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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


ALLEN, WILLARD, (Angelica,) tanner and currier for S. Franklin & Co., shoemaker and slate roofer.

AMERICAN HOTEL, (Angelica,) H. W. Eldredge, prop.

*ANGELICA REPUBLICAN, Angelica,) P. S. Norris, editor and proprietor.

Arnold, G. S., (Angelica,) groceries, provisions, Crockery &c., Main.

Arnold, Jonathan D., (Angelica,) r 27, butcher and farmer.

Atwater, John, (Angelica,) photographer, picture frames and moulders, Main.

AYERS, J. W., (Transit Bridge,) (with M. W.,) r. 19, farmer 70.

Bacon, Edward, (Angelica,) Bacon & Peckham,) farmer, 73
Bacon & Peckham, (angelica) (Edward Brown and L. Peckham,) butchers and props. of meat market.

Baker, Seth, (Belmont) r 25, farmer, 112.

Bardeen, Freeman, (Angelica) r9, farmer, 169

Barnes, James M., (Angelica,) farmer, 50, residence Mechanic.

Barnetson, Sophia, (Angelica,) r 23, farmer, 288
Barnetson, Wallace, (Angelica,) r 23, farmer.

Bates, Alexander, (Angelica,) r 15, farmer, 25.
Bates, E. J. Mrs., (Angelica,) r 15, farmer 80.

Beebring, Ernest, (Angelica,) gardener, Olean.

Bell, John, (Angelica,) owns 10 acres, Brooklyn.

Bellamy, Handy, (Transit Bridge, r 18, farmer, 166

Bennett, Stephen N., (Angelica,) sheriff, flour, feed and grain dealer and farmer 125.

Benson, Irvin S., (Angelica,) jour. blacksmith for Wm. Seiver

Bingham, S. P., (Belvidere,) r 19 farmer leases of Ward Rice of Friendship, 550.

BLAIR & FRANKLIN, (Angelica,) (M. S. Blair and Wm. M. Franklin,) props. of flouring mills.
BLAIR, M. S., (Angelica,) (Blair & Franklin.)

Blanchard, E. P., (Angelica,A) prop. of stage and express line from Angelica to Belvidere.

Blickwede, Henry, (Angelica.) paper bleacher.
Blickwede, John, (Angelica,) paper bleacher.

BOLTON, SAMUEL W., (Angelica,) barber, residence Main.

BOWEN, HIRAM, (Angelica,) (Sanford & Bowen.)

Brockett, R. J., (Transit Bridge, (with N. J.,) farmer, 342
Brockett, W. J., (Transit Bridge,) postmaster with (with R. J.,) farmer, 342.

BROWN, CHARLES A., (Angeilica,) r 18, agent for Joncey Paper Mills manuf. of lumber, shingles and lath, and farmer, 350.
Brown, J. T., (Angelica,) drugs medicines, books, stationery, watches and jewelry, Main.
Brown, Norton & D. C., (Angelica,) props. of Angelica flouring mills.

Brundage, Lewis, (Angelica, r 8, farmer 20

BURDICK, E. P., (Angelica,) r 27, farmer, 135

Burlingame, Z. H., (Angelica,) r 15, farmer 64

Burns, Benjamin, (Angelica,) r 32, farmer, 75

Burr, Moses, (Angelica,) r 27, farmer, 260

Campbell, Frank, (Angelica,) carpenter, Brooklyn.

Carpenter, Susan Mrs., (Transit Bridge, r 18, farmer, 214, and occupies 109, owned by heirs of Samuel Carpenter.

Carver, C. P., (Angelica,) dentist.

Casterline, Adelbert, (Belmont,) (with Wm. and Cyrus L.,) farmer works 340, owned by heirs of Garritt Casterline.
Casterline, Cyrus L., (Belmont,) (with Wm. and Adelbert,) farmer works 340 owned by heirs of Garritt Casterline.
Casterline, Wm., (Belmont) r 26, (with Adelbert and Cyrus L.,) farmer works 340 owned by heirs of Garritt Casterline.

Chamberlain, Alfred, (Angelica,) r 15, farmer 85.

CHARLES HOTEL, (Angelica,) Joseph Gillies, prop., opposite the Park.
Charles, Robert H., (Angelica,) r 31, farmer 190.
Charles, Richard H., (Angelica,) note discounter.
Charles, R. S., (Angelica,) r 20, farmer 670.

