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Town Cemetery of Friendship


Source: DAR Vol. 231, p.71, FHL film #837,394.
Copied by Hazel M. Shear, Catharine Shuyler Chapter D.A.R., date of transcription unknown (probably abt 1950-1960.)

NOTE: DAR lists are usually not complete transcriptions of all the tombstones in the cemetery. May contain errors.

[illegible]19 May 1863age 87---
[illegible], Elizabeth1 Aug 1862age 83wife of above--
Atherton, Charles13 May 186974y---
Atherton, Experience1 Oct 186072y 5mCharles--
Baxter, Melissa11 July 184621y 11m 2dRichard--
Bradley, Heman20 Mar 182947y 3m 17d---
Bradley, Currance17 Oct 185771yHemon--
Bradley, Currance28 Dec 184321y 1m 8d-dau H and C-
Bradley, Alonzo22 May 183324y 2m 21d-H and C-
Bradley, Diana (?) G1 Mar 186-22y-Wm & Almira Bradley-
Bradley, Catharine5 Nov 1837--Wm & Almira-
Bramhall, Helen M.11 Mar 18-632?y 10m 22d-J--- & Sarah-
Br....(?), Elizabeth10 Feb 1845age 56---
Bridgman, Ophila23 Sep 1842?y 6m 19dOrlando--
Brownson, Gideon28 July 185565y---
Brownson, Mary11 Apr 18254y-G & H-
Brownson, HuldaMay 184577yIsaac--
Brownson, MaryMar 18424y-I and G-
Butterfield, Willie3 Mar 185-age 1-Wm. P and Martha M.-
Butts, Martin18 Nov 1870/62 Aug 179(8?)---
Butts, Lydia30 Aug 1829age 25Martin--
Butts, Lydia27 Aug 18341y-M and M (?)-
Coats, 3 Dec 1835age 27Truman C.--
Church, Othello29 Dec 182350y--shot in his own dooryard by
Daniel D. How
Church, Clarenda29 Apr 183960y 7m 3dOthello--
Church, Almira4 Apr 1826age 20---
Church, Warren22 Sep ------Othello & Clarenda-
Church, Frances A.17 Apr 18443y-Damon & Laurette-
Church, Damon L.-----
Compton, Phebe15 May 185138y 9mJ. M. --
Crocker, Wm. C.30 Apr 184111m---
Dedricks, Nancy7 July 187826yPelor (?)--
Evarts, Dea. Abner6 Sep 184363y---
Evarts, Galen B.26 Dec 184138y-Dea. Abner-
Evarts, Abner18 July 183921y-Abner & Mary-
Gardner, John29 Dec 18463y-Stephen & Antonette-
Gilbert, Adelbert15 Nov 18491m 3d-Charles & Sarah-
Hanford, Ann25 Feb 184826y 9m 8d---
Heath, John2 Apr 182729th year---
Heath, Celinda9 Nov 182827th yearJohn--
Hewitt, Hannah28 Jan 184027th year---
Higgins, Adelbert18 Feb 1851---stone covered; on DAR list date was
?18 Feb 1831;
Adelbert was born 29 Oct 1843
King, Lydia H.15 Dec 185050y 1m 26dElisha--
Oosterhoudt, Rufus H.9 Feb 18496m ? 9d-Harmonous and Eliza-
Parsals, Squire11 Nov 1848age 3(?)---
Pearse, Rhoda21 Apr 184159y ()m 28dDr. Timothy Pearse--
Potter, William27 Jun 184545y 5m 20d---
Potter, Eliza28 Jan 184(?)48y 1m 16dWilliam--
Ransom, Charles16 Aug 185829y---
Rouse, Daniel B.13 Dec 1855age 29---
Scott, R---30 Oct 185072y 9m 18d---
Scott, Catharine Mills17 July 186052yRufus Scott Jr.--
Scott, Henrietta11 Feb 184359yHollis Scott--
Sherman, Adaline17 Apr 184537yEthan--
Sherman, Caroline8 July 183642yEthan--
Sherwood, Annis (Annas) O.18 Apr 18-43 Dec 18--N. Sherwood--
Silsbee, Dea. Solomon26 May 1879age 83---
Silsbee, Huldah9 Mar 1841age 42Dea. Solomon--
Silsbee, Mehitable30 Jun 1878age 72Dea. Solomon--
Simmons, Martha19 Dec 183929th yearEphraim--
Simmons, Eliza Jane2 Feb 18483y (?)-Ensley and Irena-
Sisson, Rhoda A.12 Jun 183726th yearWilliam L.--
Starkey, Alpheus B.11 Oct 185125y 17d---
Starkey, Currance M.9 July 18453y 3m 18d-Hiram and Esther-
Starkey, David11 Oct 186226y 6m 22d---
Stowell, Leonora--Luther Stowell, Esq.-(?) 2 July 18--
Strong, Jane26 Sep 183720th yearWilliam B.--
Strong, Elisha19 Jan 1841age 5(7?)---
Swarthout, Jesse S.25 Dec 184160th year---
Walker, Cady3 Dec 184119y 4m 12d---
Weathersby, Sally23 Mar 185150y 7m 5dRichard--
Westover, Abner27 Mar 184927y---
White, Eunice28 July 184552y 11m 1dJohn--
White, John Jr.16 Dec 184918y---
Willard, Franklin C.14 Aug 18463m-E.W. and M.S. Willard-
Willard, Caroline P.21 May 186127y-E.W. and M.S. Willard-
Willard, Daniel B.24 Apr 185014y-E.W. and M.S. Willard-
Willard, Terrence M.11 Sep 18491m-E.W. and M.S. Willard-
Willard, Daniel----no data
Willard, Elizabeth26 July 1873age 79Daniel--
Willard, Daniel J.1 Jun 1835age 19-Daniel and Elizabeth-
Wilson, Jane26 Oct 184967y 6m 24dJohn--
Witter, Elizabeth17 Jan 1844 (?)91yspouse-parents-
Witter, Elijah M.26 Jun 18437y 3m 23d-Joshua and Mary-
Witter, George M.18 Feb 184613d-Joshua and Mary-
Witter, Anna E.24 Aug 1847--Joshua and Mary-
Witter, Otis M.14 Jan 1849infant-J and N Witter-
Vreeland, Simon29 Apr 184073rd year---

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