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Belfast Map

Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Ackley, Dyer L., (Black Creek,) r 18, farmer, 146.

ADSIT, ANSIL M., (Belfast,) r 4, owns saw mill and farmer 

Allen, Joseph, (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 56 1/2.

ALSWORTH, CHARLES, (Belfast,) r 20, assessor and farmer 160.

Angel, Abel, (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 50.
Angel, John, (Belfast,) farmer 57.
Angel, Rensselaer W., (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 50.
Angel, Silas, (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 75.

Armstrong, Milo, (Friendship,) boatman.

Ashby, Mary Mrs., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 50, worked by her son Wm.
Ashby, Wm., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer works 50.

Babcock, Wm. S., (Belfast,) r 4, carpenter and farmer 25.

Bargin, Edward, (Belfast,) r 35, farmer 49 1/2.

Bartlett, Ebenezer S., (Black Creek, r 17, farmer 96.
Bartlett, Hanes O., (Black Creek, r 17, farmer 96.
Bartlett, John A.,(Belfast,) r 18, farmer 100.

Bassett, Charles H., (Belmont,) r 28, farmer 2 and 25 in Ward.

Beard, Joseph D., (Belfast,) r 4, farmer.

Benjamin, Charles, Friendship,) r 35, farmer 80.
Benjamin, Joseph P., (Friendship,) r 35, farmer 50.
Benjamin, Lee, (Belfast,) r 26, farmer 3.
BENJAMIN, REUBEN F., (Friendship,) r 35, farmer 10.

Bixby, Charles P., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 127.

Boyle, James O., (Belfast,)r 25, farmer 40.
Boyle, Peter, (Belfast,) r 22, farmer 106.

Bradbent, James, (Belfast,) boatman, owns boat, Plank road.

Brainard, Morrell, (Belfast,)r 25, farmer 220.
BRAINARD, SMITH, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 198

BRIGGS, ALBERT, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 4.

Brooks, George W., (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 48.
Brooks, Horace Y., (Black Creek,) r 88, farmer 28.

Brown, Homer, (Belfast,) r 26, farmer 200.

Buckley, Edward L., (Belfast,) r 10, farmer 80.

Bullard, Russell, (Belfast,)r 16, farmer 56.

Burlew, Samuel, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 100.

Burlingame, Albert, (Belfast,) r 2, sawyer.
Burlingame, Melissa, (Belfast,) milliner, Main.
BULRINGAME, SILAS, (Belfast,) r 19, carpenter and farmer 35.
Burlingame, Wm. D., (Belfast,) r 16, farmer 53.

Burt, John, (Belfast,) r 13, farmer 50.

Butterfield, Alonzo, (Belfast,) agent, groceries &c., Sherman.

BYRNS, HARRY, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 16.
Byrns, Wm. Wallace, (Belfast,) owns lime kiln and farmer 50, Sherman.

Cafferty, Michael, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 16.

Cannon, Peter, (Belfast,) r 22, farmer 20.

Carter, Edward, (Belfast,) harness maker, Main.

CAUGHLIN, JAMES, (Belfast,) carpenter and joiner, Angel.

Chamberlain, Daniel W., (Belfast,) r 8, farmer leases of H. P. Preston, 119.
Chamberlain, Israel H., (Belfast,) r 8, blacksmith and farmer 26.
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES F., (Belfast,)r 21, farmer 90.
Chamberlain, Joseph, (Belfast,) r 28, (with Benjamin,) farmer 50.
CHAMBERLAIN, M. HUNTER, (Belfast,)r 18, farmer 58.
Chamberlain, Moses V. Mrs., (Belfast,) r 28, farmer 116.

CHAMBERLIN, BENJAMIN F., (Belfast,) r 28, farmer works 116, owned by Mrs. M. V. Chamberlain,
 and (with Joseph,) 58.
CHAMBERLIN, HENRY, (Belfast,) r 27, farmer 255.

Clancy, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 50.

Clapp, David, (Belfast,) r 40, farmer 215.
Clapp, Lewis, Friendship,) r 34, assessor and farmer 138.

Clark, Newell, (Black Creek,) r 40, farmer leases of David Clapp, 215.

