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Alfred map

Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -c- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Alfred House, (Alfred,) Clark L. Witter, prop.
Alfred Student, (Alfred Center,) Silas C. Burdick, publisher.
Alfred University, (Alfred Center,), Rev. Jonathan Allen, president.

Allen, Abner, (Almond,) r 3, farmer 60.
ALLEN, AMOS R., (Alfred Center,) 5 13, farmer 200.
Allen, Ebenezer, (Almond,) r 3, farmer 324.
Allen, George F., (Alfred Center,) r 13, farmer 100.
Allen, Henry, (Alfred,) cheese maker.
Allen, J. G. (Alfred Center,) clothing and furnishing goods.
Allen, John, (Alfred Center,) r 13, farmer 102
Allen, Jonathan Rev., (Alfred Center,) president of Alfred University.

Babbitt, Willis, C., (Alfred Center,) farmer works on shares 220 acres owned by G. Cornelius.

BABCOCK, HENRY L., (Alfred Center,) (with Orville M. Briggs,) r 25, farmer 150.
Babcock, Martin W., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and joiner, canvasser and farmer 50.

Bailey, Erastus, (Alfred Center,) r 5, farmer works on shares 188 acres owned by Wm. M. Saunders.

Baker, Chas. H., (Andover,) r 14, farmer 41.

BARBER, AMOS, (Alfred Center,) r 13, shoemaker and farmer 61 1/2.
Barber, Wm. R., (Alfred,) farmer leases of Lucy Heneca 123.

BEEBE, JEREMIAH, (Alfred Center,), r 41, farmer 200.

Benjamin, Anson C., (Alfred Center,) r 11, farmer works on shares 171 acres of the estate of
 Samuel A. Champlin.

Bennett, John, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 100.

Bently, Richard, (Alfred,) r 16, farmer 2.

BEYEA, FRANK M., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer works on shares 230 owned by Ezra Potter.

Briggs, Orville M., (Alfred Center,) (with Henry L. Babcock,) r 25, farmer 150.

Burdick, Amos, (Alfred Center,) (Silas C. Burdick & Co.,) farmer 365.
Burdick, Amos, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 174.
BURDICK, ASA C., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and joiner.
Burdick, Clark, (Andover,) r 14, farmer 120.
BRUDICK, DANIEL, (Alfred Center,) r 40, farmer 77.
BURDICK, DANIEL T., (Alfred,) r 10, cheese manufacturer and farmer 135.
Burdick, Edmund, (Alfred Center,) r 27, farmer 125.
Burdick & Green, (Alfred Center,) (Heirs of Milo Burdick and J. Chandler Green,) dealers in
 hardware, stoves and tinware, Main.
Burdick, Halsey M., (Alfred,) house painter and jour. shoemaker.
Burdick, J. G. & Co., (Alfred Center,) (Judson G. Burdick,) dealers in fresh and salt meat.
Burdick, John C., (Alfred,) watchmaker and engraver and dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry
 and silverware.
Burdick, Judson g, (Alfred Center,) (J. G. Burdick & Co.,) music teacher and dealer in
 musical instruments.
Burdick, Levi S., (Alfred,) r 9 1/2, farmer 52 and occupies 70 acres owned by Mrs. Martha
Burdick, Maxson, (Alfred Center,) r 2, blacksmith and farmer 160.
Burdick, Milo, heirs of, (Alfred Center,) (Burdick & Green.)
Burdick, Nathan W., (Alfred,) r 9, farmer 87.
Burdick, Oliver D., (Andover,) r 48, farmer 75.
Burdick, Peter, (Alfred Center,) farmer 10.
Burdick, Riley F., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 100.
Burdick, Russell W., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 57 and occupies 50 acres of the estate of Alvah
BURDICK, SAMUEL P., (Alfred,) r 36, farmer 100.
BURDICK, STEPHEN C., (Alfred Center,) groceries and provisions and farmer 202.
Burdick, Stillman M., (Alfred,) r 15, blacksmith.
Burdick, Silas C., (Alfred Center,) (Silas C. Burdick & Co.,) publisher of the Alfred Student.
Burdick, Thomas J., (Alfred Center,) r 39, farmer 101.
Burdick, Welcome B., (Andover,) r 48, farmer 191.
Burdick, Wm. C., (Alfred Center,) wholesale dealer in cheese and retail dealer in salt, lime,
 coal and seeds, Church.
Burdick, Wm., R., (Alfred,) general merchant.

