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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


ADAMS, JAMES, (Andover,) r 8, farmer 73. 
Adams, Lewis J. F.,(Andover,) r 8, farmer 102. 
Adams, Simon B., (Wellsville,) r 42 farmer 100. 

American Hotel, (Andover,) Henry Joyce, propr., Main. 

*ANDOVER ADVERTISER (weekly,) (Andover) Erastus S. Barnard, publisher, Center.

Apsey, George, (Scio,) r 1, farmer 57.
Apsey, John T. (Scio,) r 1, farmer 90. 

ARNOLD, CHRISTIAN F. (Andover) r 40, farmer 50.

Atwood, Amos B., (Andover,) stock dealer, Chestnut
ATWOOD, AMOS B. (Andover) (Cobb & Atwood)

AUSTIN STEPHEN M., (Andover,) r 7, farmer 173. 

Baham, Conrad S.,(Andover,) r 32, farmer 75. 
Baham, Isaac B., (Andover,) r 25, farmer 62. 
BAHAM, LYMAN, (Andover,) r 25, farmer works on shares 214, owned by M. Bundy
Baham, Nathan J., (Andover,) r 32, farmer works on shares 75, owned by Conrad S. Baham

Baker, Brinton R., (Andover,) r 9, farmer 123. 
Baker, Eldridge R., (Andover,) r 30, farmer 50. 
BAKER, ERASTUS, (Andover,) r 81, farmer leases of Jackson Hunt, 132. 
BAKER, FLAVIUS J., (Andover,) (T. & F. J. Baker.) 
Baker, James, (Andover,) (with Michael and, Thomas,) r 1. farmer 322. 
Baker, James C. and Z., (Andover,) r 40, farmers work 122, owned by Seth Baker. 
BAKER, JOHN, (Andover,) r 1, farmer 175. 
Baker, John S., (Andover,) r 11, farmer 110. 
BAKER, LEVI D., (Andover,) r 25, millwright and farmer 5. 
Baker, Michael, (Andover,) (with James and Thomas,) r 1, farmer 322.
BAKER, NEWELL, (Andover,) r 40, farmer leases of R. L. Cobb, 102. 
BAKER, SETH, (Andover,) r 40, prop. of grist mill and farmer 122. 
BAKER., T. & F. J., (Andover,) (Thaddeus and Flavius J.,) physicians and surgeons and own
 161 acres, Main.
BAKER, THADDEUS, (Andover,) (T. & F. J. Baker.) 
Baker. Thomas, (Andover,) (with Michael and James,) r 1, farmer 322, 
Baker, Timothy, (Andover,) r 25, farmer 11-1/2
BAKER, TITUS M., (Andover,) r 31, farmer 35. 

BARNARD, ERASTUS S., (Andover,) publisher of Andover Advertiser, Center, 

BARNEY, GRANVILLE M., (Andover,) (Porter & Barney.) 

BEEBE, JOHN, (Andover,) r 3, veterinary and farmer 105. 
Beebe, Nathan L.., (Andover,) r 19, farmer  226

BENTLEY, LYMAN C., (Andover,) mason, Main. 

Benton & Crandall. (Andover,) (Hiram P. Benton and William W. Crandall,) drugs,
 wall paper, books, stationery, paints. oils & c., Main.
Benton, Hiram P., (Andover,) (Benton & Crandall.) 

Berry, Stephen W., (Andover,) r 3, farmer 61

Bess James, (Andover,) r 32, farmer 145. 

Bond, Edmond E., (Andover,) prop. of Globe House, Main

BOUPREY, CHARLES (Andover,) jour. tanner and owns 123. 
BOUPREY, CORNELIUS M., (Andover,) milkman and farmer 135. 

Boyd, Daniel, (Andover,) r 12, farmer 90. 
Boyd, Hiram W., (Andover,) r 36, farmer 102
BOYD, ROBERT R., (Andover,) r 25, carpenter and farmer 164. 
Boyd, Thos. N., (Andover,) r 24, farmer 61. 
Boyd, Patrick, (Andover,) r 28, farmer 82. 

