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Marshall Cemetery Listing

New Hudson, Allegany, New York

Grave Marker Index; 2nd Draft; 1997; submitted by Neva Gross, New Hudson Town Historian.

Bartley, Helen-15 Oct 186212y 6m 25dadopted daughter of
Lucinda & Joseph Marsh
Cole, Hezahiah-Mar 195063y-41
Covert, Nelson-18392yson of Moses & Charity Covert29
Crawford, Alusta ?-19 May 186621y 2m 5dchild of Joshua & Hannah Crawford22
Crawford, Hannah-25 Aug 187877y 5m 14dwife of Joshua Crawford22
Crawford, Joshua-1 Apr 187979y 3m 22dhusband of Hannah Crawford22
Crawford, Lucinda-19 Mar 186676y 15d-21
Crawford, Mary-26 Jan 186625y 5m 8ddau of John & Lucinda Crawford21
Damon, Augustus L.-11 Nov 186222y 4m 7dson of Jeremiah & Hulda Damon23
Damon, Hulda-30 May 187770y 11m 28dwife of Jeremiah Daman23
Damon, Jeremiah-25 Apr 187570y 27d-23
Dye, William H.-25 Mar 18519m 5dson of William Dye24
Emery, David E.-2 Mar 189351y 6m 21d-24
Feld, Mary Marsh-13 Aug 1905-dau of Otis & Rosella Marsh8
Feld, Rozella F.-28 Feb 186111y 4m 11ddau of John & Mary F. Feld8
Fish, Emma-7 Jan 183549ywife of John H. Fish24
Gleason, Daniel-26 Dec 185977y 8m 30d-33
Gleason, Eleanor-6 Mar 187384y 6m 20dwife of Daniel Gleason33
Gleason, Fanny Stoddard-20 Jun 195476y 5dFanny Stoddard (Marsh) Gleason,
wife of Royal Glenn Gleason
Gleason, Florence A.-6 Oct 18625ydau of James & Sally Gleason34
Gleason, George C.-30 Oct 18625y 23dson of James F. & Sally Gleason34
Gleason, Glenn3 Sep 18805 Apr 1966-son of Herbert & Sarah Marsh Gleason7
Gleason, Harriet-2 May 1893-Harriet Whipple Gleason,
wife of Hiram Gleason
Gleason, Hiram-26 Jul 1862--33
Gleason, LaFayett T.-11 Jan 18756m 8dson of Charles M. Gleason29
Gleason, Margaret E.-22 Aug 186?9y 8m 8ddau of Alfred & Ann Gleason35
Gleason, Maurice1855Sep 1965-son of Herbert & Sarah Marsh Gleason6
Gleason, Richard R.12 Oct 19159 Dec 199378yhusband of Thelma M. Haskins,
was minister Cuba Jehovah's Witness
Gleason, William M.16 Jan 191415 Dec 195945y 11m 1dson of Royal Glenn & Fanny Stoddard Marsh Gleason7
Holden, Addia-15 Apr 18725y 6m 5ddau of Norman & Rachel Holden20
Holden, infant-28 Sep 18374dson of Thomas & Ranela Holden18
Holden, Fanny-12 Mar 183831y 8m 12ddau of John & Trena Holden17
Holden, Hannah M.-12 Jun 188640y 4m 6dwife of John ? Holden15
Holden, Harvey-4 Apr 188041y 6m 28d-18
Holden, Helen M.-6 Jan 18652y 7mdau of Norman & Rachel Holden20
Holden, John-11 Jan 184579y 2m 29d-17
Holden, Linela E.-12 Oct 187429y 8m 12dwife of Norman Holden20
Holden, Loan (?)28 Dec 183417 May 193096y 4m 18d-15
Holden, Norman-24 Mar 189962y 11m 7d-22
Holden, Rachel-26 Mar 186736y 3m 5dwife of Sherman C. Holden20
Holden, Randa (?)-7 Nov 187261y 2m 26dwife of Sherman C. Holden18
Holden, Thomas C.-10 Jun 188179y 4m 6d-18
Holden, Treana-19 May 1873102y 9m 27dwife of John Holden17
Holden, Weltha J.-13 Nov 189016y 2m 17d-15
Hutchins, LeRoy-22 Aug 187835y 2m 4d-38
Hutchins, Philee (?)-30 Dec 188175y 1m 2d-38
Hutchins, William-19 Aug 187786y 6m 27d-38
Leuther, Merrill D.-1 Oct 18568m 6dson of Mary A. Leuther (?)32
Marsh, Anna7 Sep 179710 Feb 185658y 5m 4ddau of Joseph O. & Joanna Marsh16
Marsh, Charles Pierce-10 May 187281y-5
Marsh, Dexter31 Aug 183713 May 190668y-1
Marsh, Fanny R.-1 Apr 186662ywife of Orlin Marsh16
Marsh, Flora E.-25 Apr 18612y 1m 28ddau of Charles & Celine T. Marsh5
Marsh, Frederick-7 Sep 184614y 2m 7dson of Orlin & Fanny Marsh16
Marsh, Horace-14 Dec 184632y 8m 4d-16
Marsh, Joanna-4 Apr 187396y 11m 25dwife of Joseph C. Marsh8
Marsh, Olive Holden-25 Aug 191070ywife of Charles Pierce Marsh5
Marsh, Orlin-26 Jun 187978y 9m 29d-16
Marsh, Otis-25 Oct 187372y 5m 3d-8
Marsh, Rosella-16 Apr 187273y 7m 12dwife of Otis Marsh8
Marsh, Eunice L.-5 Mar 187746y 6m 14dwife of Joseph Marsh Jr.48
Marsh, Mary L.-22 Mar 18631y 7m 13ddau of Joseph & Eunice L. Marsh48
McNair, Francis-5 Mar 18671m 2dchild of John F. & Joann McNair37
McNair, Johanna-18 Mar 190978ywife of John McNair37
McNair, John-9 Apr 189676y 2m 20d-37
Parker, Uritta-28 Aug 183927y 5m 23dwife of John Parker33
Rose, Eveline-14 May 185826y-41
Royce, H. A.-5 Aug 18668y 10m 20dchild of Joseph & Rachel Royce22
Royce, Joseph-15 Jun 189369y-22
Royce, Rachel-20 Nov 187146y 11m 20dwife of Joseph Royce22
Stoddard, Catherine-11 Nov 185972y 3m 28dwife of Elijah Stoddard16
Wheeler, Emma Gleason-12 Apr 187322y 2m 1dwife of Frank Wheeler,
dau of Alfred & Ann Gleason
Whipple, Benjamin-3 Aug 188883y 6m 17d-19
Whipple, Dallas G.-190134y-19
Whipple, Frederick P.-14 May 189927y-19
Whipple, Harriet Loomis-1907-wife of Royal Whipple19
Whipple, Harriet-7 Mar 183224y 1m 22dwife of Benjamin Whipple19
Whipple, Marie S.-22 Mar 187329y 10m 1dwife of Otis Wipple30
Whipple, Permella-189784y 3m 25dwife of Benjamin Whipple19

New Hudson

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