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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Albee, D. W. Clinton, (Short Tract,) r 61, carriage, wagon and sleigh manufacturer.

Aldrich, Alonzo, (Short Tract,) r 50, farmer 140.
Aldrich, Horatio N., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 7, farmer 144.

Allen, Alna, (Short Tract,) r 27, plow dealer and farmer 75.

Anderson, Emery A., (Granger,) r 5, attorney and counselor at law and farmer 69.

Atherton, Stephen, (Wilson,) r 16, farmer 74.

Atwood, freeman B., (Granger,) r 19, farmer 247.
ATWOOD, PHILIP D., (Granger,) r 19, deputy sheriff and farmer 288.

AUGUSTINE, ARMANUS E., (Short Tract,) r 63, carpenter and farmer 36.
Augustine, Joseph, (Short Tract,) r 63, farmer 150.

Ayers, Charles H., (Wiscoy,) r 29, farmer 55.

Aylor, George, (East Granger,) r 66, farmer 240.
Aylor, Jacob, (Granger,) r 17, farmer 50.
Aylor, John, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 40, farmer 60 and works on shares 350,
 owned by Howden Covey.

Ayrault, George, (Short Tract,) r 62, general merchant, postmaster and farmer 128.

Babcock, Wm., (Granger,) r 1, farmer 6.

Bacon, John A., (Short Tract,) r 46, farmer 40 and leases of Webster Chamberlain 40.

Bagley, Wilber J., (Short Tract,) r 61, harness maker.

Baldwin, Enos, (Short Tract,) r 63, farmer 148.
BALDWIN, GEORGE W., (Short Tract,) r 63, farmer 148.

BARBER, HARTWIN E., (East Granger,) r 64, dealer in mowing machines and horse rakes and farmer 171.

BARNES, ELIZABETH Mrs., (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 30.

Bartlett, Timothy, (Short Tract,) r 55, farmer 8.

Bates, Wm. C., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 20, farmer leases of Aaron Smith 100.

Bennett, Alfred, (Short Tract,) r 61, blacksmith.
Bennett, Carrie Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 61, dressmaker.
Bennett, Charles, (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 152.
Bennett, Daniel, (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 120.
Bennett, Edward, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer leases of Chas. Bennett 151.
Bennett, Fred., (Short Tract,) r 61, blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer 21.
Bennett, George, (Short Tract,) r 59, farmer 6.
Bennett, George C., (Short Tract,) r 61, mason and farmer 24.
Bennett, Hugh, (Short Tract,) r 63, farmer 45.
BENNETT, JAMES, (Short Tract,) r 63, farmer 45.Bennett, James P., (Short Tract,) r 32,
 farmer 66.
Bennett, John J., (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer 32 1/2.
Bennett, Joseph, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer 91 1/2.
Bennett, Joseph,(Short Tract,) r 61, mason.
Bennett, Martin, (Short Tract,) r 61, building mover.
Bennett, Martin, (Short Tract,) r 61, building mover.
Bennett, Owen D., (Short Tract,) r 62, dealer in flour and feed.
Bennett, Robert, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer 100.
Bennett, Simeon, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer 75.
BENNETT, THOMAS R., (Short Tract,) r 62, carpenter and joiner.
Bennett, Wm., (Short Tract,) r 36, farmer 10.
Bennett, Wm., Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 36, farmer 70.

Bentley, Elisha, (Nunda station, Livingston Co.,) r 21, farmer 10.
BENTLEY, IRA, (Granger,) r 4, farmer 293.
Bentley, Peter, (Short Tract,) r 63, carpenter and farmer 50.

Bezent, Edward, (Short Tract,) r 50, shoemaker and farmer 30.

Bliss, Joseph W., (Granger,) r 5, thresher and farmer 39.

Botsford, Ezra H., (Short Tract,) r 50, farmer 80.

Bradley, Zenas, (Short Tract,) r 60, farmer leases of Ziba Huff 47.

Brown, Marvin, (Short Tract,) r 55, farmer leases of O. W. Graves 50.

Brundage, Matthew, (Short Tract,) r 62, farmer 140.

Brundage, Silas G., (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer leases of David H. Saunters, 69.

Bullock, Ephraim, (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 100.

Cartwright, Carlos E., (Short Tract,) r 14, farmer 100.
Cartwright, Daniel P., (Granger,) r 1, farmer 102.

CHAMBERLAIN, ARMINUS B., (Granger,) r 17, preacher and farmer 44.

Chase, Geo. W., (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer 30.

Chilson, Wm., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 7, farmer 68.

Clark, Arthur R., (Wiscoy,) r 18, blacksmith, farmer 64 and works on shares 84, owned
 by Daniel Clark.
Clark, Daniel, (Wiscoy, r 18, farmer 84.
Clark, Joel B., (Short tract,) r 55, farmer 50.

