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“These items taken from obituaries are the same as written at the time, consequently all information is of that date. Items taken from the cemetery records may at times list people who have bought lots or erected monuments ahead of time, consequently they mat be buried elsewhere or still alive.” L. L. Stillwell

Additional obituaries added by Gerri Raw.  Lot numbers refer to As the Day Dawns Cemetery

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ABBEY, AMANDA M.   Lot 129

ABBEY, DAVID B.   Born in Onondaga County, Mar. 25, 1839; died Mar. 7, 1913, at Angelica. First married to Miss Amanda Bacon of Allen, who died some years ago; later married Miss Mary Jane Tucker, who died soon afterward; a few years ago married Mrs. Vina Fuller, who survives. Other survivors include a son, William of Birdsall No. 1; a daughter, Mrs. Philip Deming, Belmont; brothers, Gehial of Angelica; Charles of Edwards, Miss.; Thomas of Michigan; George of Ohio; also a sister Mrs. Davis, present home unknown. Aug. 9, 1862, he enlisted in Co. G., 130th N.Y. Volunteers, discharged June 1865. June 1, 1864, wounded in the neck at Battle of Cold Harbor.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 129.

ABBEY, GEHIAL HALL   Born in Onondaga, N.Y., Jan. 5, 1837; died May 2, 1917 in Angelica.  Married Elizabeth L. Willis, May 5, 1875. Survivors include wife and daughter, Lettia E. Abbey, Angelica. Lot 60A. 

ABBEY, MRS. G.H.   Lydia Elizabeth Abbey, born Jan. 1, 1848 in Allen; died Mar. 9, 1922.  Married Gehial H. Abbey, who died a few years ago.  Survivors include a daughter, Letitia; sisters, Mrs. Annette Palmer of Forks, Wash., and Mrs. Jennie Farnum, Canaseraga; two brothers, Rev. Daniel H. Willis of Cambridge, Md., and Martin Willis of Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 60A.

ABBEY, JULIA CRAWFORD   Died at the age of 68 years, Feb. 7, 1942.  She was the widow of William Abbey and is survived by one son, Edward Abbey.  Lot 129.

ABBEY, MYRON  (1848-1887)  Died May 24, 1887 at the age of 39 years in Bailey's Cross roads, Va.  Resident of Angelica from childhood until four years ago.

ABBEY, MRS. VINA   Born near Wellsvile, Dec. 15, 1849; died in Johnson City, N.Y., Nov. 14, 1915.  Married David B. Abbey.  Survivors include brothers, F. C. Sanborn of Oakdale and F. E. Sanborn of Buffalo; sister, Florence E. Carr, Johnson City.  Lot 153.

ABBEY, WILLIAM EDISON   Born in 1872 in Allen, of David B. and Amanda Abbey; died, Dec. 28, 1941.  Survivors include widow, Julia Crawford Abbey; son, Edward Abbey of Warsaw.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 129.


ABBOT, J. V. W. (MD)  Lot 336.

ABBOT, Sally   Lot 336.



ACKLEY, DANIEL C.   Died at the age of 84 years, on February 13, 1937.  Survived by two sons, Burr and Fred and one Daughter, Agnes Ackley Templar.  He was Excise Commissioner in 1886, 1892, 1893; Assessor in 1906 to 1934.  Lot 860B.

ACKLEY, MRS. GRACE J.   Born in Olean on April 14, 1858; died on February 8, 1932.  Survived by husband, Daniel C. Ackley; daughter Agnes Templar; two sons, Benjamin H. and Fred Ackley; two sisters, Mrs. H. F. See and Miss Eunice Martin, all of Syracuse.  Married March 26, 1878 at Olean.   Lot 860B.



ADAMS, FREDERICK J.   Born in England, Aug. 25, 1876, of Mr. and Mrs. George Adams; died May 7, 1916.  Married Ida Palmer, Sept., 1904, who died Aug. 12, 1914.  Survivor is a son, Leonard Adams.  Lot 777.

ADAMS, IDA PALMER   Born in Angelica, Mar. 10, 1879; died Aug. 12, 1914.  Married Frederick J. Adams, Sept. 21, 1904.  Survivors include husband, son, Leonard and infant daughter, parents, one sister and three brothers.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 777.

ADAMS, M.   Lot 726.

AIKEN, DANIEL   Constable in 1809.

ALBA, FRANK A.  Lot 552.





ALDRIDGE, VOLNEY   School Inspector, 1840; supervisor, 1846-47.

ALLEN, ALMA G. Lot 81.

ALLEN, A. J.  Sclaer in 1868.

ALLEN, CLAYTON H.   Born in Richburg, Oct. 9, 1876 of Marion and Jane Allen; died in Angelica, May 20, 1919.  Married Miss Blanche Burdick, June 27, 1900.  Survivors include wife, son, Clayton Allen, Angelica; father, Gaines, Pa.; brothers, Clarence Clifford, Syracuse; Clinton, Calif.; Ralph, Genesee; sister, Lucy, Lawrenceville, Pa. Lot 784.

ALLEN, Fred P.   Election Inspector in 1895.   Lot. 81.

ALLEN, EDWIN J.   Lot 94.

ALLEN, JENNIE T.   Lot 81.

ALLEN, MARCIA W.   Died in Alfred, Feb. 1948, at the age of 78 years.  Once lived in Angelica, as Marcia Cranston.  Burial in Angelica. Lot 726.

ALLEN, MARY ANN   Lot 509.

ALLEN, NINA   Lot 81.


School Commissioner, 1842; Overseer of the Poor, 1846; Town Clerk, 1850; Assessor, 1852, 55, 62; Constable, 1873.

ALLEN, R.W. Lot 726.

ALLEN,, WILLARD   Died December 1893 at his home.  Married Miss

Alma Pierce

in 1849, who now survives him along with two children-Jennie and Fred.  Overseer of Poor, 1870-73; Collector, 1874, 75; Constable, 1874-76, 92; Game Constable, 1877.

ALLEY, WILLIAM B.   Supervisor, 1859-60.

ALLISON, MRS. ANNA MOOT  The car in which Mrs. Anna Moot Allison of Rochester, was riding May 1st, 1926 skidded, and, striking a telephone pole, broke her neck; however she lived until 6 p.m. the next day.  The remains were brought to Angelica and services held in the Methodist Church.  Mrs. Allison formerly lived at Angelica and Belfast,and was well known by her many friends as Mrs. Anna Moot.

ALMETER, MRS MARY SCHWAB Born Dec. 8, 1881, at Sheldon, N.Y., daughter of Frank and Mary Schwab; died Aug. 16, 1932.  Married to Jacob Almeter on Feb. 12, 1907. To this union were born 11 children: Delores, Norman, Charles, Celia, Maynard, Katherine, Paul, Vincent, Clare, Alfred, And Theresa, all at home.

AMES, MRS. AMY Born of John and Mrs. Arnold; died at the age of 72 years on Apr. 27, 1888.  Married Ben Ames who is deceased.  To this union were born 7 children, two only surviving, Mrs. William Tegart and Mr. John Ames. Lot 315.

AMES, BENJAMIN A.   Lot 315.

AMES, GEORGE A.   Lot 315.

AMES, WILLIE E.   Lot 315.

AMES, WILLIE   Lot 685.

