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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Adams, George E., (Alma,) r 20, farmer, 111.

Aldridge, Anna Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer 50.

Allen, Erwin, (Scio,) r 8, farmer 80 and leases 40. 
  [Addition from p. 9.  Allen, Erwin, (Scio,) has died since our canvass.]
Allen, O., (Scio,) r 1, constable and farmer 61.
Allen, Olive Mrs., (Scio,) r 8, farmer 40.

ALLEN, SUSAN Mrs., (Scio,) r 1, dairy, 8 cows and farmer 63, and 50 acres of timber land. 
  [Additon from p. 9.  ALLEN, SUSAN Mrs., (Scio,) has died since our canvass.]

Andrews, William, (Scio,) r 15 1/2, farmer leases of Robert R. Russell 17.

Barber, James (Wellsville,) r 9, farmer.

Barrett, James, (Wellsville,) farmer leases of Simeon B. Smith 10_.

BARTLETT, JOSIAH, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer, 65 and leases 100 of Edward Egan, Belvidere.

Bascom, Asaph, (Scio,) r 15, farmer 60.
Bascom, Elon, (Scio,) r 15, stump puller and farmer 50.

Beeman, Wm. L., (Alma,) r 18, carpenter, assessor and farmer 114.

Belisle, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 10, farm laborer.

Blinn, Simeon, (Alma,) r 21, farm laborer and owns 110 acres in West Almond.

Breen, David, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 52.

Breese, Hiram, (Wellsville,) r 13, farmer, 70.

Backaw, Peter, (Scio,) r 16, farmer 104.

Burdick, J. T., (Wellsville,) r 13, lumberman and farmer 172.
Burdick, John A., (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer, 114.

Burrall, --- Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 7.

Chamberlain, Orlando, (Wellsville,) r 16, stump puller and farmer 40. 
  [Correction from p. 9.  Chamberlain, Orlando, (Wellsville) should be CHAMBERLAIN, ORLANDO R.]
Chamberlain, Nelson H., (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 35.
Chamberlain, Wm. C., (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 45.

Clair, David S., (Scio,) r 4, farmer 98.
Clair, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 55.
Clair, Paris, (Scio,) r 4, farmer 90.

Cole, Benjamin, (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer 108.

Costelo, Owen, (Wellsville,) farmer.

CRAIN, THOMAS (Wellsville,) r 27, highway commissioner and farmer 168.
  [Correction from p. 9, CRAIN, THOMAS, (Wellsville,) shoudl be CRANE, THOMAS.]

Crandall, Luke, (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer 50.
Crandall, Phebe Mrs., (Scio,) r 3, farmer 97.

Dalay, Martin, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 52 and 54 acres of timberland.

DEALY, Jeremiah, (Wellsville,) r 10 farmer 70.
Dealy, John, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer 80.
  [Correction from p. 9.  Dealy, John, (Wellsville,) should be DEALY, JOHN.]
Dealy, Timothy, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer 33.

Dickinson, James, (Wellsville,) farmer 154.

DOANE, FRANKLIN C., (Alma,) r 17, farmer 50.

Downs, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 52. 
  [Correction from p. 9.  Downs, Thomas, (Wellsville,) shoudl be DOWNS THOMAS.]

Dugan, Daniel, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 106.
Dugan, Ellen Mrs., (Wellsville) r 12, farmer 50.

DUTTON, MATHEW, (Alma,) r 25, shingle bolt mill.

EASTON, E. H., (Wellsville,) r 9, farmer leases of E. M. Sheppard 190.

Elliott, Henry S., (Alma,) lumberman and farmer 425.
  [Correction from p. 9.  Elliott, Henry S., (Alma) should be ELLIOTT, HENRY S.]
ELLIOTT, I. J., (Alma,) r 23, lumberman and farmer 2600.
ELLIOT, JARED Jr., (Alma,) r 23, farmer 150.
Elliott, Jared P., (Alma,) r 23, justice of the peace and farmer 90.

ELSTER, CHARLES M., (Alma,) r 17, farmer 50.

EMERSON, GEORGE T., (WEllsville,) (with Nicholas Labour,) r 7, farmer leases 56.

Emerson, Lewis, (Scio,) r 15, thresher and farmer 149.

Foland, John A., (Alma,) r 24 lumberman and farmer 216 and in Pa., 304.

Forest House, (Alma,) C. G. Watkins, prop.

Furnald, C. W., (Scio,) r 1, grocer and farmer 5 and owns 120 in Wirt.

Garrison, Robert D., (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 53.

George, Lee, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 110.

Green, Elias, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 30.
Green, Joshua, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 110.
Green, Milo, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 25.

Griffin, Isaac, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 54.

Hanchet, Heman H., (Wellsville,) r 9, farmer 50.

Herman, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer 56.

Holland, Ellen Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 50.

HUGHES, JOHN, (Alma) r 16, farmer 52.

Hurlbutt, Azor, (Alma,) r 24, justice of the peace and farmer 64.

Jager, Chas., (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer 45.

JAMERSON, RICHARD B., (Alma, r 30, farm laborer.

Johnson, Chas. G., (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 101.
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL M., (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer laborer.  [Addition from p. 9.]  
Johnson, Wm. F., (Wellsville, r 5, farmer 25

Keane, Martin, (Wellsville, r 19, farmer, 40.

Keefe, Edmund, (Wellsville,) r 17, farmer 34.

King, L. G., (Wellsville,) r 6, farmer leases 5.

LABOUR, NICHOLAS, (Wellsville,) (with George t. Emerson,) r 7, farmer leases 56.

Lake, John, (Wellsville) r 26, farmer 108.

LYON, C. M., (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 33.

MAUNDER, H. & F., (Wellsville,) r 17, farmers 115.