Clute, John L., (Granger,) r 27, peddler and farmer 25.

Collister, E. L., Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 61, milliner.

COLLISTER, JONAS R., (Short Tract,) r 61, general merchant, sewing machine agent, prop.
 of Collister's Hall and town clerk.

COMSTOCK ABNER, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 20, farmer 50.

Cornick, Eliza, (East Granger,) r 37, farmer 25.

Cox, James, (Granger,) r 3, farmer 240

Crocker, Dyer D., (Short Tract,) r 56, farmer 75.

Cross, Wm., (East Granger,) r 40, farmer 93.

Cuddebec, Alias, (Granger,) r 19, farmer 

Curtis, Dezell B., (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 80.
Curtis, Lewis, (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 55.

DAVIS, AUGUSTUS, (Granger,) r 3, peddler and farmer 12.
Davis, Walker, (Short Tract,) r 56, farmer works on shares 25, owned by Jonathan Smith.

Dill, D. A. Mrs., (Granger,) r 19, owns 86.
Dill, David A., (Granger,) r 19, sea captain.

Doane, Samuel M., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 8, farmer 58.

Dole, Smith, (Wiscoy,) (with Thomas,) r 29 1/2., farmer 80.
Dole, Thomas, (Wiscoy,) (with Smith,) r 29 1/2, farmer 80.

DOOLITTLE, ALVIN, (Granger,) r 18, farmer 40.
Doolittle, Frank, (Granger,) r 17, farmer 74 and leases of S. P. Gurnsey 160.
Doolittle, Lucian A., (Granger,) r 19, farmer 43.

Douglass, James, (Short Tract,) r 61, blacksmith and wagon and sleigh ironer.

Drury, Eli W., (Short Tract,) r 27, farmer 90.
Drury, Hannah Mrs., (Granger,) r 27, farmer 22.

Dudley, John L., (East Granger,) r 64, postmaster, justice of the peace and farmer 100.

Dunn, Isaac, (Short Tract,) r 51, farrier and farmer 80.
Dunn, John, (Granger,) r 15, farmer, r 15, farmer 25.
Dunn, Wm., (Granger,) r 14, farmer 62 1/2.

Eldridge, Clark J., (Granger,) r 3, farmer works on shares 90, owned by Roswell Eldridge.
ELDRIDGE, ELIZA Mrs., (Granger,) r 1, farmer 135.
Eldridge, Henry, (Granger,) r 5, farmer 113.
Eldridge, Roswell, (Granger,) r 3, farmer 90.

Elwood, Isaac, (Granger,) r 3, farmer leases of James Cox 62.

Emery, Albert N., (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer 49.

Ferguson, George E., (Short Tract,) r 63, teacher.

Flint, Alfred, (Granger,) r 1, farmer works on shares 135 acres owned by Eliza Eldridge.

Fox, Charles B., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 9, farmer occupies 60, owned
 by James Fox's heirs.

Fuller, Alonzo W., (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 147.
FULLER, OMAR W., (Granger,) r 17, farmer 6 1/2 and leases of Mrs. Lydia Brockway 26.

Gage, Andrew, (Short Tract,) r 55, farmer 50.

GALLTON, JOHN, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 22 farmer 62, and leases
 of Mrs. Louisa Kellogg, 209.

Gary, Holland, (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer 49.

Gilpatrick, Oliver M., (Granger,) r 17, farmer 163.

Green, Wm. S., (Short Tract,) r 33, wagonmaker, undertaker and farmer 65.

Grover, D. Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 55, farmer 20.

Guptill, Joseph N., (Granger,) r 19, postmaster and farmer 71.

Hall, Hiram W., (Wiscoy,) r 29, farmer 28.
Hall, John, (Wiscoy,) r 28, farmer 128.
Hall, John, (Wiscoy,k) r 28, farmer 128.
Hall, Robert, (Wiscoy,) r 28, farmer 50.
Hall, Wm., (Wiscoy,) r 28, farmer 50 and works on shares 128 owned by John Hall.

HAMPTON, THOMAS C., (Short Tract,) r 62, prop. of stage from Nunda to Belvidere and
 farmer 80.

Haskins, Hosea A., (East Granger,) r 40, farmer 190.

Holliday, Harlow, (Short Tract,) r 59, farmer 137.

Hopkins, Wm., (Fillmore,) r 52, farmer 123 1/2.

Horton, Caleb, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 25, farmer 100.

Howden, Noah B., (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 92.

HUFF, ZIBA, (Short Tract,) r 60, carpenter and joiner and farmer 47 1/2.

Hull, Sylvester, (Fillmore,) r 52, farmer 76.

Hussong, Doris Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 36, farmer 105.
Hussong, John H., (Short Tract,) r 65, farmer leases of Armanus E. Augustine 36.