Boyle, Richard, (Andover,) r 28, farmer 50
Boyle, William, (Andover,) r 13. farmer 80

Bradley. Daniel S., (Andover,) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, corner Main
 and Center.

BRONSON, FRANK M. (Andover) house, carriage, sign and ornamental painter, Greenwood.

Brown, Anson D., (Andover) (Shant & Brown) farmer 75, Main.
Brown, Edwin, (Andover) farmer 117, Main
Brown, John (Wellsville) r 40, farmer 191
Brown, Josiah M. (Andover) r 11, farmer 50 and works on shares 117 owned by Edwin Brown.

Brundage, Benj. C. (Andover) lawyer, notary public and owns 190 acres, Main.

Bullard, Henry (Andover) r 5, mason and farmer 75
BULLARD, JAMES M. (Andover) r 5, carpenter and joiner.
Bullard, Samuel (Andover) r 5, carpenter.

Bundy, Edward (Andover) (E. Bundy & Son.)
Bundy, E. & Son (Andover) (Edward and Robert M.) flour, feed and grain, Railroad.
Bundy, Ford (Andover) r 32, farmer works on shares 300, owned by heirs of A. Bundy.
Bundy, Herbert P. (Andover) clerk, owns 60 acres.
Bundy, Laura Mrs. (Andover) occupies 330 acres owned by heirs of A. Bundy, Dyke.
BUNDY, MENZO (Andover) groceries, provisions, lime, &c., supervisor and farmer 215.
Bundy, Robert M. (Andover) (E. Bundy & Son)

Burch, Clarence B. (Andover) r 21, farmer 52 and leases of Mrs. H.J. Hull, 25.
BURCH, JOHN E. (Andover) r 1, farmer 219.

Burdick, Asa (Andover) farmer 69.
BURDICK, JEREMIAH H. (Andover) r 22, farmer 230.
Burdick, John C. (Andover) (with Samuel L.) r 9, farmer 125
Burdick, Lester (Andover) r 22, farmer 92
Burdick, Samuel L. (Andover) (with John C.) r9, farmer 125.
BURDICK, SHEFFIELD W. (Andover) house painter, paper hanger, calciminer, &c.

BURROWS, WM. H. (Andover) (Burrows & Young)
BURROWS & YOUNG (Andover) (Wm. H. Burrows & Welcome H. Young.) general merchants and
 insurance agents, Main.

Buzzard, Samuel (Andover) r44, farmer 100.

Canfield, Lewis L. (Andover) (Canfield & Robinson,) owns 300 acres.
Canfield & Robinson (Andover) (Lewis L. Canfield and Justus A. Robinson) cheese manufs.,

CANNON, PATRICK (Andover) groceries and saloon keeper, Main.

CARPENTER, ELISHA R. (Andover) r 13, farmer 50.
Carpenter, Judson B. (Andover) r 13, farmer 114.

Cartwright, Jeremiah S., (Andover,) r 17, farmer 345. 
Cartwrightt, John C., (Andover,) r 17, farmer 25
Cartwright, Pamelia Mrs.,(Andover,) r 17, occupies 125 acres owned by heirs of C.P. Cartwright. 

Casey, James (Andover) r 46, farmer 100.

Caitlin, W.L. (Andover) r22, manuf. of "Caitlin's Medicines" and farmer 117. 

Chase, Caleb R., (Andover,) r 4, farmer 98. 
CHASE, E. H.,(Andover,) jour. tanner and currier. 

CLAIR, NELSON, (Andover.) dealer in meat and own 125 acres, Greenwood. 

Clark. James, (Andover,) r 19, farmer 5. 
Clark, Jeremiah, (Andover,) r 19, farmer 5. 
Clark, Jeremiah, (Andover,) r 47, farmer 253. 
CLARK, JOHN, (Andover,) r 1, mason and farmer 50. 
Clark, Mary A., (Andover,) r 33, farmer 50. 
Clark, Stephen S., (Independence,) r 47, farmer 74. 
Clark, Varnum, (Andover,) r.21, farmer 7.
Clark, Wm. B., (Andover,) blacksmith, Greenwood. 

