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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Ackley, A. E. (Belmont) hats, caps, boots, shoes, rubbers, gents' furnishing goods &c.,

Allen, David, (Belvidere) farmer 20.
Allen, Wm. S. (Belmont) r 14, dairy, 11 cows and farmer leaases 144.

American Hotel (Belmont) G.O. Crandall, prop.

Angel & Jones (Belmont) (Wilkes Angel and George S. Jones) attorneys and counSciors at law,
Angel, Wilkes (Belmont) (Angel & Jones).

Armstrong, E. Mrs. (Belmont) millinery and furnishing store, Washington.

Austin, David (Belmont) r 13, carpenter and farmer 10.

Babcock, Forrest M. (Belmont) clerk in county clerks office.

Baker, J.E. (Belmont) restaurant and billiard rooms, and farmer 125, Schuyler.
Baker, Joshua (Belmont) r8, farmer 140.

Barber, H.T. (Belvidere) telegraph operator.

*BARTLET, BELA (Belmont) undertaker, Washington.

BELMONT SILVER CORNET BAND (Belmont) W.H.H. Russell, leader.

Belvidere hotel, (Belvidere) Benj. C. Schermerhorn, prop.

Benjamin, Ambrose S. (Belmont) r 9, farmer leases 200.
Benjamin, Amos, (Belmont,) r 23, farmer 100.
Benjamin, Hiram, (Belmont,) r32, farmer 57.
Benjamin, Isaiah, (Belmont,) r 21, farmer 64
Benjamin, Leroy, (Belmont,) (with Marion,) r 20, farmer leases.
Benjamin, Marion,(Belmont,) (with Leroy,) r 20, farmer leases.

Benoway, Morgan, (Belmont,) r 30, farmer 60. 

Bigelow, Joseph, (Belmont,) r 15, farmer 95 

Blanchard, V. Miss, (Belvidere,) dressmaker. 
Blanchard, William, (Belvidere,) painter. 

Bliven, Amos. (Scio,) r 31, farmer 10. 
Bliven, Silas J., (Scio,) r 31, farmer 119.

Boner, H., (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 6.

Boorn. Jonathan H., (Belmont,) r 9, carpenter. 
Boorn, S. Webb, (Belmont,) r 9, blacksmith. 

Booth, W. B., (Belvidere,) merchant. 

Bower, John W., (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 50.
Bower, Michael J., (Belmont,) r 5, carpenter and farmer. 
Bower, 0. Mrs., (Belmont,) r 27, farmer 250. 

BOZWORTH, NEHEMIAH Jr., (Belmont,) r 3, farmer 50. 

Bradley, D. H., (Belmont,) hardware, stoves and tinware, Schuyler. 

Brands, George, (Belmont,) blacksmith, South. 
Brands, Julia A. Mrs., (Belmont) r 34, farmer 90. 

Brown, Ira, (Belmont.) r 21, farmer 80. 

Bullock, Harry W., (Belvidere,) assistant postmaster.

BURDICK, ALBA E., (Belvidere,) r 3, telegraph operator and farmer. 
Burdick, Franklin J., (Belvidere,) r 3, farmer 48-1/2.
Burdick. Osmond A., (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 50. 

Burrows, Eli S., (Belvidere,) farmer 28-3/4.

*CAMERON, S. E. MRS., (Belmont,) millinery and variety store, Schuyler. 

Carpenter, Charlotte Mrs., (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 60.

Cartwright, V., (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 12. 

Chamberlain, E W., (Belmont,) agent Equitable Assurance Co. 
Chamberlain, E. W. & Co.,(Belmont,) bankers, Schuyler. 

Chase, Wm., (Belvidere,) merchant and proprietor of Transit Bridge cheese factory. 

Cline, Geo. A., (Belmont,) r 4. farmer 82. 
Cline, Sampson, (Scio,) r 33, farmer 100. 

Colburn, Elizur, (Belmont,) r 21, farmer 50. 

Colman, - Rev., (Belmont,) pastor of Baptist Church. 

Cook, G. W. & Co., (Belmont,) furniture dealers, Schuyler. 

Cooper, A.. (Belmont.) r 22, farmer 104. 

CORBIN, DANIEL, (Friendship,) r28, farmer 52-1/2.
Corbin, Robert H., (Friendship,) r 28, farmer 112.

Cornell, Wm. (Belmont,) r 3, carpenter farmer 40. 

CORNWELL, OREN O., (Friendship,) r 29, farmer 61. 

COYLE, PHILIP W., (Belvidere,) justice of the peace and station agent, E.R.R.