Coffin, James, (Belfast,) r 23, farmer 100.

Comfort, Geo. W., (Belvidere,) r 29, farmer 86.

COOK, E. J. Rev., (Belfast,) clergyman.
Cook, V. J., (Belfast,) jeweler, Main.

Cooley, U., (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 2 1/2.

Cosgro, Mike, (Belfast,) r 12, farmer 50.
Cosgro, John, (Belfast,) (with Simon,) r 22, farmer, 165[?]

Cosgrow, Michael, (Belfast,) farmer 50.
Cosgrow, SLiimon, (Belfast,) (with John,) r 22, farmer 105.

Costello, Timothy, (Belfast,) r 21, farmer 75.
Costello, Mark, (Belfast,) r 11, farmer 40.
Costello, Mrs., (Belfast,) r 21, farmer 52.

Coyle, Hugh, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 100.

Crandall, A. B., (Belfast,) r 31 1/2, farmer 50.
CRANDALL, EDWIN G., (Belfast,) shoemaker and owns 19 acres, Angel.

Crawford, Harry, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 120.
CRAWFORD, JACOB, (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 12.
Crawford, Lucinda Mrs., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 51.
Crawford, Lyndes, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 40.

CROWELL, EZRA, (Belfast,) r 6, farmer 60.
Crowell, Henry, (Belfast,) r 6, brick manuf. and farmer 180.

Dailey, Chas. L. & Co., (Belfast,) (Chas. T. Dudley and Geo. Knickerbocker,) saw and grist
 mill, dealer in flour, food and meal.
Dailey, Chas. T., (Belfast,) (Chas. L. Dailey & Co.)

DAVIS, J. M., (Belfast,)druggist and notary public.
Davis, J. M. Mrs., (Belfast,) milliner over J. M. Davis' store.
Davis, Nelson, (Belfast,) carpenter, Church.

Day, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 2, farmer 100.

Denison, James S., (Black Creek,) r 38, farmer 46.

Dougharty, John, (Belfast,) r 23, farmer, 38.

Drew, Charles, (Black Creek,) r 89, farmer 180 and 200 in Lyndon, Catt. Co.
Drew, Cornelius, (Belfast,) r 23, farmer, 50.

Dudley, John E., (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 50.

Dunning, Benjamin, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer, 60.

Durnein, James, (Belfast,) farmer 100.

Eddy, Timothy, (Belfast,) resident.

Emery, Daniel, (Oramel,)r 1, farmer 43.
Emery, David, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 3.
Emery, Elliot, Mrs., (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 50 and in New Hudson, 40.

Flinn, Abraham, (Belfast,) furniture dealer and undertaker, Main.
FLINN, NELSON, (Belfast,) carriage maker. Canel.

Foose, Archibald, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 130.

FORD, CHARLES L., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 125.
Ford, John, (Belfast,) r 8, farmer works 141 owned by Joseph T. Ford.
Ford, Joseph T., (Belfast,) r 8, farmer 141.
(Belfast,)Lewis B., (Belfast,) farmer 40, Main.
Ford, Sidney A., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 100.

FOX, DANIEL F., (Belmont,) r 28, cheese maker.
Fox, Luke, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 5.
FOX, WILLIAM, (Belfast,), laborer.

FRACE, GEORGE, (Belfast,) (Frace & Son.)
FRACE 7 SON, (Belfast,) (Wm. and Geo.,) carriage and wagon makers, Hughes.
FRACE, WILLIAM, (Belfast,) (Frace & Son.)

Freeborn, H. M., (Belfast,) farmer 115.
Freeborn, Melford D., (Belfast,) r 8, farmer 105.

Gee, Derozel, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 62.

German, John, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 175.

Gleenman, Mahlon C., (Belfast,) r 2, miller.

Gill, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 50.

GILLETT, EDWARD, (Angelica,) r 28, farmer 43.

Gleason, Charles M., (Oramel,) r 1, saw mill and farmer leases of Mrs. A. Potter 6.
Gleason, Herbert, (Belfast,) r 16, farmer 70.
Gleason, Hiram, (Black Creek,) r 17, farmer 75.
Gleason, Jonathan, (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 137.
Gleason, Jones, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer, 50.
Gleason, Wm. R., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 118.

