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Mount Hope Cemetery

Friendship, New York

Source: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. W. Allen Barber; dated 1930-1.
This list is in semi-alphabetical order.

Compare with Charlie Barret's Mount Hope Cemetery List

Bassett, Ira C.9 Oct 1864-22y 10mson of E. & M. Bassett;
member of the 13th Artillery, NYSV;
died at Norfolk, Va.
Baxter, John W.2 Mar 1862-70y-
Carnahan, Mary M.30 Jul 1874-17y 3mw. of M.W. Carnahan
Carter, Deacon Samuel S.24 Apr 1869-75y-
Coborn, Rev. Chester18 Jan 1828-40y 5m 1d-
Compton, Margret18691819--
Compton, Marshall P.18651845--
Compton, Wm. H.18651842--
Coon, Albon A.15 Mar 185816 Aug 1808--
Coon, Emeline Everts17 Oct 18741 Feb 1805-w of Albon A. Coon
Corbin, Adaline22 May 1853-11y-
Corbin, David C.2 May 1862-56y-
Corbin, Daniel4 Oct 1842-7y-
Corbin, Esther22 Nov 1870-87yw of Daniel Corbin
Corbin, Judson26 Oct 1857-37y-
Corbin, Malissa Jane10 Mar 1848-17y 11mdau of Daniel & Betsey Corbin
Crandall, Lottie M.18 Nov 1871---
Farr, Austin30 Oct 1872-75y-
Farr, Roxa28 May 1871-67y 8mw of Austin Farr
Foster, Sarah17 Nov 1856-48y 18dw of A. Foster
Hart, Joseph S.20 Feb 1858-61y 5m-
Hart, Theodosia19 Jul 1869-74y 4mw of J.S. Hart
Hobart, Wm. S.18731852--
Hoogland, Sophrona G. Scott18471829--
Ingersoll, Susan M.5 Apr 1872-33y 5mw of A. H. Ingersoll
Jordan, Charlotte C.1 Jan 1866-33y 3mw of James W. Jordan
Kennedy, Sarah J.12 Dec 1873-25y 1dw of Wm. C. Kennedy
King, Lemuel W.13 Feb 1857-45y-
Scott, Emeline D.18501833--
Scott, Mary M.18531826-w of J.W. Scott
Smith, Roana M.12 Jul 18635 Jan 1847--
Spicer, Sarah7 Mar 1873-47yw of J. L. Spicer
Stout, Chas. G.27 Oct 18593 Jun 1797--
Stout, Geo. W.18641837-Co. C., 76th Regt. NYV
Stout, Luther C., M.D.15 Mar 1870-51y 6m-
Stout, Peter L.23 Apr 1860-72y 1m-
Strong, Edger W.24 Mar 1871-18yson of E.P. & L.D. Strong
Thompson, J.W.18751816--
Thompson, Mary28 Jun 1874-58yw of J.W. Thompson
Thurston, John L.5 Dec 1858-72y-
Torrey, Ruth Ann10 Dec 187311 May 1845-w of Levi Torrey
Utter, Josiah18121755-marked by DAR bronze tablet
Utter, Thos. J.18 Aug 1865-38y-
Van Deventer, Abraham25 Mar 1871-78y 4m-
Van Velzor, Betsey E.3 Jul 1867-72y-
Waldorff, Martha A. Burdick10 Dec 1877-68y 1mw of Geo. Waldorff
Walker, C.R.22 Jun 1873-78y-
Walker, Electa27 Jul 1870-73y 5m-
Watson, John G.18761844--

Friendship, New York

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