COBB & ATWOOD, (Andover,) (Henry H. Cobb and Amos B. Atwood,) -hardware, tinware, stoves, cutlery and glassware, Main. 
COBB, HENRY H.,(Andover,) (Cobb & Atwood) 
Cobb, Horace H., (Andover,) r 34, manuf. of lumber and shingles. 
COBB, LYMAN D., (Andover,) general merchant, Main. 
Cobb, Roswell L., (Andover,) r 34, farmer 400. 

Cochrane, John, (Andover,) r 5, mason and farmer 70. 

Cole, Benjamin C., (Andover,) (Cold & Frisbey)
Cole & Frisbey (Andover,) (Benjamin C. Cole & Abram C. Frisbey), general merchants, Main. 
Cole, Mary, (Andover,) r 23, farmer 100
Cole, Pamelia, (Andover,) r 28, owns 5-1/2 acres, 

Coleman, Daniel, (Andover,) r 4, farmer 37. 

Colgrove, Eliza, (Wellsville,) r 42, owns 25 acres. 

Comstock, Daniel J., (Andover,) (Comstock & Son.) 
Comstock, Martin L., (Andover,) (Comstock & Son.) 
COMSTOCK, THOMAS M., (Andover,) jour. tanner and currier. 
Comstock & Son, (Andover,) (Martin L. and Daniel J.,) manufs of wagons and buggies, Main. 

Connell, Dennis, (Wellsville,) r 40, farmer 137. 

Conwell, John, (Andover,) r 48, farmer 148. 

Cook, D. D Rev., (Andover,) pastor of M. E. Church. Greenwood. 
Cook, Justus J., (Andover,) r 31, farmer 5l. 
Cook, Ziber, (Andover,) r 29, farmer 146. 

Cooney, James, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 125.

Corwin, David P., (Andover,) (with Philip) r 20, farmer 540 and leases 141 of Jacob Corwin. 
Corwin ,Lewis N., (Andover,) r 19, farmer 136. 
Corwin, Philip, (Andover,) (with David P.,) r 20, farmer 540 and leases 141 of Jacob Corwin, 

COTTRELL, W. L. E., (Andover,) dentist, Main. 

Crandall, Benjamin C. Rev., (Andover,) r 25, preacher and farmer 61. 
CRANDALL, CHARLES M., (Andover,) blacksmith, Railroad. 
Crandall, Geo. W., (Andover,) r 32, farmer 100. 
Crandall, Maxson A., (Independence,) r 51, farmer 80 and works on shares 224, owned
 by N. R. Crandall. 
Crandall, Nelson R., (Independence,) r 51, veterinary surgeon and farmer 224.
CRANDALL, OLIVER P., (Andover,) dealer in tin stove shelves, Dyke
Crandall, Sherman G., (Independence,) r 51, farmer 100. 
Crandall, Wm. W., (Andover,) (Benton & Crandall,) physician and surgeon. 

Cronk, James, (Andover.) r 29, peddler and farmer 146. 

Crosby, Joseph W., (Andover,) r 31, farmer 114. 

Daily, William, (Andover,) r 41, farmer 145-3/4.

Dake, Charles S., (Andover,) dealer in real estate and patent rights, Dyke.

Davis, Charles F., (Andover,) r 49, (with Uriah.) farmer 330. 
Davis, David, (Andover,) r 20, farmer 63 
Davis, Hail (Andover,) farmer 300, Main
Davis, Laura Mrs. (Andover,) dress and cloak maker, Main. 
Davis, Leroy C., (Andover,) farmer 62-1/2, Elm. 
DAVIS, STILMAN, (Andover,) r 34, farmer 92-1/2.
Davis, Uriah, (Andover,) r 49, dealer in mowing machines, horse rakes and plows and
 (with Charles F.,) farmer 330

DEAN, ANTHONY, (Andover,) r 35, farmer 180. 
DEAN, MICHAEL, (Andover,) r 35, farmer 100.
Dean, Patrick, (Andover,) r 37, farmer 100. 
Dean, Patrick, (Andover,) r 45, farmer 100. 

Deery, Thomas, (Andover,) r 41, farmer 100.

Delaney, Patrick, (Andover,) r 40, farmer 129.