ANDREWS, ELLA MAE   Born at Bullis Mills, Pa., Jan. 23, 1880; died Jan. 11, 1951.  Married George Andrews, who is deceased.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. Ralph Stephens of Angelica-Birdsall Road; grandson, Warren Stephens of Birdsall.  Lot 880.

ANGEL, ALICE M.   Lot 460.

ANGEL, EMILY P.   Lot 697.

ANGEL, HON. WILKES   Born Feb. 26, 1815, of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Angel; died in Feb., 1889.  Married Hannah M. Marble in 1841.  In 1841 he was appointed Dist. Attorney of this county, and in 1844 Master in Chancery by Gov. Silas Wright.  He had been Supervisor of both Angelica and Amity, and Chairman of the Board. In 1860, he was elected Assemblyman, and to the State Senate 1861-63.  He was Supervisor in 1849, 50, 61.

ANGEL, WILLIAM G.   Born in Rhode Island in 1790; died in Angelica October 13, 1858.  He was county Judge; Assessor, 1836; School Inspector, 1836; election Inspector, 1843, 46.   Lot 697.





ARMSTRONG, JAMES  (1809-1887)  Lot 583.

ARMSTRONG, ROBERT   He was listed as a Freeholder in 1811.   Lot 434.

ARNOLD, ANDREW JUDSON  Died 1900.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 138.

ARNOLD, CHARLES   Born in Angelica on Sept. 6, 1839 and died on Jan. 18, 1926.  Both events took place in the same old stone house on West Main Street, which his father built in 1833.  His parents were James C. and Sophia L. Starr Arnold, who came form New England.  Waite Arnold and wife, grandparents of Charles Arnold, came to Angelica at the close of the War of 1812.  Waite Arnold built the first grist mill in 1814 which burned some years later.  In 1840, James C. Arnold, father of Chas. Set up the grocery business.  Charles helped manage the business and on the mother's death in 1886 the two brothers, George and Charles, took over the business until it closed in 1924.   Lot 464.

ARNOLD, MRS. FLOYD   Iza Wakefield Arnold born at Angelica in 1882 of William and Mary Wakefield; died in Sept. 1953.  Was a schoolteacher.  Survived by husband, Floyd Arnold; daughter, Mrs. Reginald Maloney of Beaver Falls; son, Leo Arnold, Fillmore; sister, Mrs. Willard Segling, Perry, and brother, Andrew K. Wakefield. Angelica.

ARNOLD, GEORGE STARR   Born Jan. 3, 1838; died May 12, 1931.  His father, James C. Arnold, came from Derby, Vt., and his mother, Sophia L. Starr, from Danbury, Conn., in the early part of the 19th century.  Survivor is a niece, Sophia L. Atwater. Brother, Charles P. Arnold and sister, Eliza A. Starr Atwater preceded him in death.  Burial in Angelica Cemetery.  Was Cemetery trustee, 1899-1902.   Lot 582.

ARNOLD, MRS. GEORGE S.   Born in Angelica Feb. 4, 1848; died in Angelica, Mar. 17, 1923.  She was the daughter of Levi and Harriet Ann Groton Horner and was named Susan Louisa Horner.  Married George S. Arnold on Oct. 13, 1875.  Buried in Angelica. Lot 582.

ARNOLD, JAMES  (1799-1856)   School Commissioner, 1831, 32; School Inspector, 1833; Overseer of Poor, 1833; Assessor, 1834.  Lot 112

ARNOLD, JAMES CALENDAR  (1805-1869)  Born in Derby, VT in 1805. Husband of Sophia Louisa Starr Arnold.  Died in 1869.  Lot 464.


ARNOLD, JAMES H.   Born in Birdsall in 1873; died Feb. 9, 1945 in Hornell.  Conducted grocery store in Angelica for 30 years.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. Hazel Scholes of Angelica; brother George Arnold of Elmira.  Town committee, 1914, 15.   Lot 444.

ARNOLD, MRS. JANE   Born Feb. 20, 1843, Virgil, N.Y.; died Nov. 22, 1921.  Married A. J. Arnold on Sept. 118, 1861, who died 21 years ago.  Survivors include four children: John, George and James, all of Angelica, and Mrs. Ella Arnold Jones who died July 4, 1917.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 138.

ARNOLD, JOHN   Born in 1864 in West Almond of Andrew J. and Jennie Arnold; died on Dec. 15, 1925.  He with his parents came to live in Angelica at early manhood, settling on the Fairground Road.  Survived by a brother, George Arnold.   Lot 138.

ARNOLD, JOHN  Born in 1864; died Dec. 14, 1925, 61 years old; oldest of four children born to Andrew Judson and Jennie Arnold, West Almond.  Came with his parents to Angelica 40 years ago and located on Fairground Road.  His father died in 1900 and his mother in 1921.  Farmer.  When his mother died he and his brother George sold that home and bought a home on Mechanic Street where he died.  He was employed for the past six years at the Shawmut shops.  When the I.O.O.F. established a lodge here he was one of the early members.  Survived by brother, George of Elmira.  Lot 138.

ARNOLD, JONATHAN  (1835-1898)   Died on Feb. 19, 1898 at the age of 62 years.  Came to Angelica 40 years previously.  Married Miss Mary Hunt, who survives him, with five daughters and two sons.  Was a Union Veteran.

ARNOLD, MARION   Marion Arnold, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold, died Saturday, Feb. 16, 1901.   Lot 112.

ARNOLD, MARY A.   Lot 112.

ARNOLD, MARY   Lot 444.

ARNOLD, MRS. MAY   Survived by daughter, Frances, and son, Dean, of Olean.

ARNOLD, NELLIE MAY   Born Castile, N.Y., May 2, 1874, daughter of Philetus G. and Elizabeth Mayhew; died Feb. 24, 1931.  The family came to Angelica in 1875.  Married James H. Arnold, Sept. 25, 1894.  Survivors include daughter, Hazel Scholes; sister, Mrs. Cora Bosard; brothers, George and Lewis Mayhew. Lot 864B

ARNOLD, RAY   Born in West Almond in 1870; died Nov. 29, 1941.  He was the son of the late Manning and Mary Young Arnold. Married Miss Alta Doolittle on Dec. 14, 1892.  Survived by widow, and sister, Mrs. Charles Foster of West Henrietta.   Lot 60B.

ARNOLD, SOPHIA L. Born Apr. 10, 1810, daughter of Ezra and Lucy Olive Hull Starr; died Oct. 29, 1886, of pneumonia.  Married to James C. Arnold, II in Jan. 1834. Lot 464.

ARNOLD, WAITE  (1775-1826)  Died at the age of 51 years on Sept. 30, 1826.  Was Assessor in 1826. Lot 464.

ARONHALT, J.C.   Lot 216.

ARTMAN, REUBEN   Was Overseer of Poor, 1863; Justice, 1865.  Lot 593.

ATHERTON, MARGARET A.   Born in Belfast of Patrick and Bridget Mountain Butler on Dec. 12, 1873; died Apr. 30, 1953 in Angelica.  Married Edward J. Atherton who is deceased.  Mother of two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Atherton Nenno, who died in Sept. 1952, and Miss Bernice Atherton, at home.  Owned and operated The American Hotel in Angelica.  Survived by daughter; three grandchildren, Miss Norma Jean Nenno and Paul Nenno of Allegany, and Clair Nenno of Riverside, N.J.; one brother, Martin J. Butler of Angelica; sister, Mrs. Winnifred Hines of Seattle, Wash.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 907.