Crabtree, Daniel, (Belmont,) r 9, dairy, 12 cows and farmer 165. 

Crandall, G. O., (Belmont,) prop. of American Hotel. 
Crandall, Harrison, (Belmont,) blacksmith, North. 
Crandall, Horatio N., (Belmont) r 17, farmer 28.
Crandall, L. Dana, (Belmont,) prop: of National Hotel, 

CROSBY, JOSEPH Y., (Belvidere,) r 8, farmer 415. 

Daul, Xavier, (Belmont,) merchant tailor, Schuyler. 

Davis, Charles J.. (Belmont,) r 15, farmer, 
Davis, Elizur I., (Belmont,) r 16, dairy, 29 cows and farmer 300. 
Davis, E. I.,(Belmont,)(Davis & Lanphier.) 
Davis & Lanphier, (Belmont,) (E. I. Davis and David Lanphier,) cheese manufacturers. 
Davis, Henry W., (Belmont,) r 15, dairy, 18 cows and farmer 100. 
DAVIS, LUTHER, (Belmont,) r 26, dairy, 7 cows and farmer 100. 
Davis, M. E., (Belmont,) dry goods, gents' furnishing, crockery &c., Schuyler.
Davis, Nathan W., (Belmont,) r 26, farmer 100.
Davis, W. Ellery, (Belmont,) groceries and provisions, Schuyler. 

DEAN, GEORGE, (Belmont,) r 9, manuf. of lumber, lath and shingles and farmer leases 95,
DEAN. J. W., (Belmont,) meat market, Schuyler. 

Demmer, J., (Belmont,) station, ticket and U. S. express agent and telegraph operator,
 Phillipsville station. 

Dike, Chauncey, (Belmont,) r 12, farmer 6. 
Dike, Isaac, (Belvidere,) r 3, dairy, 12 cows and farmer 112.
Dike, John N., (Belvidere,) r 8, (with R. H.,) farmer leases 112.
Dike, R. H., (Belvidere,) r 3, (with John N.,) farmer leases 112.

Duke, Joseph,(Belvidere,) (W. & J. Duke) postmaster. 
Duke, W. & J., (Belvidere,) manufs. of lumber, staves and heading. 

Eggleston, David, (Belmont,) r 21, farmer 50. 

Ellis, Alvin, (Belmont.) r 7, farmer 76. 
Ellis, Consider, (Belmont,) r 7, highway commissioner and farmer 60, 

Evingham, Cyrus, (Belmont,) r 8 farmer 60.
Evingham, John, (Belmont,) r 23, farmer 5.
Evingham, Sidney, (Belmont,). r 8, farmer 80.

Eymer, Daniel, (Belmont,) r 4, farmer 95.

Fields. William, (Belmont,) barber, Schuyler. 

Fitzgerald, Lawrence, (Belvidere,) baggagemaster, Erie R. R depot. 

Fortner. Charles, (Belmont) r 17, mechanic.

FOWLER, GILBERT T., (Belmont,) r 27, dairy, 6 dairy, 6 cows and farmer 75. 
FOWLER, JOHN, (Belmont,) r 3, farmer 59.
Fowler, Orrin, (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 8.

FOX, GEO. M., (Belvidere,) prop. of Western Hotel and ticket agent. 
Fox, Samuel, (Belvidere,) resident. 

Francisco, Wm., (Scio,) r 25, farmer leases 90. 

Galusha, D. C., (Belmont,) grocer and confectioner, Schuyler. 

Gillett, Grove, (Friendship,) r 38, dairy, 15 cows and farmer 100.

Gledhill, Albert S., (Belmont,) drugs, medicines, groceries, stationery and notions,

Gorton, Huldah Mrs. (Belmont) r3, farmer 30.
Gorton, John N., (Belmont,) r 12, farmer 57. 
Gorton, Leander, (Belmont,) surveyor, justice of the peace and conveyancer, Washington. 

Green, J. W., (Belmont,) watchmaker, Schuyler. 

Hackett, Oliver C. Mrs., (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 6. 

Hall, Albert, (Belmont,) r 15, farmer leases 67. 
Hall, Francis, (Belmont,) r 3, carpenter. 

Harms - (Scio,) r 39, farmer 150.

Haviland, M.W. (Belmont,) veterinary surgeon, Milton.

HAYES, J.N. (Scio,) agent for agricultural implements generally and farmer 202. 

Hess, Josiah, (Belvedere,) general merchant. 

Hewitt, James M., (Belmont,) r 3, root doctor. 

Hickok, Lewis A., (Belmont,) r 3, retired farmer 6. 