Callen, Wm. E., (Alfred Center,) r 24, farmer 115.

Campbell, Cyrenus E., (Alfred Center,) r 45, farmer 50.

Carr, Fannie J., Mrs., (Alfred,) r 33, farmer leases of E. W. Ewers of Almond, 100.
CARR, WM. E., (Alfred,) r 33, farmer.

Cartwright, LaFayette, (Alfred,) r 30, farmer works on shares 196 acre owned by J. S.

Champlin, Green, (Alfred,) r 5, farmer 300.
CHAMPLIN, JAMES A., (Alfred Center,) r 11, farmer 234.

Chase, Eugene B., (Alfred,) blacksmith.
Chase, Timothy R., (Alfred,) general merchant.

CHURCH, WILLARD, (Alfred Center,) r 41, farmer 246.

Claire, Lee A., (Andover,) r 47, farmer 152.

Clark, Michael, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 95.

Cleary, John, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 25.

Cole, Albert R., (Andover,) r 48, farmer works on shares 125 acres owned by Nelson Clair.
Cole, William, (Andover,) r 14, farmer 37.

Coleman, Philetus, (Andover,) r 50, farmer leases of John Pardon, 145.

COLLINS, ARNOLD W., (Alfred Center,) r 39, farmer 50.
COLLINS, JOSEPH G., (Alfred Center,) r 23, farmer 100.
COLLINS, LORENZO D., (Alfred Center,) cheese manufacturer and farmer 378, Main.
COLLINS, LORIN W., (Alfred Center,) stone mason and butcher.

Cook, George W., (Andover,) r 38, farmer 50.
Cook, John, (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 140.
Cook, Leland, (Alfred,) r 43, farmer 140.

Coon, Aaron, (Alfred Center,) farmer 52 1/2.
COON, AARON W., (Alfred Center,) (Sheppard & Coon,) teacher of telegraphy in Alfred University.
COON, H. C., Prof. (Alfred Center,) physician and teacher of physics in Alfred University.

Cottrell, Elmer A., (Alfred,) farmer works on shares 198 acres owned by Chas. Langworthy.

Crandall, A. E. & W. H., (Alfred Center,) (Almond E. and William H.,) general merchants Church.
Crandall, Almond E., (Alfred Center,) (A. E. & W. H. Crandall.)
Crandall, Calvin B., (Alfred Center,) dentist.
CRANDALL, IRA B., (Alfred Center,) farmer 900 and leases of Thomas J. Patterson 425.
Crandall, James, (Alfred Center,) carpenter.
Crandall, James R., (Alfred Center,) r 20, carpenter and joiner.
Crandall, John, (Alfred Center,) carpenter.
CRANDALL, NATHAN M., (Alfred,) r 6, farmer works on shares 100 acres owned by Clark Witter.
Crandall, Russell, (Alfred,) r 8, farmer occupies 42 acres owned by Wm. Crandall.
Crandall, Wm., (Alfred) r 8, farmer 42.
Crandall, Wm. H., (Alfred Center,) (A. E. & W. H. Crandall.)
Crandall, Wm. M., (Alfred) r 33, farmer 80.

Cronan, John, (Andover,) r 38, farmer 50.

Davis, A. Wheeler, (Alfred,) r 16, farmer 198.
DAVIS, HENRY M., (Alfred Center), blacksmith.
Davis, Joshua, (Alfred,) r 17, farmer 93.
DAVIS, MARTIN A., (Andover,) r 39, peddler and farmer 100.
Davis, Thomas H., (Alfred,) r 17, farmer 144.

