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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Aber, Israel -., (Canaseraga,) gardener and fur dealer.

Allen, Hiram, (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer 97.

Angel, John, (Canaseraga,) drayman.

Avery, Horace A., (Canaseraga,) lumber manufacturer and dealer, Pratt.
AVERY, WM. W., (Burns,) r 12, sewing machine agent, assessor and farmer 120.

Babcock, Daniel A., (Canaseraga,) (G. H. & D. A. Babcock.)
Babcock, George H., (Canaseraga,) (G. H. & D. A. Babcock.)
Babcock, G. H. & D. A., (Canaseraga,) George H. and Daniel A.,) general merchants, Church.
Babcock, Henry C., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 1, farmer 53.

Bacon, Ambrose, (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 92.
Bacon, Leonard, (Canaseraga,)  r 8, farmer 24.
Bacon, Linda, Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 84.
Bacon, Theodore, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 31.
Bacon, Wm. M., (Canaseraga,) r 23 farmer 100.

Baily, Cyrus G., (Canaseraga,)  r 23, farmer 120.

BAILEY & GARWOOD, (Whitneys crossing,) (E. Nelson Bailey, (non-resident,) and James Garwood.)
 r 1, manufs. of and dealers in lumber, staves, heading and barrels, dealers in groceries,
 boots and shoes and farmers 1275.
Bailey, Leonard, (Canaseraga,) r 27, farmer 105.

Baily, Zenas, (Canaseraga,) Pratt, horse castrator and farmer 140.

Baker, John, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 3, farmer 64.

Barnum & Carter, (Canaseraga,) (Willis and Edson D. Barnum and Willie Carter,) clothing
 gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps, boots and shoes, Church.
Barnum, Edson D., (Canaseraga,) (Barnum & Carter.)
Barnum, M. M. Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 16 1/2, owns 170.
Barnum, Willis, (Canaseraga,) (Barnum & Carter.)
Barnum, Willis H., (Canaseraga,) r 16 1/2, stock dealer and farmer works on shares 170, 
 owned by Mrs. M. M. Barnum

Battin, Francis B., (Canaseraga,) (Battin & Windsor.)
Battin & Windsor, (Canaseraga,) (Francis B. Battin and William H. Windsor,) drugs, medicines,
 paints, oils, stationary and school books, corner of Church and main.

Beardsley, E. A. Mrs., (Canaseraga,)  furnishing goods, clothing, millinery, hats and caps,

Becker, Albert, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 80.

Beedle, Henry, (Canaseraga,)  Church, farmer 15.

BENNETT, DANIEL W., (Canaseraga,) Main, farmer 1300.
Bennett, Edwin, (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 40.

Benton, George W., (Canaseraga,) carpenter and paper hanger.

Bill, George C. H., (Burns,) r 27, farmer 200.
BILL, JOHN G., (Canaseraga,) dealer in meat, flour and feed, Church.

Black, John, (Burns,) r 29, farmer 15.

Blank, Henry, (Burns,) r 11, farmer leases of Ossian Galpin 47.

Board, J. H. Rev., (Canaseraga,) pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Main.

Bordwell, Waitstell C., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 25.

Bowen, Jonathan, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 47.

Boyland, Christopher, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 350
BOYLAN, EDGAR, (Canaseraga,) r 8, carpenter and joiner and farmer 40.
Boylan, Isaac, (Canaseraga,) farmer 79, Pratt.
Boylan, Isaac L., (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 80.
BOYLAN, JOHN, (Canaseraga,) r 15, farmer 150 1/2.

Brown, William B., (Burns,) r 28, justice of the peace and farmer 300.

Burdick, Wm. S., (Canaseraga,) manuf. of flooring siding and lath. Main.

Burkholder, Daniel, (Canaseraga,)  carpenter.

Bush, Henry, (Canaseraga,) r 15, farmer works on shares 163, owned by Harvey Ewart.

Campbell, Daniel, (Whitney's Crossing,) r 2, blacksmith.
Campbell, Harrison L., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 151.
Campbell, James, (Canaseraga,) lumber manufacturer and dealer, Pratt.
Campbell, Robert, Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 60.

Canaseraga Hotel, (Canaseraga,) Seth Pratt, prop.
*CANASERAGA TIMES, (Canaseraga,) Henry C. Scott, publisher, Church.