Deming, John, (Andover,) r 26, farmer 43-3/4 and leases 25 of Mrs. Catharine Walker. 
Deming, L. Mrs., (Andover,) r 32, farmer 50. 
Deming, Leroy L., (Andover,) r 12, (with Lyman,) farmer. 
Deming, Lyman, (Andover,) r 12, farmer 182. 
Deming, William, (Andover,) r 18, farmer 49

Deyo, Hiram, (Andover,) r 28, farmer 109.

Diffin, James, (Andover,) r 8, farmer 154.

DILDINE, ISRAEL C., (Andover,) carpenter and joiner, Pleasant Avenue. 

Dixson Martin, (Andover,) r 13, farmer 73

DODGE, LEVI W., (Andover,) r 27, farmer leases 369 of the heirs of Wm. J. Lever. 

Donnelly, Edward, (Andover,) groceries and provisions, Greenwood. 

Doran, Hugh, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 50 and leases 50 of James Sweeney. 

Dougherty, Peter, (Andover,) r 45, farmer 50. 

Driscol, Knight, (Wellsville,) r 42, farmer 50. 

Durand, Jane L., (Andover,) dress maker, Center. 

Eaton, Charles, (Andover,) r 32, farmer 150. 

Ellis, M. J., (Andover,) general merchant and prop. of Ellis Hall, corner Main
 and Greenwood. 

ELWELL, J. H., (Andover,) furniture dealer and undertaker, Greenwood. 

Estabrook, George W., (Andover,) retired merchant, Elm. 

Everett, Edwin (Andover,) photographer and furniture dealer, Greenwood. 
Everett, E. Mrs., (Andover,) milliner, Greenwood. 

Fansbury, S. Augustus, (Andover) r 32, farmer 57-1/2.

Ford, James, (Andover,) farmer 400 
Ford, Samuel (Andover) farmer 45

FULLER, JAMES W. (Andover) carriage manuf., Greenwood.

Gallagher, James (Andover) r 13, farmer 70.
Gallagher, James, (Andover,) groceries and provisions, Main.

Gavin, James, (Andover,) r 35 farmer 50. 

Gillen, Michael, (Andover,) r 45, farmer 50. 
Gillen, Peter (Andover) r 35, farmer 50.

Globe House, (Andover,) Edmund E. Bond, prop., Main.

Goodwin, John M. (Andover) harness maker, Main.

Graves, Daniel T. (Andover) r 53, farmer 40.

GREENAN, JOHN, (Andover,) r 40, farmer 90.

Green, Geo. A., (Andover,) postmaster, stationer and news dealer, Main. 
GREEN, JESSE C., (Andover,) baggage master and coal agent 
Green, Lewis, (Andover,) shoemaker, Greenwood.
Green, Perry, (Andover,) r 5, farmer 9. 

HALL, WILLIAM B., (Andover,) produce dealer, Second. 

HAMILTON, ABRAM, (Scio,) r 1, farmer 100.

Hammond, Patrick, (Andover,) r 34, farmer 104. 

HAND, JACOB, (Andover,) r 41, farmer occupies 75, owned by Simeon Hand
Hand, Simeon, (Andover,) r23, manuf. of lumber and shingles and farmer 400.

HANN, EMORY L.,  (Andover) r 25, carpenter and joiner. 
Hann, Levi, (Andover,) r 25, carpenter.
HANN, MICHAEL H., (Andover,) r 18, teacher and former 100.

Hardy, Newland E., (Andover,) r 9, farmer 52.
Hardy, Roswin W., (Andover,) r 9, farmer 150.
HARMAN, JOHN J., (Andover,) banker, Main. 
Harman, Miles H. (Andover,) manuf. of Catlins family medicines, Main.

Harrison, Wm. H., (Andover,) r 9, basket maker and gardener.

Hatch, Warren A., (Andover,) carpenter and cooper. 

HAVILAND, MYRON W., (Andover,) veterinary surgeon, Pleasant Avenue. 

Hawkins, Charles C., (Andover,) carpenter and farmer 80. 
Hawkins, Judah, (Andover,) dealer in stock and farmer 64. 

Head, Joseph, (Andover,) jeweler and inventor. 

Highland, Timothy, (Andover,) r 31, farmer 88. 

