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Little Rhode Island Cemetery, Genesee, New York

Hibbard Road, Genesee, New York

Transcribed by Charles Barrett


Note:   This cemetery is better known as the "Little Rhode Island Cemetery", so called because most of the pioneers of the town of Genesee migrated down from the state of Rhode Island and are buried here.  Most of these people were Seventh Day Baptists.  Several Ministers are buried there.  It faces due east-west as the religious tradition was to rise up and face the east on Judgement Day.

There are quite a few graves that have no markers nor are there any records to indicate who was buried there.  There were about 25 or 30 graves marked “unknown ”on the map.

Old / Little Rhode Island Cemetery DAR List

Verifications in the “Verify”; column are as follows:

Babcock, infantDec 1839Feb 1840Peleg BabcockLucinda Brown-G--Bur w/mother
Babcock, Lucinda21 Jul 180302 Feb 1840John BrownBridget BrownPelet Babcock Jr.TS; G---
Bliss, David E.05 Jan 182611 Feb 1891Ebenizer BlissMartha Boss-TS---
Bliss, Ebenezer D.29 Dec 17961 Aug 1884BlissMartha Boss-TS---
Bliss, Eliza E.30 Sep 182117 Oct 1886Ebenezer D. BlissMartha BossunwedTS---
Bliss, Martha20 Nov 179728 Oct 1861Boss-Ebenezer D. BlissTS---
Bliss, William B.26 Mar 183828 Jun 1862Ebenezer D. BlissMartha BossunwedTS-VET-CWRemembered
Boon, Aurellia L.29 Feb 185631 Dec 1885Danforth A. FairbankMelissa D. CoonBooneTS---
Boss, Eliza C.17 Nov 18228 Apr 1847Joseph Boss--TS---
Boss, Eliza W.04 Oct 182206 Feb 1857Crandall, EzekielSusan WellsJoseph BossTS--2nd wife
Boss, Frank05 Nov 185229 Jun 1886Joseph BossElizabeth Crandall-TS---
Boss, Joseph10 Dec 181127 Apr 1872William BossEdith BlissEliza W. CrandallTS--wed 2 times
Boss, Mary--Joseph BossElizabeth Crandall-TS--infant
Bowler, Mary L.28 Oct 184507 Sep 1846William L. BowlerElizabeth F. Ennis-TS--infant
Burdick, Deidamia26 Jul 182230 Jun 1865Greenman-Wait BurdickTS--1st wife
Burdick, Delia P.184324 Apr 1847Jabez Burdick IIIMary Ann Jaques-TS--child
Burdick, Electa P.13 Jun 1827 24 Mar 1883Avery CoonPolly StillmanIra J. BurdickTS; Gen---
Burdick, ElizabethJun 175722 Feb 1856Whitford-Jabez Burdick (1)TS---
Burdick, George C.21 Jan 18598 Mar 1862Jabez BurdickMary Ann Jaques-TS--child
Burdick, George W.5 Nov 18509 Dec 1935Jabez Burdick IIIMary Ann Jaques-TS---
Burdick, IraApr 17985 JAN 1827Jabez BurdickElizabeth WhitfordPolly WilcoxTS--falling tree
Burdick, Jabez III18081 Jan 1854Jabez BurdickElizabeth WhitfordMary Ann JaquesTS---
Burdick, Martha A.25 Dec 1821 30 Nov 1877Potter-Wait Burdick TS--2nd wife
Burdick, Mary Adeline18386 Feb 1881Jabez Burdick IIIMary Ann JaquesunwedTS---
Burdick, Mary Ann22 May 181128 Nov 1911Samuel JaquesSarah WebsterJabez B. Burdick---no gravestone
Burdick, Nina E.185630 Nov 1860Jabez BurdickMary Ann Jaques-TS--child
Burdick, PollyApr 18034 Aug 1861Wilcox, Job-Burdick, IraTS---
Burdick, Semantha A.Nov 183813 Jul 1866--Burdick, Hiram B.TS---
Burdick, Catherine L.22 Jul 183418 Feb 1856Jabez BurdickMary Ann JaquesunwedTS---
Colgrove, Avis18159 Jun 1851Benjamin HallWeltha StillmanAmos ColegroveTS; Gen---
Coon, DeFrance L.Nov 18462 Jan 1879Alonzo P. CoonEllenor KenyonLavinia S. SinnettTS---
Coon, Rowland17 Mar 179019 Mar 1848Rev. Abram CoonPrudence EdwardsSarah TefftTS; Gen---
