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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Ashford, Dewitt, C., (Oramel,) dentist and sewing machine agent.

Allen, Earl, (Oramel,) r 34, farmer leases of Stephen Vandemark.
Allen, Milo, (Oramel,) farmer, 248

Alworth, Walter, (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 100.

ANDREWS, JASPAR, (Oramel,) carpenter and joiner and justice of the peace.

ANDRISS, JOHN D., (Caneadea,) r 28, manufacturer of and dealer in flour and feed.

Arnold, Alonzo O., (Fillmore,) r 5, farmer 10 and leases of Phebe Seaton of Belfast, 6.
Arnold, Anson, r 11, farmer 100.
Arnold, Fremont J., (Caneadea,)r 13, farmer works on shares 112, owned by Mrs. J. Washburn.
Arnold, Marion, (Fillmore,) r 11, farmer 50.
Arnold, Walter R., (Caneadea,)r 12, millwright and farmer 25.

Ashley, Charles S., (Oramel,) r 32, farmer 40.

Atherton, Adam, (Oramel,) r 32, farmer 144.
ATHERTON, ALFRED, (Oramel,) r 32, farmer.
Atherton, Edward J., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 63.
Atherton, James, (Belfast,) r 30, farmer 216
ATHERTON, JOHN, (Oramel,) r 32, farmer 119.
Atherton, Loren, (Oramel,) r 35, farmer 77.
Atherton, Stephen Jr., (Belfast,) r 34, farmer 282

Bacon, Bethuel J., (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 80.
Bacon, Geo. W., (Oramel,) farmer 13.

Balcom, Columbus, (Caneadea,) r 23, lumber dresser, manufacturer of lumber and shingles and
BALCOM, FAYETTE, (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 180.

Ballard, Ephraim, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 3, and leases of O. C. Davis 50.
Ballard, Levi, (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 20.

Bearnes, Henry, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 91

Bell, E. R. Miss, (Oramel,) milliner.

Bennett, Bushnell C., (Oramel,) r 26, farmer 244.
Bennett, Kirk M., (Oramel,) 26, (with B. C. Bennett,) farmer 244.

BIGELOW, BENJ. F., (Caneadea,) millwright and justice of the peace.

Bissell, Jarius H., (Oramel,) clerk and foreman in Elijah Johnson's steam saw mill.

Bleven, O., (Caneadea,) r 16, farmer 10.

Bowen, Amos L., (Fillmore,) r 11, farmer 100.

Brainard, Lucius N., (Caneadea,)r 23, farmer 51 1/4.

Brandes, J. H., (Caneadea,) r 34, farmer 122.

Breack, Adolph, (Caneadea,) r 16, farmer 10.

Britt, Edward, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 80.

Brockway, David, (Oramel,) house painter.

Bubbs, Edward, (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer leases of Mrs. A. Young 20.

Buchuster, John, (Caneadea,) r 15, farmer leases of Mrs. A. Young, 107.

Bullock, Charles E., (Belfast,) r 34, farmer leases of James P. Rounsville 120.

Burdick, Frank, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 3.
Burdick, L. T., (Caneadea,) r 5, butcher.

Burk, Patrick, (Houghton Creek,) r 5, butcher.

BURLESON & BURR BROS., (Caneadea,) (Henry Burleson of Oramel and Chas. A. and Fred. A. Burr,)
 general merchants.
BURLESON, FRANK, (Oramel,) (with Willard Kelley,) r 29, farmer works on shares, 165, owned by
 Henry Burleson.
BURLESON, HENRY, (Oramel,) (Burleson & Burr Bros.,) owns 150.

Burr, Allen L., Col., (Caneadea,) r 19,) farmer 120.
Burr, Alva C., (Caneadea,) r 22 1/2, carpenter and wagon maker.
BURR, ANDREW J., (Caneadea,) r 21, farmer 200.
BURR, CHAS. A., (Caneadea,) (Burleson & Burr Bros.,) postmaster and (with Fred A.,) farmer

Butler, Robert K., (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 50.
Butler, Zebulon, (Fillmore,) r 6, farmer 100.

Bycraft, John, (Caneadea,) r 20 1/2, farmer 83.