Carney, Wm. C., (Burns,) r 12, farmer 75.

CARROLL, GEO. W., (Canaseraga,) r 24, farmer 72.
Carroll, Mary Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 140.

Carter, M. E., (Canaseraga,) r 19, farmer 136.
Carter, Willis, (Canaseraga,) (Barnum & Carter.)

Chamberlain, Edward E. Rev., (Canaseraga,) rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Clapp, John, (Canaseraga,) blacksmith, Main.

CLARK, LESTER S., (Canaseraga,) barber and hair dresser, Main.
Clark, Lewis, (Canaseraga,) farmer.

COLGROVE, HENERY, (Canaseraga,) r 10, farmer 216.

Comstock, Augustus, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 90.
Comstock, Nathaniel W., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 100.

Confer, John, (Canaseraga,) r 9, farmer works on shares 75, owned by Ralph Otis.

Conkin, Dewitt, (Canaseraga,) carpenter, Church.

Copeland, Hulda A. Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 10, farmer 30.

CORAY, STEPHEN D., (Canaseraga,) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, ready made clothing,
 hats and caps &c., and farmer 94, Main.
Coray, Wm. H., (Burns, r 28, farmer 295.

CRAIG JAMES, (Canaseraga,) dry goods, groceries, crockery, boots and shoes, Church.

Crittenden, Alva B., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 150

Cruttenden, Alvah E., (Canaseraga,) r 17, farmer 165.
Cruttenden, Lucy Miss, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 212.

Culver, Joshua, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 49.

Cutler, Russell, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 3, farmer 43.

Dake, Benjamin M., (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer 150.

Damon, G. E. Mrs., (Canaseraga,) milliner and dress maker, Church.

Davidson, David, (Canaseraga,) blacksmith and farmer 50, Church.

Denton, Solomon, (Canaseraga,) Church, farmer 62 1/2.

Dey, Graham, (Canaseraga,) r 15, farmer, works on shares, 159 1/2, owned by John Boylan.

Dieter, Reuben, (Canaseraga,) r 8, mason and farmer 12 1/2.

Dimick, Dexter C., (Whitneys Crossing, r 4, farmer 26.)
DIMICK, MARLIN D., M.D., (Canaseraga,) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Dolloph, Geo. R., (Canaseraga,) hardware, tinware, stoves, agricultural implements, sewing
 machines, sash and blinds, Church.

Donnelly, Michael, burns,) r 29, farmer 160.

Donohue, John, (Canaseraga,) r 4, farmer 80.

Dore, Henry, (Canaseraga,) tailor and town clerk, church.

Dresser, Joseph, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 3, farmer 51.

Dunn, Charles, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer leases of Ezra Whitney, 130.

Dunning, Humphrey, (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 27, farmer 165.

Edmister, Joseph, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 64.

Ehle, Adam, (Canaseraga,) r 4, farmer 39.
Ehle, L. J. Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 4, owns 24 acres.

Emery, Joseph W., (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 27, farmer 40.

EVELAND, WM., (Canaseraga,) r 13, farmer 100.

Fay, N. S., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer leases of H. S. Mundy, 268 1/2.

Flint, Fletcher, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer leases of Geo. S. Mundy, 268 1/2.
Flint, Henry D., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 35.
Flint, Joseph, (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 194.
Flint, Wm. L., (Canaseraga,) r 16 1/2, farmer 28 1/2.

FRITZ, SOUTHWICK E., (Canaseraga,) furniture dealer and undertaker, corner of Main and Church.

GARWOOD, JAMES, (Whitneys Crossing,) (Bailey & Garwood.)
Garwood, Jonathan, (Canaseraga,) carpenter and joiner, corner of Main and Pratt.

GATES, ABEL Jr., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 58.

Gemmel, James L., (Canaseraga,) shoemaker, Church.

Gilbert, Benedict S., (Canaseraga,) r 25, farmer 100.

Goodwin, John D., (Canaseraga,) station agent on Erie Railroad and U.S. Express agent.

Gordon, Anthony, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 16.

Gors, Egbert, (Canaseraga,) Harness, saddles, robes, blankets, whips &c., Church.

GOULD, ISAAC L., (Almond,) r 27, blacksmith and farmer 140.

