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Christ Church, Cuba, NY Index Vol. 2

Parish History

Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This is an index / abstract of the parish record book (2) of Christ Episcopal Church in Cuba, Allegany County, New York. Use this index to check the original microfilmed record, Family History Library Film #1420093, Item 5. The film can be viewed at the LDS Family History Library or a local Family History Center.

Family List
Family List
Family List

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Beardsley, Chas. E. (Rev.)1855- June 1859Rector of Olean & Cuba parishes7
Beardsley, Chas. E. (Rev.)Easter 1859Resigns Olean & Cuba parishes; biographical note8
Bench, F. K. (Rev.)1898resigns Rectorship12
Bowman, John A. (Rev.)1 May 1859Missionary labor at Wellsville and Cuba8
Bowman, John A. (Rev.)24 June 1860Ends missionary labor at Cuba; biographical note8
Breistley, C. C. (Rev.)June 4 1921assists at funeral of Rev. R. E. Pendleton13
Bruce, (Bishop)June 4 1921conducts funeral of Rev. R. E. Pendleton13
Bruce, (Rev.)1839First services6
Chamberlain, (Gen.)23 Jan 1869Holds mortgage of Church lot10
Chamberlain, C. T. (Gen.)1844Settles in Cuba, NY6
Chamberlain, Calvin Tibbets1 Nov 1852Warden7
Chamberlain, Sarah R. (Mrs.)1844Settles in Cuba, NY; biography note6
Champlin, Ann (Mrs.)21 May 1854First confirmation; at Olean; first burial at age 62+ at Cuba, Aug 31 1863; biography note7
Champlin, Marshal B.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Church, Philip (Judge)1845Visits Cuba 6
Colwell, Rufus S.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Cooke, E. Jay (Rev.)1872-187610
Coxe, A. C. (Rev.)Oct 1865sends Rev. Waterbury to Cuba9
Davidson, Stephen L.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Delancey, W. W. (Rev., D. D.)1845Visits Cuba 6
Dobyns, Robert (Rev.0abt 1861Rector for abt 3 years9
Goodhue, J. E. (Rev.)1 Apr 1882Rector11
Granger, F. (Rev.)1 May 1866Associate with Rev. Waterbury9
Greenwood, John William (Rev.)30 June 1876-1878Minister in charge of the Cuba parish11
Idle, Harry S.1909-1912Rector; moves to Bolivar, NY12
Johnson, D. S. L.abt 1860Lay Reader9
Jones, Ch. Floyd1845Sponsor at bapt. of Mrs. Maxon6
Kent, J. Sydney (Rev.)1878-1879Rector11
Kirkpatrick, W. A.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Langton, Camron Bernard (Rev.)1921Becomes Rector13
Langton, Camron Bernard (Rev.)1-Jun-23Resigns as Rector13
Lewis, L. S. (Rev.)1 May 1866Associate with Rev. Waterbury9
Lewis, L. S. (Rev.)1 Jan 1870Resigns Cuba parish and goes to Gethsemane parish, Wistmoreland & St. Mark's Church, in Oneida co.10
Lewis, S. L. (Rev.)1867Continues as Associate in Cuba and is elected to Rectorship10
Loveridge, D. E. (Rev.)30 May 1876of Norwich, NY; lays cornerstone for brick church10
Loveridge, E. D.23 Jan 1869Proposes to cancel debt by mortgage on Church Lot10
Loveridge, N. P.1852First male communicant6
Loveridge, N. P.abt 1855Presides as Lay-reader7
Loveridge, N. P.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Maxon, Stephen1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Maxon, Wealthy Ann (Mrs.)1845First baptism6
Miller, francis Hendria (Dr.)1921Lay ready 13
Morris, Thos. (Rev.)abt 1845From Ellicottville; holds services6
Palmer, Jos.abt 1855non-member; allows members to meet in Halls7
Pendleton, R. E. (Rev.)June 4 1921died; buried in Cuba Cemetery in Chamberlain lot13
Pendleton, R. Edmond (Rev.)1920Rector13
Prescott, Allen C. (Rev.)1898Assumes Rectorship12
Prescott, Allen C. (Rev.)1908resigns; accepts rectorship of st. Matthias Ch., E. Aurora12
Rafler, W. W. (Rev.)1886of Mt. Clemens, Mich. becomes Rector11
Rafler, W. W. (Rev.)1890called to rectorship of St. Johns, Dunkirk, NY12
Russell, Saml. M.1 Nov 1852Vestryman7
Sherwood, William (Rev.)1916resigns 13
Sherwood, William T. (Rev.)1914-1916Went to Corning, NY12
Smith, Robertabt 1855non-member; allows members to meet in Halls7
Stuart, Anson1 Nov 1852Warden7
Waterbury, J. H. (Rev.)1 Apr 1867Retires Rectorshihp of Associate Mission & Christ Church; retains St. Mary's Salamanca & St. John's Wellsville10
Waterbury, Julius Henry (Rev.)Oct 1865accepts call for Rectorship9
Waterbury, Julius Henry (Rev.)26 Nov 1865begins Rectorship in Cuba9
Wilson, (Rev.)1852-1855of Olean, holds services in Cuba6
Wilson, J. Godfrey (Rev.)1916Becomes Rector13
Wilson, J. Godfrey (Rev.)1920resigns to take rectoship of St. Peter's Westfield & St. Paul's Marysville13
Wilson, Moses E. (Rev.)Easter 1855Resigns Rectorship both of Olean & Cuba parishes; biographical notes7
Wilson, Moses Eaton (Rev.)1 Nov 1852Organizes Parish of Christ Church, Cuba, NY7

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