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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Ackerman, D. C., (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, farmer 330.

Allard, Madison, (Bolivar,) r 13, dairy, 20 cows and farmer works on shares 150, owned by S. W. Thomas.

Allen, C. C. (Bolivar,) r 15, dairy, 10 cows and farmer works on shares 143, owned by Wm. Davie, Friendship.

Andrus, George, (Bolivar,) shoemaker.
ANDRUS, R. L., (Bolivar,) groceries, provisions, hardware, boots, shoes, dry goods &c.

Appleby, Chauncey M., (Bolivar,) r 20, farmer 100.
Appleby, Sheldon, S., (Bolivar,) r 20, farmer 50.
Appleby, Thomas H., (Bolivar,) constable and farmer 32 and leases 223.

Ayers, Peter, (Bolivar,) mason.

BAILEY, BARZILLA, (Shingle House, Potter Co., Pa.,) r 29, shoemaker and farmer 22.

Baker, Simon, (Richburg,) r 4-1/2, farmer 30.

Barnes, D. S., (Bolivar,) r 28, farmer 72.

Beers, James, (Bolivar,) r 15, farmer 100.
Beers, Wakeman, (Bolivar,) r 3, farmer 185.

Bidwell, Joseph. (Scio,) r 9, farmer 50.

Bolivar Cornet Band, (Bolivar,) C. E. Lesuer, leader.

Bradford, Frederick S., (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 110.

Brown, J. G., (Scio,) r 10, farmer 116.

Burdick, Barber 0., (South Bolivar,) r 24, farmer 100.
BURDICK. H. R., (Bolivar,) r 13, prop. of grist mill and farmer 65.
Burdick, L. C., (South Bolivar,) r 24, farmer leases of Asa Burdick 64.
Burdick, Mary Mrs., (South Bolivar,) r 24, farmer 50.

Cartwright, Cyrus T., (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer 50.
Cartwright, F. D., (Bolivar,) r 18, shingle sawyer and farmer 25.
Cartwright, Pardon L., (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer leases 54 and owns 71-1/2 acres timberland.
Cartwright, P. C., (Bolivar,) r 19, school teacher and farmer 50.

CHAMPLIN, DANIEL B., (Bolivar,) r 11, farmer 57.

Chapel, Gilbert, (South Bolivar,) r 22-1/2, farmer 155, owns 60 acres timber land in Potter 
 Co. Pa. and, with Leonard G. Chapel, owns saw mill.
Chapel, Henry, (South Bolivar,) (with Charles Williams,) lumberman and farmer 189.
Chapel, Jonathan, (South Bolivar,) r 22-1/2, wagon shop and owns 50 acres of timber.
CHAPEL, LEONARD G., (South Bolivar.) r 22, farmer 9, owns 67 acres timber land in Potter Co.
 Pa. and, with Gilbert Chapel, owns saw mill.

Collins, Horace, (Little Genesee,) r 14, veterinary surgeon and farmer 122.

Coon, Avery E., (Little Genesee,) r 27, farmer 114.

Cornwell, Merrit, (Bolivar,) r 15, farmer works on shares 140, owned by C. E. Lesuer.

COVEY, WARREN, (South Bolivar,) r 22-1/2, manuf. of grain cradles.

Cowles, Amasa J., (Bolivar,) r 13, farmer works 50.
COWLES, A. T., (South Bolivar,) r 24, carpenter and farmer 35.
Cowles, Benjamin, (Bolivar,) resident.
Cowles, Charles, (Bolivar,) r 3, farmer 6.
Cowles, Edgar W., (Bolivar,) (Kenyon & Cowles)
Cowles, Erastus, (Bolivar,) farmer 38. 
Cowles, M. D., (South Bolivar,) r 24, shoemaker.
Cowles, Munroe, (Bolivar,) r 14, gunsmith. 
COWLES, WARREN S., (Bolivar,) r 14, dairy. 7 cows and farmer 103-1/2. 

CRANDALL, ALONZO, (Bolivar,) r4, farmer50.
Crandall, Erastus, (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 50.
Crandall, John, r 16, dairy, 7 cows and farmer 62.
Crandall, Jonas C., (Bolivar,) dairy, 6 cows and farmer 133.
Crandall, Jonathan, (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 100.
Crandall, Lewis, (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 110.
Crandall, Martin, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 33.
Crandall, Thomas, (Bolivar,) r 26, dairy, 6 cows and farmer 100.
Crandall, Wm., (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, farmer 100.

Crow Alvin A., (Bolivar,) r 18, (with I. H. Mourhess,) farmer 91.

