, MelissaMar 26 18391931 Dimick-WirtWife of Martin Woodard
Woodard, WalterMar 10 1865Oct 26 1879 Dimick-WirtSon of Martin Woodard
Woodard, George M Jun 26 18465y 1m 21d24.5Son of Calvin & Levina Woodard; drowned Jun 26 1846
Woodard, George M Jun 26 18165y 1m 21d24.5Son of John & Lerina Woodard
Woodard, Homer   7.1 
Woodard, Lusina   7.1 
Woodard, Ira MarieAug 21 1915Sep 13 1985 7.1b Angelica to Edward & Viletta Hartman Hoffman; m 1) Victor Brundate (d 1942); m 2) Leonard Woodard (d 1974); survivors include son Stanley Brundage, dau Jeannine Faulkner & brother Lincoln Hoffman, all of Angelica
Woodard, JonathanAug 23 18291919 Dimick-WirtSon of David Woodard
Woodard, Sally MMar 22 1796Mar 20 1881 Dimick-WirtWife of Jonathan Woodard
Woodard, Milton & Marie   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Woodard, Sola M Oct 7 187221yDimick-Wirt 
Woodard, Elane Nov 7 18722y 5mDimick-Wirt 
Woodard, Jonathan   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Woodard, Sally M   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Woodard, James18521926 10.1 10.2 
Woodard, Charry E18541891 10.1 10.2 
Woodard, Myrtie M18651953 10.1 10.2 
Woodard, Hattie VanDeventer18731889 10.1 10.2 
Woodard, Louis18781881 5.1 
Woodard, Lydia 194980y5.1 
Woodard, Marion ANov 14 1890Oct 1 1985 16.3b Warren Twp to Frank & Rosemary Shaw Crawford; m Guy Woodard (d 1971); survived by Jeanne Green of Allentown
Woodard, Philena Potter 189462y1.1(also listed under Potter, Philena C); wife of Alonzo B Woodard
Woodard, William E 194068y5.1 
Woodcock, Albert G Dec 30 187868y 5m 8d28.14 
Woodcock, Hannah L18261910 28.14Wife of Albert G Woodcock
Woodcock, Davis17911850 28.2 
Woodcock, Patty17901866 28.2Wife of David Woodcock
Woodcock, George F Oct 21 183419y 1m 11d21.10 
Woodcock, John Q A18241914 21.1 
Woodcock, Clarinda18271885 21.1 
Woodcock, John S19261970 15.1 
Woodcock, Julia D18901944 28.1 
Woodcock, J Archie18881964 28.1 
Woodcock, Liberty W18481852 28.14 
Woodcock, Laroy May 13 18531y 7m 17d28.2Son of Hugh H & Pelida Woodcock
Woodcock, MildredJan, 1903May 28 1909 28.14 
Woodcock, Mary M18621948 28.14 
Woodcock, NathanMay 1 1821Apr 18 1908 28.14 
Woodcock, Delilah CApr 26 1827Jan 15 1911 28.14 
Woodcock, Nathan  84y28.14No dates
Woodcock, Abigail  68y28.14No dates; wife of Nathan Woodcock
Woodcock, N Olin18611952 28.14 
Woodcock, Rollin OApr 28 1900Sep 2 1902 28.14 
Woodcock, William E19221925 15.1 
Woodcock, Sarah M18901965 15.1 
Woodcock, Jones18821950 15.1 
Woodfield, Howard A18751953 28.4 
Woodfield, Gertrude M188319** 28.4 