Gray, Thomas, (Burns,) r 31, farmer 37 1/2.

Green, Egbert P., (Canaseraga,) prop. of restaurant and billard room, Main.

HADLEY, JENNISON B., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, lumberman and farmer 6.

Haley, Peter, (Canaseraga,) farmer 35.

Hamlin, Charles F., (Canaseraga,) r 15, farmer 80.

Harris, Wm. H., (Canaseraga,) physician, dentist and news dealer, Church.

Hartman, Wm., (Canaseraga,) r 18, farmer 132.

Hickey, James, (Canaseraga,) r 10 1/2, farmer 24 1/2.

Hill, Matthew, (Canaseraga,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes and coal,
 corner of Main and Church.

Holiday, Daniel H., (Canaseraga,) lawyer and notary public, Main.

Hollister, David D., (Burns,) r 28, carpenter.
Hollister, David D., (Burns,) r 28, carpenter.
Hollister, James, (Burns,) r 28, carpenter.

Hopkins, John, (Canaseraga,) r 14, farmer occupies 150 acres belonging to the estate of John Hopkins.

Howes, Decatur, (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 75.

Hubbard, John J., (Canaseraga,) r 16, blacksmith and farmer 159.

Jacques, Albert W., (Canaseraga,) Pratt, farmer 42 1/2.

Jeffries, Frank, (Canaseraga,) Western Union telegraph operator.
Jeffries, Wm. F., (Canaseraga,) Western Union telegraph operator.

Jennings, S. H., (Canaseraga,) mason, agent for the Victor sewing machine and picture dealer, Church.

Johnson, Francis b., (Canaseraga,) carpenter and joiner, corner of Church and Ossian.

Jones, George W., (Canaseraga,) carpenter and farmer 170, Church.

KARCHER, WM. B., (Canaseraga,) r 6, farmer works on shares 260, owned by John Goundery of Dansville, N.Y.

Karns, Aaron R., (Canaseraga,) r 13, farmer 25.
Karns, Ira D., (Canaseraga,) r 3, farmer 25, and (with Palmer D. Karns,) leases of Mr.s Karns 108 3/4.
Karns, Mathias, (Canaseraga,) r 9, farmer 60.
Karns, Palmer R., (Canaseraga,) (with Ira D. Karns,) r 18, farmer leases of Mrs. E. Karns 108 3/4.
Karr, Wilson, I. N., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer leases of Wilson Jones 95.

Kelley, Michael, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 3, farmer 88.

KIDD, BENJ. V., (Burns, r 28, dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 450.

Kingston, Daniel, (Canaseraga,) farmer 45.

Kinney, Harry, (Burns,) r 30, blacksmith.

Knights, Gottlip, (Canaseraga,) r 26, farmer 148.
Nights, Truman G., (Canaseraga,) r 24, farmer leases of Fay Miller 150.

Lackey, S. J., Rev., (Canaseraga,) Jefferson.
Lackey, Sylvanus, (Canaseraga,) house painter, Church.

Lacy, James A. Jr., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 25.

Larhan, James, (Canaseraga,) Church, farmer 22 3/4

Latimor, Dennis T., (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 27, farmer 181.
Latimor, Wm., (Arkport, Steuben Co.,) r 81, farmer 187.

Leonard, Elijah B., (Canaseraga,) Main, farmer 90.
LEONARD, JOSEPH, (Canaseraga,) justice of the peace, Main.

Lockwood, James, (Canaseraga,) r 8, constable and farmer 6.

Lorow, John, (Burns,) r 11, farmer 1.

Luce, Orrin C., (Canaseraga,) r 15, carpenter and farmer 10.

Lyon, Richard, (Canaseraga,) r 11, farmer 30.

Mable, L. N. Mrs. (Canaseraga,) milliner and dressmaker.  Church
Mable, Wm., (Canaseraga,) photographer, Church.

Mack, Sally, Mrs., (Canaseraga,) r 25, farmer 50.

Mapes, Martin F., (Canaseraga,) r 26, farmer 80.

MARR, CHARLES, (Canaseraga,) R 9K, FARMER 33.

Marvin, James, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 6.
Marvin, Oscar, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 4.

MATTHEWS, WM. C., (Canaseraga,) Postmaster, justice of the peace and justice of sessions, Church.