Gordon, Othnial, (Belfast,) r 31 1/2, farmer 25.
GORDON, JOHN, (Belmont,) r 31, farmer 57.

Gould, John, (Oramel,) r 1, engineer and farmer 5.

Guilford, Burbridge, (Friendship,) r 34, farmer 88.
Guilford, Floyd, (Belfast,) r 33, farmer 29.
Guilford, John, (Friendship,) r 34, farmer 70.
Guilford, Oerter, (Belfast,) r 33, farmer, 195.
Guilford, Solon, (Friendship,) r 34, farmer 69.
Guilford, Wm., (Friendship,) r 34, farmer 288.

Hanks, Asa B., (Oramel,) r 1, carpenter and farmer 100.
Hanks, Leason, (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 165.

Herkimer, Earl, (Belfast,) r 21, farmer 270.

HILL, JACKSON D., (Black creek,) r 38, owns canal boat and farmer 26.

Histed, H., (Belfast,) farmer occupies 50 owned by Michael Cosgrow.

Histed, R. & J. E., (Belfast,) r 12, farmer 77.

Hitchings, Forbes O., (Belfast,) r 18, farmer works 50 owned by S. C. Drew.
HITCHINGS, SCOVILLE, (Belfast,) r 19, canal grocery and farmer 4.

Hogeboom, Matthias W., (Black Creek,) r 18, farmer 30.

Hopper, Alfred R., (Belfast,) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes.
Hopper, Byron, (Belfast,) carpenter, Church.
Hopper, Edward, (Belfast,) r 8, poor master and farmer 304.

HOTCHKISS AARON L., (Belfast,) farmer 75, Canal.

Howell, Adelia, (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 2.
HOWELL, BYRON, (Belfast,) r 19, laborer.
Howell, Daniel, (Black creek,) r 37, farmer 55.
Howell, George W., (Belfast,) r 16, farmer 120.
Howell, Warren, (Friendship), r 34, farmer 86.

Hoy, Edward, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer leases of C. F. Bissell 215.

Hulin, Mary Mrs., (Belfast,) r 7, farmer 10.

HULL, LEWIS F., (Belfast,) general hardware.

Hunt, Freeman, (Belfast,) r 11, farmer 3.
Hunt, Isaac, (Belfast,) carpenter, Church.

JACOBS, RICHARD, (Belfast,) prop. of livery, owns 10 village lots, farmer 54 in Caneadea and 
 7 1/2 in Lansing, Tompkins County.

Jennings, Christopher, (Belfast,) r 9, farmer 260.
Jennings, James O., (Belfast,) r 10, farmer, 245.
Jennings, Mary Miss, (Belfast,) r 10, farmer 18.

Johnston, Preston, (Belfast,) shoemaker, Canal.

Kelly, Mathew, (Belfast,) r 22, farmer leases of Simon Cosgrow, 65.

*KERNS, FRED J., (Belfast,) tinware manuf. and dealer in stoves.

Kidney, Robert, (Belfast,) blacksmith, Canal.

Killeon, John, (Belfast,) r 24, pack peddler and farmer 5.

Kingsley, A. & M. A., (Belfast,) hotel keepers, corner Main and Hughes.

KINNEY, DAVID, (Belfast,) farmer 135, corner Chestnut and Main.
KINNEY, EATON, (Belfast,) r 3, cheese maker.

Knickerbocker, George, (Belfast,) (Chas. L. Dailey & Co.)

Knowlton, Wm., (Belfast,) carpenter.

LANG, AMES, (Belfast,) r 4, stone cutter and farmer 25.
Lang, Robert E., (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 43.
Lang, Wm., (Belfast,) r 15, stone mason and cutter and owns 50 acres.

Lanning, Arthur S., (Black Creek,) r 38, blacksmith and farmer 85.

LEONARD, OWEN, (Belfast,) r 5, farmer leases of John Byrns 200.

Lesuer, Lewis P., (Belvidere,) r 28, farmer 46.

Lewis, J. A., (Belfast,) flour, feed and groceries, Main.

Lounsbury, Samuel, estate of (Black Creek,) r 39[?], farmer 187.