Woodfield, Raymond A19011934 28.4 
Woodham, Ella Mrs Apr 1 193571y BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Woodhin, Charles18321905 8.1 
Woodin, Isabel V18401911 8.1 
Woodin, Charles C18321898 17.2 
Woodin, Frank L18911949 17.2 
Woodin, Carrie E18681938 17.2 
Woodin, Walter F1907  17.2 
Woodin, Mary Lou Day19061945 17.2Wife of Walter F Woodin
Woodin, Edith S19011970 17.2Wife of Walter F Woodin
Woodin, James L18641938 17.2 
Woodin, Mary Lou Day19001920 17.2 
Woodland, Alice   7.1 
Woodland, Thomas   7.1 
Woodle, Irene B19001964 15.1 
Woodruff, Charles EldenDec 16 1898Dec 26 196365y1.1NY Sgt Co K 22nd Inf; WWI
Woodruff, Dale   1.1 
Woodruff, Fannie M Pope1861190544y1.1 
Woodruff, Hiram J189819** 10.1 10.2 
Woodruff, Eva M190619** 10.1 10.2 
Woodruff, Mary A1830190070y1.1 
Woodruff, Mercy Burdick 188176y1.1Wife of Joseph Woodruff
Woodruff, Mildred W1895Apr 23 195054y1.1 
Woodruff, Rodney DuaneJul 13 1949Aug 26 19500y1.1Son of Dale Woodruff
Woodruff, Russell1791188190y1.1War of 1812 Veteran
Woodruff, William C1820191292y1.1 
Woodruff, William P   1.1 
Woodruff, Willis R1857May 25 192675y1.1(69y)
Woodruff, William M18941939 6.10
Woods, Ramona J19521980 15.1 
Woodworth, Celestia1880Oct 17 192746y1.1Wife of Ora Woodworth
Woodworth, Charles Mrs 191364y1.1No stone
Woodworth, Charles Fitz Allen Jul 11 190762y1.1No stone
Woodworth, David W 18911y11No stone
Woodworth, Ernest19301965 1.4 
Woodworth, George 191160y1.1No stone
Woodworth, Lillie Stillman 190146y1.1No stone
Woodworth, Ora E1874May 18 193257y1.1 
Woodworth, Sarah 191663y1.1No stone
Woodworth, Willie Nov 16 18651y 1m24.5Son of William & A C Woodworth
Woolard, David C19471977 26.1 
Woolhiser, CharityJan 12 1824Jul 2 1907 6.10 
Woolman, Elisa Feb 22 193486y7.1 
Woolstrum, Elmer J Apr 14 186342yDimick-WirtWife of L Woolstrum
Woolstrum, Tad   Dimick-WirtNo dates
Woolworth, Addie N Miss1856Jun 24 194083y1.1 
Woolworth, Caroline Smith 184562y1.1No stone
Woolworth, Charles E Nov 18 187049y1.1 
Woolworth, Elijah 182447y1.1No stone
Woolworth, Ellen M May 9 18633y1.1Dau of Norman Woolworth
Woolworth, John Jul 30 188768y1.1 
Woolworth, Julia Dec 30 189182y1.1Dau of Elijah & Carolina Woolworth
Woolworth, Lydia Smith Jan 31 189269y1.1Wife of Charles E Woolworth
Woolworth, Mary Burdick Mar, 191086y1.1Wife of John Woolworth
Woolworth, Norman W May 20 186339y1.1 
Woolworth, Nancy M Collins Aug 14 186336y1.1Wife of Norman Woolworth
Woolworth, Orlo M Nov 5 18636y1.1Son of Norman Woolworth
Woolworth, Sarah C1850Apr 11 193685y1.1 