Crumb, Leroy, (South Bolivar,) r 23, farmer works 113-1/2.

Curtiss, James M.. (Bolivar,) attorney at law, supervisor and farmer 245.
Curtiss, N. (Bolivar.) (Root & Curtiss.)

CUTLER BROTHERS, (Bolivar,) (Joseph L. and Dorr,) allo. physicians and surgeons.
CUTLER, DORR, (Bolivar,) (Cutler Brothers.)
CUTLER, JOSEPH L., (Bolivar,) (Cutler Brothers,) owns 212 acres.

Daniels, Lucius, (Bolivar,) r 14, farmer 107.

Davidson, W. V., (Bolivar,) assessor and farmer 258.

Davie, C. B., (Bolivar,) r 15, dairy, 15 cows and farmer 214.
Davie, Chester, (Bolivar,) r 14, mason and farmer 5.
Davie, G. S., (Bolivar,) carpenter.
Davie, James, (Bolivar,) r 14, farmer 90.
Davie, Joseph, (Bolivar,) r 16, photographer and farmer 86-1/2.
Davie. Joseph H., (Bolivar,) r 26, farmer 49-1/2.

DAY, GEORGE, (Bolivar,) r 28, carpenter and farmer 40.

Dodson, Benjamin, (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, retired farmer 7.

Dunham, David, (Scio,) r 6, farmer 30.

Eaton, Thomas W. Rev., (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer 75.

Evans, Richard, (Bolivar,) r 1, farmer works 80.

Fassett, Jared, (Bolivar,) r 19. farmer 50.

Fay, Patrick, (Richburg.) r 5, farmer 100.

Finch, Jason, (Bolivar,) r 15. farmer 115.
Finch, M. W., (Bolivar.) r 18, farmer 50.

Fitzs, Henry, (Bolivar,) r 12, farmer 138.

Ford, Henry A.. (Scio,) r 6, farmer 92.

Fritts, Harry, (Richburg.) r 2-1/2, jeweler, carding and cloth dressing.

Gadsby, John C., (South Bolivar,) r 22, assessor and farmer 200.

Garthwait. Christopher C., (Bolivar,) r 3, farmer 110.
Garthwait, H., (Bolivar,) (with J. S. & J. J. Garthwait,) farmer 88-1/2.
Garthwait, John J., (Bolivar,) r 13, (with J.S. and H. Garthwait) farmer 88-1/3.
Garthwait. John S. (Bolivar,) r 4, shoemaker and (with H. & J. J. Garthwait,) farmer 88-1/2.

GLICK, ANDREW, (East Sharon, Potter Co., Pa.,) r 29, farmer 66.

Goodrich, Harvey, (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer 87-1/2.
Goodrich, John, (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer 71. 
Goodrich, Mathew D., (Bolivar,) r 19. farmer 20.
Goodrich, Milton L., (Bolivar,) r 12, farmer 2-1/2.

GREEN, M. M., (Scio,) r 10, farmer 75.

Griffith, Ezekiel, (South Bolivar,) r 22, carpenter and farmer 115.
Griffith. Geo. W., (South Bolivar,) r 22, farmer 100.
Griffith, Jabez, (South Bolivar,) r 22, farmer 89.
Griffith, Philip V., (South Bolivar,) r 22, justice of the peace, lumberman and farmer 100.
Griffith, Stephen W, (South Bolivar,) r 22, lumberman and farmer 237.

Halbert, A. B. & D. S., (Bolivar,) r 14, dairy, 7 cows and farmer 82.
Halbert, A. L., (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 200.

Hanchett, Albert, (Scio,) r 6, farmer 23.
Hanchett, Orson, (Scio,) r 6, farmer 77.

Hayward, Nathan. (South Bolivar,) r 23, farmer 104.

Hazard, Byron, (Bolivar,) r 20, mason and farmer 50.
Hazard, Cyrus B., (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer
Hazard, Harlan P., (Bolivar,) r 40, farmer leases 130.

Hendryx, Lathrop, (Bolivar,) r 19, insurance agent.

Henry, Charles. (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 50.
Henry. J. W & J. A.,(Bolivar,) r 4, manuf. of lumber and farmer 40.

Hitchcock, H. D., (Bolivar,) hotel clerk and owns 40 acres.
Hitchcock, Horace, (Bolivar,) r 3, carpenter.

Hover, Lucius, (Bolivar,) r 33, farmer 137-1/2.

HOW, DAVID, (Scio,) r 5, farmer 150.

HOYT. GEORGE H.,(Bolivar,) r 14, veterinary surgeon.
Hoyt, James S., (Bolivar,) (Voorhees & Hoyt,) postmaster, town clerk and farmer 7l.

