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Company F of the 85th New York Volunteers

Allen, SenecaCaptainBlack Creek1 Sep 186121promoted Lieutenant-Colonel Aug 19, 1865
Andrews, Stephen T., 1st Sergeant --- 26 Aug 186126promoted 2nd 2nd Lieutenant May 2, 1862.
He became Postmaster of Franklinville, NY
Baldwin, Ansel G.PrivateCuba20 Sep 186131Died from disease 19 Oct 1863, Plymouth, N.C.
Booth, JosiahPrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186121
Botts, Francis M.PrivateCuba20 Aug 186118Died from disease 18 June 1862, Richomond, VA
Bristol, Richard T.PrivateCuba20 Oct 186118Died from disease, 20 Oct 1864< Roanoke, Va.
Brown, George M.PrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186128
Briggs, OrmanCorporalBlack Creek20 Sep 186121
Burlingame, Noah H.PrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186118POW; died from disease 11 Apr 1865, Annapolis, Md.
Carter, CharlesPrivateCuba18 Sep 186130
Case, Orlando P.PrivateBlack Creek20 Sep 186124Died from disease, 24 Mar 1864, Washington, D.C.
Clapp, Henry F.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186123Promoted Corporal; POW at Andersonville and Florence;
escaped while being transferred
Clark, Melvin A.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186119
Clark, Silas A.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186121Died POW; died from disease 27 Oct 1864, Florence, S.C.
Collins, MichaelPrivateCuba2 Oct 186118
collins, WilliamPrivate1 Sep 186118
Comfort, Edward C.PrivateCuba26 Aug 186131
Crabb, OrsemusPrivateBlack Creek20 Sep 186123Re-enlisted Jan 1, 1864, age 25, Farmer; This soldier has
black eyes, brown hair, dark comblexion, is 6 ft 1 in; Died POW; 17 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Dillon, Robert S.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186128Died POW; died from disease 28 Sep 1864, Charleston, S.C.
Douris, WilliamPrivateAngelica1 Sep 186121Died POW.
Dunn, William E.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186119Died POW; died from disease, 10 Oct 1864, Florence, S.C.
Fay, Sylvanus A.1st Lt.3 Sep 186125
Felch, Sullivan E.PrivateCuba20 Nov 186118
Filer, Jerome B.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186118Died POW; died from disease 21 July 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Fiske, William E.2nd LieutenantAngelica2 Dec 186123Resigned Apr 2, 1862
Flynn, George W.PrivateCuba20 Nov 186118
Foster, Amos H.PrivateBlack Creek4 Sep 186119Died from disease, 3 Oct 1862, Newport News, Va.
Franklin, BenjaminMusicianBlack Creek26 Aug 186117
Gillett, William H.Died POW; died from disease, 5 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Hall, FrederickPrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118Died from disease 2 May 1862, Yorktown, Va.
Harris, HumphreyCorporalDied from disease 29 Aug 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Hendee, Ambrose C.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186122
Hicks, Edward L.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118
Hicks, JosephPrivateBlack Creek28 Aug 186118
Hicks, LeonardPrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186121
Hicks, Willard M.PrivateBlack Creek1 Oct 186120
Higley, George1 Sep 186141Died POW; from disease 27 July 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Higley, Lewis S.Private1 Sep 186122Killed in the Battle of Plymouth, 20 Apr 1864
Hill, WillardPrivateBlack Creek18 Sep 186139
Hines, Charles C.PrivateBlack Creek1 Oct 186126
Humphrey, Harrison D.26 Aug 1861Died POW.
Hurd, Reuben J.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186119
Johnson, Edwin E.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118
Johnson, William M.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118
Kelly, George W.Private1 Nov 186121
Kelly, WalterCorporal26 Aug 186121
Lambert, Wesley M.CorporalBlack Creek26 Aug 186122
Lang, AlexanderPrivateBlack Creek2 Sep 186121Died POW; 21 May 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Lewis, CharlesPrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186123Died POW; from disease 17 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Lewis, David O.PrivateBlack Creek2 Aug 186123
Lindsay, James C.SergeantBlack Creek26 Aug 186121
Lindsay, SamuelPrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118suicide 29 Sep 1863, Plymouth, N.C.