Isaman, Henry, (East Granger,) r 36, farmer 100.
Isaman, John, (East Granger,) r 37, farmer 170.

Jackson, Pascal T., (Short Tract,) r 36, farmer leases of Mrs. Doris Hussong 105.

James, Thomas, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer leases of Henry Bennett of Nunda 96.

Keeber, Charles, (Short Tract,)  r 33, shoemaker.

Kingsbury, Samuel G., (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 112.

Kinne, Sidney N.,(Short Tract,) r 66, carpenter and farmer 20.

Lampman, John, (Short Tract,) r 68, farmer 198.

Lee, Benjamin, (Granger,) r 31, boatman and farmer 105.
Lee, Solomon, (Wiscoy,) r 28, farmer 28.

LEWIN, LEVIS., (Fillmore,) r 52, manufacturer of and dealer in lumber and shingles
 and farmer 105.

Libbey, Joseph, (Granger,) r 31, farmer 40.

Locke, Wm. J., (Granger,) r 27, harness maker.

Lockwood, Wm., (Granger,) r 17, farmer occupies 25 acres owned by Henry Utter.

Loughlin, Michael, (Granger,) r 15, farmer 100.

Luckey, James L., (Short Tract,) r 51, farmer 45.
Luckey, Samuel B., (Short Tract,) r 44, farmer 70 and leases of Thomas Hampton 50.

Luther, Abia, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 21, machinist and farmer 44.
Luther, Oliver N., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 24, farmer works on shares 102,
 owned by Mrs. T. Remington.
Luther, Wyman P., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.) r 7, farmer 32.

MILLER, HARRIET, Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 42, physician.

Moses, Aziza, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 11, farmer 84 3/4.
Moses, Washington, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 20, farmer 109.

Myers, David, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 24, farmer 180.

PALMER, WM. T., (Wiscoy,) r 18, farmer 50.

Parker, Ira, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 24, farmer 140.
Parker, Jasper N., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 24, farmer leases of Ira Parker 140.

Parks, James, (Granger,) r 17, farmer 12 1/2
Parks, Wm. M., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 8, farmer 47.

PASSAGE, WARD, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 25, farmer works on shares 100, owned
 by Caleb Horton.

Partridge, Horace M., (East Granger,) r 40, farmer 99 1/2.

Pearce, Benjamin, (Short Tract,) r 56, farmer 50.

Pepper, Eliza Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 45, farmer 20.

Perkins, Charles A., (Short Tract,) r 49, farmer 50.

Phinney, Elizabeth Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 121.
Phinney, Hiram, (Short Tract,) r 59, farmer leases of Robert Cary 75.
Phinney, John N., (Short Tract,) r 61, justice of the peace and farmer 25.
Phinney, Orren B., (Short Tract,) r 61, produce dealer and farmer leases of Elizabeth
 Phinney 40.

Phipps, Jonathan, (Short Tract,) r 45, farmer 92.
Phipps, Wm. D., (Short Tract,) r 36, farmer 55, and leases of Mrs. Wm. Bennett 70.

PIATT, SAMUEL P., (Granger,) r 27, farmer 74.

Pickett, S. D. Rev., (Short Tract,) r 61, pastor of the M. E. Church at Short Tract.

Pitt, Wm., (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 142.

Pygott, George, (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 25.

Ralph, David, (Short Tract,) r 45, farmer 180.

Randall, Abijah, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 29, farmer leases of Alphonzo Aldrich 61.

Randolph, John S. Rev., (Short Tract,) r 61, pastor of the W. M. Church.

Remington, Thankful Mrs., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,)  r 24, owns 102.

Reynolds, Hellen M., Mrs., (Short Tract,) r 38, farmer 82.
REYNOLDS, RICHARD W., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 20, cooper and farmer 137.
Reynolds Wm., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 25, farmer 83.

Rickett, Samuel, (East Granger, 5 38, farmer 50.

Ricketts, Frank, (East Granger,) r 40, farmer 115.
Ricketts, James, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 22, farmer 6.
RICKETTS, WM. B., (Short Tract,) r 42, farmer 30.

Riley, Mark, (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 80.

Ripenbark, Daniel, (Short Tract,) r 60, carpenter and farmer 47.

Robeson, Chester H., (Granger,) r 3, farmer 79 3/4

Robinson, Sylvanus J., (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 26 1/2.

Rose, John, (Granger,) r 1 mason and farmer 15.

Rutherford, Wm. M., (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 200.

Sanford, Henry, (Short Tract,) r 55, farmer 78.

Scoville, Almon, (East Granger,) r 36, farmer 75.
Scoville, G., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 40, farmer 50.

SEEKINS, JOSIAH B., (Short Tract,) r 62, wholesale broom dealer and farmer 56 1/2.