ATWATER, JOHN   Lot 582.

ATWATER, MRS. JOHN  Mrs. Eliza Starr Atwater, daughter of James Calendar Arnold and Sophia Louisa Starr Arnold, was born June 19, 1844; died Feb. 26, 1921.  Married  , Oct. 1, 1873.  Survivors include daughter, Sophia Louisa Atwater; brothers, George Starr Arnold and Charles Patrick Arnold.  She was born, married, and always lived in the Arnold homestead. Lot 582.

ATWATER, MISS SOPHIA   Born of John L. and Eliza Starr Arnold Atwater; died Nov. 30, 1937.  Grandparents were James C. and Sophia Starr Arnold, who came from Connecticut in the early part of the 19th century.  They built the old stone house where she was born and occupied until her death.  Lot 582.

AULT, EUGENE   Born Apr. 24, 1867 in Cuba of Samuel and Laura Butterfield Ault; died July 28, 1944.  Survived by brother, Percy Ault of St. Petersburg, Fla.; nieces, Mrs. Bernice Weir of Angelica; Mrs. W. D. Barnes of Wellsville and another of Washington, D.C.  Lot 892A.

AUSTIN, DALE ELWYN   Born Nov. 4, 1945 of William and Madeleine Patterson Austin; died Dec. 3, 1952.  Survived by parents; brother, Roy and sister, Shirley; grandmother, Mrs. Mary Kleinbach of Wellsville.  Lot 229.

AVERILL, MRS. CAPITOLA   Died in Rochester, Aug. 24, 1936.  Lot 8.


AYRES, OBADIAH   Highway Overseer in 1806.  Lot 424.

BABCOCK, DORA M.   Lot 164.



BACON, EDWARD   Born in Allen, Sept. 11, 1839 of Thomas and Betsey Bacon; died at Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Jan 12, 1916.  Survivors: son, Dr. H. Edward Bacon, Denver, Colo,; daughters, Mrs. H. E. Pratt, Mt. Vernon; Mrs. R. S. Pattison, Boston, Mass.; Mrs. H. Schubert of New York City.   Lot 47.

BACON, MARIA J.   Born in Angelica Sept. 11, 1848 of Harry and Sally J. Hooker; died Aug., 31, 1888 in Angelica.  Married Edward Bacon Sept. 11, 1872. Husband and four children survive her. Lot 47.

BAILOR, MRS. EMMA VINCENT   Died Aug. 30, 1937 at the age of 72 years. She was the daughter of Emily Coombes Vincent and William Vincent. She married William Bailor who died ten years previously.  Survived by one daughter, Mrs. Deo Lelear, Angelica; two sons, Albert and Percy Bailor, both of Angelica; and one brother, Ralph Vincent. Burial in Angelica. Lot 23A.

BAILOR, FAITH LILLIAN   Died Sept. 8, 1941, at the age of five months. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bailor.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 23A.


BAKER, ABEL   Lot 713.

BAKER, ABRAHAM   A freeholder in 1808.

BAKER, FRANK A.   Born in Phillips Creek, January 8, 1859, to Edwin and Jerusha Baker of a family of 5 boys and 2 girls; died May 12, 1931.  Married Jennie May Engle.  Drayman here for 26 years. Lot 73.

BAKER, MRS. FRANK   Jennie May Engle died at the age of 72 on July 17, 1936.  She was the daughter of Mary and Manlius Engle.  She married Frank A. Baker in 1887.  Survivors include a sister, Sarah Engle; brother, Burdette Engle; four nephews, Charles Engle of Fillmore, George and Frank Engle and Floyd Sanford, all of Angelica.  Lot 73.


BAKER, MAHLON P.   Lot 133.

BAKER, SARAH C.   Lot 713.

BAKER, W. A.   Lot 713.


BALCOM, MRS. THEDA IVES   Born May 13, 1904 of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Ives; died Oct. 11, 1950.  Married Howard Balcom June 20, 1925.  To this union two children surviving are husband of Belfast and parents of Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 889B


BALFOUR, JOHN L.   Lot 763A.


BARDEEN, ETTA   Lot 626.  

BARDWELL, CLAUDIUS   Son of Araunah Francis and Julia Clark Willis; disappeared en route to Montana in 1904-mystery of his disappearance has never been solved.  Lot 318B

BARDWELL, ERNEST RAYMOND   Ernest R. Bardwell, 65 years old died at the Bethesda Hospital in Hornell, Sept. 11, 1926.  He was born at Whitney Crossing, Jan. 14, 1861, the son of Sullivan F. and Sarah Beach Bardwell.  He was graduated from the Canaseraga schools and from the Indiana Business Institute, Valparaiso, Indiana.  He married Sophie Bingham, who died during the flu epidemic of 1920.  Survivors: a son Eugene and daughter, Myrtle; one sister, Ada Bardwell, of Canaseraga; two brothers, Howard of Michigan, and John of Canaseraga. Interment will be in the family plot in “Until the Day Dawn” cemetery here.   Lot 843.

BARDWELL, JOHN SULLIVAN   Born Jan. 6, 1871 on the same farm he died on in the town of Grove, of Sullivan Fernando and Sarah Frances Beach Bardwell, early settlers in the Town of Grove; died Aug. 27, 1945.  Married Maude Ella Willis of Angelica, Jan. 1, 1897.  Was a teacher, farmer, and Justice of the Peace.  Survivors: sister, Miss Ada Cornelia Bardwell, Canaseraga; brother Howard, Muskedgon, Mich.; wife, Maude Bardwell; daughters, Muriel (Mrs. Frank H. Coombs), and Lauretta (Mrs. Matt L. Leach) of Canaseraga; son, Howard F. Bardwell of Chicago.  Lot 318B.

BARDWELL, MRS. MAUDE WILLIS   Born May 12, 1869 in Birdsall, daughter of Araunah Francis and Julia Clark Willis; died Jan. 9, 1950, in Canaseraga.  Was a teacher.  Married John Sullivan Bardwell of Canaseraga on Jan. 1, 1897, who died Aug. 27, 1945.  Survived by sisters, Laurettie (Mrs. Fred Wisner) of Deer Lodge, Mont.; twin, Maybelle (Mrs. Almon Weaver), patient in Willard State Hospital since 1944; brother, Claudius disappeared enroute to Montana in 1904 - mystery of his disappearance has never been solved.  Survived by the following children: daughters, Muriel (Mrs. Frank H. Coombs), and Lauretta (Mrs. Matt L. Leach) of Canaseraga; son, Howard F. Bardwell of Chicago.   Lot 318B.

BARDWELL, REUBEN RAYMOND   Reuben Raymond Bardwell was born at Farmersville, N.Y. on July 7, 1900.  He was the son of Ernest and Sophie Bardwell.  Raymond was baptized in infancy according to the usage's and customs of the Methodist Episcopal Church by the Rev. John Ross .  He died Nov 19, 1912, at Angelica, age 12; cause of death:  Menningitis.  Survivors besides his parents:  one brother, Eugene; one sister, Myrtle. Lot 843.

