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Cuba Cemetery

SOURCE: Cemetery was copied by Elizabeth Rogers, Catharine Schuyler Chapter D.

NOTE: Not all names are in alphabetical order.

Allen, Asaph25 Oct 1814
Clarence, NY
25 Jan 1778
Dudley, Mass.
Allen, Lois K.2 Aug 184315 Dec 1777
Wilbraham, Mass.
Amsden, Charles27 Nov 1853-25y-
Ashley, William11 Feb 1851-53y 11m 19d-
Bigelow, John23 Dec 1864-79y-
Baird, Elenor10 Aug 1850-86y-
Brown, J.W.26 Jan 1856-59y-
Brown, Milford7 Oct 1851-25y-
Bruce, Packard12 Feb 1856-64y-
Burr, Mary6 Nov 1852-78ywife of Elijah Burr
Chamberlian, Betsy27 Feb 1845-50ywife of C.T. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Wm. L.21 Oct 185--37y-
Dennis, Aaron17 Oct 1851-58y-
Dennis, Caroline1 Mar 1850-28ywife of Aaron Dennis
Hatch, Mary2 Jan 1843-26th yearwife of Wolcott Hatch
Hubbell, John25 Feb 1851-62y-
Huntley, Abner10 Mar 1877-109y 7m-
Huntley, Margaret3 Apr 1856-85ywife of Abner Huntley
Jackson, William9 Jun 1836-72y-
Johnson, Patience15 May 1850-54ywife of E. H. Johnson
Mahan, Mary7 Feb 1855-37y 10m-
Moore, Elizabeth17 Sep 1833-74ywife of Collins Moore
Moses, Reuben22 Mar 1837-58y-
Moses, Emaline19 Feb 1852-22ywife of Francis Moses
Nash, John Jr.5 Mar 1842-74y-
Robinson, Jonathon1 Aug 1839-50y-
Robinson, Sophie5 May 1849-57ywife of Jonathon Robinson
Sheldon, Jeremiah18 Oct 1812-39th year-
Smith, Calvin B.10 Mar 1856-37y-
Smith, Robert1795
Petersborough, N.H.
--Stephen Smith's Father, Robert
died...leaving 3 sons,
Stephen, Jesse and Robert.
Smith, [mother]Leimster, N.H.--mother of Stephen, Jesse, and Robert
Smith, Jesse1833
----, Robert----
Harrison, John1826
Friendship, NY
--Dency Smith's father
Harrison, Irene1832
Friendship, NY
--wife of John Harrison
Tolcott, Rodolphos1827
Bolton, Ct.
--Emily Smith's father
Tolcott, Anna1840
Cuba, NY
--wife of Rodolphos Tolcott
Smith---The remains of Stephen Smith
and his family lie here and elsewhere.
Smith, Stephen-1798[?]
Peterborough, NH
Smith, Dency1832
Cuba, NY
Durham, CT
-wife of Stephen Smith
Smith, Joseph Addison1843
Cuba, NY
-son of Stephen and Dency Smith
Smith, Roxy Stevens1842
-daughter of Steplhen and Dency Smith
Smith, Robert23 Sep 1857
-son of Stephen and Dency Smith
Smith, Russell31 Oct 1869
-son of Stephen and Dency
Smith, Emily-1806
Bolton, CT
-2nd wife of Stephen Smith
Smith, Ames1842
-son of Stephen and Emily Smith
Stevens, Thomas H.9 Jun 1849-24y-
Taylor, Orris H.10 Jul 1854-29y 8m-
Tinslar, Solomon16 Mar 1846-45y-
Wilcox, Mary31 May 1874
Belmont, NY
2 Apr 1815
Sandisfield, MA
Willard, Ambrose P.14 Nov 1842
Cuba, NY
12 Jun 1811
St. Albans, VT
Willard, Salmon17 Sep 1851-68y-

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