Hilliman, Wm., (Belvedere,) shoemaker.

Hoggland , Abram, (Belmont.) r 34, farmer 90.

Holmes, David, (Belmont,) r 23, farnaer 100. 

Hood, Geo. W., (Belmont,) r 18, farmer5O. 
Hood, John, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 117. 
Hood, Wm (Belmont,) r 18, miller and farmer 87. 
Hood,  W.D. (Belmont) Miller.
Hood Bros., (Belmont) (M.E. and E.W.) manufs. Of Bennett's adjustable rubber pumps, east of
Hood, E. W. (Belmont) (Hood Bros.)

Horner, George W. (Belmont) r 24, farmer 150.
Horner, M. E., (Belmont,) (Hood Bros.).

Howden, Lewis, (Belmont,) supt. of Belmont cheese factory. 

Ingraham, Elizur, (Belmont,) r 20, farmer 110. 

Irish, Wm., (Belmont) r 9, farmer 12. 

Jackson.Charles C.,(Belmont,) r ll,dairy, 50 cows and farmer 525. 

Jadwin, George S.- (Belmont,) r 38, blacksmith and farmer 63.

Jones, George S., (Belmont,) (Angel  & Jones.) 

Kane, Thomas, (Belmont,) r 8, farmer 180. 

Kershaw, Benjamin, (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 20. 

Kilmore, Myron, (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 95.

Lanphier, David, (Belmont,) (Davis & Lanphier).

Leilous, John (Belmont,) r 17, (with Parker and Marks,) farmer 600.
Leilous, John Jr., (Belmont,) dairy, 26 cows and farmer 175.
Leilous, Marks, (Belmont,) rl7, (with John and Parker,) farmer 600. 
LEILOUS, PARKER (Belmont) r 11 (with Leonard Willets) farmer 330.
Leilous, Parker (Belmont) r17 (with John and Marks) farmer 600.

Leonard, P. (Belmont) stone cutter.

Lewis, George H. (Belmont) r 24, farmer leases 200.
Lewis, L. R., (Belmont,) wagon maker, South. 

Lowe. John, (Belmont,) r 4 farmer 100 

Mapes, Adelle Mrs., (Belmont,) dressmaker. Washington 

MARGESON, DAVID, (Belmont,) r 7, dairy, 21 cows and farmer 255.
Margeson, John, (Belmont,) r 7, farmer 3. 

Mason, Richard, (Belvidere,) physician and surgeon.
Mason, William, (Belmont,) carpenter and cabinet maker, Norton. 

McBurdick, Daniel, (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 50. 

McDERMOTT, E. M. Rev., (Belmont,) pastor of St. Mary's Church. 

McDermit, Patrick, (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 120.

McGuire, John, (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 53.

McLaughlin, John, (Belmont,) stone cutter. 

McManus, John, (Belmont,) r 7, (with Terrence Jr.,) farmer 143. 
McManus, Terrence, (Belmont,) r 7, farmer 100.
McManus, Terrence Jr., (Belmont,) r 7, (with John,) farmer 143.

McOmber, Stephen, (Belmont,) r 8, famer 80. 

Merrills, Abram, (Belmont,) r 10, farmer 72. 

Merriman. Levi, (Belmont,) constable and collector, Greenwich. 
Merriman, W. W., (Belmont,) groceries, provisions, confectioner , oysters &c., Greenwich.

Middaugh, Jerome N. (Friendship,) r 38, dairy, 17 cows and farmer 100. 

Miller, A., (Belmont,) (S. Richardson & Co.,) ,Postmaster. 
Miller, F. L., (Belmont,) (S. Richardson & Co., )

MOORE, GEORGE A., (Belmont,) r 12, farmer leases 84. 

MOREHOUSE GEO. B., (Belmont,) r 5, farmer 300.
Morehouse, Parish, (Belmont,) r 6, farmer 180. 

Morse, Josiah T., (Belmont,) r 4, farmer 100.

National Hotel (Belmont) L. Dana Crandall, prop., Schuyler.

Newton, C.B. (Belmont) dentist and photographer, Schuyler.

Nichols, Leonard, (Belmont) r 3, farmer 22.

Noble, Hiram, (Belmont,) farmer 200. 
Noble, Martin, (Belmont) prop. of livery stables, Norton.
Noble, Roswell, (Belmont,) r 25, farmer 100.