BARDWELL,MRS. SOPHIA M.BINGHAM   Sophia Minerva Bingham was born in the town of Russia, Herkimer County, N.Y., Feb. 20, 1868, daughter of Salmon P. and Maria Wilcox Bingham.  On Sept. 6, 1893, she married Ernest R. Bardwell in Farmersville, N.Y. Sept. 6, 1893.  She died Feb. 10, 1920.  Survivors:  her husband, a son Eugene, and daughter, Myrtle.  A son, Raymond, predeceased her.  She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Martha Green of Angelica, NY.  Her funeral was held at her home on Mechanic Street, Feb. 13, 1920.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 843.



BARNARD, EMILY P.   Lot 623.

BARNES, JOSEPH   Overseer of Poor, 1878.  Lot 330.

BARNES, MRS. CHARLOTTE REED   Charlotte Eliza Reed Barnes born in Mt. Morris, where she lived until she was married; died in Angelica on Feb. 5, 1891.  Married Abram W. Clark, who died 23 years previously.  Four children were born of this marriage, three of whom survive, namely, Mrs. G. M. Clark, of Towanda, Pa.; R. W. Clark of Canaseraga; and Lewis Clark, now living in Elmira.  Married Mr. Barnes 15 years ago, who died 7 years ago.  Lot 330.



BARNUM, DAVID N.   Lot 415.


BATES, MRS. ALEXANDER  Mrs. Alexander Bates died June 23, 1926, aged 92.  Mrs. Bates was born in 1835, and for 80 years had been a resident of Angelica, her parents being among the earliest residents of Western New York.

BATES, MRS. ALEXANDER   Born in 1835; died Angelica, June 28, 1926.

BATES, DORIS H.  Lot 139.

BATES, ELIZA J.  Lot 653.

BATES, FRANK HAMILTON   Born in Angelica Sept. 27, 1862 of Alexander and Mary O'Meara Bates; died Dec. 3, 1950.  Married Matilda Mapes, who is deceased. Was a carpenter.  Was Highway commissioner, 1904-11.  Survived by sister Grace, Mrs. George Norton of Angelica; two brothers, William Bates of Franklinville and John Bates of Rochester.

BATES, GEAN F.  Lot 139.

BATES, JAMES   Born in Angelica April 29, 1860; died on Feb. 6, 1944.  Survived by two sons, Clarence of Rochester and Albert of Angelica; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Graham and Mrs. Grace Norton of Angelica; three brothers, Frank of Angelica; John of Rochester; and Will of Franklinville.  Burial in Angelica.

BATES, MARGARET   Born Jan. 3, 1856 in Angelica; died Nov. 17, 1932. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Bates.  Suvivors: three sisters and four brothers; Mrs. Mary Graham, Angelica; Mrs. Jennie Farwell, Franklinville; Mrs. Grace Norton, E. Akron, Ohio; James and Frank Bates of Angelica; William H. Bates of Franklinville; and John C. Bates of Rochester.   Lot 646.

BATES, MARY  Lot 646.

BATES, MARY A.   Lot 812.

BATES, MRS. MATILDA MAPES   Born in Angelica, Apr. 22, 1863; died Jan. 5, 1946.  Daughter of Robert and Mary Mapes. Survived by husband.  Burial in Angelica.

BATES, OLIVE C.  Lot 863.

BATES SUSANNAH PAGE   Born in West Almond, July 9, 1861; died June 20, 1932. She was one of 10 children of Joseph Whitman Engle and Susan Davidson Engle.  Married James A. Bates of Angelica on Feb. 11, 1866.  Survived by husband; sister, Mrs. Emmaline White of Belfast; two sons, Clarence E. Bates of Rochester and Albert R. Bates of Angelica. Lot 863.

BATES, THOMAS   Was Game Constable in 1878,79.  Lot 812.


BAYLOR, STELLA   Student at Cornell University.  Lot 6.

BEBEE, DOUGLAS C.   Lot 595.

BECKWITH, HARRY WILLIAM   Died Oct. 1, 1947, at the age of one day.  Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beckwith.  Burial in Angelica. Lot 637.

BECKWITH, MRS. MARY   Died on March 14, 1937, at the age of 79 years.  She was born in Yorks Corners, N.Y.




BELL, JOHN  (1803-1885)  Born in Geneva, Ontario Co. NY, October 21, 1803; died March 23, 1885.  Married Sarah T. Smith in 1830.  Had six daughters, five of whom survive.  Also survived by one brother and one sister, Mrs. Hershey, both residing in Gorham, Ontario Co.  Wife died January 20, 1847.  On September 19, 1847, married Marie Dean, daughter of Daniel Dean of West Almond. Hwy. Commissioner, 1852.  Lot 133.

BELL, SARAH T. SMITH  1809-1847   Born 1809 of Capt. Leonard and Amy Trimmer Smith.  Married John Bell in 1830.  They had six daughters.  Died January 20, 1847.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 400.

BELLAMY, MRS. BETSY E. MORSE   Betsey Elizabeth Bellamy died Transit Bridge May 8, 1913, aged 96 years.  She was born in Penn Yan, and moved to Scio with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newman Morse.  She married Handy Bellamy of Scio, where they lived for sometime.  Mrs. Bellamy was one of a family of eight children, many of which lived to be quite aged.  There are two sisters surviving, Caroline of Stockton, CA and Jane, of Angelica and one son, Lester Bellamy of Transit Bridge.  The older son, Judson, died a few months ago.  Burial in Angeica cemetery.

BELLAMY, HANDY   Born in Scio in 1813 of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Bellamy.  Married Betsy Morse.  Was Election Inspector in 1874; Assessor, 1878.  Survivors: widow; sons Lester Bellamy and Judson Bellamy.

BELLAMY, JUDSON   Born at Scio, Nov. 3, 1837; died Nov. 20, 1912.  Married June, 1862 to Phoebe M. Clark, Scio.  Settled in Omaha, Neb., for a few years, later returning to Friendship.  Later they moved to Transit Bridge.  Survived by wife and two children: Frank of Titusville, Pa.; Mrs. Bessie Tullar of Angelica; mother, Mrs. Betsy Bellamy; brother, Lester Bellamy.  Burial in Angelica. Lot 814.

BELLAMY, MRS. PHOEBE CLARK   Mrs. Phoebe Bellamy passed away at an early hour Thursday morning, Aug. 1, 1913.  She had been in the best of health up to the time of her death and the cause was said to be apoplexy.  Her husband, Judson Bellamy, died some three months ago and Mrs. Bellamy had lived with her daughter until about a month ago, when she went to live by herself.  She leaves one son, Frank Bellamy, and a daughter, Mrs. Glen Fuller. Buried in Angelica.. Lot 814.

BELLAMY, SILAS   Married Betsy Knight.  Was Highway Overseer in 1808, 10, 15, 18, 19; Fence Viewer, 1818.

BENHAM, JULIA HULL   Wife of James Benham.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 516.

BENJAMIN, CARTER   School Commissioner, 1832,33; Town Clerk, 1835.


BENJAMIN, E. P.   Lot 107.

BENJAMIN, MARY A.  Wife of E. P. Benjamin. Lot 107.

BENJAMIN, MINA E.   Daughter of William and Sarah Benjamin.   Lot 107.

BENJAMIN, SARAH PHIPPEN   Died Sept. 11, 1933, at the age of 83 years.  She was born in 1850, the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Phippen.  Married William Benjamin in 1874.  Had four children, Edward, Winifred, and Mina, who died in early youth, and Clair who survives.  Two grandaughters, Miss Edith Benjamin and Mrs. Elwood Lawrence, also survive.   Lot 107.