Hill, Isaac J., (Andover,) barber, Main.

Hincher, Frank R., (Andover,) r 22, farmer 30. 
Hincher, Harvey, (Andover,) r 22, farmer 145

HOAGLAND, WILLARD H., (Andover,) r 1, farmer works on shares owned by P. Ragan. 

HOLLIDAY, THADDEUS, (Fulmer Valley) r 42, farmer 50. 

Holowell, Gideon, (Andover,) r 38, farmer 25. 

Horan, Henry. (Andover,) r38, farmer 100.

Howe, John, (Andover,) r 36, farmer 75.

Howland, Hiram, (Andover,) r 28, farmer 150.
Howland, Martin T., (Andover,) r 23, farmer occupies 60 owned by Hiram Howland. 
Howland, Wilson A., (Andover,) r 24, farmer 64. 

Hunt, Earl L., (Andover,) prop. livery, restaurant and billiard room. 
Hunt, Jackson, (Andover,) farmer 350, corner Greenwood and Church. 
Hunt, Jason A., (Andover,) (Jason Hunt & Son.) 
Hunt Jason, (Andover.) (Jason Hunt & Son)(Hunt & VanVorgorder, of Elmira.) 
Hunt, Jason & Son (Andover,) (Jason A.,) groceries, provisions, crockery, boots
 and shoes, Main.
Hunt, William W., (Andover,) patent right dealer, Center, 

JONES, HENRY, (Andover,) (Lee &.Jones.) 
Jones, William, (Andover,) r 20, farmer 36. 

Joyce, Henry, (Andover,) prop. of American Hotel, Main. 
Joyce, Peter, (Andover,) r 46, farmer 100. 

June, Milo (Andover.) carpenter. 
June, M. Mrs., (Andover,) r 23, owns 5 acres.

Kaple, Wm. P.,, (Andover,) r 32, farmer works on shares 100, owned by Jonathan Lanphear. 

Kemp, Esther, (Andover,) r 25, owns saw mill and farmer 113.
Kemp. Milo J., (Andover,) r 25, farmer 7. 
KEMP, SAMUEL C., (Andover,) r 31, farmer 204.

Keough, Stephen, (Andover,) r 38, farmer 125.

Kilbane, John, (Andover,) r 48, farmer 25. 

KING, E., (Andover,) jour. tanner and currier. 

Knox, Betsey, (Wellsville,) r 42, farmer 25.
Knox, Jefferson, (Wellsville,) r 42, farmer 11 and occupies 25 owned by Betsey Knox. 

KRUSEN. JOSEPH, (Andover.) dealer in furs and wool and farmer 25. 

Lanphear, Jonathan, (Andover,) groceries and provisions,.prop. of saw mill and owns
 102 acres, Greenwood.

Lasher, Wm., (Andover,) r 33, farmer works on shares 150, owned by heirs of A. Bundy. 

Lee, Alonzo B., (Andover,) r 39, farmer 50. 
LEE, DAVIS B., (Andover,) r 26, farmer 50. 
LEE, FRANKLIN, (Andover,) (Lee & Jones)
LEE & JONES, (Andover,) (Franklin, Lee and Henry Jones,) carriage manufs., Main. 
Lee, Nelson, (Andover,) r 14, farmer 80.

LEVER A.F. Mrs.., (Andover,) occupies 360 acres, High.

Livermore, Edward M., (Andover,) r 53, (with Theodore,) farmer occupies 117. 
Livermore, Theodore, (Andover,) r 53, (with Edward M.,) farmer 117. 

Lynch, Patrick (Andover,) r 44, farmer 100. 

MAGEE, SIDNEY, (Andover,) station and express agent and telegraph operator

MAGNER BROTHERS, (Andover,) (John D., Frank W., Thomas J. and Robert E.,) r 23,
 carriage, wagon and sleigh manufacturers. 
MAGNER, DAVID, (Andover,) r 41, farmer 217. 
MAGNER, FRANK W., (Andover,) (Magner Brothers) 
MAGNER, JOHN D., (Andover) (Magner Brothers)
MAGNER, ROBERT E., (Andover,) (Magner Brothers)
MAGNER, THOMAS J., (Andover,) (Magner Brothers)

MARTINDALE, J B. Mrs., (Andover,) ladies furnishing goods, milliner and dressmaker,

Matison, Stephen L., (Andover,) r 31, farmer 46. 

