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Nile Cemetery, Friendship, New York

Source: DAR Tombtstone List; FHL # 836,764; copied by Mrs. W. Allen Barber; dated 1930-1.

Compare with Nile Cemetery by Charlie Barrett

Allen, John G.7 Jul 1866-38y 2m-
Allen, Sarah A.2 Sep 1875-53y 6mwife of A.S. Allen
Axtell, Affa M.19 Jan 1852-20y 3m 24ddau of Chauncey and Betsey Axtell
Axtell, Betsey3 Feb 1853-56y 9m 27dwife of Chauncey Axtell
Axtell, Aaron4 Apr 1824-71y-
Axtell, Marion28 Jun 1843-3mdau of Joseph D. and Eliza
Axtell, Peter W.26 May 1840-8yson of Joseph D. and Eliza
Axtell, Daniel25 Dec 1837-79y-
Axtell, Elizabeth16 Mar 1839-76ywife of Daniel
Axtell, Luther12 Jul 1870-89y-
Axtell, Sarah19 Nov 1859-79ywife of Luther
Axtell, Harvey3 Nov 1866-80y-
Axtell, Polly28 Jan 1860-64y 4m 10dwife of Harvey
Axtell, Sarah12 Jul 1842-88y-
Babcock, Eunice25 Feb 1847--wife of Dr. Brayton Babcock
Babcock, Orson M.28 Mar 1843-9m 23dson of Dr. Brayton and Eunice
Babcock, Newel G.18731866--
Bowler, Wm. D.29 Mar 1821-36ydied in Hoplington, R.I.
Burdick, Ira11 Mar 1872-82yVeteran '61-'65
Burdick, Mercy24 Jan 1865-66y 2m 24dwife of Ira
Burdick, Samuel Eugene30 Mar 185930 Dec 1837-son of Peter Burdick and Ursula M. Abbott
Clarke, Deby Ann1 Oct 1865-47ywife of E. R. Clarke
Clarke, Dr. Paul15 Oct 1859-52y-
Clarke, Polly B.20 Jul 1869-60ywife of Paul
Clarke, Edwin A.3 Sep 1870-24y 4m 29ddied in Plainsfield, N.J.
only son of Dr. Paul
Clark, Charles H.22 Oct 1861-29y 11mson of Paul and Polly B.
Clark, Joseph G.4 Jul 1852-49y 9m 24d-
Clark, Harriet F.5 Apr 1857-15ydau of Jos. G. and Deborah
Clark, Nancy26 Jun 1872-84ydau of Rev. Abram Coon
and former wife of Wm. D. Bowler
Clark, Wait14 May 1842-67y 28d-
Colgrave, Mary12 Jul 1843-73ywife of Eli Colgrave
Coon, Abby25 Oct 1872-57ywife of Alonzo Coon
Coon, W. N.8 Oct 1875-43y-
Coon, S. Marie12 Mar 1871-27ywife of W. N. Coon
Cotton, G.3 Mar 1869-78y-
Cotton, Anna7 Mar 1869-73ywife of G. Cotton
Crandall, Abram G.23 Jan 1870-87y-
Crandall, Sarah L.27 Sep 1860-73y 3m 20dwife of A. G.
Crandall, Luanna S.4 Jun 1852-43y 11m 26ddau of A. G. and Sarah
Crandall, Annie22 Mar 1869-71ywife of S. P. Crandall
Crandall, Henry W.31 Jul 1856-20y 1m 9dson of S. P. and Annie
Crandall, Julius A.25 Feb 1862-17y 6mPrisoner of War at Tuscaloosa, Ala.
son of S. P. and M. A.
Crandall, Marshall F.13 Sep 1867-19y 9m-
Curtis, Dea Bailey4 Aug 1856-80y-
Dana, Celestia17 Apr 1863-29y 6mwife of Daniel
Dana, Lorenzo, M.D.26 Sep 18698 Nov 1797--
Dana, Polly7 Mar 1859-56y 9m 1dwife of Dr. L.
Edwards, Henry Wm.6 Dec 1857-21y 5m 25ddied in Doniphan Kans.
[?]children of Daniel and Clarissa Edwards
Edwards, Josephine21 Jun 1859-17y 8m 2dchildren of Daniel and Clarissa Edwards
Edwards, Sophia5 Jun 1859-19y 11m 21dchildren of Daniel and Clarissa Edwards
Greene, Martha11 Apr 1872-56y-
Greene, W. H.---Co. E., 72 N.Y. Inf.
Griggs, Reuben14 Jul 1858-66y-
Griggs, Lydia31 Jan 1873-79ywife of Reuben
Hazelden, Geo. W.4 Dec 1854-12y 9m 8d-
Henry, David29 Mar 1866-56y 6m-
Henry, Aurelia22 Mar 1866-52y 8mhis wife [David]
Hicks, Judge Wm.29 Oct 1847-56y 4m-