BENJAMIN, WILLIAM   Died at the age of 73 years on Jan. 7, 1916.  Married Miss Sarah Phippen, Oct. 1, 1874.  Survivors include his wife, a son, Clair Benjamin, Allen; sisters, twin sister, Mrs. Amos White, Angelica; Mrs. Andrew Smalley, Mrs. Judson Todd of Friendship; Mrs. Alice Johnson of Interlaken; brothers, Elias Benjamin, Belfast; George of Nickerson, Kan. Burial in Angelica.   Lot 107.


BENNETT, CHESTER   Was fence Viewer in 1820; Highway Overseer, 1820.  Lot 813.




BENNETT, FRED W.   Lot 813.

BENNETT, GRACE A.   Lot 813.


BENNETT, LAWRENCE   Born 1899; died from an accidental shot while hunting Nov. 16, 1919, at the age of 20 years.  Had always lived in Angleica and had made his home with different people.  Aunt, Mrs. J.B. Moot, survives.



BENSON, IRVING S.  Born Aug. 14, 1849; died July 23, 1934.  Ran Blacksmith Shop built over the creek near the present residence of Mrs. William Washburn.  Was trustee and mayor of Angelica His wife was sister of the late William Seiver.  Survived by daughter, Josephine, Mrs. Nathan Wells, of Albany. Burial in Angelica.  Lot 321A.

BENSON, DR. STEPHEN S.   Born in Angelica of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Benson; died April 10, 1917, in Wellsville.  Married Miss Lena Shuart of Angelica, who survives.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 280.



BENTLEY, MRS. RHODA L.   Born in Allen, July 28, 1829; died in Angelica, Aug. 30, 1914.  Married Oliver Bentley, who died June 3, 1894.  Survivors: son, Frank Bentley; one sister and brother.  Burial in Angelica.

BESS, MRS. BESSIE E.   Born in Rushford, Aug. 12, 1875; died Feb. 4, 1947.  A former resident of Angelica.  Survived by one daughter, Mrs. Lillian Sadler of Belmont.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 607.

BESS, THOMAS   Born in Hector, N.Y., May 22, 1855; died Aug. 25, 1934.  Lived in Odessa, Houghton, Caneadea and Angelica.  Married Bessie Wood Jan. 28, 1898.  Had daughter Lillian.  Buried in Angelica.

BIGELOW, IDA L.   Lot 890.

BINGHAM, HANNAH B. SAXTON   Hannah Saxton, was born 1 Feb 1806, in Saratoga Springs, NY, daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Smith Saxton.  Her husband, Thomas predeceased her.  Hannah died December 4, 1890 at Farmersville, Cattaraugus Co, NY and was buried in Angelica.  They had five children: Mary, who died in 1883; Sarah who died in 1883; three sons survive, Salmon P., Reuben S., and Charles Bingham.   Lot 162.

BINGHAM, MRS. MARIA WILCOX  Miss Maria Wilcox was born in Newport, Herkimer Co., in 1836.  In 1856 she was married to Salmon P. Bingham of Floyd, Oneida Co.  They removed to the town of Angelica in 1871 where they lived for several years and later went to Cattaraugus Co. In 1903 they returned to Allegany County and located in the village of Angelica where they have since resided. Of her own immediate family there remain to mourn her loss; her husband, Mr. S. P. Bingham, and two daughters, Mrs. E.R. Bardwell and Miss Martha Bingham, all residents of Angelica, also one brother, Mr. Egbert Wilcox of Syracuse, N.Y. ; a son, Frederick, died in infancy.   Lot 162.

BINGHAM, SALMON PELTON   Salmon Pelton Bingham, son of Thomas J. and Hannah Saxton Bingham, was born in Floyd, Oneida Co., NY, Sept. 19, 1834, and died at his home in Angelica, NY Oct. 15, 1911.  He was the last survivor of a family of five children.  November 5, 1856 he was married to Ann Maria Wilcox who departed this life February 6, 1910.  To them were born four children, the oldest a son who died at the age of five years, Mrs. D. H. Johnson of Friendship, who died June 26, 1897, Mrs. E. R. Bardwell, and Miss Martha Bingham of Angelica, NY.  The funeral was held at his late home on East Main Street, Tuesday, October 17, 1911.   Lot 162.

BINGHAM, SARAH  Died, in Angelica, Jan. 7, 1883, Sarah Bingham aged 50 years and 9 months.  Deceased was born in Floyd, Oneida county, and has lived with her widowed mother, Mrs. S. Bingham, in Angelica, during the past six years.  She was a member of the Methodist church from early years.  She had not been in good health for a number of years past.  Survivors: mother; three brothers, Salmon P., Reuben, and Charles.  Interment in Angelica Cemetery.   Lot 162.

BLACK, FRED E.  Fred E. Black, born at Jersey City, N.J. on Feb. 12, 1867; died Sept. 20, 1919.  Came to Angelica in 1907 and was employed at his trade until a few months ago.  Married Nov. 23, 1909, to Miss Grace Scholes of Angelica, who survives.  Also survived by his step-mother, Mrs. Mary Black of Waldwick N.J., and two half-sisters.   Lot. 145.

BLACK, MINA A.  Lot 856.

BLAIR, FRANK S.  Lot 332.

BLAIR, HARRIET M.   Lot 332.

BLAIR, MARY ELLEN   Born in Angelica; died Jan. 1, 1942. She was the daughter of Mitchell S. and Harriet Dennison Blair.  She was one of the first graduates of Wilson Academy and taught in the Angelica high School.  Survived by brother, Charles Ed. Blair, of Denver, Colo.   Lot 332.

BLAIR, MITCHEL S.  Born Dec. 15, 1838.  Married Harriet Dennison.  Was Supervisor, 1866-69; Assessor in 1871.  Lot 332.

BLAKELY,ROSS SCOTT   Born in Birdsall May 22, 1880 of the late John and Leila Luther Blakely; Died Mar. 7, 1946.  Survived by wife; two sons, Howard Blakely of Largo, Fla., and Leslie Blakely of Angelica; three brothers, Luther of Avon; Robert and Loren of LaVerne, Minn.; two sisters, Mrs. K. M. Trecker and Miss Ethel Blakely of Melville, N. D.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 62.

BLANCHARD, EDWIN P.   Born in West Sparta, N.Y., June 5, 1846; died Oct. 15, 1916.  Married Miss Mary Eldredge, June 27, 1869, who died May 29, 1912.  Survivors include sisters, Mrs. Harriet E. Kuder, Grove; Mrs. Elvira F. Post, Belvidere; Mrs. Emma O. Langworthy, Alfred.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 214.

BLANCHARD, MARY O.   Mary Ordelia Eldredge Blanchard died at the age of 63 years in Angelica May 29, 1912.  Married Edwin P. Blanchard, June 29, 1869.  Survivors include her husband; brothers, John and William Eldredge; sister, Eliza. Burial in Angelica.   Lot 214.

BLAUVELT, HENRY   Born in a log house in Almond, Apr. 19, 1840, of James and Christina Blauvelt; died Jan. 30, 1911, at home in Angelica.  Married Feb. 6 1861, to Hester A. Southard.   Survivors: widow; daughters, Mrs. C. Lowry, Mrs. W. G. Smith, Mrs. George Mott and Mrs. C. L. Lathrop, Angelica; Mrs. C. Hurlbert, Rochester; Mrs. F.G. Hulbert, St. Mary's, Pa., son, Oscar Blauvelt, Angelica; brother, William J. Blauvelt, Amherst, Oho. Overseer of Poor, 1902-04.   Lot 204.