Cooper, Adelbert1884Jan 1910---obit--no gravestone
Cottrell, Nancy178726 Jun 1843Richard S. SanfordMartha SanfordAbel CottrellTS--might be in
Crandall, Amy K.11 Jan 183925 Jan 1925Palermo LackeyEunice EdwardEzekiel R. CrandallTS--wed 2 times
Crandall, Ezekiel E.7 Sep 178315 Jul 1855Phineas CrandallRuth RogersSusan WellsTS---
Crandall, Ezekiel Rogers26 Jun 182020 Mar 1915Ezekiel E. CrandallSusan WellsAmy K. LackeyTS--wed 2 times
Crandall, Henry Edwin12 Oct 185720 Jan 1858Morton D. CrandallSarah T. Bliss-TS--infant
Crandall, Martha Alice31 Dec 18597 May 1863Morton D. CrandallSarah T. Bliss-TS--child
Crandall, Mary Adeline10 Dec 186116 Jun 1875Morton D. CrandallSarah T. Bliss-TS--14 yrs.
Crandall, Nancy Celestia27 Dec 182514 Nov 1878Ira BurdickPolly WilcoxEzekiel Rogers CrandallTS --1st wife
Crandall, Susan14 Nov 178929 Apr 1861Samuel WellsSusan PotterCrandall, Ezekiel E.TS---
Cummings, Walter W.185611 Jul 1882George W. CummingsEmily CoonAlice A. GreenTS--1st husband
Dickinson, Mary11 May 181817 Nov 1885Benjamin MerrittSarah EdwardsTravis DickinsonGen--wed 2 times
Fairbank, Elroy13 Apr 185124 May 1859Fairbank, Danforth A.Melissa D. Coon-TS--child
Fairbank, Melissa D.18 Jul 18221 Dec 1860Rowland CoonSarah TefftDanforth A. FairbankTS; Gen---
Fairbank, Charles L.28 Feb 1856 6 Sep 1861Ephram FairbankPhoebe Fairbank-TS--child
Gardner, Sarah R.7 Oct 182115 Dec 1849--David D. GardnerTS---
Gibbs, Fanny28 Aug 177102 Mar 1854William BlivenEleanor MaxsonIsreal GibbsTS--wed 3 times
Green, Amos25 Feb 179225 Mar 1885Benjamin Green-Esther LewisTS---
Green, Clark H.10 Oct 181928 Mar 1837William B. GreenMary GreenHiscoxTS---
Green, Edan??17 Feb 1867Henry D. GreenSarah D. Green-TS---
Green, Esther179013 Dec 1862David Lewis-Amos GreenTS---
Green, Frances E.09 Nov 182731 Oct 1852Mathew RogersEsther RogersBenjamin F. GreenTS--1st wife
Green, Henry Parks28 Mar 179828 Apr 1868Benjamin GreenFrances RogersLucy RogersTS--Reverend
Green, Ida Eugenia15 Mar 186020 Jun 1868Henry D. GreenSarah C. Green-TS--child
Green, Lucy06 Aug 18019 May 1846Ephram RogersHannah RogersHenry Parks GreenTS---
Green, MaryJane A.25 May 183625 Oct 1852Henry P. GreenLucy R. Rogers-TS--16 yrs
Hall, Benjamin17 Feb 18171 Nov 1875Benjamin HallWeltha StillmanLydia WellsTS---
Hall, Henry D.4 Aug 185125 May 1875Hiram R. HallEliza Jones-TS---
Hall, Lucy-1845---TS---
Hall, Perry4 Aug 182225 May 1845Benjamin HallWealthy StillmanunwedTS---
Hall, Wealthy27 Jan 179216 May 1880Wait StillmanWalthy MaxsonBenjamin HallTS--Gen
Hill, Lois M.18341884George MerrittLucy LewisMartin HillTS; Gen--2w-Scott
Hornblower, Lucy Esther18 Jan 181723 Nov 1842Amos GreenEsther LewisWilliam E. HornblowerTS--1st wife
Hornblower, William L.23 Nov 184221 Dec 1842William E. HornblowerLucy Esther Green-TS--"Lucas"
Hulbert, Eugene D.23 May 18797 Feb 1947--Mary Minerva HulbertTS---
Hulbert, Mary Minerva18878 Jan 1968--Eugene D. HulbertTS---
Irish, Maria E.20 Sep 181003 Oct 1844Benjamin PotterElizabeth GreenGeorge Irish Jr.TS; Gen---
Irish, Sarah E.20 Jan 184022 Apr 1840George IrishMaria E. Potter-TS; Gen--infant
Jaques, Asah H.27 Nov 182625 Jul 1915Samuel JaquesSarah WebsterHarriet StillmanTS--check date
Jaques, Harriett12 Sep 182712 May 1886Jesse StillmanPhebe FrancisAsa H. JaquesTS; Gen---
