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Bolivar, New York's 4th of July Celebration


    The everglorious Fourth was duly and extensively honored in this village yesterday.  Elaborate preparations had been made for organized presentation of our hospitality and the best efforts to please the public, but alas for human foresight the God of the weather as well as of Liberty and Nations showered his rain instead of the opposite nature upon us.

    Our pre-arranged programmed was broken up entirely, and the best, that could be done was to reorganize such parts as could be brought out impromptu.  A platform was arranged for the speaker in the street surrounded by business places but where the vast crowd could remain under shelter and listen as well as the speaker, as no building in Bolivar could hold a tenth part of them.

&nbps;  The address, delivered by the Hon. Horace Bemis, of Hornellsville, was appropriate and truly well worthy of its eminent author.  We regret it could not have been received under circumstance that would have admitted of its being heard for we are sure it would have commanded the interest, attention and applause of all.  In his introduction the eloquent speaker facetiously referred to his unfavorable surroundings among which was a Darwrian ancestor who would attract all his share of the attention and to whom the speaker commended the full measure of applause.  He then opened his patriotic subject, portraying the divine guidance of the nation from its birth to the present time, making many illustrations in language which was too eloquent for you correspondent to attempt to reproduce and he closed with an appeal to all patriotic citizens to be temperate in politics, temperate in argument and temperate in the use of beverages.

   Many minor accidents occurred as must have been expected in so large a crowd of people, but nothing of a serious nature except the injury of a foot of a little girl, the child of Cyrus Hazard of our town, by a horse.

  Besides the speaker and the Rev. Canfield, Kelley, Summerbilt and Cram, we noticed as being present Mr. W. W. Nichlos of the Democrat, Mr. Wm. Miller and family, Mr. H. Dobbins of Wellsville, Messrs Norton, Elliott, Sawyer and many others of Friendship, Mr. H. Dimock, Com. Cotterell, Isaiah Jordan, Walter Wilcox of Wirt, John G. Jordan and Mr. Hill of Clarksville, Isaac Prosser, Wm. L. Bewels and Sam Wells of Genesee, Van Wormer and White of Ceres, Mr. Parish of Portville, Messrs Banett, Eaton and Fred Newton of Olean, Uncle Sam Sherman of Virginia and hosts of others from all over the country.  It was a great day for Bolivar.  Had the weather been propitious in the forenoon as it was the latter part of the day the exercises would have been more interesting but I am afraid the ladies of Bolivar could have hardly filled with the supplies on their beautiful tables the needful filling for all the lank waist-bands present.

   The different societies of the village who catered for the public benefits have reason to be well satisfied with the results.

July 6, 1880. B. Oliver

[Source: Friendship Chronicle, Volume 1, Number 22, July 7, 1880]


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