Shongo, New York

SOURCE: DAR Tombstone list copied by Bernice J. Sturtevant and Jeannette S. Drake, Catherine Schuyler Capter, DAR.

NOTE: DAR lists are usually not complete transcriptions of all the tombstones in the cemetery and sometimes contain errors. Use with caution.

Berry, Michael9 Oct 1868183137Co. D, 18th Penn. Cavalary
Berry, George F.2 Apr 1878185325-
Berry, Casey9 May 187518755mson of George & Anna
Beebe, Flora A.3 Jun 1860-8ydau. of Sam & Dorothy
Byam, Simon-1831-Co. G., 46 Reg. P.V.
Byam, Jane19061845-wife of Simon
Burritt, Truman2 Apr 1883180974y 5m-
Burritt, Martha30 Jan 1892180983ywife of Truman Burritt
Billby, Catherine6 June 1872178488y 7m 14d-
Billings, Mary31 dec 1893182766y 2mwife of A.N. Billings
Billings, Warren E.-4 Aug 1849--
Billings, Estella J.19 Feb 191923 Jun 1858-wife of Warren E. Billings
Bingley, Frank19041845--
Drake, Horatio Miles1 Jul 189325 Nov 1842--
Drake, Mary Walden1, Sep 191316 Jun 1847-wife of Horatio Miles Drake
Graves, Electa25 nov 1850181436wife of Sylvanius
Hawks, Bernard14 Arp 1875179184y 2m-
Hawks, Prudence12 Sep 1876179482y 4mwife of Bernard Hawks
Hawks, William19001830--
Hawks, Clarinda18491826-1st wife of Wm.
Hawks, Orpha18911831-2nd wife of Wm.
Hawks, Wallace13 Mar 189818 Nov 1841--
Hawks, Mary6 Feb 189830 Jan 1844-wife of Wallace Hawks
Jenison, John7 Sep 18723 Feb 1785--
Jenison, Hannah15 Dec 18729 Dec 1789-wife of John Jenison
Jenison, Elhanan W.19241830--
Jenison, Mary19131838-wife of Elhanan W. Jenison
Jenison, Elson S.19171833--
Jenison, Mary S.19161844-wife of Elson S. Jenison
Jenison, Clara12 Jul 1881/td>-21y 6m 9dwife of Wm.
Lancaster, Joshua4 Aug 1869178088y 11m 2d-
Lancaster, Anna30 Sep 1889---
Leach, Barney1859176178y-
Leach, Orrena27 Jul 1853178966wife of Barney Leach
Leach, Stanard17 Nov 1868185216son of Chas & Ellen
Leach, Sarah13 May 1835179738wife of Elias
Leach, Elias31 Oct 1865181647y 8m 13d-
Leach, Micha J.25 Oct 1865184916y 4mson of E & S
Leach, Emily19091821--
Leach, Amelia A.12 Mar 186318603y 14ddau. of Elias & Emily
Martin, Gaston19031840-U.S. Cavalry Vol.
Newton, Jesse A.1 May 1842181131y-
Osborn, James B.17 May 1865178283y 4d-
Peot, David F.11 Dec 1861179962-
Peot, Fannie1 Nov 1876180274-
Peot, Edgar4 Feb 18963 Mar 1835--
Peot, Mercy C.-22 Jan 1832-wife of Edgar Peot
Peot, David19101843--
Peot, Hannah E.19091842-wife of David Peot
Peot, George18 May 189418 Jan 1863--
Rolow, Rosina2 Apr 18871842-wife of G. Rolow
Robbins, Amanda M.27 Oct 1868-26wf of James B. Robbins
Smiley, Theodore16 Feb 1896184551Co. B, 46th Ret. Ohio V.
Slawson, Ferdinand18 May 1885184536y 6m 24d-
Stephens, Ebenezer G.18 Jun 1881180873-
Stephens, Mary10 Sep 1858180553wife of Ebenezer Stephens
Stephens, Chas19151833-Co. A., 196 Regt. NYV
Stephens, Andrew W.19251839-G.A.R.
Stephens, Elnora D.1880184435y 11m 27d1st wife of Andrew W. Stephens
Stephens, Lillian J.19231858-2nd wife of Andrew W. Stephens
Stephens, Archie19091863--
Truax, Jacob11 Nov 1857180057-
Truax, Mary D.22 Oct 1841181031dau. of Jacob & Mary
Van Pelt, William12 Mar 1883184241-
Van Pelt, Anna M. Beaslee Berry1923185865-
Walden, Rev. John Jr.20 May 1873-61y 3m 16d-
Walden, Lydia Ann8 Sep 1846181531y 3m 5dwife of Rev. John Walden Jr.
Walden, George5 Sep 18391837-son of John Jr. & Lydia
Walden, John D.20 Nov 1868184919son of John & Diana Walden
Walden, Gaylord19131857--
Walden, Joseph B.26 Jun 18571811--
Wood, James R.18 Sep 189616 May 1810--
Wood, Elizabeth1 Jul 19033 Apr 1817--
Whitaker, Chester31 Dec 1873182053y 4m-

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