Day, Wm. C., (Andover,) r 45, farmer 55.

Deming, Jared D., (Andover,) r 14, farmer 54.

Derby, James A., (Alfred,) r 33, farmer works on shares 83 acres owned by Wm. Crandall.

Dowse, Charlotte E., (Alfred Center,) preceptress and teacher of Latin in Alfred

Eaton, Charles L., (Alfred Center,) blacksmith.
Eaton, Horace, (Alfred Center,) mason.
EATON, J. C. & CO., (Alfred Center,) (Joseph C. and Samuel Whitford,) r 10, manufacturers
 of the wholesale and retail dealers in all kinds of sash, blinds, flooring, siding,
 moldings &c.  Scroll sawing and turning done to order.
EATON, JOSEPH C., (Alfred Center,) (J. C. Eaton & Co.,) r 10, builder and owns 62 acres.

EDWARDS, JOSEPH, (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 180.

Elderkin, Nelson K., (Alfred,) r 48, farmer works on shares 60 acres owned by Welcome L.

Ellis, Samuel, (Alfred Center,) harness maker.
ELLIS, THOMAS, (Alfred Center,) r 19, farmer 128.

Evans, Gurdon, (Alfred Center,) speculator and farmer 12.

FENNER, ELISHA P., (Alfred Center, (Fenner & Smith,) r 24, farmer 115.
Fenner, Isaac, (Alfred,) r 10, farmer 83.
Fenner & Smith, (Alfred Center,) (Elisha P. Fenner and Joseph W. Smith,) r 3, cheese

FISK, EDWARD G., (Alfred,) r 10, farmer 60.

Forbes, Joseph N., (Alfred,) r 14, dentist and farmer 10.

Fowler, George M., (Andover,) r 47, farmer 55.

Gardner, Michael, (Alfred Center,) r 2, farmer leases of Asa Sisson, 230.

Gary, Elisha, (Andover,) r 39, farmer 63 and leases of Ira B. Crandall 300.

Gillett, Lyman J., (Alfred,) r 8, blacksmith.

GREEN, ASA, (Andover,) r 33, farmer 50.
Green, Benj., (Andover,) r 34, farmer 132.
Green, Benj. H., (Alfred,) station agent Erie R. R.
Green, Byron L., (Alfred Center,) (L. Green & Sons,)
GREEN, ED. N., (Alfred,) artist and ass't station agent.
Green, Edward, (Andover,) r 14, farmer 140.
Green, Elisha C., (Alfred,) physician and surgeon.
Green, Harrison W., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 40.
Green, J. Chandler, (Alfred Center,) (Burdick & Green.)
GREEN, LORENZO T., (Alfred,) r 10, farmer 50.
Green, L. & Sons, (Alfred Center,) (Luke, Maxson J. and Byron L,) general merchants.
Green, Luke, (Alfred Center,) (L. Green & Sons.)
GREEN, LUKE 2D, (Alfred,) r 15, farmer 120.
Green, Maxson J., (Alfred Center,) (L. Green & Sons,) postmaster.
Green, Melville A., (Alfred,) assistant station agent.
GREEN, PHILIP S., (Alfred Center,) manuf. of buggies and lumber wagons and farmer 47.
GREEN, WM. H., (Alfred,) r 10, farmer 125.
Green, Wm. H. 2d, (Alfred,) r 31, farmer 96.

Groves, John R., A. M., (Alfred Center,) teacher of mathematics and Latin in Alfred University.

Hall, Clark L., (Alfred Center,) manuf. of and dealer in tinware, Main.
Hall, Lydia A. Mrs., (Alfred Center,) (with Mrs. Louisa Parmiter,) milliner, dressmaker
 and dealer in Ladies' furnishing goods, Main.

HAMILTON, FREEBORN W., (Alfred,) r 15, farmer 145.
Hamilton, John P., (Alfred,) farmer 140.