Ingley, Jeremie, (South Bolivar,) r 24, farmer 55.

Johnson, W. H., (Bolivar.) wagon maker. 

Jordan, Alva,(South Bolivar,) r 23, farm laborer, and owns 12-1/2.
Jordan, Jonas, (Bolivar,) (with Archibald Moore,) live stock dealer and farmer 213.

Kenyon, B. M., (Bolivar,) r 14, farmer.
Kenyon & Cowles, (Bolivar,) (George W. Kenyon and Edgar W. Cowles,) tanners, manufs.
 of harness, boots and shoes.
Kenyon. Geo. W., (Bolivar,) (Kenyon & Cowles,) farmer 33.

Ketchum, Darius, (Bolivar,) r 12, farmer 60.

Kilbury, D. W., (Bolivar,) r 23, farmer 100. 
Kilbury, Edwin, (Bolivar,) justice of the peace and farmer 120.

Lebar, Chester S., (Richburg.) r 2, farmer works on shares 300, owned by J. C. & M. Reed.
Lebar, Henry, (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, farmer works on shares 300, owned by D. C. Ackerman.

LESEUR, C. E., (Bolivar,) r 14, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, leader of Bolivar
 Cornet Band, dealer in musical instruments and owns farm 140.
Leseur, I. G., (Bolivar,) r 1, farmer 105.

Lewis. E. B., (Little Genesee,) r 27, dairy, 8 cows and farmer 84-3/4 and in Genesee 60. 
Lewis, Henry F., (South Bolivar,) r 22-1/2, resident.

Mead, Hiram. (Bolivar,) r 28, farmer 67.
Mead, Jacob, (Bolivar.) r 26, farmer 128.
Mead, James A.. (Bolivar,) r 28, farmer 128.
Mead, John, (Bolivar,) farmer 180.
Mead, Levi, (Bolivar,) r 26, farmer works on shares 140, owned by John Mead.
Mead, Samuel, (Bolivar,) r 25, cooper and farmer 42.
Mead, William A., ( Bolivar,) r 26, farmer 50.
Mead, Wm. H., (Bolivar,) r 26, farmer 81. 

Millard, Nelson, (Bolivar,) r 14, carpenter and farmer 23.

Miller, Andrew, (Bolivar,) r 16, farmer 60. 

MIX, WM. H., (Bolivar,) r 19, farmer 23-1/2 and works on shares 212, owned by J. J. Cutler.

Moore, Archibald, (Bolivar,) (with Jonas Jordan,) live stock dealer and farmer213.

Mourhess, I. H., (Bolivar,) farmer 40 and (with Alvin Crowe,) 91.

Munroe, David S., (Bolivar,) r 19, carpenter and farmer 107.
Munroe. Lewis S.. (Bolivar,) r 19, mason. 

Newton, D. A., (Bolivar,) general merchant and farmer 14, and (with James Coon,) prop. 
 of cheese factory.

NEWTON, PHEBE Mrs., (Bolivar,) r 4. farmer 24.

NOBLES, ABRAM, (Scio.) r 6. farmer 110, 

Palmer, Willard, (South Bolivar,) r 24, farmer 50.

Peavy. Charles, (Richburg,) r 4-1/2, farmer 50 and (with James Spencer,) owns threshing machine.
Peavy, George, (Bolivar,) r 1, laborer and owns farm 30-1/4 in Genesee.

Perry, L. C., (South Bolivar,) r24, farmer 70.

Phillips, John, (Richburg,) r 4, (with Windsor,) farmer 208.
Phillips, Windsor, (Richburg,) r 4, (with John,) farmer 208

Pire, A. C., (Bolivar,) r 16, dairy, 8 cows and farmer 68.
PIRE, OSCAR A., (Bolivar,) r 18, farmer 67-1/4.

Pollay, Wm. H., (Bolivar.) r 23, farmer leases of W. V. Davidson 145.

Pratt, El. H., (Bolivar,) r 25, farmer 105 and leases 30.

Pyre, Russel, (Bolivar,) r 15, dairy, 6 cows and farmer 65.

Randolph, Franklin M., (Bolivar,) r 18, farmer 72-1/2.

Raub, L. M., (Bolivar,) r 14, dentist and farmer 33.