McGibeny, David H., (Canaseraga,) blacksmith and wagon maker, Main.

McMICHAEL, PHILIP, (Canaseraga,) r 12, farmer 126.

Mehlenbacker, Christopher, (Burns,) r 27, farmer 70.

Mess, Peter, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 3, farmer 25.

Miller, Abner A., (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer leases of Mrs. Matilda Wood 99.
Miller, David H., (Canaseraga,) manufacturer of and dealer in shingles, lath, heading and
 flooring, and lumber dresser, Main.
Miller, Fay, (Canaseraga,) Main, farmer 150.
Miller, Joseph, (Canaseraga,) r 24, farmer 122.
Miller, Walter, (Canaseraga,) (Sutfin & Miller,) Main, farmer 40.
Miller, Walter I., (Canaseraga,) (Sutfin & MIller.)

Mosher, Wm., (Burns,) r 30, shoemaker.

Mundy, Edward, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 170.
Mundy, George E., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 268 1/2.
Mundy, Michael G., (Canaseraga,) deputy sheriff and prop. of livery.
Mundy, Nick V, (Canaseraga,) prop. of billiard saloon, Main.

Mures, James, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 6.

Narcong, Joel, (Canaseraga,) Main, farmer 40.

Nevills, Mills, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 43.

Nichols, Henry, (Canaseraga,) r 11, farmer 131

Parker, Ezekiel, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 17.

PATTERSON, GEORGE W., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 4, farmer.
Patterson, Wm., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 4, farmer 100.

Payne, Wm., (Canaseraga,) r 23, stock dealer and farmer 122.

Peabody, Atwood T., (Canaseraga,) carpenter, Church.
Peabody, Humphrey O., (Canaseraga,) furniture dealer, Main.

Pearce, Philo S., (Canaseraga,) prop. of meat market, Main.

Peckham, Daniel, (Canaseraga,) r 19, farmer works on shares 188 acres owned by J. Faulkner.

Pelton House, (Canaseraga,) L. C. Pelton, prop., corner Main and Church.

Pelton, L. C., (Canaseraga,) prop. of the Pelton House, corner of Main and Church.

Pratt, Daniel M., (Canaseraga,) physician and surgeon, Pratt.
Pratt, Seth, (Canaseraga,) prop. of Canaseraga Hotel.

Ragan, Michael, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 50.
Ragan, Richard, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 50.

Randall, Edwin V., (Burns,) r 22, produce dealer.

Reynard, Horatio B., (Canaseraga,)  carpenter, North.

ROBBINS, JOHN, (Canaseraga,) newsdealer, practical clock and watchmaker and dealer in
 watches, clocks, jewelry &c., Main.

Roberts, Daniel C., (Canaseraga,) r 14, farmer 102.

Robinson, John B., (Canaseraga,) mason.

Root, Henry L., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, postmaster and station agent on Erie R.R.

Rossieter, James, (Canaseraga,) r 9, farmer leases of Mrs. Tatarshall 50.

Roup, John, (Canaseraga,) manufacturer of and dealer in lumber and shingles and owns 82 acres.

Salmon, J., (Canaseraga,) r 4, farmer 54.

Sanford, Franklin, (Burns,) r 27, farmer 46 and works 29 owned by Rebecca Sanford.
Sanford, Rebecca, (Burns,) r 27, farmer 29.

Sattuck, James F., (Canaseraga,) house painter, Ossian.

Scholes, Mary Mrs., (Canaseraga,) milliner and dressmaker, Church.
Scholes, Richard D., (Canaseraga,) mason and farmer 60, Church.

*SCOTT, HENRY C., (Canaseraga,) publisher of the Canaseraga Times and book and job printer, Church.
Scott, Wm., (Canaseraga,) r 8 1/2, farmer 150.

Sheeren, Patrick, (Canaseraga,) mason, Church.

Shumway, Naham, (Canaseraga,) r 20, farmer 60.

Sleight, Oscar L., (Canaseraga,) r 13, shoemaker and farmer 90.

SMITH, CHARLES, (Canaseraga,) wholesale and retail dealer in tobacco and cigars, Main.

SORG, CHARLES, (Canaseraga,) r 12, farmer leases of John Goundry 165.

