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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Ackley, Edwin Y., (Almond,) r 34 1/2, farmer 77.
Ackley, Polly C., Mrs., (Almond,) tailoress, Main.

Allen, Charles, (Almond,) r 59, farmer occupies 324 acres owned by Ebenezer Allen.
Allen, Ebenezer, (Almond,) r 59, farmer 324.
Allen, Wesley, (Almond,) r 51, farmer 25 and leases of Josiah Bottsford, 188.

AMIDON, WALTER B., (Hornellsville, Steuben Co.,) r 28, farmer leases of John Curry of Hornellsville, 120.

Aris, Samuel, (Almond,) wagon maker.

ARMSTRONG, ALBERT W., (Almond,) r 29, farmer 80.
ARMSTRONG, ALFRED H., (Almond,) r 26, wagon maker, undertaker and farmer 94.
Armstrong, Warren L., (Almond,) r 40, farmer 160.
Armstrong, Wellington, (Almond,) r 67, farmer 112.

Artlip, John, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 12, farmer 60.

Babcock, Charles, (Almond,) r 59, cooper.

Bailey, John, (Almond,) r 9, farmer 171.
Bailey, Squire, (Almond,) (McIntosh & Bailey.) 

Barber, Alonzo D., (Almond,) r 57, farmer 132.
Barber, Martin V., (Almond,) r 57, farmer 175.

BARRY, ELIJAH, (Almond,) (with Ezra D.,) r 42, farmer 126.
BARRY, EZRA D., (Almond,) (with Elijah,) r 42, farmer 126.

BARTLETT, CHARLES, (North Almond Valley,) r 26, farmer 65, and leases of Samuel Hadley, 110.

Beebe, Ransom D., (Almond,) r 58, farmer leases of Nathaniel Sweet, 130.

Benham, Alpheus M., (Almond,) Church, farmer works on shares 50 acres owned by C. Benham.
Benham, C., (Almond,) Church, farmer 50.

Benjamin, Orrin, (Almond,) Church, farmer 55.

Blake, Gideon S., (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer 126.

Bovier, John C., (Almond,) r 34, farmer leases of S. C. Whitcomb of Hornellsville, 130.

BRINK, CHARLES R., (Almond,) harness manuf. and carriage trimmer, Main.

Broas, Joshua N., (Almond,) cooper.

Brokaw, Daniel, (Almond,) r 22, farmer 120.
BROKAW, JOHN B., (Canaseraga,) r 2, farmer 100.
Brokaw, Nathan, (Canaseraga,) r 2, farmer 70.
Brokaw, Phebe M. Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 2, farmer 96.

Brown, Charles, (Almond,) barber.
Brown, Charles E., (Almond,) deputy sheriff and farmer 250.
Brown, Lester, North Almond Valley,) r 27, farmer 61.
Brown, Wesley, (Almond,) attorney and counselor at law and justice of the peace, Main.

BRUHEIM, AUGUSTUS, M.D., (Almond,) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Burdick, James A., (Canaseraga,) r 3, farmer 102.
Burdick, Lewis, (Almond,) r 59, farmer 178.
Burdick, Lewis C., (Almond,) r 29, farmer 100.
Burdick, Martin V., (Almond,) r 60, farmer 52.
Burdick, Nancy A., Mrs., (Almond,) r 64, farmer 87.
Burdick, Russell M., (Almond,) painter and constable Church.

Busby, John R., (Almond,) blacksmith, Main.

Canfield, Alba B., (Almond,) carpenter.

Clare, John, (Almond,) r 58, farmer 90.

Clark, Stephen B., (Almond,) r 62, farmer 38.

Cline, John, (Almond,) r 59, farmer occupies 40 acres, owned by Ami Whitney.

Clough, Asher W., (Canaseraga,) r 22, farmer 60.

Coats, Alanson K., (West Almond,) r 54, farmer 90.

