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Wells Cemetery

Genesee, New York

SOURCE: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. Jane Arnold; dated 1930-1.
This list is in semi-alphabetical order.

Wells Cemetery by Charlie Barrett

Bowler, Mary L.7 Sep 184629 Mar 1845--
Burdick, Jessie F.11 Sep 1868-12ydaughter of B.F. and J.A. Burdick
Burdick, Frank C.1 May 1870-3y 6m-
Burdick, Fred L.15 Oct 1878-14y-
Burdick, Hulda E.18631825-wife of Edon P. Burdick
Case, Lillian18651862--
Collins, Lucetta O.13 Mar 1847-3y 8m 15ddaughter of Horace and Eliza Collins
Coon, Lewis J.30 Apr 188731 Agu 1813--
Coon, Emily15 Feb 190818 Feb 1822--
Coon, Polly3 Oct 188711 Aug 1802-Mother
Coon, Avery21 Feb 187722 Mar 1801-Father
Coon, Cyntha T.25 Jul 1871-31ywife of O.P. Coon
Coon, Daniel B.10 Jul 1852-49y-
Coon, Nancy11 Feb 1867-65ywife of D.B. Coon
Coon, Orson L.26 Dec 1858-13y 26dson of Daniel B. and Nancy Coon
Coon, Noys B.10 Jun 1839-18y 4mson of Daniel and Nancy Palmer Coon
Coon, Nancy25 Nov 1841-42y 11m 20ddaughter of Avery and Sarah Coon
Coon, Nora12 Mar 1868-2y 8m 23d-
Cornwell, Rev. Hiram24 Apr 185620 Apr 1798-born Cooperstown, N.Y.
died Bolivar, N.Y.
Crandall, William----
Crandall, Wealthy M.25 Oct 1871-32y 11mwife of William A. Crandall of Westerly, R.I.
daughter of Ethan and Ruth Kenyon
Crandall, Joel29 Mar 187531 Jan 1802--
Crandall, Hulda10 Dec 188517 Aug 1806-wife of Joel Crandall
Crandall, Orson24 Aug 1852-11y 3m 3dson of Joel and Hulda Crandall
Crandall, Sarah2 Apr 1815-26y 6m 21d-
Crandall, Martha27 Jul 1858-78y 11mwidow of Benjamin Crandall
Crandall, Angeline26 Dec 1864-73wife of Elry Crandall
Crandall, James C.30 Jan 1852-5yson of Elry and Angeline Crandall
Cranston, Normie21 Aug 1863-3y 8m 16dson of Wm and Lucelia Cranston
Daniels, EdwardsFeb 184513 Jul 1757--
Daniels, LoisMar 18527 Sep 1773-wife of Edwards Daniels
Daniels, John Edwards21 Mar 187718 Sep 1801--
Enis, William M.31 May 186130 Nov 1844--
Enis, Mary E.20 Jun 185328 Aug 1848--
Enis, Dudley K.22 Feb 187617 Oct 1846--
Enis, William D.4 Jul 184126 Oct 1839--
Ennis, Paul29 May 185515 Dec 1785--
Ennis, Luranna Prosser13 Nov 18749 Sep 1793--
Ennis, Lucinda---wife of H.C. Crandall
Ennis, Eliza F.-15 Nov 1822-wife of Wm L. Bowler
Ennis, Matthew S.20 Sep 18608 Dec 1814--
Ennis, Ann C.11 May 185623 Sep 1817-wife of Hiram Wilson
Ennis, Addison18541853--
Hall, M. D.11 Jul 1865-40th year-
Hall, ---7 Alpr 1903-78th yearwife of D. B. Hall
Hall, Benjamin S.11 Apr 184711 May 1817--
Hall, Lydia M. Wells5 Dec 18893 Aug 1822-wife of Benjamin S. Hall
Jaques, Wiloby18791818--
Jaques, Caroline19061823--
Jaques, Jenette18531851-daughter of Wiliby and Caroline Jaques
Kenyon, Ethan11 Jul 1864-70y 10m-
Kenyon, Nancy29 Jul 1831-31y 3mwife of Ethan Kenyon
Kenyon, Annie21 Oct 18719 Sep 1847-daughter of Ethan and Comfort Kenyon
Kenyon, Leone22 Feb 185614 Jun 1854--
Kenyon, Harold2 Mar 1862-7m 17dP. S.(?) Kenyon
Kenyon, Freddie18 Apr 1869-1y 11m 20dson of B. M. and A. J. Kenyon
Kenyon, Charlie3 Dec 1867--son of B. M. and A. J. Kenyon
Lackey, Orson18621843-Co. C. 85th Regt N Y S V
died at Fair Oaks, Va.
Lackey, Louisa J.18351812--
Lackey, Eunice19031804--
Lackey, Harriet E.19121840--
Lamphere, George W.2 Oct 1849-63y 28d-
Lamphere, Hannah17 Apr 186911 Oct 1792-wife of Geo. W. Lamphere
Langworthy, J. Olin16 Jul 1864-23rd year-
Langworthy, H.C.18891837--
Langworthy, John Avery26 Jul 189427 Dec 1977--
Langworthy, Eliza24 Jun 1860-54th yearwife of John A. Langworthy
Maxson, Benjamin17 May 1859-84y-
Maxson, Penelope22 Apr 1831?-49death date 1831 must be incorrect if
daughter Betsy was born in 1848
Maxson, Betsy25 Sep 1870-??22y 1mdaughter of Benj and Penelope
note: mother's death date
may have another mother
Maxson, Susan22 Apr 1864-62ywife of Benj. Maxon (sic)
Maxson, Zaccheus20 Sep 1844-88y 3m 7dD A R Marker
Maxson, Zacheus R.27 Dec 186823 Apr 1791-War of 1812
Maxson, Temperance11 Sep 185824 Nov 1783-wife of Zacheus R. Maxson
Maxson, Calista13 Sep 187728 Jan 1828-their daughter
(Zacheus R. and Temperance Maxson)
Maxson, Wealthy5 May 1847-16y 6mdau of Zacheus R. and Temperance Maxson
Maxson, Jared27 Feb 1872-55y-
Maxson, Harriet E. B.19 Sep 1848-31wife of Jared Maxson
Maxson, Cassius M. C.29 Dec 1847-1y 3m-
Maxson, Matthew R.18451814--
Maxson, Horace21 Oct 1864-25y-
Maxson, Nancy Hall26 May 183626 Aug 181322y 9m-
Maxson, Horace P.18681867--
Page, Elam4 Oct 1847-31y 6m 10d-
Prindle, Francis W.2 Dec 1870-51y 9m-
Prindle, Almira4 Feb 18958 Oct 1820-wife of Francis W. Prindle
Prosser, Nettie18 Feb 186729 Aug 1862--
Prosser, Infant son13 Aug 18641 Jul 1864--
Prosser, Isaac30 Nov 188818 Jan 1816--
Prosser, John12 Oct 1821-52y 25ddied Rhode Island
Prosser, Ruth---wife of John
(stone broken)
Robinson, Uri22 Dec 1870-32y 3m-
Stannard, George R.4 Mar 1837-2y 2m 4dson of Ansel and Marilla Stannard
Stillman, Sarah28 Mar 1846-67y 11m 19dwife of Joseph Stillman
Stillman, Rebecca18651816-wife of Joseph Stillman
Stillman, Frances18641859--


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