Worden, Adelia Oct 11 184619y 7m 4dBlankWife of Samuel H Worden
Worden Andrew 18661y1.1No stone
Worden, Andrew G May 14 186221y1.1Son of G S & E Worden; d Yorktown, Va in Civil War
Worden, ClaraOct 12 1879Oct 19 1966 7.1b Berkshire, Ohio to John & Mary Rulison Lyon; m 1) James C Aronholt; m 2) Lee Worden; survivors include son Harold Aronholt of Canaseraga; dau's Marjorie Young of Birdsall, Mary Hanson of Belmont & step-dau Eula Prentice of Short Tract
Worden, Elnors 18720y1.1Dau of George Worden; no stone
Worden, Esther Prosser 1897106y1.1No stone
Worden, Emogene C   7.1No dates
Worden, Grover   7.1No dates
Worden, John P   7.1No dates
Worden, Fanny MSep 25 1878Mar 23 1881 24.1Dau of George P & L M Worden
Worden, Franklin G Jun 17 183213y1.1Son of Gardner S Worden
Worden, Green Dec 16 185563y 3m 15d17.3 
Worden, George A18531909 8.1 
Worden, Marjery A18621936 8.1 
Worden, George D18961942 8.1 
Worden, Harry S18851918 8.1 
Worden, George S 185763y1.1No stone
Worden, George Jr 18770y1.1No stone
Worden, Imogene Jan 8 192179y7.1 
Worden, Louis Mrs1864Dec, 1947 18.1Died of heart attach Dec 1947; buried Short Tract Cemetery
Worden, Louise Jan 19 197179y17.3Wife of Green Worden
Worden, Louis18731947 18.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Worden, Rebecca S Feb 14 185950y1.1Wife of Lorenzo Worden
Worden, Susan P   7.1 
Worden, Samuel J 18691y1.1No stone
Worden, Wilson1862Aug, 194886y7.1 
Wormley, Forrest LFeb 13 1911May 17 1984 26.2b Belfast to Fred & Anna Cleveland Wormley; m Beatrice Tyler; survivors include wife Beatrice, sister Kathleen Walchli, and brother Brad all of Wellsville
Worrell, Eva Nov 16 195585y1.1No stone
Worrell, William Apr 24 193877y1.1No stone
Worth, Alta B 194974y5.1 
Worth, Benjamin M18241903 Richburg 
Worth, Elizabeth R Apr 24 189871y RichburgWife of Benjain M Worth
Worth, Elizabeth R Oct 15 183366yRichburgWife of Edmund Worth
Worth, Cyrel C18321921 5.1 
Worth, Dan Dec 27 186331y25.1 
Worth, Frank 194887y5.1 
Worth, HazleDec 12 1892Sep 1 1893 5.3 
Worth, Edna EJan 10 1895Sep 2 1897 5.3 
Worth, Matilda18361902 5.1(C.C.)
Worth, Wellington L 195491y5.1 
Wotton, BetseyMay14 184965y20.7Wife of Thomas Wotton
Wotton, Thomas Aug 5 184357y20.7 
Wozniak, Luconia I19011959 24.1 
Wozniak, Stanely J1907  24.1 
Wray, Alice V1928Apr 2 1985 BlankBuried Wayland Village Cemetery
Wray, Hazel Jul 5 197688y17.1b NYS; d Salamanca NY
Wray, Homer Ira Feb 4 195664y 4m 2d171b Clarksville; d Portville NY
Wray, Leon G18931930 8.1 
Wright Arthur S (Rev)May 2 1902Jun 13 1985 24.5b Scio to Edmond & Lucia Norton Wright; m Mildred Fuss (d1982)