Caneadea House, (Caneadea,)Franklin R. Westbrook, prop.

Champlin, John, (Caneadea,)r 22, farmer 30.

Chapin, Chas. F., (Caneadea,) r 1, farmer 70 and works on shares 84, owned by Horace Beaman's

Clark, George F., (Caneadea,) r 35, farmer 82.
Clark, Henry, (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 50 and works on shares 100, owned by Walter Alworth.
CLARK, QUINCY C., (Caneadea,) r 25, farmer leases of Cyrus Titsworth of Dansville 360.
CLARK, SYLVESTER, (Oramel) r 32, mason.

CLEMENT, JACOBT T., (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 120
CLEMENT, LORENZO C., (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 65 and occupies 83, owned by Horace Beamans

Cloose, James, (Caneadea,) r 31, farmer 10.
Cloose, Phebe Mrs., (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 60.

Cole, Charles, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 55.
Cole, George, (Caneadea,) r 1, farmer 53.

Colerick, Peter S., (Oramel,) harness maker.

Conners, Michael, (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 9.

Coren, Wm., (Caneadea,) farmer 74.

Coston, Caleb S., (Oramel,) r 28, farmer 20.

Covell, John W., (Oramel,) r 28, farmer 70.

Coy, John A., (Caneadea,) r 12, farmer 50.
Coy, Russell M., (Caneadea,) r 12, farmer 25.

Crane, Lockhart, B., (Houghton creek,) r 4, farmer 3.

CRAWFORD, HENRY J., (Belfast,) r 37, farmer 50 and works on shares 255 acres owned by B.
CRAWFORD, JOHN, (Belfast,) r 36, farmer leases of James Jennings 180.
Crawford, Romanzo, (Caneadea,) cooper.
Crawford, Wm. H., (Oramel,) r 35, farmer.

Crittenden, Reuben H., (Caneadea,) r 17, farmer works on shares 77, owned by Charles D.

Cronk, Chauncey A., (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 50.
CRONK, CHESTER B., (Fillmore,) r 8, farmer 56.
CRONK, DANIEL, (Fillmore,) r 6, farmer 50.
CRONK, EDWARD B., (Oramel,) r 34, farmer 6.
Cronk, Lester V., (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 50.

Daniels, Charles R., (Caneadea,) r 17, farmer 155.

Davis, Fred L., (Caneadea,) prop, of livery and farmer 115.
Davis, Maria, (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 30.
DAVIS, ORRIS C., (Caneadea,) r 5, lumberman and farmer 223.

Denio, George W., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 45.

Dorman, Dearing L., (Caneadea,) , r 33, farmer 50.

Dort, Allen, (Oramel,) r 27, mason.
Dort, George F., (Oramel,) (G. & S. Dort.)
Dort, G. & S., (Oramel,) (Geo. F. and Silas,)r 27, manufacturers of lumber and cheese boxes
 and farmers 80.
Dort, Luther, (Oramel,) r 27, mason.
Dort, Silas, (Oramel,) (G. & S. Dort.)

Dougherty, Michael, (Oramel,) r 30, farmer 175.

Drock, Albert B., (Caneadea,) (with Austin M. Drock,) r 5, farmer 63.
DROCK, AUSTIN M., (Caneadea,) (with Albert B. Drock,) r 5, farmer 63.
Drock, Reuben, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 47.
Drock, Simon B., (Caneadea,) r 5, carpenter.

Durkee, George F., (Caneadea,) r 13, farmer leases of Willis L. Fox 53.

Earl, James C., (Oramel,) shoemaker.

Ellis, Charles A., (Caneadea,) book agent.

Elmer, Wilber, (Oramel,) mason.

ESTABROOK BROS., (Caneadea,) custom blacksmiths and manufacturers of carriages and wagons.

Finnessy, Patrick T., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 40.

Ferre, Lewis C., (Belfast,) r 35, farmer 50.

Fetterley, Henry, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer leases of Noah Parker of Angelica 125.

FOSTER, HIRAM L., (Caneadea,) dealer in hardware, iron, stoves and shelf goods, groceries and
 provisions, manufacturer of lumber and shingles, and owns 90 acres.
Foster, Wm. H., (Caneadea,) r 13, farmer 20.