COLUBRN, CHANCEY C., Canaseraga,) r 22, farmer 156.

Coleman, Edward, (Almond,) r 52, carpenter and farmer 45.
Coleman, Joseph, (Almond,) r 52, farmer 75.
Coleman, Stephen M., (Almond,) r 52, farmer 211.

Colgrove, Newton, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) 

COLLINS, GEORGE M., (Almond,) r 25, farmer 242.

COOK, CHARLES A., North Almond Valley,) r 14, farmer 200.

Corey, Joseph, (Almond,) Main, farmer 310.

Cottrell, John, (Almond,) r 53, farmer works on shares 160 acres owned by John and Joseph
Cottrell, Joseph S., (Almond,) r 59, farmer 73.
Cottrell, Squire P., (Almond,) r 59, horse farrier and carpenter.

Cowan, Andrew, (Almond,) meat dealer, Main.

Crandall, Henry W., (Almond,) general merchant and farmer 100, Main.

Crandall, Orrin B., (Almond,) r 49, farmer 710.

Curry, Amos F., (North Almond Valley,) r 15, preacher and farmer 180.
Curry, James D., (North Almond Valley,) r 16, farmer 209.

Curtis, Clement, (Almond,) (Curtis & Witter.)
Curtis & Witter, (Almond,) (Clement Curtis and Alonzo W. Witter,) manufacturers of and dealers
 in harness, whips and blankets, Main.
Cutler, Ira, (Almond,) Main, prop. of grist mill and farmer.

Dake, Merritt B., (North Almond Valley,) r 21, justice of the peace and farmer 120.

DeBow, Garrett S., (Almond,) blacksmith and owns 160 acres, Main.
DeBow, William S., (Almond,) general merchant, Main.

DILDINE, Z. M.D., (Almond,) physician and surgeon and dealer in groceries, stationery, paints,
 oils, drugs, medicines, *c., Main.

Dimmick, Isaac C., (Almond,) r 16, farmer works on shares 118 acres owned by Squire Bailey.

Dixson, Ira W., (Almond,) drugs, medicines, paints, oils, books and stationery. Main.

DOWNS, BENJAMIN F., (Canaseraga,) r 5, carpenter and joiner and farmer 62.

Easterbrook, Charles, (North Almond Valley,) r 16, farmer 40.

Easterbrooks, Francis M., (Almond,) r 45, agent for Ainsley's pruning shears and farmer 60.

Ellis, Peter, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 28, farmer 84.

Ewers, E. W., (Almond,) general merchant and farmer 212, Main.

Farnum Hotel, (Almond,) Llewellyn D. Farnum, prop., Main.
Farnum, Llewellyn D., (Almond,) prop. of Farnum Hotel, Main.

Fenner, Andrew J., (Almond,) cheese manufacturer, Main.

Ferrin, Harland E., (Almond,) r 57, farmer works on shares 148 acres owned by Jesse Ferrin.
Ferrin, James, (Almond,) r 53, farmer 126.
Ferrin, Jesse, (Almond,) r 67, farmer 148 1/2.

Ferry, Andrew J., (Almond,) r 38, farmer 180.
FERRY, ELIJAH O., (Almond,) r 29, farmer 180
Ferry, Hiram C., (Almond,) r 45, farmer 220.

Field, Peter E., (Almond,) (Gibbs, & Field.)

Freeman, Bradley S., (Almond,) blacksmith, Main.

GARDNER, WM. P., (Almond,) prop. of eating saloon and billiard room and dealer in tobacco and
 cigars, Main.

Gavitt, Eugene M., (Almond,) carpenter.
Gavitt, George W., (Almond,) carpenter.

Gibbs & Field, (Almond,) (Wesley Gibbs and Peter E. Field,) hardware and tinware, Main.
Gibbs, Jesse B., (Almond,) Main, retired farmer 60.
Gibbs, Wesley, (Almond,) (Gibbs & Field.) prop. of saw mill and farmer 187, Main.