McAndrew, Anthony, (Andover,) r 54, farmer 50. 
McAndrew, Richard, (Andover,) r 53, farmer 50. 
McAndrew, Richard Jr., (Andover,) r 44, farmer 60. 

McCARN, ADAM, (Andover,) carpenter and joiner, Chestnut. 
McCarn, Albert A., (Andover,) carpenter, Chestnut. 

McClary, Noble, (Andover,) carpenter, Church. 

McConnell, Henry, (Andover,) foreman of Wm. Richardson & Co's tannery. 

McGinty, James, (Andover,) dealer in stock, Greenwood. 
McGinty, James & Francis, (Andover.) farmer 100. 

McGrath, James, (Andover,) r 39, farmer 110.
McGrath, Thomas. (Andover,) r 39, farmer 90. 

McGraw, Francis, (Andover,) r 8, farmer 55.

McLaughlin, Patrick, (Fulmer Valley,) r 54, farmer 64. 

MCTIGHE, JAMES, (Andover,) groceries, provisions and meat, stock dealer and farmer 104. 

MINER, HAMILTON B., (Andover,) r 8, farmer works on shares 106 owned by E. Bennett. 

Mingus, Conrad, (Andover,) r 53, farmer 85.

Mourhess, Harrison (Andover) watches, clocks and jewelry, Main. 
Mourhess, Joel F., (Andover,) farmer 48, Dyke.

Nichols, John C., (Andover,) r 7, farmer 77.

O'Conner, Patrick, (Andover,) r 19, farmer 45.

O'DONNELL, ANTHONY, (Andover,) prop of Andover Foundry, Main. 
0'Donnell, Thomas, (Andover,) r 35, farmer 103. 

O'Leary, James, (Andover,) blacksmith and farmer 14, Dyke.

Osborn, Elbert A., (Andover,) r 15, farmer 85. 

Padden, Hubert.(Andover,) r 36, farmer 50.
Padden  , Patrick, (Andover) r 12, farmer 77. 

Parcel, Levi A., (Andover,) r 8, mason. P

Pardon, John, (Andover,) r 17, farmer 600. 

Parker, Zalmunna, (Fulmer Valley,) r 42, farmer 63. 

Patton, Brian, (Andover,) r 48, farmer 25. 

Perkins, Alanson, (Wellsville,) r 43, farmer 44-1/2.
Perkins, Alexander, (Andover,) r 49, farmer 152. 
Perkins, Paul, (Andover,) r 8, farmer 219. 
Perkins, Rowland D., (Ando fer,) r 3, cooper and farmer76.

Perry, George, (Andover,) mason, 

Phinney, Beriah, (Andover,) contractor and house builder, Greenwood. 

Pingrey, Albert W. Rev., (Andover,) r 5, preacher and farmer 33. 
Pingrey, Loren, (Andover,) r 5, farmer 99 and works on shares 100 owned by Solomon Pingrey. 
PINGREY, SOLOMON, (Andover,) r 7, farmer 100. 

PORTER, ALONZO, (Andover,) (Porter & Barney)
PORTER & BARNEY (Andover) (Alonzo Porter and Granville M. Barney,) hardware stoves
 and tinware, Main. 

Potter, Perry, (Andover,) r 47, agent for mowing machines and farmer 125. 
POTTER, WM. Jr., (Andover,) general merchant, Pleasant Avenue. 

PREST, JOHN, (Andover,) furniture manuf., prop. of planing mill and house builder,

Qig, John, (Andover,) r 31, farmer 137. 

Ray, Thomas (Andover ) r 41, farmer 210. 

REGAN, PATRICK, (Andover,) section foreman on railroad and farmer 228. 

Remington, Deloss D., (Andover,) r 47, farmer 72-1/2.

Richmond, Wm. H., (Andover,) mason. 

Riley, James, (Andover,) r 44, farmer 50.