FRANCIS, JAMES, (Houghton Creek,) r 1, farmer leases of Patrick Butler 60.

Franklin, Arad H., (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 205.
Franklin, Francis M., (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer works on shares a part of A. H. Franklin's

GARDNER, JAMES P., (Caneadea,) farmer works on shares 113, owned by C. Hitchcock's heirs.

Glinderman, Crist, (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 72.

GREEN, ORRIN D., (Caneadea,) r 24, stone cutter, mason and farmer 18.
Green, Willard W., (Fillmore,) r 5, farmer 57.

Greffin, Isaac B., (Caneadea,) (with John D. W. Tucker,) r 5, farmer 150.

GROW, JACOB M., (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer 40.

Hale, Alfred, (Oramel,) r 28, farmer 117.
Hale, Ezra, (Oramel,) blacksmith.

Hall, Hiram, Belfast,) r 38, farmer 65.

Hamer, Alphonzo A., (Caneadea,) r 12, farmer 50, and (with Orlando D. Hamer,) works on shares
 180, owned by S. B. Lewis of Nunda.
Hamer, Orlando D., (Caneadea,) r 12, farmer 25 and (with Alphonzo A. Hamer,) works on shares
 180, owned by S. B. Lewis of Nunda.

Hammond, Wm. E., (Oramel,) postmaster and supervisor.

Hanenstein, Andrew, (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 98.

Heald, Nathan E., (Houghton Creek,) (Thayer & Heald.)
Heald, Nathan E., (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 60.

Hendry Bros., (Caneadea,) (Wm. J. and Edwin,) cheese makers.
Hendry, Edwin, (Caneadea,) (Hendry Bros.)
Hendry, Wm. J., (Caneadea,) (Hendry Bros.)

Herkimer, Irwin S., (Oramel,) r 28, farmer 85.
Herkimer, Wm., (Oramel,) r 28, farmer 60.

Hewitt, Charles, (Caneadea,) prop. of billiard room.

Hill, John, (Fillmore,) r 8, farmer leases of W. Brooks of Brooks Grove 100.

Hilman, Harley, (Caneadea,) r 22, farmer 100.

Hitchcock, A. C., (Caneadea,) farmer occupies 144 acres owned by Chester Hitchcock's heirs.

Hodnett, John, (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 140.

Hogan, Mary, (Oramel,) r 35, farmer 50.
Hogan, Patrick, (Caneadea,) r 21, farmer 26.

Holbrook, Ansel, (Caneadea,) r 22 1/2, prop. of livery.

Holly, Andrew L., (Caneadea,) r 22, farmer 26.

Houden, Henry C., (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 56.
HOUDEN, WM., (Fillmore,) r 9, manufacturer of and dealer in shingles and farmer leases M. W. Brooks of Brooks Grove, 100.

Houghton, Clarissa, (Houghton Creek,) r 1, farmer 85.
HOUGHTON, HENRY, (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 105.
Houghton, Stephen W., (Houghton Creek,) r 2, farmer 83.
Houghton, Willard J., (Houghton Creek,) r 2, farmer 107.

Hoyt, John, (Caneadea,) r 32, farmer 65.

HUFF, EPHRAIM, (Caneadea,) r 32, farmer 145.

HULL, JOSEPH T., (Belfast,) r 36, dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 422.

Hunt, John W., (Belfast,) farmer.
Hunt, Samuel P., (Belfast,) r 30, 1/2, farmer 97.

Ingersoll, Andrew M., (Fillmore,) r 7, farmer 50.
Ingersoll, John, (Caneadea,) r 21, collector of canal tolls and farmer 180.

Ingraham, George S., (Caneadea,) boat builder and repairer.

Isham, Elbert, (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 30.

Ives, Ozro, (Caneadea,) carpenter and joiner.

JACKSON HOUSE, (Caneadea,)James A., Jackson proprietor.
JACKSON, James A., (Caneadea,) prop. of the Jackson House.
Jackson, J. Leroy, (Caneadea,) groceries, provisions and notions.

Jenning, Charles M., (Caneadea,) r 34, mason and farmer 120.

JOHANNES, HENRY, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 190.