Gibson, Robert, Canaseraga,) r 5, farmer 65.

Goff, George H., (Almond,) house and sign painter, Main.
Goff, Jennie C. Mrs., (Almond,) milliner and dressmaker, Chapel.

Goodrich, John Milton, (Almond,) molder, Main.

Gool, Edward, (Almond,) r 26, farmer 3.
Gool, John, (North Almond Valley,) (with Oliver Shumway, r 33, farmer works on shares 315
 acres owned by Joseph H. Matthewson.

Green, Barton J., (Almond,) (Green Bros.) 
Green Bros., (Almond,) (Barton J. and Ephraim J.,) groceries and provisions and farmer 320,
Green, Ephraim J., (Almond,) (Green Bros.)
Green, Philip L., (Almond,) Main, mechanic and farmer.
Green, Reuben M., (Almond,) r 64, carpenter.

Gross, freeman, (North Almond Valley,) r 19, farmer 145.

Hadsell, Nathan G., (Alfred,) r 62, manufacturer of and dealer in woolen cloths, staves and
 shingles, and owns 96 acres.

HALBERT, THOMAS S., (Almond,) r 35, farmer 150.

Hall, Charles S., (Almond,) (C. S. Hall & Co.)
Hall, C. S. & Co., (Almond,) (Charles S. Hall,) general merchants, Main.
HALL, HILAND S., (Almond,) manufacturer of and dealer in wheel horse rakes.

Halsey, Edward, (Almond,) manufacturer of and dealer in flour, feed and grain and farmer 103
Halsey, Lewis, (Almond,) r 69, farmer 224.

Handy, Lyman, (Almond,) r 15, farmer 223.

Harmon, George P., (Almond,) r 35, farmer 77.

Harris, James, (Almond,) r 57, farmer 55.
Harris, John, (Almond,) r 25, blacksmith.

Hart, Ed. M., (Almond,) foreman painter on the western division of the Erie R.R.

Haskins, Eri, (Almond,) r 29, farmer 90.

HASTINGS, JOSEPH W., (Almond,) r 20, agent for the Vesta gas burner.
Hastings, Robert M., (Almond,) r 20, farmer 157.

HELMER, BENJ., (Almond,) r 53, farmer 252.
Helmer, George, (Almond,) r 53, mason and farmer 200.
Hoard, James W., (Almond,) (with John F. Sisson,) r 59, farmer 208.

Hoadley, Samuel, (North Almond Valley,) r 26, farmer 110.

Hopkins, Elias, (Almond,) r 45, farmer 200.

Hosley, Levi W., (Almond,) r 36, farmer 270.
Hosley, Walter, (Almond,) butcher and farmer leases of Geo. Howell, 37.

HOWELLL, WM. T., (Almond,) r 47, farmer works on shares 131 acres owned by Mrs. W. Slingerland.

Johnson, James, (Almond,) r 33, farmer works on shares 315 acres owned by J. Faulkner, of
 Dansville, N.Y.
Johnson, Lewis, (North Almond Valley,) r 6, farmer 50.

Johnston, Cyrenus, (North Almond Valley,) r 21, inventor.

Jones, Wilson, (Almond,) clerk and owns 95 acres.

Kaple, Abigail Mrs., (Almond,) r 51, farmer 60.

Karr, Charles, (Almond,) r 49, farmer 100.
Karr, George, (Almond,) r 23, farmer 260.
KARR, ISAIAH, (Almond,) r 49, farmer 215.
Karr, James, (Almond,) r 40, farmer 175.
Karr, James M., (Almond,) r 48, farmer occupies a portion of Samuel P. Karr's farm.
Karr, James W., (Almond,) r 66, farmer 217.
Karr, Joel, (Almond,) r 37, farmer 226.
KARR, SAMUEL 2d, (Almond,) r 37, farmer 375.
Karr, Samuel P., (Almond,) r 48, farmer 400.
KARR, SAMUEL S., (Almond,) r 47, farmer 200.
Karr, William, (Almond,) r 32, farmer 212.

