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North Cuba Cemetery

Cuba, Allegany, New York

SOURCE: copied by Elizabeth Wilson Rogers, Catharine Schuyler Chapter, DAR, Alegany county, New York, about 1930/1; typed by Karen Bush; proofread by Samuel M. Bush

Allard, Miss Rebekah A.13 Oct 1838-21y-
Amsden, Cynthia13 Mar 1840-29ywife of Isaac Amsden
Atkinson, Thomas M.18 Mar 1859-66y-
Atkinson, Sarah A.23 Jan 1842-23y-
Baldwin, Phineas3 Sep 1845-83y-
Bates, Abigail9 Oct 1851--wife of Elkana Bates
Bristol, Margaret M.18 Jan 18429 Mar 1809-wife of J.B. Bristol
Butterfield, Elijah M.16 Sep 1848-52y 8m-
Campbell, Robert12 Jul 1836-71yRevolutionary Soldier
Campbell, Rufus16 Oct 1847-43y-
Conamt, James P.25 Dec 1852-23y-
Courtney, Byram18 Sep 1836-51y-
Freeman, Edgar11 Apr 1851-21y-
Fuller, Minerva13 Jul 1851-24ywife of George D. Fuller
daughter of -.S & Arvilla Webster
Guilford, Frederick V.23 Sep1845-22y 10m-
Hackett, Mary E. Williams18511822-wife of Stephen K. Hackett
Morgan, Samuel30 Mar 1843(?2)2 Nov 1876--
Morgan, Lucy15 Apr 186114 Apr 1784--
Morris, David M.2 Jun 1844-48y-
Sibley, Isaac26 Dec 1852-69y-
Sibley, Liberty17 Aug 1851-41y-
Swift, Eben S.9 May 1854-74y-
Webb, Anna10 Jul 1840-55th yearwife of Elisha Webb
Webster, Ashbel13 Nov 1838-82yRevolutionary Soldier
Webster, Mercy16 Sep 1843-82ywife of Ashbel Webster
Webster, Deborah7 Feb 1851-27ywife of Ezra Webster
Wheeler, Nancy30 Jul 1850-29ywife of John Wheeler
Webster, Abigail24 Feb 1843-43ywife of Jared Webster
Webster, Jared1 Aug 1850-54y-
Williams, Jeremiah18 Aug 1835-89y-
Wylie, Margaret31 Aug 1841-37th year-
York, Joseph22 Aug 1833-79Soldier of the Revolution

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