Norton, Benjamin, (Belmont,) physician and surgeon, Greenwich.
Norton, H. S. (Belemont) farmer 100 near depot
Norton, John, (Belmont,) physician and surgeon, Norton.
Norton, Joseph, (Belmont,) retired farmer 10.
Norton, Joseph S. (Belmont,) druggist and stationer, Schuyler. 
Norton, M. L., (Belmont,) harness maker, Schuyler.

Nottingham, Christopher, (Belmont) r 12, farmer 2.

NYE, OBED, (Belmont,) r 29, farmer 97.

Osgood, Thos. H. B., (Belmont,) r 29, farmer 14.

OTIS. MATSON, (Belmont.) groceries, crockery, glassware, women's shoes and rubbers; all 
 kinds of trunks, also photographic artist, Schuyler. 

Parker, Harrison, (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 2.

Pendleton, Isaac B., (Scio,) r 25, farmer 51. 
Pendleton, James W., (Scio) r 35, shinglemaker and farmer 65.
Pendleton, John L., (Scio,) r 25, faremer 40.
Pendleton, Wm. H., (Scio) r 25, farmer 58.

Phelps, S. C., (Belmont,) prop. of.Railroad House opposite Depot. 

Phillips, R. S. Rev. (Belmont) pastor of Free Methodist Church, Washington.

PIXLEY, ETHIE A. MRS., (Belmont,) r 3, owns farm 67 

Pollard, Stephen, (Belmont,) r 9, farmer 75. 

POST, GEO. R., (Belvidere,) carriage and wagon manuf. and blacksmithing.
POST, PETER (Belvidere,) prop.of hotel and farmer 7. 

Quinn, James, (Belmont,) r 5, farmer 75. 

Rawson, D., (Belmont,) (D. Rawson & Co.,) saw and shingle mill.
Rawson. D. Co., (Belmont,) (F.N. Whitcomb,) manufs. of saw mills, mowers and reapers, mill
 machinery and gearing  and agricultural implements.

Reaser, F. E., (Belvidere,) telegraph operator. 

Redfield, Cordelia Mrs., (Belvidere,) milliner. 

RED STAR BASE BALL CLUB, (Belmont) W. H. H. Russell, captain. 

Reedy, Michael, (Belmont,) r 8, farmer 80. 

Reynolds, Peter, (Belmont,) r 8, farmer 220.

Richardson, S. & Co., (Belmont,) (A. and F. L. Miller) dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes &c.,

Roberts, Benjamin, (Belmont,) r 23, farmer 8.
Roberts, David, (Belmont,) r 19; farmer 30. 
Roberts, George, (Belmont,) r 22, farmer 76.
Roberts, Howell W., (Belmont,) r 11, farmer 150.

Robinson. William V., (Belmont,) painter and paper hanger, South. 

Rogers, Alvin E., (Scio) r 32, farmer. 
Rogers, Calvin C., (Scio) r 32, farmer 15.
ROGERS, C. D.; (Belmont,) r 24, farmer. 
ROGERS, COLONEL D., (Scio,) r 24, farmer 106. 
Rogers, Elias G., (Scio,) r 32, farmer leases 30.
Rogers, Ethan, (Scio,) r 32, farmer 225. 
Rogers, Jonathan L., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 29.

Rose, N., (Belmont,) prop. of Amity flouring mill. 
Rose, T.J. (Belmont,) miller. 

RUSSELL, W. H. H., (Belmont,) county clerk. 

Sanford, Caleb, (Belmont,) r 7, farmer 80. 
Saunders, Carmon, (Belmont,) r 19, farmer 50. 
Saunders, James I., (Belmont.) r 19, farmer 50. 

Schermerhorn, Benjamin C., (Belvidere,) proprietor of Belvidere Hotel. 

Scott, Rufus, (Belmont,) attorney and counselor at law, notary public and district attorney,

Shepherd, Daniel, (Belmont,) tailor, Schuyler. 

Shults, Adam, (Belmont,) restaurant and boardinghouse, Wells Lane. - 

*SILSBY BROS.. (Belmont,) Cady and Charles T.,) manufs. of Westcott's  return butter pail,
 firkins, tubs & c., opposite Depot, Greenwich, 

SILSBY, CADY, (Belmont,) (Silsby Brothers) 
SILSBY, CHARLES T., (Belmont), (Silsby Brothers)

Simons, Asel (Belmont) r 12, farmer 20.
Simons, Harriet Mrs. (Belmnt) homeo. physician, Washington.
Simons, Williston (Belmont) r 24 farmer 77.
Simons, William P., (Belmont,) r 24, farmer 92. 

Sisen, George. (Belmont,) r 5, farmer 47. 