Mann, Michael, (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 16.

MAPES, ABRAM, (Angelica,) r 23, farmer 60.

Marcham, James, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 340.

Marsh, Edwin, (Belfast,) groceries.
Marsh, Orlin, (Belfast,) r 4, farmer 11.
MARSH, OTIS C., (Belfast,)r 5, farmer leases of E. C. Hopper, 150.

Martain, Samuel W., (Belfast,) r 18, farmer 50.

Massasoit House, (Belfast,) Wm.. Bowman Renwick prop.

McAil, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 36.

McCARTHY, JOHN, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 3.

McCarty, John, (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 84.

McCrackin, Wm., (Black Creek,) r 18, farmer 50.

McCuen, Francis, (Belfast, r 13, farmer 200.

McGill, Daniel, (Belvidere,) r 31 1/2, farmer 48.

McManniman, James, (Belfast,) r 30, farmer 111 1/2.

McNaughton, Allen, (Angelica,) r 29, farmer 86.

Miller, Thomas, (Belfast,) post master.

Millett, Chas., (Belfast,) r 20, farmer works 67 owned by Mrs. M.

Miller, Conrad, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 129, and works 49 owned by Mrs. Howell.

Millett, M. Mrs., (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 67, worked by her son.

Millet, Wm., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 150.

Millholland, Wm., (Black creek,) r 39, farmer 119.

Miner, M., Mrs., (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 28.

MORAN, JAMES C., (Belfast,) resident.

Mosier, Hiram, (Belfast,) butcher.

MURDOUGH, HOMER, (Oramel,) r 1, farmer 160.

Murry, Thomas Mrs., (Belfast,) r 19, farmer 4.

NEELY, JUSTICE H., (Belfast,) r 35, cheese maker and farmer 2 and owns on r 24, 250.
Neely, Reuben, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer works 250 owned by J. H. Neely.

Northrup, John (Belfast,) r 7, farmer 44.

*NYE, DARWIN D., (Belfast,) dealer in boots and shoes and town clerk, Main.

O'Brian, John, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 51.

O'Brien, John, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 50.

Ogden, Brazille D., (Belfast,) r 30, farmer 175.

O'Mara, John, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 75.
O'MARA, L., (Belfast,)

Orcutt, David, (Belfast,) r 2, farmer.
Orcutt, Franklin, (Belfast,) r 2, farmer 2 1/2.
Orcutt, George, (Belfast,) r 2, laborer, owns 2 acres.

*OSBORNE, SAMUEL, (Belfast,) furniture manufacturer.

Palmer, Marvin, (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 7.

Phelps, M. & H., (residence Sidney, Delaware Co.) r 14, drovers and farmers 150.

PIERCE, DANIEL, (Belfast,) r 2, farmer leases 60.

PRESTON, P. P., (Belfast,) r 8, farmer 123.

RACE, WESLEY, (Belfast,) shoemaker, Canal.

Rafter, Mrs., (Belfast,) r 16, farmer 73.

Ramsey, George, (Black creek,) r 37, farmer 211.
RAMSEY, JAMES W., (Belfast,) r 18, farmer 88 1/2.
Ramsey, John, (Belfast,) r 18, farmer 35.

REARWIN, WM., (Belfast,) r 4, cooper and farmer 38.

REDING, JOHN, (Belvidere,) r 39, farmer 125.

Renwick, Wm. Bowman, (Belfast,) prop. of Massasoit House and owns farm on r 2, 130.

Rich, Charles O., (Belfast,) cheese maker, Furnace and on r 5, farmer 50.
RICH, HIRAM, (Belfast,) sash door and blind manuf., also lumber and shingles, Angel.

Richardson, Henry, (Belfast,) drayman, Angel.

Rock, Edward, (Belfast,) r 22, farmer 50.
Rock, William, (Belfast,) r 22, farmer 273 1/2.

Rockwell, John, (Belfast,) tailor, corner South and Main.

ROYCE, FRANK, (Belfast,) r 14, farmer works 150 owned by his father.
Royce John E., (Belfast,) r 27, farmer 132 1/2.

Rugg, Lyman, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer works 40 owned by W. Lyon.