Robinson, Felton, (Andover,) r 32, farmer 62-1/2, and leases of Skelton F. Robinson,
Robinson, Skelton F., (Andover,) farmer 225, Dyke.
Robinson, Stephen P., (Andover,) r 34, farmer 92. 

Rosebush, George D., (Andover,) r 49, farmer 100. 
Rosebush, Oliver, (Andover,) r 33, farmer 200 and leases 300 of heirs of M. Dyer

Sarsfield, John, (Andover,) shoemaker, Main. 

Scott, Gorden L., (Andover,) r 21, farmer leases of Prentice Burdick 5. 

SCRIBNER, DANIEL A., (Andover,) r 49, farmer 62-1/2

Scribner, Spencer S., (Andover,) r 32, farmer 65.

Seaman, John, (Andover,) manuf. of Seaman's Little Washer. 

Shant & Brown, (Andover,) (James H. Shant and Anson D. Brown,) harness trunks, whips
 &c., also manufs. of Seaman's Little Washer, Main. 
Shant, James E., (Andover,) (Shant & Brown.) 

Sheehan, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 40, farmer 100. 

SHERER, F. REV., (Andover,) pastor of Baptist Church, High. 

Simkin, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 32, blacksmith and farmer 64. 

Slocum, Abraham, (Andover,) r 39, carpenter and farmer 34. 
Slocum, David, (Andover,) r 32, carpenter and farmer 50.
Slocum, George, (Andover.) r 25, farmer 5. 

Smith, Amos, (Andover,) r 7, (with Orange,) farmer 130. 
Smith, Andrew, (Andover,) r 3, farmer leases of Thomas Patterson 430.
Smith, Hiram D., (Andover,) drayman. 
Smith, Orange, (Andover,) r 7, (with Amos,) farmer 130.

Spaulding, Daniel B. (Andover) manuf. Of A.O. Very's hand looms, Main.

Stearns, John (Andover) r 25, farmer 650.

Sullivan, John, (Andover) r 39, farmer 125.

Swain, W., (Andover,) r 8, farmer 40. 

Sweet, Chester, (Andover,) r 8, farmer works 190 owned by Erasmus Bennett. 

Swink, Jacob, (Andover,) r 33, farmer 285. 
Swink, Peter, (Andover,) prop. of Swink's Hotel, Main. 

Tanner, Chester C., (Andover,) r 23, farmer 23. 

THURSTIN, ENOS, (Andover,) r 8, carpenter. 

Tucker, Wm. G., (Andover,) r 21, farmer 241. 

Tulis, Daniel, (Andover,) r 37, farmer 75. 

VanSickle, Peter, (Andover,) general merchant, Main. 

Walker, Catherine, (Andover') r 26, owns 25 acres. 
WALKER, WM. V., (Andover,) r 26, farmer 51. 

Walsh, Edward T., (Andover,) r 27, farmer 84.

Ward, Daniel (Andover) groceries and provisions, Main.

WARFIELD, HORACE (Andover) r 29, farmer 100

Wescott, Emery O. (Andover) r 12, farmer works on shares 50, owned by Geo. W. Wescott
Wescott, Geo. W., (Andover) carpenter and farmer 50, Pleasant Avenue

Wetzel, Philip, (Andover) r 22, farmer 14

White, Matthew (Andover) r 37, farmer 49.
White, Thomas, (Andover) r 38, farmer 69.

Wilber, Matthew C. (Andover) r 11, farmer works on shares 122 owned by Lee A. Claire.

Wilcox, Chas. S. (Andover) r 49, farmer 101.
Wilcox, John W. (Andover) farmer works on shares 160 owned by Drs. T. & F. J. Baker.

Wood, Alpheus A. (Andover) r 48, carpenter and farmer 50.
Wood, Calvin M., (Fulmer Valley) r 44, farmer 160.
WOOD, FRANCIS M. (Andover) r 46, farmer 150.
WOOD, NELSON P. (Andover) house painter, Maple.

Wordruff, Mercy Mrs. (Andover) r 26, farmer 49.

WORDEN, GEO. P. (Andover) r 3, cheese manuf. and owns 50 acres

WRIGHT, ALBERT R. (Andover) r 31, farmer leases of S.F. Robinson 50.

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