Johnson, Amherst W., (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer works on shares 47 owned by F. L. Davis.
Johnson, Eleanor Mrs., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 37.
JOHNSON, ELIJAH F., (Oramel,) manufa. of all kinds of lumber, and owns 700 acres.
Johnson, Henry S., (Caneadea,) cooper.
Johnson, Samuel M., (Oramel,) lumberman and farmer 50.

Jones, Evero, (Caneadea,) blacksmith.

Kaler, Dora Mrs. (Fillmore,) r 8, farmer 10.

Keef, Jane, (Caneadea,) r 22, farmer 30.

Kelley, John, (Belfast,) r 34, farmer 100.
Kelley, Thomas, (Oramel,) r 29, farmer 30.
Kelley, Willard, (Oramel,) (with Frank Burleson,) r 29, farmer works on shares 165, owned by
 Henry Burleson.

Kellogg, Alfred R., (Caneadea,)r 29, farmer 140.
Kellogg, Cornelius L., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 35.

Kennedy, Noah, (Caneadea,) r 13, farmer 44.

Kinney, Michael, Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 50.

Knox, John, (Caneadea,) r 20 1/4, farmer 43.

Kulman, Christopher, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 50.

LAPHAM, IRA, (Hougton creek,) r 2, carpenter and joiner and farmer 47.

Lansing, James H., (Oramel,) farmer 70.

Lawton, Reuben P., (Oramel,) manufacturer of lumber and shingles and farmer 270.

Leet, Charles, Houghton Creek,) r 4, lumberman and farmer 95.
Lett, George P., (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 43.
Leet, Edwin, (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 70.
Leet, Henry, (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 40.
Leet, Thomas R., (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 40.
Lewis, Linna, (Belfast,) r 30, farmer 86.

Little, Eliza A., (Caneadea,) r 5, owns 44 acres.

Lotz, Peter, (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 160.

Mack, Benjamin, (Fillmore,) r 5, basket maker and farmer.
Mack, George W., (Fillmore,) r 5, basketmaker and farmer.

MADISON, ANTHONY T., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 55.
Madison, William F., (Caneadea,) blacksmith.

Matson, Clinton, (Caneadea,) shinglemaker and job lumber planer, and matcher.

McCue, James, (Caneadea,) r 29, farmer 86.

McINTOSH, ANNIS Mrs., (Oramel,) r 34, farmer 140.

McKee, Johnson, (Caneadea,) (Johnson & Join W. McKee,) farmer 15.
McKee, Johnson & John W., (Caneadea,) wagon and carriage makers.

McNamara, Michael, (Oramel,) (with Daniel.) r 27, farmer 88.
McNamara, Daniel, (Oramel,) (with Michael,) r 27, farmer 88.

McOwen, Thomas, (Caneadea,) r 34, farmer 20.

MERCH, CHARLES H., (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer works on shares 89, owned by C. D. Wilson.

MEINEKA, JOHN C., (Caneadea,) r 34, carpenter and joiner and farmer 203.

MERCHANT, GIDEON, (Caneadea,) millwright and sawyer.

Millard, Jarius, (Oramel,) dealer in groceries, provisions, crockery, hardware and notions.

Millspaw, Leander, (Caneadea,) r 24, farmer 40.

Mix, David P., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 52 1/2.

Montihen, Wm., (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 48.

Mountain, David, (Caneadea,) (with John,) r 33, farmer 132 1/2.
Mountain, John, (Caneadea,) (with David,) r 33, farmer 132 1/2.

Muldoon, Patrick, (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 49.

Murry, Michael, (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 8.

Nicholson, Abel S., (Caneadea,) farmer 52.
Nicholson, Edward, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 110.

Nye, Dewitt C., (Caneadea,) shoemaker.

O'Brine, Michael, (Caneadea,) r 20 3/4, farmer 26.

Ogden, Henry, (Oramel,) r 32, farmer 80.

Olbey, Geo. W., (Caneadea,) blacksmith.

Oramel House, (Caneadea,) Richard M. Winneur, prop.