Saunders, Chas. W., (Belfast,) (C. W. Sanders & Co.,) physician residence Hughes.
Saunders, C. W. & Co., (Belfast,) (Chas. W. and John H. Saunders,) druggists, Main.
Saunders, John H., (Belfast,) (C. W. Saunders & Co.,) physician.

Schauall, Austin, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 66.
Schauall, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 24, farmer 20.

Scott, Homer, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 35.
Scott, Seneca, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 50.

Scovill, Seth, Oramel,) r 1, farmer 40.

SEARL, ISAAC, (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 61.

Sebery, Thomas, (Black Creek,) r 37, farmer 20.

Seeley, Hiram, (Belfast,) r 9, farmer 197.

Sellon, John A., Belfast,) r 5, farmer 80.

Shuart, Charles, (Belfast,) r 35, farmer 120.

Smith, Hugh M., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 144.

SPRAGUE, ISAAC, (Belfast,)R 27, FARMER 50.

Star, George, (Belvidere,) r 31, farmer 50.

Stewart, C. W., (Belfast,) physician, Main.

Strong, Herbert, (Friendship,) r 36, farmer 8.
Strong, Orrin L, (Belfast,) tinner, corner Sherman and Main.

Sullivan, Michael, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 13 1/2.
Sullivan, Michael, (Belfast,) r 14, farmer leases of C. H. Saunders 83.

Sumner, Hiram E., (Belfast,) r 21, farmer 94.
SUMNER, NEWTON, (Belfast,) farmer works H. E. Sumner's farm.

Swift, Collen D. Rev., (Friendship,) r 35, local preacher and farmer 150.

THURSTON, INCREASE, (Belfast,) r 24, (with Thomas,) owns saw mill and farmer 134.
THURSTON, THOMAS, (Belfast,) r 24, (with Increase,) owns saw mill and farmer 134.

Tibbets, James, (Belfast,) livery.
Tibbets, John, (Black Creek,) r 38, farmer 160.
TIBBETS, LYMAN B., (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 50.

Tuller, Charles, (Belfast,) r 8, farmer leases 90.

VanAlley, John, (Belfast,) r 8, assessor and farmer 165.

VAUGHAN, HENRY, (Belfast,) r 14, carpenter and farmer 107.
Vaughan, Wallace E., (Belfast,) r 14, farmer 40.

Very, John C., (Belfast,) prop. of meat market, Main and on r 5, farmer 108.

Voorhees, Oscar N., (Belfast,) r 20, carpenter and farmer 123.

Warner, Edgar, (Belfast,) dealer in live stock corner Chestnut and Main.

Wasson, Mary, Emily and Alvira, (Black Creek,) r 18, farm 50.

WEBSTER, WM., (Belfast,) r 7, farmer 52 1/2.

Welch, John, (Belfast,) r 20, farmer 128.

Wells, Sewell, (Friendship,) r 34, farmer 164 1/2.

WERT, BENJAMIN G.(Belfast,) r 30, farmer 106.

Whipple, O., (Belfast,) dentist, Sherman.

Wildrich, Samuel, (Black Creek,) r 39, farmer 121.

Willis, Benjamin T. (Belfast,) (Willie Bros.
Willis Bros. (Belfast,) (Benjamin T., Woodward and Rodney M.,) dry goods, groceries &c., Main,
 also wagon manufs., Angel.
Willis, Rodney M., (Belfast,) (Willis Bros.)
Willis, Woodward, (Belfast,) (Willie Bros.)

Wilson, Mason C., (Belfast,) r 26, justice of the peace and farmer 81.
Wilson, Samuel C., (Belfast,) attorney at law, Main.
Wilson, Stephen, (Belfast,) r 26, justice of the peace and farmer 212.

Windsor, Wm., (Belfast,) r 5, justice of the peace and farmer 84.

Wing, Dennis, (Belfast,) blacksmith, Main.

Woodin, Chas., (Belvidere,) r 27, farmer 8.

Wright, Albert, (Belfast,) tinsmith.

Wyckoff, Cornelius, (Oramel,) r 1, miner and farmer 50.

Young, Richard, (Friendship,) wagonmaker, Sherman.

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