Wright, Albert RJan 25 1835Aug 18 1917 6.10 
Wright, Clarissa BJul 6 1840Feb 10 1903 6.10Wife of Albert R Wright
Wright, Wesly EMay 16 1861Aug 18 162 6.10 
Wright, Emma RNov 10 1868Jul 24 1893 6.10 
Wright, Alice D18801968 15.1 
Wright, Arthur S18731893 24.5 
Wright, BradleyMar 9 1938Jan 29 1966 28.4 
Wright, B C Dec 21 189671y 16.1 
Wright, Catherine Feb 2 187045y24.5Wife of Robert Wright
Wright, Charles W Sep 25 1868187 2m24.5Son of Robert & Catherine Wright
Wright, John D Oct 30 186810y 10m 24.5Son of Robert & Catherine Wright
Wright, Charles W 192973y5.1(Thebon C Wright)
Wright, Caroline EJul 2 1835Jul 20 1878 16.1Wife of William Wright
Wright, Dorcas   7.1 
Wright, Mary   7.1 
Wright, Dewitt Nov 5 183018y 8d27.3Son of Eli & Sarah Wright
Wright, Ethel W18911928 15.1 
Wright, Earl H18881942 15.1 
Wright, Edmond EJan 17 1875Dec 20 1964 24.5 
Wright, Elisabeth Nov 18 186477y 8m 9d16.1Wife of William Wright
Wright, Elijah Aug 26 183263y27.3 
Wright, Elizabeth Jun 7 186120y 6mBlankDau of E & F Wright
Wright, EnosAug 10 1815Mar 7 1896 Dimick-Wirt 
Wright, Cordelia Sep 17 1871 Dimick-WirtWife of Enos Wright
Wright, Adeline Jul 27 185935yDimick-Wirt 
Wright, Hannah Dec 2 186668yDimick-Wirt 
Wright, Anna Sheldon Dec 27 185880yDimick-WirtWife of James Wright
Wright, Fred 1925 17.1Obit Jul 23 1925 Bolivar Breeze
Wright, Frank M Sep 18 188427y 6m 15d16.1 
Wright, Harold LSep 13 1902Nov 24 1964 21.1 
Wright, Josephine18551890 5.1(Sam)
Wright, John   BlankSee Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wright, John 18191899 24.5 
Wright, Clarissa T Mar 28 188465y 7m 17d24.5Wife of John Wright
Wright, Mary B Feb 13 18727y 2m 8d24.5Dau of John & Clarissa Wright
Wright, J W (Rev)18531923 5.1 
Wright, John S18531928 24.1 
Wright, Belle E18571922 24.1 
Wright, Fannie T18821945 24.1 
Wright, Charles E18811923 24.1 
Wright, James Mar 30 185055y8.10 
Wright, Huldah Apr 17 1851 8.10Wife of James Wright
Wright, Mary   8.10Dau of James & Huldah Wright
Wright, Son  1y8.10Son of James & Huldah Wright
Wright, Kitty (Katherine)1859Mar 12 1933 Blank 
Wright, Lucia E18761947 24.5 
Wright, Lyndish MJan 27 1884Jul 27 1971 24.5 
Wright, Martha A18481920 5.1 
Wright, Mildred A189919** 24.5 
Wright, Arthur S190219** 24.5 
Wright, Lucia E18761947 24.5 
Wright, Mildred A18981982 24.5Wife of Rev Arthur S Wright
Wright, Mary R Feb 13 18727y 2m 8d24.5Dau of John & Clarissa Wright
Wright, Merton CDec 31 1899May 26 1966 6.10 
Wright, Mary   16.1Wife of B C Wright; also footstones E.M.W. and E.W.
