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Old or Little Rhode Island Cemetery

Genesee, New York

Source: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. Jane Arnold; dated 1930-1.
This list is in semi-alphabetical order.

Charlie Barret's Old / Little Rhode Island Cemetery List

Babcock, Lucinda2 Feb 1830-36y 6mwife of Peleg Babcock, Jr.
Bliss, Ebenezer D.1 Aug 188429 Dec 1796-born in Newport, R.I.
Bliss, Martha D.28 Oct 186120 Nov 1797-born in Newport, R.I.
Bliss, William B.28 Jun 1862-24y 3m 2dUnion Color Bearer;
died near Richmond, Va.
Boss, Joseph27 Apr 187219 Dec 1813-born in Newport, R.I.;
died at Genesee
Boss, Eliza G.8 Apr 1817-27y 9m 22dwife of Joseph Boss
Boss, Elisa W.6 Feb 1857-34y 4m 2dwife of Joseph Boss
Bowler, Mary L.8 Sep 1816-1ydaughter of William L. and Eliza Bowler
Burdick, Deidama30 Jun 186526 Jul 1822-wife of Wait S. Burdick
Burdick, Martha30 Nov 187725 Dec 1821-2nd wife of Wait S. Burdick
Burdick, Samantha A.13 Jul 1866-27y 9mwife of Hiram Burdick
Burdick, Ira5 Jan 1837-28y 9m-
Burdick, Polly4 Aug 1861-58y 4m-
Burdick, Jabez1 Jan 1854-66y 6m-
Burdick, Elizabeth22 Feb 1856-99y 8m-
Burdick, Electa P.24 Mar 188313 Jun 1828-wife of Ira J. Burdick
Burdick, Mary A.6 Feb 1881-42ychild of J and M A Burdick
Burdick, Catherine L.18 Feb 1856-21ychild of J and M A Burdick
Burdick, Delila P.24 Apr 1847-4ychild of J and M A Burdick
Burdick, Nina E.30 Nov 1860-4ychild of J and M A Burdick
Burdick, George C.8 Mar 1862-3y 1m 18dchild of J and M A Burdick
Colegrove, Avis Hall9 Jun 1851-26ywife of Amos Colegrove
Coon, Rowland19 Mar 1848-57y 10m 2d-
Coon, --25 Nov 1863-63ywife of Rowland Coon
Crandall, Ezekiel15 Jul 1855-71y 10m-
Crandall, Susan29 Apr 1861-72y 5mwife of Ezekiel Crandall
Crandall, N. Celestia14 Nov 187827 Dec 1825-wife of E R Crandall
Crandall, Mattie A.7 May 1863-3y 4m 8dchild of M D and S T Crandall
Crandall, Eddie20 Jan 1858-3m 8dchild of M D and S T Crandall
Crandall, Matie16 Jun 1875-13y 6mchild of M D and S T Crandall
Fairbanks, Melissa D.1 Dec 1860-38y 5m 12dwife of D.A. Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Orrilla L. Boone31 Dec 188529 Feb 1856AGEdaughter of D.A. and M.D. Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Charles L.6 Sep 1861-6y 5m 7dson of Ephram and Phoebe Fairbanks
Gardner, Sarah R.15 Dec 1849-28y 2m 8dwife of David C. Gardner
Gibbs, Fanny2 Mar 1854-82y 6m 2dwife of Israel Gibbs
Green, Clark H.28 Mar 1837-17y 5m 15dson of W.B. and M. Green
Green, Frances E.31 Oct 1852-24y 11m 22dwife of Benjamin F. Green
Green, Amos25 Mar 1885-93y 1m-
Green, Ester13 Dec 1862-72y 9mwife of Amos Green
Green, Rev. H.P.28 Apr 1868-70y-
Green, Lucy9 May 1846-45ywife of Rev. H.P. Green
Green, Mary Jane25 Oct 1852-16y 5mdau of H.P. and Lucy Green
Green, Ida E.20 Jun 1868-8y 3m 5dchild of Henry D. and Sarah C. Green
Green, Edna17 Feb 1867--child of Henry D. and Sarah C. Green
Hall, Perry25 May 1845-23y 9m 21d-