Jaques, Mary L.9 Jan 18516 Dec 1860Asa JaquesHarriet Stillman-TS---
Jaques, Samuel15 Jul 17864 Mar 1883--Sarah WebsterTS--pioneer
Jaques, Sarah21 Jul 179221 Nov 1874Webster-Samuel JaquesTS---
Jaques, Sarah Angelica5 Dec 18531 Nov 1861Asa H. JaquesHarriet Stillman-TS--child
Langworthy, Asa4 May 178222 Aug 1868John Avery LangworthyAltana BabockRuth A. CrandallTS---
Langworthy, Asa Albert18 Mar 18384 May 1875Asa LangworthyRuth CrandallEmma StillmanTS; Gen---
Langworthy, Asa Albert17 Mar 17981 Jan 1839John LangworthySarah PendletonEmma StillmanGen--1st husband
Langworthy, Edwin Philip2 Oct 182131 May 1850Asa LangworthyRuth CrandallEmma Grace CoatsTS---
Langworthy, Emma L.182416 Oct 1852Coats-Edwin LangworthyTS---
Langworthy, Emma Maria6 Jul 18373 Feb 1837Asa LangworthyRuth Crandall-TS--infant
Langworthy, Ira A.26 Dec28 Jan 1817------question this date has to cemetery not
Langworthy, Orville E.28 Dec 18393 Mar 1841Asa Albert LangworthyEmma Stillman-TS; Gen--infant
Langworthy, Ruth A.9 Sep 17951 May 1863Philip CrandallMargaret FreyAsa LangworthyTS---
Langworthy, Sanford30 Sep 18342 May 1840Asa A. LangworthyEmma Stillman-TS--child
Langworthy, Thomas W.10 Jul 18424 Dec 1842Asa A. LangworthyEmma Stillman-TS; Gen---
Lewis, Fernando C.12 Nov 184512 Jun 1880Leander W. LewisClarissa WordenMary C. SmithTS--1st husband
Lewis, H. P. II--------no other info;
90 yrs
Lewis, Melville E.183428 Feb 1840Leander W. LewisClarissa L. Worden-TS--child
Lewis, Sophenia E.Aug 184017 Feb 1864Elija Lewis--TS--14 yrs
Maxson, ASa Lyman29 Oct 183224 Apr 1915Joel MaxsonMercy GreenCaroline A. MaxsonTS--wed 2 times
Maxson, Caroline A.28 Jun 183818 Aug 1881--Maxson, Asa LymanTS--"Carrie"
Maxson, Joel23 Dec 179828 Feb 1865Joseph MaxsonLydia PotterMercy GreenTS---
Maxson, Joseph25 Apr 177128 Jan 1856Sylvanus MaxsonLydia LewisLydia PotterTS; Gen---
Maxson, Lydia10 Oct 176615 Jun 1842George PotterContent MaxsonJoseph MaxsonTS; Gen---
Maxson, Mercy180625 Jan 1863Green--Maxson, JoelTS--
Meritt, Benjamin C.25 Jan 182123 Aug 1885George W. MerrittLucy LewisPhebe Eliza BarberTS--wed 2 times
Merritt, Elizabeth18215 Jan 1867Stevens-Amos G. MerrittTS---
Merritt, Florence A.06 Apr 18549 Jan 1857Benjamin C. MerrittSarah Edwards-TS---
Merritt, George17921877--Lucy LewisTS---
Merritt, James M.4 Jan 18353 Sep 1920George MerrittLucy LewisCharlotteTS-vet-CWOrange Co. Vol.
Merritt, Llewelln S.20 Jan 18507 Oct 1861Amos C. MerrittBetsy Merritt-TS--adopted child
Merritt, Lois M.18331884George MerrittLucy Lewis-TS---
Merritt, LucySep 179821 Mar 1858Lewis-George MerrittTS---
Merritt, Lydia J.03 Jan 184227 Apr 1921George MerrittLucy LewisunwedTS---
Merritt, Sarah E.11 Oct 18167 Jan 1901Joseph EdwardsAthsheba HiscoxBenjamin C. MerrittTS---
Merritt, William H.17 Jun 184026 Mar 1926George MerrittLucy LewisFannie A. ParkesTS-vet-CWwed 2 times
Potter, Fanny Stillman18 Jun 1819 4 Aug 1888Luther GreenSusan MerrittGeorge Potter Jr.TS---
Potter, George Jr.2 Nov 181126 May 1856George PotterBetsey RogersFanny Stillman GreenTS--Deacon
Potter, Mary2 Nov 18119 Oct 1840George PotterBetsey Rogers-TS---
Potter, Sarah181811 Feb 1840Benjamin PotterElizabeth Fenner-TS---
Rogers, Elizabeth E.19 Nov 181231 May 1827Ephram A. RogersChloe Preston-TS; Gen--14 yrs
Rogers, Emily E.11 Jul 183418 May 1847Mathew RogersEsther Green-TS--12 yrs