Lamphere, Ira, (North Almond Valley,) r 13, carpenter and farmer 60.

Lane, Samuel H., (Almond,) r 19, farmer 123.

Larkin, Albert, (Almond,) carriage and house painter and manufacturer of portable ironing
 tables and clothes bars, Main.

Latham, John O., (Almond,) boots and shoes.

Lewis, Luther, (Alfred,) r 63, farmer 89.

Linkletter, Alfred, North Almond Valley,) r 20, farmer 170.

LIPPINCOTT, JUAN D., North Almond Valley,) r 21, farmer 243.
Lippincott, Peter, (Almond,) r 25, butter and meat dealer and farmer 303.

Litchard, George, (Almond,) r 10, farmer 160.

Lockhart, Joseph, (Almond,) r 50, farmer 590.
Lockhart, Moses, (Almond,) r 500, farmer 452.

Lord, Cornelius, (Almond,) wagon maker, Church.
Lord, Jerome S., (Almond,) carpenter, Church.

Loree, Charles, (Almond,) r 22, farmer 160.

Mack, Andrew L., (Canaseraga,) r 6, farmer 111.
Mack, Daniel, (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer 36.
Mack, William, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 113.

MAJOR, CYRENE Mrs., (Almond,) r 50, occupies the estate of John Major. 479 acres.
MAJOR, J. WARREN, (Almond,) (with Newton J.) r 50, farmer works John Major's estate of 479
MAJOR, J. WARREN, (Almond,) Main, farmer.
MAJOR, NEWTON J., (Almond,) (with J. Warren,) r 50, farmer works John Major's estate of 479

Marsh, Edwin L., (North Almond Valley,) r 3, farmer works on shares 260 acres owned by Abram Wyant.

Mathewson, Joseph H., (Almond,) owns 1000 acres, Main.

Maydole, Cornelius E., (Almond,) r 3, farmer 65.

McCracken, Robert, (Almond,) farmer works on shares 300 acres owned by Joseph Carey.

McHENRY, JOSEPH, (Almond,) r 51, farmer 112.
McHenry, Marion, (Almond,) postmaster and dealer in stationery, cigars, confectionery & c.,
McHenry, Varanes B., (Almond,) r 51, farmer 1 1/2.
McHenry, Walter, (Almond,) r 51, cheese manufacturer and justice of the peace.

McIntosh & Bailey, (Almond,) (Hiram McIntosh & Squire Bailey,) flour, feed and grain.
McINTOSH, CHAS. W., (North Almond Valley,) r 29, operates John Wilcox's saw mill on shares.
McIntosh, Henry C., (Almond,) r 45, farmer 46.
McIntosh, Hiram, (Almond,) (McIntosh & Bailey.)

McLease, Charles, (Almond,) r 22, farmer 185.
McLease, John,  (Almond,) r 25, farmer 113.

McNett, Alex., (Almond,) r 59, farmer 68.
McNETT, JOHN, (Almond,) r 45, farmer 47.

Merwin, John, (Almond,) carpenter.

Merritt, Thomas P., (Almond,) r 59, farmer 30.

Montgomery, James, (Almond,) traveling agent.

MOSS, CLINTON, (Almond,) r 31, farmer 140.

Newell, Miner, (Almond,) r 18, farmer 120.

Otis, Ralph, (Canaseraga,) r 6, farmer 63.

Ostrander, Wm., (Almond,) r 64, farmer 115.

Palmer, Henry D., (Almond,) r 25, cheese manufacturer.
Palmer, Milo L., (Almond,) wagon and carriage maker, Main.

Peckham, Stephen Jr., (Almond,) r 11, farmer 50.