BLAUVELT, HESTER ANN   Born Feb. 6, 1841; died Nov., 1919.  Married Henry Blauvelt, Feb. 6, 1862.  To them were born seven children, Martha Adelma, Oscar R., Clara R., Frances M., Josephine L., Gertrude C., and Viola Maude.  Of these all are living save M. Adelma, who died in 1916.  Mrs. Blauvelt came to live in this village in 1881 and always lived in Allegany County.   Lot 204.

BLAUVELT, MRS. O.R.   Died Oct. 3, 1921, after having spent most of the 56 years of her life in Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 96.

BLICKWEDE, AUGUSTA L.   Augusta Louise Metz died Oct. 24, 1917 at the age of 81 years.  She was born in Germany.  Married Henry Blickwede 59 years previous to her death.  Survivors: son, George H. Blickwede, Bogota, N.J.; daughters, Marie A. Blickwede, and Harriet L. Blickwede, Mrs. B. L. Elliott, Rochester; Mrs. Fred Gregory, Skaneateles.  Lot 705.


BLICKWEDE, MISS HARRIET   Born at Joncy of Henry and Augusta Metz Blickwede; died Dec. 8, 1950.  She was a school teacher.  Survived by sister, Ella, Mrs. l.B. Elliott of Rochester.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 703.


BLICKWEDE, MARIA AUGUSTA   Died June 21, 1933.  Survived by brother, George H. Blickwede of Hackensack, N. J.; sisters, Harriet L. and Ella R. B. Elliott, Rochester.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 703.




BLINN, ISAAC SR.   Born in 1799; died June 7, 1842 at the age of 42.   Was School Commissioner in 1831-34; Highway Commissioner in 1835.

BLINN, ISAAC JR.  (1818-1854)  Lot 527.




BLINN, SIMEON E.   Lot 28.

BOGARDUS, MRS. GUITA YOUNG   Born in Perry; died Sept. 18, 1947.  Survived by son, Floyd Young of Birdsall, two brothers, N. P. Olin of Ellicottville and Ralph Olin of Horseheads.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 191.

BOSARD, CHARLES   Born 1857; died May 27, 1939.  He was the son of William and Sarah Stillman Bosard.  He is survived by his wife, Cora Mayhew Bosard, daughter, Miss Ruth Bosard, and son Lyle Bosard, all of Angelica. Burial in Angelica.  Lot 881.

BOSARD, CORA MAYHEW   Born in Castile in 1867; died May 19, 1948.  Married Charles Bosard who is deceased.  Survived by daughter, Ruth Bosard; son, Lyle Bosard of Angelica; two brothers, Lewis Mayhew of Angelica and George Mayhew of Bradford, Pa.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 881.



BOWEN, HIRAM   Was a Justice in 1862, 66-68.  Lot 316B.

BOWES, MARY JANE   Born in London, England, Sept 22, 1860 of Joseph and Jane Little Short; died Mar. 29, 1955.  Married in 1880 to Thomas R. Bowes, who died in 1918 Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Helen Hall of Belmont, Mrs. Mary G. Grunder of Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 320.

BOWES, THOMAS R.   Died in 1918; Survivors: widow, daughters, Mrs. Helen Hall of Belmont, Mrs. Mary G. Grunder of Angelica. Burial in Angelica.  Lot 320.

BOWES, THOMAS R. JR   Lot 320.


BOYD, MR. S.   Mr. S. Boyd, who formerly lived on the Joshua Davis farm, died in Alfred and was buried here Monday.  (Apr. 18, 1890).

BRANDES, JESSIE A. PALMER   Jessie A. Palmer was born in Angelica, Dec. 10, 1883; died in Angelica, Feb. 24, 1914.  On June 26, 1907, she married John Brandes.  Survivors include husband, father, two sisters and three brothers.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 52.

BRANSON, ELIZABETH COMMON   Died June 12, 1910 after some 60 years of life.  Married in 1890 to Levo Branson, who died a few years ago.  Survivors:  son, Paul, Angelica; brother, Thomas Common, Johnsonburg, Pa., and nephew, William Common, Bolivar.  Burial in Angelica.

BREADON, GERALD W.   Born Mar. 5, 1915 in Angelica of Roy and Jessie Hurd Breadon; died Oct. 4, 1955.  He was a plumber.  Married Aug. 30, 1941 to Clarissa Wilkins.  Was a resident of Wellsville.  Survived by widow; parents; three children, Gerald W. Jr., William W. and Mary, all at home; two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Monroe of Bradenton, Fla., and Mrs. Geraldine Graham of Wellsville.  Burial in Angelica.

BREITWIESER, LEONARD   Born Dec. 19, 1854, in Darmstadt, Germany; died Oct. 14, 1926.  Married Mary Vosslier of Wellsville, Jan. 25, 1882.  He was a cooper by trade.  Survivors: Arthur Breitwieser of Angelica; daughter, Mrs. Agatha Wesche.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 852.


BRENEKA, WILLIAM   Born in Allen, Mar. 18, 1878; died Sept. 24, 1949; survived by widow, Mrs. Ruby Hooker Breneka; three daughters, Mrs. Frances Breitwieser of Angelica; Mrs. Ruth Hornburg, Wellsville, and Mrs. Helen Wirt of Almond; two sisters, Mrs. Catherine Mills of Letchworth Park, and Mrs. Mary Herman of Wellsville.  Was a Town Committeeman in 1916,17; Justice, 1934, 35, 38, 39. Buriel in Angelica.  Lot 896.


BREWER, HELEN A.   Lot 683.

BREWSTERK D.N.   Lot 244.

BREWSTER, ELMER   Born Aug. 6, 1864; died Oct. 24, 1947.  No know relatives.  Burial in Angelica.

BROCKETT, MARGARET J.  Margaret J. Brockett of Transit, died in the Wellsville Hospital, December 7, 1923.  Burial in Angelica cemetery.


BROCKETT, RANSOM J.   Died at the age of 91 years on Mar. 1, 1938 in Kenmore.  Married Miss Elvira Bliss in 1873.  He went into the clothing business in Angelica in 1883, and later, in 1893, went into the insurance business.  He also served as Justice of the Peace in Angelica for 28 years.  Survived by son Roy R. Brockett of Kenmore.  Election Inspector, 1876; Assessor, 1878, 1882; Justice, 1885, 89, 93, 97-1906, 1910-13.


BROWN, ALBERT   Was Election Inspector in 1861, 62, 69; Supervisor, 1872, 73.  Lot 733.


BROWN, CHARLES   Born in Potter Co., Pa., Feb. 5, 1876; died Feb. 15, 1920 of influenza.  Died in the Piatt house on Olean Street.  Survived by his wife and six children.

BROWN, CHARLES A.   Died at the age of 62 years at Ithaca, Aug. 7, 1913.  He was born of Col. and Mrs. Albert G. Brown at Chatham, N.Y. He was the last member of a family prominent for many years in business and social life in Angelica.  On the death of his father he formed a partnership with George Lockhart, and continued in business of the Joncy Paper Mills for several years until destroyed by fire.  Married Dec. 11, 1887 to Miss Jessie Gillies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gillies, who died Dec. 13, 1907.  Four children survive: Mrs. Grown Lyall, Miss Marion Brown, Jersey City; Albert G. Brown, Itrhaca; Douglas R. Brown, Barlesville, Okla.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 720.