Rogers, Emily Minett18 Sep 18514 Oct 1852Henry C. RogersSarah A. Rogers-TS--infant
Rogers, Ephraim17 Apr 17752 Mar 1843--Chloe PrestonTS---
Rogers, Esther4 Jul 180212 Nov 1852--Mathew RogersTS---
Rogers, Lydia S.26 Aug 181115 Apr 1845Maxson, StillmanEsther CrandallClark RogersTS GEN ---
Rogers, Marcellus D.27 Jun 18506 Oct 1852Henry C. RogersSarah A. Rogers-TS--child
Rogers, Sally9 Dec 179111 Aug 1877---TS---
Sanford, Martha17952 Mar 1872--Sanford, Richard S.TS--check birth date
Sanford, Richard S.Oct 180720 Apr 1850--Martha SanfordTS---
Saunders, Margaret24 Nov 180928 Dec 1839Charles Saunders, Jr.Catherine GreenDennis SaundersTS---
Scott, Alfred R.1 Feb 18361 Oct 1864Scott-Lois M..TS--?Civil War
Scott, Arthur W.18577 Apr 1858Alfred R. ScottLois M. Merritt-TS--child
Scott, Horace L.26 Dec 185926 Aug 1863Alfred R. ScottLois M. Merritt-TS--child
Scott, Sarah4 Dec 184526 Apr 1847J. L. ScottC. C. Scott-TS--infant
Scott, William E.3 Jan 18623 Mar 1862Alfred R. ScottLois M. Merritt-TS--infant
Shotts, Anna185612 Apr 1941Kie--TS--widow
Sisson, Frederick12 Jul 187718 Jun 1878George T. SissonBetsey M. Smith-TS--infant/td>
Sisson, George T.29 Jan 184718 Sep 1880--Betsey M. SmithTS---
Sisson, Harriet P.02 Jun 187312 May 1889George T. SissonBetsey M. Smith-TS--16 yrs
Stannard, Emma T.31 Oct 182306 Sep 1852George PotterBetsey RogersAnsel StannardTS--2nd wife
Stannard, Marilla07 May 181909 Jun 1847Hall-Ansel StannardTS--1st wife
Stillman, George C.18 Jan 185908 Mar 1867William H. StillmanSusan Tanner-TS--child
Stillman, Nina Estella04 Feb 185730 Nov 1860William H. StillmanSusan Tanner-TS--child
Tanner, Albert H.21 Jan 183128 Feb 1859John TannerClarissa BrownAlvira G. BurdickTS---
Tanner, Clarissa4 Nov 180115 Dec 1873John BrownBridget BrownJohn TannerTS; Gen---
Tanner, Elizabeth F.6 Nov 18376 Nov 1837John TannerElizabeth Brown-TS--infant
Tanner, Eva5 Aug 185723 Oct 1858Albert H. TannerAlvira Burdick-TS --infant
Tanner, John15 SEP 179906 Sep 1870--Clarissa BrownTS---
Wells, Daniel Babcock15 Aug 181112 Sep 1871Joseph WellsLydia MaxsonHarriet J. LewisTS--wed 2 times
Wells, Emily03 Apr 182718 Nov 1916Samuel B. ClarkLucy MaxsonSamuel WellsTS--2nd wife
Wells, Emma E.15 Jul 182701 Dec 1878Joseph WellsLydia MaxsonunwedTS; Gen---
Wells, Harriet J.10 Jan 182221 May 1876Elijah Lewis-Daniel Babcock WellsTS--2nd wife
Wells, Joseph7 May 17831 Jun 1837Samuel WellsSusan PotterLydia MaxsonTS; Gen---
Wells, Joseph Willard9 Feb 180819 Sep 1855Joseph WellsLydia MaxsonunwedTS; Gen---
Wells, Lucy W.20 Jun 181826 Dec 1864Samuel B. ClarkLucy ClarkSamuel WellsTS--1st wife
Wells, Sally Ann24 Jun 180927 Apr 1846Jabez BurdickAbigail BurdickDaniel Babock WellsTS--1st wife
Wells, Samuel27 Jul 181727 Nov 1898Joseph WellsLydia MaxsonEmily ClarkTS--wed 2 times
Wells, William Oscar18 Feb 183611 Oct 1837Daniel WellsSally Ann Burdick-TS--infant
Willson, Augusta A.13 Jan 1842 10 Feb 1844Hiram WillsonAnn C. Ennis-TS--child
Willson, Forest L.28 Feb 1839 05 Feb 1844Hiram WillsonAnn C. Ennis-TS--child
Witter, Sarah180025 Nov 1863Jesse TefftSusan SaundersClarke WitterTS-- W2/R Coon
Worden, Green1 Sep 179216 Dec 1855--Louisa EgglestonTS---
Worden, Louisa179119 Jan 1871Eggleston-Green WordenTS---


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