Hoard, Alexander W., (Andover,) r 46, farmer works on shares 122 acres owned by John Stearns.
Hoard, James W., (Alfred Center,) r 40, farmer 104 and works on shares 375 acres owned by
 Ira B. Crandall.

Hull N. V. rev., (Alfred Center,) pastor of First Seventh Day Baptist Church and editor of the Sabbath Recorder.

Jones, Betsey Mrs., (Alfred Center,) r 13, farmer 69.

Kaple, Chas. H., (Andover,) r 50, farmer occupies a part of Orlando E. P. Kaple's farm.
KAPLE, ORLANDO E. P., (Andover,) r 50, farmer 225.

Kemp, John H., (Andover,) r 42, farmer 80.

Kenyon, Ida F., A. M., teacher of modern languages in Alfred University.
Kenyon, Jarvis S., (Alfred Center,) prop. of the Tremont House and of stage line between
 Alfred Center and Alfred, Main.
Kenyon, Welcome C., (Alfred,) r 49, farmer 100.

Langworthy, Albert W., (Alfred,) r 31, cheese manufacturing.
LANGWORTHY, BENJAMIN F., (Alfred Center,) r 19, dealer in stock and produce and farmer 220.
Langworthy, Charles D., (Alfred,) r 18, farmer 198.
LANGWORTHY, DANIEL F., (Andover,) r 45, farmer 200.
Langworthy, James B., (Alfred,) r 18, farmer 98.
LANGWORTHY, JOHN F., (Alfred Center,) carpenter.

Lanphear, Nathan, (Andover,) r 45, farmer 139.
Lanphear, Nathan M., (Andover,) r 45, farmer occupies 139 acres owned by Nathan Lanphear.

LARKIN, E. P. Prof., (Alfred Center,) teacher of natural sciences in Alfred University.

Lee, Francis M., (Andover,) r 14, farmer 160.

LEWIS, ISAAC M., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 150.
Lewis, Lucy P. Mrs., (Alfred Center,) r 11, farmer occupies 160 acres owned by Amos C. Lewis.

Livermore, Manning, (Alfred,) r 10, gardener.

Lynch, Anthony, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 100.
Lynch, Martin, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 50.

Maxson, Chester A., (Alfred,) (Maxson & Son.)
Maxson & Son, (Alfred,)(William and Chester A.,) r 8, manufacturers of and dealers in flour,
 feed and grain.
Maxson, Wm., (Alfred,) Maxson & Son.)

MERKT, CHAS. H., (Alfred,) telegraph operator.
MOLAND, DANIEL, (Alfred Center,) foreman in The Sabbath Recorder office.

Odell, J., (Alfred,) r 7, farmer 125.

O'Donnell, Peter, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 11.

Ormsby, Cyrenus P., (Alfred,) r 28, mason.
Ormsby, Sarah D. Mrs. (Alfred Center,) r 30, farmer 60.

PALMITER, GEORGE J., (Alfred,) r 6, carpenter and joiner and farmer 50.

Parmiter, Louisa Mrs., (Alfred Center,) (with Mrs. Lydia A. Hall,) milliner, dressmaker
 and dealer in ladies' furnishing goods.  Main.

PERKINS, DANIEL B., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and builder.

Perry, John G., (Andover,) r 49, farmer 100.

PIERCE, JOHN, (Alfred Center,) r 4, farmer.

Place, David M., (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 75.
Place, Jeremiah, (Alfred center,) r 25, cabinet maker and farmer 205.
Place, Philip, (Alfred Center,) r 41, farmer 123.
Place, Thomas, (Alfred Center,) carriage maker and undertaker.
Place, Freeman C., (Alfred Center,) farmer 36, Main.
PLACE, WM. O., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 142, Main.