BROWN, DANIEL   Daniel Brown known to most of the present residents of Angelica as "Old Ed Brown", died at the Infirmary.  Was Constable in 1856.

BROWN, DAVID   Born in Hartford, N.Y. on Sept. 1, 1800; died Apr. 25, 1867.  Was a descendant of Mark Antony. Came to Angelica in 1830.  Married Phoebe Swift, who died in 1826.  In 1827, married Waity Norton.  They had 11 sons.  Sons Norton R. and Daniel are residents of Angelica.  One daughter, Abigail, married George Howe, who had one son, David A. Howe.  Was an Undersheriff at the time of his death.  Also, was Constable in 1841-43; Election Inspector, 1855, 63, 64, 67; Supervisor in 1857, 65.   Lot 554.

BROWN, DWIGHT A.   Lot 458.

BROWN, FRANK A.   Lot 44.

BROWN, HARRIET RICHARDSON   Died in Apr. 1896.  Her mother, Lucy Richardson, was a slave of Judge Philip Church, being freed by law of 1828.  She passed her remaining days in a cottage east of Fairgrounds, on the site where Frank Warner's residence now is.  She died about 23 years ago.  Later, Harriet bought the Dr. Charles office building east of the Presbyterian church which remained her home.  Lot 633A

BROWN, JAMES   Lot 581.

BROWN, JAMES T.   Born Dec. 26, 1832, in Genoa, Cayuga Co. N.Y.' died May 16, 1909.  Started drug store with Dr. Todd in 1856. Ran a grocery store in connection with it for 35 years.  Took in jewelry and watch repairing.  Also conducted hardware business a number of years.  Was Town Clerk in 1863; Election Inspector, 1871-73; Supervisor, 1876-79, 1882-84.  Lot 569.

BROWN, JESSIE G.   Lot 720.

BROWN, LIBBIE SARAH   Died Mar. 5, 1915. She was the daughter of the late James T. Brown.  No immediate survivors.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 569.

BROWN, MRS. L. M.   Born in Spencetown, N.Y. of Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Olmsted on Oct. 6, 1823; died May 8, 1892 Cumberland, Md.  Married Col. A. Brown in 1845.  Survivors:  three children, Mrs. Brundage, Buffalo; Mrs. Lockhart, of Cumberland, Md., and Chas. A. Brown of this place.  Lot 733.


BROWN, MARY   Lot 444.


BROWN, MARY F.   Lot 44.



BROWN, MARION D.   Born 1894; at age 24, died on Dec. 4, 1918, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown of Ithaca; granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gillies.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 720.

BROWN, NORTON R.   Born, Hartford, N.Y., April 3, 1828; died Oct. 14, 1911 at Angelica.  Married in 1850 to Mary Hammond, Angelica.  Survivors:  daughter, Mrs. H. B.Warner, Angelica; grandchildren, Harry B., Joseph R., and Mamie Warner of Angelica; and Mary Brown of Wellsville; brother, Daniel C. Brown, Angelica; sister Mrs. Sarah Grotz, Bloomsburg, Pa.  Burial in Angelica. Lot 44.

BROWN, SARAH   Lot 581.

BROWN, THIRZA D.   Lot 569.

BROWN, WAITY   Born 1808.  Wife of David Brown.   Lot 554.

BROWN, WILLIAM H.   Lot 131.


BRUNDAGE, MRS. ELIZABETH ENGLE   Died at an old age in Belfast, Nov. 1923.  Daughter of Joseph and Susan Engle Whitman.  Survived by son, Louis, Belfast; sisters, Mrs. Ann Garrigan and Mrs. James Bates of Angelica; Mrs. Rebecca Weir of Belmont; Mrs. John White of Belfast.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 141.

BRUNDAGE, LEWIS   Born in West Almond in 1871. Survived by foster son, Lawrence Stuart, and sister-in-law, Mrs. DeForrest Gillespie, both of Belfast.  Lot 616.


BRUNDAGE, MARY A.   Lot 616.


BUCHANAN, CHARLES D.   Born Apr. 12, 1866 of Captain and Mrs. J.J. Buchanan; died Nov. 18, 1917.  Married in 1891 to Mrs. Anna Casada of Elmira.  Survived by wife and daughter, Janet.  Engaged as clerk with James Lockhart on July 28, 1882.   Lot 196.



BUCHANAN, MRS. LYDIA   Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D. H. Cobb, in Ulysses, Pa., April 22, 1897; aged 71 years.  Married John Jay Buchanan on Aug. 19, 1849, who survives her.  Six children were born of this union, four daughters and two sons, all of whom survive except a daughter dying in infancy.


BUEHRING, DOROTHEA   Dorothea Schrader, born of Wilhelm and Marie Schroeder in Hanover, Germany in 1840; died Mar. 29, 1925 in Angelica.  In 1854 the family moved to America, settling in Angelica.  Married Ernest Buehring in 1856, whom she had known in Germany.  Three children born to them all of whom survive, Mrs. Emma Carr of Knoxville, Tenn.; Harry Buehring of Hornell; and Mrs. Alice Dean of Angelica.  Mr. Buehring was a licensed Methodist preacher.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 206.

BUEHRING, ERNEST   Born in Germany, Jan. 1, 1827; died in Angelica, Dec. 27, 1910.  Married in Angelica, Sept. 25, 1856, to Miss Dorothea Schrader.  Survivors: wife; daughters, Mrs. Emma Karr, Harriman, Tenn.; Mrs. Alice Dean, Angelica; son, Harry W. Buehring, Hornell.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 206.

BULLOCK, AMY   Lot 640.

BULLOCK, AZUBAH   Wife of Jesse Bullock.   Lot 381.


BULLOCK, CHARLES  Died Jan. 17, 1926 at the age of 78; inmate of the County Home.  At one time in the early history of the town he drove the stage which ran between Nunda and Angelica carrying mail and passengers.  He has been an inmate of the County Home about a year.  He leaves among his living relatives, Mrs. Anna Crandall, Mrs. Howard of Friendship, Mrs. Dexter Walker and Charles and George Bullock.  Burial in Angelica Cemetery.

BULLOCK, EMMA   Lot 640.

BULLOCK GEORGE W.  (1822-1850)   Lot 381.

BULLOCK ISAAC   Born in Angelica in Mar., 1865, son of Samuel and Harriett Bullock, and almost all of his life was spent in the town, in fact his home has always been in the place where he died on Jan. 13, 1920.  He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Lottie Elwell of Syracuse and three brothers, Jesse of Angelica; Frank of Bolivar, and Charles of Buffalo. Lot 640.

BULLOCK, JESSE   Born in West Almond, Dec. 11, 1861, eldest son of Samuel and Harriet Lyon Bullock; died Apr. 18, 1928.  Married Carrie Lytle.  Survived by wife; son Harry; brothers, Charles and Frank of Buffalo; sister, Mrs. Lottie Elwell, Syracuse.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 848.

BULLOCK JESSE   Justice, 1822-25, 28, 29. Lt., N.Y..S.  Militia in 1814; Captain in 1815. Lot 381.

