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Richburg Cemetery

Richburg, New York

DAR List

Across the street from the Brick Church, on land once owned by Alvan Richardson is the local cemetery and here many of our pioneer settlers were buried, Mr. Richardson in 1857, his wife, Alathere, four years earlier. Probably the first burial was in 1830.

The Richburg Cemetery Association was formed June 15, 1905 and elected their Directors - D.E. Brokaw, M.A. Jordan, M.E. Skinner and G.W. Smith.

Read the sad story of a young girl, Daisy Taylor, who is buried in the Richburg Cemetery.

SOURCE: Tombstone list copied 1929 by Mrs. Jane Arnold, Catherine Schuyer Chapter, D.A.R., Allegany County, N.Y.
* names added/corrected by Ruth Jordan Thoden.

Abbott, Mary4 Dec 1841--wife of Ira Abbot;
dau. of Samuel & Susannah Merriman
Abbott, Ira15 Mar 1843-1y 3m 15dson of Ira & Mary Abbott
Abbott, James16 May 1866-83y 5m-
Abbott, Catherine3 May 1857-74y 1mwife of James Abbott
Ackerman, David J.30 Dec 187029 Sep 1808--
Ackerman, Hulda17 May 186531 May 1810-wife of David J. Ackerman
Andrews, Amina A.22 Mar 1875-31ywife of R. G. Andrews
Ayers_, Margaret27 Sep 1867-58y 2m 11dwife of Peter Ayres_
Babcock, Cyrus1 Apr 1873-62y-
Babcock, Mary Janett23 Feb 1844-2y 10m 14ddau. of Ira & Julana Babcock
Babcock, Catherine14 May 1850-37y 7mwife of Cyrus Babcock
Babcock, Hannah21 Apr 1855-28y 9mwife of Cyrus Babcock
Babcock, L. R.15 Nov 1863-38y-
Baker, F. S.4 Oct 1856-32y 1m 16dwife of B. S. Baker
Ballard, Loretta16 Sep 1870-43ywife of John T. Ballard
Ballard, Edward H.9 Aug 1872-48y 1m-
Ballard, Malissa29 Nov 1868-43y 3mwife of E. H. Ballard
Ballard, Frances A.4 Jan 1851-5y 11m 2ddau. of Joseph & Orinda L. Ballard
Ballard, Mary E.12 Jun 1874-9mdau. of J. B. & O. L. Ballard
Beebe, Emily2 May 1871-63y 5mwife of Rev. V. Beebe
Brokaw, Flo29 Nov 18747 Oct 1874-dau. of D. & B.
Brown, Antoinette7 Oct 1875-56ywife of David Brown
Buckley, Lorenzo D.26 Apr 1854-47y 4m 1d-
Buckley, Dea. Azel20 Oct 1870-78y-
Buckley, Elon Galusha6 Sep 1834-2y 26dson of Dea. Azel & Buckley
Burlson, Jane27 Nov 1864-85y-
Clark, Emma G.11 Oct 18-7-7y 3ddau. of Arnold B. & Alnora D. Clark
Cleaveland, M. LaVerne11 Nov 1863-24ywife of C. S. Cleaveland;
dau. of Moses Maxson
Conable, George W.29 Jul 1865-32y 5m-
Cottrell, John B.27 Jan 1873-70y-
Cottrell, Celia18 Oct 1862-24ydau. of J. B. & E. P. Cottrell
Crandall, Nathan H.25 Jan 1871-7w 2dson of Rev. C. J. & E. A. Crandall
Crandall, Eddie20 Jan 1858-3m 8dchild of M. D. & S. T. Crandall
Crandall, Mattie7 May 1863-3y 4m 8dchild of M. D. & S. T. Crandall
Crandall, Matie16 Jun 1875-13y 6mchild of M. D. & S. T. Crandall
Davis, Caroline L.20 Nov 1875-57y 6mwife of S. P. Davis
Dodgson, Rachael30 Aug 1844-17y 4mdau. of Benjamin & Jane Dodgson
Dodson, Benjamin2 May 1876-65y 9m-