Potter, Alonzo, (Alfred Center,) farmer 21.
POTTER, ELISHA, (Alfred Center,) carpenter and joiner.
Potter, Ezra, (Alfred,) r 15, farmer 260.
POTTER, JEROME N., (Alfred Center,) r 11, farmer 190.
Potter, Leonard D., (Alfred Center,) shoemaker and dealer in spring beds.
Potter, Parley R, (Alfred Center,) r 22, farmer 155 and works on shares 140 acres owned
 by Stephen C. Burdick.
Potter, Perry F., (Alfred Center,) farmer 42.
Potter, Wm. M., (Alfred,) r 31, farmer 47.

Rodgers, John T., (Alfred Center,) harnessmaker and carriage trimmer.

Rogers, Clark, (Alfred Center,) apiarian.

Rose, Thomas, (Alfred Center,) r 13, farmer 75.
ROSE, WM. A., (Alfred,) postmaster and dealer in groceries and provisions.

RUSSELL, JOHN L., (Alfred,) farmer 10

RYNO, AUGUSTUS K., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and builder.

*SABBATH RECORDER, (Alfred Center,) Rev. N. V. Hull, editor.

Satterlee, David B., (Alfred,) with Marshall E. Thomas,) r 8, farmer 1323.

Saunders, Anson P., (Alfred,) r 18, farmer 150 and leases 30 of D. Satterlee.  
Saunders, Ezekiel R., (Alfred Center,) r 3, farmer 240.
Saunders, Henry, (Alfred Center,) r 3, farmer 65 and works on shares 240 owned
 by E. R. Saunders.
Saunders, Henry P., (Alfred,) druggist and physician, Church.
SAUNDERS, IRIVING, (Alfred Center,) photographer and dealer in ready made picture frames, Church.
Saunders, Wm. M., (Alfred Center,) farmer 200.

Scott, Heman, (Andover,) r 41, farmer works on shares 300 acres owned by Amos Burdick.

Shaw, Amos A., (Alfred Center,) watches, clocks and jewelry.
Shaw, George B., (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 100.
Shaw, John R., (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 235.
SHAW, MILO, (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 45 1/2, and works on shares 212 acres owned
 by Phineas K. Shaw.
Shaw, Phineas K., (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 212.
Shaw, Walter I., (Alfred Center,) barber.

Sheldon, Gilbert W., (Alfred Center,) r 23, cheese maker.

Sheppard & Coon, (Alfred Center,) (Mark Sheppard and Aaron W. Coon,) books, stationery, picture moldings and groceries.
Sheppard, Mark, (Alfred Center,) (Sheppard & Coon.)
SHERMAN, ALBERT B., (Alfred Center,) manufacturer of lumber, cheese and feed, and agent
 for cheese factory utensils, Church.
Sherman, Clark, (Alfred,) r 7, farmer 11.
SHERMAN, FREDERICK, (Alfred Center,) r 19, farmer 75.
SHERMAN, JOSIAH, (Alfred Center,) r 20, farmer 31.

Sisson, Alonzo C., (Alfred Center,) carpenter and joiner.
Sisson, George, (Alfred Center,) r 2, farmer 135.
Sisson, George S., (Alfred Center,) r 2, farmer works on shares 135 acres owned
 by Geo. Sisson.

SMITH, ALBERT, (Alfred Center,) r 20, farmer 170.
Smith, Ashbel, (Alfred Center,) (with Joseph W. Smith,) r 20, farmer 95.
Smith, Byron A., (Alfred,) r 10, house painter.
Smith, John C., (Alfred Center,) r 14, farmer 55.
Smith, Joseph W., (Alfred Center,) (Fenner & Smith.)
SMITH, JOSEPH W., (Alfred Center,) (with Ashbel Smith,) r 20, farmer 95.
SMITH, NOEL B., (Alfred,) r 10, house, sign, carriage and ornamental painter and farmer 67.
Smith, Richard G., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 157 3/4.

SNYDER, FRANKLIN, (Andover,) r 34, farmer.
Snyder, Warren, (Andover,) r 47, farmer works on shares 174 acres owned by Amos Burdick.

Spencer, D. L., (Alfred,) r 8, carpenter.