PALMER, EDMUND, (Caneadea,) (T. & E. Palmer.)
Palmer, Gamailel, (Oramel,) retired merchant.
Palmer, Hiram, (Oramel,) r 31, sawyer, millwright and farmer 110.
PALMER, T. & E., (Caneadea,) (Truman and Edmund,) r 13, lumber manufacturers and farmers 70.
PALMER, TRUMAN, v (T. & E. Palmer.)

Parcels, Isaac W., (Oramel,) r 31, boat builder and farmer 64 1/2.

Parker, Charles R., (Oramel,) general merchant.
Parker, George E., (Oramel,) owns 84.
Parker, Hiram H., (Oramel,) carpenter and joiner.
Parker, Jackson, (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 106.
Parker, John B., (Hume,) r 1, farmer 116.
Parker, Richard, (Oramel,) r 29, farmer 18.

Pearce, Ira, (Oramel,) retired farmer 10.

Peck, Tompkins, (Belfast,) r 30, millwright and farmer 10.

Peckham, Cephas, (Belfast,) r 35, farmer 247.

PERO, CALVIN, (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 8.

Petty, Zenas T. Rev., (Oramel,) minister.

Philips, Benjamin J., (Caneadea,) r 5, mason, farmer 20 and leases of Ezra A. Little 44.

Pinkerton, Ephraim, (Caneadea,) r 16, farmer 36.

Powers, Wm., (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 20.

Radley, Charles, (Oramel,) butcher owns 60.
RADLEY, DANIEL S., (Oramel,) grocer.

Rall, Samuel, (Caneadea,) farmer 183.

Raymond, Albert A., (Oramel,) engineer.
Raymond, Wm., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 100.

Reddy, John, (Caneadea,) r 21, farmer 20.
Reddy, Patrick, (Caneadea,) r 22 1/2, farmer 10.

Reusch, Frederick, (Caneadea,) r 34, farmer 124.

Rice, Abel, (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer 60.

Rippenbark, Anna, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 20.

Rood, Moses W., (Fillmore,) r 11, cooper and farmer 20.

ROSS, ROBERT P., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 90.

Rounsevell, Alvin M., (Oramel,) attorney and counselor at law and surveyor.

Rounseville, James P., (Oramel,) r 30, farmer 500.

Russell, Joseph T., (Caneadea,) r 24, farmer 151.

Sanders, Sela S., (Caneadea,) r 11, shoemaker and farmer 50.

SCHOONOVER, GEROGE B., (Caneadea,) r 13, manufacturer of shingles.

Scott, Adam, (Oramel,) r 25, farmer works on shares 119, owned by George Hull of Cortland.
Scott, Archibald, (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 119.
Scott, James, (Caneadea,) r 24, farmer 60.

Seaver, Frederick, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 60.

Seavert, Henry, (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 30.

Severance, James T., (Caneadea,) r 5, farmer 297.

Shank, Stephen, (Oramel,) wagon maker.

Sheehan, Patrick, (Caneadea,) r 34, farmer 23 3/4.

SHOTWELL, JOHN M., Rev. (Oramel,) r 29, preacher, book agent and farmer 45.

Slater, Samuel (Belfast,) r 38, farmer 8.

Smith, Amos R., (Caneadea,) r 23, pension agent, notary public and farmer 98.
Smith, Christian G., (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer 132.
Smith, John C., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 80.
Smith, Levi, (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 7.

SOWLES, MICHAEL, (Fillmore,) r 11, farmer 80.

Spencer, Sylvester, (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer 221.

Stebbins, Henry K., (Houghton Creek,) r 4, cheese maker and farmer 1131.
Stebbins, William D., (Houghton creek,) r 4, postmaster.

STEPHENS, GEORGE W., (Oramel,) (G. W. Stephens & Son,) farmer 660.
Stephens, G. W. & Son, (Oramel,) (Geo. W. and Henry,) founders and dealers in dry goods,
 groceries, provisions and hardware.
Stephens, Henry, (Oramel,) (G. W. Stephens & Son.)
Stephens, Enoch, (Oramel,) r 32, farmer works on shares 55, owned by Chas. Radley.

Steuben, Riley, (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 16.

Stevens, Leaman L., (Caneadea,) r 23, cooper and farmer 40.