Sorge, Conrad, (Canaseraga,) wagon maker, Main.

Spinks, John Rev., (Canaseraga,) pastor of the M. E. church.

Stanton, Charles W., (Canaseraga,) r 14, wagon maker and blacksmith.

Starr, Joseph, (Burns,) r 22, farmer 4.

Stewart, Lewis C., (Canaseraga,) r 14, farmer 114.

St.John, George M.D., (Canaseraga,) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Stocker, Elbert C., (Canaseraga,) r 21, farmer 145.

Stocker, Lydia J. Mrs., (Canaseraga,)  r 21, farmer 75.

Strickland, Elizur C., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, justice of the peace and farmer 185.

Sutfin, John B., (Canaseraga,) r 18, dealer in hardware, tinware and stoves and farmer 185.
Sutfin & Miller, (Canaseraga,) (Watson J. Sutfin and Walter I. Miller,) dealers in drugs,
medicines, paints, oils, books and stationery, Main.
Sutfin, Watson J., (Canaseraga,) (Sutfin & Miller.)

TAYLOR EDWARD, (Canaseraga,) r 19, agent for sewing machines and mowers and reapers and farmer 71 1/2.

Terbush, Abram, (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer works on shares 140 acres owned by Mary Carroll.

*THE CANASERAGA TIMES, (Canaseraga,) Henry C. Scott, publisher, Church.

Thomas, Josiah, (Canaseraga,) r 26, farmer works on shares 84, owned by Linda Bacon.

Thompson, Daniel J., (Canaseraga,) r 17, farmer 305.
Thompson, Lewis W.,(Canaseraga,) r 10, farmer 90.

Thomson, Samuel, (Burns,) r 22, farmer 230.

Tilden, Orland L., (Burns,) r 22, farmer 41.
TILDEN, ORVILLE S., (Burns,) r 22, farmer 160.

Titus, Morgan J., (Canaseraga,) insurance agent and auctioneer, Main.

Todd, John G., (Canaseraga,) r 4, farmer 56.

Townsend, Colwill Rev., (Canaseraga,) pastor of the Baptist Church.
TOWNSEND, URIAH, (Canaseraga,) millwright and builder, Main.

Vanscoter, Jonas, (Canaseraga,) r 10, farmer 10.

Walker, Benj. A., (Canaseraga,) carpenter and joiner, Church.
Walker, John L., (Canaseraga,) dealer in grain and hay and owns 18 acres, Church.

Ward, Mary M. Mrs., (Burns,) r 27, farmer 59.

WATSON, GEORGE H., M. D., (Canaseraga,) allo. physician and surgeon, Church.

Webb, N., (Burns,) r 22, farmer 8.
WEBB, STEPHEN D., (Canaseraga,) r 19, farmer 114 1/2.

Welch, Michael, (Canaseraga,) r 8, farmer 38.

WENTWORTH, GEORGE B., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 144.
Wentworth, Loren L., (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 112.
WENTWORTH, WARREN B., (Canaseraga,) clerk, Church.
Wentworth, Wm., (Canaseraga,) grocer and produce dealer, Church.

Wheeler, Caroline, (Whitneys Crossing, r 1, farmer 28 [?23]
Wheeler, Henry, (Whitneys crossing,) r 1, farmer 12 1/2.

Whiting, Marshall T., (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 120.

Whitney, Alzina, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 4, farmer 14.
Whitney, Carver, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, farmer 14.
WHITNEY, NORTON, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 1, farmer 50.
Whitney, Welthy, (Whitneys Crossing,) r 4, farmer 14.
Whitney, Wm., (Whitneys Crossing,) r 2, teamster and farmer 6.

Wilcox, Timothy, (Canaseraga,) r 21, farmer 101.

Wilkins, Lyman D., (Burns,) r 28, farmer 145.

Windsor, Charles B., (Canaseraga,) coal dealer and insurance agent, Main.
Windsor, Wm. H., (Canaseraga,) (Battin & Windsor,)

Wood, Hannah,) (Canaseraga,) r 16, farmer 25.
Wood, Matilda, (Canaseraga,) r 20, owns 99.

WORRICK, JESSE, (Canaseraga,) r 23, farmer 112 1/2.

Yocum, George, (Canaseraga,) carriage manufacturer and dealer and painter.

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