BULLOCK, SUSAN   Died in 1833.  Daughter of Jesse and Azubah Bullock.   Lot 381.

BURDEN, ELLIOT M.   Lot 826.

BURDEN, HELEN M.   Lot 826.

BURDEN, ELLIOT M.  Died Feb. 2, 1926 in Bethesda Hospital at Hornell, from pneumonia, following a successful operation.  Only son of Orville and Helen Burden, one of the two children born at Birdsall, N.Y.  In 1897 he, with four or more companions left home and ventured forth to Alaska, traveling thousands of miles through forests, over portages with packs and paraphernalia, amid adverse conditions and discouragements, but valiant ever.  They made it to the Yukon in the upper ramparts of the Canadian Rockies.  Elliott became a trapper and the furs of the Arctic became more profitable than the gold of the Yukon.  He stayed in Alaska 25 years but wanting to see his family again he returned to Birdsall in 1922.  Lot 826.

BURDEN, ORVILLE E.   Born Sept. 4, 1844, in Howard, of Otis and Christina Burden; died Dec. 3, 1920 in Bethesda Hospital in Hornell.  Married Miss Helen Mason.  Survivors: wife; children, Elliott M. Burden of Katzebue, Alaska; and Elsie M. Burden of Birdsall.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 826.

BURDICK, ABBIE C.   Lot 752.

BURDICK, EDNA A.   Lot 77.

BURDICK, EDWARD C.   Born in West Almond, Dec. 5, 1850, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Burdick; died Jan. 7, 1938.  First wife, Florence Baker of West Almond; second wife, Ella Thomas of Belvidere; third wife, Caroline Henson of Angelica, who died Jan. 1, 1936.  Survived by three daughters, Mrs. Blanche Ebeling, Wellsville; Mrs. Grace Hollihan, Buffalo; Mrs. Clara Wilson, Friendship; three sons, Clark Burdick, Perrysburg Hospital; Clarence Burdick, Buffalo; and Everett Burdick of Rochester.  Burial in Angelica.  Was Town Committeeman in 1908-11.   Lot 77.

BURDICK, MILDRED CARMER   Friday August 22, 1913.  Mrs. Mildred Carmer Burdick, wife of Frank Burdick of Angelica, and a former resident of Belmont, died Friday, August 15, 1913, at her home, after an illness of three weeks.  Her death was due to dropsy.  Mrs. Burdick was the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Carmer of Hinsdale.  For several years before hr marriage she made her home in Belmont, with her grandparents, Mr .and Mrs. Cyrus Carmer.  About nine years ago she was married and they went to Angelica to live on Mr. Burdick's farm near that town.  Survivors:  her husband, a son, Richard Arthur, two and one-half months of age and a sister, Mrs. A.A. Norton of Belmont.  Burial was at Angelica.  Lot 764A.




BURNS, CHRISTIAN   Died Sept. 28, 1857 at the age of 86 years.  Was a town official in War of 1812; Freeholder, 1808, 09, 11, 12; Highway Overseer, 1807, 10, 11, 12, 18, 20-22; Fence V iewer, 1818, 20-22. Lot 508.

BURNS, CORNELIA  (1790-1876)   Lot 557.

BURNS, HATTIE   Lot 558.

BURNS, HENRY   Born in Angelica, Nov. 18, 1875; died Jan. 23, 1944.  Son of Benjamin and Mary Dudley Burns.  Survived by two brothers, Robert of Angola, N.Y., and Frank of Belmont.

BURNS, MAY   Lot 558.

BURNS, MARY   Lot 558.

BURNS, ROBERT D.   Born in Angelica, son of Benjamin and Sarah Dudley Burns; died in Angola, May 18, 1951, at the age of 72 years.  Survived by widow, two sons and two daughters; cousins, Mrs. Mabel Lilly and Miss Edna Lytle of Angelica.

BURNS, SARAH DUDLEY   Born July 10, 1836, in West Almond; died Oct. 15, 1912.  Widow of Benjamin Burns.  Survived by one brother, John L. Dudley; one sister, Mrs. A.J. Lytle; two daughters, Mrs. Nellie Fox and Miss May Burns and four sons, William, Frank, Robert, and Henry.   Lot 558.

BURNS, SOPHIA   Lot 484.

BURR, ALVAN   Native of Stratford, Conn., born Aug. 23, 1787; married Anna Van Campen; died Dec. 29, 1868.  Was soldier in War of 1812; School Commissioner, 1831, 48-50; School Inspector, 1820, 21, 27; Justice, 1833, 37; Assessor, 1838, 42, 43, Overseer of Poor, 1842, 43; Election Inspector, 1856.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 723.

BURR, ANNA   Lot 125.

BURR, MRS. ANNA VAN CAMPEN   Wife of Alvan Burr.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 723.

BURR, A.E. ROBINSON  (1832-1884)   Survived by husband, Moses Burr.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 723.

BURR, FANNIE   Lot 573.

BURR, FRANCIS A.   Lot 573.

BURR, HORATIO  (1782-1863)   Lot 573.

BURR, MRS. MARY CRANDALL   Mary M. Crandall was born Sept. 10, 1822, in Trumansburg; died Angelica, Nov. 29, 1914.  Married at age of 16 to Elijah Davis, who died in 1846.  Married James Cyrus Burr in 1849, who died eight years ago.  Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Henry Renwick, Angelica; Mrs. Lemuel Tibbets, Hastings, Neb.; Mrs. Romine Bennett and Mrs. Jason Fish, both of Angelica; sister, Mrs. Ann E.E. Oviatt, Hornell Burial in Angelica.   Lot 209.

BURR, JAMES CYRUS   Collector, 1895, 96, 97, 99, 1900-06; Constable, 1895-97, 99, 1900-06.  Lot 209.

BURR, JANE   Lot 455.

BURR, JOEL C.   Lot 573.

BURR, LATITIA  (1822-1895)   Wife of Horatio Burr.   Lot 573.

BURR, MOSES   Born Feb. 20, 1822; died at the age of 73 years, in 1895.  Was grandson of Moses Van Campen.  (His mother was a daughter of Mr. Van Campen).  His wife was the daughter of the late Mr. Robinson of Friendship and died several years before.  Mary Carney, an adopted sister, survives.  Was Excise Commissioner in 1880.  Lot 723.

BURR, OWEN C.   Lot 125.

BURR, SAXTON   Lot 573.

BURR, SUSAN   Lot 573.

BURR, WILLIS   Lot 415.


BUSBY, CATHERINE  (1783-1863)  Son of Samuel and Catherine Busby. Lot 477.


BUTTON, H.A.   Lot 78B.

BUTTON, HENRY A.   Born near Binghamton and died at the age of 60 years on Sept. 20, 1913 in Coudersport, Pa.  Formerly lived in Angelica and had extensive contracting business.  Survived by wife and two sons, Albert and Charles; also two brothers, Charles of Binghamton and John of Denver; sister, Mrs. Jessie Warner of Denver. Lot. 784.

BUTTON, L.M.   Lot 78B.


BUZZELL, MATILDA F.   Born at Birdsall on oct. 14, 1851, of Francis and Jane Walker; died in Feb., 1926, in Angelica.  On Nov. 28, 1872, she was married to Sidney C. Buzzell of Birdsall.  Daughter, Nelia (Germer), was born to them Burial in Angelica.   Lot 820A.


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