Reed, J. C., (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, farmer 50.
Reed, J. C., (Richburg,) r 2, farmer 50 and (with Milton Reed) 305.
Reed, Milton, (Richburg,) (with J. C.,) farmer 305.
Reed. Samuel, (Bolivar,) r 29, farmer 50.
Richardson, E. S., (Richburg,) r 2-1/2, dairy, 12 cows and farmer 158.
Richardson, S. A., (Bolivar,) r 17, farmer. 
Richardson, Thomas, (Bolivar,) r 17, farmer 147 and (with Wm. E. Richardson,) owns 130 acres
 of wild land.
RICHARDSON, WM. E., (Bolivar.) r 17, farmer 54 and (with Thomas Richardson) owns 130 acres 
 wild land.

ROCKEFELLER, FRANCIS, (Shingle House, Potter Co., Pa.,) r 29, farmer 100.

Rogers. C. T., (South Bolivar,) r 23, farmer 50 in Potter Co., Pa.

Root, Abel, (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 82.
Root & Curtiss, (Bolivar,) (L. E. Root and N. Curtiss,) blacksmiths.
Root, David C., (Bolivar,) r 3, farmer 70. 
Root, Hiram J., (Bolivar,) dealer in butter, eggs, poultry &c.
Root, James H., (Bolivar,) farmer 97.
Root, L. E., (Bolivar,) (Root & Curtiss.)

Rowley, S. G. S., (Bolivar,) r 12, farmer 30.

SAWYER, HARMON & JESSE, (South Bolivar,) blacksmiths.
SAWYER, IRA, (Bolivar,) r 11, farmer 108. 
SAWYER. ISAAC D., (Bolivar,) r 11, farmer 123.
SAWYER. RUFUS, (Bolivar,) farmer.

Scott, Alanson, (Bolivar,) r 20, lumberman and farmer leases 158.
SCOTT, ELIAS, (Bolivar,) r 12, farmer 51-1/2.
Scott, Nelson, (Bolivar,) r 13, cooper and manuf. of butter tubs and firkins.

Sherwood, Theresa M. Mrs., (South Bolivar,) r 23, lumbering and farm 215.

SMITH, JONATHAN, (Bolivar,) r 23, owns Amsden cheese factory in Cuba and farmer 170.
Smith, Miranda Mrs., (Bolivar,) r 3, farmer 50.
Smith, Wallace T., (Bolivar,) r 23, farmer 75.

Sparks. Rachel Mrs., (Bolivar,) resident and owns 120 acres wild land.

Spencer, James. (Richburg,) (with Chas. Peavy,) owns threshing machine.

Sprague, Calvin, (Scio,) r 8, farmer leases 132.

Straight, Horace, (Bolivar,) r 1, farmer 50

Stratton, Samuel C., (Alma,) r22, lumberman and farmer 205-1/2.

THOMAS. S. W., (Bolivar,) ready made clothing, bats, caps, boots, shoes &c, and owns 230

Thurber, R. L., (Bolivar,) r 18, farmer 71-1/2.
Thurber, W. R., (Bolivar.) r 13, carpenter and farmer 2.

Trask, George, (South Bolivar,) farmer 50.

Utter, Thomas H., (Bolivar,) r 25, farmer 30.

Vancise, George, (Shingle House, Potter Co., Pa.) r 29, farmer 20.

Voorhees, Abraham.(Bolivar,) (Voorhees & Hoyt.) farmer 28-1/4.
Voorhees & Hoyt, (Bolivar,) (Abram Voorhees and James S. Hoyt,) general merchants.
Voorhees, J. Mrs., (Bolivar,) prop. of Bolivar Hotel.

WAKEMAN, CHESTER F., (Bolivar,) r12, farmer 60.

Weatherbee. Orren, (Scio,) r 6, dairy, prop. of cheese factory and farmer 70.

Wight, Jasper J., (Bolivar,) r 4, farmer 50.

Wightman, Francelia Mrs., (Scio,) r 8, school teacher.
Wightman, William, (Scio,) r 8, farm laborer.

Wilbur, Perry. (Bolivar,) r 26, millwright and farmer 100.

Wilcox, George. (Bolivar,) r 11, lumberman 96 acres.

Williams, A. G., (Bolivar,) deputy sheriff and farmer 70 and owns 207 acres of wild land.
Williams, C. A., (Bolivar.) clerk.
Williams, Charles, (South Bolivar,) (with Henry Chapel,) lumberman and farmer 189.
WILLIAMS, R. S., (Bolivar,) r 25, farmer 137.
WILLIAMS, S. D., (Bolivar,) r 24, farmer 100.

Wixson, Emily Mrs, (Bolivar,) grocery and variety store.
WIXSON, FRANK, (Bolivar,) traveling agent for Atlantic Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wixson, Jonathan, (Bolivar,) r 25, farmer 96.

WOOLCOTT, TRUMAN, (Shingle House, Potter Co., Pa.,) r 29, farmer 100.

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