Perry, Huldah Miss, (Almond,) milliner, Main.
Perry, Nathaniel B., (Almond,) r 31, farmer 100.
PERRY, WILSON (Almond,) r 34 1/2 farmer 123.

Phillips, A. M., (Almond,) r 66, farmer 124.

PHINEY, LANSON H., (North Almond Valley,) postmaster, justice of the peace, grocer, stock dealer and farmer 30.

Phinney, Eli O., (Almond,) r 8, farmer 109.
Phinney, George, (Almond,) r 8, farmer 40 and works on shares 171 acres, owned by John Bailey.

Phinney, Lester, (Almond,) r 18, farmer 97.

Potter, John C., (Almond,) r 63, peddler and farmer 53.

Prior, Benjamin B.k (North Almond Valley,) r 10, farmer 180.
Prior, George, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 12, shoemaker and farmer 140.
Prior, Philo, (Almond,) r 25, farmer 125.

RANGER, CYRUS N., (Almond,) r 25, farmer 116.

RATHBUN, ALBERT, (Almond,) r 50, farmer 245.
Rathbun, Lazarus S., (Almond,) r 50, farmer 54.

Rice, Rufus, (Almond,) r 53, farmer 320.
Rice, Samuel H., (Almond,) r 64, carpenter and farmer works on shares 115 acres, owned by B. J. & E. J. Green.

Riley, John C., (Almond,) prop. of U. S. Hotel, Main.

Reynolds, Sylvester H., (Almond,) auctioneer.

Robertson, Edwin, (North Almond Valley,) r 16, farmer  1680.

Root, Andrew J., (Almond,) r 26, farmer 180.
Root, Edwin, (Almond,) r 4, speculator, farmer 76, and occupies 76 acres of the estate of R. P. Wisner.
ROOT, ERASTUS, (Almond,) r 25, farmer 117.
ROOT, JEFFERSON, (Canaseraga,) r 3, farmer 99.
Root, Wm., (Almond,) r 25, farmer 250.

Sabin, Orrin, (Canaseraga,) r 22, farmer 40.

Seward, Wm. H., (Almond,) r 58, carpenter and farmer 25.

Shaw, Phineas A., (Alfred,) r 63, farmer 103.

Shumway, Oliver, (North Almond Valley,) (with John Gool,) r 33, farmer works on shares 315
 acres, owned by Joseph H. Mathewson.

Simpson, Henry, (Almond,) r 25, farmer 80.

Sisson, Asa, (Almond,) r 59, farmer 150.
SISSON, JOHN F., (Almond,) (with James W. Hoard,) r 59, farmer 208.
Sisson, Mary J., Mrs., (Almond,) r 69, farmer 158.
Sisson, Rodman P., (Almond,) r 68, farmer 400.

Sleght, John, (Canaseraga,) r 6, shoemaker and farmer 50.
Sleght, Theodore G., (Canaseraga,) r 6, farmer 50.

Slingerland, Walter Mrs., (Almond,) r 47, owns 131 acres.

Smith, Joseph B., (Almond,) r 59, farmer occupies 60.

Spencer, Charles H., (Almond,) r 20, farmer 66.
Spencer, Frances, (Almond,) r 20, farmer 75.

Sprague, Asahel, (Almond,) r 35, farmer 142.

Stearns, Luther H., (Almond,) r 44, farmer works on shares 153 acres owned by George W. Stearns.

Stewart, James D., (Almond,) r 57, farmer works on shares 102 acres owned by Mrs. S. S. C. Stewart.
Stewart, Sevina S., C. Mrs., (Almond,) r 59, farmer 102.

Stillman, Asher, (Alfred,) r 62, wagon maker.
Stillman, Daniel P., (Almond,) r 59, carpenter and joiner and farmer 45.
STILLMAN, ELISHA P., (Almond,) r 59, farmer 34.
Stillman, Joseph, (Alfred,) r 62, farmer 77.
Stillman, Silas, (Alfred,) r 62, farmer 153 3/4.