Suknechtt, John, (Caneadea,) r 15, farmer 30.

SWAN, EDWIN P., (Caneadea,) drugs, medicines, paints, oils, books, stationery, wall paper,
 fancy goods &c.

Swarts, Wm., (Caneadea,) r 14, farmer 30.

Taft, Eli W., (Belfast, r 36, farmer works on shares 120, owned by H. Atherton.

Tarey, Charles O., (Caneadea,) mason.

Taylor, Ransford S., (Caneadea,) mason.

THAYER, ALONZO, (Houghton Creek,) (Thayer & Heald,) r 4, farmer 225.
Thayer & Heald, (Houghton creek,) (Alonzo Thayer and Nathan E. Heald,) r 4, cheese makers.

Torry, Timothy Rev., (Caneadea,) minister.

Towner, Alanson B., (Caneadea,) r 11, farmer 50.

Tucker, Harvey, (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 204.
Tucker, John D. W., (Caneadea,) (with Isaac B. Griffin,) r 5, farmer 150.
Tucker, Wm. H., (Caneadea,) r 22, farmer 54.

Tullar, Frank E., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer works on shares 55, owned by Marcus H. Tullar.
Tullar, Marcus H., (Caneadea,) r 23, farmer 55.

TURNER, GEORGE W., (Caneadea,) prop. of stage running from Caneadea to Belvidere and mail carrier.

Van Buren, Alfred C., (Caneadea,) r 20 1/2, farmer occupies 30, owned by Catharine VanBuren.
Van Buren, Catharine, (Caneadea,) r 20 1/2, farmer 30.
Van Buren, Sylvester, (Fillmore,) r 9, farmer leases of Mrs. Fanny Ackerman 50.

Vandgrift, George W. M., (Caneadea,) r 27, farmer works on shares 65, owned by S. Rall.

VANDUSEN, JOEL M., (Caneadea,) harness maker.
Vandusen, John B., (Caneadea,) farmer 15.

VANVORT, ANDREW J., (Caneadea,) r 21, farmer 47 1/2.

Venorder, Chester, (Oramel,) R 32, farmer works on shares 144, owned by A. Atherton.

Vreland, Daniel, (Oramel,) r 24, farmer 80.

Walldorff, George D., (Houghton Creek,) r 4, farmer 66.

Warren, David H., (Oramel,) blacksmith.

WASHBURN, ABEL, (Caneadea,) r 13, farmer 47 1/2.
Washburn, Jerusha Mrs., (Caneadea,) r 13, farmer 112.

WELLER, JACOB, (Caneadea,) R 14, FARMER 149.

West, Levi H., (Caneadea,) boat builder, prop. of the Caneadea House.

Whalen, John (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 39.
Whalen, Michael, (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 25.
Whalen, Thomas E., (Caneadea,) r 33, farmer 52.

Wheeler, A., Mrs., (Oramel,) r 27, farmer 25.

WHITE, BURTON D., (Caneadea,) r 13, lumberman and farmer 70.
WHITE, JOSEPH N., (Caneadea,)prop. of canal boat and farmer 80.
White, Wm., (Oramel,) r 35, farmer leases of Thomas White 30.

WILLARD, CHARLES O., (Caneadea,) jobber and builder.
Willard, Rachel Mrs., (Caneadea,) r 12, farmer 12.

Williams, Adam, (Oramel,) r 35, farmer 50.

Willison, Abram B., (Belfast,) r 36, farmer 80.

Wilson, Christopher D., (Caneadea,) r 18, farmer 89 1/2.
Wilson, John S., (Oramel,) r 32, farmer 89.
Wilson, Volney F., (Houghton Creek,) r 2, farmer 81.

Winneur, Richard M., (Oramel,) prop. of the Oramel House.

Wolf, John (Caneadea,) r 20, farmer 59.

Young, Edward E., (Oramel,) r 29, farmer 80.

Youngs, Elias, (Caneadea,) r 34, farmer 25.

Young, Thomas, (Caneadea,) farmer 10.

Zorns, Frederick, (Caneadea,) (with John Zorns,) r 13, farmer 185.
Zorns, John, (Caneadea,) (with Frederick Zorns,) r 13, farmer 185.

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