Hall, Benjamin1? Nov 1845-58y 8m 15d-
Hall, Wealthy16 May 188027 Jan 1792--
Hornblower, Lucy Ester23 Nov 1842-25y 10m 5dwife of Wm. E. Hornblower
Hornblower, William Lucius21 Dec 1812-4wonly son of Wm. E. and Lucy E. Hornblower
Irish, Maria E.3 Oct 1877-35th yearwife of George Irish Jr.
Irish, Sarah E.25 Apr 1870-5m 3ddaughter of George J. and Maria E. Irish
Jaques, Sarah21 Nov 1874-83y 4m-
Jaques, Samuel4 Mar 1883-96y 8m 19d-
Jaques, Mary L.6 Dec 1860-9y 10m 27ddaughter of Asa and Harriet Jaques
Jaques, Sarah A.1 Nov 1861-5y 10m 12ddaughter of Asa and Harriet
Langworthy, Asa A.4 May 1815-37y 1m 17d-
Langworthy, Orville3 Mar 1841-1y 2m 5dson of Asa A. and Emma Langworthy
Langworthy, Thomas4 Dec 1872-4m 2dson of Asa A. Langworthy
Langworthy, Emma L. Coats16 Oct 1852-28y/td>wife of Edwin Langworthy
Lewis, Sophronia (?Sophenia) E.17 Feb 1864-24y 6m-
Maxson, Lydia15 Jun 1842-76y 8m 5d-
Maxson, Joel28 Feb 1865-66y-
Merritt, George18771792-Father
Merritt, Lucy L.18581798-Mother
Merritt, Lucy L.18551831-Buried at Ashway, R.I.
Merritt, BetsyJan 1867-46ywife of Amos G. Merritt
Merritt, Llewellyn S.7 Oct 1861-11y 10m 10dadopted son of Amos and Betsy Merritt
Merritt, Florence A.9 Jan 1857-2y 9m 3ddaughter of B.G. and S. Merritt
Merritt, Henry F.18681829-buried at Allen
Potter, Sarah F.11 Feb 1840-22ydaughter of Benj. and Elizabeth Potter
Potter, George Jr.26 Mar 1856-44yson of George and Mary Potter
Potter, Mary9 Oct 1840-28ddaughter of George and Betsy Potter
Rogers, Sally11 Aug 18779 Dec 1791-wife of Zebulon Rogers
born Waterford, Conn.
d. Genesee, N.Y.
Rogers, Ephraim2 Mar 1843-67y 10m 13d-
Rogers, Elizabeth F.31 May 1827-14y 6m 13?ddaughter of Ephraim and Chloe Rogers
Rogers, Marcellus D.1 Oct 1852-2y 2m 4dson of Henry and Sarah A. Rogers
Rogers, Emily M.4 Oct 1852-11m 16ddaughter of Henry and Sarah A.
Rogers, Lydia S.5 Apr 1845-33y 7m 20dwife of Clark Rogers
Rogers, Ester2 Nov 1852-49y 9m 8dwife of --- Rogers
Rogers, Emily E.18 May 1847-12y 10m 7ddaughter of Matthew and Ester Rogers
Saunders, Margaret28 Dec 1839-30y 1m 4dconsort of Dennis Saunders
Scott, A. R.1 Oct 1864-28y 9mdied at Florence, Georgia
Stannard, Marilla9 Jun 1847-28y 1mwife of Ansel Stannard
Stannard, Emma6 Sep 1852-38y 10m 7dwife of Ansel Stannard
Tanner, Eva23 Oct 1858-1y 2m 18dNOTE
Tanner, Albert H.28 Feb 1859-28y 1m 7d-
Tanner, John6 Sep 187015 Sep 1790--
Tanner, Clarissa Brown15 Dec 18734 Nov 1801--
Wells, Harriet J.21 May 187610 Jan 1822-wife of Daniel B. Wells
Wells, Sally Ann27 Apr 1846-33ywife of Daniel B. Wells
Wells, William Oscar11 Oct 1837-1y 7m 23dson of Daniel and Sally A. Wells
Wells, Joseph W.19 Sep 1855-47y-
Wells, Lucy20 Dec 1864-46y 6mwife of Samuel Wells
Wilson, Forest L.5 Feb 1844-4y 11m 13dson of Hiram and Ann C. Wilson
Wilson, Augusta A.10 Feb 1844-2y 28ddaughter of Hiram and Ann C. Wilson
Worden, Louise19 Jan 1871-79y-


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