Sweet, Milo, (Alfred,) r 59, farmer 8.

Taylor, Wm. L., (Almond,) r 36, farmer leases of John Davison 130.

Tefft, Christopher, (Almond,) r 57, farmer 113.
Tefft, Christopher S., (Almond,) r 53, farmer 80.
Tefft, William S., (Almond,) r 56, farmer 62 1/2.

Terwilliger, Amos E., (Almond,) r 37, carpenter and farmer 51 1/2.

UPSON, JOHN J., (Almond,) r 30, farmer 40.
Upson, Willis B., (Almond,) r 29, farmer 162.

U.S. Hotel, (Almond,) John C. Riley, prop.

VanVechten, Chas. W., (North Almond Valley,) r 29, farmer 180.
Vanvechten, Ira, (Almond,) r 44, farmer 40.

Vincent, John, (Almond,) (with Joseph,) r 65, farmer 160.
Vincent, Joseph, (Almond,) (with John,) r 65, farmer 160.

Wakeman, Joel Rev., (Almond,) pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Almond.

Walker, Francis, (Almond,) r 25, farmer 103.

Wallace, O. D., (Almond,) grocer, prop. of foundry and justice of the peace, Main.

Ward, Ashbel A., (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 11, farmer works on shares 160 acres owned by Dr.
 S. F. Curry.
Ward, Ashbel, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 28, farmer 125.
Ward, Jackson, (North Almond Valley,) r 29, farmer 85.
Ward, Jonathan D., (North Almond valley,) r 29, farmer 35.
WARD, OTIS, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 28, farmer occupies 125 acres owned by Ashbel Ward.
Ward, Wm. C., (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 11, farmer 130.

Warren, James, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 12, farmer works on shares 60 acres owned by John

Washburn, Abram, (Almond,) r 45, farmer 7.

Watkins, Jerred E., (Almond,) r 18, farmer 148.

Wentworth, Welford, L., (Canaseraga,) r 5, farmer 30 and works shares 62 acres owned by B. F.

White, Cyrus, (North Almond Valley,) r 27, farmer 90.
White, Jasper, (Almond,) r 54, farmer 123.
WHITE, MARTHA Mrs., (North Almond Valley,) r 29, farmer 52.
WHITE, WILLIAM E., (North Almond Valley,) r 30, farmer 103.

Whitford, Sylvanus C., (Alfred,) r 62, farmer 38 1/4.

Whitney, Allen, (Alfred,) r 62, carpenter.
Whitney, Ami, (Almond,) r 59, farmer 40.
Whitney, J. Mrs., (Almond,) r 59, owns 6 acres.
Whitney, William, (Almond,) r 59, farmer 150.

Whittaker, Peleg G., (Almond,) (with Rogers,) r 59, farmer 230.
Whittaker, Rogers, (Almond,) (with Peleg G.,) r 59, farmer 230.

Wilcox, C. C., (Almond,) r 43, farmer 100.
Wilcox, John, (North Almond Valley,) r 26, prop. of sawmill and farmer 80.
Wilcox, Samuel P., (Almond,) r 42, farmer 197.

WILHELM, JACOB, (Almond,) wagon maker, Main.

Wilkin, Wm., (Almond,) r 43, farmer 200.

Witter, Alonzo W., (Almond,) (Curtis & Witter.) 

Wolever, Lewis D., (North Almond Valley,) r 27, shoemaker and farmer 61.

Worden, Samuel, (Canaseraga,) r 22, farmer 60.

Wright, Amos, (Almond,) r 58, farmer 111.

Wynant, Abram, (Almond,) r 33, supervisor and farmer 16, and leases of Mrs. Maria Baker, 400.

Young David, (Almond,) prop. of livery, Main.
Young, George, (Almond,) meat dealer, Main.
Young Sylvanus, (Almond,) Main farmer.

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