Maple Grove Cemetery, Friendship, New York
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Maple Grove Cemetery

Friendship, New York


History of Maple Grove Cemetery from the Friendship Chronicle

Source: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. W. Allen Barber; dated 1930-1.
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Applebee, Allen19071824-plot on right side of cemetery set off by itself
with 4 small conerstonesand tombstone in center.
submitted by Sharon E. Rixford Barber
Babcock, Betsey8 Oct 1864-84ywife of Capt. Luke Babcock
Babcock, C. H. Deforest18 Feb 1854-3y 5m 21dson of H.D. and A. W. Babcock
Barker, John M.18701859-son of G.T. and Adda H. Barker
Barker, Walter A.18631863--
Bradley, Wm.8 Mar 1865-23yson of Wm. and Almira Bradley
Bradley, Wm.26 Jun 1864-61y-
Chapman, Enoch---S. Duchess Co., NY
Mil. Rev. War
Chapman, Peter G.26 Dec 1841-56yNote
Clark, Deloss W.18491844--
Clark, Lafayette J.18511835--
Clark, Thomas18631810--
Cole, Amelia Stoddard14 Jun 18755 Jul 1811-wife of Joseph Cole
Cole, Stephen W. Jr.11 Mar 186426 Dec 1842--
Cotton, Almira Walker27 Jul 1861-53ywife of S. G. Cotton
Cotton, Ira15 Feb 1865-76y 5m 25d-
Cotton, Sally16 Jan 1860-77y 8m 6d-
Cross, Frankie E.28 Jan 1875-5y 9m 18dson of Theron and Hannah Cross
Harrison, Mary18 Sep 1841-11y 8mdau of Runel and Polly Harrison
Harrison, John24 Jun 1826-63y-
Harrison, Rena20 Jan 1832-63ymother of Dency Smith
Kellogg, Alvan31 Mar 1864-71y-
Kellogg, Sylvia11 Nov 1865-68ywife of Alvan Kellogg
Kellogg, Lucia E.11 Apr 1863-16ydau of Theron and Martha E. Kellogg
Kellogg, Martha E.9 Nov 1874-49ywife of Theron Kellogg
King, Alvira C.26 Nov 1872-49ywife of Wm. H. King
King, Elizabeth11 May 1855-69y-
King, Laura G.15 Sep 1825-16y-
King, Lemuel W.13 Feb 1857-44y 11m-
King, Mina L.17 Oct 1872-32ywife of Henry R. King
King, Samuel2 Dec 1859-76y-
Marsh, Harriett L.15 May 1857--wife of Jonathan A. Marsh
Niver, Chas. P.11 Mar 1868-30y-
Niver, Gasper22 Jan 1862-63y 8m-
Niver, W. Henry17 Jun 1854-18y 6m 20dson of Gasper and Betsey Niver
Niver, Wm.29 Apr 1875-80y-
Niver, Gaziah2 Jul 1864-63y-
Niver, John S.18 Oct 1860-27y 8m 21d-
Norton, Sally3 Jun 1858-20y 11m-
Pitts, Lina A.10 Mar 18629 Jun 1853-dau of J. and V.O. Pitts
Pitts, Viola14 Mar 187317 Nov 1832-wife of Dr. Jas. Pitts
Rew, Warren L.17 Mar 1851-17y 3mson of Orris and Eunice Rew
Rigdon, Antoinette6 Sep 1853-15y-
Scott, Jefferson20 Feb 1858-55y 1m 20d-
Scott, Cynthia20 Aug 1855-52y 4m 6dwife of Jefferson Scott
Scott, Abigail3 Dec 1861--dau of Jefferson and Cynthia Scott
Scott, Henrietta21 Aug 1873-2y 3m 10ddau of Alfred and Anna Scott
Scott, Malvina11 Jan 1852-22ydau of Alfred and Anna Scott
Scott, Anna7 Dec 1871-62ywife of Alfred Scott
Scott, Justus11 Jan 1875-84y 4d-
Smalley, Sarah M.DeathBornAgeNote
Smith, Dency1832-32ywife of Stephen Smith
Taylor, Ezra S.26 Oct 1860-53y 7m-
Thurston, Henrietta30 Jul 1869-35ywife of Cosanus Thurston
Thurston, Matilda11 Nov 1870-62y 7mwife of Nathan T. Thurston
White, Lucy G. Niver1 Oct 1874-40ywife of G.E. White
Wicks, Rosa2 Mar 1873-32y 7m 28dwife of A. L. Wicks
dau of Asa and Mary Scott
Willette, Alice A.17 Dec 1872-23ydau of A. and M. Willette
Wilner, Carrie A.12 Jul 1874-16ydau of M.G. and M.W. Wilner

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