Stillman, Albert S. (Alfred Center,) farmer works on shares 200 acres owned
 by Phineas C. Stillman.
STILLMAN, CHARLES, (Alfred Center,) r 10, farmer occupies 230 acres owned
 by David R. Stillman.
Stillman, D. R., (Alfred Center,) publishing agent for The Sabbath Recorder and clerk
 of the Board of Supervisors.
Stillman, Edwin M., (Alfred,) allo. physician and surgeon.
Stillman, Maxson, (Alfred Center,) r 19, farmer 74.
STILLMAN, PHINEAS P., (Alfred Center,) mason and farmer 206.
Stillman, Samuel N., (Alfred Center,) r 20, farmer 330.

Stringham, Albertus, (Alfred,) telegraph operator.

Sweet, Spencer, (Alfred,) r 6, farmer 50.

SWINNEY, L. R. ELDER, (Alfred,) pastor of the 2d Seventh Day Baptist Church of Alfred,
 and Prof. of Hebrew and Cognate languages in the Alfred University.

Thomas, Abial, (Alfred,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 42.
Thomas, Marshall E., (Alfred,) (with David B. Satterlee,) r 8, farmer 133.
Thomas, Peleg, (Alfred Center,) r 4, farmer 253.
THOMAS, ROWLAND A., (Alfred Center,) r 4, farmer 93.

Thompson, Wm., (Alfred Center,) broker, Church.

THORP, MARTHA Mrs., (Alfred,) r 9 1/2, owns 70 acres.

TOLAN, HENRY, (Andover,) r 34, farmer 79.

Tremont House, (Alfred Center,) Jarvis S. Kenyon, proprietor, Main.

Trowbridge, Erastus, (Alfred Center,) r 41, carpenter.

Truman, Adelbert W., (Alfred Center,) (Wm. M. and A. W. Truman.)
TRUMAN, ALVIN M., (Alfred Center,) r 19, farmer 62.
Truman, A. S. Mrs., (Alfred Center,) dress maker.
Truman, Nathan R., (Alfred Center,) r 19, farmer 51.
Truman, Wm. M., (Alfred Center,) (Wm. M. & A. W. Truman,) coroner.
Truman, Wm. M. & A. W., (Alfred Center,) (Adelbert W.,) allo. and eclectic physicians
 and surgeons.

Tucker, Milo, (Almond,) r 4, farmer 140.

Vincent, Chas., (Alfred,) r 14, house painter.
Vincent, Daniel G., (Alfred,) r 14, cabinet maker and justice of the peace.

Warren, Albert, (Alfred Center,) r 37, farmer 210.

WESCOTT, GEORGE F., (Alfred,) r 14, cabinet maker and justice of the peace.
Wescott, Rial, (Alfred,) r 28, carpenter and joiner and farmer 37 1/2.

WEST, HENRY G., (Alfred Center,) boots and shoes, Main.
West, Peleg, (Alfred cENTER,) FARMER 24.

WHITEFORD, SAMUEL, (Alfred Center,) (J. C. Eaton & Co.)

Williams, Thomas R. Rev., A. M., (Alfred Center,) teacher of Biblical theology and Greek
 in Alfred University.

Withey, Philander, (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 50.
Withey, Rodolphus B., (Alfred,) r 14, farmer 60.

Witter, Clark L., (Alfred,) prop. of the Alfred House and owns 141 acres.
Witter, Horace G., (Alfred,) r 28, farmer 100.
Witter, Jehiel S., (Alfred,) r 31, farmer 213.
WITTER, STILLMAN B., (Alfred,) r 36, farmer 80.
Witter, Welcome L., (Alfred,) r 48, farmer 60.

WOOLWORTH, JOHN, (Alfred Center,) r 22, farmer 154.
Woolworth, Lydia Mrs., (Alfred Center,) r 20, farmer 140.

Young, Dewert E., (Andover,) r 42, farmer occupies 150 acres owned by Diah K.
Young, Diah K., (Andover,) r 42, cooper and farmer 150.

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