Dodson, Jane13 Sep 1878-78ywife of Benj. Dodson
Drumb, Mary20 Feb 1860-54y-
Drumb, Mary Elizabeth13 Feb 1861-31y 6m 17ddau. of Michael & Mary Drumb
Dyer, Minerva5 Oct 1862-40ywife of Galusha Dyer
Evans, Pliny L.25 Aug 1874-87y 1m 25d-
Evans, Polly Gilbert15 May 1843-47y 9m 22dwife of Pliny L. Evans
Ferris, George R.10 Oct 1865-26yson of Joseph & Maria Ferris
Ferris, Joseph24 Mar 1867-65y-
Fisk, J. W.30 Dec 1866-59y 4m 11d-
Foster, Lot1 Dec 1860-80y 3m 13d-
Fountain, Alembert J.24 Feb 1872---
Fountain, Adelbert1872---
Fuller, Ransom16 Sep 1872-67y-
Fuller, Elijah21 Jun 1829-56y 7m-
Fuller, Abigail Gilbert26 Mar 1847-66y 8m-
Fuller, Miranda8 Aug 1845-30y 8mwife of Geo. I. Lewis
Fuller, Willis D.17 Sep 1854-8m 21dson of E. S. & A. J.
Fuller, Electa A.17 Nov 18604 Jul 1830-wife of John G. Fuller
Fuller, Deforest M.10 Jul 18651 Jul 1850--
Fuller, Fred L.23 Aug 186423 Dec 1858--
Gilbert, Rosalie E.13 Oct 1875-29ychild of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Marcus S.18 Mar 1841-7m 27dchild of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Nelson M.23 Aug 1844-1y 3m 19dchild of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Ira A.21 Jun 1853-3y 9m 5dchild of Ira & Mary Gilbert
Gilbert, Emarancy3 Dec 1839--infant dau. of Zina & Prudence Gilbert
Gillett, Gilbert E.9 Oct 1853-33y-
Gould, J. O.22 Jul 1861-35y-
Gould, Nancy12 Oct 1857-12y 6m 2ddrowned
dau. of Jesse & Mary Gould
Gould, Henry15 Dec 1862-2yson of Jesse & Mary Gould
Grames, Eugene M D2 Sep 187417 Sep 1843--
Helmer, Ervin27 Apr 1854-1y 3mson of H. D. & J. Helmer
Hood, Ellen19 Jan 1873-78ywife of John Hood
Hunt, William17 Dec 1863-76y-
Hunt, James L.18 May 1852-7y 8mson of C. A. & Roxana L. Hunt
Johnson, Carrie L.16 Aug 1864--dau. of J. S. & M. A. Johnson
Jordan, Andrew*187925 Sep 1795-son of John Jordan & Julia Swartout;
born Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY;
died Wirt, Allegany, NY.
Jordan, Isaiah*18 Aug 188?22 July 1799-born Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY
died Wirt, Allegany, NY
Jordan, Polly*4 Dec 1876-72y 9mwife of Isaiah Jordan;
Note: maiden name Dakin
Jordan, Phebe M.17 Aug 1851-12y 9mdau. of Isaiah & Polly
Jordan, James10 Mar 1862-19y & 10mson of Isaiah & Polly
Jordan, Roena P.*13 Sep 186231 Jan 1856-dau. of Andrew J. Jordan & Eleanor Stevens
note: tombston difficult to read
Kellogg, Sophia18691796-wife of Daniel
Kellogg, Ebenezer27 Apr 1866-89y 1m-
Kellogg, Martha29 Dec 1832-53y 1m 19dwife of Ebenezer Kellogg
Kellogg, Bessie16 May 1845-64y-
Knapp, Benjamin S.8 Dec 186230 Mar 1827--
Latimer, John H.15 Mar 1839-27y 15dson Benjamin & Sophia T.
Lester, Judith28 Jan 18413 Sep 1758-wife of Timothy Lester
Maxson, James7 Sep 1866-78y-
Maxson, Hannah S.11 Sep 1860-66ywife of James Maxson