Wright, Mary18301907 16.1Wife of B L Wright
Wright, Norman A   6.10 
Wright, Nancy P18451933 24.5Mother
Wright, Robert18531898 24.5Father
Wright, Abbie J Aug 29 186832y8.2Wife of Chancy H Wright
Wright, Phyllis G19291971 15.1Mother
Wright, Robert18231898 24.5Father
Wright, Nancy 18451933 24.5Mother
Wright, Arthur S18731893 24.5 
Wright, Sarah Feb 8 183155y27.3Wife of Elijah Wright
Wright, Thomas J 189562y17.1Obit Apr 27 1895 Bolivar Breeze
Wright, Uirfinia R18271934107(?)28.4Darling dau of L & R Wright (D.D.F. 8/12/85)
Wright, W Alonzo Oct 10 186321y8.1Son of D & S Wright
Wright, John Oct 18 1863 8.1Son of D & S Wright
Wright, Walter B1902Jun 28 1983 24.5b Scio to Mr & Mrs Walter B Baldwin Wright Sr; m Mona Baker (d1962) survivors include sister Margaret Towner of Scio
Wright, William B Oct 10 187022y 6m 6d24.5Son of Robert & C R Wright
Wright, Jane L Oct 23 1873 24.5Dau of Robert & C R Wright
Wright, William B Mar 5 185465y 9m 20d24.5 
Wright, Elizabeth Apr 8 187375y24.5Wife of William Wright
Wright, Israel R Oct 24 185326y 5m24.5Son of William & Elizabeth Wright
Wright, Walter B Jr1901  24.5 
Wright, Mona B19221982 24.5 
Wright, Anna BMay 28 1875Dec 30 1944 24.5 
Wright, Walter BApr 28 1859Apr 1 1942 24.5 
Wright, William  Oct 7 188232y 6m 22d24.5 
Wright, William WFeb 11 1834Feb 22 1891 24.5 
Wright, Martha LewisMay 6 1836Mar 2 1894 24.5Wife of William W Wright
Wright, WilliamSep 24 1817May 8 1876 16.1 
Wurster, Ralph A1909Nov 20 1983 BlankBurried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Wyant, Zenas H1874Sep 5 1936 7.1 
Wyant, Martha Jane1880May 17 1925 7.11st wife of Zenas Wyant
Wyant, Maria BaileyMar 28 1832Aug 7 1892 4.2Wife of Abrum Wyant
Wyant, ClystaJul 19 1855May 29 1861 4.2 
Wyatt, Emma A18491906 28.1 
Wyckoff, Grace G18771962 15.1 
Wyckoff, Cyrus L18751956 15.1 
Wyckoff, Guilford L19011933 15.1 
Wyckoff, Ella Jan 28 183531y 1m 28a4.6Wife of Joseph Wycoff
Wycoff, Cora BellNov 24 1859Dec 27 191153y1.1Wife of H P Wycoff
Wycoff, Cyrus Mrs Feb 24 1962 15.1Survivors include granddaughter Mrs Charles Lytle of Angelica
Wycoff, Edna BlancheJan 3 1896Oct 17 1903 28.4 
Wycoff, Emery Lamott18971898 5.1(Fred)
Wycoff, George M18791948 28.4 
Wycoff, Harry PJul 8 1860Apr 17 193272y1.1 
Wycoff, Raymond L SissonMar 19 1889Aug 8 18901y1.1Son of H P & C B Wycoff
Wycoff, Virginia Lee19291933 15.1 
Wygaut, Ann P 1852 4.4(4-17) (both cemetery codes are on the card)
Wyroff, Della18491923 6.11She was married to M F Wyckoff)
Wykoff, Mattie Nov 13 18791y 10m 8d3.3Dau of Elias & Laura A Wykoff
Wylie, Nora CAug 3 1887Oct 29 1985 8.7b Belfast to Michael & Catherine Costello Burke; m Arthur T Wylie (d1934)
Wylie, Arthur T19211983 8.7 
Wylie, Marjorie A1925  8.1 
Wylie, John Kevin19511951 8.7Son of Arthur & Marjorie Wylie
Wylie, Arthur T18871934 8.7 
Wyllys, Suel Feb 1 186472y 8m 11d5.5 
Wyllys, Heather Feb 16 186674y 7m 4d5.5 
Wyllys, Nancy17921830 7.11st wife of Suel Wyllys
Wyllys, Minerva18061832 7.12nd wife of Suel Wyllys
Wyllys, Minerva1832836 7.1Dau of Suel & Minerva Wyllys
Wyman, Frances 1962 4.4 
Wyrough, James MJul 1 1897Jul 1 1973 26.1PA Cpl US Army WWI
Wyrough, Anna R18961973 26.1 
Wyse, Fred WApr 26 1860Jan 21 193877y7.1See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wyse, Nancy Adell18641932 51See Angelica Collectanea for obituary
Wyse, Olive Elving (Lyon) Nov 20 191958y7.1 
Wyvell, Eunice 194186y5.1 

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