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West Almond

West Almond was formed from Angelica, Almond and Alfred on April 15, 1833.  It is an interior town, lying a little northeast of the center of the county.

The first settlement was made at the center, in 1816, by Daniel Atherton.  Jason Bixboy, Isaac Pray and Daniel Hooker settled on the road leading from Almond to Angelica, and John Alfred, from N.J. and settled near the north line, all previous to 1818.   The first child born was Jerusha, daughter of Daniel Atherton in the fall of 1817.  The first death was Jason Bixby in the spring of 1818.  The first school was taught in the east part by Jasper White in 1818.  Daniel Atherton kept the first inn in 1817 at the center and Samuel M. Eddy the first store at the same place in 1832.  The first sawmill was erected by Enoch Hanks* on Angelica Creek in 1833.  The first religious meeting was held by Rev. Robert Hubbard (Presbyterian) at the house of Daniel Dean in 1823.  The Baptist church was formed in 1824. [Source: J.H.French, Gazetteer of State of New York, 1860, p.168]

* Previous histories, including French's Gazetter have erroneously reported the name as Hawks. It has been corrected here.

Hamilton Childs 1875 Gazetteer - West Almond

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

West Almond - hamlet located in eastern part of the town

Bennetts - hamlet in northwest part of town

Town Historian

Town Clerk

Patricia Sweeney
3386 County Road 2A
West Almond, NY 14804
Telephone: 585-466-7921


  • Baptist - organized 1824


Note: All cemeteries, except #23-7 have been recorded by the Rushford Town Clerk.
  • Mount Hope Cemetery - code #27-1; (Town 4, Range 1MR, lot 97), Miller Road
  • French Cemetery - code #27-2; (lot 115), South Road
  • Wright Cemetery - code #27-3; (lot 65), Turnpike Road
  • cemetery - code #27-4; (lot 15), Baker Valley Road
  • cemetery - code #27-5; (lot 15), Baker Valley Road
  • cemetery - code #27-6; (lot 15), Baker Valley Road
  • Johnson Cemetery - code #27-7; (lot 12), Morton Road, 2000 feet west
  • Tuttle Road - code #27-8; (lot 149) Tuttle Road
  • Farnum Cemetery - code #27-9; (lot 106), Turnpike Road
  • Weaver Cemetery - code #27-10; (lot 34?), George Road
  • Phillips Creek Cemetery - code #27-11; (lot 86), Decker Road
  • West Almond Cemetery - between Angelica and Almond
  • West Almond Cemetery - code #27-11; (lot 145)

*code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1

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