Hicks, Nehemiah3 Apr 185620 Jan 1801--
Howard, Mary E. Osburn4 May 1854-23y 5m 4dwife of J. H. Howard
Howard, Wm. S.25 Mar 187331 Jul 1819--
Hubbard, Mindwell28 Jan 1839-66y 10mwife of Thomas
Hubbard, Elizabeth6 Jan 1853-13y 5mdau of Arras and Mellissa
Johnson, Amarintha1 Aug 1864-16ydau of James V. and Josephine
Johnson, Helen R.8 Sep 1864-8ydau of James V. and Josephine
Johnson, Maria B.22 Aug 1864-12ydau of J. V. and J. Johnson
Johnson, Dea Ezekial15 Apr 1853-61y-
Johnson, Jesse W. G.23 Feb 1846-22y-
Johnson, Joseph M.25 Feb 1847-26y-
Johnson, Mary A. E.12 Jun 1855-22y-
Kenyon, Augustus18 Jan 1852-80y 3m-
Kenyon, Gracy8 Nov 1828-56yhis wife [Augustus]
Lamphear, Avery5 Oct 1866-50y 9m-
Lamphear, Emory19 Sep 1847-33y 9m-
Lamphear, Julia E.19 Oct 1871-50yhis wife [Emory]
Lamphear, Lois M.9 Mar 1859-37ywife of Nathan
Lamphear, Ozelous E.--24ysoldier in Union Army
died in Rebel Prison at Florence N.C.
Lamphear, Samuel17 Jan 1861-75y-
McCormick, Euphias3 Dec 1862-26y-
McCormick, Susannah24 Jan 1886-88ywife of David
McHenry, LymanFeb 1866-45y6th Pa. Cav.
Merriman, Augusta R.31 Dec 1858-8y 9m 15ddau of Warren and Rhoda
Merriman, Judge S.15 Apr 1860-82y 6m-
Merriman, Abigail16 Jan 1865-83y 8mwife of Judge S.
Merriman, Sally25 Nov 1850-18y 11m 20dwife of Horace
Mitchell, Mary9 May 1863-28ywife of J. G.
Morgan, Joseph23 Mar 1870---
Morgan, Emile5 Feb 1873-76yhis wife [Joseph]
Mulkin, Erastus28 Nov 1875-77y 6m-
Mulkin, Abigail26 Apr 1865-69ywife of Erastus
Mulkin, John L.1 May 1845-5y 3mson of A. and E.
Newton, Clark E.9 Apr 1884-91y 2m-
Newton, Abigail2 Jun 1870-79yhis wife [Clark E. Newtown]
Noble, Wm.5 Mar 1839-75y-
Osman, Nathan5 May 1842-72y-
Randolph, Herbert10 Mar 1863-5y 8mson of J. A. and A.
Randolph, Micah T.12 Aug 1837-53y 6m-
Robertson, Dea Peter18521797-born in Dunkeld, Scotland
Rowley, Jabez E.4 Jan 1826-24y 6m-
Sisson, Jane M.5 Oct 1871-41y 9m 24dwife of Chas.
Smalley, Mary18651781-mother of Sears
Smalley, Sears29 Jul 18803 May 1802--
Smalley, Cornelia25 Dec 18753 Mar 1800-wife of Sears
Smalley, Diantha D.20 Dec 1867-32y 8mwife of C. W.
Smalley, Nancy M.27 Aug 1869-21ywife of C. W.
Smalley, Squire D.2 Oct 1864-29y-
Smith, Ann6 May 1855-33y 4m 23dwife of R. T.
Synder, John2 Sep 1873-84y-
Snyder, Elizabeth25 Jun 1871-74y 3mwife of John
Snyder, Christiana9 Mar 1847-27ydau of John
Staats, Amelia20 Aug 1855-3ydau of John and Sarah
Stannard, AbigailJul 1826-35ywife of Harvey
Stannard, Louisa18 Apr 1846-58y 4mwife of Harvey
Stebbins, Henrietta S.1 Mar 183227 Feb 1828-dau of J. J. and Affa
Steenrod, Elias26 Jun 1872-76y-
Steenrod, Sophia19 Jan 1858-61y 4mhis wife [Elias]
Taylor, Wellington C.3 Apr 1841-4y 2mson of Daniel and Sally
Utter, Reuben W.9 May 185311 Jul 1814-born Unadilla Forks, N.Y.
died Nile
Utter, Emma15 Apr 1859-12ydau of Reuben W. and Mary E.
Van Horn, Olivia2 Jul 1853-21ywife of Geo.
Vanslyke, Sarah Ann24 Jun 1845--wife of John L.
White, Francis M.12 Oct 1857-30y 6m 16ddied in Topeka, Kans.
Witter, Wm. Clark12 Jan 1849-16yson of Squire P. and Mary Ann
Wright, Elizabeth18 Nov 1864-77y 8mwife of Wm.

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