CHURCH, RICHARD, (Angelica,) r 22, real estate dealer and farmer 2,000 and about 1,000 in other towns.

Clapp, Solon D., (Angelica,) sawyer.

Clark, Peter, (Angelica,) tailor, Main.

Clemons, J. V., (Angelica,) r 22, farmer works 75, owned by James Green and 60 owned by Elvira Wilcox.

Cline, Milo G., (Belmont,) r 25, farmer 60.

Closser, Jerry, (Angelica,) r 23, farmer, 240.

Coburn, H. B., (Angelica,) r 27, farmer leases of James Bencham, 114.

Collins, John G., (Angelica,) attorney and counselor at law, Main.

COMMON, JOHN, (Angelica,) r 8, farmer, 386
COMMON, WM., (Angelica,) retired lumberman, Main.

COOLEY, GEORGE R., (Angelica,) manuf. of tow and dealer in flax, straw, flax seed, oil cake &c., residence Main.

Crawford, Edward, (Angelica,)  r 18, miller and farmer leases 40.

Crittenden, L. S. Rev., (Angelica,) pastor of M. E. Church

Dally, David, (Belfast,) r 2, farmer, 20.

Dautremont, V. D., (Angelica,) carriage, house, sign and ornamental painter.

Davis, Joshua, (Angelica,)  r 28, farmer 115.
DAVIS, SMITH, (Angelica,) retired marchant, Olean.
DAVIS, U. L., (Angelica,) farmer 40, Main.

Davison, Wm., (Angelica,) r 18, engineer of stationary engine and farmer 20.

DOLSON, CHARLES A., (Angelica,) (Richardson & Dolson).

Dowden, Wm., (Belvidere,) r 19, farmer leases of I. Spring, 25.

Dudley, Elon, (Angelica,) r 31, farmer 177.
Dudley, H. E., (Angelica,) undertaker and justice of teh peace, residence corner mechanic and center.

DUNBAR, CHAS. H., (Angelica,) hardware, tin, copper and sheet iron ware, and agricultural implements.

Duncan, J. C., (Angelica,) blacksmith, carriage maker and farmer 14, Olean.

Eggleston, J. H., (Angelica,) sewing machines, clocks, watches, jewelry, books, stationary, news &c.

Ellsworth, John (Angelica,) carpenter.

Emery, Almon, (Belfast,) r 1, agent for Rawson's mowers and hay rakes, lumberman and farmer 210.

Engle, M. L., (Angelica,) farmer 52, residence Main.

Evens, Calvin L., (Angelica,) r 28, stone layer.
Evens, Luther, (Angelica,)  r 28, farmer 110.

EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Angelica,) D. B. Voorhees,l proprietor.

Eymer, H. L., (Belmont,) r 23, farmer 100.

Farnum, Deliah Mrs. ((Angelica,)  r 6, farmer, 35.

Fish, P. M., (Angelica,)  prop. of livery, blacksmith, wagon and sleigh maker.

Fox, James, (Angelica,) r 23, farmer 50.

Franklin, S., (Angelica,)  (S. Franklin & Co.,) (S. Franklin & Co.,) residence and 11 acres Main.
Franklin, S. & Co., (Angelica,)  (F. A. Royce,) maufs. and dealer in leather, hides and pelts.
FRANKLIN, WM. M., (Angelica,) (Blair & Franklin.)

Freeborn, D. G., (Angelica,) groceries, flour, feed, meal, boots, shoes &c.
FREEBORN, EUGENE B., (Angelica,)  farmer 80, residence Main.

Fuller, Russell, (Angelica,)  r 18, bridge bulder, building mover and farmer 50.

Gardner, D. D. (Angelica,) county treasurer, office Main, residence Olean.

GIBSON, JOHN W., (Angelica,)  r 8, farmer 26 and leases of Sylvester Low 200.

Gillies, John, (Angelica,)  postmaster, attorney and counselor at law.
GILLIES, JOSEPH, (Angelica,)  prop. of Charles HOtel, livery attached, opposite the Park.

Gleason, Lafayette, (Belfast,) r 1, wagon maker and farmer 104.

Graham, Charles, (Angelica,) carpenter, Main.
Graham, George, (Angelica,) teamster and farmer leases of Hannah Graham, 50, residence and 8 acres Main.
Graham, John, (Belmont,) r 25, farmer 174. and works 90, owned by Mrs. Cline.
GRAHAM, LINUS, (Angelica,) teamster and farmer 14.

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