Smith, Francis N., (Belmont) physician and surgeon, office corner of Milton and Trianna.
Smith, Square J., (Scio) r 31, farmer 75. 
Smith, T., (Scio,) farmer 70. 

Sortore, Edmund, (Scio,) r 84, farmer 100. 
Sortore, Elisha, (Belmont,) r 30, farmer 194. 
Sortore, George (Belmont) r 30, farmer 60.
SORTORE, HANFORD H. (Belmont) r 12, dairy, 18 cows and farmer 137.
Sortore, J. (Belmont) groceries and confectionery, Schuyler.
Sortore, Thomas (Bellmont) r 30, farmer 90.
Sortore, Tyler, (Belmont,) r 39, farmer 132. 
Sortore, Vorhies, (Belmont,) r 16, farmer 120. 

SOUTHWORTH, B. D., (Belmont,) publisher of The Alleganian. 

Spaulding, Charles, (Belmont,) r 18, baggage master, Erie depot and farmer 30 
Spaulding, George, (Belmont,) r 18, carpenter and farmer 66. 

Stearns, Chauncey S., (Friendship,) r 37, dairy,16 cows and farmer 260. 
STEARNS, NORMAN, (Belmont,) r 38, dairy, 8 cows and farmer 85.

Stevens, Amos, (Belmont,) r 20, farmer 150.

St. John, Benson, (Scio,) r 33, dairy, 12 cows and farmer 150. 

Stout, Ambrose H.,.(Friendship,) r 37, farmer 200. 
STOUT, JAMES M., (Friendship,) r 28, dairy, 12 cows and farmer 120. 
Stout, Luther C., (Friendship,) r 85, physician and farmer 75. 

*THE ALLEGANIAN, (weekly,) (Belmont,) - D. Southworth, publisher, Schuyler. 

Thybon, Lewis, (Belmont,) r 17, farmer 150. 

Tracy, Ira. (Belmont,) farmer. 
TRACY, SETH H., (Belmont,) attorney and counselor at law, Schuyler. 
Travis, John J., (Belmont.) r 9, farmer 12, 

Tucker, Robert, (Belmont,),r 3, farmer 11. 

Van Campen, Addison, (Belmont,) r 23, farmer 60. 
Van Campen, W. H. & Son, (Belmont,) (Frank) props. of Phillipsville flouring mills 
Van Campen, Wm., (Belmont,) r 24, farmer 100. 

Vanderfoef, Frank, (Belmont,) groceries and provisions. 

Waldorff, Lewis, (Belmont,) r 7, farmer 100. 

Ward, Hamilton, (Belmont,) attorney and counselor at law, Schuyler. 

Waters, Joseph N., (Belmont,) r 15, farmer 43. 

Webster, W, S., (Belmont,) deputy county clerk. 

Westcott, Albert W., (Belmont,) r 19 farmer 32. 

WESTERN HOTEL, (Belvidere,) George M. Fox, prop.

Wheelock, H. N. (Belmont,) hardware,stoves, tinware &c., Schuyler.

Whitcomb, F. N., (Belmont,) (D. Rawson &- Co.) 
Whitcomb, Hiram B., (Belmont,) r 21, lumber manuf. and farmer 141. 

White, George C., (Belmont,) r 12, conductor on A. & G. W. R. R. and farmer 84. 

Whitford, Nathan, (Belmont,) r 4, farmer 10. 
Whitford, Wm., (Belmont,) r 4, farmer 12. 

Wilcox, Seymour, (Belmont,) r 21, farmer 250.

Willard, V. A., (Belmont,) attorney, supervisor and justice of the peace, Washington.

WILLETS, LEONARD, (Belmont,) r 11, (with Parker Leilous,) farmer 330.

Willets, Leonard, (Belmont,.) stock broker, Washington. 
Willett, Isaac, (Belmont,) speculator and prop. of Pine Grove trotting park, Schuyler. 

Williams, Arthur, (Belvidere,) painter. 
WILLIAMS, CHARLES H., (Belvidere.) carriage and wagon maker, general blacksmith, dealer in
 agricultural implements, dairy, 14 cows and farmer 223.
Williams, Fred. B., (Belvidere,) blacksmith. 
Williams. Thomas, (Belmont,) farmer leases 50. 

Windus, Cyrus A., (Belmont,) r 24, farmer 76 
Windus, John, (Belmont,) r 25, farmer 60. 

Withy, Wm., (Belmont,) r 5, farmer 90. 

Woods, Franklin E. Rev., (Belvidere,) agent for American Bible Society. 

Young, Charles, (Scio,) r 37, farmer leases 150.

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