Maxson, Cassius M.18 Jun 1864-18y 5m 18dkilled at Petersburg, Va.
Maxson, Alice Eleanor7 Dec 1852-3y 17d-
Maxson, Nancy16 Jan 1865-52y 8m 29d-
Maxson, Eleanor13 Nov 1852-76y 5m 29dwife of George Maxson
Merriman, Ina A.22 Nov 1851--dau. of D. B. & M. A. Merriman
Merriman, Nancy M. Carter11 Mar 1853-20ywife of D. B. Merriman
Merriman, Clarence E.1 June 1853-3y 20dson of D. B. & Nancy M. Merriman
Messenger, Calvin10 Feb 1848-21y 10m 6d-
Milkin, Eliza J.27 Aug 1862-26y 9mwife of J. N. Milkin
Newell, Harvey6 Apr 1869-69y-
Newell, Hannah H.6 Sep 1869-67ywife of Harvey Newell
Palmer, Elizabeth26 Jan 1862-54y 2m 7dwife of Daniel Palmer
Perry, Ezra G.22 Mar 1841-2y 8dson of Dea. Sylvester & Betsy Perry
Perry, Sylvester26 Jun 1860-64y 6m 17d-
Perry, Betsey26 Jun 1842-39y 4mFirst wife of dea. Sylvester Perry
Randolph, Martin28 Nov 1868-24y 8m-
Richardson, Alvin29 Nov 1857-77y 1m 1d-
Richardson, Alatheare9 Jan 1853-76y 1m 26dwife of Alvin
Richardson, Alvin J.12 Feb 1841-9m 28d-
Richardson, Lucy13 Feb 1865-58y 1mwife of J. W. Fisk
Richardson, Abigail Uran26 Feb 1842-105y 5m 5d-
Richardson, Franklin D.31 Mar 186029 Jul 1843-son of T. & S. Richardson
Richardson, Frederick G.19 Aug 1877-7y 22dson of Thos. & Seloma
Richardson, Susan F.28 Aug 1848-8dsau. of Harvey & Betsey Richardson
Richardson, Alvin25 Feb 1833--son of Harvey & Betsey
Rogers, Lottie M.16 Mar 1867-24y-
Rogers, Silvia Ann10 Feb 1864-1y 8m 15ddau. of E. P. & C. Rogers
Rorman, George D.23 Jan 1849-68y 3m 1d-
Rorman, Eleaner7 Dec 1839-57y 6m 22dwife of Geo. D. Rorman
Rorman, Edward10 Feb 1865-61y-
Rowley, Blanch11 Sep 1874-2y 5mdau. of J. S. & A. A. Rowley
Satterlee, D. Monthoze27 Feb 1867-18y 9m 1dson of Charles & Jane Satterlee
Saunders, Charles14 Jan 1876-58y 8m 19d-
Saunders, Jonathan P.15 Aug 1850-1y 5m 15dson of Charles & Finetta Saunders
Saunders, Mary Lydia9 Oct 1856-5y 3m 11ddau. of Charles & Finetta Saunders
Scott, Wilmont D.5 Aug 187615 Jul 1858--
Smith, Mary28 Jan 1862-14y 6m 20ddau. of W. B. & C. Smith
Smith, Charles L.5 Apr 1853-4yson of Wm. ∓ Sylvia Smith
Tinkham, Eddie11 Feb 1861-6yson of R. & J. Tinkham
Voorhes, Josephine E.26 Apr 1852-17y 8m 23dwife of A. Voorhes
Vosburgh, A. J.13 Mar 1862-33ydied at Washington, D. C.
Vreeland, Olive10 Aug 1870-45y 2m 6dwife of Isaac Vreeland
Vreeland, Isaac23 Feb 1862-41y 1m 3dson of James & Rebecca Vreeland
Wilcox, Freddie28 Jun 1867-2yson of A. J. & E. O. Wilcox
Williams, Daniel25 Jun 184516 Apr 1794--
Williams, Mary26 Dec 187431 Mar 1799-wife of Daniel Williams
Williams, Frances A.8 Mar 186329 May 1854-child of C. L. & J. C. Williams
Williams, Mary E.7 Sep 186516 Jul 1860-child of C. L. & J. C. Williams
Winner, Elizabeth9 Feb 1872-64wife of Richard L. Winner
Worth, Elizabeth15 Oct 1833-66y 5m 8dwife of Edmund Worth

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