Loucks, GilbertDied POW; 7 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Mandeville, WilliamPrivateFriendship1 Sep 186121Died POW; 2 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
McElheney, HarveyCorporalBlack Creek2 Sep 186124mustered in as corporal September 7, 1861;
returned to ranks; re-enlisted as veteran January 1, 1864;
captured in action at Plymouth, NC, April 20, 1864;
confined six months at Andersonville, Ga., and four months
at Florence, SC; re-captured by Union forces at Wilmington, NC
mustered out with company June 27, 1865, at New Berne, NC
[Rushford and Rushford People, Planned, Edited and Published
by Helen Josephine White Gilbert, Historical Committee of Rushford's Centennial 1910, p.322]
Age 24 years. Enlisted August 7, 1861, as private, for three years, Co. F, 85th N.Y.
Infantry; promoted corporal; captured in action April 20, 1864, at
Plymouth, NC; re-enlisted January 1, 1864, discharged July 27, 1865,
at New Berne, NC; [The Rushford Centennial 1808-1908, p.177]
McElheny, Newell C.PrivateBlack Creek1 Sep 186118
Millet, JohnPrivateBlack Creek1 Sep 186118Died from disease 18 May 1863, Plymouth, N.C.
Nichols, LloydSergeantBlack Creek26 Aug 186118
O'Connor, John A.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186135
Odell, Henry B.CorporalBlack Creek20 Sep 186130
Palmer, James E.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186122
Patterson, Isaac A.PrivateBlack Creek1 Nov 186118Died POW; 11 Aug 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Patterson, Joseph P.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186119Died from disease, 22 Nov 1861, Elmira, N.Y.
Parks, John H.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186119
Pettybone, WilliamDied POW; 14 Oct 1864, Florence, S.C.
Phillips, Lysander S.PrivateFriendship1 Sep 186118Died from disease, 19 Feb 1862, Washington, D.C.
Potter, William H.SergeantFriendship2 Aug 186122Died POW.
Pratt, Chancey S.PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186121
Reed, FrancisPrivate1 Sep 186121
Richardson, Thomas J.PrivateBlack Creek7 Sep 186121Died from disease 11 July 1862, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ricker, Albion K.PrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186121from Waterboro, Maine
Rider, William H.Private20 Aug 186122Died from wounds, Battle of Plymouth
19 Apr 1864, Plymouth, N.C.
Robbins, WilmotPrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186118Died from disease 20 Dec 1861, Ontario Co., N.Y.
Robertson, Samuel W.CorporalBlack Creek10 Sep 186124
Rogers, George D.MusicianBlack Creek26 Aug 186135Died POW; 15 Aug 1864, Andersonville.
Rugg, GeorgePrivateBlack Creek20 Aug 186119
Rugg, John WesleyPrivateBlack Creek1 Oct 186118Died POW; 15 Sep 1864, Andersonville, Ga.
Ruler, William H.PrivateBlack Creek
Ryan, JohnPrivateCuba2 Oct 186121
Sisson, Orvin R.PrivateFriendship1 Oct 186118
Strong, John M.Died POW.
Smith, James M.PrivateBlack Creek20 Sep 186122Died POW; 16 May 1864
on board ship to Raleigh
Smith, Myron J.Wagoner1 Sep 186126Killed in Battle of Plymouth, 20 Apr 1864
Swift, BradleyPrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186119
Swift, Washington PrivateBlack Creek26 Aug 186118Drowned 20 May 1862, White House Landing, VA
Thompson, John F.PrivateCuba20 Sep 186118Died from disease, Aug 1862, New York City, N.Y.
Upham, Jared J.PrivateBlack Creek
Vaughn, William C.CorporalBlack Creek12 Sep 186121Died POW; 2 Oct 1864, Charleston, S.C.
Wells, JamesSergeantBlack Creek26 Aug 186121Died POW; Nov 4, 1864, Florence, N.C.
Wickware, AlbertCorporalBlack Creek26 Aug 186128Died POW; 19 Nov 1864, Florence, N.C.

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