Shaughnesy, James, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 37, mason.

Shute, Horace N., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 10, farmer works on shares 60,
 owned by R. Carrick.

Smith, Aaron, (Granger,) r 27, farmer 150.
SMITH, ANDREW W., M. D., (Short Tract,) r 62, allopathic physician and surgeon.
Smith, Chauncey, (Granger,) r 26, farmer 45.
Smith, Frederick P. H., (Granger,) r 26, farmer 45 3/4.
Smith, George B., (Granger,) r 5, blacksmith and farmer 63.
Smith, George W., (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 83.
Smith, Henry A., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 9, farmer 63.
Smith, Hiram, (Granger,) r 26, farmer 298.
Smith, John P., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 9, farmer 142.
Smith, John R., (Granger,) r 5, thrasher and farmer occupies (with Wm. Smith,) 115.
SMITH, MANNING, (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer 6 1/2.
Smith, Samuel N., (Granger,) r 5, farmer 31.
Smith, Wm., (Granger,) r 5, farmer 115.

Snider, Charles W., (Fillmore,) r 49, cheesemaker, farmer 60 and leases of John Rowley 80.
Snider, Edward G., (Fillmore,) r 53, farmer 43.
Snider, John G., (short Tract,) farmer 50.
Snider, Rodolph, (Fillmore,) r 49, farmer 100.

Snyder, Hattie Mrs., (Granger,) r 27, farmer 90.
Snyder, Lewis, (Granger,) r 18, farmer 41.

Spencer, Alonzo, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 22, farmer 118 1/4.

Stickland, Samuel, (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 69.

STOCKWEATHER, GEORGE, (Short Tract,) r 35, farmer leases of Samuel G. Kingsbury 112.

Stockwell, Moses, (Short Tract,) r 62, supervisor and farmer 96.

Sylor, George, (East Granger,) r 64, farmer 324.
Sylor, George Jr., (East Granger,) r 40, farmer 111.
Sylor, John, (East Granger,) r 64, farmer works on shares 111, owned by Geo. Sylor.

Tadder, David E., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 7, farmer 112.

Tuttle, George M., (Fillmore,) r 48, farmer 82 1/2.
Tuttle, Wm. N., (Short Tract,) r 43, farmer 184.

Utter, Henry, (Granger,) r 17, farmer 25.

VanGUILDER, DAVID, (Wiscoy,) r 17, farmer 154

Van Nostrand, Almira Mrs., (Short Tract,)  r 42, owns 18.

VanOSTRAND, LEWIS, (Short Tract,)  r 50, farmer 225.

Van Velzer, Francis W., (Short Tract,)  r 42, shoemaker.

Vincent, Emanuel, (Short Tract,)  r 32, farmer 50.

VOSS, GEORGE, (Short Tract,)  r 45, farmer 347.

Walbridge, John, (Short Tract,)  r 36, surveyor, insurance agent and farmer 62 1/2.
Walbridge, Washington J., (Short Tract,)  r 36, farmer 108 1/2.

Wallace, David P., (Short Tract,)  r 27, farmer 5 and works on shares 44, owned by Mrs. Hattie Snyder.

Washburn, Harvey, (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer works on shares 64, owned by Otis Brown.
Washburn, Wm. H., (Wiscoy,) r 16, farmer leases of Abram Young 50.

Watson, Hannah & Son, (Wiscoy,) (Stephen,) r 29, lumber manufacturers dealers in lumber,
 lath and shingles and farmer 287.
WATSON, STEPHEN, (Wiscoy,) (Hannah Watson & Son,) r 29, carpenter and joiner.

Weaver, Cheney Mrs., (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 25, farmer 76.
Weaver, Wm., (Short Tract,) r 31, dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 167.
Weaver, Wm. L, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.) r 21, farmer 85.

WELLS, DAVID, (Wiscoy,) r 18, farmer 83.

Welstead, Wm., (Short Tract,) r 62, farmer 108.

White, Gurdon H., (Granger,) r 27, farmer 51.

Wiedright, John, (East Granger,) r 40, shoemaker and farmer 20.

Wilcox, James, (Short Tract,) r 61, farmer 85.
Wilcox, John, (Short Tract,) r 43, manufacturer of lumber and shingles.
Wilcox, Joseph, (Short Tract,) r 41, farmer 77 1/2 and leases of Jas. Wilcox 81.
Wilcox, Thomas, (Short Tract,) r 62, farmer 116.

Williams, Justinian, (Short Tract,) r 86.

Woodruff, Floyd, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,)  r 40, cheese maker.
Woodruff, Calvin, (Nunda Station, Livingston Co.,) r 37, cheese manufacturer and
 farmer 143.

Youngs, Wm. W., (Granger,) r 6, farmer 37.

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