McCariston, James, (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 60.

McCutcheon, Robert, (Scio,) r 16, moulder and farmer 55.

McDonald, J. R., (Alma,) r 21, lumberman and farmer 279 and in Pa. 100.

Mead, Enos, (Alma,) groceries.

Meek, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 6, farmer 20.
MEEK, WM. Jr., (Wellsville,) (with Wm. Meek.) [Addition from p. 9]

MILLER, MOSES, (Alma,) (Miller & Worthington.)

MILLER & WORTHINGTON, (Alma,) lumbermen and manufs. of shingles, 300 acres timber land.

Moore, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer.

More, ---, (Scio,) r 4, farmer 81.

Morris, Lorenzo D., (Scio,) r 15, farmer 38 1/2
  [Correcton from p. 9.  should be MORRIS, LORENZO]

Mulvey, John, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 91 1/2.

Murphy, Michael, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 108.
MURPHY, WM., (Eleven Mile, Potter Co., Pa.) (with Wm.,) r 26, farmer 56.

NOBLES TIMOTHY, (Scio,) r 25, farmer 125.

Noland, Peter, (Eleven Mile, Potter Co., Pa.,) r 27, farmer 40 1/s.

O'CONNER, JAMES, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 68.

OVIATT, DANIEL, (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer 60.

Phillips, Sarah, Mrs., (Scio,) r 1, farmer 64.

Pinney, H. M., (Alma,) r 20, farmer leases 53.

Quick, Clarence O., (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 216.
QUICK, JULIUS C., (WEllsville,) r 18, farmer 104.

Quinby, Levi O., (Alma,) r 25, engineer and farmer 2.

Randall, Hardin D., (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer 52.

Ray, Phebe V., Mrs., (Alma) r 24, sawyer.

Regan, Cornelius, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer 150.

Rehr, Henry, (Wellsville,) farmer 52.

Rhoda, Stephen, (Scio,) r 4, farmer 61.

Rifle, Charles, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 37.

RIFFLES, AMOS, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer laborer.  [Addition from p. 9]

ROCKDASHEL, FERDINAND, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 22.

Russell, Robert R., (Scio,) r 3, cooper, assessor and farmer 113.

Sanders, John, (Wellsville,) farmer 108.

Sandford, Wm. R., (Alma,) r 21, shingle sawyer and carpenter.

Segur, Albert, (Eleven Mile, Potter Co., Pa.) r 26, farmer leases 50.
  [Correction from p. 9.  should be SEGUR, ALBERT.]

Shaughnessy, Patrick, (Wellsville,) farmer 104.

SHAY, SILAS, (Wellsville,) r 17, farmer 108.

Shoenheight, Louis O., (Wellsville,) r 18, pattern maker in McEwens machine shop, Wellsville and farmer 177.

SHOFF, EBENEZER B., (Alma,) r 22, prop. of shingle mill, lumberman and farmer 420.
SHOFF, HENRY L., (Alma,) r 21, lumberman and farmer 800.

SMITH, GEO. H., (Wellsville,) r 17, engineer and farmer 3 1/2.
Smith, Joseph, (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer 71.
Smith, Samuel C., (Alma,) r 17, engineer and farmer 108.

Snowdon, John O., (Scio,) r 3, blacksmith.

Stebbins, Samuel B., (Alma,) r 20, farmer 100.

Stives, Albert H., (Alma,) r 17, farmer 25.

STONE, HARLEY J., (WEllsville,) r 18, farmer 75.

Strickland, Anderson, (Alma,) r 20, farmer 100.

STRICKLAND, MARTIN, (Alma,) r 25, postmaster, supervisor, lumberman and farmer 400 and in Pa. 100.

SWIFT, CLARINDA, Mrs., (Scio,) r 1, farmer 45.

TAYLOR, ELMER, (Alma,) r 21 1/2, sawyer and farmer, 50.
Taylor, Joseph, (Wellsville,) r 18, carpenter and farmer 97.

Tefft, E. H., (Wellsville,) farmer 108.  [Addition from p. 9.]

THOMAS, JAMES S., (Alma,) (with J. J.,) r 17, farmer 212.
THOMAS, J. J. (Alma,) (with James S.,) r 17, farmer 212.

TOWNER, ABIJAH, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 23.
Towner, Philander, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 4.

Watkins, C. G., (Alma,) prop. of Forest House and farmer 25.

Watson, R. C. Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 12, farmer 60.

Webster Jerus, (Wellsville,) r 12, foreman of A. H. Lewis' farm 364 acres and owns 90 acres in Willing.

WELCH, JAMES Q. (Wellsville), r 17, town clerk, lumberman, owns 160 and 100 in Bolivar.

West, Samuel, (Alma,) r 21 1/2, farmer 58.

White, Aaron, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 100.

WHITE, CEPHUS, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer, 45.
White, Clark, (Wellsville,) r 16, carpenter and farmer 40.

WIGHTMAN, ALLEN, (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer 81 1/2.

WILCOX, GEORGE S. & CO., (Alma,) (H. C. Wilcox,) manufs. of lumber, shingles and heading and lumber and shingles.

WILLIAMS, D. W., (Wellsville,) r 8, mason and farmer 2.
WILLIAMS, ROBERT, (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 60.

WOODRUFF, JOSEPH J., (Wellsville,) farmer 104.

WORTHINGTON, HENRY, (Alma,) (Miller & Worthington.)

Wycoff, Elias, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 192.

WYVEL, SAMUEL W., (Alma,) r 17, blacksmith and farmer.)
Wyvel, Samuel, (Alma,) r 17, blacksmith and farmer 62.
WYVEL, WELLS, (Alma,) r 21, blacksmith, constable and farmer 8.

Zimmer, Levi, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer leases 20.

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